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2023.05.31 01:45 Open_Entrepreneur_79 [Electromechanics] Why is the answer A and not E? I'm not understanding this question.

[Electromechanics] Why is the answer A and not E? I'm not understanding this question.
Since the sphere is conducting, the charges are located on the surface of the sphere. Because of this I thought the voltage would increase starting from the inside of the sphere. The explanation given was because the electric field inside the conductor is 0, no work can be done therefore voltage is constant. I still don't understand why the voltage is constant inside the sphere. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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2023.05.31 01:43 Specialist_Shame312 Watching nighttime cable tv for the first time in years while staying at hotels during a 10 day road trip

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2023.05.31 01:43 Kaanth Cour 1 lit an interest in revisiting my hobby of making Bleach AMVs when I was younger. Here's one I've just finished centered around the First Invasion.

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2023.05.31 01:43 NickelStickman [Music] We Don't Talk About Bob; The Story of How My Chemical Romance's Most Famous Drummer Became an Enemy to The Band's Fanbase

My Chemical Romance formed in 2001 in New Jersey and would go on to define the 2000s "emo" scene. The 2004 album "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" and 2006's "The Black Parade" remain defining albums of the decade and have only grown with praise over time, while lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way have become icons all with massively devoted fanbases. Notice I named four band members there. A cursory glance of google images shows five band members in many of the pictures. More recent photos only show the four mentioned above, to reflect that currently, the band lacks a drummer. As far as the fandom was concerned, there never was one, despite all of the photos you see showing five members. What happened to the drummer, and why, compared to many other fanbases who cling desperately to the 'classic lineup', are MCR fans so eager to erase him? This is the story of how MCR's most famous drummer destroyed his reputation and became a pariah to the fanbase of his own former band.
The Golden Age of Bob:
Almost immediately after the release of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, My Chemical Romance was left without a drummer after Matt Pelissier was removed from the group. While not officially confirmed, poor live performances are often given as the reason for his dismissal. Quickly, MCR found a replacement in the form of Bob Bryar, who had previously been a drum tech for The Used, who MCR were close with at the time. Bryar would appear in every music video made for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, played on the live album "Life on the Murder Scene", and would continue to perform with the band through their next album, "The Black Parade" and its corresponding live release. Bryar's time with the band marked the band's explosion in popularity, and as such Bryar was showered in praise, fan art, and would appear in the band's infamously common RPF (I believe his most common ship was with Ray Toro), though to a lesser extent compared to other band members due to him being more introverted and not seeming too fond of the spotlight.
Bob Leaves MCR:
On March 3rd 2010, the following message was posted to the My Chemical Romance website, to devastation among the band's devoted fanbase:
"As of 4 weeks ago, My Chemical Romance and Bob Bryar parted ways. This was a painful decision for all of us to make and was not taken lightly. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and expect you all to do the same."
No reason has been given to why Bryar left the group, though many rumors have circulated over the years. Bob is known to have not been a fan of the band's decision to scrap their initially planned fourth album, which would later be released under the name "Conventional Weapons", and disliked the poppier direction of its follow-up "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys". In addition, Bob was beginning to have complications with his health on The Black Parade tour. Bob had received both third degree burns and a staph infection as a result of the filming of "Famous Last Words" music video, and would later have to sit out shows from November 2007 to January 2008 due to a "golf ball sized lump" in his wrist causing him to lose control and feeling in his fingers. Apparently, he had had problems with his wrist for years by that point. These injuries would leave lasting effects and ultimately make playing drums extremely difficult for Bob, leading to him essentially never playing drums again after leaving the band.
The more sinister explanation for his departure was that he had been feuding with, or even bullying Mikey Way and had been kicked out as a result, but only hearsay and Bob's actions post departure support this theory.
The Golden Age of Bob Making an Ass Out of Himself:
My Chemical Romance had broken up relatively recently, and even more recently, Mikey Way had gotten a divorce from his wife. Immediately after this, Way began dating a 19-year-old girl named Sarah. Immediately, people began accusing Mikey of cheating on his wife with this 19-year-old fan, and one of these accusers would be former bandmate Bob Bryar, who replied to an image of Mikey with Sarah's family with two emojis. 👪🍳 . This translated to "Family Breakfast". People praised Bob's joke as hilarious, due to Mikey being an enemy towards a lot of the fandom at the time. After this, Bob proceeded to run the joke into the ground. Eventually, however Bob went too far, replying to a tweet of Mikey's speaking about his drug addiction with the same two Family Breakfast emojis. By this point, the fandom had decided Bob had gone too far, being viewed as someone making fun of his former bandmate's drug addiction.
Bob had done a lot more than simply Family Breakfast to rub the fandom the wrong way, however, with some of the highlights including:
- Spreading (false) MCR reunion rumors, and just rumors about the band in general
- Making jokes about leaking Gerard Way's nudes. In addition, his profile picture of him wearing a black mask was interpreted by many (though not universally), as blackface
- Posting a "Find Kanye" meme many viewed as racist
- Making jokes about cops shooting protestors at 2015 Baltimore Protests inspired by the death of Freddie Gray
- As a side note, while many fans will point to Bob as having stolen from the band or setting the band's tour van on fire, neither of these are true. The former was done by Bob's replacement Michael Pedicone, and the latter is attributed to Matt Pelissier, though it's doubtful Matt actually set the band's van on fire either.
The combination of his edgy sense of humor and the Family Breakfast incident had made Bob a pariah among the MCR fandom, being viewed as a racist bully towards Mikey who was bitter about no longer being a band member. Bob was now intentionally forgotten by the fandom outside of naive and new fans asking what he had done. He no longer received any fan art or appeared in fanfic, a tumblr blog was made solely to edit him out of previous band photos, and fans would only ever mention My Chemical Romance as having four members. By 2015, Bob had abandoned his social media pages.
As for the remaining members of My Chemical Romance, none of ever commented on Bob's controversies. Mikey would later refollow Bob on Twitter, and according to Bob himself later on, the two had reconciled. During 2022, new action figures of the band would be made by Kidrobot featuring Bob, suggesting that his erasure from the band's history did not extend to the band members themselves.
With his social media pages gone, Bob largely remained out of the public eye, getting a new job as a real estate agent. In June 2021, however, he would briefly return to social media in order to auction off the drum kit he had used for the "Helena" music video, donating the proceeds to Williamson County Animal Control and Adoption Center located in Franklin, Tennessee. According to Bob, this was his final drum kit and he was "permanently closing the book on his drumming days", citing the wrist issues he still dealt with, as well as his old age, weight, and desire to pursue "something new". His brief return caused fans to re-evaluate their treatment of Bob, with the aforementioned Tumblr blog dedicated to erasing him from photos being shut down. Bob would return once again in October 2022 to auction off his iconic Black Parade costume to benefit animals affected by Hurricane Ian, citing that "it's just sitting in a box doing nothing and people need help with money right now". During this auction however, Bob would have a concerning twitter incident.

