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2023.05.30 19:45 Data_Coder Junior level salary for Senior in LA

I just got a call from recruiter who seems to be consultancy. She sent email saying the position for SenioLead. The salary range they have in LA is 110k-130k. The max they can go upto is 150k. Moreover she says it is mid level that's why that range. I replied her she emailed me it is lead/senior position and not mid level.
Looks like recruiters are lowballing and taking advantage of the situation. I imagined Hollywood 3-4 rent compared to national average and was wondering the whole salary would go into paying rent. Lol
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2023.05.30 19:45 lakedewrisk How to have conversations with friends?

I have a woke friend who isn't so woke that he will excommunicate me. He lives in LA and works in Hollywood. In 2020, he was skeptical of the vaccine and basically told me he regretted getting it but couldn't refuse because of losing woke points.
I avoid political topics with him but I thought this at least made him less indoctrinated in the cult than most. And i guess i was right but he's still pretty indoctrinated.
He sent me a video of some woman pushing a priest off a stage and told me that it was justified because the priest probably touched a kid. I asked him if due process means anything, he said it doesn't matter because due process didn't work with Trump.
So we had this whole conversation about whether January 6 was a coup. I couldn't convince him it wasn't. I sent him an article about May 22, telling him that this fits his definition. He didn't accept that.
I asked him why Trump wouldn't just use the military to do a coup, he said because trump is also an idiot. I asked him how trump could figure out how foster peace with the Abraham accords and also figure out how to walk into north korea but not figure out that a military works better for a coup than a mob in the capital building.
He just rejected everything i said but yet we remain friends, so that's good. But my other friends almost definitely would just shut me out if I were to even think of speaking to them about this.
He also said "trump also personally tried to defraud me when I moved out here - he was the spokesperson for a pyrmid scheme - he is a con who never even paid his workers for his casinos --"
Can anyone explain to me what that's about?
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or whatever. I know that convincing someone takes time but with all the articles he bombed me with I'm not sure that'd be possible. I'm getting to the point where I really don't want to end friendships because i really don't care about differences of opinion, but I'm not sure that it's worth it to be silent. I dunno.
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2023.05.30 19:45 throwaway4326890 Refus dépot de candidature L3

Bonjour, je vous explique rapidement la situation. Je suis étudiante par correspondance à la fac à cause de problèmes de santé, malheureusement ils ne proposent pas la L3 en distanciel.
Je devais donc candidater dans une autre fac qui propose cette L3 mais évidemment, la semaine d'inscription est tombée pile pendant mes partiels et des examens médicaux que je devais passer. Forcément j'avais la tête ailleurs je n'y ai plus pensé.
J'ai envoyé un mail un ou deux jours après en expliquant la situation puis je vous passe les détails mais aujourd'hui j'ai appelé et j'ai eu une femme odieuse au téléphone qui m'a envoyer "paître" et quand je lui ai demandé si cela était possible qu'ils me disent s'il y a des désistements car je me retrouve sans rien m'a répondu "non mais même si il y a 1000 désistement c'est comme ça vous n'aurez pas de place"
Donc ce n'est pas un problème d'effectif ?
Je la croyais dans son bon droit car il est vrai que c'est ma faute et que j'ai dépassé le délai, mais j'ai eu un message de ma professeur qui m'a dit que le transfert de dossier était "de droit" et que c'était la loi.
Qu'en pensez-vous? Svp des personnes sûres car je ne veux pas faire n'importe quoi
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2023.05.30 19:44 weddedthrow No bathrooms during cocktail hour?

