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2023.05.30 19:27 WordSpecialist007 Wondering if I have an nMom but scared to be wrong

My (33m) mother (63) and my father divorced when I was in the fourth grade. After my parents divorced my mom decided she needed to have her “freedom” and relive her childhood that she allegedly missed out on. She got a boyfriend and spend a lot of time with him drinking, traveling, staying at his house etc. I remember many times my mother would disappear and I wouldn’t be able to reach her for many days. When I did spend time with my mom she would tell me all sorts of bad things about my father and how he ruined their marriage etc.
My mom nearly died in the 8th grade and her and that guy split up. My brother and I moved into my moms house after she miraculously recovered. It was hell. My mom drank, did pills, gave us drugs and alcohol as teenagers, she partied 24/7 with a guy she met who lived in our neighborhood, went to festivals constantly, refused to work, slept till 2 pm everyday, went from nice to extremely mean and angry hour by hour, she was always blaming me and my brother for everything and we could never meet her expectations. We were called lazy, unappreciative, destructive, etc. I feel like I did not have a parent but I will living with an angry sibling. I had no structure or guidance.
I dropped out of high school at 16 and just kind of floated around until 22 when I got my GED and went to community college. At 23-24 after a traumatic event in my life I started going to church because I had no sense of purpose. I started helping out the priest there and he sort of gave me guidance. Eventually (Age 25) with the help of the priest I befriended, I decided to finish my bachelors at a Catholic university that was akin to a military school. I finally had structure and guidance etc. My mom never came to visit me once while I was there. Instead she would just tell others how I think I am better than everyone else and how I changed.
I graduated at 29 in 2019. I spent a year studying for the LSAT and got a full scholarship to a top 20 law school 1,000 miles away. I moved in a heartbeat. During my three years there my mom refused to come visit me but made me feel extremely guilty for leaving. Every time I shared happy new experiences with her she ignored my texts and calls. I would go home to visit and it would be fine until about 5 days in then the talk of me selfish self centered, ungrateful would happened and I would get the silent treatment.
I went home this past week and brought my girlfriend and it was miserable after we spent the night away one evening and I didn’t answer my moms texts about cooking her dinner.
Here is the last text she sent me after I said I am doing the best I can with the situation I was put into:
“You weren’t “put in this situation”. Your situation is the direct your decisions. You do not give as much as you can. You can be kind to your mom. You can be thoughtful of your mom. You can be considerate of your mom. You can spend one evening sitting on the deck or around a fire with your mom. You can call your mom simply to ask how she’s doing. You can send your mom a Mother’s Day card. You can hug your mom.
Someone who’s observed the way you treat me once said, “X, believe me when I tell you, someday he will look back and cry.” I do not want that for you. I want to see you become a better man.
A woman understands need only to see how a man treats his mother to know how he will treat his wife.”
Obviously I was extremely pissed and flew out the next day. My girlfriend was caught in the middle of all this (and was guilt tripped by my mom for being non-committal about her ability to drive two hours to my sister who lives in a group home). When leaving my girlfriend said I a looking forward to seeing you again and my mom said “you’re not going to want to come back” The entire trip my mom made everything about her.
What complicates things even more is that my sister has a disability and lives in a group home two hours from my mom. She is quite a bit younger, which effects our relationship. I need to be better about calling her and visiting her but it’s hard. My mom guilts me into feeling bad about it all. My mom also is guilting me into being my sisters legal guardian. As much as I love my sister, I am not sure if I can handle that sort of responsibility.
Why I am confused is because my mom is pretty generous. She will buy food and send me the little money she has so that I could get by as a student. She can be loving and extremely kind. However, whenever she does give me support or money, she uses it to guilt and control me. I feel very guilty leaving my mom on her own or having her feel like I am selfish and awful to her. But I feel like I have built a good life and I have a girlfriend I am going to marry eventually and start my own family with.
TL;DR: Can a parent still be a narcissist if they are selfless with money and things of that nature?
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2023.05.30 19:26 Fickle_Thing6364 I’m feeling guilty about being upset at my wife

Over the weekend my wife and I went camping at a river with some family and friends. They had all been drinking except me because I was watching our 8 month old as I had been drinking the day before and we like to trade off days to make it fair and so that someone is always sober for our baby. Well she went off on the boat with her brother and SIL for a short ride and was obviously pretty drunk at that point. She’d been drinking since before lunch and this was early evening. I waiting for about and hour before they came back and my nephew ran up to me and said that the whole camp knows what Aunt S’s boobs look like now and then ran off. She came up right after and I straight up asked her if everybody knows what her boobs look like now and that I’d heard she flashed everyone. She got super annoyed and said “yeah. You mad at me now?” So I walked off with the baby and went back to our trailer to take a minute to compose myself. I was angry and hurt. I feel like her body is for my eyes only (obviously besides for medical professionals and such) and that no one else had a right to see her body. She came up not long after and saw how upset I was and started crying and apologizing saying that she knows she fucked up and asking if I was going to leave her over it. I told her that no I wouldn’t leave her over something like that but that my feelings are hurt and my trust was broken. She told me her SIL had dared her to do it and her best friend had told her not to that it was a bad idea but she did it anyways. I told her we’d be alright but I’d need some time to cool off. We took an hour or so separate from each other and I let it go even though I’m still hurt over it and it still makes my heart ache. But I can’t help feeling guilty for being angry at her over it. Seeing her cry to me because she was scared I was going to leave her made me feel bad about being angry and hurt. Right now I’m just confused and sad about the situation. I know we’ll bounce back we’ve been married 6 years and I love her with my whole being I’m just wounded by her actions and her reaction. Thanks for reading this was a lot longer winded than I expected.
TDLR: my wife flashed a bunch of strangers, I got upset and walked away, she got upset that I was upset and walked away and now I feel guilty about my emotions.
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2023.05.30 19:26 eroroguro i feel guilty for telling on him