Bob's Breakdown:
On the night of October 24th, Bob's twitter became active, with him demanding Worm (an associate of MCR) call him, and then shortly after, speaking out for the first time about the hatred he had received from the fandom. He mentioned wanting to be interviewed about his controversies and had seemingly picked up a new favorite annoying joke to shove into every post in the form of "Period. Ah!" Shortly after this, Bob claimed to have been driving while under the influence. Fan reaction was largely very concerned about his mental health, and many showed remorse about how Bob had been treated over the years and condemned those who were not sympathetic to his tweets, many pointing out that several fans had told Bob to kill himself during what many considered to be a mental breakdown. Fortunately, Bob would later return a few days later fondly reminiscing about his time on MCR, before quietly disappearing once again.

While nowadays you can find more fans willing to reevaluate Bob's behavior as "not that bad" or at least believing the backlash to him was blown way out of proportion, it would be difficult to say Bob's image has been rehabilitated, with many more than willing to recap his various controversies to new fans wondering who he did, or on rarer occasions, who the hell Bob even is and genuine fans of him being hard to come by. Praise for him often comes in the form of "I'm not defending what he did, but.." At this rate, it's likely Bob's twitter incidents will continue to overshadow him for the foreseeable future, and in the eyes of many fans, My Chemical Romance are a band without a drummer, at least unless Jarrod Alexander gets a promotion form touring musician to full member. He seems to be the only one of the band's four long-term drummers fans seem fond of.
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2023.05.31 01:42 rickychesty Can't see Hilton Flights + Hotel Booking Link

Hey All, loved Hilton options so far. This is my first time booking with Hilton (Dubai in particular). I was able to see Hilton Getaway link which let's you book Flights + Hotels but I cannot seem to see that link anywhere in my Google results.
Any help? Thank you in advance.
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2023.05.31 01:39 MrMassacrer 23 [M4F] - An Optimistic Post

Okay, full disclosure: I'm awful at writing these. I'm just gonna take my best shot to describe who I am and what I'm looking for, but I'm definitely better at conversations than bios.
I'll start with a little about myself. I'm 23 and recently moved near the DC area to start my first job (in AI research) out of college. This came with way more responsibilities than I was ready for, but I've finally got a half decent grasp of being an "adult". Thus, I figured it's about time I take the next step in my life and try to meet someone special to share it with. Physically, I'm 5'8 with an average build and dark brown hair. In terms of hobbies, I absolutely love playing board games. In fact, I attend a board game club three times a week and have a fairly sizable collection. For anyone familiar (or interested in) hobby board gaming, my personal favorites are Lisboa and Ark Nova. Besides board games, I also play video games, go hiking, and travel whenever I get the opportunity. In fact, I'm writing this post from a hotel room in Portugal. Lastly, I really enjoy reading comics and watching movies or TV shows. I have aphantasia which means I can't visualize anything in my mind's eye, so these mediums are pretty much a necessity for me to appreciate stories. Lastly, to avoid any future dealbreakers, I'll also add that I drink only socially, never smoke, am apolitical and agnostic, and am fully vaccinated.
Okay that might have been more writing about myself than I've done in my whole life. So let's switch topics and talk about you. Firstly, you're very great to have made it this far into my wall of text! Additionally, I definitely prefer people somewhat local to my area, but I'm open to meeting people from anywhere in the US. I'm not picky about physical appearance, but I definitely want someone who either shares or is open to exploring my interests and hobbies. Lastly, my love language is quality time, so I'm interested in someone who wants to hang out together somewhat often.
If you're still reading, please don't hesitate to reach out via DM or chat. If you're struggling to start the conversation (like I was with this post) send over three unique facts about you. I'll even sweeten the pot and reply with pet pictures for each one!
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2023.05.31 01:39 MrMassacrer 23 [M4F] - An Optimistic Post

Okay, full disclosure: I'm awful at writing these. I'm just gonna take my best shot to describe who I am and what I'm looking for, but I'm definitely better at conversations than bios.
I'll start with a little about myself. I'm 23 and recently moved near the DC area to start my first job (in AI research) out of college. This came with way more responsibilities than I was ready for, but I've finally got a half decent grasp of being an "adult". Thus, I figured it's about time I take the next step in my life and try to meet someone special to share it with. Physically, I'm 5'8 with an average build and dark brown hair. In terms of hobbies, I absolutely love playing board games. In fact, I attend a board game club three times a week and have a fairly sizable collection. For anyone familiar (or interested in) hobby board gaming, my personal favorites are Lisboa and Ark Nova. Besides board games, I also play video games, go hiking, and travel whenever I get the opportunity. In fact, I'm writing this post from a hotel room in Portugal. Lastly, I really enjoy reading comics and watching movies or TV shows. I have aphantasia which means I can't visualize anything in my mind's eye, so these mediums are pretty much a necessity for me to appreciate stories. Lastly, to avoid any future dealbreakers, I'll also add that I drink only socially, never smoke, am apolitical and agnostic, and am fully vaccinated.
Okay that might have been more writing about myself than I've done in my whole life. So let's switch topics and talk about you. Firstly, you're very great to have made it this far into my wall of text! Additionally, I definitely prefer people somewhat local to my area, but I'm open to meeting people from anywhere in the US. I'm not picky about physical appearance, but I definitely want someone who either shares or is open to exploring my interests and hobbies. Lastly, my love language is quality time, so I'm interested in someone who wants to hang out together somewhat often.
If you're still reading, please don't hesitate to reach out via DM or chat. If you're struggling to start the conversation (like I was with this post) send over three unique facts about you. I'll even sweeten the pot and reply with pet pictures for each one!
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2023.05.31 01:37 Present-Shoe-8074 Stuck in Thailand : The Never-ending Story

