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a compilation of the ugly shit that mall ninja like

2013.04.01 23:56 cowboy-up a compilation of the ugly shit that mall ninja like

This is a sub for all the ugly mall ninja knives and fantasy retarded shit that the mall ninjas like. Converse combat boots, dragon knives, united cutlery........... all the knives and weapons and muffuggin bull shit that make you cringe. post links post your own ninjitsu tools be rude, obnoxious and belligerent

2012.03.11 19:20 ajsmithjr Digital Projector Help / Purchase Advice & News

The place to search for projectors, ask for Buying Help or Setup Help, News about upcoming releases, and technological advancements. Rules: #1 No racism. CCC in this sub stands for Cheap but Can afford Crap, any illusion to saying CCC to disparage another community or race will result in a ban from here on out. #2 All projector talk is welcome here even the cheap stuff. But like don’t post or push spammy products. Will result in a ban from here on out. #3 Just be cool man

2014.06.17 03:15 Respectfullyyours A subreddit to help you identify artists & works of art...

A place to find out if you have a lost masterpiece or if it's just a garage sale treasure! Please see below for submission guidelines, and related subreddits.

2023.05.31 02:29 NotMySecretAcount 1004-It's so weird using 4 digits.

Imagine the post number reaching the year number. That'll be like in 2026 or something.
So...I am remaking an app I first made in python to solve my problem, the started to implement in java(but gave up) and now I'm making a quick version in outsystems just to actually use the technology for my own personal projects. I feel like I can't form a valid opinion on something without actually trying it myself. Second hand opinions can be deceptive. Judging a book by it's cover isn't great.
So I will make my own small app in outsystems. Way Below the limits for data and processing for the free personal environment.
I think I wanna try game development at some point. It could be a useful experience to have. I need a project to teach me networking, keyboard pooling and 3d graphics cards programming. And I really wanna learn how to program for the graphics card to accelerate some more intense processes. Maybe use it to train a neural network with graphics cards processing power(adapted code for paralyzed calculations) vs a processor.
Anyway. Projects. Always fun. I want to go into those mistakes. Bash my head against a couple of walls and end up learning something new. And if I end up working with it in the future, it'll be easier to pick up on.
For now, this is all.
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2023.05.31 02:28 Poppmollys My GF (25F) wants to break up with me (27M) to heal.

My GF(25) broke up with me (M27) because she said she needed to heal.
A few days ago, i asked her how she was doing because i knew she had been stressing lately and her family is a big part of it. So are finances(and i wont put her business out there incase she finds this reddit, but you can read between the lines as to what some of her other trauma is) and as i learned in a voice note, i am a part of this stress of maintaining a relationship, but also trying to do what she wants to do and re-focus her life. She landed a new job and starts soon and has been trying to get back on track this year. We’ve been together for 17 months and i love her and this kinda was unexpected. I knew that she wanted to get therapy in the past and heal from some of the trauma her family and strangers have put her through. I have tried to be the most supportive boyfriend i could have been. This is the most patience i have ever had to have in my life. I tell her she’s beautiful or pretty(in the past she didn’t like how she looked). I don’t get mad at her when she feels overwhelmed, i give her space. I try to talk to her when she feels overwhelmed/trapped by family, but i never try to be her therapist/psychiatrist. I guess you could say, i’ve tried to be her biggest cheerleader, but she said if she doesn’t do this she can never become the person she wants to be And she said she cant sexually be the type of woman i deserve right now. Though i agree with her needing to get therapy and help, i don’t know what to do with my time now. So much of it i spent making sure she was fine and she was okay and not in arguments or fights with her family. But in the voice note she sent she said she’d rather us be able to walk next to each other or be happy for each other than both of us in a relationship and one of us or none of us is happy. I don’t want to walk away from 17 months of mostly happiness for me. I am however very lost. She told me that i should not feel like i did anything wrong because i didn’t. She just feels like she needs to cleanse her space/bubble around her to fully heal. Any advice on what i should do?
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2023.05.31 02:28 Unfair_Pineapple8532 Lexapro has me bipolar, vision loss, hearing loss, anxious, suicidal, depressed, and acting differently

