Dash replacement for 2003 dodge ram

3rd gen not cranking

2023.05.31 02:45 Girl_you_need_jesus 3rd gen not cranking

3rd gen not cranking
Hi there
I have a 2000 4runner, V6, auto, 4WD. Sometimes (more often lately), the engine doesn’t crank when I turn the key. It’s been doing this since I got it last year, usually once a month or so, but lately it’s been once a week, and now it’s done it twice in a day (currently stuck at a taco truck actually). All dash lights come on just fine, there’s no click from the startesolenoid, no CEL. I’ve moved the car out of park and back into park multiple times, also tried in neutral. So far, I’ve tried replacing the starter, replacing the battery, and replacing the negative cable from the battery to the chassis (ground strap). My next guess is the ignition cylinder, but I don’t want to drop a few hundred on the part and getting it re-keyed without knowing for certain. Does anyone have any ideas? Has this ever happened to you? What’d you do to fix it?
Any advice appreciated. Pic for attention. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 02:43 TNPossum Help with drum brakes please?

Hi, I am trying to replace the rear rotors on a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500. I loosened the drum brake adjuster until I thought it was really loose, rotors still wouldn't come off. So I used a bolt and nut to pry it out by sticking it through the caliper bracket bolt hole and cranking it out. Well I got one rotor off after a loud crack. The other rotor I still haven't removed after hearing a loud crack. I only noticed then that one wheel will barely turn and the other won't turn at all now. Have I fucked something up?
(Note: when I've done this in the past, that loud crack usually meant I had broken through the surface rust and the rotor was loose).
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2023.05.31 02:42 TNPossum Help on drum brakes

Hi, I am trying to replace the rear rotors on a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500. I loosened the drum brake adjuster until I thought it was really loose, rotors still wouldn't come off. So I used a bolt and nut to pry it out by sticking it through the caliper bracket bolt hole and cranking it out. Well I got one rotor off after a loud crack. The other rotor I still haven't removed after hearing a loud crack. I only noticed then that one wheel will barely turn and the other won't turn at all now. Have I fucked something up?
(Note: when I've done this in the past, that loud crack usually meant I had broken through the surface rust and the rotor was loose).
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2023.05.31 02:33 shelbyz1679 08 vs 10 front strut assembly

I'm looking to replace my whole front strut assembly on both sides in my 08 Dodge ram 4wd 5.7. However there's not many options.
For some reason the 10 and up have more options. I see they use the same control arms, same strut mounts from Mopar. Anything different about the struts themselves or springs that anyone knows of? I'm looking to get the KYB Truck Plus assembly (monotube design). And it isn't offered for 08. I know rear suspension changed in 10, can't find anything about the front. Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.31 02:29 dinktank Should I sell my car?

I have a 2007 Dodge Nitro T with 170k miles (excess on highway) on it in “clean” condition. I’ve owned it for over 10 years now and it’s been very reliable. Nothing but routine maintenance and the occasional alternator (or like thing) needing a replacement which I did myself.
I have a job now that provides me a company truck with all expenses covered (gas, maintenance, insurance). My SAH wife hauls the 2 kids under 2 around in a Nissan Rogue paid off.
We don’t need the Nitro anymore, so I’m asking y’all: should I sell a paid off, reliable compact SUV for $4k or hang onto it collecting dust in the garage? It seems like getting rid of a paid off vehicle for that little of cash is a dumb idea but maybe not?
Financial snapshot: We have a $230k mortgage (purchase price $320k) 2.75% interest so 1500$ in payments that is appraised at $425k currently. No debt. Had an emergency fund but it got eaten up in a remodel that went over budget. We’re currently at $2k in savings. Last two years my income was at 72k, but January I switched careers and am at $115k.
Should I sell it and start my emergency fund with it? Should I keep it around “just in case”? Should we trade in both vehicles and get a used Yukon XL or Toyota Sienna for the growing family?
EDIT: there is talks of a third kiddo in the 3-5 year timeframe, so we talk about upgrading from the Nissan to either a van (Sienna) or SUV (Yukon XL).
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2023.05.31 02:28 Goinhart Nioh 1 Dual Sword Endgame build and general questions

Just unlocked WotN and managed to craft and defile a master swordsman's dual swords with Star SotC and max ranks of CCD, CTA and FamBonus. Not quite sure where to skill from here. I thought about going elemental. I don't have a ton of umbracite on me, so I had to settle for wind 20, and managed to stack on a Wind Damage ~50%. I'd rather have fire since apparently I can boost that with fire damage on a cannon (freeing up a slot on the swords) as well as Ogress Mask, but wind is fine for now. However, I did some searching and it seems many people are recommending away from elemental stuff. Note I studied youtube hard before coming in and am quite proficient at a wide variety of cancels to speed up my stuff. I can do evasion cancels, sheath cancels and have decent zero ki combos, as well as using iai/SotC to punish enemies after a Shrike or grapple. So questions:
  1. If elemental isn't recommended for endgame damage, what should my last two slots be? Final/Grapple doesn't appeal to me too much, and I don't use LW right now (that may change as I go deeper into the abyss). Ki damage for fun times? Guard pierce for fighting humans? What would help more against yokai? Critcal damage worth it? I'd rather not take overly defensive stuff if possible, so things like break weapon are also not the most appealing.
  2. Are onmyo talismans better than inherent elemental even at lowish magic? I think I have ~35 magic right now. In a single test on ogress, the fire talismans hit for less than the wind I currently use, but Wind has the benefit of the +elemental damage skill whereas I don't have that for fire yet. Also I assume ogress has fire resist
  3. I heard that critcal boosts used to be huge for LW before it was nerfed into not working during LW. Is critcal still worth if I take leeching and have tenacity recurrent damage?
  4. Can I get those green skills that boost on evade attacks by tempering, or is that a forge/find only kind of deal? Should I aim for something like that for my final two slots?
  5. Just to confirm: Carnage talisman followed by Steel completely negates the debuff from carnage, and then grants the normal buff from steel, correct? And if I were to cast steel first and then carnage, I would void my steel buff and simply have the debuff from carnage? It's not like the two defensive modfiers get added together, right? Swapping from pills/protection to a Carnage/steel/weakening setup was my most recent powerspike before I crafted these dual swords. This was at the beginning of WotW. It was initially a little tough, but after adopting these talismans it became basically a breeze.
  6. What's up with some abyss floors not letting me use items after I touch down? It doesn't list it on the 4 debuffs. Is it just inherent after level 20? Should I get used to it? having no weakness talisman hurts and I get hit a lot 'cause bad, so I like being able to rebuff and cast more quick changes. Just git gud?
  7. If having an elemental skill on a weapon is no good, then what's the best way of applying confusion? I know shots and spirit talis are recommended, but is it reasonable to just have two different elemental talis and try them both? I use Tonfa or single Kat as my secondary. I know tonfas can apply status well. Is it reasonable to proc confusion without taking elemental buildup skills or having set bonuses that increase buildup?
  8. I know a bunch of fancy tonfa cancels, but I still struggle to deal with lategame humanoid bosses like Date or Sanada. I feel like I'm just dodging and taking a hit here or there, which is slow going. I end up just swapping to dual swords for greater returns for a similar style. Any tips on keeping pressure against bosses in LW while using tonfa?
  9. I got a hino-enma helm and a transferable paralysis buildup. Would this be a decent final slot for dual swords? I like paralysis when I was doing it before, but I stopped speccing for it when I hit a point where I was liable to kill bosses before stunning them. I imagine things will get tankier again going into WotN and Abyss past 30, but I don't know if I'd be better off with something like boost after dash attack or boost after purification or whatever.
  10. Speaking of boost after purification, I have "attack damage surge" and "damage boost" (or something like that). It looks like surge barely lasts any time at all, but I assume it's much stronger?
Sorry for the long list. I did searching but there is a ton of info, opinions differ, and some of it may be for previous patches. I'd love to know the modern opinions. Also is there a way to filer search to exclude Nioh 2? Haven't gotten to it yet and it fills my search results :/.
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2023.05.31 02:27 CalAtt Kind of torn between fixing up my 2014 6Spd Sedan or trading it in...

So I have a 2014 Manual GS Sedan with 196,000KM, it's been a reliable car but stuff is lets say starting to go on it, some of it is normal wear, such as the Clutch, suspension and the 3 rusted out heatshields on the back of the engine that clunk every time I hit a bump or get going from 1st gear( lol) or the fact that my intake probably needs to be cleaned cause the car seems to be sluggish going from stop to start (Already had the spark plugs and 1st ignition coil pack replaced) , a the more major one that is the biggest reason I'm thinking of trading it in recently is the fact that I have what I think is not a large but not a slow A/C leak and I fear it's the evaporator for obvious reasons of not seeing a leak anywhere in the engine bay or on the compressor, and Mazda wants $1855 CAD to replace it where I live, I'm sure a reputable garage will do it for less, but it's still gonna be costly to replace.
I mean I could do all this myself, I'm pretty handy, the only one that I don't know if I would have the guts to take on is the evaporator core cause you got to pull the whole dash out of course, I know how to vacuum the system out, check for leaks and refill etc etc, but the pulling of the dash kind of makes me nervous, especially the dropping of the steering column but I could realistically do the job for probably $300-400

I'm probably overthinking all of this right? Any advice you guys have would be extremely helpful and appreciative. I would probably trade in for a 2023 GT 2.5L FWD, I live in Eastern Canada but I don't do really any off roading or drive like a maniac in winter, so I'm comfortable with just having FWD.
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2023.05.31 02:24 TheActiveLycanroc Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna

"Aside from that guy, I truly don't care."

