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2023.05.31 01:51 Smooth_Shift_5404 Help with 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo electric cooling fan

Help with 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo electric cooling fan
So I have a 1992 Jeep XJ and for as long as i’ve owned it the electric fan has turned on whenever the key hit the “on” position right before starting the car. Jeep started overheating in standstill traffic the other day and I realized the fan had never turned on. After trying to figure out whats going on I realized a green wire had come loose under the steering wheel. I found it just as pictured and that is the wire leading all the way up to my fan. Does anyone know where this may have been wired to? Im including a picture of exactly how I found the wire when It stopped working. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 01:51 Puzzleheaded_Match83 Thread strength of 1/2"x13 thread in 1/4" mild steel plate(3.25 thread engagement)?

Working on replacing my transmission in my Jeep. Each end of the trans crossmember has 2 bolts going up into the framerail, and also 2 going into a bracket interior to the framerail, which originally had welded nuts. 3/4 the welded nuts had bolts seized in to the point of breaking the bolts. I pounded the broken bolts until the nuts weld broke on all 4.

My replacement solution is a 1/4" steel plate, with 1/2"-13 threaded holes, going on top of the bracket, with 1/2"-13(2-1/2") grade 8 bolts going up through the cross member, through the bracket, and into the 1/2" mild steel(assuming mild steel, as the piece came from a scrap pile, definitely not hard to drill/tap) nut plate. My calculations give 3.25 threads in that 1/4" steel plate. My machinists handbook is MIA...
Original hardware for the cross member was metric, but ~3/8" diameter as I recall. Bolts are not the weak point. I'm just second guessing the strength of only 3.25 threads engagement. If numbers aren't to my liking, I always have the option of digging out the welder(buried quite deep in the shed), threading nuts down onto the bolts and welding them onto the plate.
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2023.05.31 01:38 Little-ears Wouxun 1000g troubleshooting : not powering up.

Hi there
I have a 1000g in my Jeep. It’s been working like a charm. A great radio !
Trouble is, it won’t startup any longer. Power source is solid, the in-line factory fuse is not burnt out.
Does anyone have a troubleshooting guide? Is there perhaps another fuse somewhere in the unit I need to replace?
It was working great up until last weekend. While at one of my kids weekend sports activities I hung in the Jeep with the radio on (running off car battery engine not on). I turned it off after 20-30 min of standby listening and now it won’t turn back on (at least the faceplate won’t light up)
I took a voltage meeter to the power connection and I’m getting 12+ Vdc.
Not sure where else to check for blown fuse or bad power routing?
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2023.05.31 01:38 Among1234567 I Don’t know

I put the new forgis on the jeep
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2023.05.31 01:35 Particular-Cat-3382 Pros/ cons of the 2024?

So I posted on here awhile ago about selling my jeep for a crosstrek and decided that the 2023 sport model was the best option for me (especially because it comes in cool khaki gray). Welll I can’t find any for sale near me and buying new is basically the same price so should I just go with the 2024? Should I wait for the wilderness to drop? I’m not a huge fan of the cladding or the big ass touch screen lol help
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2023.05.31 01:35 Obversa J.K. Rowling compares "trans activists" to the architects of Reign of Terror during the French Revolution: "You lie and smear...[you] joined the wrong mob...[Maximilien] Robespierre ended on the guillotine."

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2023.05.31 01:33 spolarium3829 BTS' 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY IS UPON US. What are your Festa 2023 predictions?

BTS just released the 2023 Festa map (with no words, just vibes) in celebration of their 10th year anniversary in June.
What are your predictions or wishlist based on the icons? Anything goes here - clown makeup or not lol
Mine are:
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2023.05.31 01:29 Caveman5991 Need help with my Load Order