What do I do. There was like a few days where I actually felt happy and I was like hey this stuff is gonna start working and all of a sudden it’s really bad and I’m jittery and anxious and suicidal and hopeless and I can’t get up and do anything.
I am very worried and acting differently. I was on a dating app recently and got catfished and hooked up with someone who I think was much older than they said. And I’m freaking out about having an std and how I might end my life if get a life altering one. I wouldn’t be able to deal with that, I would’ve had more common sense if it weren’t or this stupid drug.
My psychiatrist is an idiot and there’s a language barrier, my therapist is not helpful at all, I don’t trust anyone, I don’t have family anymore, I don’t have friends. I cant pursue my passions due to mental illness. What do I do I’m falling apart, I’m spiraling. I’m damaging myself further
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2023.05.31 02:28 OGMaco710 Its probably a dumb question, but can I just set the location that shows up on my steam profile to whatever I want?

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2023.05.31 02:28 Iced-TeaManiac [Engage] My final chapter team on my first Maddening run and short thoughts on them (Unit spoilers)

Mostly satisfied with this Alear build. Happy with the inherited skills, would've gone Avoid +30 if I could. SP5 and the Marth emblem bonuses + stat skills saved her from being a Corrin fog bot. The Corrin engraving also lets her crit decently often, and with the extra hits from break defense and divine speed it's more opportunities to land a crit. Idky I gave her movement boots
My only issues are I good way to use Silver Spirit Arts and I couldn't upgrade Wille Glanz more since it has hit issues. Also idky but I slipped my mind to give her a Silver Blade to use for Lodestar Rush

Very happy with my Louis build. He actually sucked until I got Sigurd back. His defense wasn't high enough to survive more than one/two enemy rounds. Sigurd patched his defense, movement, hit and attack with LP5 and Momentum. I also fed him most of my Dracoshields to go all or nothing with his tankiness. He was tanky enough to become less of a frontline defender and more of a diver who I could send far in the enemy lines and chip half the health off the enemies who would go at him on enemy phase. Had to beware of backup units though. The Byleth engraving + Sigurd's dex boost allowed him to reliably land hits on the more evasive units like wolf knights and fliers
Only thing I would change is higher Defense+ skills

Honestly I didn't know what to do with this guy and I don't completely like how it turned out. In the midgame I thought speed would fix many of my units' issues and towards the end I realised maybe not so much. Diamant's just a bruiser, right? He hits and gets hit. Doesn't kill. but doesn't die. And Rise Above lets him get closer to killing and stay further from dying? The speedtaker was supposed to lean into his offence but I probably should've just leaned into his survivabilty and taught him Unyielding skills from Marth since I have better units to use on player phase

A failed unit ngl. Again I thought speed was the answer back in midgame and inherited a waste of a skill. If he just had Lunar Brace+ instead, he would've been great, a carry even. But he was ja Draconic Hex bot who helped other units double more often. Not having an emblem ring didn't help his SP gains

Pretty satisfied with how she turned out. I honestly had no vision for her until late game. She was just a filler mage who used the electric tomes but had terrible hit rate, so I gave her Draconic Hex to at least get some kind of value even if she missed. When I got Celica back I had to decide between either her or Ivy for Byleth. Byleth has better Instruct bonuses and and Sync weapon with a mystical than a flier so it helped in making the decision. Thyrsus Thoron let me cheese the Ch25 middle room
Issues are that I taught her tome precision which was a waste. I thought it would be cheaper than the Hit+ skills from Sigurd since it was specificaly tomes, but no it was not cheaper and Citrinne really didnt need avoid bonuses

My Ivy's a bit of a mess. I had her on Byleth for the speed buffs at first to let her double more often but at some point that wasn't happening anymore, so Citrinne got Byleth instead. Also, liked to Engage+ with Ivy since her high magic stats and generally low enemy resistances let her one round abberations with Dragon Fists. Having her on Byleth meant losing dance for four turns which is a no can do. which Since Ivy wasn't doubling anymore, Celica just helped with raw magic boosting. Other than that nothing else
I didn't realise how much of an issue Ivy's hit rate was until I took her off Byleth. Speed+ was helpful midgame, towards the end not. But without it, Ivy also wasn't able to double endgame Great Knights iirc, so I wasn't sure whether to just inherit Divine Pulse+ or keep the Speed boost. If I could do things differently idk if I would focus on patching up hit for when she takes Celica or if I'd just give her her cannon emblem Lyn to fix both her hit and speed
Also, post game I learned how good Lyn engraved Nova could be, so I would've had her on that as her main tome