Okay, here is what I just realized. Plan was to have an outdoor ceremony, then cocktail hour also outside but in a different spot, and then open up reception room indoors.
I just realized that all the bathrooms are inside.
So now this brings me to my dilemma. Do I just open up the reception room during cocktail hour? Most people will prob go straight to their seats and not mingle. Seems weird to have everyone sit in their seats for an hour before the reception officially starts. Any other ideas to how to not make this awkward?
Otherwise the alternative is just to not provide bathrooms which…seems odd to me.
(Renting portapotties isn’t an option, we have no $)
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2023.05.30 19:44 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Keep your clothes on, Georgia tells residents using shirtless selfies for digital IDs LA Times

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2023.05.30 19:44 94toyotacelica Globohomo has ruined LA

Not a hot take, but I’m about to go to LA for the summer, and I’ve been asking LA people for some recs while I’m there, and everything they’ve recommended so far I could basically already find in NYC,
Best cocktail bar in LA? They basically serve the same types of mango-new-wave-fruity-rum drinks served with something quirky like a fried chicken sandwich.
And everything they’ve said I should check out in terms of food is all Indian, Syrian or Turkish. Nothing is distinctively LA, or at least, anything that is native to LA has also been fused with another culture.
I’m considering now simply going to Vegas instead and hanging out at casinos all day instead. Doing seemingly “touristy” things is more authentic than going to the same globohomo places people in NYC, London and Berlin are all going to.
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2023.05.30 19:43 theygotthemustardout [Product Request] Similar to Cerave Moisturizing Cream, but without white cast/funky texture

Hi Everyone - I am in desperate need of a new moisturizer.
I'm absolutely sick of the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream being the only thing that works for me, morning and night. It is the only moisturizer I've ever used that moisturizes enough, but doesn't make my face greasy/break out. But it leaves a white cast, and the texture gets really funky if I don't wait for it to completely dry before putting on my sunscreen (a solid 20-30 minutes that I just don't have in the morning).
Embryolisse makes my skin break out. Cetaphil and La Roche Posay don't moisturize enough. I'm on Epiduo and live in a desert so my skin is dry.
Here's my routine if that's helpful:
Neostrata Glycolic Wash (Derm Recommended)
Vitamin C Serum - wait to dry
Dampen Skin Hyaluronic Acid
Dapsone (Prescription)
Neostrata Glycolic Wash (Derm Recommended)
Hyaluronic Acid wait to dry
Epiduo (Prescription)
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2023.05.30 19:43 Kittim31 Roman : La Route, de Cormac McCarthy

Roman : La Route, de Cormac McCarthy
Résumé : « Ce roman vous étreint dans une émotion d’une intensité rarement atteinte dans la littérature. »
Le Point
L’apocalypse a eu lieu. Le monde est dévasté, couvert de cendres et de cadavres. Parmi les survivants, un père et son fils errent sur une route, poussant un caddie rempli d’objets hétéroclites. Dans la pluie, la neige et le froid, ils avancent vers les côtes du Sud, la peur au ventre : des hordes de sauvages cannibales terrorisent ce qui reste de l’humanité. Survivront-ils à leur voyage ?
Avis sans spoilers : Il peut être difficile de classer ce roman dans le genre de l'horreur. Elle est pourtant présente à chaque page, l'horreur d'un monde en ruines, où tout semble vain, où l'amour d'un père semble dérisoire là où tout n'est que cendres d'un monde déjà mort. Chaque gramme d'humanité, si simple soit elle, brise le coeur en comparaison de l'horreur quotidienne, sans éclats, évidente, de l'écho de monde dans lequel évoluent les deux personnages.
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2023.05.30 19:43 lorovile Looking for recs - Greek islands/specific towns

