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2023.05.31 01:29 Vienma Died in this life once at 2 years old of rabies and retried. Started rough, ended beautifully.

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2023.05.31 01:07 Houstonboy43 23 [M4F] Huge cock on the Northside by 45freeway north airline I can host tonight

Hey! My name is Papi. I am single for a beautiful female for fwb on the Northside by 45freeway north airline. I can host whenever. I am Black mixed with Native American and Honduras. I am 5'10 and weight 165pounds athletic and disease. I am very affectionate and laidback. I enjoy playing videos games and watching anime. Send me a picture of yourself when you message me
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2023.05.31 01:03 Puddyrama Volunteering with Animals

Hello everyone, I'm creating this post because I've exhausted my searches.
I was a volunteer working with feral cats for about 8 months, the only reason I stopped doing it was due to my recent move to Montréal. I already miss working with animals, and I'd love to get back at it.

I've already checked Google, CABM, VolunteerMatch, and the resources in this sub's wiki, and found nothing. The organizations I'm finding are either for fostering animals in your home (which I'm unable to) or are outside Montreal/too far. The ones I had found to be a good fit unfortunately never replied to my application or my follow-up emails (i.e. ARN or SPCA).

Some info about me:

Could someone have any suggestions or tips? Merci beaucoup!
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2023.05.31 01:01 LooneyPlayer Laws for Governing Magic