Hey I need some help with my load order. I’m new to modding, so I’m sure my load order is shit. Please give me a hand. I play on the Xbox Series S. Unofficial patch
Simple workaround frame work
Custom race dialogue and quest
Undeath remastered
Undeath immersive lichdom sse
World encounters overhaul
ARENA-encounter zone overhaul
Wet and cold
I need
Relationship dialogue overhaul
JaySerpa quest expansion(Bundle)
Morbus Immortul-Revenancy
Better vampires
Civil war quest immersion(Bundle)
Free crafting
Cheat room
Dead body collision fix
Elden scrolls UI
Heart Breaker
Enhanced blood textures
The dark arts
The path of transcendence-lichdom
Reanimate skeletons
Better daedric artifacts
Apocalypse magic of Skyrim
Populated thalmor embassy
Populated fort dawn guard
Populated cities complete
Hand placed enemies
Immersive patrols(Large Battles)
Character overhaul AIO
Aurora standing stones
Odin-magic overhaul
Mysticism- magic overhaul
Conjurers forge 4(CF4)
Desolate mourning- a horror overhaul
Northern grass
Flying crows
JK Skyrim AIO
The great cities
Medieval forts
Justice-city exteriors
Supreme and volumetric fog
Necromancer pack
Necromancy summon spells
Undead emerge
Better arvak(skeletal)
Truly absorb dragon souls
Wards act like shields
Frozen electrocuted combustion
True alteration armor visuals
Skeleton replacer HD and Undeath
See enchantments
Magical forces and FX (bundle)
All the little things
Immersive citizens
Collect bodies
Graphics pack - [ ] Add on- dark landscape and dungeons - [ ] Add on-smim performance - [ ] Add on- interior lighting and FX
Bijin AIO
Ks hairdos lite
Natural eyes
Loverboy default 1k
CBBE lovergirl skin 2k
Mysticism-Ordinator patch
Dead and daedric guardians
Pandorable serana v1.2 w/blue eyes
Serana dialogue add on (SDA)
Serana expanded dialogue add on
Serana house of horrors quest expansion
Marry me serana
Gritty animations Requiem 2.0
Goetia enchanted staves right hand
Comprehensive first person animation
Odin Ordinator patch
CF4- Odin with apocalypse patch
Apocalypse Ordinator patch
CF4 USSEP patch
SDA wintersun patch
The path of transcendence-lichdom imperious races patch
Companions no werewolf option
Alternate start
Feel free to tweak as you see fit. Thanks for your time and help.
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2023.05.31 01:25 ThaSicilian ‘15 JK, soft top, right side flapping. I think I’m missing a flex bar or something.
Wife just got a 2015 wrangler JK 4 door. When we bought it, I don’t believe this was happening. Last night she said it was flapping more than usual on the freeway. So I looked at both sides. The drivers side has some type of flex bar kinda pushing the soft top against the frame above the door. Passenger side there’s nothing. It’s a long pocket that has a hole toward the back door. I don’t know exactly what goes in there or what it’s called. Hoping one of you Jeep fanatics can help a brother out 🙏
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2023.05.31 01:02 halibutfish Diagnostic Question - JEEP ‘16 JK

Diagnostic Question - JEEP ‘16 JK
Hello everyone,
First time, long time. First off, Happy Tuesday! I hope everybody is doing well!
I have the ABS and Traction Control lights on my dash for 2 days now. At first I thought maybe just because it got hot out and I just needed to lower my tire pressure since it was up to 39psi, but this morning and today they’ve been down around 35 which is normal for this model. (2016 Jeep Wrangler (JK) 25th Anniversary Edition(don’t think that matters for the motor but in the chance that they used a different part somewhere.))
There are no codes when I do the whole turn the key 3 times from position II to I. Just comes up - - - - - DONE. I know I’m doing it correctly as I’ve gotten engine codes plenty of times. Also no check engine light.
The car drives pretty normal but it did just start have a slight hesitation when it gets going in 1st and sometimes on (automatic) gear changes. The car is not standard, so no clutch or manual gearbox. I’ve had a car that had a transmission that was slipping in the past, this doesn’t feel quite the same. Also a bit of a noise coming from the motor at this time.
Temperatures all look normal gauge on dash is centered, coolant temp 215°F, Trans Temp 167° F. I want to get a proper code reader and see if there’s anything stored on there somewhere. I just had the thermostat replaced the other week, but that was days before an 8 hour (traffic, soo much traffic ) drive up to Maine from NYC and then back the same weekend. This wasn’t happening then, only started two-three weeks after I got back.
Should I not be driving? The normal temps and lack of a check engine light make me feel like it’s okay, but not positive?
Any insight if anyone has experienced anything like this I would appreciate what you did to resolve this and keep your car running well!
I have a slight ticking at idle that doesn’t make it inside the cabin but you can hear from outside, I think it’s a rocker inside the motor as it speeds up and slows down with rpm’s. No clue if these things are related but figured I’d bring it up.
Everything else is great according to the last couple times it’s been up on a lift, I get a lot of compliments on how well maintained I’ve kept it. (One owner)
DALSO I forgot to put that it is at 136K.
Thank you all for your help in advance!
Have a great week!
All the best,
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2023.05.31 00:47 mang0Jelly still trying to figure out what's going on