This is a long story guys if you don’t wanna read it’s fine. Okay, so where should I start. On April 4th me and my 2 friends decided to leave London and ditch reality and go Thailand to live a “new life” you could call it. This was our first long holiday outside of Europe and we was planning to go for a month +.
Long story short we went Bangkok first for a couple of days and then got cab from there to Pattaya in which we stayed for 2-3 nights I forgot honestly. Nothing to wild but Russian dancers in Pattaya and sight seeing in Bangkok. It was our most touristy moments of this story and we was doing what we planned and was living day by day.
After, my friend wanted to go to phuket for songkran in which we went to Bangkok and took a flight. We were staying just near the airport a little village (don’t wanna give location) where there was only families and not really anyone there but we didn’t know much about Phuket.
Once we checked in to our hotel we wanted to see what was near where we were staying. The guards told us there was no one here everyone’s near phuket town/pattong. We were far around 1 hour from pattong and we needed transportation and we went to a rental company literally next to our hotel in which they rented me a car but I didn’t have a license well he never actually asked me. I know what your thinking and yes we rented the car gave 16000 baht for the month and 3,000 for deposit. We had the car for about 2 weeks till everything went wrong.
We met someone famous and hung out with him for the night. We were caught up in this fantasy in Patong and we were on xannax and lean and by this point I had fractured my foot from a ditch in the floor and no I didn’t get travel insurance. I’m an idiot but I was never the injury guy I had broken 0 bones and injury’s in general prior to Thailand apart from a finger fracture.
I know I’m an idiot, I’m so dumb I shouldn’t have but we were so drunk I had a girl I had taken home the night before and my friend had a girl called Stacy. We had drove to pattong and must’ve just came out of illusion or empire me and my friends are 22. Forgot to say. I had never done xannax before this trip but my friends did it and I knew if my one friend did it it couldn’t have been that bad. I was so fucked we went to the car I was like let me drive all gassed and pumped up but I was so high I didn’t know it. I drove about 2/3 mins and crashed the car accidentally ( I know what I did please I have had to live with this I know I’m stupid) I blacked out, I don’t even remember crashing. I like woke up as soon as we crashed, I tried to drive and get away Thais we’re trying to stop the car, but my friend Rk was saying he should drive I got away not injuring anyone and I let him drive. We got about 5 mins from the crash and we got caught up with the police. They arrested Rk and thought he did the crash.
We went to the station and Stacy was Thai she was talking to the officers. I said it was me to the officers with Rk next to me I admitted what I did and he was saying go away. Not wanting to hear what I was saying I’m lying. They took Rk for drunk driving because he was over the limit.
I took out the car in my name which they didn’t know yet. They said they were detaining Rk till we got his passport and 30,000 Baht for the guy we crashed into he dropped it down from 40 he was a local and friends with the policeman to my understanding.
We had to be quick because they had Rk in the cells they let me see him before we left. I felt so bad for him I wanted to be quick. I only had 200 baht in my pocket and some money on card and my passport for deposit .I went to the nearest moped place (not knowing where I was in Patong.) My other friend drove mopeds at home and was a good driver so I let him drive me on the back. I should’ve drove how stupid that sounds. He crashed the ped and I fell off the back witch serious injury’s. Part one over it’s to laggy to continue.
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2023.05.31 01:37 Otherwise_Durian5463 Aoi and the world stage

Is Aoi's eagle eyes enough to get him to the world stage? Based on what we know so far, there are 2 players in Japan, Aoi and Ren, who possess the eagle eyes. So, it's reasonable to assume that there are much more players with this ability worldwide right? With Ren's amazing technique coupled with his eagle eyes, he secured himself a spot on the national team as a first year and even managed to get a pro contract for when he turns 18. But, Aoi's situation differs significantly.
I know part of the reason Fukuda made Aoi a LB was due to the belief that technique is less crucial here compared to a CM for example, but Aoi's technique is below avg, even for the B team. Against players of worldwide calibre, he wouldn’t stand a chance. Ofc Aoi can improve his technique but that does take a while even with his immensely fast adaptability. I'm also assuming he joins the senior team in his 2nd year since he can't keep Shiba waiting for too long, lol.
What sets Aoi apart from others who also possess the eagle eyes? While Ren also has his amazing technique, and perhaps others with eagle eyes may rely on attributes such as physicality, pace, or height. Perhaps Aoi’s differentiation lies in his rate of growth, idk?
To those who don’t want to read all that above, my question is: Can Aoi truly compete on the world stage with only his eagle eyes?
Also, sorry this is so long, lol.
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2023.05.31 01:35 Scottstotts2002 My journey getting into Fosters

Hello, I am a sophomore that recently got into Fosters this spring cycle. I am writing this to help those wanting to pursue business at UW. For the past 2 years at UW, I've returned to this community to find any information on what I needed to do to get into Fosters, and now it's my turn to help out future students. A bit of background that is necessary is that I did do 2 years of running start (RS) in HS. I graduated with my associate's and 4.0'd all of my classes.

Foster admissions look at four factors (Preapp, Combined, WSA, and personal statement) when you apply and I'll be breaking these up into sections with my experience and stats.
Average stats for spring applicants who got into fosters were:
Combined GPA: 3.81
Preapp GPA: 3.87
WSA: 4
Preapp GPA
Preapp GPA is the GPA of four different classes (MATH 112 or 124, ENG comp, ACCTG 215, and ECON). I decided to take Math 112 as it is much easier than 124. However, you do have to take Math 111 as it is a prereq for 112. In this class, I got a 3.5. The english class that I took was during my RS days and I 4.0 that class. ACCTG 215 I got a 3.0, however because it was during a special circumstance quarter, I was able to S/NS the class. For Econ, they let you choose between 200 or 201 to put in your preapp gpa, so chose the class with a higher GPA. However, during the application process, if you decided to choose 201 for preapp, you would have to submit 200 for the other, and vice versa. I decided to chose my 201 as I got a 4.0 at a community college during the summer between my freshman and sophomore year.
All this combined my preapp GPA was 3.8. (As I S/Ns acctg it is not included in the GPA)
Combined GPA
I was a premed student before deciding to pursue business and thus my GPA was a 3.5. However, due to my RS grades (all 4.0) and grinding out the prereqs and taking easy classes, the stated GPA on my application letter was 3.8+. Just to make this clear: admissions looks at all grades at the college level!
I took the WSA 3 times. The first time was in spring of 2022 and I hired a tutor to help me prepare. Though be warned that tutors are expensive and mine was $200 per session. However, I did get a 4.5. The next 2 times I decided to not hire a tutor and got a 4.25 and 4. Took these in fall of 2022 and spring of 2023. My advice is to go to as many workshops available on campus, such as the one in the IC and one that UDS provides. Practice the prompts provided and try to get feedback. Try to maximize your chances by taking as many WSAs as you can as well.
Personal Statement
I'm not going to provide my PS as it is very personal. But I will tell you where I got my resources. The instructional center was a huge help in my PS. The IC is mainly for those who are first gen college students or from low-income families, but I was able to get in by emailing the department head and got permission to use their resources. Their writing team was extremely helpful in tailoring my PS to meet the prompts that Foster provides. Another resource is the writing center at ODE. Although I never used this one, I've heard great things from other students. I was also told that their writing team is trained to teach about the WSA.