My world is a mid-magic fantasy, so magic is present enough for laws to be necessary. I've come up with 38, and I'd like some input on the wording, if you think I should add or subtract some, etc. Feel free to steal for your own use.
Magical Laws of the Kingdom of Roost
  1. Magic Registration: All individuals possessing magical abilities must register with the kingdom's Arcane Council. Failure to register is a criminal offense, punishable by fines or imprisonment. This allows the kingdom to keep track of magic users and ensure their abilities are not misused.
  2. Prohibition of Necromancy: The practice of necromancy, specifically spells that raise and control the dead, is strictly forbidden. It is considered a heinous crime against the natural order and is punishable by severe penalties, including imprisonment or even execution.
  3. Unauthorized Enchantment: Enchanting or imbuing magic into objects without proper authorization from the Arcane Council is prohibited. Unauthorized enchantment is seen as a potential threat to public safety and can result in fines, confiscation of magical items, or even imprisonment.
  4. Magical Duels: The practice of settling disputes through magical duels is permitted, but only with the approval and supervision of the Arcane Council. Participants must adhere to specific rules and regulations to ensure fairness and prevent undue harm. Unauthorized magical duels are considered assault and carry penalties accordingly.
  5. Public Display of Magic: The use of magic in public spaces must be conducted responsibly and with consideration for public safety. Reckless or harmful use of magic in public areas, such as crowded marketplaces, is strictly forbidden. Violators may face fines, imprisonment, or the confiscation of magical abilities.
  6. Restriction on Mind Control: Spells or enchantments that manipulate or control another person's mind without their consent are strictly prohibited. This includes enchantments that influence decision-making or alter memories. Offenders can face significant penalties, including imprisonment or loss of magical abilities.
  7. Containment of Summoned Creatures: Any individuals summoning magical creatures or beings are responsible for their proper containment and control. Uncontrolled or unleashed summoned creatures that cause harm or damage are the responsibility of the summoner, who may be held accountable for any resulting consequences.
  8. Unauthorized Divination: Engaging in unauthorized divination practices, such as scrying or peering into the future without proper approval, is forbidden. Divination can disrupt the natural balance and may infringe upon individual privacy. Violators may face fines, imprisonment, or even a temporary ban on divination magic.
  9. Protection of Magical Artifacts: Theft or destruction of magical artifacts is a serious offense. These artifacts hold immense power and are often of great historical or cultural significance. Punishments for such crimes range from fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity and value of the stolen or damaged artifacts.
  10. Magic in the Court: The use of magic within the kingdom's court system is strictly regulated. The Arcane Council provides specific guidelines for the use of magic during legal proceedings, ensuring fairness and impartiality. Unauthorized manipulation of magic during court proceedings is a criminal offense and can result in severe penalties.
  11. Magical Commerce: The sale and trade of magical items and potions must be conducted by licensed individuals or establishments approved by the Arcane Council. Unauthorized or counterfeit magical items are illegal and can lead to fines, imprisonment, or loss of magical abilities.
  12. Restriction on Harmful Spells: Spells that cause significant harm or destruction to individuals or property are strictly regulated. Unauthorized casting of such spells outside of sanctioned combat or self-defense situations can result in severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or even the permanent loss of magical abilities.
  13. Magical Beasts and Familiars: The ownership and care of magical beasts and familiars must comply with specific guidelines established by the Department of Magical Creature Welfare. Negligent treatment or abuse of these creatures is punishable by fines, imprisonment, or a permanent ban on owning magical creatures.
  14. School of Magic Accreditation: Institutions offering magical education and training must obtain accreditation from the Arcane Council. Unaccredited schools are deemed illegal, and their graduates may face limitations or restrictions on practicing magic within the kingdom.
  15. Magical Pollution: The reckless or careless use of magic that causes environmental damage or pollution is strictly prohibited. Magic users must be mindful of the potential ecological consequences of their actions, and offenders may face fines, restitution, or community service to rectify the damage caused.
  16. Magical Public Services: The kingdom maintains a branch of magical public services responsible for handling magical emergencies and disasters. Unauthorized individuals or groups attempting to interfere with or impersonate these services are subject to arrest and prosecution.
  17. Protection of Magical Creatures: Certain magical creatures are deemed endangered or protected due to their rarity or importance in the ecosystem. Hunting, capturing, or harming these creatures without proper permits is a criminal offense, carrying penalties that include fines, imprisonment, or loss of magical abilities.
  18. Magical Research Ethics: Conducting magical experiments or research that poses a significant risk to individuals or the kingdom at large requires the approval of the Arcane Council. Unapproved experiments or research that endangers the public can result in severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or a complete ban on further magical research.
  19. Guilds of Magical Professions: Various magical professions, such as alchemists, enchanters, or diviners, require guild membership and adherence to guild regulations. Unauthorized practice within these professions is illegal and can lead to fines, loss of professional standing, or imprisonment.
  20. Arcane Council Trials: Serious offenses committed by magic users, such as treason or misuse of magic resulting in significant harm, are subject to trials conducted by the Arcane Council. The Council has the authority to determine guilt, assign appropriate punishments, and even revoke magical abilities permanently.
  21. Magical Education Mandate: All individuals with magical abilities, particularly children, are required by law to receive formal magical education. Parents or guardians failing to provide magical education to their magically inclined children may face fines or other penalties.
  22. Magical Prohibition Zones: Certain areas within the kingdom, such as temples, royal palaces, or magical academies, may be designated as magical prohibition zones. Casting spells or using magic within these zones is strictly forbidden unless granted explicit permission by authorized personnel.
  23. Ban on Dark Arts Texts: The possession, distribution, or creation of forbidden texts related to dark arts, forbidden rituals, or forbidden magic is strictly prohibited. Offenders may face severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or permanent loss of magical abilities.
  24. Magical Services Taxation: Magic users providing magical services, such as spellcasting or enchanting, are subject to taxation on the income generated from their services like any other business. Failure to comply with the taxation laws can result in fines, revocation of magical licenses, or other legal consequences.
  25. Magical Accidents Liability: Magic users are held accountable for any accidental damage or harm caused by their magical actions. They are required to carry magical liability insurance to cover potential damages or injuries caused by their spells or magical mishaps.
  26. Magical Inheritance Laws: Specific laws govern the inheritance of magical items, artifacts, and estates. In the case of a deceased magic user, the Arcane Council oversees the proper distribution of magical possessions, ensuring fairness and preventing conflicts among heirs.
  27. Extradition of Rogue Magic Users: In cases where magic users commit crimes in other kingdoms or realms and seek refuge within the fictional kingdom, the kingdom has extradition treaties in place to facilitate the transfer of the offenders to the appropriate jurisdiction for trial and punishment.
27 Magical Vigilantism: Unauthorized individuals taking the law into their own hands through the use of magic, vigilantism, or extrajudicial punishment are subject to arrest and prosecution. Only authorized law enforcement agencies have the jurisdiction to enforce the law using magical means.
  1. Arcane Council Authority: The Arcane Council holds ultimate authority over all matters related to magic within the kingdom. Their decisions, regulations, and rulings are considered binding, and failure to comply with their directives can result in penalties, fines, imprisonment, or loss of magical abilities.
  2. Ban on Elemental Summoning: The summoning of powerful elemental beings inside cities, towns, settlements, etc. without proper authorization from the Arcane Council is strictly prohibited. Uncontrolled or reckless summoning can lead to chaos and endanger the kingdom's stability. Violators may face fines, imprisonment, or a temporary ban on summoning magic.
  3. Magical Concealment: Magic users must not use magic to conceal their true identities or intentions with malicious intent. The use of illusion spells or enchantments to deceive or manipulate others is illegal and can result in penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or a loss of magical abilities.
  4. Magic-Free Zones: Certain locations within the kingdom of Roost, such as sacred sites or areas with sensitive magical energies, may be designated as magic-free zones. The use of magic within these zones is strictly prohibited to preserve the integrity of these places and prevent unintended consequences.
  5. Magical Research Ethics Board: A governing body, known as the Magical Research Ethics Board, oversees and approves magical research projects involving experimentation or exploration of new magical phenomena. Unauthorized or unethical research can lead to penalties, including fines, suspension of magical research privileges, or even permanent bans.
  6. Magical Arbitration: The Arcane Council has the authority to arbitrate magical disputes between individuals or groups to prevent conflicts from escalating. Parties involved must abide by the Council's rulings, and failure to comply can result in penalties or loss of magical privileges.
  7. Spellcasting Licenses: Individuals must obtain a spellcasting license from the Arcane Council to legally cast spells in public. Unauthorized spellcasting without a license can result in fines, confiscation of spellcasting implements, or temporary loss of magical abilities.
  8. Magical Transportation Regulations: The use of magical transportation methods, such as teleportation or flying spells, is subject to regulations established by the Department of Magical Transportation. Violations, such as unauthorized teleportation or reckless flying, can result in penalties, fines, or even temporary suspension of magical transportation privileges.
  9. Prohibition of Soul Manipulation: The manipulation or extraction of souls through magical means is strictly forbidden. Soul-related magic is deemed highly dangerous and unethical. Offenders can face severe penalties, including imprisonment or permanent loss of magical abilities.
  10. Magical Animal Welfare: The treatment and care of magical animals, including familiars, must adhere to established standards of welfare. Neglect, abuse, or improper handling of magical creatures can result in fines, imprisonment, or a permanent ban on owning or interacting with magical animals.
  11. Magical Creatures Control Act: The kingdom has a Magical Creatures Control Act that outlines the proper handling, containment, and transportation of magical creatures within its borders. Violations, such as smuggling or releasing dangerous creatures, are subject to penalties fines or imprisonment.
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2023.05.31 00:46 oilyloser Pokemonology