Obtained by consuming twenty Cursed Fingers at once.
【KEYBIND: LMB】 — Pyrokinetic Sweeps (Fourth Click is a Guard Bypass)
The user performs up to four fire-coated sweeps, each sweep dealing small damage and inflicting First Degree Burns. The fourth sweep deals more damage and inflicts Second Degree Burns, while also knocking the target back.
First Degree Burns: The target takes 3 damage every second for 5 seconds. Consecutive infliction of burns refreshes the duration.
Second Degree Burns: The target takes 5 damage every second for 5 seconds. Consecutive infliction of burns refreshes the duration. Second Degree Burns move overrides First Degree Burns if the target is inflicted by FDB.
  • 〖FOURTH SWEEP DAMAGE〗— 16.5 damage
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 3 seconds
【KEYBIND: E】 — Open Space
The user performs a grabbing motion. If a player is caught, the user will throw them back to where the user was before the grab, dealing small damage. The user then teleports in front of the target and performs a roundhouse kick, dealing decent damage and launching the target forward. The user then performs a powerful hook, dealing decent damage and finally launching the target forward.
  • 〖GRAB DAMAGE〗— 5 damage
  • 〖ROUNDHOUSE KICK DAMAGE〗— 16.5 damage
  • 〖HOOK DAMAGE〗— 22 damage (43.5 damage total)
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 6 seconds
【KEYBIND: R】 — Death Sentence (Guard Breaks)
The user dashes forward and performs a grabbing motion. If a player is caught, the user grabs them by their head and slams them to the ground, dealing decent damage.
  • 〖DAMAGE〗— 20 damage
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 5 seconds
【KEYBIND: T】 — Heat Wave
After 0.5 seconds, the user unleashes a heat blast in a cone that deals decent to good damage, depending on how much health the user has. Heat Wave also inflicts one of the three major burn effects, going from First Degree to Third Degree depending on how much health the user has.
First Degree Burns: The target takes 3 damage every second for 5 seconds. Consecutive infliction of burns refreshes the duration. Heat Wave inflicts FDB if the user has 100-76% of their maximum health. If the target has First Degree Burns, and gets hit by a move that inflicts the two greater burns, First Degree Burns will be switched with the greater power.
Second Degree Burns: The target takes 5 damage every second for 5 seconds. Consecutive infliction of burns refreshes the duration. Heat Wave inflicts SDB if the user has 75-51% of their maximum health. If the target has Second Degree Burns, and gets hit by a move that inflicts Third Degree Burns, Second Degree Burns will be replaced by TDB.
Third Degree Burns: The target takes 7 damage every second for 5 seconds and takes 33% more damage from other damage sources other than burn damage. Consecutive infliction of burns refreshes the duration. Heat Wave inflicts TDB if the user has a maximum of 50% of their maximum health left.
  • 〖DAMAGE〗—
  1. FDB Heat Wave: 17 damage
  2. SDB Heat Wave: 24 damage
  3. TDB Heat Wave: 31 damage
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 8 seconds
【KEYBIND: Y】 — Pitch-Black Infernal Flash
The user performs a fire-coated version of the Black Flash, dealing good damage and inflicting all targets hit with Second Degree Burns, and stunning for 0.5 seconds.
  • 〖DAMAGE〗— 15 damage
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 6 seconds
【KEYBIND: F】 — Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine (Bypasses Block)
The user channels for 5 seconds, becoming unable to attack or move for the remaining five seconds. If the user does not take at least 50 damage during these five seconds, the user will unleash their empowered Cursed Technique to everyone within a large AoE after 3 seconds, dealing damage equal to 20% of their maximum health and executing targets below or at 150 health. During these three seconds, the user's current cooldowns are reset and the user gains a large red aura, along with slowing everyone in the Shrine's aura by 50%. A Torii shrine also appears at the place the user casted Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine which does nothing. Players can escape Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine.
  • 〖DAMAGE〗— 100-120 damage
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 60 seconds
【KEYBIND: G】 — Fatal Finality
The user dashes forward while performing a kick. If a player is in the user's way, they are knocked backward and to the ground, taking small damage. The user's hands are then coated in flames and the user performs six lunging slashes with their claws to the target, dealing small damage per slash. The sixth slash launches the target backward.
  • 〖KICK DAMAGE〗— 3.5 damage
  • 〖SLASH DAMAGE〗— 5.5 damage (38.5 damage overall)
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 10 seconds
【KEYBIND: H】 — Ashes to Ashes
The user lunges forward. If a player is caught, the user restrains them before performing an infernal uppercut, dealing decent damage and launching them upward. The user then uses their Cursed Technique at the mid-air target, slashing at them 20 times and dealing small damage per slash.
  • 〖UPPERCUT DAMAGE〗— 7.5 damage
  • 〖CLEAVE DAMAGE〗— 2 damage per slash (47.5 damage total)
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 15 seconds
【KEYBIND: J】 — King of Curses (Guard Breaks)
The user, after 0.75 seconds, performs a powerful upward slash within a medium hitbox in front of the user.. If the target/s' health is more than 100, it does ok damage and stuns for 0.75 seconds. If the target/s' health is less than or equal to 100, it immediately kills them.
  • 〖DAMAGE〗— 8.5 damage
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 12 seconds
【KEYBIND: V】 — Instant Transport
The user teleports to the direction and location of the cursor. If the cursor goes past Instant Transport's maximum range, the user will instead teleport to the maximum range of Instant Transport in the direction of where the cursor was.
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 3 seconds
【KEYBIND: B】 — Reverse Cursed Technique
The user performs an inverted version of a cursed technique to heal themselves.
  • 〖RESTORATION〗— 35 health
  • 〖COOLDOWN〗— 15 seconds


  • Idle Pose

  • Pose

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2023.05.31 02:14 svet_sedov China SVET Review and Analysis