I hope this will be helpful to future students. I was where you guys are for the past 2 years and I understand the pressure and want to get in. As cliche as it is "if it's meant to be, its meant to be". That being said if you do want to pursue business before all else, make sure to apply to different schools in case you don't get into Fosters. UW bothell is apparently not bad for those wanting to major in accounting.
Feel free to DM with questions, however, I won't be able to help on WSA prep or PS as I have no confidence that my feedback will be right/accurate.
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2023.05.31 01:35 River_Archer_32 Question about Middle Eastern dumplings (joshpara and ashak)

Both these dumpling dishes have Iranian names. Does anyone know their origin stories, how far they go back and if they are Turkic/Chinese influence?
Here is what the Oxford Companion to food says on joshpara.
an ancient form of Iranian ravioli (or, to be exact, capelletti, meaning ‘little hats’) made by folding a square of paste over a filling to create a triangle and then wrapping the two acute angles toward each other. This creates a compact shape which is sometimes likened to the hat worn by 18th-century grenadiers because of its tallness, sometimes to an ear because of its impression of convoluted folding.It is quite an ancient product.
The Arabs adopted it with the pronunciation shushbarak or (through a folk etymology connecting it with shish, ‘skewer’, and börek) shishbarak, which indicates that it was borrowed before the 10th century when it was pronounced joshparag. The first part of the name, josh, means ‘to boil’, but the second element is obscure, possibly meaning ‘bit’. Iranians have felt the absence of a clearly analysable meaning, and the word is now pronounced gosh-e-barreh in Iran, literally ‘lamb’s ear’. The Turkish nations who have borrowed joshpara have done even more violence to the word: Azerbaijani düshbara, Uzbeki chuchwara, Uighur chöchürä.
The usual Iranian or Arab version is filled with lamb and onions and cooked in yoghurt. In C. Asia it is usually served without its cooking liquid and may have such fillings as meat, wild greens, dried tomatoes, mashed potato, or eggs and onions.
Medieval Iranian merchants trading flour for furs in W. Siberia taught it to Finno-Ugrian peoples such as the Udmurt, who coined their own name for it: pelnan, literally ‘ear-bread’, because of its shape. In the 17th century the advancing Russians adopted pelnan, eventually Russianizing the pronunciation to pel’meni, and pel’meni in chicken broth is now a classic Russian dish.
Also found this.
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2023.05.31 01:35 JoshAsdvgi The Demise of the Paiute’s Way of Life

The Demise of the Paiute’s Way of Life

The Demise of the Paiute’s Way of Life
The new Mormon settlements in southwestern Utah rapidly brought an end to the Paiute’s traditional way of life.
Their new settlements sat on vital Paiute hunting and gathering grounds and in the surrounding areas, livestock grazing destroyed many of the plants that were a staple of the Paiute diet.
Paiutes were also denied access to their cultivating grounds near water sources, leaving them with areas mostly unfarmable.
In a very short time, the Paiute way of life was forever changed.
By 1880, conditions were so desperate for the Paiutes that settler Jacob Hamblin explained to John Wesley Powell that “thare [sic] is nothing left for them to depend upon but beg or starve.”
During these hard times, they nearly passed from existence.
It is estimated that when early Spanish explorers first arrived in 1776, there were close to ten thousand Southern Paiutes in areas of Cedar City and Panguitch.
But, due to disease, the loss of their farmlands, native plants, and water sources, the Paiute population was reduced by 90 percent after only 25 years of interaction with Mormon settlers.
As time went on, new challenges for the Paiute people arose.
Most staggering was the 1954 Termination Law (Public Law 762), promoted by Utah Senator Arthur V. Watkins.
Under this law, the Paiutes were no longer federally recognized as a tribe and thereby stripped of all their land, government support, and provisions, including loss of “federal tax protection, health and education benefits, or agricultural assistance.”
They were forced to survive in a foreign culture with drastically different beliefs and laws.
As a result, “[n]early one half of all Tribal members died … [due to] lack of health resources and lack of adequate income.”
Also, since the tribe had little to no economic resources to pay property taxes, they lost approximately “15,000 acres of former reservation lands.”
Restoration of Federal Status
After fighting to restore their federal status for nearly 10 years, legislation was finally signed by President Carter, restoring federal recognition of the Paiute bands of southwestern Utah, on April 3, 1980.
Although they only received 4,800 acres of land from the original 15,000 lost and a meager federal trust fund, the Cedar, Indian Peaks, Kanosh, Koosharem, and Shivwits constituent Bands that make up the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah are making a comeback.
Since the restoration, there have been significant improvements in Paiute health care, economic development, education, and the preservation of their cultural heritage and way of life.
As of 2014, the ever progressing Paiute Health Department has successfully established 4 health care centers, providing “high quality preventive and primary health care to patients regardless of their ability to pay.”
The health department has also created preventative programs such as nutrition workshops, youth wellness activities, exercise programs, as well as counseling, mental health, and substance abuse services.
In large part because of these efforts, the tribe’s population as of 2015 has grown to 918 members.
Education become a major priority for the tribe once federal and trust fund support was reinstated.
This is because many couldn’t afford to make education a priority without outside support. In fact, after the restoration, it became a rarity for a Paiute child to drop out of school.
Now, a large percent of Paiutes go on to pursue higher education or training program opportunities.
Walking In Both Worlds

It remains vital to the Paiutes that they “walk in both worlds.”
In other words, it is important for the next generation to be both economically secure (which requires working in United States’ culture), and live the Paiute way.
To help maintain this balance, cultural programs, such as Paiute youth summer camps, powwows, and oral history preservation are helping to document, preserve, share, and continue the Paiute language and way of life.
Plans are also in the works “to build and operate a Tribal Cultural Center and Museum.”

The Paiutes Will Survive

The Paiutes have overcome insurmountable challenges and devastation as a people.
Their long struggle to preserve the Paiute way and flourish continues.
But they will not give up.
Instead, they celebrate their achievements, promising that while “the struggle is long and difficult…
the Paiute will survive
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2023.05.31 01:31 somethingclever3420 Psychiatric nurse practitioner horror story.