Hi! My husband and I are looking for travel recommendations for Greece, more specifically the Greek islands, for a one-week trip this summer (late July/early August).
We're looking for somewhere easy to get to (ideally), i.e. direct international flights, though we would also consider getting a fast ferry (2-2.5 hours) from a bigger island to a smaller one. Our only issue is that we would lose a day at the start and end of the trip for travel, and since it's only a week we're trying to avoid that. We don't plan on doing any island-hopping, so this would be a one-week trip to one island and preferably without needing a (rental) car.
Last summer, we spent a week in Kamari on Santorini and thought it was ideal location-wise. Lots of tavernas right by the beach (a different place to go to every night), option to rent beach beds/umbrellas from the tavernas for free if you have lunch there, smaller hotels, buses to other parts of the island. This is what we would be looking for - just on a different island this time.
We've already spent hours and hours researching but can't seem to make a decision, so we're trying it this way! Thankful for any recommendations for specific towns or areas, or islands in general, that offer what we're looking for :)
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2023.05.30 19:43 Latter_Tooth_1904 Unsigned Commercial lease landlord issues

I have had a shop for 8 years but recently had to give it up due to financial reasons. My first lease was for 5 years but my landlord never sent me a lease renewal yet put my rent up after the five year contract had ended. He’s now saying he wants 3 months rent to come out of my lease and has a list of ridiculous things he wants doing in the shop. Including ripping up a very expensive hard floor to lay a carpet down (there was a disgusting carpet down when I took over the lease)
My question is, if I don’t have a signed lease can he enforce me paying rent and paying to change the shop?
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2023.05.30 19:42 Bananarama16 Emotional support animal trouble with Colorado landlord

So I’ve been renting an apartment here with my boyfriend our two cats since mid 2019. We have paid pet rent for both cats and as well as deposits. We came in with one cat and got the second cat in 2021. I’ve had an ESA letter stating the need for an emotional support animal from 2017, but I never used it, because I didn’t understand what I would use it for.
Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, I learn that with ESA, you aren’t supposed to pay per rent nor any fees. I talk to my complex about it and they’ve been giving me grief. First, they were upset that it was from 2017. I get my physician to write another for current day, 2023. Now they’re upset because the cats names are not on either letter.
I’m frustrated. I don’t understand why the first letter wasn’t enough. Is all of this necessary? Also, am I entitled to get my pet rent and fees back for everything I paid? They only want to discontinue rent moving forward. Had I known my ESA rights, I would have presented this information from the get go.
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2023.05.30 19:42 FrostyPoos Which option would you pick?

I would like some investing and personal advice in regards to real estate. Long story short I am being offered 2 homes.
A) seller financed at 0 percent 940 sqft, 1940s home, 11.2 acres at 250k, 40 minutes from the beach, 30 minutes from major city, metal storage shed with electricity in great condition, generax generator installed. FIL wants my wife to take this house to so we can be closer to them. The plan would be to move into the shack and start clearing out land to build a custom home asap.
B) VA loan at 6.1 for 305k, brick house, 1850 sqft, yard is measured in sqft, 2 car garage, house appraised at 355k, in town. We would live in this until we could find something else and begin to rent it out with an estimated 2200 a month rental.
We have a combined income of around 230k and the only debt we have is 10k on a car loan at 0 percent interest.
That being said, what would you do? Obviously 0 percent interest is insane, but the house is really small and very old and the most enticing part of it is the land. The other home is okay, but having no yard kind of sucks and there's very little natural light that gets in.
I'm just curious on everyone's opinion (and by me I mean my wife asked me to post this lol)
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2023.05.30 19:41 Turbulent_Property_4 The Idol, HBO pubblica il trailer ufficiale sul "sogno americano"

Il nuovo trailer della serie TV dai creatori di Euphoria alimenta le aspettative del pubblico, nonostante le recensioni siano estremamente contrastanti.
Il canale YouTube HBO ha appena pubblicato il trailer ufficiale di The Idol, serie TV dai creatori di Euphoria. "Sei il sogno americano" esordisce Tedros, dopodiché osserviamo Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd (Tedros) e Lily-Rose Depp (Jocelyn) in svariate scene di vita pubblica e privata sulla scia dell'inconfondibile stile degli autori.
Prosegui la lettura
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2023.05.30 19:41 Turbulent_Property_4 Mercoledì, "ora è iconica" commentano i creatori dello show Netflix