CHAPTER 1: Reproduction in Captivity - In the wild, Pokemon have many different methods of reproduction, only being able to reproduce with members of their own species. However, in captivity, Pokemon have "egg groups" of Pokemon that they can reproduce with, as well as conceiving through eggs. Another side effect of reproducing in captivity is that Pokemon are already adults as soon as they hatch from eggs. In the wild, an evolved Pokemon's offspring would be its unevolved form.
CHAPTER 2: The Rocks, the Steel, and the Icy - Long ago, the cells that went on to become Pokemon diverged. One of these new species consumed rocks and minerals for sustenance. As time went on, it began to incorporate silicon into its biology, becoming a semi-silicon based lifeform, AKA Rock Pokemon. As time went on and the world changed, some Rock type Pokemon evolved further, branching off into Steel and Ice based creatures.
CHAPTER 3: Types and How They Work - Pokemon have seemingly unexplainable and supernatural powers. However, that's untrue, as the powers of these creatures are completely explainable through the power of science! For example… Fire type Pokemon have the ability to convert the air they breathe into flammable gas, allowing them to expel the gas in the form of fire. Water type Pokemon have specialized organs that let them weaponize the water inside of their bodies. Grass type Pokemon can send signals to plants around them to grow, shrink and ensnare. Electric type Pokemon are capable of producing electricity using electrolytes. Some Pokemon can sense and manipulate aura, an energy produced by all living things. This includes Fighting types. Psychic type Pokemon can use their immense brainpower to project their nerve pulses. Rock, Steel, Bug, Flying, Poison and Normal types are all self explanatory. Ghost type Pokemon are typically made of gas or capable of producing "mystical" gas, which they can use in attacks. Ground type Pokemon are typically incredibly strong diggers, which also allows them to cause powerful tremors of the Earth. Dark type Pokemon typically use dirty fighting, however in certain cases can also project their nerve pulses, similar to Psychic types. Dragon and Fairy type Pokemon can manipulate different powerful auras.
CHAPTER 4: Human-Like Pokemon Seeing quite a few Pokemon, some may wonder, "Why are they so humanoid?" Well, quite a few humanoid Pokemon are genetically apes, which are not only humanoid but also biologically similar to humans. Humanoid Pokemon that aren't apes, like the canine Lucario, are simply the result of convergent evolution. If you were a Pokemon, why wouldn't you want to look just like the apex predator?
CHAPTER 5: Species from the Beyond There are many urban legends about the nature of Ghost types. A common belief is that they're spirits of dead people or Pokemon. However, this could not be any more wrong. Ghost type Pokemon are perfectly alive. Some people would think that a living creature could only exist in a solid form, but this is false. Ghost types like Gastly and Misdreavus are made almost entirely of gas, being able to reshape and manipulate their forms at will. A special case of this is Rotom, who has evolved to be so superheated, that its body is a plasma.
CHAPTER 6: WHAT IS SLOWPOKE???????? No, seriously. What is Slowpoke? The Slowpoke evolutionary line is a complete biological enigma. Despite appearing to be aquatic mammals, they can regenerate their tails like lizards. Despite these things, some people even think that they're clams??? Research on Slowpoke is in swing because scientists are eager to know what Slowpoke truly is!
CHAPTER 7: Plants or Animals? A common misconception is that plant Pokemon are simply plants, and they can't be blamed for believing so. Plant Pokemon evolved from the same cells as all other Pokemon, but the chloroplasts from the plants they consumed all that time ago fused into their cells, and as they attained more and more plant-like attributes, they evolved to look more like actual plants, becoming the Grass types we all know an love today.
CHAPTER 8: Genderless Reproduction Genderless Pokemon are considered genderless due to the fact that all of their gametes are incredibly similarly sized. Despite this, they're most likely biologically all female (though with so little gender dimorphism it doesn't really matter) with their own way of asexual reproduction.
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2023.05.31 00:43 Gullible_Assist_8001 Looking for a Penpal to Share Life's Stories and Adventures!

Hey there!
My name is T, I'm a 31-year-old female who works as a designer. I have a knack for creativity and find inspiration in various forms of art. Whether it's getting lost in the pages of a good book, diving into captivating documentaries, or getting a thrill from a scary movie, I'm always eager to explore new things.
In the past, I used to enjoy drawing, but lately, that passion has taken a backseat in my life. However, I've recently discovered a new interest in gaming. It all started with mobile games like PUBG and COD, but now that I've got myself a gaming laptop, I've been exploring the world of PC gaming. If you're into gaming too, we could even chat about our favorite games and swap tips!
I love most animals and I absolutely adore the company of my two adorable dogs. If you're also an animal lover, we could exchange heartwarming stories and maybe even share pictures of our furry friends.
But enough about me! I'm genuinely interested in getting to know you and learning about your unique experiences, hobbies, and dreams. Let's establish a genuine connection through our messages, where we can discuss anything and everything.
If you're seeking a penpal who is open-minded, enjoys engaging in conversations, then I'm here, eagerly waiting to hear from you!
If this sounds intriguing, feel free to shoot me a private message.
Warm regards,
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2023.05.31 00:41 KidCipher [FOR HIRE] Anime style commissions! Any character and any poses! chibi, logo, emotes and more!

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2023.05.31 00:39 FriendlyFriend333 24M Let's chat about literally ANYTHING!!!

Looking for someone to talk to about literally anything! We can talk about life, the stronger DC or Marvel villains, why the sky's blue, anime, etc. Literally anything you wanna talk about I'm down with. Even if you need someone to vent to, just hit up and let's talk about something. A long term friendship would be ideal and we could even exchange discords 😊 (also I am looking for mainly a female friend cuz I'm just more comfortable opening up about myself to females but if you're male then I'll welcome you with open arms as well 🤗)! PM's are open for everyone!
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2023.05.31 00:37 KidCipher [FOR HIRE] Anime style commissions! Any character and any poses! chibi, logo, emotes and more!

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2023.05.31 00:37 KidCipher [FOR HIRE] Anime style commissions! Any character and any poses! chibi, logo, emotes and more!