CW: Inappropriate behavior, gaslighting Regardless of my attempts, I can never seem to tell a story with brevity. Apologizes!
I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist in a private practice in my early 20s back in the early 2010s. That provider abruptly had his license suspended for sexting a patient (thankfully not my experience, but ooooof). At the time, ADHD didn’t resonate with me. I had the idea of a little boy in grade school being hyperactive. So I agreed to antidepressants. I also had uncontrolled chronic migraines and didn’t want to try any stimulant when he gently suggested it.
Fast forward 5ish years and I’ve listened/read every self help podcast/book, lost extra weight from the antidepressants, lifted weights, did all the things. After trying so hard and still struggling just as much, I started therapy 8/2018. After going weekly for a year and a half, I transferred to a better therapist. My husband and I have individually gone to therapy as well as couples’, weekly since 1/2020.
I have a family history of ADHD. My dad and his 2 brothers all have been diagnosed. My dad started medication 5 years before I was born. My PCP in 2020 confirmed my diagnosis and offered stimulant meds. I declined because I was trying to get pregnant. By the time I had my son, my PCP had left her practice. I found a psychiatrist 10/2021 and started meds. It was life changing. My anxiety all but disappeared, I was more patient, I didn’t get overwhelmed as easily, I didn’t feel mentally drained from treading water, task imitation was easier.
My son is in Occupational Therapy for sensory issues and hyperactivity since he was 13 months. I decided I wanted to get neuro testing for ADHD in order to have an ironclad diagnosis so that if my son ends up also having ADHD and struggling, it helps to point to. And it also helps validate my diagnosis so I don’t have to try to convince providers I’m not faking it. I love my psychiatrist, but he’s an hour away. Since my son is so active, it makes it difficult to make the appointments. I made an appointment with an APRN locally at the same center I’m testing at. I met her today and she was very cold from the jump. She took my history and family history. She told me even though I’m on medication already, she was going to give me her medication spiel. This mental health “professional” looked at me and said “Adderall is one molecule off of meth. Stimulant drugs are basically meth in a pill. I’m not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing.” She said the shortage wasn’t going to get better. She told me that if I had a biological dopamine deficiency, it would’ve shown up in childhood. I told her I often struggled with talking in class, focusing on subjects I didn’t enjoy, taking tests without making major careless mistakes, etc. She told me everyone did that. I wasn’t a behavioral issue, so it didn’t check out. I explained that anything I’ve ever accomplished (pre medication) was at the expense of everything else in my life and would require such a level of hyper focus and mental energy, I would be burned out to the point that I have avoided projects or long term goals because it took so much. She interrupted me to say “but you did achieve it.” She told me that the neuro testing was only one piece of the puzzle. The self assessment was being answered through the lens of confirming my diagnosis. So an unbiased neuro assessment isn’t good enough evidence. But my assessment isn’t valid because I’m biased and looking for a specific answer? She says that because I still struggle with the impulse of moving on to something else prior to finishing the first task on meds is proof I’m “at most borderline” so there’s only so much improvement to be seen when things are so minor. If I had ADHD I’d see MAJOR improvement and not want to still jump from task to task. But when I say I don’t expect it to “cure” me, she agreed there’s no magic pill…… She told me that the improvement of symptoms with medication is true for anyone on stimulants “like someone on cocaine.”. I genuinely have not felt more dismissed by a medical professional, which is really saying something. I doubt when I finish the neuro testing tomorrow, regardless of results, it will matter. I take the 2nd neuro test tomorrow, and I doubt regardless of the results will it matter to her. Guess I’ll keep making the drive at least I get good care. TL;DR- 2 PCPs, 2 psychiatrists diagnosis, personal experience on meds, a family history, and self assessments aren’t enough to justify my need for stimulant medications.
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2023.05.31 01:31 audacityofthishoe Priest arrested in sexual assault of 8-year-old girl in Little Grand Rapids First Nation, RCMP say CBC News

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2023.05.31 01:30 BuccosBot Game Thread: Pirates @ Giants - Tue, May 30 @ 09:45 PM EDT

Pirates @ Giants - Tue, May 30

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 09:45 PM EDT

Links & Info

NLC Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Milwaukee Brewers 28 25 - (-) - - (-)
2 Pittsburgh Pirates 26 27 2.0 (108) 5 1.5 (108)
3 Cincinnati Reds 24 29 4.0 (106) 7 3.5 (106)
4 Chicago Cubs 23 30 5.0 (105) 10 4.5 (105)
5 St. Louis Cardinals 24 32 5.5 (103) 11 5.0 (103)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Pirates Johan Oviedo (3-4, 4.70 ERA, 53.2 IP) No report posted.
Giants John Brebbia (2-0, 3.68 ERA, 22.0 IP) No report posted.
Pirates Lineup vs. Brebbia AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 McCutchen - RF .375 .819 8 0 1 1
2 Marcano - SS - - - - - -
3 Joe - 1B .000 .000 3 0 0 1
4 Suwinski - LF - - - - - -
5 Hayes - 3B .000 .000 2 0 0 2
6 Bae - CF - - - - - -
7 Castro, R - 2B .000 .000 1 0 0 0
8 Delay - C .000 1.000 0 0 0 0
9 Palacios, J - DH - - - - - -
10 Oviedo - P - - - - - -
Giants Lineup vs. Oviedo AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Wade Jr. - 1B .000 .667 1 0 0 0
2 Yastrzemski - CF .500 1.667 2 0 1 0
3 Davis, J - 3B - - - - - -
4 Conforto - RF .000 .000 2 0 0 0
5 Haniger - LF - - - - - -
6 Sabol - DH - - - - - -
7 Schmitt - 2B - - - - - -
8 Bailey - C - - - - - -
9 Crawford, Bra - SS .000 .000 2 0 0 1
10 Brebbia - P - - - - - -

Division Scoreboard

MIL 2 @ TOR 6 - End 2
CIN 1 @ BOS 0 - Bottom 2, 0 Outs
KC 0 @ STL 0 - Top 1, 0 Outs
TB 0 @ CHC 0 Warmup
Last Updated: 05/30/2023 07:49:32 PM EDT
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2023.05.31 01:30 Yankeebot Game Thread: Yankees @ Mariners - May 30, 2023 @ 09:40 PM EDT

Yankees @ Mariners - Tue, May 30

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 09:40 PM EDT

Links & Info

ALE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Tampa Bay Rays 39 17 - (-) - - (-)
2 Baltimore Orioles 34 20 4.0 (104) 1 +2.5 (-)
3 New York Yankees 33 23 6.0 (101) 2 +0.5 (-)
4 Boston Red Sox 28 25 9.5 (99) 4 3.0 (107)
5 Toronto Blue Jays 28 26 10.0 (98) 7 3.5 (106)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Yankees Nestor Cortes (4-2, 5.30 ERA, 54.1 IP) No report posted.
Mariners Logan Gilbert (3-2, 3.60 ERA, 60.0 IP) No report posted.
Mariners Lineup vs. Cortes AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Crawford, J - SS .500 1.167 2 0 0 1
2 France, T - 1B .286 .572 7 0 0 1
3 Rodríguez, Ju - CF - - - - - -
4 Hernández, T - RF .400 1.000 10 0 0 3
5 Pollock - LF .167 .500 6 0 0 2
6 Suárez, E - 3B .000 .500 1 0 0 1
7 Murphy, To - C .500 1.000 2 0 0 1
8 Caballero - 2B - - - - - -
9 Haggerty - DH .500 2.500 2 1 1 1
10 Gilbert, L - P - - - - - -