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is the world’s emerging superpower. However, it is also a country facing a growing number of economical, social, and ecological issues.
China’s GDP exceeds $11 trillion dollars, making it the second largest in the world after the US. Despite this, its rate of economic growth has sharply dropped to 6% in 2016 from 9% in 2013. The PRC has a highly centralized and government-managed economy, along with strictly regulated political life. Notwithstanding, some Chinese provinces are allowed to pursue independent economic policies.
China officially has a multi-party political system. However, in practice, there is only one party that holds significant power — the Communist Party of China (CPC), which was founded on July 1, 1921. The CPC’s ideology is based on the Marxist-Leninist doctrine introduced by Karl Marx (a Prussian economist) and Friedrich Engels (a German philosopher and businessman) in the 1880s. This doctrine was later supplemented by the theory of Socialism by Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin (a Russian politician and revolutionary).
The doctrine postulates that society is composed of two major economic classes — the working people (exploited) and the bourgeoisie (exploiters). According to this theory, a global economic crisis will lead to a revolution, with the working class taking control of the world and the bourgeoisie being eliminated. Ultimately, capitalism will cease to exist, and communism (where goods are freely available and nobody works) will prevail. Mao Zedong, the founder of the CPC, adapted this theory to the Chinese context by including Chinese farmers in the definition of the working class.
The PRC government plays a central role in both the political and economic aspects of China. The CPC governs China through an administrative pyramid, with the Central Committee (Politburo) and the National Congress at the top.
The National Congress is comprised of over 2000 delegates who are elected mainly from local CPC committee members. This assembly convenes for a two-week session in Beijing once a year. The 22 Chinese provinces are managed by regional governors appointed by the Central Committee, and their primary objective is to fulfill the CPC’s goal of achieving GDP growth. The government operates based on five-year plans.
The list of other political parties in China includes:
Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang (53,000 members, representing Taiwan residents in China); China Democratic League (130,000 members, mainly composed of the middle class); China Democratic National Construction Association (69,000 members, consisting of entrepreneurs); China Association for Promoting Democracy (64,000 members, primarily intellectuals); Chinese Peasants’ and Workers’ Democratic Party (65,000 members, representing government employees); Zhigongdang of China (15,000 members, representing overseas Chinese); Jiusan Society (68,000 members, comprising individual professionals); Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (1,600 members, including prominent Chinese celebrities). All of these parties are aligned with and support the CPC in its major initiatives and policies. Opposition to the CPC is not tolerated.
Economic Review
Administratively China consists of 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities directly under the central government, and 2 special administrative regions.
China’s main economic regions:
Eastern Coastal Region: This region includes provinces like Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, as well as Shanghai. It has been a major driver of China’s economic growth due to its proximity to international trade routes and its well-developed infrastructure. The Eastern Coastal Region contributes approximately 45–50% to China’s GDP. Western Region: The Western Region comprises provinces such as Sichuan, Chongqing, and Yunnan, as well as the Tibet Autonomous Region. This region is known for its rich natural resources, including minerals, energy, and agricultural products. The Western Region contributes around 15–20% to China’s GDP. Central Region: The Central Region includes provinces such as Henan, Hubei, and Hunan. It is characterized by a mix of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and services. The Central Region contributes roughly 15–20% to China’s GDP. Northeastern Region: The Northeastern Region consists of provinces like Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang. Historically, this region was a vital industrial base for heavy machinery, mining, and manufacturing. However, it has faced economic challenges in recent years. The Northeastern Region contributes approximately 7–10% to China’s GDP. Pearl River Delta: The Pearl River Delta is a highly urbanized and economically dynamic region located in Guangdong Province. It encompasses cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan. Known as a manufacturing and export hub, it has played a pivotal role in China’s economic growth. The Pearl River Delta contributes around 10–15% to China’s GDP. Yangtze River Delta: The Yangtze River Delta region covers Shanghai and the surrounding provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It is one of the most economically developed and prosperous regions in China. With a strong focus on finance, manufacturing, and services, the Yangtze River Delta contributes approximately 20–25% to China’s GDP. China’s Latest Economic Updates
Stock Market
The Shanghai Composite rose from 2892 in November 2022 to 3284 (as of May 17, 2023).
Yuan rose from 6.7 in Jan 2023 to 7.0 as of May 17, 2023
In March 2023, China’s surveyed urban unemployment rate decreased to 5.3%, the lowest in seven months, from February’s 5.6%. Those aged 25–59 saw their jobless rate drop to 4.3% from 4.8% in February, while those aged 16–24 increased to 19.6% from 18.1%. The unemployment rate in 31 large cities and towns also declined to 5.5% from 5.7%.
Employees’ average weekly working hours across China increased to 48.7 in March from 47.9 in February. In the first quarter of 2023, the unemployment rate slightly declined to 5.5% from 5.6% in Q4 2022. The government has set a target of around 5.5% for the year, with the creation of approximately 12 million new urban jobs. China has also set a 2023 GDP growth target of about 5%.
China’s economy grew by 2.2% (SA) in Q1–2023, the third consecutive quarter of expansion following the removal of travel restrictions in Dec-2022 and a three-year crackdown on tech firms and property. However, the uneven recovery showed that while consumption, services, and infrastructure spending picked up, slowing inflation and rising bank savings led to doubts about demand.
In Mar-2023, the central bank cut lenders’ reserve requirements for the first time in 2023 and Beijing promised more fiscal stimulus.
In April of 2023, China’s inflation rate declined to 0.1% from the previous month’s 0.7%, which was lower than anticipated. The decrease in prices for both food and non-food items was due to an unstable economic recovery after the enclosure policy was lifted. Food prices fell notably due to lower prices of pork and fresh vegetables, while non-food prices fell due to lower prices for transportation and housing. Inflation for health remained steady, while education costs increased.
Country’s exports rose unexpectedly by 14.8% YoY to a high of USD 315.59B in March 2023, rebounding sharply from a 6.8% drop in January-February combined and beating market consensus of a 7% fall. It was the first advance in shipments since September 2022 as Beijing boosts trade with developed countries and emerging economies. Steel products (53.2%) and refined products (35.1%) were the largest contributors. Exports to China’s largest partner, ASEAN, rose 35.43%, while those to the EU (3.38%) and Russia (136.43%) also increased. Conversely, exports fell to Japan (-4.8%), Taiwan (-27.6%), and the US (-7.68%), while they expanded to Australia (23.7%) and South Korea (11.3%).
SVET Analysis Space (A-):
Strategic location: China is located in the heart of Asia, which gives it a strategic location to engage in trade and diplomacy with neighboring countries. China also has access to the Pacific Ocean, which allows it to trade with countries in the Americas and Oceania. Natural resources: China has significant reserves of coal, iron ore, and other minerals. The country is also the world’s largest producer of rare earth elements, which are essential in the manufacturing of high-tech products. This resource base has fueled China’s economic growth over the past few decades. Agricultural productivity: China has a large and fertile agricultural base, which allows it to produce significant amounts of food. The country is the world’s largest producer of rice and wheat, and it has made significant advances in crop yields through the use of technology and modern farming practices. Disadvantages:
Natural disasters: China is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and typhoons, which can cause significant damage to infrastructure and disrupt the economy. Resource depletion: China’s rapid economic growth has led to the depletion of some of its natural resources, such as water and arable land. This depletion can lead to environmental degradation and food insecurity in the future. Energy dependence: Despite having significant reserves of coal, China is also heavily dependent on imported oil and gas to meet its energy needs. This dependence makes the country vulnerable to supply disruptions and price fluctuations on the global market. Voice (C):
Stability: The Chinese government prioritizes maintaining stability and order in the country, which has helped to ensure social cohesion and economic growth. Economic development: China’s political system has enabled it to pursue policies that have led to rapid economic growth and development over the past few decades. Nationalism: The Chinese government emphasizes the importance of national unity and pride, which has helped to foster a strong sense of identity among Chinese citizens. Strategic planning: The government’s focus on long-term planning has enabled China to achieve its ambitious economic and geopolitical goals. Minuses:
Lack of political freedom: The Chinese government tightly controls political expression and restricts freedom of speech, assembly, and association, which has led to criticism from human rights groups. State control: The government’s control over the economy and key industries can stifle innovation and limit the potential for private sector growth. Lack of transparency: The Chinese government is known for being opaque in its decision-making processes, which can lead to uncertainty for businesses and investors. Human rights violations: The government’s policies towards ethnic minorities, such as the Uighur population in Xinjiang, have been criticized by the international community for alleged human rights abuses. Ethos (B-):
Han Chinese: The Han Chinese are the largest ethnic group in China, accounting for over 90% of the population. They enjoy the most favorable treatment from the government and have access to the best jobs, education, and healthcare. However, this has led to some resentment from minority groups who feel marginalized. Ethnic minorities: There are 55 recognized ethnic minority groups in China, including Tibetans, Uighurs, Mongolians, and others. They often face discrimination and limited opportunities for advancement. Some minority groups, such as the Uighurs in Xinjiang, have also been subject to government repression. Rural residents: China’s rural population is around 40% of the total population. They often have limited access to education, healthcare, and job opportunities compared to urban residents. However, the government has implemented policies to try to bridge this gap, such as investing in rural infrastructure and offering subsidies to farmers. Urban residents: China’s urban population is growing rapidly and has access to more job opportunities, education, and healthcare than rural residents. However, this has also led to increased competition for resources and rising income inequality. Time (B-):
Positive scenarios:
Continued economic growth: China’s economy has been growing rapidly over the past few decades, and it is likely to continue. This could result in increased prosperity and an improved standard of living for many Chinese citizens. Technological advancement: China has made significant strides in technology and innovation, and this trend is likely to continue. This could result in China becoming a global leader in technology, creating new industries and high-paying jobs. Improved infrastructure: China has been investing heavily in infrastructure, such as high-speed rail and new airports, which can improve transportation and connectivity and stimulate economic growth. Increased global influence: As China’s economy and political influence continue to grow, it could become a dominant player on the global stage, shaping international politics and economics. Negative scenarios:
Environmental degradation: China’s rapid economic growth has resulted in severe environmental problems, such as air and water pollution. If this trend continues, it could have severe consequences for public health and the environment. Social inequality: China’s economic growth has also created significant social inequalities, with a wealthy urban elite and a poorer rural population. This could result in social unrest and instability. Political repression: The Chinese government’s increasing control over the media and the internet, and its crackdowns on dissent, could result in greater political repression. Economic slowdown: China’s economic growth has already slowed in recent years, and if this trend continues, it could result in job losses and economic instability, which could have global consequences. Overall
The Chinese reforms were initiated by Deng Xiaoping (1978–1992) in the late 1970s. These reforms aimed to open up China to foreign investment, encourage private enterprise, and modernize various sectors of the economy. As part of these reforms, the number of directly controlled industries was drastically reduced. Additionally, the number of price-controlled goods decreased from approximately 300 to around 20.
With that said, the government still exercises strict regulatory oversight and establishes guidelines and policies that private businesses must adhere to. State-owned enterprises (SOEs) continue to play a significant role in the Chinese economy and frequently receive preferential treatment and support from the government.
Those policies were continued under Jiang Zemin (1993–2003), during which China was accepted into the World Trade Organization (WTO) on December 11, 2001, and also under Hu Jintao (2003–2013). However, when Xi Jinping (2013-present) assumed power, there was a gradual shift towards increased direct control over the economy and the establishment of a more centralized system. This change was accompanied by the active implementation of mass-surveillance technologies.
That happened synchronously with the end of the world’s latest 80-year-long generational cycle, which began in the 1940s and 1950s. This cycle was characterized by massive political decentralization, resulting in the emergence of several dozen new states between 1940 and 2000. After the 2007–2008 debts debacle, this cycle of economic expansion, driven by the exploitation of readily available resources, came to a close. However, it was artificially extended for the next 15 years through the easing of monetary policies pursued simultaneously by central banks worldwide.
That led to an unprecedented growth of private businesses worldwide. It was accompanied by increased prosperity and a rising level of education across all segments of the population. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, particularly in the high-tech industry, began to assume leading positions in the economic landscape. However, this economic progress was not accompanied by significant political reforms.
The old class of hereditary, mostly populist politicians, who often lacked education, managed to stay in power throughout that period, largely due to the outdated electoral system based on indirect political representation. However, when blockchain technologies were utilized to establish algorithmic consensus and enable effective direct governance, this new system faced resistance from entrenched political clans in all countries, resulting in its suppression.
China is currently at the forefront of this trend, with its political class focused on leveraging high-tech advancements to achieve both economic efficiency and comprehensive political control. However, there are two significant obstacles that China faces along this path.
Firstly, China is confronted with a shrinking population. In recent years, the country has undergone a substantial demographic shift characterized by an aging population and a decline in the working-age population. This is partially attributed to the one-child policy that was enforced from 1979 to 2016, resulting in a diminished labor force and a growing proportion of elderly individuals.
Secondly, there is a culmination of the resource-exploration and expansionist phase of global economic growth, accompanied by escalating political and military tensions worldwide. This situation is likely to result in a reduction of China’s import markets and an increased dependence on a less-competitive domestic market. Consequently, this could potentially lead to a scenario of stagflation, characterized by stagnant economic growth coupled with high inflationary pressures.
Faced with these fundamental challenges, it is highly probable that China will resort to aggressive and militaristic policies in an attempt to expand its territory directly or enforce its economic dominance in the Asian region through alternative means.
China is expected to continue on its trajectory towards increased global dominance through local conflicts and enhanced technological control over the economy and population over the next 15–20 years. However, this trend could be altered by a new wave of decentralization, which would require a significant deviation from current policies.
Such a shift may occur when not only the current generation of older politicians, but also the subsequent one (which is likely to further reinforce the existing trend), is replaced by “enlightened” technocrats who advocate for a return to decentralized approaches in both politics and economics.
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2023.05.31 02:07 _rbanodn opinions needed - is this as good as it seems?