[FOR HIRE] Anime style commissions! Any character and any poses! chibi, logo, emotes and more! submitted by KidCipher to artcommissions [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 00:36 pueslayo Universal Human Rig & Rokoko

Universal Human Rig & Rokoko
has anyone tried to retarget a rokoko animation to chris jones' universal human rig? I have tried doing it with rokoko's plugin and auto rig pro, but nothing seems to work : (
it keeps duplicating the source armature for some reason
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2023.05.31 00:07 queenlumina [F4A playing M] [Discord] [Fantasy Themes] [21+ Only]

Heya fellow writers, I'm looking for take on ONE more long-term roleplay.
About me: I'm 30, Female and PST time zone. I've been writing / roleplaying for 18 years, taking a lot of inspiration from books that I read and sometimes anime that I occasionally watch. I have a very distinct aesthetic for fantasy characters and settings. I write only in 3rd person and tend to write about 2-6 paragraphs depending on what is needed for things to keep flowing.
I do have a particular sort of dark fantasy idea around the idea of a conquered kingdom/captured Queen being kept by the enemy King/Emperor to try and convince her to marry him. Or he marries her off to one of his heirs to secure a hold on her Kingdom. All the while she's plotting an upheaval / rebellion to get revenge. Although perhaps she convinces her 'betrothed' at some point to aid her efforts. Lots of tension, coercion, enemies to possible lovers kinda tropes.
Alternatives could also be: a princess heir is also offered up to be married to spare her kingdom. Or she is held hostage in order to spark conflict between rivals.
I am 100% open to my partner incorporating their own ideas and takes, let's build this together to make it a fun story to write.
I might be a bit slow in responding because I am at work, but I am usually pretty active on discord throughout the day provided I dont have too many emails to answer / tasks to do. Toss me a message or a DM, tell me about yourself and your experience, if you have any ideas to add on even!
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2023.05.31 00:06 Heavy-Adhesiveness72 Any tips on how I can improve this?

Year: 2030
Day Zero on the ship to Pyemia.
This is Runako Reyes, Nexus corporation scientific advisor.
My superiors have given me the task of determining whether humans can survive on this Pyemia. Droughts have been occurring everywhere on Earth. Food is getting more and more scarce as a result of the soil drying out from the heat. When it rains, it pours heavily, devastating nearby crops.
People have been housed in underground safehouses with oxygen tanks by the government. It is unsafe to breathe the outside air. For years, I have been warning them that it's necessary to act quickly to prevent climate change, but of course they did not listen until it was too late.
As for me, I had no desire to assist them in their investigation into Pyemia just out of retaliation for their years-long disregard for me. However, because I am the most well regarded scientist to the Nexus Corporation and this nation, they insisted that I aid them.
I am only doing this for my wife, For I love her too much to let her die on earth.
Day ten on Pyemia
The air here is dense, but it is clean and breathable. To our disbelief, there is no wildlife here, and the most astonishing aspect of this planet is that it supports life. The inhabitants of this planet resemble humans, yet they have distinguishing characteristics such as horns, tail and sharp teeth.
They have pointed ears, and based on what I've learned, they appear to breed similarly to humans. A gift from the male must be given to the female before any offspring can be conceived. Any type is acceptable but meat is the most valuable.
My colleagues and I have been residing in one of the towns called "Blackpond" for the most of our time. It was the first one ever constructed on Earth. When our spacecraft landed in the town, these creatures were incredibly hospitable. They rushed to bring us inside and feed us and were extremely kind.
Meat dominates their diet. Despite the name, "Spiked Hydro" is a domesticated animal that only attacks when provoked. They exploit it to harvest meat. Typically, the meat is used to prepare stew. The flavor is delicious. It is creamy and sweet, a little difficult to chew, but excellent all the same.
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2023.05.31 00:06 Gomihyang Gender Affirming Fertility Rites

In various places around the world, the first menstruation of a girl marks their transition to womanhood. It typically lasts one week after the god of the moon shows his entire face, and ends when he begins to cover it with his mask. The goddess of the sun also plays a part in transition to womanhood because those assigned female at birth become aligned with the feminine energies of the dawn. Those who are not AFAB but desire to be female can affirm their gender through a simple ritual.
Those who wish to be male but are not AMAB, can do a similar ritual. The logic behind this one is that the first time a male realizes they are growing up they tend to realize their own fertility, and are surprised by it the first time.
These rites may seem distasteful or strange to those who are not pagan or who are shy about the topic, but nonetheless the rites are correct because traditionally the genders are about how a person reproduces. The social expectations and roles only come after that primitive function.
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2023.05.30 23:35 2kIkaH1 Volunteering reccomendations to socialize?

Hi! I'll be moving to the area soon so I thought volunteering might be a good way to give back and hopefully make some friends in a new area. I'm a female in her 20s so while I'm open to meeting people of all ages, it'd be nice to talk to some people around my age.
Some places I am considering: A Place on the Table Snowflake Animal Rescue
If anyone has experiences volunteering at these two places or any other suggestions, please comment!
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2023.05.30 23:19 Peanuttttssss The Pure Order Program