Division Scoreboard

CLE 0 @ BAL 7 - Top 3, 2 Outs
MIL 2 @ TOR 6 - End 2
CIN 1 @ BOS 0 - Bottom 2, 0 Outs
TB 0 @ CHC 0 Warmup
Last Updated: 05/30/2023 07:49:40 PM EDT
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2023.05.31 01:29 Rique1100mm Finished a Accidentless and (almost) Deathless Legendary run

Such a blast playing again, though I expected the game getting boring near the end, It wasn’t my goal to make either of those two conditions, but here we are so…, there were no accidents with the exception of one I will talk about later, and by almost deathless I mean almost, 10 died, 5 were expected, here is a log of the major happenings on my game:
.Prologue: Mined and researched every science point, left the system with iron smelter half researched
.Chapter 1: Making ends meet on legendary is extremely cruel on the first chapters, food and alloy production is very limited, once I got the barest alloy production, I gunned for DLS center, extra shifts and restricted food is what got me through the chapters, this also the chapter with the first death and “accident”, by refusing to turn off the factories and open a new sector, some imbecile though it was a good idea to blow up a hospital, one died and three injured, but this was the only accident on the run, with the system utterly gutted I went forward.
.Chapter 2: Once again, low food and alloy, To fix the food problem I built a advanced colony and when time came I severed connections, the hardest part was Protagoras Ice Field, there, three more workers died while repairing the ship, I guess there is a way to spend minimum time on the field and not having anyone dead, but in exchange I managed to not let anyone leave the Tiqqun when the Elders in Protagoras asked, onwards to chapter 3.
.Chapter 3: This is when I stopped fearing everything and put the Tiqunn in shape, with the shear amount of resources and science all around, I maxed out my design and I was pretty much ready for everything, the only problem was when I crossed the storm and a fire started, for safety I had firefighters on the sector and it didn’t really became a problem, there was another civil attack after I refused to give people better food and hours, they retaliated by going on strike on a insect farm and a closed depot, the bloody idiots.
.Chapter 4: Here is where the last six died and the game pulled one on me, I forgot about the event on one of the planets where one scientist runs off on the wild, so he is dead, nothing more, and of course, the five that die no matter the option on the Piratenese, I don’t think there is a way to avoid this, the lowest point was just after this, for some reason, people started going hungry everywhere, turns out, my sector with the largest amount of people was the furthest away from food production, things domino and I suffer a mutiny (Thanks bastards), so I just reloaded, prepared better and got through.
.Chapter 5: I choose to not side with the green freaks and did it the hard way, nothing special, I was tired and really wanted to get my achievement, so I just gunned the objectives, and that’s it, amazing game, hope everyone tries the hard mode once
P.S. I used u/fabiaville designs for the sectors plus my own ideas to make them better, thanks for the help!, I also used the wiki to see the outcomes, I first played the game blind and I wanted to be sure of what I was doing, finally, I’m not very good with Reddit posts, so if anyone knows how to make the chapters on larger letters please let me know, thanks for everything, sorry if I tipped something wrong and until later!
!Faith in DOLOS everyone!
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2023.05.31 01:28 newyearsamestuff What's the deal with the Reclamation Army?

I don't have my game in front of me at the moment and forget their full, accurate name, but I imagine y'all know what I'm talking about. Eastern edge of the map, the "quarantine" zone there with deadline, site y, etc. The Reclamation army has a super cool looking leader and, I would assume, general backstory, but when you check their focus tree its a generic settler-wastelander type.
The weird thing is something you might have noticed as well: at some point in the first year or two, when the Reclamation Army is AI controlled, it suddenly declares war on several surrounding nations at the same time. How is this possible? Their focus tree is generic and doesn't offer wargoals as far as I know, they declare war instead of being declared against by a coalition of the local religious zealots I'm almost certain, and there's no way the AI is just justifying wargoals on like 3 nations at once and then declaring war on all 3 at the same hour. So whats up with these guys?
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2023.05.31 01:28 pash5050 Saving Myself

A wealthy, never-been-wed 80-year-old man marries a beautiful 24-year-old blonde. All of his friends agree to meet for breakfast in the same five-star hotel in which he is spending his first wedding night, just to see his reaction.
They expect him to come down for breakfast in the elevator, most likely in a wheelchair.
But to their surprise, he walks down the broad staircase looking dapper, and as refreshed as a 25-year-old man. He waves at them and sits down for coffee to await his bride’s appearance.
Forty minutes later she staggers down the stairs, barely able to walk across the marble floor to his table. His friends are shocked by her obviously physically-wrecked condition.
When the gentleman excuses himself and leisurely heads for the restroom, they rush to her to see what happened to her.
She looks up at them with a distraught face, “He told me he’s been saving up for sixty years; I thought he was talking about money!”
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2023.05.31 01:26 Dolphinsunset1007 Vent about my wedding & MIL drama

