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The official Cleveland subreddit! Post and discuss things about Cleveland, Ohio, for better or worse. Add anything you want, as long as it pertains to Cleveland. Read the rules before posting. Thanks to u/alexfarmermedia for the amazing icon photo.

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Kanojo Okarishimasu - Rent-A-Girlfriend - KanoKari. The largest subreddit to discuss the popular manga 'Kanojo, Okarishimasu' (Rent-A-Girlfriend), written by Miyajima Reiji.

2023.05.30 18:56 ClownfishTV Amazon Studios Drops Trailer For Hero Comedy ‘I’m A Virgo’

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2023.05.30 18:56 gamechfo Where should I be at at the end 4 years of college for a career in game dev?

Hey, I'm going to college for a bachelors in computer science this fall with the goal to become either a game programmer or game designer (Preference to the latter). But I don't have a long term goal of where I should be at the end of college because I don't know where I should be at. Obviously the more prepared I am the better, but what's a good place to be at after finishing college?
Where I'm at at the moment:
Currently I'm still very much a beginner. I've made a couple games in Gamemaker Studio 2, including one with a decent amount of playtime. I've also just started trying to get into unity for 3D stuff, but it's a difficult task atm lol.
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2023.05.30 18:55 TurboTenant [Landlord Experience - US - CO]- Lease Renewal: An A to Z Guide for Landlords (Blog)

Long-term rental properties can have many advantages, like an extended lease length that provides a constant cash flow for landlords. However, all leases must come to an end, which means learning how to properly go through a lease renewal is an important part to being a landlord. A lease renewal is defined as an option for the current tenant to continue living in a rental property for a specified time period which is agreed upon by both parties – it also outlines certain rules and conditions regarding the property. According to Rental Housing Journal, 62.7% of renters renewed their leases in 2022.
If you’ve secured a great tenant who you get along with, treats your property nicely, pays rent on time, and hasn’t given you any trouble, you’ll probably want to seek a lease renewal with them as soon as possible. On the other hand, not seeking a lease renewal with some tenants is a great way to find a renter who is better suited for your property.
We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to help landlords navigate the lease renewal process in order to answer any and all questions you might have – check it out!

Pros and Cons of a Lease Renewal

As with many things, there are both pros and cons to a lease renewal for you and your tenants. Whether you want to renew leases for multiple tenants or just one, it comes down to determining what the best option is for you and your rental property at the time.


Eliminate the Cost of Finding a New Tenant

While there are many free tools to help you find new tenants, rental turnover still has a high cost attached to it. The cost of tenant turnover is both a financial and timeliness one – for example, advertising, maintenance and cleaning costs can add up.

Why a Lease Renewal Isn’t for Every Tenant

While you might have the perfect tenant staying in your rental, some tenants might not accept your lease renewal offer for a variety of reasons. Many times tenants don’t seek lease renewals for lifestyle changes, such as, they get married, get a new job or are moving somewhere closer to their families or work – they might even be moving out of state.
Life happens, so staying flexible and understanding in this situation is in everyone’s best interest. It’s also important to remember they don’t owe you an explanation on why they’re not renewing their lease with you. If they aren’t renewing their lease for such lifestyle changes, you should remember this if they need a landlord recommendation later on down the road – if they were a good tenant then it is always a courteous thing to do.

Finding New Tenants

If you eventually need to find a new tenant – don’t worry. There are many outlets and tools to use these days that will easily help you find tenants who will fit well with you and your rental property.
Online Marketing: Marketing your property on all the major listing sites will help you fill your vacancy faster – marketing syndication will allow you to do this with just one click instead of having to go to each individual site and post yourself.
Tenant screening is an essential step in the search process. You want to ensure you know exactly who you are renting to as you want to be positive they will be a safe and trustworthy individual. Tenant screening can include many things from hard data to soft attributes and qualities like the following:

Guide to Offering a Lease Renewal

While it might seem like a simple process there is a proper way to offer a lease renewal to your tenants. You want to be as professional as possible while giving ample time and consideration for your tenant to decide what to do. Here is a quick guide on how to offer a lease renewal:

1. Determine the Lease Renewal Period

Generally, the lease renewal notice period should be 90 days before the current lease expires to give a good amount of notice for both you and the renter.