opinions needed - is this as good as it seems?
keen to buy a decent spec t480 for software development - i’m self studying before i embark on a boot camp/course - and need a laptop
currently have a big beautiful ipad pro, magic keyboard, apple pencil gen 2 and max storage - i love it dearly but i can’t use it to actually code
gf is letting me use her old hp laptop, designed for the elderly, while i research laptops
plan is to buy a nice, refurbed, i7 8th gen t480 and then upgrade as/when necessary or just when i decide to lmao
i’d eventually add as much storage as possible, install 32-64gb of ram, glass trackpad, potentially the wqhd display swaps i’ve seen, backlit keyboard (i’d like to do this asap as even if i had a backlit model i would still want to replace the keyboard), dual heat pipe swap… you get the idea
so - is this as good a deal as it looks? with the 15% discount i would only pay £254.99, which seems like very good value no? it’s an i7 8650u, 16gb of ram and a 256gb ssd - the ram and ssd would be sufficient enough for when i start, and allows for upgrades
thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 02:04 Puzzleheaded-Kale717 08 328i e90

Just picked up an immaculate 2008 328i base 91k miles for $5500 was wondering what I need to do as far as maintenance goes for pm measures. I set aside about 3-4K for it and whatever extra will be going towards mods. Mainly looking for a nice head unit and dash/rear camera now and possibly rear m3 conversion front splitters and new headlights. Already have the tints I want. Will get new shoes in a few months. (Want to drive it another 4-9k miles) to see if the car is really sound and bulletproof. 3rd owner here but has 34 services done at the dealership. Mainly was just oil changes, trans flush/ spark plugs. Battery/tires changed. Didn’t see anything about belts/pumps being replaced.
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2023.05.31 02:00 Logic_Sandwich JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #6: Semifinal 1 - Electra Heart vs 10538-2095