My wedding was this past weekend and it was amazing. Everyone had a great time and partied so hard including myself and now husband. We were so fortunate to have financial help from my parents and FIL (in-laws are separated) to make the day so perfect. My now husband and I planned it ALL (mostly) ourselves (aka mostly me).
Now for the vent/drama aka the MIL. She has a strained relationship with my husband due to a complicated and dysfunctional home life. He tries really hard but is often disappointed by her behavior. I do a lot of the interacting with her to placate him and help their relationship. This is usually more than fine since I’m easy going and have a lot of patience for BS while still being able to enforce boundaries. Husband doesn’t and will lose it on her for anything and everything especially if she starts doing it to me. I’ve kept most of this from him to make sure he didn’t cut her off or strain their relationship before the wedding.
-asks to add an estranged family member five days before the wedding. The final count, seating chart, and final payment had already been provided to the venue. She wanted me to keep it a secret from my husband so she could “surprise” him even though we both knew she was just afraid he would say no. I was so stressed by her request. I told my husband and he was annoyed too but we both agreed giving her this one thing would help keep her in a good headspace for the weekend and make it easier to shut other things down since it was a big ask. Thankfully the venue accommodated.
-we did not consult our parents on the seating chart. It was carefully thought out and there was a reason for every placement. Changing one seat had domino effects to the entire arrangement. She had issues with multiple tables on their side even when I explained the reasonings to her. I told her it’s finalized and was already sent to print and that I’m not paying for a new one six days out to the wedding. She did apologize for being out of line on this.
-we both (us and MIL) brought our dogs to the hotel. My parents were kind to arrange a dog-sitter for the rehearsal dinner and wedding night for our dog and MILs dog even though they were boarding their own dog. In the afternoon before the rehearsal my husband was golfing and I was getting nails done. My mom was with my dog at the hotel. She greeted people in her room and brought my dog to the patio as more and more people came to hangout. She said it was no issue and my dog was so happy to see everyone. In comes MIL whining about the two moms being stuck with the dogs (her own dog not someone else’s) and what’s with these supposed dog walkers (she was told they’re not there for the dogs until dinner). She whined about this to me and my mother which still annoys me now because my mom was so gracious to arrange this for us when her own dog wasn’t even involved. She did absolutely nothing to plan for her own dogs care and had the audacity to complain to the person who was nice enough to coordinate something. I guess she was saying something the next morning too and as she was complaining the dog walkers showed up. IMO they were great and did everything I asked and more.
-my mom and I paid for hair and makeup for the bridesmaids and moms as a gift. We each paid half, it was over two grand total. While I was getting my makeup done she asked if my husbands grandma could get “a little something at the end.” We were all getting ready in my grandmas room. I told her this isn’t fair to her and that it is a big ask at the end of the session. What I didn’t say is “it’s $110 per person are you paying?” I also didn’t answer fast enough I guess bc she left me a three minute voicemail before I could send an answer. I still haven’t listened to it.
-I was told after she drove my venue coordinator crazy. He would tell her to do one thing and she’d do another. He has the grandparents sit somewhere so they don’t have to stand long waiting for the ceremony. She moves them somewhere else. When it’s time to line up for reception entrances she goes and sits with the guests. He goes to get her and she says “I’m fine.” My mom forced him to get her bc she knew there would be drama if she was the only one not included. Thankfullly I didn’t know until after.
-she was just generally self centered the entire wedding weekend. She didn’t want to help with her grandson even though his mom (husbands sister) was a bridesmaid and part of getting ready with me. So many people including my own parents offered to help with him but she needed to focus on “her sons” wedding. She certainly wasn’t too busy to judge other peoples methods of calming the child. My poor SIL was so stressed and was nothing but lovely and actually helpful to me.
I could probably list more and more and more honestly but these are the big ones on my mental that I needed to vent. My mom joked that when we have kids I can’t tell her I’m pregnant until after I give birth so she can’t make me crazy and somehow make it about her.
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2023.05.31 01:25 StKilda20 (Rough Draft) On why China isn't justified in using the Golden Urn to select the next Dalai Lama