It's Kagetsu with Eirika + Alear engraved Killing Edge. He dives, he eliminates, he leaves

Kind of a flop towards the end. Midgame she was an avoid monster and would double and Sandstorm all the time. Towards the end my luck ran out and she couldn't kill and consequently get speedtakers going. My reasoning for giving her Lyn was that the dex boost would help her proc Sandstorm more often, and the speed boosts would let her double more often, therefore more opportunities. Even if she got hit she was tanky enough for it to not be dangerous. Sigurd engraved Represailles for overall better combat stats. All this was working so well and then on the last three chapters it just wasn't. I had even let her eat quite a few of my stat boosters and spent a lot of books on her. She has a build +3 in the back there that I didn't know would be a waste of SP if I just upgraded Represailles
What I would do differently is just let her stay on Ike honestly and all or nothing into Sandstorm. Give her Dex +5 from Lucina and Def +5 from Ike, and have her always be engaged with Ragnell in hand. Being enaged as often as possible is how I use the Roy emblem ring, I would've done the same with Ike!Timerra. +5 Def from Ike, +5 from inheriting Ike's skill, +7 from Bravoure+, +5 from Ragnell, that's +22 defence. Landing a sandstorm with that would be crazy. On top of that there's Wrath too. Ike's weapons have hit issues so +10 hit from Dex +5 would help

I mean, if she crits she wins. I don't think Panette ever really relied on all the emblem skills and bonuses at her disposal as much as my other characters. All she needed was Wrath, with Vantage helping out if I'm enemy phase farming. Wrath and Silver Greataxe aether were the only things she needed Ike for. I used to have her on Lyn, but I felt that Panette with high speed was overkill, so I gave Lyn to who I thought could benefit from it more. Plus with how dangerous fliers were, I felt it was better to give bow emblems to non bow users
But if I could do it differently I would in fact give her Lyn just because (and I know it sounds crazy cause it's Lyn) the emblem isn't really in demand anywhere else. Plus she's strong enough to actually kill with Astra Storm. Only downside is that I don't think Panette is someone who really needs the clones

Very satisfied. The Lucina emblem ring honestly has a lot of good skills and stats boosts that just complement Wolf Knight Merrin. And Parthia is one of the five best emblem (Parthia, the Binding Blade, Ragnell, Mercurius, Thyrsus.). Merrin was my frontline defender who avoided almost everything
But like most people have said, WolfK Merrin damage really does fall off towards the end. Silly me I thought I should go the Roy strength line to fix it but investing into Merrin's player phase with Lunar Brace+ is better. I did so post game and Noble Rapier became a Paladin killer for her. I also wish I had enough resources to upgrade Peshkatz more. Never really used Carnwenhan.

I know it sounds crazy but this slyly fell off in the last two chapter. It's generally a fine build. I think the emblem and unit don't necessarily complement but just allow Pandreo more options to his play.
The issues I ran into is that, again, speed kind of fell late game so Pandreo couldn't consistently double non-armored units, which was the edge he sort of had against Ivy thanks to Chaos Style. But with neither of them doubling, she and Citrinne who used Thoron were just better at doing damage. Pandreo's magic growth isn't as high as you'd expect. He couldn't kill GKs and generals even with doubling because of how high their healths were. His speed growths are good, but both Mage Knight and High Priest cap out pretty early. Micaiah does help him at least one round armored units since Thani is effective against them, but Micaiah's importance made me scared to use engage with so early in the map
In the end with the pairing, it was like I was playing Pandreo at the start of a map, then Micaiah at the end. What I would do differently is lean into his Mage Knight niche and teach him Sword Power from Roy to use with a Levin Sword. I went for Momentum as a cheap way to boost his Mag Atk but it wasn't enough

