500 square meter in feet

Square Foot Gardening

2010.03.16 05:02 terraserenus Square Foot Gardening

The Square Foot Gardening method is one of the simplest things you will ever learn that will improve your life.

2016.11.11 04:32 Masterfulidea The People's Democratic Republic of Pumbgis

The People's Democratic Republic of Pumbgis is the world's best nation. Current population: 2. Current territory in square feet: 3500.

2008.11.19 18:40 Swimsuit models, fashion models

This subreddit is for pictures (and videos) of beautiful FEMALE models.

2023.05.31 03:20 RepresentativeOk7441 What is the quickest way to learn the game and get past the learning curve?

So basically I played valorant a lot in the past during the open beta and the first Act, but at that time I was very invested into Overwatch and I made my way into the top 500 in my region about 3 months ago. But now I am looking for a new challenge and really want to get into competitive valorant, especially since the competitive scene is a lot more established than overwatch. The problem is that I haven’t touched the game since its release in 2020 and obviously it has changed a lot since then and there are way more maps and agents to learn. For me personally I really want to make sure I have all the basic game sense and knowledge of a game before diving straight into competitive. What do you think is the best way to optimize my time to learn the game fully and get past the learning curve so I can start ranking up?
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2023.05.31 03:19 dragbird1986 If you were my wife would you do it if I asked you to.

If it were possible that I could be shrunk down to about two inches and you are laying on our bed.
  1. Would you let me crawl up your leg to your vagina and crawl inside and massage your gspot with my feet making you cum while I am inside.
  2. Would you let me walk on your belly over one of your boobs across your neck climb your chin and lay across your lips.
  3. Would you open your mouth slowly letting me fall inside on your tongue rolling me around covering me in your saliva and tasting my naked body. All the while I am jerking off.
  4. Would you let me fall into your throat and I ask you to swallow me sending me slowly down into your stomach
  5. Would you let me out after a few minutes or would you want to digest me
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2023.05.31 03:19 throwaway5375157 Owned ship missing in-game

So recently I've had one of my ships impounded and ever since then it has just dissapeared from my character in PU, I do not see it on any ASOP terminals (checked multiple stations, even going back to my home base) as well as it not appearing on my mobiglass.
So far things I've tried to fix it are:
  1. Did a character reset
  2. Rented a ship in-game
  3. Purchased a ship in-game
  4. Went into Arena Commander and flew with the missing ship a bit
  5. Purchased another ship on the RSI store to try to sync my hangaaccount and force it to show up again
  6. Did ANOTHER character reset after that purchase didn't help either
Is there anything else I can do to try and get my ship back or is the only way I'll get it back just waiting until a wipe? Feels so frustrating just losing a ship like this and not being able to use it again. I've opened a support ticket as well but doubt I'll get any help that way. Guess I'm just square out of luck, at least it wasn't a too expensive one, would hate to imagine spending hundreds of $ on it just to not even be able to spawn the ship.
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2023.05.31 03:19 FiesoleKansai My 2.5 year old is struggling to release pee. We tried a weird trick that seems to work, but we don’t know how to progress from here.

It’s an odd situation. Our 2.5 year old was a really fast learner initially. By the end of the first day of potty training, she was self-initiating and would go sit on the little potty and then release urine. Day 2 was much of the same: she really seemed to have mastered it. On day 3, she got really constipated and that messed everything up. After we got her bowels moving again (we resorted to suppositories: emotionally painful but very effective), she seemed to regress. She would send signals that she had to pee and would sit on the potty but nothing would come out. She would sit and stand over and over and eventually have an accident.
We tried all the usual tactics: we read to her while she was on the potty; put her hands in water; put her feet in water; etc etc.
Then my wife had a brainwave. We put her little potty in the bathtub, filled the tub with an inch of water, and then put her on the potty.
That did the trick.
She released the urine. And it’s worked every time since (we have now done it three times).
Any advice on how we should take it from here? How can we move towards weaning from this crutch?
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2023.05.31 03:19 RainbowUchiha A Doubtful Decision (PSO2 x DDLC Pt 26)