I had a drug problem, and I lived a very chaotic live. I frequently went to bars just to do cocaine with friends and fight people in the bar.
One of my female friends was very concerned about my way of living. I said that it really wasn't that bad. But one day when I got very high on cocaine and I crashed my motorcycle in a farmfield somewhere and laid there until sunrise, I knew it was time to try to change my life. The female friend, named Emma, was very reliefed that I had the courage to ask her for help.
She immediately started to figure stuff out to help me, and after a while she told me she found a program somewhere in the mountains deep in the forest that helped people get rid of their addictions.
The name of the program was ''Pure Order''. I was a bit sketchy at first, but I love the mountains and nature so I thought I could always give it a try.
The only problem, was that I was from New Jersey, and the program was in Montana. But Emma was willing to pay along for the trip, and she'd even come with me to drop me off to make sure I arrived safely.
At the airport, a car, that was part of the Pure Order program, would take us there. The driver was a man in a suit, with combed black hair, a well kept goatee and mustache. He was wearing a dress shirt, suspenders and cowboy boots.
It was a peculiar look that I instantly noticed. It was a very hipster look, but also a very country look. It was a 5 hour, if not more, ride from the airport to the place where the Pure Order program was. It was very deep in the woods and mountains, and very far away from civilization.
When we arrived, I saw 10 feet high walls, made out of wooden beams, with barbed wire at the top. It kinda looked like a military camp to me, but also like a scouting camp. It was close to a very big lake, surrounded by a dense forest.
The big wooden doors opened, and a nice dressed gentleman was standing in the door opening. Also with suspenders, big beard, combed hair, tinted glasses, nice white dress shirt, a black Bolo tie, and a suit jacket.
I noticed some kind of dress code, but I thought that was to tell the staff members apart from the people. The man who greeted me was a very nice man, and super welcoming. Then we heard a gunshot in the distance, and I saw birds fly up from the treelines.
The man was obviously startled by the gunshot, and me and Emma looked at each other. The man said ''Its hunting season, we take the people outside hunting as one of the many outdoor activities we have around the camp'' in a laughing tone with a smile.
The man welcomed me in, and Emma was not allowed in since she wasn't part of the Pure Order program, so they politely asked her to leave. And the driver would take her back to the airport.
The man talked to me for a bit, while we walked to my bed where I could put my stuff and ''Make myself'' at home. I walked into one of those typical summer camp sleeping places, with two rows of bunk beds on each side of the walls, once again very military like.
The man noticed the look on my face and he told me not to worry, as we would only sleep here, and we would be doing activities all day.
Lastly he asked me if he could have my phone, so I'm not distracted by the outside world and we can focus on me getting better instead. I was hesitant at first, but the way he said it just made sense, and before I thought about it I handed over my phone.
Not that my phone had any signal anyway.
He asked that if I had any questions, I could always ask him. I was scared to ask questions but for some reason I just blurted out all the questions I had.
I asked about the barbed wire, why we are so far away from civilization, why I had to hand my phone over even though I didn't have any signal.
He politely told me that the barbed wire was because the wildlife would sometimes climb over the wooden walls. He told me we are so far away from civilization because they don't want anyone to get the urge to get distracted by day to day society, and fall back into our old habits.
I had to hand over my phone because I would be distracted by it, even though I didn't have any signal, they just wanted to be completely sure that I would get better.
That night we would gather around the campfire, the staff members were there, and the other people in the program. The staff introduced me, and I was kinda awkwardly sitting there, but the other people in the program were very inviting as well.
They told me about the program, they had big smiles on their faces and they looked genuinely happy. They showed interest in me, asking me where I came from, what my goal was, told me about their issues and how the program have really helped them so far.
I felt like I wasn't alone, and that I could actually be helped. Almost all my suspicion disappeared. The heat of the fire was getting a bit hot, so I took off my flannel, revealing some of my tattoos. People in the group were very interested in my tattoos.
I had a tribal tattoo that looked like waves, with a boat sailing on the waves. I said it was because one of my best friends was in the navy, and he sadly lost his life in was, and I had the tattoo out of respect for him.
One of the staff member showed me his tattoo. It was a tattoo on his forearm. It looked like a ''Phi'' symbol from the Greek alphabet, but instead of the circle, it was an eye. He said he got the tattoo when he ''Reached enlightenment''.
I didn't know what that meant, but you know, I don't judge, we all got our things, and I was just happy he ''reached his enlightenment''.
As I was getting ready for bed, one of the other people in the program came up to me and told me ''Welcome to the program, one piece of advice, make sure to smile.'' I thought he meant that we had to smile so we don't bring down the mood for the other people and we keep things positive.
So I brushed off what he said, and made sure to keep a positive mindset.
The next day we did all kinds of activities, we painted, we went fishing, we had a couple (Non alcoholic) drinks and it was a very good experience.
When I was getting another drink from the cooler, one of the staff members came up to me, saying that I had a very rough look, with the tattoos and I had a cut in my eyebrow from a bar fight when someone pulled out a knife and tried to cut my face.
I told him about the fight I've gotten in, and said that I could ''basically defend myself''. He said that if I'd like, I could sign up for a boxing match that would be happening that night. He said that they would have boxing matches, so the people could blow off some steam, and since I had a history of fighting he thought it would be something for me. I was actually very excited, so I decided to sign up.
That night I put on the boxing gloves and fought one of the other people in the program. It was a close match but I managed to win. He was laying on the ground, still consious. As I was celebrating they told me to ''End the fight''.
I had a very confused look on my face, the fight ended, he coulnd't fight anymore and I won. But every staff member kept chanting ''End the fight''. I realised I had to kill him. The man that welcomed me at the door, told everyone to be quiet and he told me ''End the fight, prove to yourself that you have what it takes to make a change. Otherwise you don't have what it takes, and we would be forced to take matters in our own hands.'' while putting one hand on a revolver. When I looked around, I saw the other people in the program just silently looking at me. Their eyes looked empty. All of them knew what had to be done, because they were once in my spot.
I realised that if I didn't kill the man in front of me, I would be the one that would not make it out of here. I looked at the mans face, he had this facial expression that begged me for mercy, but he also understood what had to be done. I shut off my mind, and my survival instinct just took over. I killed that man with my bare hands.
I came to the realisation that this wasn't a program to help people get better. This is a cult. And now that I killed that man, I had officially joined the cult.
I walked up to the man who greeted me at the gate the next day, as I got the impression that he was most likely the leader of the cult. I overheard some staff members drop the name ''Head of Order Edgar'', so as I walked towards him I said ''Edgar?'' and he looked up and asked what was wrong?
I tried to maintain calm but couldn't really contain myself and I asked ''What the fuck was that all about yesterday?'' in a very shaken voice. Edgar told me that I had to choose a new path in life, that I had to make a change in my life, and have the strength to make a life or death decision. As the was telling me these things, I noticed the ''Phi'' tattoo in Edgar's neck. The exact same one the other fella showed me before.
I looked at him with a scared but understanding face, while in my mind all I could think was ''These guys are absolutely nuts.'' I knew I had to escape somehow, even though it could be my death with all the wildlife out there, I had to at least try.
The next few days I went along with all their activities, while trying to figure out the patterns of the cult members. I managed to find an oppurtunity to escape. I noticed that every night, after all the program members would go to sleep, the cult members would gather around and they would have a few drinks.
I knew it was risky as it would be very easy to detect me if I were to sneak out, but I had to try.
So after a couple nights, I gathered the courage to sneak out. I slightly opened the door and I noticed the cult members gathered around the campfire. There were even more cult members then I thought, all dressed in the dress shirts, long beards, suspenders etcetera. I sneaked out of the cabin and the door cracked as I opened it.
The cult members heard the sound but brushed it off, but they did stay on their guard. I thought about sneaking back inside the cabin but I knew this had to be my moment, now I had the courage to make a move. I decided to keep going, and sneak towards a weaker spot in the wooden walls.
As I got closer to the wooden wall, a dog in a cage started barking at me. I panicked and kicked down the weak part of the wall and managed to get out of the walls. I felt so free, but I wasn't out there yet. I didn't have time to think and I heard the cult members scream and load weapons.
I didn't think about anything, I just started running, and I heard the screaming get further and further away. I just kept running, I had no idea what way I was running, where I was, it was pitch dark, I guess around 3 am. I heard bullets whizzing by my head, bullets hitting the trees, right next to me.
I zigzagged and all my legs could do was just run. I kept hearing the screaming in the distance, then it got closer and closer and I kept hearing bullet whizzing by. Then out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pain in my leg, I tried to get up but my leg felt heavy, I thought I was struck by as bullet, but my leg got caught in a bear trap. I tried to pry it open, I screamed from the pain, the screaming from the cult members got closer and closer. My heart was raising. And as I looked up I was looking directly into the face of a cult member, with his weapon leaning on his shoulder. He didn't look happy.
They dragged me through the woods, like I was some kind of animal. They said that they had a place for ''people like me''. They dragged me to a tiny shed deep into the woods. It had no windows, just some very small holes in the wood of the shed that let some light from the upcoming sun in.
They strapped me to a chair, and put tape over my mouth. I heard the sound of a shotgun getting cocked behind me. I felt a very cold metal rod getting pushed into the side of my head, the barrel of the shotgun. I was breathing very heavily, I couldn't scream. I felt one single tear roll down my face.
As I looked through one of the holes in the shed, I was looking at the sunrise. I heard a gunshot, and all my pain disappeared. All I could see was Edgar welcoming new people at the gate, as he smiled and said ''Aahhh, hunting season.''
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2023.05.30 23:12 XFragmentedSoulX 27M, 23 F. I’m still in love with my high school crush and it’s been 9 years.