Seadall is seadall
The last two are the 14 deployment fillers.
This Goldmary build sucks. She sucks, Leif sucks, everything sucks. Low damage low hit low level low utility. I didn't wanna use Mauvier since I wanted someone who was more of a bruiser on my team; I already had a lot of squishies. So I took Goldmary who I hadn't touched once since CH16 and threw her onto the team. I grinded and fed the heck out of her with skirmishes and Mentorship, but she sucked and so was relegated to Dual Assist+ bot. I mean, that was what I wanted her for anyways, to make use of Brave Assist, but it was kind of boring and unreliable.
To try see if she actually could be good, post game I grinded up to 20 to catch up with the others, kind of, and she still sucked.
What I would do differently is either, a) never mind the Hero junk and go into an armored class or b) work around Arms Shield. GM has good defence and because she's Hero she can use multiple weapons, which the Leif emblem ring seems to like. Because Arms Shield encourages her to fight against inferior weapons to her own, I'd have her learn Break Defense from Marth, that way she can get some extra hits in. At the same time though, if the enemy is broken, you're not really gonna be making use of Arms Shield on player phase, and on enemy phase, enemies prefer avoid superior weapons even though they can't get broken on their turn. Basically, I don't see when Arms Shield would come into play but hey

Honestly just a dragon bonus bot. That's usually what Alear gets called, but Alear has the time to actually work. Veyle ehhhh.
The build is incomplete because of a lack of resources, but if I had better managed them I would've taught Veyle Mag +5 and Divine Pulse+. Just go all into her magic and fix her terrible hit rates. Obscurite actually has decent base crit so maybe engraving it with Lyn or Eirika wouldn't be a bad idea since it significantly improves the hit rate and crit rates. Maybe she could be a crit mage, which is I don't think any other mage can do
Honestly the thing I'm most upset about is that I couldn't find a way to keep Corrin on my team once I got Marth back. Dreadful Aura and Torrential Roar are good skill. But in the end, Alear took off Corrin and went for Marth, going from support bot to frontline hero.


Louis Kagetsu the goats
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2023.05.31 02:27 excomunicadosnowjob Craftsman T8200 (247.204420) PTO still not working. Need help

So I replaced the PTO, it worked for about 10 minutes then wouldn’t come back on. I already replaced the switch and it tests good. I replaced the lower drive belt. The only thing is it’s battery is low and I need to jumpstart it once in a while. How do test the PTO clutch to see if it’s working? I’m ready to just give up.
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2023.05.31 02:27 thelesliesmooth Steam Deck, logo letter issues

Steam Deck, logo letter issues
Bunch of logos are not fully loading the lettering but only on the Steam Deck. On PC everything seems fine.
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2023.05.31 02:27 Momentarmknm Order of setup for complete rebuild

Hey, so I've got an old Sammick strat type guitar that I decided to completely overhaul. As in replace absolutely everything that's not made of wood. It's as much of learning experience and for fun as anything, but I'd also of course like to have a great guitar at the end of it. My main question is when it comes to setting up, what order should I go in?
This is what I assume I should do, please correct me where I'm wrong:
Pull old frets, seat new ones
Replace nut
Put the neck back on, string it, and adjust truss rod
Take the strings back off, adjust nut height, dress the frets and fine-tune the leveling as needed
Adjust bridge saddle height
Adjust pickup heights
Adjust intonation
That seems about right? Please feel free to throw in any tips for a first timer. Obviously I'm speaking in broad steps, and will be watching around 5 to 6 YouTube videos for each step in this process haha.
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2023.05.31 02:27 Cheese-In How to move up from mid level to senior to design lead?

Currently working as a mid level UXD at a large healthcare company. I’ve only experienced promotions when changing jobs.
Curious to hear success stories from designers - how did you level up while staying with the same company?
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2023.05.31 02:26 Mindless_Roof_1616 Why my Ram kit of Kingston Fury HyperX not running at its advertised cl16 ?

Hi !
I bought a kit of ram ddr4 Kingston Fury HyperX 3200Mhz CL16 (8*2) , and when I tried to set the Xmp profil in the Bios I've found out there wasn't not Xmp profil for this kit , previously I used to run 12Gb perfectly with Xmp profil besides them being from different brands (8+4) , so I assumed this new kit doesn't have an Xmp profil on it for that reason and because it's running at the 3200Mhz as it supposed to be , but the problem is that when I open CPU-Z it says that it's running at the slowest Cas Latency "22" ? *My motherboard is Biostar B660 Mx-e pro and it handles overclocking above 3800Mhz *My Cpu is an i5-12400F that it says at there website that it can run up to 3200MT/S for DDR4 * Note : I'm running the two sticks in A2 &B2 slots as recommended and the part number for my RAM modules is HX432C16FB3/8
- So my question is why is it running at the right speed and not the right CL ? and is there a way to fix this without overclocking , since it's advertised to run at 3200Mhz CL16 with no overclocking mentioned ?
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2023.05.31 02:26 havejubilation It feels like nobody likes spending time with my baby but me, and sometimes I need a break