Habits are certainly hard to break.
As I woke up, I unconsciously waved my hand to summon the tablet. When I couldn’t feel the cold metal on my fingers, I opened my eyes and sighed in disappointment.
Adjustment is going to take awhile Monika. Let's forget the past and move on.
I stepped out of bed, untangled my hair and got ready for the day. The only solace I had was seeing an entirely new wardrobe hanging up in the closet. For once in my life I had to make a conscious decision to wear something.
I had the rather depressing black outfit yesterday, so I’ll wear something cute today.
A white T shirt and some jeans was the outfit for today. As I was about to put on my usual white bow, I looked at it and got a heavy sadness in my chest.
Didn’t I wear this to fit in with the others?
The memories came rushing back and now I was sitting down on the bed with tears silently dripping onto the bow.
…..it was Sayori who made me want to wear this, right? Because I wanted to get closer to Ivan, and I thought wearing this would boost my chances, right?
But she wasn’t here anymore. None of them were. So what’s the point of wearing this? I gently put the bow back into a drawer and walked outside, hoping I could find the answer.
It wasn’t long before someone found me aimlessly walking around.
“Hey! Monika!”
I looked over to see Hitsugi jogging over to me.
“I didn’t see you at breakfast. What happened?” “I….. wasn’t hungry.” “That can’t be good. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Cmon, let’s go get something.”
I followed her back to her room, which was on the opposite side of where my room was and saw someone waiting for us.
Hitsugi: Huh? Al, what are you still doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be seeing Xiera right now? Al: I was, but something happened. Hitsugi: Seriously? Like what? Al: Something about a gigantic black hole opening up out of nowhere. They think it’s Adam trying to come back, so they sent me here. Hitsugi: Eeesh. You think Cat is going to be alright? Al: Yep! She was already dealing with it before the news was announced. Hitsugi: Huh. Guess we have nothing to worry about then. Al: When have we ever? But uh, who’s your guest?
Hitsugi gasped and slapped her forehead. “I’m so stupid. Al, this is Monika. Monika, Al.” Al looked so small in his oversized sweater. I crouched down to meet his gaze.
“Hi.” “Hello.”
He waved with his hand still covered in the sweater, which was incredibly cute.
H: At least you can contain yourself, unlike Kohri. M: Hmm? It’s just a boy. What’s so special about him? H: Try asking that to Kohri. She made such a fuss about him when he first came here. M: Well, he is kind of cute, in a little brother kind of way.
I stood up to see Hitsugi rummaging through her drawers. She eventually pulled out a bar of some kind.
“Here.” “What is it?” “A protein bar. It should do you good until lunch.”
I took it and realized how massive it was. This wasn’t a normal protein bar; this was a protein meal. I opened it up and began to chew on it while Hitsugi lead me to the high school. It was odd not seeing the usual gateway, but considering how massive this place was, I suppose they didn’t need one. We made our way to an empty council room, to which Hitsugi shut the door behind me.
“Alright, so I’ve been told you’re just as old as I am. Which means you need something to do, so…..”
She opened up a screen in front of her and began to go through them. I took a seat and waited for her to do whatever it was she was doing.
“….there!” “What did you do?” “I’ve signed you up to typical 3rd year classes. You’ll be my classmate!” “Woohoo…..” “Aww don’t be like that! This year is going to fly by, trust me! After all-“