still trying to figure out what's going on
so i posted a post about my Jeep a bit ago. they're still working on my Jeep trying to figure out why it keeps saying "cabin is heating or cooling, start stop not ready". (the first pic was for "replacing" the camera) i asked what the $360 is actually is about, asked 3 times and got 3 different answers. so the first time, literally as they were swiping my card, they told me they only removed/unplugged my camera and the $360 is the diagnose too. but when i got home, i asked my cousin to call and ask, we got told it was just the labor fees. they told me now that the camera is unplugged, it should be on warranty and if the start stop continues to not working again, they'll issue a reimbursement for the hours. a few days after that, the start stop wasn't working again. they told me they replaced the battery and told me that the start stop should work now. when i asked what about the camera, this is when they told me they rewired it and replaced the wire. but that still didn't fix the problem. i brought it in and asked but now they told me it was normal for it to turn off, due to several reasons (in the pic). but it was still because of my camera but it also could be the reasons from the list. i'm just frustrated because of the poor communication. had anyone else ever had this problem? can someone please explain to me? i'm really confused.
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2023.05.31 00:30 Illustrious-Offer804 [16NB] Wanting to chat throughout the summer!

[16NB] Wanting to chat throughout the summer!
So I'm looking for people to chat with because I'm a bored teen who sucks at making friends in real life (No one likes me lmaooo [jk I have SOME really close friends]). But like, idk, I added some pictures here but I don't think they do my funkiness justice to be honest. I think I have my interests on another post of mine so I'm just vibin here but I'm totally down to talk!
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2023.05.31 00:27 OneBoredMan02 Time to be a Hero Volume 23

