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Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2021.05.09 22:30 Gottacatchemallsuccs babyleaves

First baby leaf on your new plant? Show me. Just recovered from near death and putting out new growth? Why aren’t you showing me yet? Suddenly found the most beautiful new baby leaf that ever was? Show. Me.

2022.02.07 10:52 Pumpopoly Pumpopoly

Do your NFTs pay you rent? You can't right-click real estate income. Pumpopoly provides passive income to players and NFT holders. Built on the NEAR blockchain.

2023.05.31 02:10 kcassidy01 Double knockout! Party defeats the Iron Banshee but she knocks them out!

So my lvl 8 party of 3, a soul knife, an Eldritch Knight and Swarm keeper Ranger tried to recruit the Iron Banshee to help in claiming the Cathedral.They used spells like Misty step and a cape of the mountain back to breach the dome. She wants to know who they are and my fun begins.
The party asked Eldric about her and if she would be useful for getting into the cathedral. I was not planning on this, the banshee was a rumor from months ago they heard on the road to Drakkenheim. He tells them and they make it in.
The rogue lies her way through and rolls a nat 1 on persuasion. But the soul knife decided to talk telepathically and say maybe we should kill her.
So I may have been a bit off in my use of the spell detect thoughts. The banshee reads her mind(another nat 1 on her wisdom save.) And the banshee assumes they are assassins sent by the directors.
So I made Ryan an armorewar mage. And gave her a few fun spells like contingency. So we fought with her nearly one shot the rogue with an almost max damage 3 charges from her wand of lighting bolt( so lvl5) and then them slam her with a ton of spells/explosive arrows and pain. She cast octirine spray knocking the rogue and ranger down.
The EK hit her knocking her to 0 and setting off her contingency, a lvl 5 pulse wave. That also knocked out the EK.
So my question is who should wake up first? They are all unconscious in the Rose Theater. Has anyone else had a situation like this arise at a table?
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2023.05.31 02:10 Queen-of-Arab The Ring He Proposed With- A Story

The Ring He Proposed With- A Story
I had been travelling for over a month, a brutal road trip from Iraq to Iran. Not necessarily because I was ranging through a nationwide war-zone like they show in the movies but rather rocky terrain, no washroom for hundreds of kms and not a person in sight. At this point self maintaince was thrown right out the window, my overgrown eyebrows, a bare face and an intense tan as my olive skin tone now became a soft honey in the fall weather of November. When I decided that the reason I was going on this trip was to find myself spiritually, I didn’t want to indulge in superficial things, like makeup or dressing up. Through the entirety of the trip I wore the hijab and most of my time was spent in shrines where a chador a cloth that covers the entirety of your bodily aura was mandatorily worn out of respect.
So there I stood in a jewelry shop near my hotel that I would pass by everyday to go to the harema sacred inviolable place. Browsing through the fine selection of Iranian feroza, stumbling through my spiritual journey while also indulging in some retail therapy. In my defence these gem stones weren’t just for pretty display on my hands but they also had healing properties for the body and mind.
Running from one glass display to another I couldn’t set my heart on a specific article; I wanted all of them. Midst the questionable time I was spending trying to narrow my selection, the sound of the door creaking open caught my attention and soon when I turned my head to look over, I caught glance of the kindest eyes I had ever seen. For a moment I couldn’t help myself but admire the man, his full beard was finely kept creating a deep contrast of the dark color against his fair skin while his piercing green eyes were an enticing distraction from the outline of his muscles even through his black dress-shirt. I shrugged at his lingering glance catching mine and turned back to the salesman as I asked him to ring my bill for me.
Soon enough when I looked up those same eyes met mine again but this time he was standing behind the counter with the most stunning ring in his hand. Narrow diamonds clustered around a garnet which was also my birthstone. He turned the calculator towards me, and I glanced down to read 28.This is my age, I also own four houses and this is my personal business.” He paused before he spoke again, “you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and I want to marry you.”
I was too stunned to speak, his words eloquently met my ears like music and I began to blush. Adjusting the black chador over my head thinking how could someone even consider my acquaintance in this state? I chuckled and thought it was just an exaggerated compliment but his gaze said otherwise.
He spoke again, ”I always knew I would wed an *ajami - someone whose mother tongue isn’t Arabic or a non Arab in general. “Your beauty has enticed me and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” Again he tugged at my heart strings but I was already spoken for at the time so I told him exactly that and he was heartbroken. I avoided looking up at him through the rest of the transaction and tried my best to hide how red my cheeks exactly were. I paid the due amount for the rest of the jewerly that I bought even thought he insisted on all of it completely discounted.
Before I could walk away from one of the most interesting encounters in my life, he held the ring out to me and insisted I keep it as a gift. I reached out and my fingers lingered against the palm of his large hand as I picked up the ring. Through the rest of the days I would often catch sight of him and his eyes spoke words to me I don’t think our tongues could ever exchange, even today I wonder how my life would have unfolded if I had yes to his endowing request.
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2023.05.31 02:10 AloneList9475 My younger brother saw this flying through the sky about 3-4 days ago. I’ve seen it fly near our house everyday since. Anybody got an idea on what it could be? Seen in Middlesex county Massachusetts btw.