I’m still in love with my high school crush and it’s been 9 years.
I’m still in love with my high school crush and it’s been 9 years, in 2014 to be precise. Here’s the story from the beginning:
We had a class together, but he was a senior and I was a freshman. The class was all about communication, so for the whole entire class, we’d do nothing but talk, like a break.
(All of my friends, including the ones I hung out with during lunch time, were seniors and I was caught up with what prom means and a couple of other things I couldn’t have known if I didn’t met them.)
Anyways, I fell hard for him, blushing, stuttering, rarely speaking to him in public because my heart would beat faster. I’d talk a lot about him and how much I like him with my friends… the twist is, it was crystal clear he liked me back, but I missed the social cues. When sitting next to each other, he’d snap his fingers under the table and close to me, to get my attention.
There were various times where he’d look at me and then look at my privates… wayyy too many times. When he made jokes, I’d catch him laughing and blushing out of embarrassment all while glancing at me to see if I wasn’t noticing. He had a group of friends and at one time, they all came and abruptly sat with me. I noticed he’d wink a lot while looking at me. They were really suspicious, one of them acting as an intermediary (the only one in the group I’d feel comfortable speaking with) to spark up a conversation so she could get the ball rolling and then I could eventually speak with him (my crush).
Within this conversation, he said to the intermediary friend “I feel weird. When I'm in this room, I feel like... I don't know.... Different than being outside with other people... Do you understand me, (intermediary friend’s name)?" Then he raised an eyebrow as if pointing at me.
^ that’s just a snippet of the whole scenario that I wrote down in my notes app back in 2014, so this isn’t something I just came up with right now. I also wrote down what I’d first send him along with different interpretations of that first message, one being something like: “No matter what happens… I will always like you” … I would’ve thought “silly me” but now that’s proving to be true. (That experience happened AFTER the below 👇)
(This happened BEFORE the above) Learning his name, I found him on Facebook and sent him a friend request. He accepted. I went on to message him expressing my feelings for him and he appreciated it. My dummy self tried to be the interviewer, asking him questions about what his favourite movie, song, color, is… we spoke for a while… until he graduated. Months went by, maybe a year went by, and I decided, at around 16, to delete my whole entire Facebook account out of embarrassment for the stuff I had posted on my feed… a year or 2 went by and I played truth or dare with my cousin at a sleepover. I expressed that I still had feelings for him and she dared me to send him a friend request again on my new Facebook account. I did, but he didn’t accept.
Fast forward, 6-7 years later, and my feelings for him remain, very well knowing his whole personality might’ve changed, but despite that, there’s something about him that I love so much. I’m aware of everything that could go on, from the possibility of him being a relationship already, to the possibility of him not accepting my friend request again to maybe perhaps having the luck of reconnecting. I did notice he removed any form of information that would find it easier to find him on facebook (like the “goes to…”, “attended…”, “in a relationship” “works at…” etc.)… so it’d be kinda sus, confusing as to how I was able to find him. His at-that-time intermediary has an Instagram account.
I don’t know what to do since there’s no one I’ve met who’s ever made me feel that extreme attraction. I don’t know if he’s single or taken. (My friend suggested to create a fake account with a fake name and pose as a male friend who hasn’t spoken to him in a long time and just so happen to stumble across his profile. That’s clever until he clicks on it and finds out it’s a brand new account.) I grew up and was a senior, in his shoes, and even then, no one made me feel the same. I mean… went all the way to me having a dream of him on a romantic cruise date in 2014…. and… doing it with him. My subconscious wanted that… what were the chances he wanted that too.
(There were MANY MANY social cues that I missed that hinted he liked me back and I never found out because I didn’t pay attention to them. There were various opportunities where I could’ve spoken to him more or even privately, such as being the last one to enter a room and him holding the door for me. I could’ve used that opportunity to pull him aside. My thinking, I believe at that time, was that the more I ignored him, the harder he’d fall for me, but I let that thought play out till I lost him…)
Ages: 23, and around 27 Female and male
TLDR: I had a high school crush in 2014 who I added on Facebook. We had small conversations in person, but I was too shy, and he was nervous (not a good combo). There were obvious social cues that I missed like snapping his fingers under the table to get my attention, winking at me numerous times and looking at my private part. There were also times I could’ve pulled him aside, like when I was the last person to enter a room and he was the one holding the door. I expressed my feelings to him through message and he appreciated it. I thought the more I ignore him, the more he’ll fall in love with me until I lost him (he graduated). 2 year later, I deleted my Facebook out of embarrassment. I created another account and added him again as a dare from my cousin. He didn’t accept. I noticed he removed statuses like work, education, relationship etc., making it harder for anyone to find him, but I managed to find him. Since then, 7 years from the dare, I still have feelings for him, I mean it went all the way to having a romantic dream in 2014 and doing it. I don’t know what to do, if I should friend request him again or message his at-that-time intermediary or who else knows what to do?
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2023.05.30 23:05 ManuelLaroche Cocktail Rose ou Les femmes ont-elles encore besoin des hommes ?: le nouveau livre provocateur de l'auteur Manuel Laroche