i got r4ped and abused by my cousin since i was 6 y/o until i was 11 y/o. he suddenly stopped one day, i never said anything.
in 2019 i got admitted into a psych ward because i tried to kill myself, two weeks in and my therapist and psychiatrist made me realize that what he did to me wasn't okay, i always knew that it wasn't okay, but for some reason i never really noticed that it was wrong too if he did that to me?? idk.
as soon as i got out, my mom contacted a lawyer. the pandemic started and the case got slowed down, one year later they didn't gave more info about the case, he is 6 years older than me, but because he was still a minor when he did that, they didn't arrest him.
now, since i told my mom what he did to me, i feel guilty. i started to feel like this when christmas came and i would spend it alone with my mother, my grandma and sister since his family used to spend the holidays with us.
i felt so lonely and i saw how my sister and grandma felt bad too. it has been like that on the holidays for us since i told on him. i feel guilty for ruining holidays for them.
but what makes me feel even worse is that my sister is pregnant and her son will never get the chance to meet his cousin (one of my abuser's sister has a son that it's 4 years old) and will most likely ask why he doesn't see him once he grows up.
my family and almost everyone in my hometown cut his family off because even though he admitted to r4ping me, they still choose to support him.
i also got diagnosed with bpd one year ago, so every time i have a nightmare about him i wake up in a bad-alert mode, i end up locking myself in my room, not eating, not speaking with anyone because i'm afraid i will lash out my anger on he people that live with me
i hate them so much (him and his family), but sometimes i wish i had keep my mouth shut
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2023.05.30 19:26 Individual_Profit371 I'm Beginning to Resent my Best Friend

For Context, I (21F) have been friends with Beth (21F) since we were in middle school and we’re both currently in college. I began calling her my best friend in high school, where we saw each other pretty much every day. Beth was always sincere, funny, and supportive of my goals. We never had a problem until I would say a few months after we graduated high school. We spent a lot of time together over the summer but then our meetings at our favorite bookstore became more infrequent. Beth had gotten a new job so I understood the new hours and told her we could hang out whenever she was free. I never got a job and decided to focus on my schoolwork so anytime we could hang out it revolved around Beth’s schedule. Like I said this was perfectly understandable to me since she clearly had a busier schedule with balancing school and work.
However, then she started canceling the plans we made even though she had chosen the time and date. One instance included her texting me the day of that her sister (who lives in a Southern state) was coming down to visit that day. I was crushed since I had been looking forward to seeing her all week. And at that point, we had only been meeting up every two months. I was frustrated because realistically her sister would have told the family ahead of time but I still forgave her.
One odd instant we had once was when she moved our meetup to later in the day and asked if I could pick her up. I agreed despite it getting late which my mom was worried about. I picked her up from a friend’s house then we went to our usual bookstore and talked until she suddenly said it was time for her to go. I was about to drive her to her house when she told me she wanted to be dropped off at a friend’s house. I found out she stayed hours at her friend’s house when I left. It kind of felt hurt that she made so much time for her friend while I had only gotten an hour (at the bookstore) with her after months of not seeing her.
Something happened one day though I would never forget. I drove to her house which is less than 10 minutes from mine to drop off something. When I got to her house, I saw her eating lunch with one of our mutual friends. My stomach dropped. We hadn’t seen each other in months. That day Beth told me she was really busy with work and I couldn’t be too long. Yet here she was eating lunch with one of our friends who given how comfortable they looked had been there for a while. I pretended not to care but went home feeling upset.
Ever since then, I had been critical of all my memories with Beth. I found one of my high school old diaries and saw I had written an entry specifically dedicated to how Beth and a group of friends went to have a picnic one day and didn’t tell me. I only found out from social media. In the diary, I was hurt then, and thinking about it now, I’m still hurt. I honestly don’t know how to feel about her.
On one side when she sees me in person, she’s super caring and loving calling me her “best friend” but through text, she’s super weird. I’ve always been the one to reach out and when I don’t it's radio silence. I’ve asked her in the past to be more transparent with me and give me updates since we don’t see each other in person often. She agrees and it lasts for a week. Every time I open up social media and I see a post of her hanging out with her friends, I just get mad.
It feels like she’s purposely avoiding me and I don’t know why. She tells me “You’re one of my truest friends” and I’ve been by her side when she had serious personal issues yet I feel isolated by her. I can’t say we have a real friendship because it’s gotten to the point that I’ve cried over her being distant. My mom, who's my rock, has straight up asked me “Why are you still friends with her?” I never know how to answer her. I’m probably going to stop texting her. I won’t make my mental health worse for her.
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2023.05.30 19:26 ItsEsmeJones [MM4A] Raised by Wolves [Adoptee Werewolf Speaker][Mobster Werewolf Speaker][Adopted Human Paranormal (?) Listener][Mystery][Bad Deal][Threats][Protecting Dad][Lil' Slugger Inspired][Supernatural][Action][Bit of Slice of Life][Hunted Down][Predator]vs[Prey][CW: Threats/Violence]