My younger brother saw this flying through the sky about 3-4 days ago. I’ve seen it fly near our house everyday since. Anybody got an idea on what it could be? Seen in Middlesex county Massachusetts btw. submitted by AloneList9475 to Weird [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 02:10 nutsmashbros I'm done with this dystopian utopia but this sub is dead

I am about to be evicted and the only option I have is to sell my car which is the last thing I have left to my name other than material object I couldn't care less about so with little to no options left I have decided to look into communes again.
I have wanted this communal lifestyle since I was a kid so now looking on Reddit and realizing it's nearly a pipe dream is soul crushing to say the least. I want to join a commune ASAP so I've been researching them but it doesn't seem like many are established to the point I can just join and start putting in my fair share so I was wondering if anyone active on here knows about how to even go about joining one and how to avoid cults or any other negative situations that may arise while attempting to join one.
I have found a lot of active communities on IC but none are in the state that I currently am stuck in so I was wondering how I would even know if it's worth the journey?
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2023.05.31 02:09 SteveDurin Age gaps

I’m a nerd. My idea of a good time is staying home, reading a book or playing a game, and enjoying the solitude. I am your stereotypical introvert who frankly wouldn’t leave my house if I didn’t have to. I have lived this way most of my life and have been mostly happy, with one tiny problem. I want someone to share my boring life with.
I have been in very few relationships and none of them really lasted, my lack of desire to go out or ambition to do anything with my life kills them pretty quickly. I gave up on finding someone a long time ago, and now I’m a happy 36 introvert who only leaves to work.
I play a very popular MMO, Final Fantasy 14. Since mid last year I’ve been playing it nearly everyday with someone I met on there. We make each other laugh, we enjoy each others company, we’ve grown very close but barely talked about our lives outside of the game, and when we do we avoided details and only whined about work and stuff. We discovered we were only two hours apart, and met up in person over the weekend.
And then I learned she was only 22. Sigh. No idea why I never asked her age, we got along so well that I just assumed she was close to mine. She often talked to me about things like ninja turtles and transformers, the stuff I grew up with. It was awkward then, but I figured we’d just hang out and talk about the game and stuff, didn’t want to be rude.
Within the hour it didn’t matter anymore, we were actually out walking around town just laughing and joking with each other, went to an arcade, played laser tag, played mini golf. And then she just says she really likes me and asks if I want to go out on a more formal date. Being the nerd that I am, I got tongue tied and stuttered and eventually told her I wouldn’t be comfortable with that since she’s so much younger than me, and that she’s amazing and can easily find someone better than me etc etc.
She was disappointed but she seemed to accept it and we went our separate ways. Ended up playing the game together again that night and the next day and then she told me to let her know if I change my mind and that she still really likes me.
Whyyyy does the first person I really get along with and who actually expresses interest in me have to be 14 years younger than me! Argh!!! Even if the age gap didn’t bother me, she’s 22! She doesn’t know what she wants yet, not really. I’ve already talked myself out of any potential relationship, but damn a part of me feels like this will be my only chance to not be alone. I am so aggravated!
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2023.05.31 02:09 nosesinroses Puppy regressed so hard after puppy class.