2. Send a Lease Renewal Letter

A professional lease renewal letter is a great way to communicate with your tenant about their options; it should include when the current lease expires, what the new lease’s time period would be, and the rent price (whether it’s the same or increasing). For example:
Dear (TENANT),
I want to let you know your current lease will expire mm-dd-yyyy! I have thoroughly enjoyed having you as my tenant and you’ve been a great renter. I want to offer you another (one-year, six-month, etc.) lease at the rate of $/month. Please let me know if you are interested by mm-dd-yyyy – if so, I’d be happy to send you the new lease and answer any questions you might have. Thank you so much – I look forward to hearing from you.

3. Draft a New Lease

Even if you only want to make minor adjustments, a new lease agreement is necessary for both parties. Write and update your lease to include any changes including policies, rent terms, rent prices and any other information you want to update. It is also important to check state-by-state laws and lease inclusions that may be necessary.

4. Sign the New Lease

Remember, nothing is binding until both parties have signed the new lease! Send the new lease to your tenant and once they review and approve you both can sign and file away until next year.
The lease renewal process can be quick and efficient if done properly. There are, however, many factors and additional options for landlords to think about before and after the process.

Other Lease Renewal Factors to Consider

It’s important to recognize a lease renewal is not always a black and white process. While it’s true it can be simple, there are additional factors to consider for the future of your property.

Does My Current Tenant Make a Good Fit for the Property?

Sometimes the tenant you selected to live in your rental was more difficult to get along with than anticipated, caused issues with neighbors, damaged the property or didn’t pay rent on time. In this scenario, a lease renewal might not be the best option. Instead, you could take the lease expiration as an opportunity to find a renter who will be better suited to your property.

Will I Want to Raise Rent in the Future?

Whether you’re leasing to inherited tenants, or you’ve decided that keeping your current tenants is of high value for you and your property long-term, you could consider lowering the rent or keeping it the same. On the other hand, sometimes the market may call for an increase in your rent prices. In this case, being open and honest to your tenants about this change might still encourage them to stay. You could also consider sending a rent increase letter to be as professional and transparent as possible.

Lease Renewal vs. Month-to-Month Leasing

If you aren’t necessarily looking for a long-term tenant or your tenant is unsure about their time frame, a month-to-month lease is another option. There are pros and cons to both a lease renewal versus opting for the month-to-month option.
Some things to remember with a month-to-month lease: you can and should raise the rent since it is such a flexible and less-secure option, it’s usually only for a brief period of time and it will expire upon 30 days notice from either party. A lease renewal, however, will provide more stability as it is usually a long-term agreement for one-year or more.

What is My Property Worth?

As a landlord, it is important to stay up-to-date on the current rental value of your unit. How do newer units in your neighborhood compare to yours? Furthermore, have you made any updates to your unit that would put it at a higher value? All of these things are important to consider if you want to get the most out of your investment. The rental market can change frequently, so being informed will help determine if you need to lower or raise the rent to make a fair and good profit.

Lease Renewal FAQ

Below are some common questions you might have about lease renewals or the lease renewal process.
  1. Does a landlord have to renew a lease? No, a landlord does not have to renew a lease with the same tenant if the current lease has expired. If a tenant asks to renew their lease, you can tell them you are not offering renewals at this time – sending a lease renewal rejection letter is not required, but a courteous thing to do.
  2. What happens when a lease expires? When a lease expires, the tenant is required to move out based on the ramifications of the original lease. If they did not accept the lease renewal they must move out, so your future tenants can move into the property.
  3. What is an automatic lease renewal? An automatic lease renewal is a lease period that renews every month, every six months or every year for the same amount of time. This arrangement can continue on until a landlord or tenant ends the lease.
  4. What if your tenant wants to negotiate a lease renewal? Sometimes tenants might negotiate maintenance updates like painting or new appliances in order for them to sign another lease with you. Investing time to update your unit would be beneficial for the future, but you could negotiate back a longer lease renewal, such as two years, for those updates.