Context: You were raised by a werewolf with no clue about your origins or ties to your humanity. Fortunately, he was a fantastic father and helped you grow into the person you are today with minimal casualties. You're a little protective of your old man, especially after he had a workplace accident. You can't imagine him ever crossing anyone... until tonight.
Setting: Home
Tags:[MM4A][Adoptee Werewolf Speaker][Mobster Werewolf Speaker][Adopted Human Paranormal (?) Listener][Mystery][Bad Deal][Threats][Protecting Dad][Lil' Slugger Inspired][Supernatural][Action][Bit of Slice of Life][Hunted Down][Predator]vs[Prey][CW: Threats/Violence]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script. Gender flipping is OK! Please credit me if you use this script in any of your projects. If you would like to use this script for a paywalled recording, please note:
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! Youtube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Check out the rest of my scripts by using the [Script Directory](\_BTI/edit?usp=share\_link)
[D] = Dad
[P] = Pyrrho (pronounced ‘peer-oh’) but feel free to sound it out like ‘pyro’ if desired.
[Scene opens at home]
[SFX: A door opening and shutting]
[You arrive home from baseball practice and your Dad smiles from his armchair, tail wagging]
[D] “Hey! There’s my Lil’ Slugger! How’d practice go?”
[He laughs as you talk excitedly and clamor into the kitchen for much-needed snacks]
[D] “Easy, easy! Dinner’s almost ready! Don’t go filling up on chips and soda, pretty please?”
[SDX: A delayed soda hiss that sounds appropriately shameful]
[He shoots you a look but quickly lets it go with a shake of his head and a smile]
[D] “Pftt, I can’t stay mad at you. I’m glad practice went well. It was pretty quiet here, thankfully. Finally got a chance to vacuum the house.”
[D] “I know, I know, I said I’d let you do it this time, but you’re always busy! Between work, practice, and taking care of my old tail, you hardly ever get to relax…”
[His smile fades, and looks to the cane leaning against his chair with a sigh]
[D] “...Oh, your old man is OK, Slugger. It’s just… going from working werewolf to house hermit thanks to one work accident… Ain’t great for the pride. Used to be able to run with the best of them, work eighteen-hour days, then come home and catch our show with you! Now I can barely manage to do the last one…”
[You cross the room and hug him]
[D] “Oh? Oof! Aha… Alright, hug time. Got it. Mmh… Watch that strength, kiddo! Sheesh, your Coach must be a good one. I swear you could bench press a bus at times!”
[He gives you a playful side-eye]
[D] “...You’re not on steroids, right?”
[D] “OK, I’m only asking because it’s a universal law that cool dudes don’t do that stuff, right? And we’re cool dudes, right?”
[He laughs]
[D] “Haha, alright, alright! I’ll stop teasing! I just want to make sure you’re OK… You’ve been through a lot, and I’m proud of you for working so hard.”
[Pause <3]
[D] “I love you, too, kiddo. With all of my heart… Oof, oh no, not Dad tears! Quick, go pull the casserole out of the oven before I start blubbering!”
[You give him a solemn salute and hurry into the kitchen]
[SFX: The oven being opened / general movement]
[You go to get the casserole out, as requested when the doorbell rings]
[SFX: A doorbell]
[D] “No, no, I got it! Who on Earth would be knocking on my door at nearly 7 PM on a damned Tuesday night?”
[SFX: Him opening the door]
[You glance over and see a younger werewolf standing in the doorway, more nicely dressed than you’ve seen anyone be]
[Your father pales, hobbling a few steps back from the younger werewolf]
[D] “P-Pyrrho… I, ah-”.
[P] “Save your breath, Hoss. I ain’t here to hear it…”
[Your Dad lowers his voice, under the impression you can’t hear him]
[D] “...please don’t do this in front of my kid… Please, I… I know I still owe a lot, b-but…”
[‘Pyrrho’ steps inside and your father is forced to take a few more steps back]
[P] “I was given my orders. It’s pay-up or pay with your life, Hoss. If your kid is here, then… I was told to leave no witnesses.”
[For the first time in your life, you hear your father growl under his breath]
[D] “...You can do whatever you want to me, but if you even think for a second-!”
[SFX: [D] being struck and falling to the ground with a yelp]
[You hear your father cry out and that is about the moment you forget every shred of humanity that is in you]
[SFX: A LOT of glass shattering]
[P] “What the fuck-?! What is wrong with your fucking human, Hoss?!”
[D, legitimately terrified] “Pyrrho, RUN-!”
[You don’t give him the chance. You grab your bat and saunter over to the attacker]
[P, unimpressed] “Really, sweetheart? You brought a bat to a gunfight?”
[Your father staggers to his fight and gets you in the best suplex he can]
[D] “I-I’m sorry, Slugger! Pyrrho, fucking RUN WHILE I HAVE THEM IN THIS SUPLEX!”
[SFX: A heavy step forward]
[P] “...Didn’t realize your kid was a weightlifter, Hoss… Managing to walk with a four-hundred-pound werewolf on their back is impressive. It still doesn’t change the fact that, well…”
[SFX: A gun being drawn]
[P, coldly] “I have a gun.”
[D] “Pyrrho, for the love of God-!”
[SFX: Another dragging step forward]
[P, uncertain] “...D-Don’t you make me shoot!”
[You sprint forward, carrying the entire four-hundred pounds of your struggling father, and slam the bat into Pyrrho’s wrist]
[SFX: A bat making contact and the gun scattering away]
[You stare into the intruder’s eyes. You can see your own reflected back and it seems like you both see the death there before Pyrrho stumbles back with a pained whimper]
[P] “...T-This ain’t over-!”
[D] “RUN!!!”
[With a yelp of pain, the intruder flees]
[SFX: Another heavy footstep]
[D] “Slugger, no! Shh… shh, it’s OK… It’s OK… Breathe… Papa’s OK, see? You don’t have to be angry anymore…”
[SFX: A car skidding away]
[D] “...Nice, quiet howl with me. Just like when you were little… OK?”
[You howl quietly with him for a moment until the red fades. Until there’s no longer an expiration date burned into your eyes]
[Your father sighs shakily, finally letting you go]
[D] “...I… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you… I owe bad people a lot of money… I thought I could figure it out, I thought I could work it off, but… b-but my accident at work… I’m so sorry…”
[You hug him again and assure him it’s OK]
[D] “...Thank you for the hug, Slugger… You’re such a good kid… Please don’t forget that, OK? Don’t forget that you’re good, no matter how angry you get, no matter how powerful you are… You’re good. OK?”
[You nod]
[D] “Good… I, ah… Let me get this mess cleaned up and we can talk this through. OK?”
[Again, you nod… but you can see it again, reflected in a nearby picture of the two of you. You can see the death in your eyes… and you know the night is young]
[D, exhaling] “...We’ll be OK, kiddo. One way or another, your old man will figure this out, and you can focus on being the world’s best baseball player in the making. OK?”
[For the last time, you nod. Your baseball bat is spattered in blood]
[To be continued]
Note: The original title for this series was going to be “Death In Their Eyes” but then I remembered YouTube is a dick
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2023.05.30 19:26 Commercial-Bit8769 Over 2 weeks since WWIW came out, thoughts?