Several weeks ago, I made a post here regarding my puppy being over-stimulated the entirety of our first puppy class, which looks like him looking rapidly around at his triggers (people, dogs), wagging his tail the entire time and panting heavily, to the point of trembling. Advice ranged from pulling him from the classes altogether or asking for modifications like a visual barrier which wasn’t available. The classes were in a very small room which really didn’t help. After speaking with the trainer, they suggested we move to advanced classes as my puppy was still responding well in his high arousal state and the location was a lot bigger. We gave this a try and while he definitely was still over-stimulated, he did do really well and I saw progress over the weeks. We had a class outdoors and he was by far one of the best behaved. I was proud.
Until last night.
For whatever reason, last night, he couldn’t handle it. He went back to the same intense arousal as the first class in the small room, but worse. He was trembling so bad. I was going to pull him out after 30min, but then we moved onto a “leave it” game which didn’t involve proximity to other dogs and he knocked it out of the park. I should have pulled him out then though, because the next activity involved a “meet and greet” where we walked towards another owner and dog, with dogs on opposite ends so they couldn’t actually meet. My puppy couldn’t handle this and to my dismay he started jumping at the owners and lunging at the dogs. Other owners criticized us and I walked out early in tears.
I had a very bad feeling about the repercussions, and I was right. Today has been horrible.
He is getting intense zoomies indoors as soon as the crate door opens which NEVER happens. He was finally starting to settle on his own and now he just wanders and pants non-stop again. We have a routine as we walk down the stairs in our apartment where he checks in with me on each flight, and I might as well have not have existed to him today. I knew before we even walked outside what I was in for…
He was extremely hyper alert and over aroused. We live above a shopping plaza so he has been exposed to people, dogs, heavy traffic, all the bells and whistles since day one. I have worked on properly exposing him to these things so he doesn’t get over aroused. But today, he was the worst behaved that he has ever been. The moment he saw a person or dog, no matter how far, he hyper fixated and either stopped dead in his tracks while ignoring my commands or pulled towards them. He pulled hard towards every single person who passed us which was extremely embarrassing. He had almost no unprompted engagement with me even though I have worked so hard on this every single day. Normally he looks at me every minute or so. He has NEVER been this bad. All it took was one stupid puppy class.
We obviously won’t be going to the final class next week, and he will be getting conditioned to a halti to hopefully stop him from pulling towards people. I was so proud of him because he didn’t need one…
I think a big reason why it’s so bad is because we don’t have a yard for him to run around in (I do take him on long line walks all the time, but haven’t much for the past week because of car issues). Another big reason is probably because I have no friends that live near me, so he doesn’t get to play with other dogs or learn how to greet new people properly. I’m not only an introvert, but kind of anti-social in general… it is extremely difficult for me to try to make new connections. That’s why I got a dog, to be my best friend. But I have tried countless times to connect with others for this dog so he can get the outlets he needs. None of these times have worked out. I have gone way above and beyond what 90% of dog owners do for this dog (not just meeting strangers for dog dates, but multiple rounds of puppy classes, private training, many books and hundreds of hours spent researching)…. and it’s still not enough.
I really like this dog. I am bonded to him. I know he is bonded to me.
But if we can’t even go for a walk in our neighbourhood without him being overstimulated the moment we walk out the door. Or find a quiet trail without off leash dogs running around. I just don’t know if this is sustainable for either of us.
This is the closest I have felt to wanting to throw in the towel. And now more than ever, it’s not even about me, but about this dog and what’s best for him. I don’t know how much longer I should hold out before I tell the rescue that he needs to go to a home with either a yard or another dog, or ideally both.
I am just so, so exhausted. And I feel so, so bad for my dog. I hate this.
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2023.05.31 02:09 Omega_Requiem DMCO doesn't work for me, and I can't figure out why

First, I'm playing on Skyrim SE 1.5.97, I did the downgrade and everything. Second, I've tried damn near everything I could think of and it still doesn't work. Anyone have tips or advice?
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2023.05.31 02:09 Nick_Collins This was a funny win 😂

1v1 but I had a pistol so I only have one guaranteed way to win this 💉
I got a bit cocky toward the end though and it nearly ended in tragedy 😂
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2023.05.31 02:09 dumpcake999 Northern Lights near Regina, Saskatchewan.