Worst Case Scenario - Time to be a Hero - Volume 23
Thursday 14th June 2017
I sigh as the gentle breeze graces my face, I've really got nothing to do right now. I'm just here looking over the town as I search for any suspicious activities going on, but alas nothing. It's been like this for some nights, were nothing happens and I felt like I just wasted my time. But I guess being here just in case is better then just racing out of my house at the last minute. But the down side of being out here is that I am more than bored. Also the rain doesn't really help things. I sit down and spawn an umbrella for shelter as I take my mask off and look at it. I wonder what the normal thug thinks when he sees this? Fear? Regret? Worry? I don't really know, I place the mask onto the ground as someone hovers above me? It can only be one person.
B: "Hey Moni~"
M: "Heya Bobo~" She sits beside me with two coffees? "Here!"
B: "Did you buy these?"
M: "I know you can make them out of thin air but I don't want to put my favourite coffee place out of business now!" I shake my head as I take the cup.
B: "But you are putting me on the side-lines!"
M: "I know it's a tough choice..." She leans against me as I put my arm around her.
B: "Did you see or hear anything?"
M: "No, not much of anything? It's been real quiet tonight."
B: "Ah well then..." We sit there in silence together, only taking the occasional drink as the rain pours down around us. It's not long before Monika looks at me.
M: "Do you want to head back to HQ? I think Sayori said she had something to show us tonight!"
B: "Really? She didn't say anything to me?"
M: "Oh it's top secret! A little surprise for everyone~" I nod as we stand up and finish off our drinks. "Come on then! Race you there!" She flies up as I put my mask back on.
B: "You're on!" I leap off the roof as she just flies off, this seems unfair and I did not think about this beforehand. But who cares? I'm just happy to be spending time with the person I love! I've been missing out on these feelings and the sense of comfort that comes from a person you love and trust so much. I've just...been rather lonely the past few years so just getting a new person there means the world to me you know? 'I know, I'm happy I can give you that comfort and love~' I know you do Monika, thank you. 'You're welcome, now hurry up slowpoke!' I chuckle as I land on the roof and run across it to see Monika hovering above the street?
M: "Come on Sparrow! You're far too slow tonight!"
B: "Just give me two seconds-" Before I can finish I see a hand in front of me as Alex grabs me?! "What?!" Not another surprise spar!
A: "Come with me now!" He sounds serious? We teleport to the HQ as he disappears again to only come back with Monika this time?
M: "What's wrong?" I look over to see a concerned looking Yuri and a rather distressed Sayori? "What's going on guys?" Monika steps up as her tone goes serious. I walk over to Alex.
B: "So, what's going on?" He looks at me and just shrugs?
A: "I don't know, Sayori just said you grab you guys immediately? She sounds really worried?" I nod as we both walk over to see Sayori working on the laptop?
M: "Sayori what's wrong?"
S: "...." Monika looks back at me as I shrug. What's gotten into Sayori?
Y: "uhmm, we have a big problem." Yuri turns around as she holds out a note? Monika takes the note as me and Alex hover her shoulder to read it? It's...a message?
'If you want to see her again, then come to the old churchyard'
The hell? Is this a letter about a hostage? Who took who anyway?
S: "They've got Nat." What!?
M: "Uh?! Who?!"
S: "I don't know, some guys in suits? They were like the men in black Monika! They just came out of nowhere and shot her with a taser! I barely escaped but they got her!" …
B: "...oh no..." Everyone looks at me as my hands shake.
M: "Botan what's wrong??" Monika comes up to me as I stare into her eyes. "Botan...?"
B: "They're here...." Both Monikas' and Sayoris' eyes go wide as they look at me.
S: "You don't mean it's...them?"
B: "It's Coomer. They're here."
A: "Coomer? Are you sure? This could just be some of the big mens' guys no?"
Y: "That's...the worst case scenario." Yuri pulls up a feed onto the wall as we all look at it. Seems like she did her homework. "I did a bit of digging for this day. Ever since you told me what these guys were about Botan." Me and Yuri share an uneasy glare as she takes a shaky breath before starting her presentation. "Coomer Industries, on the surface they are a pharmaceutical company."
A: "They make all kinds of drugs, even treatment for certain cancers! They're good people! Are you sure they're the same guys who took Nat?" I look at him as Monika quickly puts her hand on my shoulder.
M: " know of Botan's past right?"
A: "Of course I do. I just think we got muddled up here, I mean these guys are good! Isn't there another Coomer or something??" I glare at him.
B: "They killed my family, experimented on me and hunted me for all my life! I know these people! They are the same fuckers who took my life away Alex!! Don't fucking ask me again if I'm sure about it!!" Silence as Alex blinks.
A: "Well...seems you're set about this then?"
M: "Don't be fucking smart Alex!" Monika snaps at him as she rubs my arm.
A: "Sorry..." Yuri clears her throat.
Y: "Yes, as I was saying that's only on the surface. Below that they are a biochemical and bioweapon manufacturer for the government and army." Yuri clicks a button as it shows multiple images of guns, vials, death squads and all kinds of things. I know them all too well...
M: "I'm here..." I know you are...
A: "woah..."
Y: "They're a superpower hiding in plain sight, and from what Botan has told me and what I could dig up on the dark web they are the real deal. They are serious. But I don't think it'll be right if I was the one talking about them..." Everyone looks at me as I feel myself shrink in place.
M: "You don't have to honey, Yuri can keep going!"
Y: "That I can, just give me the word Botan."
B: "I uh....maybe it'll help if I do?" Monika looks unsure but Sayori steps forward.
S: "Talking about past trauma does help, it helped me when I talked about Manato so we should at least let Botan talk about Coomer." Monika sighs and lets go of my hand.
B: "R-right..." I walk over to where Yuri was just standing and turn around to face the others. "Ummm, Coomer. Right, uh...yeah, so they're dangerous..." I've never felt this nervous before.
A: "Okay...?"
M: "Botan you don't need to do this-"
S: "Give him a chance." Monika stands back as I look at my hands.
B: "Umm...they have...all kinds of resources and weaponry, they uh...have access to a lot of manpower and...yeah...they're just...very dangerous..."
S: "Right uh, could you give us a little more than-"
M: "That's enough! Botan come on!" Monika calls me over like a dog as I stand there. "Come on..."
B: "Uh...listen if they took Nat and left us this note then they must know that I'm here, or they have some idea?" A lightbulb then goes off in my head! "...the duplicate!"
A: "Uh?"
B: "He said about the big man having some connection to someone outside! Maybe it's possible that he was talking about Coomer!"
M: "Are you sure?"
B: "The duplicate said it with his own mouth! I knew he wasn't bluffing!"
S: "Are they working together?"
B: "Highly likely, but if it's one thing Coomer won't stand for it's working openly with a criminal organisation. Sooner or later, they will put a knife in the big man's back."
A: "Yeah but how long until that?"
B: "Awhile, they just need to build up trust and that will be that."
M: "So what do we do?"
B: "Sayori?" Sayori looks at me. "When did Natsuki get taken?"
S: " hour or so ago?"
B: "How many men did you see?"
S: "Uh....twenty? Maybe thirty? They just came of nowhere and hit us like a truck!"
B: "Okay we still have time! We need to grab Nat and move base!"
M: "Huh? Why?"
B: "They will question her, and they have their ways of making people talk!" Everyone looks at each other nervously.
S: "Nat wouldn't do that to us right? She would never tell some strangers who we are and where we live! Right?"