(Shoutouts to u/TheSlyKoopa for the match concept!)
Scenario: Isla de Piedra, Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea — 11:44AM
Dédalo Viatger, adventurer, archaeologist and explorer extraordinaire, had filled his travelog with countless exploits on his never-ending quest to uncover the secrets of the ancient world. Following the trail of the lost civilization of Pieduro was proving to be his lengthiest entry yet. Armed with powerful Pieduron artifacts known as the Temples, Dédalo and the Pieduron entity 「Perdida」 had forged a path across the Mediterranean, getting ever closer to solving the mystery of their disappearance.
With assistance from Cullinan Dwarf Star, Patron of the House of Muses, Dédalo and Perdida were on the verge of discovering the final piece of the puzzle. Their journey had come full circle, and Dédalo and Perdida’s adventure would end where it began; on the island of Isla de Piedra.
Situated between the coasts of Southern Spain and North Africa, Isla de Piedra had been uninhabited for all of recorded history, though not for lack of trying. The dense forests and greenery that covered every square meter of the island made it a ripe target for logging companies and greedy colonists to strip it for all it was worth. None had succeeded—their abandoned camps had long since been reclaimed by the forest.
The only other sign of human life on the island was the ancient Pieduron outpost where Dédalo’s journey first began, and where it would now hopefully end. The trek to get there was as difficult as the first time—but he didn’t have to do it alone now. At his side were his ever faithful companion Perdida, the inquisitive swordswoman Ninian, the extraordinary android 2095, and the illustrious ice skater Electra (although he didn’t call them that out loud).
Dédalo led the party up a long, winding stone staircase, pointing out the many partially-disabled traps along the way. He and Ninian had long been in contact, and the latter could personally vouch for her +1s—2095 one of the few Bastards she could trust and Electra having earned her trust in for her actions against Enyalius & Enyo Pharmaceuticals in San Battista.
“...and here’s a wall of spikes that shoot out when you pass over that threshold,” he pointed out with a tour guide’s enthusiasm. “I managed to jam up the mechanism with some cloth, but we should probably tread carefully around here.”
Electra rolled her eyes, even though Dédalo couldn’t see the gesture. “Should have just blown it up,” she muttered, annoyed. While her experiences in San Battista had somewhat melted her frosty demeanor, it had still been a long, hot, exhausting trip to get here, and old habits died hard.
“Watch your tone, miss,” Perdida said from behind her ear, making her jump. “My people’s architecture is not something to “blow up”.”
“And it might not have worked,” 2095 chimed in. “If this outpost could survive all those centuries of wear, I doubt a mundane explosion would do much damage to it.”
“The Piedurons built everything to last, from their treasures to their traps.” Dédalo gingerly ducked under the blade of a massive pendulum axe that jutted out from the ceiling. “Fortunate in some ways, unfortunate in others.”
At last, they reached the center chamber. Carved from stone and coated with moss, it appeared just as untouched as the rest of the outpost—save for the podium in the middle of the chamber and the conspicuously empty space on top of it, where the moss grew a little bit thinner.
“Ah, this brings back memories,” Dédalo chuckled. “This is where Perdida and I first met. The El Cor Terra necklace lay in this very spot at the heart of the chamber. When I unfastened it, poof! There she appeared in all of her resplendent glory. We hit it off right away.”
“He tried to cut my head off with a machete.”
“In self-defense!”
“Ok, move it along, lovebirds,” Electra huffed. “Where’s the thing we were looking for? It’s somewhere in here, right?”
Brushing past the “lovebirds” comment, Dédalo retrieved a piece of parchment from his explorer’s pack marked with the symbol of the House of Muses. “According to Cullinan, the hidden door should be right over on that wall.” He pointed over 2095’s shoulder at the northern wall of the chamber. “The question is…how do we open it?”
2095 gave the room a once-over. Aside from the layer of moss and vegetation covering the chamber, it was pretty bare. Its only noticeable feature seemed to be the podium.
“Perhaps the podium could offer some answers.” The party gathered around the stone podium—a stone cylinder, atop which stood a carving which vaguely resembled the neck and collarbone area of a human, with a thin groove running where a necklace would hang. Perdida instantly recognized the Cleria stone inlays around the circumference of the podium.
She traced a finger along the length of the groove, and the Cleria stone beneath it glowed—and, at a volume only audible to 2095’s mechanical hearing, it began to hum.
“Keep going, Perdida,” she whispered. Perdida closed her eyes, feeling herself attune to the place where she lay dormant for thousands of years. The Cleria stone grew brighter and brighter, the hum getting louder and louder.
Suddenly, the room shook. Electra leaped back, expecting another trap. Instead, she watched as the north wall slid open like the doors of an elevator, revealing two hallways; one leading up, the other leading down, both with Cleria stone markings along the walls that pulsed with a gentle light.
“Thank goodness,” Dédalo sighed. “I was worried the real treasure was going to be the friends we made along the way.”
Dédalo and Perdida continued to trek up the hallway, climbing what was likely the control tower of the outpost. Ninian dutifully followed behind them, ready to draw her blade at whatever might strike from the newly unknown section of the outpost. The sound of exhaled breath made her jump...but it was only a sigh from Dédalo. “A shame you came aboard so late, Ninian; our journey’s almost up.”
Ninian’s confusion spiked to alarm as the explorer motioned to lean against the wall. “Watch out-”
Dédalo made contact and nothing happened. He tilted his head to the end of the corridor, a doorway just a few meters away. “We’re far enough in that we’ve most likely avoided the worst of the traps. Besides, I don’t think the Piedurons would have placed many traps so close to a place of importance.” He wistfully rubbed his arm, massaging the strain of adventures and injuries in equal measure. “Feels almost bittersweet. So many months of travel and turmoil, and the end of our journey is in sight.”
“Hey, don’t say that yet. We still need to find a way to get my human body back.” Pedida gently punched him in his shoulder. Still, her pout eventually softened as she looked back towards the final chamber. “I guess you are correct, though. The answer to the Pieduron collapse lies beyond those doors. What comes after…nobody knows”
“Quite right,” Dédalo nodded, and the group moved onwards. “I hope that Electra and 2095 are doing okay down there, in any case.”
“I hope that the rest of the outpost is okay,” Perdida frowned. “They didn’t seem to appreciate how precious this place is—I don’t want to lose another one.”
“I don’t think we have to worry too much about losing them,” A grin of cat-like mischief unfurled on Ninian’s face as hoarse laughter echoed on a draft. There were adventures to come and to be seen, but one to reach its conclusion here and now, and the anticipation made Ninian’s hair stand on end.
The group carefully entered the room, and Perdida flickered out of existence. Before any of them could respond, the control room flickered to life. The stone walls that extended higher and higher suddenly turned “on” as if they were screens, but these were more akin to slabs whose light-emitting runes and rocks flickered and changed in the appearance of Perdida—Perdidas, in fact. All of them, on the many screens, acted in unison as Dédalo rushed forward. “Dédalo, what’s going on?”
“We’re figuring it out,” he shouted as he and Ninian raced to the panels below, trying to decipher the text streaming by. Soon, however, one message displayed on a readout screen:
Meanwhile, having taken the outpost’s lower path, 2095 and Electra entered into a large atrium. Like the rest of the outpost, the walls and floor were composed of the usual, teal stone that seemed impossibly durable. The fact that they could use it to form buildings, carve intricate murals, and keep it all hidden was impressive, but they craned their heads upwards towards the skylight that would let rain and sun in. Through the overgrown foliage, they could see a massive flat ring of Cleria floating above the ground in stubborn defiance of the laws of physics. Gravity-defying gyroscopes of stone spun and swirled in the air above, rotating with the same slow grace as the ancient gears that whirred to life around them. The glow of the Cleria blended together with the light of the noonday sun; the hum of power permeated the entire chamber.
“...shit,” Electra murmured, not sure what else to say.
2095 scanned the rest of the atrium, but ultimately found nothing beyond a discolored, glowing pad on the floor by the opposite wall, outcroppings on the walls that resembled benches, and the remnants of what appeared to be ancient drinking fountains. Rest now before it’s too late, the room seemed to scream.
“I believe we should wait for the others before we go deeper,” 2095 announced. “We could retrace our steps and explore the previous areas, in case we missed another hidden passageway or an undiscovered treasure. It would be a shame to proceed not knowing whether we’ve left every stone unturned-”
“Not a chance,” Electra huffed. “I’m not letting us get killed because of your FOMO. Come on.”
She grabbed 2095 by the wrist and began to drag her over to the pads. 2095 let her—partly because she weighed significantly more than Electra did and she didn’t want her to hurt herself trying to pull her by force, but partly because she was right. She could feel the air buzzing with energy, intensifying by the second. Something big was about to happen.
The two stepped onto the floor pad and immediately felt themselves being shunted into a different space as the teleporter activated. When their vision cleared, they found themselves standing on top of the Cleria ring itself. Electra could smell the ozone in the air and taste the prickling on her tongue. This ring was the key to the whole mechanism—either it was powering the outpost…or the outpost was powering it.
2095 gazed in awe at the machinery surrounding them. It reminded her of the technology from her time; except instead of steel and chrome, it was made of rock and crystal. What secrets died with the Piedurons when they disappeared?
She turned to Electra to express her wonder and nearly screamed when she saw the vantablack vines burst out of her shadowed face, ready to smash the ring to pieces.
“What are you doing?!” 2095 yelled, 「Yours Truly」 appearing at her side, tentacles raised.
“I’m destroying this thing, duh,” spat Electra. “I know a superweapon when I see one, and I’m not about to let some dipshit corporation get their hands on it after we leave.”
The chamber shook, bits of rocks and dust falling from the ceiling. “B-but we don’t even know whether this is a superweapon! Aren’t you acting a bit rash?”
“Rash? Seriously? You have no idea what some people in Dead Drop Bay would do for an artifact like this.” Electra remembered what she saw in San Battista—the monster that she had to put down, fuelled by a desire to abuse the remnants of the past for her own gain. “Farewell to Kings, Dead Man’s Hand; hell, even my own company. They’d sink this island to the bottom of the ocean for the chance to have this thing for themselves. This way, I’m solving the problem before it has a chance to start.”
“And risk destroying the legacy of an entire civilization?!” 2095 felt anger boiling in her metallic chest. A part of her resonated with the Piedurons in this moment—she knew what it was like to be a relic of an era far from the present, the last remaining piece of a time nobody would ever know. “What gives you the right to decide what to do with an artifact of this magnitude? To bury what could be the last hope of Pieduro to be remembered as anything but a footnote in history?”
The chamber shook again—this time, both 2095 and Electra felt the ground shift under their feet. Without warning, walls of stone burst out of the ground around them, tearing through centuries-old roots and vines to surround the ring on all sides. Slabs of Cleria stone with deep divots carved into the top of them emerged from the ring itself and floated just above its surface like a magnet levitating atop another.
In the control tower below them, Dédalo and Ninian scrambled from panel to panel, desperately trying to decipher what was going on. Dédalo could see the two other members of the party facing off inside the ring—but before he could call out to them, he heard Perdida’s voice resonate from every screen.
“The Temples…I can see them.”
Ninian watched the panel in front of her light up, displaying a holographic map of the Mediterranean, hundreds of glowing blue dots scattered across the projection.
Dédalo rushed to the nearest screen and grabbed it. “Perdida! Are you alright?!”
“Y-yes, I’m fine.” Perdida blinked hard, putting a hand to the side of her head. “I can feel every Temple in the Mediterranean. I…I think I can gain access to them from here.”
“Access? Like…you can turn them on?” Ninian asked.
“Yes. All of them.” Before Perdida could say any more, the chamber shook once more. In the room below, the ring glowed even more brightly, the two would-be explorers now utterly trapped within it by the sloped walls surrounding it.
“See what I mean?!” Electra clenched her fists, snapping flytrap jaws emerging from the shadow underneath her. “We need to put this entire place in the ground. For good. And like hell am I going to let you stop me!”
Suddenly, all across the surface of the ring, crackling orbs of energy sparked to life, both 2095 and Electra just managing to avoid them. The orbs spun in a circle around the ring, accelerating rapidly until they were nothing but a blur. 2095 recognized the movements of the orbs immediately; it looked like a particle accelerator.
“I hoped we could resolve this peacefully, Electra.” 2095 flicked the silver locks out of her face. “But now I have to convince you in the only language you seem to understand—the language of violence. Don’t hold back.”
The age-old machinery around them hummed to a crescendo. If either of the two combatants wanted to see their convictions through, they would need to survive the full power of Pieduro first.
Location: On Isla de Piedra, (Shoutouts to u/TheSlyKoopa for the match art) inside the Floating Ring. The arena shown here has Electra on the north side and 2095 on the south side represented by their character tokens. The players are in the area inside the ring and have no way to exit with sloping walls on all sides.
The ring has a diameter of 60 meters and the internal width is 15 meters; the entire structure is A Durability.
The brown rectangles inside the ring are Pieduron Temples that resemble short, knee-tall minecarts made out of stone slabs.
Goal: RETIRE your opponent!
Additional Information: Over the course of 10 minutes, the ring will spawn 6-inch diameter orbs of light that will accelerate and move in an orbit around the ring at A Speed. Each orb takes 4 seconds to spawn-in, glowing in place and translucent, before it becomes a solid orb.
Trajectory of the orbs move completely along the curvature of the ring, counterclockwise (denoted by the arrows on the map) and can be spawned anywhere inside the ring. When they hit something solid, they will detonate at C Power—powerful enough to destroy vines and ink left by 「Venus Fly Trap」 and tentacles from 「Yours Truly」—and cause another orb to spawn where the original one started. The orbs have a blast radius of half a meter and other orbs exploding around them will not trigger them to detonate.
Orbs will complete one revolution around the ring anywhere from 3 seconds (inside track) to 6 seconds (along the rim).
Assuming you are standing still, the rough number of orbs that pass by will be 5 orbs per second at the first minute mark, 10 orbs per second at the second minute mark, and so on until the maximum of 50 orbs per second at the ten minute mark.
Starting near each player and around the map are Pieduron temples that resemble minecarts. Each kart can comfortably fit one person, have a handle on either side, and a single rudder-like steering peripheral. The wheels of the kart will always stick to the ring, but they can drive just fine along the walls or even the ceiling of the ring. Karts move at up to B Speed and players intuitively have a 4 in driving them. At max speed, karts can complete one revolution in 4 to 8 seconds (4 seconds on the inside track and 8 seconds on the rim).
All karts have three other special features that can be activated when a driver is steering it, the Turtle, the Spider, and the Crab:
  • The Turtle is a forcefield-like shield that can cover the kart and anybody riding inside it. This forcefield only protects against the fast moving orbs and their explosions and is intangible to everything else. It lasts up to 2 seconds and has a 6 second cooldown before it can be activated again. It can also be set to automatically activate if the minecart is about to hit or be affected by an orb, otherwise it can be manually activated by the driver.
  • The Spider is a net-like shield that functions somewhat similarly to the forcefield the Turtle. The main difference is that instead of blocking orbs, it catches them and converts them into an inert palm-sized orb that is stowed inside the minecart. This shield does also block explosions produced by orbs, but will not produce an inert orb in those cases. The Spider lasts up to 1 second and shares a cooldown with the Turtle. Inert orbs are orbs that can be converted back into fast moving orbs by being thrown with force and intent. They can be made to move exactly in a straight line or along the curvature of the ring when thrown. Inert orbs have no other special properties, other than being A Durability.
  • The Crab is a fast sideways dash up to 8 meters, with a minimum distance of 1 meter. Once the dash is finished, the kart will resume moving in the direction and speed it had before initiating the dash, making it useful for dodging without turning or changing the direction the kart is going in. This feature has a stamina bar where the longer your dash distance is, the more stamina will be used up. It takes 4 seconds for the stamina bar to fill up from empty.
The cooldowns and stamina bars are tied to the person, not the karts themselves.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Anvil Procession Electra Heart "I need to master this Spin..." Have a good plan for how to avoid and deal with the orbs spinning around you!
Bastards of Barcas 10538-2095 "The secret to the Steel Ball is the search for infinity..." Have a good plan for how to avoid and deal with the orbs spinning around you!
Link to Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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2023.05.31 01:56 AcidSilver Respect Death (Have A Nice Death)