I have been listening to this album non stop for the past two weeks and I made a list of my favorite to least favorite(this doesn’t mean I don’t like the songs but it’s mostly based on my personal replay value{highest to lowest} plus I’ll add a little short thing of how I felt about the song): Anyway, let’s begin:
  1. And I Smoke (perfect song to mosh too/sing lungs off)
  2. Smahccked My Head (most relatable song on the album for me and I cried to this song)
  3. John “the Rock” Cena (second most relatable song on the album for me and I also cried to this song)
  4. This Song is Called it’s Called (YBF sounding song and the ending vocals WOW)
  5. Cock Party 2 (don’t really see this song get talked about but it should be talked about more it’s beautiful)
  6. Gans Media Retro (another screamable song to sing along to)
  7. Shhhh! Golf (jaw dropping single when it dropped and it still fucking SLAPS)
  8. Christ Alive (Tades screams…FUCK)
  9. No Shoes in the Coffee Shop (certified hood classic with catchy chorus)
  10. It’s a Family Movie (the most fun sounding song on the album)
  11. Shouldn’t Have a Leg Hole (excellent opening to the album and the transition to family movie is MINDBLOWING)
  12. Betty (too sad for me to play I cry every time)
My overall album ranking is a 9/10 and my new favorite album with YBF being a close second. I wanted this to be a quick discussion on how you feel about the album now that it’s been out for a couple weeks.
If you want an album/EP ranking, I’ll be posting it here soon once I have the time to listen to it all again.
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2023.05.30 19:25 Ready-Coconut-4469 I can’t stop chewing my acrylics/ peeling gel polish off??

I can’t stop chewing my acrylics/ peeling gel polish off??
I’ve been a nail biter as long as I can remember, and I’ve tried so many things to stop. The least damaging thing to do for me seems to be getting acrylics, because it’s /harde to chew them than my natural nails. I go every two weeks to get a full/ new polish to keep them looking as fresh as possible, but I still often end up needing a new set because of lifting around the base, or because I’ve chewed a nail right off. Does anyone have any advice on what might provide the same satisfying feeling of peeling off gel polish, or popping a nail off that doesn’t wreck my nails? Pictures included of what my fresh set looked like, and what it looks like today (exactly 1 week later)
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2023.05.30 19:25 woooopancakes Not sure how to restart this conversation

Not sure how to restart this conversation
Was flirting with a girl on bumble late the other night and we both ended up falling asleep. She messaged very early in the morning apologising for falling asleep and I responded not long before noon but after that I got nothing. I’d worried I’d pushed it too far or said something to put her off so I sent the message above. She responded a few hours later which tells me she’s interested while also giving me nothing to go on. My instinct is to crack a joke and then give her my number. Putting the ball in her court. But I worry that it would put her in the same situation I’m in now and discourage any further contact
So is there something else I could say? Or am I wayyy over thinking this? 😂
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2023.05.30 19:25 robynbanksss Sale on Rescue today

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2023.05.30 19:25 nunufuckit 38 days