Just feeling frustrated and need to vent.
My husband works very hard and does a ton around the house, including basically all of the cooking. But he gets antsy with too much time holding the baby because he has a hard time not being able to get all the household tasks done that he wants to get done (welcome to my world/mountains of laundry).
Side note: it’s also annoying because though he does a lot around the house, there are certain basic tasks he just seems oblivious to, because he doesn’t really care if they get done.ֶ So while he’s kind of a maniac about doing every dish as soon as it’s dirty, he leaves his mail and empty containers everywhere, and the mountain of laundry grows taller every week.
My in-laws live very close by and we’re so over-the-moon about the baby. They just couldn’t wait to babysit! In six months, they’ve babysat twice. I feel like a jerk expecting anything, but what’s truly bad is they keep saying they’re going to come over on specific days and then flaking out, or they’ll come by for fifteen minutes to coo over and play with the baby, and then they’ll peace out.
My husband and I fortunate enough to be able to hire a nanny, so my working hours are covered. I might be being irrational (feel free to tell me if so) because I’m kind of burnt out, but I’ve been a little annoyed with the nanny lately. Here’s the situation:
My daughter is generally a pretty chill and happy baby. A few weeks ago, the nanny said she was basically happy all the time. Now it seems like she’s teething, so she’s having some fussier spells.
When I get home, I feel like the nanny immediately needs to tell me every moment of the day that was bad. I get letting me know if the baby’s been fussier or if certain things were setting her off, but it feels more like complaining than giving me information. Today was she was like “I tried to take her to a coffee shop so I could get a muffin but I had to take my muffin to-go because she was crying so much.” And then about how she had to split up washing the bottles because my daughter wanted to be held so she couldn’t get everything washed at once.
It just felt like she needed me to know how annoying it was for her, and while I absolutely respect that the job is hard and don’t want to be unreasonable, it just feels like more piled onto the mental burdens of being a mother. Now I’m supposed to stress because the person I’m paying to care for my child has to eat a muffin at my house instead of a cafe (I don’t mean to be so snarky—I think I’m just burnt out).
I also felt like she needed me to apologize for my daughter. I’ve tried to be very careful with how I communicate around these things. I was always taught to apologize for my feelings and I don’t want my daughter to be trained in that same way. I don’t think she should have to be sorry that she’s teething and in pain and emotional, and while she probably won’t understand if I did apologize on her behalf in front of her, I don’t want to create a habit that I have to break when she does understand more of what’s going on. So I wonder if I come off as rude because I don’t say “I’m so sorry about that.” I might say “I’m sorry to hear that,” just because the nanny looks at me so expectantly, but I mean more that I’m sorry everyone was having a bad time, not that my daughter was upset (if that distinction makes sense to anyone).
I was hoping paying someone for childcare would make me feel less guilty or stressed by the time they were having with my kid, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I dunno, maybe it’s rude or out-of-touch, but I wish she’d pretend to like my kid more, and not just when my kid is all smiles.
My baby is great, but she’s still a baby, so she’s still going to be challenging at times. I feel like everyone feels compelled to tell me all the ways they’re challenged by time with her (Muffin Gate, my husband not getting to do chores the way he likes to, my in-laws being invited to do things that conflict with promised babysitting time) which then makes me feel more isolated on this island where it’s just me and my baby.
And sometimes I just want a little time to myself without guilt. I know part of that is on me because my husband will take her. It’s just knowing that he doesn’t always like to feels like a mental burden that prevents me from always enjoying my time by myself. I’m slowly getting better, but I wish things felt better and I wish more people did what they said they were going to do.
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2023.05.31 02:26 Substantial-Sky-3744 Manual swap question

Does anyone know how to wire up the reverse lights to work on a 2010 2.0t that I'm swapping from auto to manual? It still has the auto wire harness
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2023.05.31 02:24 ThrowRAsadboihope My (26M) girlfriend (25F) messaged a male coworker "I missed you today" and it wrecked me emotionally.