"Get back to work."


Created from the deepest void, the entity known as "Death" has existed since the dawn of time alongside his equals, Time and Life. His work in the universe started out as a small family business, reaping the souls of the living by his own bony hand over billions of years. But over time Death had grown weary and his scythe elbow had only gotten worse; that's when he had the brilliant idea to create the Sorrows, beings of death who would do the work for him, while he took his spot as CEO of Death Incorporated. Unfortunately, the Sorrows have begun to grow out of control and are more focused on reaping as many souls as possible, causing Death to literally become buried in paperwork. So it's time for Death to take up his loyal cloak, his magical Pitbook, and his trusty scythe once more so he can remind the Sorrows who's in charge and take down the mysterious being who seeks to use his Sorrows to depose him as CEO of Death Incorporated.

Direct Feats




Scaling Feats


Death may have started his career with nothing more than his basic scythe and a handful of magic spells. but over the years he's expanded his repertoire of deadly weapons. What's more, Death has a variety of different scythes (and some non scythes) to choose as his main weapon due to its transformation feature. Though Death has countless weapons at his disposal, we only see 71 in the game. Every weapon also has its own Frenzy attack which is a super powerful move that is charged up as Death deals damage.

The Scythe:

His trusty blade that can cut through space, time, and the elements. Death can summon his blade by holding out his hand as it flies towards him or he can simply have it teleport to him. Death can also stand in place to charge up his energy for a powerful charge attack
  • The Diss Scythe: A variation of the basic scythe that allows Death to attack from further away.
  • Twinsie: A variation of the basic scythe that prioritizes power over speed due to its second blade.
  • Sickles: A pair of sickles that allow Death to attack at higher speeds in exchange for less range.
  • Billhooks: A pair of blades that Death can throw at enemies before they return to his hands just like a boomerang
  • Parasol 1.0: An enchanted parasol that can not only stab through foes with brutal efficiency but can also act as a shield/deflector.
  • Seletine: Has slower attack speed but by slamming the mace end into the ground, Death can boost the power of his next attack.

The Cloak:

A sentient flying cloak that prefers to stay wrapped around Death's shoulders, the cloak not only lets Death turn invisible but can also transform into a variety of deadly weapons. It even protects him from the elements.
  • Behammorth: A powerful hammer that's bigger than Death himself that hits hard in exchange for its slow attack speed.
  • Brutumhammer: An upgrade of the Behammorth that lets Death slam it into the ground, launching stones all around him.
  • Shake Spear: A long range spear that Death uses to attack foes with a three-pronged combo.
  • Jabelin: A spear that Death uses to launch himself forward towards enemies, impaling anyone in his way.
  • Sisword: A blade that Death uses to quickly jump in the air before diving at foes at lightning speeds.
  • Drageanor: The sister to the Sisword, this blade allows Death to launch sharp projectiles with each swing.
  • Slaymore: A giant sword that Death swings as he jumps in the air before slamming it down on the ground.
  • Slaygore: Similar in size to the Slaymore, the Slaygore allows Death to slam the blade into the ground and send out an electrical shockwave. Can also be used to launch projectiles when swung mid air.
  • Whirl Daggers: A pair of poisoned blades that Death uses to stab anyone nearby.
  • Daggust: Death uses powerful gusts of wind to move back and forth in a flurry of sharp blades.
  • Kaze-Kunai: Death throws out pairs of rapid-fire daggers (that are sharper than any metal on the surface) in a straight line. Death can summon an unlimited amount of these weapons.
  • Arashi-Kunai: Death summons half a dozen daggers in front of him before launching them in a straight line. Death can summon an unlimited amount of these weapons.
  • Ferral Fists: A pair of powerful arms that crush whoever is between its giant hands.
  • Raparrier: A rapier that Death uses to brutally stab anyone in front of him. Should anyone wield this object then they will be consumed by an unstoppable rage until they stab someone with this blade. Death is immune to this effect.
  • Dirty Dagger: A small dagger that, if stabbed in the back, injects you with a metallic substance that attacks your vital organs.
  • Rocket Launcher: A rocket launcher that holds a malicious soul within, amplifying its power.
  • Revelation Bow: A deadly bow and arrow shot with extreme efficiency. Death can summon an unlimited amount of arrows.
  • Fire Bow: Similar to the Revelation Bow but with a slight homing effect on its arrows. Death can summon an unlimited amount of arrows.
  • Death Star: A vicious looking morning star that Death had made after almost getting into a fight with a strange, cloaked, old man who kept bragging about his new "secret" space base while at a seminar.
  • Murray of Crows: Death summons a murder of crows to surround him, damaging anything nearby.
  • Vampire Battery: Death electrocutes himself and anyone nearby while also shooting out electrified bats at random. Death is not harmed by this.
  • Beasteel: Death summons spider-like limbs from his back before jumping onto nearby enemies. Can also shoot out projectiles when used mid air.
  • Excavor: Giant steel blades surge out of the ground around Death, impaling anyone nearby.