B: "Again, they have their ways."
A: "Jeez...well what now? We can't really just go in guns blazing, they'll just take us out too!"
B: "I have a plan." Everyone looks at me. "Monika? You're not going to like this but I'm going to surrender myself." Monika rips her mask off and throws it at the ground as everyone stares in shock at me.
M: "No! Don't even suggest that!!"
B: "They want me! They don't want anything to do with you, remember I'm the priority to these guys! When they have me in custody they don't need to be here, they'll slip away just as quietly as they arrived!"
M: "No, I'm not sacrificing you! Or anyone else!"
A: "Monika, listen. Maybe he's right-" Monika slaps Alex as hard as she can!
M: "Don't agree with him, do not even try to convince me to give up MY boyfriend to some fucking company!"
S: "Monika, I'm not going to convince you you have a better idea?" Monika goes quiet.
M: "This....this is so unfair...." I hug her as she latches onto me. "This is unfair...."
B: "I know but...that's not the end of the plan." Everyone looks at me again. "I'm not really going to surrender myself after all this time, while someone takes me in for a swap the other three will stand by and get the jump on them! Now that I think about it, the best option for the handoff will be you Sayori." Sayori looks stunned.
S: "Me? Why me?!"
B: "We'll be in the thick of it, besides we'll be with Nat. She'll medical help so it's better that you can get to her right away as us four buy you time to escape!"
A: "That's a good idea! I could even teleport you guys out!"
B: "Even better! Somewhere quiet and discreet, don't come back to help us just focus your efforts on Natsuki alright?" Sayori sighs and nods.
S: "I'll do the best I can."
B: "As for us?" I look at Monika and Yuri. "We do everything we can to make sure Sayori and Natsuki get out of there alright. We can either stay and fight or run. When Alex comes back that's when we have to make a choice, while yes Coomer does have the upper hand it's our call. I'll just say now, they fight like animals. They will kill you if given the chance, they're not like the thugs out on the street. A mistake will be punished by death. Understand?"
Y: "Understood."
M: "....yeah."
A: "Okay. we prepare?"
B: "I'd say we just go, I think we've wasted far too much time here anyway." Everyone starts to gear up as Monika walks up to me.
M: "I will protect you with everything I have."
B: "Monika if things go south and they take me... I want you to make sure they can't get me." She just shakes her head.
M: "Don't say that."
B: "If they take me I will go back to that hell, I'm asking you to make sure I will not be taken in alive."
M: "I can't....I won't...." She's crying as she holds my cheeks and stares into my eyes. "I will not do that to you Botan....I will not kill you..."
A: "I will." Alex steps forward?
M: "Don't you even fucking lay a hand on him!"
B: "Are you sure?"
A: "Yeah, I...if you don't want to go back I'll make sure you won't..."
M: "Alex I will fucking kill you if you even think-"
B: "Thank you." We shake hands as Monika looks on horrified.
M: "Botan!? No!"
B: "It's okay, that's only the worst case scenario... I don't want to go back Monika, you saw what I had to go through. I don't want to go back to that place." She just shakes her head.
M: "" She hits my chest softly as I sigh.
B: "It's okay..." I hug her as everyone appears to be ready.
S: "Right so...are you ready Botan?" I nod as I take my mask off and walk over to her. "Monika?"
M: "....."
B: "Hey?" She looks at me. "Fight hard Monika, I'll be counting on you." She blinks before putting her mask back on and walking over very determined.
M: "You are not getting the chance to kill him." She says to Alex before turning to me. "I will not let you be caught, if I let you down then...what's the point?"
B: "The point is I love you~" She smiles as we kiss briefly.
M: "Please come out okay..."
Y: "We will do our best Monika."
A: "Yeah, we'll fight hard!"
M: "Good...." Alex nods.
A: "Okay then, we ready?" Everyone nods. "Okay, here we go!" Alex first teleports me and Sayori just outside the church ground. "Good luck guys..."
B: "You too..."
S: "Stay safe Alex..." He then disappears as Sayori looks at me. "You know, you can abandon this plan and...we can come up with something else?"
B: "No this...this is the only way, Nat needs us now." She nods as she puts some cuffs on me.
S: "They're unlocked, you can just slip out of them okay?"
B: "Right..." She pushes the gate open, makes sure she's holding me tight and escorts me up the path. The moon shines down as it only shows the trees and the path ahead, apart from that we're surrounded by darkness. Not even the rain has stuck around for this moment. We walk in silence for a bit before I see a red laser being pointed at us. "see that?" I whisper at her.
S: "yeah I do...." She makes on a display that I'm struggling and I play along. "Come on you!"
B: "No don't please! I don't want to go back! Please let me go!!" Our struggle gets the attention of some other lasers as they too point at us. "Please! Just let me go!"
S: "I need my friend back, I'm sorry but this is the only way!"
B: "Oh god! You're going to kill me!!" I spawn in a knife as Sayori spots it and slaps it out of my hands! "No!"
S: "That won't work! Come on!" I can see Yuri, Alex and Monika hanging back in the brush, Monika looking very hurt at my performance right now. We arrive at the old church building as the red lasers focus on my chest. We stand there for awhile before Sayori clears her throat. "Hello?!"
"I've brought the person you want!" She holds me in place as I try to run. "You have my friend so let's make a trade! You get what you want, I get what I want. We all go home happy!" Still nothing. "Hello? Is anyone even there?" The door opens with a creak as one man in a suit steps out saying nothing. "Hello?"
?: "..."
S: "You heard my offer, now let me see my friend!" …something's wrong? 'What is it?!' I don't know, it's just...really quiet.
?: "Eyes on alpha target sir." The man speaks into his radio as there's some sort of message laid back to him in his earpiece. "Understood...bring her out!" Two more men appear holding a rather unwell looking Nat, she has no mask on and she looks terrible!
S: "Natsuki!"
N: "ugh....fucking animals..."
?: "As you said, a trade. We hand off your friend first then you hand off him to us."
B: "No!! No!!"
N: "nnngg...." One agent lets go as the other one approaches holding Nat. Sayori holds out her free arm as Nat just falls into it.
S: "I've got you, it's okay..."
N: "Sa....say..."
S: "Save your strength." The three agents then look at her expectantly. "Alright, my end of the deal." The lasers still shine on my chest as she pushes me forward. "Go on you!"
N: ""
B: "Please don't!" One agent walks forward ready to grab me.
?: "A deal well done. Thank you for you cooperation." The lasers go out as I slip out of my cuffs and hold up a gun! "What?!"
B: "Boo~" I shoot him in the face with a blank as he goes tumbling down to the ground! The other agents pull out their guns but they get slashed in half as Alex runs out of the brush.
A: "Sayori come here!" Bullets start flying as Monika instantly puts a shield in front of me as she flies in. Alex slides over to Sayori and Nat, teleporting them out. Good they're safe.
B: "They're out of here! What's the call?!"
M: "We fight!"
Y: "Got it!" Yuri punches one agent to the floor as Monika makes the old church come down to the ground! A few agents rush out of the falling church as I knock them out with the help of Yuri. One agent rushes us with a knife but Monika kicks him down to the floor! Just like that it's over? "That all of them?"
M: "I think so?" Alex comes back with his blade drawn.
A: "Right let' this?" We look around at all the fallen agents. "Is that it already?"
B: "No...there's more. There's always more." But...nothing?
A: "Ugh, maybe it was just that squad? I mean most of them were most certainly in the church so..."