Rough Draft of why China isn't justified in using the Golden Urn to select the next Dalai Lama. ANy and all feed back is welcome!
Selection of the Dalai Lama
For the purpose of length, this is just on the Dalai Lama selection and why China isn’t justified to choose a Dalai Lama. This isn’t about him or the Tibetan independence argument. That said, there is overlap between Tibetan independence and the selection of the Dalai Lama. Lastly, I’m not going to hide my pro-Tibetan bias. To understand the Dalai Lama selection, we have to look at the history of the lineage. This part is not sourced as it shouldn’t be in contention. The important era will be the Qing era and this will be sourced.
We’ll start with a relatively common misconception that the Dalai Lama is the head of Tibetan buddhism. There are 4 generally regarded schools of Tibetan Buddhism (Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug) which fall under the Mahayana branch of Buddhism. The Dalai lama is a high monk in one school (Gelug) and not the head of the school (That is the Ganden Tripa, but the Dalai Lama confirms them). Lastly, in not so correct terms the Dalai Lama is not the same person reborn into a different body but a “flow of consciousness”.
History: The Dalai Lama is a relatively recent position in Tibet (16th century). However, we need to backtrack to the 13th century.
In 1240 the Mongols invaded TIbet. Later that year, Mongolian Prince Godan (grandson of Genghis Khan) invited the Sakya lama, Pandita (who was famous at the time) to Mongolia. Pandita took his nephew Drogon Phagpa as well. Pandita capitulated Tibet to the Mongols but was the spiritual leader and de facto leader of Tibet. The Mongol leaders essentially converted to buddhism. They both died around 1251.
(Things happened, but we’re skipping over it. We just need to know that Kublai Khan (Mongol) came into power and in around 1253 Dogon Phagpa assumed the position of his uncle and became a religious teacher over Kublai Khan.)
Kublai Khan continued this relationship with the Tibetans and Tibet continued to be a vassal with autonomy under the Yuan Dynasty. Because of this relationship, the Sakya school of buddhism had control and power in Tibet. When the Yuan Dynasty fell (about 1354) so did Sakya power and control. Tibet entered about 200 years of various family control. At the end of the Yuan, the Gelug school of Tibetan buddhism was founded around 1409 (This is when the first monastery was built). Note: There is a lot to discuss about the Tibet-Mongol relationship and regards to China, but won't be discussed here
Jumping to 1543(?) the now third Dalai Lama- Sonam Gyatso (who was the first Dalai Lama to be recognized. The 1st and 2nd were posthumously identified as the Dalai Lama) was born. He was part of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. In 1569, (Western) Mongol Leader Alton Khan invited him to Mongolia. After refusing at first, he eventually went. When there, he announced that he was a reincarnation of Drogon Phagpa and Alton Khan was the reincarnation of Kublai Khan. Buddhism became the religion of Alton Khan and Mongolia. This established an alliance between the Gelug school and the Mongols.
Jumping now to the 5th Dalai Lama who was enthroned in 1622, he and the Mongols were able to reunite Tibet. Throughout all the previous years since the fall of the Yuan, the different schools were competing for power. In 1636, the 5th Dalai Lama gave a gift to the the Qing emperor, he recognized the “Manchu monarch as an emanation of the bodhisattva Manjusri” (Oidtman p.33). By 1642, the Dalai lama became the ruler of TIbet and the Ganden Phodrang was established. This is generally what people think about as Tibet and the Dalai Lama (The 5th started the construction of the Potala Palace). The Gelug school was able to come to power because of their alliance with Gushi Khan. Although the Ganden Phodrang was the government of Tibet, Tibet was still under the Khoshut Khanate (Mongols), however the Mongols were hands off.
The 5th Dalai Lama died in 1682, which was kept secret for 14 years. In 1697, the 6th Dalai Lama was enthroned (There were many things happening between the death of the 5th up to this point). The 6th Dalai Lama wrote poetry, music, had lots of sex with women, and refused to take his vows. Lhazang Khan, leader of the Khoshut Khante kidnapped the Dalai Lama and sent him to Beijing. The 6th died on his way, maybe murdered. Meanwhile, Lhazang Khan also killed the Regent of the Dalai lama, Sanggye Gyatso. Sanggye Gyatso was allied with the Dzungars (a different Mongol Khanate).
Lhazang Khan appointed a new 6th Dalai Lama. Tibetan officials asked the Dzungar Khanate to intervene which they did and took over Tibet. They raped, killed, and looted Lhasa. In 1720, the Qing (Manchu) sent a force with TIbetans to expel the Dzungars from Tibet, which they did. Tibet became a vassal under the Qing until 1913.
Qing Empire/China’s claim/Golden Urn The source is Forging the Golden Urn, by Max Oidtman.
The Manchus established two Ambans in Tibet. They were initially there to observe Tibetan issues and handle any matters. It was a military position which was in charge of the QIng military in Lhasa. They didn’t have much control and were taken by surprise when the Gurkhas (Nepal/Northern India) invaded in 1788. Tibet agreed to pay a yearly stipend-but Tibet didn’t pay in 1791 and the Gurkhas invaded again. In this aftermath, the Golden Urn was established in 1794 in the 29-Article Ordinance for the More Effective Governing of Tibet. This was to make the Ambans be equals to the Dalai Lama and give them more power. That said, Oidtman writes that the Qinglong Emperor was afraid that if the Qing didn’t oversee Gelugs, it could “lead to a schism within the church” which would affect the empire (p.21). The idea of the Golden urn is to select/appoint officials in a random way by putting names in an urn. This would prevent pre-arranged appointments and back deals. This idea came from the Ming Dynasty before them.
As the Qing Emperor was the Manjusri, his edict described himself as a patron and priest (p.92). Essentially, the Qing Emperor had a religious authority to enact an institution. The eight Dalai Lama acknowledged the Emperor's religious teachings and allowed the justification of the Golden Urn (p.95). Although in the Emperor’s edict he states oracles wouldn’t be used, the Dalai Lama said they would be.
Tibetans still used oracles to search and confirm lamas or while making other decisions (p.129). What is important is that Tibetans generally embraced and used the Golden Urn (p.130). Oidtman writes “Other than the case of the Third Jamyang Zhepa, I have found no evidence within the Manchu-language records that Qing officials doctored searches; nor is there evidence of overt attempts by local elites to influence the outcome of the Golden Urn only a handful of instances-all of which involved reincarnations of either the Dalai Lama or Jebtsundama-is there evidence of strong resistances to the use of the urn.” The Gelug school used the golden urn as they also wanted a credible identification process, just like the Qing (p.131). In addition to this, Tibetan elites used the Golden Urn in the late 1800’s to help define the border of Tibet (p.140).
To conclude why China has no legitimacy using the Golden Urn, Tibetans gave legitimacy to the usage of the Golden Urn. Oidtman explains “the reforms of 1793 were as much about centralizing the authority of the Ganden Podrang government-and the Geluk church within that government-than about asserting imperial decision-making authority” (p.141). He goes on to write *”According to Wei Yuan, the Golden Urn was emblematic of the unprecedented expansion of “China”. In equating the Great Qing State with China in this way, Wei Yuan presaged the elisions of modern Chinese nationalists and the historians of the PRC, who have similarly refined the Golden Urn as a symbol of CHinese sovereignty. Yet, neither the Qinglong emperor nor contemporaneous Tibetan Chroniclers saw it in such terms. On the contrary, it was a symbol of the Qing imperial house’s, vested interest in promoting the Geluk teachings…The Golden Urn was a uniquely *Qing ritual whose animating principles could not outlive the Qing state” (p.143).
In 1936 the ROC issued the “Law of the Method of the Reincarnation of Lamas”, which for all intents just changed the name of the Qing institutions to those of the ROC institutions and that all lamas were to be reincarnated using this method and no new lineages were to be established (p.147). No Lama was identified under this law.
The first case of reincarnation under the PRC was the Fifth Jamyang Zhepa (which the Golden Urn was used previously for). PRC officials didn’t insist on the Golden Urn to be used (p.148). Furthemore, the PRC didn’t “sanction nor obstruct the searches for reincarnations, and official publications made little mention of the Golden Urn.”
But why does China care now? As Oidtman writes, the Geluk church is an obstacle to the assimilation of the Tibetans, a bridgehead for Tibetan nationalism, and the potential foundation of an independent Tibetan State” (p. 22)..
It wasn’t until the Tenth Panchen Lama died in 1989 that the PRC wanted to use the Golden Urn. Due to the upheaval in Tibet at the time the PRC felt their control over Tibet was an issue (p. 148). When the Dalai Lama announced the new eleventh Panchen Lama, the PRC decided to use the Golden Urn to limit the Dalai Lama’s power. China is trying to use the Golden Urn to control Tibet, but as Sperling writes they (china) is “ignoring a crucial basis for the use of the Golden Urn: Acceptance of the ruler as an animation of Manjughosa (Manjusri).”
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2023.05.31 01:24 CappyCamel Hot Trend (Trigger warnings: Violence and politics)

When my eyes were made of the fog of youth and
Days and nights the same, sprinting pell mell down the
Growing months as my mother told me again
‘Ice and cold are best for preservation, so chill baby,
And watch out for the hot ones. They’re always crazy.’
Give her a bright tune and run off ignorant as before
To play another game of Fireworks or Gunfire in June.

This just in!Th-though we are confused by
What just happened another time,
Well it’s too much alike you see and
Our hearts are with them, though still blooded.

I feel like the first time I woke up it was a hot summer.
Maples whispered to me secrets dyed in red telling me
That we’re not quick enough to admit we’re wrong and
Also a tree can say goodbye for ten years but most of
Humanity dies thinking we’ll survive. They’ve been heated,
They’ve been steaming up for too long and our glaciers
Are gone - along with our restraint and at this rate the kids
Will play to the staccato of ARs during Christmas.

Couldn’t believe it when we reenacted
1812 with our own bodies stacked together
Desperate to punish someone for all the burns
Blistered across our lives
Such flaming words are incendiary for a reason
Because our souls are all too flammable.

Candles gather across the nation. White to white
Other colors matter not, for banishing spells
Pure white is the best and most innocent. Offer
Up all the children to the pyre so they may remain
Good until they die. But only by our hands, only when
They’ve been alive just long enough to understand pain.
Otherwise it is not a fitting sacrifice to our Most High Fear.

Ice come back and cool this chaos before,
Like the forest, we must regrow from ashes
Or, more likely, slag the ground too hard
For any kinder to turn into kindling.
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