Hitsugi’s face dropped whatever happiness she had and was now dead serious. “-there’s the issue of what you’ll do after this year.” “What do you mean?” “Well right now you’re at a crossroad. You can become a normal person, get into a good college, and live a completely normal life, free from whatever weird stuff you experienced with Cat.” “…..and what’s the other option?”
Hitsugi pulled a pin off of her uniform and slid it across to me. “You join Mother Corp and jump right back into that weirdness. Your safety is not guaranteed, not in the slightest. But you’d be able to see Cat on a daily basis, as well as the other wonderful people of ARKs.”
I held the pin up to my face and inspected it. It was a crescent moon, but it was translucent and almost seemed to glow.
“You have a year to think about it. Cat said to not worry too much about this decision. She’ll respect whatever you want to do.”
Before I could respond, a bell rung twice. Hitsugi stood up and took the pin out of my hands. “I know it’s a hard decision to make, but it’s one you have to make. That’s why I didn’t immediately sign you up for Mother Corp. Not everyone is cut out for this kind of lifestyle.” “…..I get it.” “You do? Good. Now let’s go to our first class.”
The classes were still the same even after 50 years.
My memory of these boring classes were deeply ingrained into my mind, so much so that with a simple glance I could instantly solve any problem put in front of me. I didn’t know if I should be thankful or angry for this country making zero effort to advance itself in any meaningful way. Well at least I could think about this one all important decision constantly, which totally isn’t ruining my every waking moment with the horrifying realization that if I pick wrong I can fuck up my life with no way to recover. No of course I’m not stressing over this decision, right Cat? I snapped a pencil in my hand, which snapped me back to reality.
“Oh, uh-“ I glanced over to Hitsugi, who understood and slipped me another pencil. I gingerly took it and spun it in my hands as I went back to the crushing weight of this one decision. Huh. Who would’ve thought that one simple decision would be this excruciating to think about? I wish I could ask someone for help, but the person I’d ask isn’t exactly here anymore. None of them were. Goddamnit-
I blinked, and now I was standing outside of my dorm with Hitsugi.
“You there?” “Uh yep. What were you saying?” “I was saying we could get dinner together, but it would seem that you need the sleep.” “Agreed. Today was exhausting. Goodnight Hitsugi.” “See you tomorrow, Monika.”
I went inside and opened the drawer that had my white bow inside. I gently held it and sat down on my bed.
“…..Sayori, what do I do?”
Silence was my answer. Somehow, I expected her voice to reach me, but even I knew that would be impossible.
“…..I’m sorry.”
The hollowness of those words made the pain so much worse. I curled up onto the bed as I silently cried myself to sleep.
“She’s been notified of the decision.”
Hitsugi was looking at a screen with Matoi on it.
“Well that’s good to hear. Cat is off on a mission, so I’ll relay the information when she gets back.” “Alright. See you around Matoi.”
Matoi waved, then the screen disappeared. Hitsugi got ready for bed and as she lied there in the dark, she had one last thought.
“Monika has to learn to stand on her own two feet. Just like I had to so long ago…..”
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2023.05.31 03:19 theeagerpecan Vehicle repairs going on 8 months