Feels good, man what more can I say. Kinda obvious that once you stop consuming poison, your body and mind will heal. It’s also pretty exciting.
I started drinking heavily when I graduated high school and left for college. I loved to party. Within a few years I became the happy drunk to the black out drunk kid who sometimes likes to fight and get angry at friends. Just wasn’t myself. At age 24, 3 years after partying it up in college, I realized that I needed to chill. So I lessened my consumption by a lot.
Still, every time I drank there was always that risk of me getting “set off” by something external and it would really fuck me up because I’d take a lot of stuff personal. Id lash out and spend the next few days hating myself for it. I was also suffering from depression and major anxiety issues so it was a bad combo. Obviously.
38 days ago I had my last beer and was like I don’t gotta do this shit anymore if I don’t want to.
Had a homie over yesterday. He drank a few beers, I drank Dr. Pepper and La Croix. It was chill.
The best part was that I didn’t even feel like explaining why I’m not drinking I just didn’t. In the past whenever I’d try to stop I’d even annoy myself whenever I brought it up to people. Like you either gonna drink or don’t drink. That’s it. Nothing more to it.
I feel way more stable btw.
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2023.05.30 19:25 M0M0Dev Coming from a MBP - what should I get? MacMini, Mini PC or SF Build?

Hey all,
I guess the title says it all, but here's some additional context. I'm currently using a 2019 MacBook Pro which appears to be dying a slow death, presumably due to the shifted focus inside Apple toward their new Apple Silicon Chips. I bought the MBP back in university when I was moving around a lot, but that's not the case anymore so having a powerful laptop is not a requirement anymore (on the rare occasions I do need one, my dying 16" MBP is still good enough).
I've been thinking about replacing it, but I was unsure which route is the best to go. I was initially dead-set on the Mac Mini M2, but the price combined with the fact that I basically use zero Mac-exclusive applications got me thinking). My requirements basically boil down to
The cheapest Mac mini I was able to find, suiting those requirements, is 1.429 EUR (10 Core M2 Pro, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD), 1.636 EUR with the bigger 1TB SSD.
While I do like MacOS, I don't mind running Linux on an alternative system and dual-booting into Windows when I need to. My alternative system options seem to be as follows:
As far as I see it, the only option where the Mac beats both options is in terms of power efficiency. However, for the price of the MacMini, I can run both of the setups for quite some time, even at 36ct/kWh. Both a Mini PC and the Small form factor build beat the Mac in terms of upgradability. The SF build is almost certainly the most powerful (and power-hungry) of the three.
What would your recommendation be? Do you have any feedback on my thought process? How do mini PCs with "regular" (x86) CPUs perform in terms of noise under (medium) loads?
Appreciate your feedback
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2023.05.30 19:25 noviblokovi Mothers with breastfeeding aversion, what's your story?

My due date is coming up very soon and I'm extremely anxious about the thought of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding mandatory by law here in the UAE (albeit not actually enforced but care providers push hard)! I would at least like to try for the first 3 months for immunity-building and for pure convenience before I return to work. Due to my autism, I experience sensory overload easily and even the thought of having a child suckling off me makes me physically nauseous.
I'd love to hear your breastfeeding aversion stories and how you eventually navigated it.
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2023.05.30 19:24 buglien Had a breakdown at work and left early

This is a long one! I had the worst day ever at work last week and I would love advice on how to handle an ultra defiant 4yo when she gets into that headspace. I’ve been with my NF for 3 years and nk has always been a lot to handle. I am normally a super patient and understanding person with firm boundaries but the other grownups at home are not always this way. They respect my ways but I feel like I’ve had to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to holding boundaries with her.
So, me, nk4 and nk19mo go to the park Saturday morning and have a great time. No major meltdowns. We get to the parking lot and nk4 is walking way ahead, so I tell her to wait for me so we can be safe around the cars. This triggers her shutdown. I’m guessing in her brain I’m doubting her ability to be safe so she got angry? She runs away from the cars back from where we came, and hides from me, refuses to come. When I tried to explain that cars can’t see her since she’s short she plugs her ears. Approaching her made her run away farther. She looks at me as if she’s trying to get a reaction out of me. The only way I get her to come to the car is by waving goodbye and walking away (I hate doing this but there was literally no other way).
Thankfully she is self aware enough that she doesn’t act unsafe in the parking lot and stays by the car. I get her sister buckled in and move in to get nk4 in the car. As I’m trying to get her inside, a car goes by she said look, that car is going to hit you (as if she wanted it to hit me). This whole time she says things like, ‘I don’t love you’ (that’s a common one for her lately), and other mean things. I can feel my patience wearing thin at this point but we carry on.
Eventually she gets in the car (it’s been at least 20 mins of defying at this point) but refuses to sit properly in her car seat. She finally does and I buckle her in but then sticks her arm out of the strap. I try and try to get her to keep her arm in, I tell her the car won’t move until she’s seated safely, this whole time I’m emphasizing that I love and care for her. But she won’t let it in. Finally I lose it and say FINE, I DONT CARE, LETS JUST LEAVE. I hate that I willingly started to drive while she was not entirely in her seat safely but I had zero patience left and that’s never happened to me on this job. I had no more to give.
She told me I was mean (she put her arm back in the seatbelt) and then started berating me. I yelled again IM DONE TALKING TO YOU. I was LIVID. She kept going and said things like ‘I love only my family and you’re the only one I don’t love.’ I ignored her and put on music to semi drown her out but I could hear her going on and on the whole way home. Insidious insults. I know not to take those personally, but I could not calm myself down while she was going off on me. I knew I couldn’t talk without yelling again which I did not want to do so I stayed quiet. This whole time I’m feeling so bad for nk19mo that has to just keep quiet and small since her older sister takes up so much space in these moments.
We get home for lunch and I am done. No emotional energy left. I cried in front of her mom telling her what happened, about how it takes so much for me to get to that point of yelling at her and how I hated doing that. She assured me it was okay, it happens. And agrees that nk’s behavior has been a real issue. The day goes on, both parents know we had a very rough morning, they try to help but just make things harder by getting in the way. It’s my responsibility to do nk4’s hair before I leave and I try to for hours but either np’s say something to get us off track, or nk runs off to them and nps don’t redirect her back to me. I go lay down for a bit, i was also on my period so im very frustrated and crying to myself a lot at this point.
Finally an hour before I leave I get the chance to do her hair but I pull it a bit on accident (not unusual, anyone who does kids hair knows) she screams and runs to her parents. I think they have the mindset that they can take her off my hands since we’d been having a hard time. Well MB walks in and sees me crying and I break down to her. I tell her I’ve been trying for so long to do her hair and it’s not working out, I can’t handle her being defiant right now, etc etc. I was sobbing. She asks if I want to go home early and I accept. It felt so awful to grab my things and leave before I was supposed to, because I couldn’t handle it. I don’t blame myself, i definitely hit my breaking point that day, but it felt like shit.
The parents think something might be going on at preschool because there’s been a case of bullying recently. Something has definitely changed with nk, either developmental or external, but she has never been this extreme. It’s her mission to make our lives hell when she gets like this. I try to keep it light and give her an ‘out’ so I don’t trigger her behavior further. The most random things will trigger it, the night before I asked her to go pee before dinner and something similar happened. She ended up peeing her pants. I feel like when I try and talk to her about hard things I don’t say them in the way she wants to hear them. So if anyone has advice on what to say and do in these situations, and also how to keep myself calm, how to model emotional regulation, I welcome it! Thank you!
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2023.05.30 19:24 Mindless_Empress_179 Revisiting the Discography