A fireproof, floating, magical book that is filled with all kinds of magical spells that Death has learned over the years. It follows Death around like a loyal dog and if opened by anyone else other than Death, the only text visible will read: "WOOF! WOOFWOOOF! GRRR!"
Each of Death's spells consume a portion of his max mana reserves that automatically fills back up unless fully drained in which case it refills after a few seconds. While he starts the game with a low amount of mana that can be increased with items, this appears to be a gameplay mechanic as he is described as being able to increase his mana reserves at will and far beyond what the game will allow with the Focus spell.
  • Fire Arrow: A simple fireball spell.
  • Dark Talons: Summons a clawed hand from a creature named Charlie that grabs foes and pulls them closer to Death.
  • Explosion: Causes an explosion.
  • Poisoned Gift: Death throws two balls of venom made up of all the venoms of every snake found on the surface, poisons excreted from all the most lethal spiders who have ever existed, and a hint of wild mint for flavor.
  • Boomerang Hex: Death shoots curved pure mana that then comes back around like a boomerang. Can launch more than one at a time.
  • Myriad of Stars: Death summons a handful of miniature stars that then fly forward.
  • Shockwave: Death releases an energy wave all around him.
  • Spitfire: Pitbook shoots out a trail of fire on the ground.
  • Poison Mist: A poison cloud of gas so powerful that it can poison a being made of pure toxic sludge. Can summon more than one cloud at a time.
  • Boulderain: Summons boulders out of thin air and rain down on enemies.
  • Mordicine: Death ingests a pill that hurts him in exchange for increased damage.
  • Sacrifix: Death deals slight damage to himself over a period of a few seconds in exchange for two cups of Koffee (healing items)
  • Vladislaw: Heals Death but reduces his maximum health with each use.
  • Aleistar: A magical time bomb.
  • Dark Claws: Summons Charlie's claws to rip and tear at foes.
  • Bees: Death summons a pair regular bees that chase after foes. Can summon more than one pair at a time.
  • Moskillto: A pair of magically enhanced mosquitos that chase after foes. Can summon more than one pair at a time.
  • Star Raving Mad: Summons a meteor shower to rain down on foes.
  • Skyfall: Lightning bolts rain down in front of Death.
  • Makeshift Rockets: Death shoots a magical firework that explodes on impact.
  • Piercing Ray: Death shoots out beams of light that home in on foes.
  • Spiteful Chomper: Summons one of Charlie's mouths that crawl forward, chomping on anything in their path. Can summon more than one at a time.
  • Starry Halo: Summons two stars that temporarily spin around Death, damaging anything that comes near. Can summon more than one pair at a time.
  • Firescreamer: Pitbook shoots out a stream of fire in front of Death.
  • Soul Razor: Opens a vortex that damages enemies within while enhancing Death's damage.
  • Focus: Temporarily increases Death's mana regeneration speed while also temporarily increasing his max health and mana reserves.
  • Voracious Burst: A spell that lowers Death's maximum health in return for summoning a spectral mouth in front of Death that heals Death equal to the 15% damage dealt.
  • Ganglion X-4: Summons spiked balls that can bounce around for a few seconds before disappearing. Can summon more than one at a time.
  • Frostbreeze: Shoots out a freezing gust of wind that also inflicts Frozen which slows down foes
  • EyeSeeYou: Summons one of Charlie's eyeballs that acts as a turret, shooting projectiles at an enemy before disappearing after a few seconds. Can summon more than one at a time.
  • Wishtorm: Shoots down golden bolts of lightning powered by wish magic that can destroy every layer of reality.
  • Frostoxic: Causes a bunch of ice spikes to shoot out of the ground.
  • Tempus Abjuratum: Traps foes in a bubble of stopped time.
  • Sepulchral Ray: Fires a beam of damaging purple energy that inflicts the Arcane effect which deals additional damage after five layers of arcane are applied to a foe.
  • Troublecross: Shoots two rays of energy that move in a crisscross formation.
  • Wizzalch Barrage: Brings down several lightning bolts on the foe's head.
  • Tornadmin: Launches a Mach 2 cyclone at foes that is full of sharp edged papers.
  • Lyberis Skulls: Summons exploding skulls around Death, damaging foes.
  • Nihilaser: The strongest laser in Death's arsenal, it can destroy all forms of existence in the universe when used correctly.
  • Anvilaunch: Death uses telekinesis to rip out one ton's worth of metal from the ground and throws it at foes while it's in the shape of an anvil.
  • Void Rift: Tears a hole in the fabric of reality above a foe's head as several of Charlie's fists come flying through, smashing anything beneath them.

Miscellaneous Powers


Death can also gain various curses which (despite the name) amplify his stats, scythe, cloak, magic, or give him new abilities outright. As there are 243 curses available, I will only be including those that aren't reliant on gameplay mechanics and can be translated into lore (such as a curse that doubles defense) and will only include the best version of a curse (meaning that if there is a curse that triples Death's damage then I will not post a curse that only doubles his damage).
  • And My Axe!: Every time Death uses a Cloak based weapon, an axe is launched from his cloak.
  • Knave of Swords: Summons a small flying scythe that moves around Death.
  • Praised Be The Bombcloak!: Every time Death uses a Cloak based weapon, a bomb is launched from his cloak.
  • MC Scythe: Death can ignore pain while attacking.
  • Astral Claws: Every few seconds, the foe (or a random foe if there is more than one) will be attacked by invisible claws.
  • Soul Sucker: After taking damage, a percentage of any damage that Death deals in the next two seconds is gained as health.
  • Tyrannical Boss: After taking damage, the next attack that Death lands deals 200% more damage
  • Social Toxicity: All of Death's attacks inflict poison on foes.
  • Burning Up: Death's attacks burns foes.
  • Perish The Thought...: Death's attacks inflict Frozen on foes, slowing them down.
  • Millanima Eye: Death gains two extra Anima slots.
  • Burn-Out Channeling: Being damaged increases the Frenzy gauge.
  • A Spoonful Of Suger: Every attack has a 10% chance of freezing an enemy in time. Both this curse and Tempus Abjuratum are strong enough to work on Time himself.
  • Anima Lambic: Consuming an Anima grants Death temporary regeneration.
  • Eye For An Eye: Being damaged grants Death temporary regeneration.
  • Tooth For A Tooth: Being damaged grants Death a 30% chance of gaining an Anima.
  • Straw Helm: Doubles Death's defense.
  • Animoolah: Golden Animas fully heal Death.
  • Corvus Nefas: Being damaged launches crows towards the nearest foe.
  • Flash Of Brilliance: Every attack causes the target to be struck by lightning.
  • Conflagrations: Using a spell causes explosions to appear around Death.
  • Iranima: Using an Anima fills up Death's Frenzy bar by 50%.
  • Crow Cover: Using a spell launches crows towards the nearest foe.
  • Imminent Burnout: The Cloak periodically launches crows towards the nearest foe.
  • Social Security: Death is invincible for one second after taking damage.
  • Imminent Reverie: Death periodically creates another Anima.
  • Zeus's Wrath: Being damaged causes the foe to be struck by lightning.
  • Static Electricity: Using a Cloak based weapon causes the nearest foe to be struck by lightning.
  • Stroke of Luck: Death will survive a fatal attack as long as he's not one hit away from death. This effect will continue as long as this is the case.
Now that as an employee you know everything there is to know about the CEO himself it is high time that you got to work filtering souls for the great beyond. So swallow your feelings and put on a smile because the first day of the end of your life begins...now.
Welcome To The Afterlife
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2023.05.31 01:31 xXGunner989Xx [USA-CT] [H] Bundle i7-6700k, ASUS Z-270-F Strix MOBO, 4x8gb Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 2666MHz C16 [W] Local cash, Paypal

Hi hardwareswap, I am making my first appearance trying to move what was the bulk of my personal PC for several years. Just upgraded recently so looking to get rid of this.
Local deal is preferred (06461), can try to coordinate shipping if it is hard to sell locally. Looking to get $150 if possible. Open to offers. Also trying to move everything together, but, as I said, if stuff fails to sell then I will consider splitting up into invidual parts.
The i7-6700k has been delidded, with the stock TIM replaced with liquid metal. I've reapplied a silicon gasket to reseal the IHS. I have also been running a consistent overclock for several years.
The motherboard was purchased used and had a few bent pins at purchase. I took a picture to the best of my abilities of the socket. I also don't have the I/O shield :(. I haven't had any issues--everything works fine.
The ram is pretty standard. A bit slow, but everything is stock and has no cosmetic damage.
All the parts are working as recently as two days ago, when I swapped out my CPU, mobo, and RAM for new parts.
I don't have original boxes for this stuff, but I have an anti-static bag for the motherboard and I'll leave CPU in socket.
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2023.05.31 01:19 winterfern353 Do I warn my replacement?

Respectfully, I cannot wait to leave this sub since my replacement has been found! I was on a contract for a year with my company. Boss made my life hell for a variety of reasons, and after talking to some people here I can confirm she has a shit ton of narcissistic tendencies (probably enough to be pathological).
Got the call from my boss this morning that she found the next person to take my job. There had been a year-long power struggle where she'd dangle the permanent position as a sort of reward/punishment on however she felt that day. There was a sliver of hope that if I did the right things she'd rehire me, but that would be dashed whenever she would be in a mood and start talking about how I "wouldn't be here next year" and she really wanted someone better for the job.
I will need to set up a meeting with the new person to pass over my things and accounting records. I had the same one-on-one with the person leaving my role when I was hired. She and I already had some rapport since we'd worked for the same company for a while and I was just switching departments to take over her job.
In that meeting, I think she tried her best to warn me, but it completely went over my head. She told me that my boss was a micromanager, could be outright angry/emotional in the moment where mistakes were made, and could hold a grudge. She also mentioned the lack of boundaries and calling at ungodly hours, during which she suggested I just not pick up. There were so many warning signs but I didn't pick up on any of them since my boss has such a cult of personality at our company. If you don't work with her, she is the loveliest, warmest person. I assumed that she was mentioning these things as my boss's quirks rather than genuine abusive behaviors.
I also met up with this same person for coffee to vent once I had been in the job for a few months. She affirmed that everything I went through was exactly what she went through as well. She also mentioned as an aside to never trust HR since they were backstabbing. I only recently put two and two together that she probably had gone to HR about my boss and they turned around and told my boss instead of helping her.
I have enough evidence now to suggest that my boss's behaviors are not related to me and that they are unacceptable. The new person is a lot more senior than me (by at least two decades) so I think she may have more leverage in standing up for herself. I'm mid-20s and relatively inexperienced so I may be overstepping by trying to tell the new person that this might be an issue. I don't want to scare her off if for some reason my boss doesn't give her the same amount of shit.
Tl;dr new person is taking over my role and over time I've gleaned that her behavior is not specific to me. The new person is a lot more senior though and my boss might treat her with more respect because of it. Would it be out of line to tell the new person (even if only implying) that my boss has some narcissistic traits?
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2023.05.31 01:13 DP9A Help deciding on a new GPU