Hi. I'm located in US, NC if that matters. I was in an at fault accident in Oct, 2022 and my insurance sent me to a specific body shop. I got my car back in Jan, after paying my $500 deductible and $1,400 in rental car fees after the 30 days my insurance covered. The head unit (screen for backup camera, radio, etc) was not fixed, along with some alignment and steering issues. They let me drive my car for about a week until they could get an appointment with the Subaru dealership to fix the screen and they said they would fix the other things. Said it would be a couple of days. At this point they picked up the rental car fees. March, I get my car back. The AC isn't working. The AC was working when I dropped it off... Took it to a 3rd party inspector, a multitude of things were wrong. Rusted weld points, no coolant in the car, the radiator hose wasn't attached (WTF?!?). I was put in contact with the regional VP, sent to one of their "good" locations. Assured everything is double and triple checked and my car is ready today. I pick it up, looks good, make it 2 miles and get the indication it is overheating. Pull over and call the guy and he had it towed to the Subaru dealership and they are taking it from there. At this point I want to wash my hands of it and get paid out for the car. Do I have any legal recourse? I will be contacting the inspector for advice as well as my insurance (USAA) to make them aware. Any other actions I can take?
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2023.05.31 03:18 RainbowReset Feedback appreciated!

I picked this up at a head shop about a week ago. Kinds nervous about eating this. It has the same "Serving suggestion" information as a Polka-dot chocolate bar, but those are psilocybin mushroom chocolates not amanita muscaria.
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2023.05.31 03:18 remorseless_skeptic 2007 Toyota Sienna won't start

My mom's 2007 Toyota Sienna won't start. I thought it was just the battery, and it did need to be replaced, but it still won't start. The engine just cranks and I smell gas. it doesn't try to start at all.
My brother tried to help her with the van first. She said it first wouldn't even do anything when she tried to start it. She said they tried to jump start it and, apparently, that didn't work either. When she first told me the story, she acted like they did jump start it, and then later, she acted like they didn't. I'm confused, she's clearly confused, but whatever.
My two main theories are rodent damage or a blown fuse. I can't find any wires that were chewed on, but I do see rodent poop in the engine area. I also don't see any blown fuses, but most of them I can't see, and I don't have a meter for testing with me.
What do you guys think?
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2023.05.31 03:18 Costa_Le_Konfused [wts] Ancient Greek Silver Starter

I will not be shipping before receiving payment, I am already a relatively established seller here on Reddit and on multiple coins discord servers as well. Payment is required before shipment.
Selling a bunch of Greek Silver, $500 for all of it, including the tray. Need gone fast. The coins may be small but are quite cool in hand and packed full of history, the lot ranging from approximately 500bc.-200bc. A little map is included in the Imgur post.
Pay Pal Friends & Family is appreciated, shipping U.S. 3-5 day tracked, PM me with any questions or offers.
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/6RgGlGF
1 Mysia Diobol 1.11gr.-11.2mm
2 Aeolis Diobol 1.25gr.-10.4mm
3 Phokaia Diobol 1.11gr.-7.8mm
4 Kios Bithynia Hemidrachm 2.36gr.-12.6mm
5 Euboea Tetrobol 1.99gr.-13.7mm
6 Kebren Troas Diobol 1.22gr.-10.1mm
7 Skione Obol .65gr.-7.7mm
8 Mysia Obol .72gr.-9.5mm
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2023.05.31 03:18 unfortunatelynoone Did Anybody Else’s Partner/Person Stink?

I just wanted to bring this up because a friend with an ex who has BPD bought this up and it’s similar to mine. But did anybody else’s partner or person just decide they didn’t smell? When I first got in with my now ex, she wasn’t doing anything. Her parents drove her everywhere and she lived off their dime, she never worked until some time into our relationship. Randomly hygiene came up, since I love my showers/bathing routine. I bought up that I shower every second day as long as I don’t smell / didn’t work / didn’t do anything that day, otherwise I’m a before bed shower. She told me that she can’t sweat so she doesn’t smell, so she showers ONCE every “week. Sometimes two”. Of course once she started to do things (work + go out) she started to sweat and would constantly call me crying saying a customer commented on how smelly she was and her workplace was getting complaints. Still insisting that she can’t swear and doesn’t smell. I offered advice on how to overcome that (literally just shower and use products) and even gave her the list of stuff I used (since she enjoyed them) but still she refused telling me how controlling I was…for getting her to shower??? She was working 6 days a week, on her feet, and still only showering once!! She wanted me to tell her the world was wrong, her customers were wrong and her boss was a bitch. Because in her mind, she didn’t smell. Did anybody else’s do this?
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2023.05.31 03:18 RepresentativeOk7441 What is the quickest way to learn the game and get past the learning curve?

So basically I played valorant a lot in the past during the open beta and the first Act, but at that time I was very invested into Overwatch and I made my way into the top 500 in my region about 3 months ago. But now I am looking for a new challenge and really want to get into competitive valorant, especially since the competitive scene is a lot more established than overwatch. The problem is that I haven’t touched the game since its release in 2020 and obviously it has changed a lot since then and there are way more maps and agents to learn. For me personally I really want to make sure I have all the basic game sense and knowledge of a game before diving straight into competitive. What do you think is the best way to optimize my time to learn the game fully and get past the learning curve so I can start ranking up?
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2023.05.31 03:18 tonynick1982 I'm bored so I summarized some election stats