Hello, Redditallica!
It's my first time here, and I figured I'd open a little discussion thread of my own if it isn't impertinent of Reddit moderators and the rules on this subreddit.
So, I've begun revisiting the Metallica discography- this is my preferred order for this marathon:
  1. Kill 'Em All
  2. Ride the Lightning
  3. Master of Puppets
  4. ... And Justice for All
  5. Death Magnetic
  6. Hardwired... to Self-Destruct
  7. 72 Seasons
    The reason I'm doing it like this is because I want to gauge a personal attempt at objectivity by having it be a thrash-centric marathon. So far I've finished the Cliff era, and I think Ride the Lightning is their best while Master of Puppets serves as a great extension by which they have, I'd say, a couple of songs at the level of Ride the Lightning's best. "Master of Puppets" carries the album's first side, IMO, while "Damage, Inc." really ties off the album by hearkening back to "Battery."
    At some point I'll also do a revisit of '91-'03 in reverse release year order, (understandably) the most controversial era of Metallica. I would say that '81-'91 is still worthy of being called some of rock and metal's best albums, however, and is a sub-arc of its own in Metallica history; this is reinforced by the fact Load came out five years after Metallica.
    If you'd like to jump in on this thread and discuss, come on in! Just remember to be friendly and polite, and remember: you're allowed (required) to have hot takes and controversial opinions. Do your very worst! 😂 Peace, love and metal! 🤘🤘 ("... Up your a-..." 😉)
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2023.05.30 19:24 RikaPika34 "Great... But Doesn't Submit Work On Time."

Hii, I just finished my freshman year of highschool anddd YIKES.
This school year has been incredibly hard for me emotionally and grade wise... I've gone from an A - B student to a C - D student... one of my classes is even one digit away from failing.
It's not that the work is too hard for me, it's that I can never do it on time.
I keep missing the school bus 1-3 times a week, I keep turning things in late or not doing them, and I've had more breakdowns than I'd like to admit.
I'm in a constant cycle atp, and I'm in therapy, I was on meds (it didn't do anything and also... shortage), and I have people who believe in me more than I believe in myself.
I don't know what to makes me so depressed and worried for the future, like can't get out of bed sometimes, no motivation, crying constantly, bad coping mechanisms depressed and it's so tiring.
It's my executive function that's off along with bad self-control, I don't know how to manage it.
I just saw the comments from my teachers and a lot of them are "Doesn't do work on time..." it's so embarrassing. I don't know, I feel absolutely pathetic, and disgusted with myself.
I'm tired of the bad grades in subjects I enjoy, the poor executive function, the anxiety, the depression, just yesterday I was so stressed I threw up multiple times, and I scared that if I keep getting stressed I'm going to get really really sick and then Im going to d** or something.
Actually, writing this post is sorta difficult because I'm scared that if I keep saying certain things I'm going to speak this over myself and never get better.
Like, the only time I can escape all this is when I sleep which I keep doing, it's getting hard to even remember things because everything is blending together, half the time I'm loopy and sound stupid because of that. It's sorta scary, like I can't tell if I'm acting different to people.
I can't keep stressing though because I'm people say that if you stress a lot you can get a serious illness.
I just feel like everyone is getting tired of my constant shit.I don't even blame them, I think Im self-sabotaging or something.
Sorry if this is getting incoherent, but yeah.
I don't even know if I'm going to remember all of this in time for my therapy appointment in a few weeks, I can barely recall stuff, but I might be overthinking.
It's just so stressful, I can't even be happy that school is over because I feel like all I've done was disappoint people.
Please, some advice, stories of people getting better, idk <3
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2023.05.30 19:24 AvacadoToastForTwo Group text from MIL