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 10 years (since high school).
She started a new job a few months ago and it seemed like everything was going really well.
I had heard her mention a specific coworker a few times as he was in charge of part of the training for new staff.
I saw a Microsoft Teams message push notification with the guys name on it that read “I missed you too!” as I was walking by her phone one day.
Of course, alarm bells went off in my head so I clicked the message to open the thread and sure enough there was a message from girlfriend initiating the conversation that read “I missed you today”.
I confronted her about it pretty much straight away and she swore that
  1. There was no physical or intellectual attraction to him on her part and
  2. The only reason she messaged that was because she talked to her guy friends like she would her female ones without a distinction but admitted that saying “I missed you” to another guy was inappropriate, and that she wouldn’t like it if I had messaged the same thing to a female coworker of mine.
She also said that her and this coworker would stop hugging each other (allegedly he hugs all the staff when they leave for the day) which was something I wasn’t even aware of but didn’t feel great about either.
Things are a bit weird at the moment. After that discussion we both reaffirmed that we didn’t want to break up and she said she was going to be more discerning with how she communicated with this particular coworker and keep things strictly professional from now on, as well as males outside of our relationship in general.
The thing is, reading those messages and the fact that my girlfriend initiated it has left a really bad taste in my mouth. Reading that really did wreck me emotionally.
Even though she swore that she wasn’t attracted to her coworker in any way, things just feel kind of “off” right now and I’m not really sure how we should proceed or try to get things back to normal.
Was my reaction appropriate? Is this generally something someone in a couple should show concern for? Any advice or suggestions for how we can get things back to normal after this?
Thanks in advance 🙏
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2023.05.31 02:23 mattUnoDosTres4 Looking for a new laptop

Budget is anything up to 1150 Want to be able to play most games and future games at 1080p high settings And a good thermals so it can run some games decently under "silent mode" -From the uk
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2023.05.31 02:23 Op3nm1nd 2008 335i, PPI results; to buy, or not to buy

2008 335i, PPI results; to buy, or not to buy
Hello all, finally in a position where I can get one of my dream cars, an e92 335i coupe. Found a clean one, 2 owners, 112k, no accidents, listed at 9k in CA. Bone stock, not even tinted. Just got the ppi back, will need; oil pan and filter housing gaskets, PS pump pulley, coil overs, motor mounts, and the front turbo is leaking, possible fuel filter or in tank pump issue (low pressure?) as smell noted from back by mechanic. Possible leak coming from lower radiator hose area. I do have the ability to turn wrenches and could probably handle the first half the list on my own. I have 14k to spend, and a job that would allow me to keep up with the maintenance items as they come. How much should I try to negotiate for asking price? And is this a reasonable starting point, or should I hold out for one with less things wrong? Any other thoughts or advice?
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2023.05.31 02:23 Ok-Education-3695 I refuse for the same cycle to happen to my child !

When I was younger I was molested by many of my step brothers and men that my mom boarded at her home for extra rent. Years have gone by and still step brothers are unfortunately in my life, I was adopted into the family so their my adoptive brothers. Anyway years have gone by I’ve tried to forget but there are times where he tries to test me and see if I will take the bait in doing something for him for money, I had no guidance and my adopted mom wasn’t the greatest she stopped buying me any and everything of necessity and of course wants when I was only just 10. When I told her about the first time she said it was my fault and possibly how I walk around the house I was 10 when I first told her. To get to the point today that same “brother” reached out to my daughter saying how she’s grown up and she’s a big girl now literally his words and how if she likes money he has a proposition for her and to not tell anyone. My daughter called me right away when it happened she said she felt super uncomfortable rightfully so. He continued to call her and ask when she would be available to talk privately she hasn’t responded. She’s 11 by the way. So I got home blocked his number out of her phone because before today he never ever gave me the impression of touching little kids and yes I should’ve said fuck him when he touched me back in the day but me literally having no one else if I just said fuck my whole adopted family granted would I be better off ? Maybe but yea I’m trying to figure out if I should kill him or trap him and report his ass. I don’t want to put her in anymore of an awkward situation but I want him to get what he deserves idk man.
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2023.05.31 02:23 Unhappy_Ad_4102 My theory on the final boss fight.