A lease renewal is a very important process and should not be overlooked. Going through the process properly and professionally will be beneficial for both you and your renter – and, you might end up finding the perfect tenant. Lease renewals will enable you to keep good renters who are already familiar with the lease terms, save time and money from having to fill vacancies and increase the potential for a long-term renter. On the flip side, you might have limited options to do renovations, have more difficulties raising rent and might let your rules slide a little bit after getting comfortable with the tenant.
Finding ideal tenants from the start with the use of online rental applications and tenant screening will make the lease renewal process much easier and filling vacancies easier if necessary. If you’re looking to fill a vacancy or learn more about online rental applications, TurboTenant can help you with the process.
What questions do you have about renewing leases?
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2023.05.30 18:55 LosSolidarios KNOW THE DIFFERENCE

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2023.05.30 18:54 familytiesmanman Girlfriend (27) of 4 years (31m) doesn’t want to move in for fear of being socially isolated.

Tl;dr: girlfriend of 4 years doesn’t want to move because she feels like she’ll be socially isolated

Been dating for 4 years, through out that time I’ve been the one who goes over to her house (6 roommates). I leave pretty much Friday - Sunday or Monday depending if I work from home. I’ve been feeling incredibly exhausted from this current situation, as I have to pack up all my stuff up that I might need (clothes, laptops / work and personal etc) and then drive over to her house.
I’ve expressed to her that this isn’t currently working for me anymore and I would like to move in together. In my eyes we spend all weekend together, we’re both paying separate rents, I see a future with this person, and we’ve spent enough time playing house that I feel as though it’s time to move forward.
She doesn’t want to move in together because she has roommates, and she feels that if she were to leave this current situation that she would end up socially isolated. Which I’m having a hard time understanding this because she has a job that does plenty of happy hours, she’s been making a concentrated effort to make plans with friends.
We spoke about this and her comprise was that she can come over more often and split the time away in between apartments which on paper sounds fine, but I don’t know how long that will work for me.
Anyone whose been through something similar I’d love your advice. Thanks.
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2023.05.30 18:53 BurnerGem Two questions relating to my life situation and future financing

I have two different questions relating to my situation. I will try my best to be clear on the details with this burner account.
Question 1:
I am currently age 33. For much of my life I have received SSDI and SSA as a disabled child to a wage earner. Also got on Medicare at same time. (Disability marked as before age 22). My mother died in 2018. When she did my benefits of SSDI and SSA rolled into simply being Survivor Benefits. I've gotten Survivors since then with no issues.
Now I heard that Survivor Benefits are only for unmarried child. So I'm just wondering if I ever get married, would I lose my Survivor Benefits along with Medicare? Keep Medicare but lose benefits? Would the Survivors revert to a form of ssdi/ssi/ssa or I lose all forms of benefits? I'm mostly afraid of losing the Medicare as I could never afford the meds I'm on without it.
I like the idea of marriage for the more romantic notions, but if it would do that I want to be ready to give up on the idea.

Question 2:
I have not been able to work, ever really. I only have experience with helping a community service department when I was around 23 as a volunteer in their planning office. 33 years, no employment history that I can draw on. I had lived with my dad till 2020 so I was able to handle living off just my SSDI/SSA and then Survivors living with him.
When moved out of my dad's place to live with my roommate/boyfriend I handled the increase expense needed by tackling online survey work, like Amazon Mechanical Turk and such survey taking sites. Aside from no employment history and having to explain that. Most jobs I could get that wouldn't care about that, I would not be able to hold due to my disability. So that was my answer. With the low earnings possible there, I was able to earn enough to fill the hole but not enough to live on alone.
I was fine with this sent up and have been doing it for about 2.5 years.