I'm bored so I summarized some election stats
Here are some stats from last night's election in Alberta.
  1. Voter turnout: 62.4%, which is down roughly 5% from 2019
  2. There were 8,052 rejected ballots, which is almost double the number of votes cast for the Alberta Liberal Party.
  3. The overall provincial popular vote was 52.6% for the UCP and 44.0% for the NDP. It broke down regionally as follows:
Edmonton 62.7% NDP (20 seats) 34.6% UCP (0 seats)
Edmonton suburbs and ridings bordering Edmonton 40.3% NDP (2 seats) 56.1% UCP (8 seats)
Calgary 49.3% NDP (14 seats) 48.2% UCP (12 seats)
Calgary suburbs and ridings bordering Calgary 35.7% NDP (1 seat) 61.9% UCP (4 seats)
North 25.0% NDP (0 seats) 72.2% UCP (10 seats)
Central 24.7% NDP (0 seats) 68.3% UCP (9 seats)
South 33.5% NDP (1 seat) 61.0% UCP (6 seats)
  1. The NDP opposition is the largest opposition in Alberta's history as a percentage of total seats available, occupying almost 44% of the seats. See attached graph.
  2. Only 2617 extra NDP voters would have had to vote in 6 ridings to give the NDP a majority. Calgary-North: 114 Calgary-North West: 150 Calgary-Bow: 386 Calgary-Cross: 519 Calgary-East: 702 Lethbridge-East: 746
  3. As a percentage of total votes cast, the 10 closest ridings were as follows, with the winning margin: Calgary-Acadia: NDP won by 0.03% Calgary-Glenmore: NDP won by 0.12% Calgary-North West: UCP won by 0.60% Calgary-North: UCP won by 0.72% Banff-Kananaskis: NDP won by 0.86% Calgary-Edgemont: NDP won by 1.19% Calgary-Foothills: NDP won by 1.21% Calgary-Bow: UCP won by 1.47% Calgary-Beddington: NDP won by 2.83% Calgary-Elbow: NDP won by 2.99%
  4. The ten strongest ridings for each party, based on percentage winning margin: UCP Drumheller-Stettler: 67.7% margin Central Peace-Notley: 59.2% margin Taber-Warner: 58.1% margin Vermiliion-Lloydminster-Wainwright: 56.7% margin Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills: 56.2% margin Grande Prairie-Wapiti: 55.4% margin Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre: 53.8% margin Cardston-Siksika: 52.5% margin Drayton Valley-Devon: 51.4% margin Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul: 50.9% margin
NDP Edmonton-Strathcona: 62.4% margin Edmonton-City Centre: 50.7% margin Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood: 47.3% margin Edmonton-Gold Bar: 41.7% margin Edmonton-Glenora: 41.2% margin Edmonton-Riverview: 37.7% margin Edmonton-Rutherford: 32.3% margin Calgary-Mountain View: 31.5% margin Calgary-Buffalo: 29.1% margin Edmonton-Meadows: 26.1% margin
  1. Janet Brown Opinion Research is the undisputed champion of polling accuracy in Alberta, and it isn't even close. See attached graph .
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2023.05.31 03:17 Comfortable_Pie5557 Don’t know if this is flirting or not?

Women of this SubReddit I need your help what is your view on this would you say it is flirting?
Hi so I’m a guy little autistic and new to this mental health group and a girl and I talk a little and shes sat with me on the couch and then huddled up and sat on the floor in and put her feet beneath the table in front of us and she laid her head on the edge of the seat cushion, so she was sat down on the floor next to as I was sting on the couch normally, as I don’t like assuming anything I’m going to assume that was not flirting and just a friendly gesture but I need your guys thoughts as well
Also another new girl, let’s call her Cesha, in the room said near the end after the girl I was speaking to let’s call her Meg said to both of us that we will be University besties after me and Meg were talking about her showing me around Uni when I joined in the coming months. Also for further context Me and Meg are both introverts.
So from your experience is this flirting or is it just normal friend to friend stuff?
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2023.05.31 03:17 ItsAllOver12345 How do other LINRE’s not get demoralized by basically subsistence living?

As a LINRE (low income, not rich ever) I’m unbelievably demoralized knowing I’ll never get ahead in life.
I see people say things like “well, if you invest 500 dollars a month for 30 years you’ll be a millionaire!” and it’s the most demoralizing thing I’ve ever read in my life, because a) a million dollars really doesn’t do much for you even today, and b) they say you’ll finally have some financial security, it’s just going to take 30 years.
If I was at least a HENRY (high earner, not rich yet) I wouldn’t feel so demoralized, but as someone with a low income I just feel completely demoralized every second I’m at work.
How do you guys do it? Just ignore those thoughts?
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2023.05.31 03:17 RepresentativeOk7441 What is the quickest way to learn the game and get past the learning curve?