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2023.05.31 02:09 The49thJudge2 Lake Como near in between Darby and Hamilton

Lake Como near in between Darby and Hamilton
Took a drive down to Darby and stopped to see this hidden gem.
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2023.05.31 02:09 Lost_Page_2030 Something to keep in mind

There were a ton of bogus leaks around the time of Sonic 2 (Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson being considered for Knuckles, Tails and Eggman spinoff movies, supposed test screenings with details that never happened, etc), and now that a new movie is coming out, the rumor mill is gonna get started back up. So next time you see something like "Aubrey Plaza playing the villain of Sonic 3" or "Big and Amy team up with the heroes to stop Metal Sonic," remind yourself that the movie won't come out for nearly nineteen months. Filming hasn't started yet, and probably won't for a while. I won't give any supposed leaks the time of day until the trailer comes out, and I'll simply wait and see if any were correct when the film proper is released.
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2023.05.31 02:09 TuringC0mplete Feel like a burden

Preface: no one but myself is making me feel like this
I cannot get over the feeling of being a burden. I absolutely abhor asking for rides everywhere, having to coordinate with other people to make plans to get around, to make sure I'm not alone for too long, to make sure I can get dropped off to friends houses like a fucking play date.
I'm 31 years old. I developed epilepsy at 30 and while I know that's not nearly as long as others have suffered from it I'm still in the anger stage of grief and I can't get past it.
I had to take a few weeks off of work (thankfully they were really great about it) after my last seizure for my own mental health and I've just spent most days either crying, trying not to scream, or trying not to puke from adjusting to my new meds that my neuro gave me since my Lamictal wasn't getting rid of them entirely.
I miss my autonomy. I miss being able to do things.
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2023.05.31 02:09 polanyisauce Did anyone witness a suicide in Mississauga 5 years ago?

My brother fell from a balcony in a condo building near square one five years ago in February. I'm wondering if anyone here witnessed it. I would like to hear your testimony. I'm ready. I am also curious, to hear someone else's experience of the same event.
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2023.05.31 02:09 fusm23 No coverage where Verizon should have coverage?

Michigan Upper peninsula - AT&T had at least _some_ coverage , but on my US Mobile Warp5g (still on 100 trial) phone , I had no coverage. As in, phone reported no network found.
In the past (a year ago), in same area on Verizon postpaid network I had experienced at least some coverage - enough to send text messages, for example. I don't have a apples-to-apples comparison to another Verizon-postpaid phone _RIGHT NOW_ , but I don't suppose Verizon network has deteriorated significantly.
Then --- is there any case where US Mobile Warp 5G does not get coverage where Verizon postpaid would? I should say , where I normal live (suburb of a tier-2 city), I get very good connection . Issue appeared to be only in specific area.
Luckily it was only a minor inconvenience; but since Verizon network is frequently touted as being stronger than AT&T and T-Mobile in rural areas, I was pretty disappointed with my experience. This is making me seriously question which other areas around me does Verizon not work at.
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2023.05.31 02:08 The_Thicc_Kobudai Tips for Rev matching?