When you analyze the mechanics of the the final boss fight with ganondorf, in my opinion, I think it reflects the virtues of the triforce, in a way. The first phase, would represent the triforce of power. You just beat him up as fast as you can, while dodging his attacks. This is usually the easiest phase for experienced players. The second phase would represent the triforce of wisdom. You have to try to figure out how to fight the real ganondorf, while his Malice clones are all around you. Some are attacking your allies, while others are attacking you. You also have to deal with the real ganondorf. The final phase, would represent the triforce of courage. In this phase, ganondorf will dodge most of your attacks, and can even dodge a flurry rush. The only way I have found to attack him normally, is to stand your ground, face your fears, and parry his attacks. This stuns himself long enough to get some attacks in. If you want to do the lame route, you can bounce in the air with a spring shield, and dump fused arrows into his face with the x5 lynel bow, that you get on the way there.
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2023.05.31 02:22 WeakSand-chairpostin What to say to a family member who blames my POTS on COVID vaccination?

I had my first dose February 2021, and my second dose in June 2021. I've been having this flare up since January this year. Been having the same symptoms since July 2013. My Verapamil dosage was increased from 40 mg twice a day to 120 mg three times a day in November 2020. Of the two times I've been to hospital, they were both pre 2020.
I tell them this flare up started January, I had my vaccines two years ago and they reply '2 years is how long it takes for the poison to work' or some crap like that. It's getting really annoying, they seem to forget I have EDS too.
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2023.05.31 02:22 Internal_Researcher8 I managed to make my WebUI unreachable. :(

I have PM installed on a mini PC. It has one internal NIC and two USB NICs. I was trying to figure out which one was which in the PM interface because I wanted to use one as the WAN interface to plug into my modem (I'm setting up a pfSense VM).
I unplugged the Ethernet cables from the to USB devices and was still able to ping the IP address assigned to the PM node. So I was confident as to which NIC provided access to the node. I removed the other two.
But then PM just stopped allowing me to connect via the WebUI. I am able to login to the CLI and if I ping the IP address assigned to the node, I get a good response. Now the NIC isn't currently plugged into anything as my only monitor and keyboard are nowhere near the modem. So at best that just means the NIC isn't dead (AFAICT). Im going to attach photos of the output from IP a, cat /etc/network/interfaces and lspci grep 'Ethernet'. Beyond that, I'm not sure what else to do for troubleshooting. I'm pretty green as far as the *nix environment.
And YES I did do a Google search. That's where I found the suggestions to use these commands. But the closest issue I could find was someone saying that their NIC died and they needed to replace it.
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2023.05.31 02:22 StayAtHomeBird Kind of Lost

I noticed on a previous post, someone was concerned about proper training- at least in terms of how long it should last and if the company is willing to bring green guys like myself up in the business. Is that common for most companies? I’m enthusiastic about wanting to do HVAC, but it seems depending on the company, that I would be thrown into the rough before being prepared. I’m tired of retail and believe this trade would benefit me currently and in the future. I felt I needed to reach out so any advice or feedback would be appreciated. (Live around Raleigh, NC). God bless you all!
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2023.05.31 02:22 Financial_Nebula_814 Question for lawyers about working conditions law

To start off I’m a paralegal who works in personal injury. So I have no idea what to do about this or how to help them.
I have a friend of a friend who’s working conditions are pretty bad. They work in healthcare and a higher up was sexually harassing them and stalking them. They went to their HR department outside of the employer (basically a higher up HR). All they did was do an investigation and make the person a lower position at work. They have substantial proof of the sexual harassment and have even seen the photos of the person being stalked. Plus they’ve gotten verbal testimony from current employees about said person.
Is there anything this person can do legally? Also, should they go to the police for the stalking and sexual harassment?
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2023.05.31 02:21 yungguiltless HYDRATION

I work a construction job Does anyone have experience drinking electrolyte powder or liquid (with/without) caffeine giving them flare ups? Of course i drink water but i need electrolytes for the hot weather coming up. Dont want to flare at work. I tried some powder with caffeine a few hours ago today (didnt drink it all only a few drinks) in a water bottle it wasnt too bad. Any tips or advice on how to get electrolytes without flaring up
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