So basically I played valorant a lot in the past during the open beta and the first Act, but at that time I was very invested into Overwatch and I made my way into the top 500 in my region about 3 months ago. But now I am looking for a new challenge and really want to get into competitive valorant, especially since the competitive scene is a lot more established than overwatch. The problem is that I haven’t touched the game since its release in 2020 and obviously it has changed a lot since then and there are way more maps and agents to learn. For me personally I really want to make sure I have all the basic game sense and knowledge of a game before diving straight into competitive. What do you think is the best way to optimize my time to learn the game fully and get past the learning curve so I can start ranking up?
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2023.05.31 03:17 feetmania73 Feet Mania !!!

Indulge in the captivating world of feet, where sensuality, elegance, and desire intertwine. In this sanctuary, slender arches adorned with delicate anklets dance, while each toe tells a story waiting to be discovered. Explore the intricacies of perfectly manicured nails, the allure of stockings, and the intoxicating scent of worn shoes. Immerse yourself in the interplay of light and shadow, accentuating the unique beauty of every foot. Experience the magnetic allure that has captivated hearts throughout history, as desires awaken and fantasies come to life. Join this enticing journey, where feet become the focal point of desire, and indulge in a sanctuary where pleasure knows no bounds. https://onlyfans.com/feetmania73
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2023.05.31 03:16 anonnoodle88 Pressure urticaria, no hives, anyone else?

Just came across this sub. I've had pressure urticaria for ~10 years now and just felt like discussing it in case others have something similar.
Some images show what happens to me. For example, I bit my lip once and bottom lip got super swollen. My lips also swell when I do sustained sucking-type things, so things like popsicles, large suckers, even >1 can/bottle of soda will cause lips to poof up.
Wearing glasses/sunglasses will sometimes cause my nose bridge to swell up.
The biggest offender, how I first discovered it, was when I went to a baseball game and sat in the hard bleacher seat for a couple hours. This cause my spine to swell up on the bones so I looked like a dinosaur...
Recently the biggest annoyance is that I can't wear regular shoes unless I get orthotics or else my feet swell pretty bad. Curious if anyone else deals with this. I want to get some swim shoes but need to find some with heavy padding... Walking barefoot even on carpet will cause my feet to be in pain after a couple hours.
Also my elbows/forearms get puffy after resting them on chaidesk when working, but I don't have any pics of that.
Fortunately no hives at least, nothing itches. Allergist tested my reaction once for this and after rubbing something against my arm, there was a slight redness only where he pressed down, but it was very minor and didn't bother me or itch.
Just curious if this is like anyone else's situation! Besides the feet pain, the other pressure swelling doesn't generally cause daily problems, but when it does happen it's embarrassing since it looks like a bee sting or just weird in general.
Other medical issues: rheumatoid arthritis (RA), achalasia, pericarditis
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2023.05.31 03:16 Elusive_Dr_X Happy

Just thought I'd share my new set up
Focal Chora 806 speakers - purchased over Christmas for $500 to replace a set of Klipsch RP600M's that I've replaced parts under warranty twice
Outlaw Audio R2160 amp - $500 local to replace an NAD 326BEE that's now gifted to a daughter
Dayton Audio 12" sub
iFi Zen BT/DAC
All in around. $1,100 which seems to be a little more than the intent of this subreddit, but I can't say enough good things about the Focals for this $. Clean, clear, and balanced. The sub is icing on the cake
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2023.05.31 03:16 AnimeOcCreator77 Hika Hika no Mi [Plane-Plane Fruit]

Appearance: An orange banana with square white and circular blue swirls coating its skin, with two long leaves and spirally stems resembling wings and tail fins from the end
The eater of this fruit gains the ability to summon a customizable plane that they can alter the size, shape, and structure of, making them a Plane User