I creatori della serie esprimono il loro pensiero dietro al casting e all'interpretazione di Mercoledì Addams da parte di Jenna Ortega.
Mercoledì è la reinvenzione di Alfred Gough e Miles Millar dei personaggi della famiglia Addams creati per la prima volta da Charles Addams nel 1938 e resi famosi dallo show televisivo del 1964. Nello show Mercoledì Addams viene mandata alla Nevermore, una scuola per disadattati dove viene coinvolta in un mistero.
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2023.05.30 19:41 Turbulent_Property_4 Lost, la troupe ricorda l'ambiente tossico. Damon Lindelof: "Ho fallito"

La pluripremiata serie di Lindelof, Abrams e Lieber nasconde molta polvere sotto al tappeto, come ricordano gli attori e gli sceneggiatori stessi.
Lost è un successo di pubblico e di critica - basti pensare al Golden Globe, ai Saturn Award e agli altri premi -, eppure non è tutto oro quel che luccica: la serie nasconde molta polvere sotto al tappeto, e Damon Lindelof, il creatore della saga insieme a J.J. Abrams e Jeffrey Lieber, ha appena svelato qualche amaro dettaglio sulla produzione.
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2023.05.30 19:41 Turbulent_Property_4 Chi è il nuovo proprietario dell'Avengers Tower? Lo rivela un rumor di Ironheart

Quale sarà il possessore del celebre complesso industriale dopo Tony Stark? Le indiscrezioni di riviste e insider sembrano coincidere.
Risalgono al 2021 le 5 teorie sul nuovo proprietario dell'Avengers Tower, e oggi, a due anni di distanza, un nuovo rumor sulla serie MCU Ironheart sembra svelare finalmente il mistero.
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2023.05.30 19:41 Turbulent_Property_4 Daredevil Born Again, Deborah Ann Woll non tornerà

Daredevil: Born Again è pronta a riportare sul piccolo schermo il personaggio di Charlie Cox, tuttavia alcuni personaggi non torneranno insieme a lui.
Daredevil: Born Again è una serie televisiva americana di prossima uscita creata da Matt Corman e Chris Ord per il servizio di streaming Disney+, basata sul personaggio dei fumetti Marvel. Lo show sarà una sorta di reboot della vecchia serie trasmessa su Netflix, di cui riprenderà alcuni personaggi fondamentali, ma non tutti saranno della partita.
Prosegui la lettura
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2023.05.30 19:41 Mickleborough What’s on TV this Saturday night in the U.K.

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2023.05.30 19:40 quokka-rules-2046 Sofia Uni - DP [dp come from one of my friends, she wants me to post it on her behalf and ask if anyone wants to join her to study at Sofia Uni]

Sofia University - True Review
  1. Location: Great
Both campuses are in California: Palo Alto & Costa Mesa. Super convenient for those who work in the bay area or near LA.
  1. Tuition: cheap
The total program cost is $21,840 (2 years). my friend applied via They helped her waive the application fee and apply for a scholarship.
  1. CPT Major: not much to choose from
My friend enrolled in the MBA-IT program which is a STEM program. Sofia also has MSCS.
  1. Workload: so so
  2. Student service: can be improved
My friend complained about their response rate. This is one of the things I care about the most, and also the reason why I didn't choose to go there with my friend. Sofia is a small university, they don't have many staff working for CPT students.
  1. Accreditation: ok enough
It's ok safe. But not as accredited as Westcliff University. Sofia is a small university. I guess you get what you paid for. Westcliff is good but also very expensive.
  1. CPT Policy:
  1. Application and SEVIS Transfer Timeline: apx 2 weeks - 1 month.
My friend used the expedited service provided by, which allows her to get everything within 3 working days, though you have to pay extra. She was not prepared on time. If you plan ahead of time, paid service is not necessary. You can just use their free consultation service and apply it yourself.
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2023.05.30 19:40 Spare_Change0526 moving out [USA - MI]