" Good morning, Young Adults
To you both, I apologize for overstepping my bounds with the question I asked my name. I am sincere. [She wouldn't stop talking about my miscarriage I was nice but straight forward and told her to stop, that we wanted to move forward and that I wasnt upset but I would be if she continued]
It just feels like that no matter what I say, how I say it, or whatever I do, it's wrong. I feel I can not do or say anything right in your eyes. I'd like to spend more time with you both. However, you both are busy and on weekends, too. [We're really not] I know my name that you has given me an open invitation to come over on a weekend, but I know it's the only time you get to spend time together.
Husband's name, feel you just don't want to talk with me about what's going on with you or how you are feeling. husband's name, I am your mother. That will never ever change. I know you're married but that shouldn't have you shutting me out. (It's how I feel) I will always be here for you. I know you talk with my name about all things. However, you are still allowed to talk with me about things if you wish. my name can, too. I know she has her mom and whole family.
I care how you are doing and feeling. I care how my name is doing and feeling. [She hasn't cared about me since I lost the baby. She suggested we get lunch but after I lost the baby I never heard anymore about it even though I told her I would definitely go]
I'll be honest in the pain I felt for her as I had hoped and prayed she never would experience this. I hurt for her and for you. I cried for you both. Lots. It's who I am. I'll not apologize for that.
I will not bring that topic up again. I'll just say I hope you both are doing better and are moving forward.
Please don't be upset with me. None of this is to be manipulative, or to guilt trip you husband's name into anything. You really need to get that preset notion out of auto pilot.
I love you both dearly. My name I would love for us to be close. If that is something you don't want, just let me know. [She's literally the reason why we're not close! If she knew I'd be going to something she'd make up that her car was broken down or something]
I have to go to sleep. I hope you both have a great day. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense or come off wrong. It's not my intent. " [it's never "Her intent" that's what she said when she was literally trying to blame me for the miscarriage]
How would you reply to this? It's absolutely ridiculous that she's blaming our marriage on them not having a good relationship, when that has absolutely nothing to do with it. She's just upset that she can't scream at him to do what she wants anymore.
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2023.05.30 19:24 Throwawayrapok AITAH for not going to my boyfriend’s parents for dinner

So we were supposed to have my bf’s daughter for Memorial Day and we were going to do a lake day and picnic near us. Well her mom was going to drop her off to us Sunday night but didn’t because she was drinking (they live 1.5 hours away) so my bf decided that we could just go out there for the day the next day to get her and do something out there. We kept going back and forth about what to do, we just had a lazy day on Sunday so I wanted to go outside. And I feel bad leaving my dog home alone all day so I suggested that we go to the dog beach and we can go to his parents later. Now on Memorial Day we woke up late and by the time we were going to make it out to get his daughter, make it to the dog beach, then back to his parents it would be around 7pm. He told his parents we would be there at 4pm (which I wasn’t aware us going to his parents was set in stone). So I suggested that I go out there drop him off and then I’ll take my dog on a hike and will meet back up with him and his daughter at his parents. He said no, that it would be weird for me to drop him off and then leave and his parents would wonder where I was going and why I wasn’t staying. I told him to just let them know I wanted to go outside for the day and get my dog out so I’ll be back. He continued to be mad about this and said I was being selfish. I told him this wasn’t worth it to be fighting over as it seemed so small. I told him that if it was going to be a big deal then I’ll just got to his parents. In the end he said he didn’t want me to go to his parents with him anymore either. Was I being selfish? AITAH
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2023.05.30 19:24 PersonalGrab7081 Unending anxiety

I am 30 years old 170 pounds diagnosed depression and anxiety. I take 1 mg klonopin per day as needed. 20 mg lexapro a day and prescribed propranolol 10-40 mg per day as needed but for the most part I take .75 mg klonopin at night. Lexapro for 15+ years and klonopin for 10ish years. I have been dealing with health anxiety as I got checked out at the doctor and have pre high blood pressure which she suspects is due to my weight gain from lexapro. I tried to get off and switched to Celexa but could not due to unbearable anxiety. What I’m struggling with is my anxiety towards alcohol. Now I know I shouldn’t be drinking alcohol with klonopin which I never do. But I do like to drink socially and now I can no longer because I have read too many things on Reddit telling me that I’ll have respiratory failure if I take klonopin and there’s any alcohol in me. Truthfully, during Covid I had a problem where I was binge drinking maybe on a bad night 10 beers. Now if I’m drinking a lot it might be up to 5 low abv beers. I will still go into panic mode once the buzz wears off and panic even more after 10-15+ hours have gone by if I wanna take a klonopin. I used to wake up with a hangover and pop a klonopin and feel somewhat relief, but now I feel like I am going to die because of what Reddit and other sites say. Recently, I had one beer and freaked out, took a klonopin an hour later and then drove myself to the ER because I thought I was going to die. One of the nurses that was more loose told me that it could only happen by taking a bottle full of klonopin and a handlebar of vodka. I want to reiterate again that I’ve never ever taken the two together. I’ve only drank and then taken it hours and hours after and the highest dose I’ll ever take is 1 mg. I am happy that I’ve got my drinking under control but it’s because of anxiety! I want to have it under control and also not have anxiety about this. Can anyone explain this to me to ease my mind? I think about it even when I’m not drinking. My anxiety has been so bad for a year although I’ve had terrible anxiety growing up and all of my life. I had a hold on it until recently with all of this crap. I’m also looking into emdr therapy.
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2023.05.30 19:24 dakotajenner Should I end it?