Plane: The user is able to summon a construct based around a plane that they can control in a telekinetic manner. This plane can move not just forward and turn, but even hover in place, fly backwards, flip, spin, and even stop on a dime even if moving directly downwards. The user can control their plane from anywhere they want even from whole other islands away or directly above themselves like a protective drone or pet. The user is able to open various sections of their plane such as the cockpit, emergency doors, and cargo bay and store anything they want inside of them regardless of the plane's current size, shrinking them down to the respective dimensions of the plane and being stored in places the user arranges them in
Aero-morphis: The user is able to control and reshape their plane with simple thoughts of the design, form, attributes, interior, and capabilities. This allows the user to remodel their plane for various scenarios and abilities, such as being small enough to fly around the inside of buildings and confined spaces, large and armored enough to be used against giants, stealthy and silent enough to fly undetected by security, even become more militaristic with powerful guns and explosives the user may store in their cargo and integrate into their plane. The user is able to make their plane small enough to be hide on their person and used as a responsive weapon with guns and sharp wings and revolving propellers
The user's plane can become strong enough to carry entire ships of crews and plow through whole mountains and forests with enough speed and power by simply becoming more jet-like. They can even alter the inside of their plane to suit themself and others in better comfort when cruising or fighting inside their own plane, gifting them impressive capability

Awakening: Wide Open Planes

The user is now able to create multiple planes with their own designs and capabilities as various models, each as well being able to change in dimensions of size, shape, and interior like their first plane. This gifts the user better versatility and power with multiple planes that they can control simultaneously for coordinated attacks against multiple opponents and covering a large area.
The user is also able to integrate with their planes to control them better and even form their attributes into controllable appendages to themself and even travel between, becoming part of one to get to another in an instant, giving them even more control and awareness over their planes and safety that allows them to switch between their planes to become an unpredictable target to their opponents
Drawbacks: The user's mind will need to keep up with the conditions, locations, and responsiveness of each plane they create and any damage correlates onto themself as well even with one plane


• The user's plane can be affected by outside forces such as attacks and heavy winds, causing damage to the plane that reflects on the user, although take no actual damage/harm themself
• The user's plane can create it's own form of weaponry such as guns, bombs, and ammunition without needing to be stocked up beforehand, however that method drains the user's stamina overtime with prolonged use
• Standard Devil Fruit weaknesses apply


Hawkite Bomber: User control their plane to unleash a rapid-fire salvo of bullets and even an explosive bomb at their designated target
Wave Glider: User makes their plane large enough to stand on or sit in and ride it silently while moving, allowing them to cross large distances quickly and safely or get out of dangerous environments. The user can utilize their plane's natural response to air-currents and observation haki to avoid incoming attacks
Stealth Wing: User transforms their plane into a large vehicle resembling a stealth-aircraft, being streamlined, black (Actually pentachromatic plating that allows them to change color depending on the light levels of their environment) and sharply angular with the wings fins and windows. This special plane allows the user to not just avoid making sound and being smooth, but even being able to fly undetected by transponder snail and territorial sea slug signals, making this technique of the the best for espionage
Toxcatl Slipstream: User utilizes their stealth-plane to slash at opponents with their razor-sharp wings and fins in a serpentine movement around their bodies quickly. The flashes of color from the plane moving around quickly can even disorient opponents that see them
Typheron: User has their plane become large and broad-winged with large turbines, then fly around at high speeds in a circle to create a powerful vortex to cause massive damage. The user can add explosives to the winds for even more chaotic destruction
Blast Predator: User merges with their plane to gain the senses and direct control over their giant aerial body, then create many large machine guns, missiles, and even fire their propellers forward like boomerangs to hit their opponents with incredible firepower. The user can create a torrential force of wind from their props and thrusters to keep them opponents pinned to one place as they unleash their payload of explosive ammunition
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2023.05.31 03:16 lifeonhardmode26 Assuming they break layering every maintenance?

Legit every Tuesday there's maintenance, there is layering problems. The game (on hc obv) gets thrown into a semi unplayable state for practically every zone below 30. Was feeling tired and playing reckless so I logged off my 46 and into my alt in barrens and oh my Lord. 50 feet circling the centaur lake for mushrooms. 20+ for each named npc quest. Just had to get off for the day instead.
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2023.05.31 03:15 Capital-Breakfast-50 What is this squared white mesh In people's SAB's?