M: "Thank god Botan, you're okay!" Monika rushes me as I scan the treeline, putting my hand out to her!
B: "No! Stay there!" Everyone looks at me as I hear something. "Do you guys hear that?"
A: "....what?"
Y: "...there's...a thumping?"
M: "...what is that?"
B: "I know what that is!" I turn to up to see a huge helicopter above as multiple men jump from it! "Take cover!"
M: "I've got this!" Monika makes a barrier just below the helicopter as multiple men just jump face first into it! Then multiple jeeps pull up as Monika finds herself exposed! "Oh man-"
A: "I got you!" Alex tackles her out of the way of bullets as her barrier disappears! The men in the air regroup and pull their parachutes and land! I find myself dodging and just jumping around trying to do something! Yuri seems to be struggling as I hop over and push her out of the way of a grenade! I throw multiple flashbangs to just give us time to breath but just as quick they're at us again!
Y: "There's too many!" Yuri shields herself behind a tree as I toss out some smoke!
A: "I suggest we turn tail!" That's the better choice, we're just holding on as is!
B: "Right let's get out of here!" I help Yuri over by providing cover fire as we a rush over to cover beside the fallen church. Monika uses her power to force everyone back as Alex grabs all of us!
A: "Where to?!"
B: "Anywhere but here!" He nods and we all leave. The gunfire stops as one agent walks over.
?: "They got away...."
We land on a roof as we all catch our breath!
B: "Fuck...I almost forgot what it was like to go up against them!"
M: "Where the hell did they all come from?!"
A: "It was like a infestation, they just kept coming!"
Y: "That was all too...that was far too close...thank you Botan." Yuri smiles at me.
M: "Yeah, thank you Alex."
B&A: "Don't mention it." We both stare at each other?
A: "That's weird."
B: "Where did you leave Sayori and Nat??"
A: "In an old factory not too far! They're safe!"
B: "Good, go get them." He nods and leaves as Monika walks over to me.
M: "Are you okay?"
B: "I'm fine, just a little out of breath...I've never made so many things in a panic like that before..." Monika puts her hand on my back as I steady my breathing.
M: "It's okay, you're alright....thank god you're alright..." She hugs me as Yuri walks over.
Y: "So that was Coomer huh? I feel like we got very lucky..."
B: "We were." Both girls look at me as I stand up straight. "That was just their scouting team, not their full force." Both Monika and Yuri look taken aback.
M: "Just...a scouting group?"
Y: "That many?! Just scouts?!"
B: "I'm afraid so..." We go quiet as Alex arrives with Sayori and Nat. We all turn our attention to the pink haired girl as she sits on the floor, clearly exhausted. "Nat?! You okay?"
S: "She's been...heavily drugged..."
B: "What did they use?"
S: "Some sort of shot, I don't know what it was...." I walk over to Nat as everyone else gathers around also. I kneel in front of her and take her hands in mine.
B: "Nat? Can you hear me?" She lifts her head a little?
N: "" She looks at me, she's very weak.
B: "I'm here, can you see me?" She blinks...
N: "I can't see you?"
M: "She's blind?!"
S: "I don't think it's permanent, only a side effect!"
B: "I know what they used on her..." Everyone looks at me. "They gave her a dose of a powerful drug, they call it compound Q." Everyone looks at me, as I stare at Nat. "Natsuki, don't worry about not being able to see. You just need to rest and drink plenty of water to get your eye sight back."
N: "But how long..."
B: "A few days..."
S: "I'll come up with an excuse for your dad!"
N: "thanks...I'm sorry guys, I got jumped and-"
B: "Don't apologise Nat. I've been hit with Q for a few times, it sucks. It really makes you talk..." Everyone looks at Nat again.
M: "What did you say to them?"
N: "I...I gave..." Nat shakes as I rub her shoulder.
B: "It's okay, tell us~"
N: "A...names....and....base....that's it. I swear!"
B: "That's okay, don't blame yourself~" I hug her as she latches onto me, her small frame making me feel like I'm hugging a small child.
S: "So...Coomer knows us?"
M: "The big man probably knows us now." Everyone looks at each other.
A: "Well.....fuck."
Y: "What do we do now?"
B: "It's not guaranteed." I stand up. "Coomer has valuable information, which the big man wants. They won't just give that away without getting something of similar value in return. The only thing I can think of that'll might be worth the names of your biggest problem-"
M: "Is you?" I nod.
B: "They want me."
S: "Well....we're not going to surrender you!"
Y: "Never in a million years will I entertain that thought."
M: "I will stand by you Botan. To the very end."
A: "I don't know it's-" SMACK!
Y: "Alex just shut up for once." We look in shock at Yuri as she huffs. "Honestly, this is a serious moment right now! We don't need your shitty sense of humour!"
A: "...okay sorry." Alex looks hurt but I just sigh.
B: "Well...everything changes from this day on. I suggest we no longer patrol alone, at least go in pairs from now or more. Watch out for any suspicious looking vehicles, Coomer will want to stake us out for awhile before making their move. Do not take them on alone, otherwise..." I look down at Nat. "This will be you."
N: "I'm sorry-"
B: "Don't apologise Nat." I pat her shoulder. "Anyway, I doubt they would raid your homes but do keep an eye out for each other." I look at Monika. "I also suggest keeping a low profile at school, don't meet at the club everyday. They will put two and two together, giving them a perfect chance to attack."
M: "Heard. When school opens and if Coomer are still lurking about, no more club every day."
B: "Good. Anyway, I suggest we start planning to move base. We need something more...discreet."
A: "I know a place!" Alex steps forward? "There's this old summer camp place near the forest! Nobody goes out there now! It's real hidden and discreet! I doubt people even remember it exists!"
B: "That will do! I suggest you guys pack up from that old warehouse and start moving! Keep your heads down also." Everyone nods as Natsuki is helped up by Sayori. "Natsuki? Just rest for now, spend some days at home okay? One of us will keep an eye out for you in the meantime."
N: "Okay, sure....what you think is right Botan." I nod and smile at her.
B: "Yeah, just get some rest."
S: "I'll take of her guys, I suggest we all go our separate ways. They'll be looking for us right now."
B: "Yeah, let's head home and cut tonight off early." Everyone agrees and promptly leaves. Sayori helping Natsuki away using her rocket boots as Alex teleports away with Yuri. I'm left with Monika on the roof as we just look at each other.
M: "You've really grown as a person. Taking charge like that, really made me happy."
B: "I know these guys and well...I just want everyone to be safe. I want you to be safe." I walk up to her and put my hand on her cheek.
M: "It's okay, I understand. Now let's go home before we get found out alright?" I nod as we leave the roof, Monika carrying me back home. We don't say anything as we just fly back to our apartment. I keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around us in the meantime, Coomer is here and they'll be looking for us. Then they will watch. Then they will plan. Finally, they will attack. "We'll be ready Botan, I promise."
B: "Yeah, I know we will." I smile at Monika as she smiles back. Doubt lurking in the back of my head as I look away from her. We arrive back to find the usual window open as Monika helps me into the apartment first. I get in low and look around for anything in the apartment, and everything looks normal. Monika follows me in and locks the window.
M: "Okay, let's just get changed and head to bed alright?" I nod as we head into the bedroom, being too tired and overworked I just take my mask off and fall onto the bed. Monika sadly smiles at me as she too only takes her mask off and crawls beside me. "It's okay...we'll be okay..."
B: "I know..." But in truth, I really don't know...
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2023.05.31 00:26 Gexzer0 Left turn game?