I have been with this guy for about 7 months been dating for almost a year… We recently went on a trip in where he told me casually he had messaged another girl and she had asked to hang out and he agreed. However I had to pull that information out of him he initially told me she followed him and he messaged her first asking what she was doing living in this area. When she asked when they should hang out he left the messages at that. If this is so soon In seeing eachother should I be concerned? He played it off as they are just friends and he wasn’t actually going to meet up with her. I told him I felt disrespected and I would never do that to him. However I love this person I don’t know what to do
A little backstory We dated for a while and he told me he was friends with his ex I told him after the further along we got into the relationship that he should tell her we are dating. He told me he would and keep me updated with everything I told him I don’t want him meeting up with her he said no of course not. Later on I said it’s okay if you do and he said no I won’t I don’t want to burden things with us
I go out of town and he meets up with her and doesn’t tell me til after he does it and she had posted a pic of him on her story
We fixed things but here I am now with something pretty heavy again with info that I had to pull out of him And don’t get me wrong things are good I like him a lot but when he does stuff like this it really hurts me
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2023.05.30 19:24 letsmakewritingmagic [M4F] Roll the dice for a romantic comedy starter!

Hello, writers of Reddit! I'm a 26-year-old guy with an aching desire for storytelling and a collection of loose tropes, ideas, and half-thought-out characters that I'm looking for the right couple of partners to help weave together into a wonderfully-crafted, exquisitely detailed narrative tapestry. Of course, that means I'm a little lax on proper details for a prompt, but developing a plot is something we'll get to do together!
A little more about myself before I scribble out a set of themes and plot bunnies I think would be fun to explore via collaborative storytelling: I'm well-versed in Reddit private messages and Discord, and happy to tell a story on either platform! (Just be warned that my Discord posts, as well as my Reddit responses, skew long, and I'm looking for both an undaunted and up-for-the-challenge writing partner in that regard. Think a minimum of 200-300 words, and usually well outstripping that pace.) I've been writing for the better part of a decade, and there are few joys in life as well-realized settings, vibrant casts of side characters, and three-dimensional protagonists. I'm looking for writing partners who are also 20 or older, and are looking for a story that skews lighthearted!
Still with me? Awesome! Here are a handful of narrative concepts near and dear to my heart:
- Embarrassing moment meet-cutes, witty/charming banter, smoldering secret mutual crushes harbored for each other, rivals-to-lovers, magical realism (a big plus if you're willing to include this!), slow-burn romances, cheeky antics, and adorably sweet character moments that undercut the playful enmity.
And, hey! Do you want a starter right away, and to jump right into a story, plunging feet-first into an enjoyable setting and a meet-cute tailor-made for your ideal charming beginning? I've written six bespoke rom-com starters to immediately kick off a story, so roll a die, tell me what number you got, and I'll send you that starter!
If all or any of that sounds good, please send a message my way with the tropes you'd most want to pursue, and we can start developing a plot together from there!
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2023.05.30 19:24 jane-stclaire Overnight results?

I picked up a prescription of 0.025% Steiva-A cream on Friday.
I’ve used it just three times (Friday, Saturday [whoops], and Monday), and I notice my blemishes and swelling almost completely diminish overnight. I also see a brighter complexion in the AM.
I'm flabbergasted that this medication works so effectively and quickly; I'm naturally waiting for the other foot to drop (the purge, dryness, or ANY side effect).
Has anyone else had this experience, and how did your treatment progress?
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2023.05.30 19:24 David_Headley_2008 Contributions to science and awards won

This post is usually filled with many posts of how chinese iq is 104 and indian iq is 76 (though the studies are kind off wrong) and also how chinese win so many medals in olympiads compared to india and how India's performance in these olympiads with respect to population is abismal and how china does not see india as competition and so on, but when it comes to winning prestigious awards in various fields across various aspects, both countries seem to have the same numbers, both chinese and indian science award winners predominantly belong to diasphora and when you add up the numbers they are essentially the same, China's competition in this field is not any western country or not japan but rather india, here is what I mean
Nobel Prize - China 13 India 10 ( china doesn't have nobel in economics yet)
Fields medal- China 2 India 2 ( all 4 are american citizens)
Abel prize - China 0 India 1
IEEE medal of honor- China 2 India 4
Turing award- China 1 India 1
Millinium Prize- China 0 India 1
IMU abacus prize - China 0 India 2
Wolf prize - China 7 India 2
Boltzmann award- China 0 India 1
Godel Prize- India 9 china 5
Breakthrough prize China 6 India 3
IEEE control systems award- China 1 India 5
Clay research award- China 2 India 4
And this trend can be seen across so many awards which have not been named, so inspite of chinese supposingly having superior education, and superior medal tally iq so on why is this list so similiar and this extends as well, what does this say about both countries and education model, chinese will never be good role model for India and no need to worship them as much as many do
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