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2023.05.31 03:15 Foolish_Fangirl Head Captain Candidate if Shunsui unexpectedly retired young (for whatever reasons)

For me, Shinji, Byakuya, and Hitsugaya so far are the best candidate, reasons:
Byakuya is logical, wise, experienced, respected, powerful, and well-balanced. He's also already have the experienced in being a head for his household so I don't think the Head Captain position will giving him a hard time. The down sides are, while he's changing, he's still too uptight, he's actually still held his own belief that everyone must follow the rules (even though maybe he loosened it up a bit), being a noble makes his thinking boxed, he will have a hard time in thinking out of the box to responds for an unexpected situation, not to mention his loyalty lays on Kuchiki House first then Gotei 13 second, that alone is actually dangerous since a leader have to be neutral towards any parties. And if Central 46 give him the position, that will giving the Kuchiki House too much power since 2 of their direct descendants are 1) Head Captain and 2) Captain of the Gotei 13. I'm sure that will just cause some frictions from the other nobles.
For Shinji, he's the best person out of the three, he is experienced as a Captain (more than Byakuya and Hitsugaya), he's powerful enough, he's open-minded, and his interpersonal skills is great, he's also very cunning and sharp. His only weakness is that he is a half-hollow. And that one weakness will kick him out as a candidate for Head Captain since he is deemed as dangerous. It's impossible for him to be a Head Captain, after all allowing him and the others to become Captains again already a stretch, they already bending the rules that should never be bend, him being a Head Captain is something else entirely. While the Central 46 now loosening their opinions/stances against hollowfied beings, they're still held their belief that hollowfied beings are dangerous. That's why they would never let a 'threat' like him lead the Gotei 13.
The only choices here is Hitsugaya. The problem is, he's too young. He's literally a child and inexperienced but if we take a look closely, his personality is like a perfect mix between Byakuya's 'firm and by-the-rules' and Shinji's 'open-mindedness and sharp intuition'. I think people who said that he's rash, immature, and hotheaded are still stuck in his characterisation on the first arcs. But actually, if we look at the entire series, it was continuously revealed that Hitsugaya is a great Captain. As a Captain he is firm and fair but he doesn't distancing himself from his subordinates (like Byakuya for example). He's also very dedicated to his job and actually one of the few captains that are mature, calm, and level-headed (after all, the only times where him being rash and hotheaded are for Hinamori and Aizen, other than that he was pretty calm). He is one of the only captains (the other being Unohana) that suspected there are more to Rukia's execution, this sharp intuition of his (even if he'd identified the culprit wrong, but not entirely wrong in the end) made him revealed Aizen, Gin, and Tousen's betrayal in open. He maybe have a bit of pride in the first arcs (after all, he is hailed as a child prodigy and became a Captain at a very young age) but that changed after Aizen defeated him. He was humbled by that, he resolved himself to train more so he can becomes stronger. And after that training we can see him being more mature, calmer, and more level-headed than before (this development in him began from The Lost Agent Arc until TTYBW Arc/Post-TTYBW). He doesn't raised to taunts, he calmly assessed his situation (when he lost his bankai), he's actually unnaturally calm in TTYBW Arc. It seems like he becomes more steady, like nothing could fazed him except for that two times where he's badly shaken up (when he first lost his bankai and when he saw Matsumoto dying/died). Not to mention, him and Byakuya actually similar, being highly intelligent and a master tactician. He's easily adapted to battles, searching for his opponents strenghts and weaknesses then proceeds to deal with them according his calculations. If he's trained as a Head Captain, then I'd say he'll be a great one. But still, in this time he's still a child. A child with enormous potential, yes but still a child. In idk 500 years? I'm sure he'll be ready as a Head Captain.
But, I think if it really comes to that and the position needs to be filled immediately, then Byakuya is the perfect choice. Because Shinji is basically impossible and Hitsugaya is still a child. Down the line though, I'd say it's inevitable for Hitsugaya to become a Head Captain (with his constant parallel with Yamamoto from the start of the series).
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