Hello, now that games are starting to ask for something better than a 1050 ti in their minimum requirements, I'm starting to think about upgrading my GPU. I currently have a MSI X470 Gaming Plus Mother board, with 16 GB of ram, and a Ryzen 7 2700 CPU (also starting to save to replace it, but I think it still has plenty of juice left). I've managed to round down my options to either a 3060 ti, a rx 6700 xt, or a 4060 ti. However, I'm not sure which one would be best, I'd like a GPU that can last me at least 5 years (I don't mind lowering my settings, I'd only replace it once games I want to play no longer include it in the minimum requirements), that gives me little headaches and that can work on 1080p and maybe 1440p in the future. I also don't want to spend more than around 400 bucks on it (and sadly, because I'm in Chile, a xx60 or equivalent is the best I can hope for in that budget). Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2023.05.31 01:02 RecipeObjective7285 Hesitation after full stops

2012 Dodge Ram 3500 6.7 L new fuel injectors. Truck will go 10 mph after a full stop and stay at that speed for a couple of seconds. Truck is tuned and deleted.
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2023.05.31 01:02 halibutfish Diagnostic Question - JEEP ‘16 JK

Diagnostic Question - JEEP ‘16 JK
Hello everyone,
First time, long time. First off, Happy Tuesday! I hope everybody is doing well!
I have the ABS and Traction Control lights on my dash for 2 days now. At first I thought maybe just because it got hot out and I just needed to lower my tire pressure since it was up to 39psi, but this morning and today they’ve been down around 35 which is normal for this model. (2016 Jeep Wrangler (JK) 25th Anniversary Edition(don’t think that matters for the motor but in the chance that they used a different part somewhere.))
There are no codes when I do the whole turn the key 3 times from position II to I. Just comes up - - - - - DONE. I know I’m doing it correctly as I’ve gotten engine codes plenty of times. Also no check engine light.
The car drives pretty normal but it did just start have a slight hesitation when it gets going in 1st and sometimes on (automatic) gear changes. The car is not standard, so no clutch or manual gearbox. I’ve had a car that had a transmission that was slipping in the past, this doesn’t feel quite the same. Also a bit of a noise coming from the motor at this time.
Temperatures all look normal gauge on dash is centered, coolant temp 215°F, Trans Temp 167° F. I want to get a proper code reader and see if there’s anything stored on there somewhere. I just had the thermostat replaced the other week, but that was days before an 8 hour (traffic, soo much traffic ) drive up to Maine from NYC and then back the same weekend. This wasn’t happening then, only started two-three weeks after I got back.
Should I not be driving? The normal temps and lack of a check engine light make me feel like it’s okay, but not positive?
Any insight if anyone has experienced anything like this I would appreciate what you did to resolve this and keep your car running well!
I have a slight ticking at idle that doesn’t make it inside the cabin but you can hear from outside, I think it’s a rocker inside the motor as it speeds up and slows down with rpm’s. No clue if these things are related but figured I’d bring it up.
Everything else is great according to the last couple times it’s been up on a lift, I get a lot of compliments on how well maintained I’ve kept it. (One owner)
DALSO I forgot to put that it is at 136K.
Thank you all for your help in advance!
Have a great week!
All the best,
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2023.05.31 00:36 Mysterious-Beach9030 92 d150 huge misfire on all cylinders

I’ve got a 1992 dodge ram with the 3.9 v6 the truck has about 300 000 miles on it but the motor in the truck currently only has 75 000 miles on it I drove the truck on a long road trip probably 6 hrs straight driving and when I got back home the truck acted like it completely lost power to everything for a split second then it came back alive and didn’t do anything until winter it started dying in the morning while I was letting it warm up and it eventually got to where u had to be on the truck to keep it alive I still drove it for a few days like that and then it got so bad u could pop the hood and the misfire would shake the hood back and forth so I started to mess with it and this is what all I have changed to a new part spark plugs wire distributor distributor cap and rotor crankshaft sensor camshaft sensor the 3 sensors on the throttle body new injectors checked the fuel pressure it’s right compression is right I changed some ax sensor on the intake I put a new ecu in it and it still dies on idle sometimes u can keep it alive if u hold down on the gas but most of the time that doesn’t work I did a spark test and u can count to 5 basically between each spark on any other vehicle the light flashes so much it basically stays on the spark plugs get Fowled instantly I also checked the timing and it was spot on
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2023.05.31 00:36 Pollastre_ PC randomly turned off and stopped posting with CPU debug light on, works for a few days with new MB, same issue reappears

System: CPU: i7-13700k GPU: RTX-3080 RAM: 4x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200mhz Storage: old nvme ssd of unknown brand from old prebuilt system Case: Hyte Y60 PSU: Corsair RMx 1000 watt Motherboard: MSI Pro z690-a Wifi DDR4 Old motherboard: Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 wifi
Note: The bios of the MSI Pro z690-a has been updated to the latest version which supports intel 13th gen CPUs
The Problem (TLDR at end): The problem began (with my old motherboard) where my computer seemingly randomly turned off and was unable to POST when powered on, with the case / gpu fans seeming fine. This ended with me trying the computer bare bones, outside of the case, with only the CPU, it’s two power cables, ATX cable, RAM, and CPU cooler connected. Though this was unsuccessful. Thinking it may be a motherboard problem, I ordered the new one, updated the BIOS to the latest, and tried it again, successfully.
The computer worked more or less fine for a few days with only intermittent complete non-responsiveness of individual windows. After the few days however, the computer got to the point where upon booting up the computer only ran for a few seconds in the login screen before the display froze. This similarly happened if I tried to boot to a recovery windows 10 USB. Thinking it may be a GPU issue since the display was freezing, I opened the computer (unplugging it of course) and removed and replaced the GPU and it’s two PCIE cables. Once I plugged the computer back in however, the EZ-Debug CPU light glowed red as it does now, and I have been unable to get the system to POST even after trying to run it barebones again as I did before. Additionally, I have tried swapping the RAM kit to a different set with zero success.
TLDR: Computer randomly turned off with first motherboard, refused to POST with CPU debug on even when barebones and having tried different set of RAM. New motherboard works fine(ish) for a few days until it begins freezing completely a few seconds into windows being started (login screen). I try to fix by unplugging and replugging the GPU, only leading to the same problem has I had before. Removing / adding GPU changes nothing
I’m assuming at this point I need to replace another part, but wanted opinions on which it likely is, CPU or PSU, and if PSU, if I might need to get another motherboard if it broke something on the new one. Please let me know if y’all need any additional information I forgot to provide, and I thank you all in advance for any input you can provide <3
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2023.05.31 00:31 Zerkoyt Low pressure / return line Power Steering hose?

Found the origin of the power steering leak on my 2009 dodge caliber. (Yes I’m aware I shouldn’t be putting anything into this car but I’m riding off my stupidity on this one.) the picture below was taken under the right headlight and right beside the right tire (had to take off the splash guard to see it. Question is what sort of replacement is this going to entail? I know there are patches available and I could just use a hose and clamps around it but is that even worth it? I couldn’t find these lines on all of the diagrams I looked up for the power steering so I could also be wrong about thinking this is a low pressure / return line. Thoughts on repair?
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2023.05.31 00:13 wozzy93 [USA-NJ][H] 2016 MacBook Pro 15” space grey i7 quad 16gb RAM 1tb SSD AMD 460 graphics *further reduced** [W] PayPal local trade

Hello folks,
Looking to sell my 2016 MacBook Pro 💻
To start off this MBP is in very good condition 8.5/10 with very minimal and unnoticeable wear on bottom and top.
Specs: i7 2.90GHz Quad, 16gb RAM, 1tb SSD, Intel Iris 530/AMD Radeon Pro 460 4gb graphics, Touch Bar, (4) tb3 ports.
Included: MBP, set of newly installed space grey palm protectors, generic 45w charger and 6ft cable. No box.
Repairs: none (though screws are a little stripped from multiple dust airings). No AppleCare.
The battery will be needing a replacement. Lasts only about 1 hour.
Reason for sale: I was going to use this MacBook as an on the go laptop but decided to just use my stay at home M1 Pro instead. I purchased this from a family member who upgraded to M2 about 4 months ago.
Looking for $495 $450 $430 shipped. Local 07011 police station meetup.
That’s roughly what I paid for it before the charger and pads so I’m looking to get roughly back what I spent.
Also willing to trade for the right camera body and lens (willing to accept only camera body)
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/B5F3ioa
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