My partner and I have been living in the same apartment for nearly two years with our current lease ending on June 30. We let our landlord know back in March that we wouldn’t be resigning due to a number of reasons which include:
— being manipulated into resigning the year prior
— harassment issues with multiple tenants in the unit above ours (one of the current “tenants” is largely part of the reason we are leaving and want to get out asap)
— lack of care for the apartment and concerns not being fully met
That night our apartment was up for rent and within a week they had someone sign for the apartment. (good luck to those suckers). The new tenants asked our landlord if we could be out by June 22 (8 days before our lease ends), rent would we prorated. We said that we could make that doable and would let them know when we sign on a place and plan to be out. Fast forward three weeks and we signed on a apartment (which is SO much nicer than our current apartment) and we let our landlord know that we would be out by June 15 (7 days before we were asked to, 15 days before our lease ends). Our landlords response was “Sounds good I'll plan on that. I have you paying thru June 22 as agreed”. Now, we agreed to be out by the 22nd but since we are moving out before then and will be handing off the keys at that point, should we be paying for those extra days?
Realistically, we will be done and out of the apartment before the 15th but are willing to pay to that date (15th) to keep some peace. The tenant in the unit above ours has a partner that is not on the lease but is here 24/7 and has been harassing us for months to the point we bought Ring cameras for protection. Due to this, our landlord being unhelpful, and other reasons, we want to be out of the unit asap. We checked our rent online and it still says that we owe full rent by June 1st, and a few hundred will be prorated on the 20th. We want to message our landlord but are a little unsure about our options here. We already won’t be paying through the end of our original lease date (6/30/23) which is nice, but should we be paying until the “agreed” upon date of the 22nd if we will be done, out, and handing over our keys by the 15th?
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2023.05.30 19:40 FiatLuxAlways [WTS] H&R 723 Upper, ACOG TA31 Green Chevron, Microbest Chrome BCG, PWS Flash Hider, Rugged R.U.M.

I’m listing the following to help fund other projects. Most items are new or like new condition, will specify below. No trades:
More pics
This will be cross-posted so first come first serve. Prices above include shipping. NO CHATS! PM ONLY! Claim items by commenting dibs or I’ll take it BEFORE PM. Please give me a day or two to ship, got a full schedule currently.
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2023.05.30 19:39 Gabcouscous13 Un suicide étrange

Salut je m’appelle Gabriel ,j’habite en France et l’histoire c’est passé quand j’avais 11 ans Actuellement j’en ai 15 . On venait d’emménager dans une nouvelle maison et tout aller bien jusqu’à ce que dans mes rêves je voyais un homme habillait tout en blanc qui juste me regardait 🤨 comme si je faisais une terreur nocturne … Je commençais à en faire pratiquement tout les soirs ( toujours le même rêve bien évidemment) lorsque d’un coup il disparut de ma tête pendant 2 ans … 2 ans plus tard toujours plus de signe d’existence de cet homme lorsque qu’un jour le livreur hellofresh toque à la porte de ma maison pour nous livrer le colis de nourriture j’étais tous seul chez moi quand le livreur est arrivé bref on parle ce qui n’est pas très courant d’habitude il me donne son colis et il part mais voila … Le livreur m’a dit que il y a des années qu’il était en colocation avec un homme dans cet maison c’est pour ça que il voulait me parler ce lui rappelais sûrement des souvenirs bref il m’a dit qu’il avait mis fin à la colocation parce que son coloc c’était suicidé …le drame c’était passé dans ma chambre apparemment… il m’a décrit l’homme et c’était exactement l’homme que je voyais dans mon rêve j’ai beugé à ce moment là mais il n’est pas revenu donc tout est bon ,peu après on n’a déménagé pour d’autres raison et puis voila j’espère que mon histoire vous aura plu …et big up a squeezie si tu passe par la … Merci d’avoir pris le temps de lire et au revoir 👋
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