So I got my first bike a week ago today (04 ninja 250) and I've been loving riding it. I've taken it out to the twisties almost every chance I've gotten. I've been working on honing my skills and I feel like I've done pretty good with everything except Rev matching on downshifts, but I may of figured it out today. I found that, as long as I'm not accelerating or engine braking, I can pretty much hold the throttle stationary and when I bring the clutch in and downshift the drop in resistance brings the revs up just enough so that when I let the clutch back out it's sitting at nearly the exact right rpms a lot of the time. I can even pop the clutch in and out pretty quick and it still feels really smooth. I may be stupid and this is just the standard method of Rev matching but I've never watched any videos on it or anything so I'm not sure. I just know how an engine and transmission work so I based it off of that. What do you guys think?
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2023.05.31 02:08 Both-Purple-1515 Child Care Specialist (Summer/First job)

Hi, I finished my first year of college and am interested in working as a Child care Specialist for children with special needs and disabilities. This would be my first job. There is a Special needs daycare near my home, which I applied for, and now waiting to hear back if I get the job. I have an Autistic sister who attends this special needs daycare. I helped my sister when she had big tantrums and made messes at home. I'm a bit nervous about this job because I have only been around autism, but the kids that go to this daycare have other disabilities. I want to be prepared on how to communicate and what I should practice to be a better supervisor for the other kids. This special needs daycare is intense and stressful, which worries me greatly. I want to work better with children with disabilities. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.31 02:07 Califanoal Uranium Exploration ➡️New UUSA.c CEO interview

Uranium Exploration ➡️New UUSA.c CEO interview
In an interview with InvestorIntel, Kraken Energy Corp.'s (ticker: UUSA.c or UUSAF for US investors) CEO and Director, Matthew Schwab, discusses their efforts to establish domestic uranium production in the United States by reviving past-producing uranium mines.
Watch here: https://youtu.be/uwz7vZOh8NI
UUSA is focused on acquiring and developing near-surface mineralization resources that were previously taken out of production due to the removal of incentives by the US government in the late 1950s and 1960s. The interview highlights the issue of the US's current dependence on foreign uranium despite having numerous nuclear power reactors, underscoring the importance of domestic uranium production.
Matthew also emphasizes the expertise of UUSA's high-caliber team and their recent agreement to acquire a significant interest in the Harts Point Uranium Property in southeast Utah. The property is situated in the uranium-rich Colorado Plateau near the White Mesa Uranium Mill and has existing permits for exploration drilling. Harts Point has a history of uranium production and displays encouraging indicators of radioactivity.
Make sure to check out the full interview above for more information on Harts Point and UUSA as a whole. Posted on behalf of Kraken Energy Corp.
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2023.05.31 02:07 Longlive_Nini13 Good relationship turned strained

I (30F) became friends with (34M) a few months back. Neither of us are really looking for a serious relationship but we have been flirty with each other on occasions and have talked about maybe trying in the future. I care a lot about this person and I ended up finding out through mutual friends that he was in an LDR with someone recently who treated me poorly. When I confronted him about it, I’ve noticed our communication began lacking. I know that my emotions can take over as I have a lot of past relationship trauma but I tried my best to be very open about how I felt and that if he chose to get back together with them rather than pursuing anything with me, I can no longer be friends as I am afraid to be around toxicity. He claimed that he understood but that there was no chance of him ever getting back together with her. Fast forward a week, and he forgot it was my birthday. I found out that he sent flowers to someone completely different knowing how much I love flowers (especially receiving them). I feel that me showing once again how I felt about the situation, was me being the one in the wrong. I sent him a present for his birthday coming up very shortly and I feel like such a stupid person for doing so now. When we had our confrontation about a few things, I had asked for some space and that I don’t really want to talk about anything right now but I won’t go radio silent because I don’t want our relationship to get worse. It seems he’s the one who chose to ignore me. I sent a few texts and photos of my trip over the last week and he’s barely responded to anything since Saturday. He went completely dark about 36 hours ago. I’ve sent two texts nearly 9 hours apart with no response. I’m not sure if I am just the one overreacting but after finding out info he was keeping from me and also forgetting things about me (a few other things happened over the weekend) while he gets annoyed when I forget things, just isn’t sitting right with me. I don’t know if I should continue to pursue this relationship or not. Thoughts?
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2023.05.31 02:07 sea_gloss (20 PST) Looking for friends in Genshin , Vr Chat, + other games