I have a vague recollection of an SCP where you make continuous left(?) Turns and the world gets stranger the longer you go down it. It must be a tale cause I remember it following some lady (+ some side characters) One of the places she visited (in a jeep) was a soundless city where the creepy silent people hunt down, tear apart, and "consume" the sound. She was also looked up on by some entity that could be her from the future? I keep thinking that it's called the spiral path but that's a 001 proposal.
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2023.05.31 00:24 freeeicecream Stitched and put patches on my beat up Jeep seats

Stitched and put patches on my beat up Jeep seats
Didn't stress too much about the color of the patches since there's going to be a seat cover on them. I wanted to make sure they were mended enough to prevent further ripping.
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2023.05.31 00:10 utility68 So Much For Statistical Probability. What Are The Odds?

So Much For Statistical Probability. What Are The Odds?
Today, on what felt like a whim but may have been more, I stopped at my bank and asked if they had rolled half dollars. I have NEVER intentionally sought bank rolls of change to see if you can still hit the silver lottery, because I figured the odds were just horrendous—there've been 59 years of people (and institutions?) doing this, after all.
Well, my bank only had ONE ROLL and $7.50 sitting out on their counter, so I said "I'll take everything you can sell me." So they sold me 35 Half Dollars—coincidentally, on the "mirror date" of 5/30, and a day after President #35's 106th birthday, WHO is of course on the coin.
My VERY FIRST TIME I'VE EVER DONE THIS, and only a 35-coin sample size, and I get a WALKING LIBERTY HALF on one end?!?! Not even buried in the middle—right out on the end of the roll. Despite that, I didn't see it until my side rim-check singled it out as showing no signs of copper. Made my day!
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2023.05.30 23:44 No_Negotiation_501 Free to me flairs. What do you guys think I am torn.