Cocktail Rose ou Les femmes ont-elles encore besoin des hommes ?: le nouveau livre provocateur de l'auteur Manuel Laroche
L'auteur Manuel Laroche explore le rôle des hommes dans la société d'aujourd'hui.
To Be Dated : le nouveau livre de Manuel Laroche « Cocktail Rose » pose la question « Les femmes ont-elles encore besoin des hommes ?". Il jette un regard stimulant sur l'évolution des rôles des hommes dans la société. À travers les épreuves et les tribulations de cinq grandes amies, l’auteur se penche sur la question la place de l’homme dans cette époque de masculinité en crise.
Le roman a pour prémisse la thèse de doctorat de Michèle sur les escargots qui fait beaucoup de bruit dans les milieux universitaires. Et si nos sociétés pouvaient s'inspirer du modèle de cet animal hermaphrodite qui est à la fois mâle et femelle ? Un centre de recherche sera créé à Prague et Michèle devra voyager mais sa copine Irma, médecin interniste, préférerait qu'elle devienne maman à la maison. Leurs amies proches s'en mêlent pendant qu'en toile de fond se déroule le procès controversé du jeune homme qui poursuit ses deux mères et la compagnie de sperme Precious Life car il ne pourra jamais connaître l'identité de son père…
Avec son écriture fluide et souvent pleine d'humour, "Cocktail Rose ?" offre une lecture captivante qui mène à des réflexions profondes sur les rôles des hommes en tant que pères, amants, maris et collègues dans la société d'aujourd'hui.
"Le sujet de la place des hommes dans la société est un sujet pertinent et important à notre époque de redéfinition des rôles", déclare Laroche. "J'espère que ce livre suscitera des conversations et conduira à un questionnement sur ces enjeux ."
A propos de l'auteur
Manuel Laroche est un auteur polyvalent et talentueux issu d'une formation en musique et en voyages. Avec une carrière de parolier pour de nombreux interprètes reconnus et de guide touristique, inspirant des centaines de voyageurs sur les routes du Québec et du Sud-Ouest américain, Laroche apporte à son écriture une richesse d'expérience et de créativité.
Son premier roman, "Cocktail Rose" met en valeur sa capacité à aborder des sujets stimulants et pertinents avec humour et fluidité. La perspective unique de Laroche et sa passion pour l'exploration des complexités du monde font de lui une étoile montante dans le monde littéraire.
« Cocktail Rose » de l'auteur Manuel Laroche est disponible dès maintenant en librairie et en ligne.
Book Name: Cocktail Rose
Author Name: Manuel Laroche
ISBN Number: 1915904919
Ebook Version: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here
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2023.05.30 23:01 otherworldlyturtle 28F (AB, Canada) Sorry in advance for the long post...

28 female, 4'11". Alberta, Canada.
Mostly introverted, I have had past extroverted friends successfully get me out of my shell on the regular. Still figuring out my sexuality.. I know I am pansexual, what matters to me is who someone is and being able to enjoy similar hobbies together. Currently very much ACE (possibly due to past experiences, don't know for certain), possibility of demi-sexual. I know I love kisses and cuddles, and could very happily go without sex. That being said, I do not believe I would be a suitable partner at this time and am in search of good open-minded friends. Friends in my area would be more than welcomed although I accept that this is unlikely and have no problems with long distance friends. I speak English, however if I was to meet someone who speaks another language and is patient I would absolutely be willing to learn your language as well!
Things I value/love/enjoy?
Nature and the unique beauty of each individual being. Life and its many forms are both beautiful and sometimes terrifying. I love it when people share and spread love, random moments of connection between different types of people are both lovely to see and experience. Who doesn't love a good and respectful open-minded conversation? Learning other people's stories and passions can be inspiring and eye-opening. Conversations about theory and various things in life can be a lot of fun. I love music and dance, there are so many different genres all unique in their own ways (although I am terrified to sing or dance in front of people), love it when people recommend and show me new music. I value fitness and health and try my best to live a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy things like nature walks/hikes, camping, cooking/baking, reading/writing and absolutely love learning new things. There are so many things that I would love to learn that I can have a difficult time staying focused, I'm not sure there are many skills I would pass down the opportunity to learn. I love and enjoy a variety of martial arts although I have not practiced in class since before Covid hit. Some of the arts I have dabbled in include: Kung-Fu (Ma family style), Ninjitsu, BJJ, HEMA, MMA, Kenjutsu, Sojutsu, Balintawak, and Kyoketsu-Shoge. I am a strong believer in living in a peaceful nature, but also believe it is important to be capable of protecting oneself and those in need if needed. I do enjoy some gaming, I play Skyrim, Sea of Thieves, No Man's Sky, Destiny 2, ARK, still enjoy the older gameboy pokemon games up till Emerald, and would be interested in trying Elder Scrolls online. I played D&D in the past and enjoyed it, although the group I had at the time was far too inconsistent to truly get into it. I do enjoy some tv shows and movies, however am not typically the type of person to sit down and watch something on my own. If I do, I typically default to things like LOTR, Harry Potter series, Star Wars, some anime, etc. I sometimes like to make jewelry and find it relaxing. I have 2 kitties that I love to bits, they are a bonded pair of littermates (adopted) named Smaug and Dante. 10/10 good boys. They are both toilet trained as well as harness/leash trained and we go for walks together.