Hi! I’m looking for people to mostly play genshin with! I’m AR 34 with my highest character being 60 rn, so it’d be nice to play with people who are more near my level. I’m also interested in getting back into VR chat and I’d love to become friends with someone and play together!
Some other games I play occasionally:
BO2 on Plutonium Minecraft (rarely) Sims 3 and 4 ( a lot lol)
I’ve wanted to try other games like phasmophobia or back rooms but I didn’t want to commit to buying them if no one would play with me, so if we become friends and you like those games then I might buy them to play! I have a pretty decent laptop so I could handle most games if there are any suggestions. PST time zone would be appreciated but I’m okay with going up to EST unless you’re up during normal PST hours. I also tend to stay up late recently, especially with having summer off from college. Dm before discord please!
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2023.05.31 02:06 Altruistic-Employ-92 Penny Peach Show 5/31

Penny Peach Show 5/31
Anyone know where this show is taking place?? It says Purgatory but can't seem to figure out where that is!
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2023.05.31 02:06 biggranny000 Looking to upgrade/change bike for commuting to work, and light gravel hardpack trails.

BACKGROUND: Currently I own a Cannondale trail 8, it's a few years old, still everything is original except for the rear cogs and chain. I put a lot of miles on this bike, however it's a bit heavy and too aggressive for what I use it for, as much as I like mountain biking I'm not skilled and have bad coordination (which can be fixed overtime), but I think I just enjoy more casual trails and taking in scenery more than intense trails with obstacles. I mostly just bike for exercise, I don't care about speed. The bike is stored in my bedroom (I live with other college students), so it's not feasible to have multiple bikes.
SCENARIOS/ROUTES: I recently tried to commute to work, it went well. I'm out of shape and a bit overweight at 215lbs, I was getting gassed out on big hills but as long as I downshifted I was fine. My apartment has a mostly hardpack and gravel 30+ mile trail that I often jump on. My work commute is dangerous, I just have a shoulder and a lot of sand spots and other hazards in the shoulder, and the shoulders constantly end. I usually just jump into a lane once it's clear just to follow road rules (for instance, I stop at 4 ways but stop in the straight lane to go straight or jump in turn lanes to turn), and most cars barely get over but I haven't been harassed, even if I do I would just ignore them. There's no sidewalks or bike lanes, and the last intersection near my work is super busy with no protections, so once again I just act like a car (within reason), but only for a minute or so.
BIKE CONSIDERATIONS: I was thinking about getting a hybrid road bike, gravel bike, electric assisted bike (very heavy and expensive), or a leisure/city bike. I do like the Cannondale quick series. I just wonder if it's worth selling it and upgrading to a new bike. Everytime I do ride I wish I would of spent $100-$200 more and got much better components, but I was just trying out biking. In my opinion the rider is way better than the bike and has more room for improvement when I was in shape I was passing many road bikers, and you figure losing 10 pounds is better than spending hundreds more on a better bike.
I do like the freedom of mountain bikes and the fact you can jump curbs or get into some loose or gnarly things and not worry about is nice, lots of versatility, but since I don't do mountain bike things I think I want to go a different route.
What are your bike recommendations? I'd like to spend under $1k, and I'm sure I could sell my bike for a decent amount to offset the cost, I definitely got my money's worth out of my bike.
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2023.05.31 02:06 IrinaSophia "There's no Orthodox church near me. Should I become _______ instead?"

We see this asked from time to time on this sub. It's an unfortunate fact that Orthodox churches aren't as easily available as other Christian churches in America (in some countries not available at all). Inquirers in this situation often ask if they should be Catholic (usually) instead. When we think of the many Orthodox who were/are martyred for their faith, any other sacrifice seems trivial.
Is it fair to expect someone to, for example, move to a place with an Orthodox church or travel a great distance to attend? Is it enough to watch livestreams and do reader's services? If someone is willing to become Catholic instead, does this mean they don't believe Orthodoxy is the true church of Christ? What are your own experiences?
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