Old front flares. New used flares before, and after plasty dip installed new flares. Either my 35s are too small for these flares or my jeep does not photograph well lol. But free is free.
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2023.05.30 23:12 f350kingranch Reimbursement rental car

2020 wrangler Warrenty paint issues
Once discovering panels were needing to be replaced the dealership had to stop what they were doing to have jeep approve. Was approved but doors were on back order.
Called customer service and asked about rental cars and we were notified that a rental would be reimbursed. No comment about how long, how much so on and so forth.
5 weeks later the jeep is ready and we submit all paperwork that was requested. 2100$ bill and jeep sends 800. Called numerous people and often but jeep apparently does not stand by their products or customer service.
Jeep has now lost a customer forever and we canceled our order for a new wrangler and ram.
For everyone out there make sure you question everything before thinking jeep will refund you for a rental. We were not informed correctly.
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2023.05.30 23:02 tactical22 Daily to weekend driver

I have a 2020 gladiator with 65k miles that has been my daily since new. No mechanical issues so far but I now have a work vehicle and will only be driving the jeep occasionally.
Is there anything I should be on the lookout for or anything I should do considering this change?
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2023.05.30 22:56 SAABoy1 [USA-CA] [H] 2x EVGA 3060 12gb XC Gaming, MSI 1050 Ti [W] Paypal, local cash

Please comment here first and then pm "NO CHATS".
3060 Timestamps
Looking to get $240 local cash, $260 paypal shipped OBO. Prefer local. Local zip is 90034.
2x EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC GAMING, 12G-P5-3657-KR, 12GB GDDR6, Dual-Fan, Metal Backplate
295 days left on the warranty on each. Both work well. The stickers are still on the lightbar and fan hubs. I wiped it down and blew it out with compressed air but cooler is still a little dirty. One of them has the limited edition copper backplate for upgraded cooling, JK not sure why but it turned orange, looks kinda cool. Original owner and original packaging. Cards do great on 30 minutes of furmark.
MSI Timestamps
MSI 1050 Ti, good condition, original owner, comes with original packaging. $80 paypal/shipped or $60 local cash OBO. Card does great on 30 minutes of furmark.
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2023.05.30 22:53 Actual_Scratch_9821 Resident Evil Village

More Memes at :
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2023.05.30 22:45 nomadic-shooter can someone help me diagnose this battery/alternator issue?

2011 jeep liberty. Car wouldn’t turn on one day, AAA replaced my battery but said the alternator wasn’t performing optimally. replaced the alternator myself and was good to go until my battery light turned on after 10 miles.
I’ve replaced the battery and the alternator. one thing i noticed is that it seems to run hot and the wire from the battery to the alternator is melting(?)
any advice would be helpful, im at my wits end.
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