I believe in spirituality, but not religion or god. Open minded, left-leaning. Maybe I am crazy, but I think things like food, water, housing, and education should be more easily accessible. I think we could achieve these things if it wasn't for greed and complacency. I believe grind culture is garbage and want no part in it. It feels like somewhere along the way we forgot that we were working towards a better quality life for future generations. Modern society severely lacks community. I think respect for all forms of life is important, be it plants, humans, animals, etc. Collapse aware but do my best to focus on it and just be mindful of living life. Random fact about me: I have a daughter whom I had when I was 17 and not in an ideal situation for raising a child. I made the choice to give her up for adoption to an amazing couple who are now like a family to me as well. Strong believer in chosen family. I do not want any more children.
I am sorry for the book post.
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2023.05.30 22:55 HuntingTheWumpus Tales of the Transdimensional Pub: The Anima Rises

In the vibrant and bustling trans-dimensional pub, where reality and fiction intertwined, patrons from all times and places mingled freely. The air was filled with laughter, clinking glasses, and animated conversations. At one of the tables near the corner, Bowsette, Linkette, and FemShep gathered for a lively discussion.
Bowsette, a captivating fusion of Bowser and Princess Peach, leaned forward, her fiery hair cascading over her shoulders. "You know, it's interesting how we, as female counterparts to popular male characters, have gained such immense popularity," she remarked, her voice tinged with curiosity.
Sitting across from Bowsette, Linkette, an enchanting blend of Link and Princess Zelda, nodded in agreement. Her eyes sparkled with intrigue as she added, "Yes, indeed. It seems like fans are drawn to these gender-swapped versions of iconic characters. But I wonder what fuels this fascination."
FemShep, the charismatic embodiment of Commander Shepard's femininity, leaned back in her chair, thoughtful expression crossing her face. "Perhaps it's not just about fan service or sexual appeal," she mused. "I believe there's something deeper at play here, something symbolic."
Bowsette raised an eyebrow. "Symbolic? What do you mean, FemShep?"
FemShep gazed at her companions, her voice taking on a reflective tone. "Think about it. Throughout history, male figures have often represented the archetypal hero—the brave, stoic, and assertive saviors. But as narratives evolve and our collective consciousness shifts, there's a yearning for something different, a manifestation of the Anima—the feminine aspect of the psyche."
Linkette tilted her head, intrigued by FemShep's words. "So, you're saying that the rise of characters like us signifies a shift in the gestalt, a transformation of the traditional hero's journey?"
FemShep nodded. "Exactly. People may be unconsciously seeking a balance, a harmony between the masculine and feminine energies. By embodying female versions of beloved heroes, we offer an alternative perspective, a different kind of strength and expression."
Bowsette tapped her fingers on the table, contemplating FemShep's theory. "But couldn't it be both? Perhaps the sexual fan service aspect provides a surface-level attraction, while the underlying symbolism resonates with people on a deeper level."
FemShep smiled, appreciating Bowsette's insight. "You might be onto something, Bowsette. It's possible that the sexual allure serves as a gateway to explore and embrace these alternative narratives. It opens up a dialogue, encouraging players to engage with characters who break free from traditional molds."
As the trio continued their discussion, their voices carried across the pub, mingling with the myriad of conversations happening around them. Patrons from different worlds and eras paused to listen, their own thoughts sparked by the intriguing dialogue.
In that trans-dimensional pub, where time and space folded upon themselves, the conversation of Bowsette, Linkette, and FemShep transcended the boundaries of their own stories. They delved into the complex tapestry of human desires, the shifting dynamics of narratives, and the ever-evolving landscape of the hero's journey.
And as the pub reverberated with the musings of these remarkable characters, it stood as a testament to the power of storytelling, connection, and the ever-unfolding possibilities that await those who dare to venture beyond the confines of traditional narratives.
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2023.05.30 22:44 Vanguard_CK3 [Event] The Queen's Gambit

Queen Lamia has announced several comprehensive programs that address the diverse needs of the country. The programs are mainly based on basic solutions, and limited to the economic aspects, however she is committed to working tirelessly in raising more funds through her network of connections with donors and NGOs in her experience in philanthropy.
The Sakani Program is focused on reconstruction of the housing sector in areas most impacted by the conflict. These plans will focus on providing housing to widows, orphans and displaced families in Sana'a, Ma'rib, Taizz, al Hudayda and Aden.
The Raeidah program has been designed for assisting Yemeni women in starting and managing their own businesses. In collaboration with international microfinance institutions, they will be providing financial support to women entrepreneurs who are able to demonstrate business plans which prove commercially feasibility.
The Qaadra program creates an initiative to will strive to increase women's participation in decision-making processes and leadership roles. Organizations like the Yemen Women's Association for Development and Peace will be empowered to take the necessary action for capacity-building and advocacy to ensure women's voices are heard in peacebuilding and governance as well as defending human rights. This aim to challenge stereotypes, promote natural gender roles, and create an enabling environment for women to have a stable family life & safe working environments.
The stories of the ancient Queen Bilqees ruling the land of Saba and midevil Queen Arwa the Regent of the Sulayhid Kingdom are being celebrated, with plans underway to create netflix series in their honor. Both male and female Yemeni take great pride in their recognized history and seem to be looking forward to the release dates. Despite the challenges posed by the conflict and skeptical perception of the religious scholars of these radical reforms, the Yemenis are set to reclaim their rightful place in history.
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2023.05.30 22:30 Professional_Sun1873 This might be the worst pawn I've ever seen.

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