This is all needed to go to the next question. Needlessly to say, I have no savings and have pretty much survived by budgeting my monthly around 2,500k of benefits/survey work also with credit card for periods between payments. (I've been good about never missing and fully paying off these credit cards and keeping them under 30%used) A balancing act I was good at and party because I'm lucky to be in a reduced rent situation as my and my boyfriend rent from his friend.
So need work history, no savings. My grandparent died last year and left me with 100k. I reported this and was told it would not effect my Survivors or Medicare. And it hasn't. I was mostly, again, afraid of losing Medicare cause though 100k is a stupid large amount of money in my mind I knew if I take on all my medical bills that would go away within a few years without any income to balance it.
Trying to get my head around 100k as someone that has spent my life in under 3k in accounts has been hard. I have mostly been putting it into different CDs as I thought about what else I can do. I trying to still live within the means of 2,500k I'm use to, because if I lose medicare I know most that money would be drained with no real balancing out.
In that line of thought, the question is about retirement funds. As stated, 33 no savings no work (so never did a 401k). Kind of self employed with side money from survey work only in recent years. Is it worth me doing an IRA at a brokerage this late in the game? (Can I even?) What does it involved that I may need to be aware of as a very new person to this?
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2023.05.30 18:53 ironpalmtattoos Vamtam Tattoo Theme Has massive corruption and errors. Don't know what to do.

As i'm reading through the comments I realized many people have experienced bugs. I've had an ongoing issue of corruption for four months now. I've posted this on reddit as well. PHP traces errors to functions.php and purchase-helper.php which are unique to VAMTAM themes. In my ticket history i've been deflected over many months. First I was told it was a plugin conflict which I proved wasn't the case but they still wanted a test site to see for themselves. When i created the test site multiple times they never accessed it causing me to delete it because the staging plug created a lot of performance issues. Finally, when they did look at it they saw that the errors ONLY appeared when their theme was enabled with zero plugins enabled. Also these errors disappear when another theme is in use.
I asked Vamtam's support how to fix and their response was I needed to delete all of my content and rebuild the site from scratch. Imagine my shock that a company that repeatedly blame the issue on unnamed plugin platforms they never specified deciding that deleting the entire installation was the only way to proceed. Even told me I would lose all of our post content...Almost a decade of production. I can't even begin to explain how unprofessional this is. How is it my content works fine with other themes but when Vamtam Tattoo theme is enabled we have fatal errors. Why in the world would they suggest we delete all of our content? This is NOT acceptable. There must be a way to export my content, posts, images, and everything else into a clean installation. Afterall the ONLY identified problem is the theme which I've had many issues with. From search not functioning or appearing to other issues which they gave me an absolute hard time on. They seemed more happy to deflect than help. See the errors below:
An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 409 of the file /home/XXXXX/XXXXX/wp-content/themes/tattoo/vamtam/admin/classes/purchase-helper.php. Error message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot access offset of type string on string in /home/iXXXXX/XXXXXXl/wp-content/themes/tattoo/vamtam/admin/classes/purchase-helper.php:409
Stack trace:
#0 /homeXXXXX/XXXXX/wp-content/themes/tattoo/vamtam/admin/classes/purchase-helper.php(161): VamtamPurchaseHelper::import_buttons()
#1 /home/XXXXXXX/XXXXXX/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(308): VamtamPurchaseHelper::vamtam_theme_setup_import_content('')
#2 /home/XXXXXXX/XXXXX/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(332): WP_Hook->apply_filters('', Array)
#3 /home/XXXXXX/XXXXX/wp-includes/plugin.php(517): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
#4 /home/xxxxxx/xxxxxx/wp-admin/admin.php(259): do_action('vamtam_page_vam...')
#5 {main}
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2023.05.30 18:52 Objective-Extent-397 Does anyone have experience with the interview/hiring process for Enterprise Rent a Car's Management trainee program?

I previously applied a few years ago and was denied after the initial interview. I went back to school for a business management degree and re-applied and was offered an interview. I am wondering if they would use this against me, since I have previously been denied?
Also, when I got denied the first time, it was a totally different economy. Now, these rental places barely have workers or payroll, so I am not sure if that works in my favour or not. I am not sure if I would be hired as a mangement trainee, and then wash cars 12 hours a day since they barely have workers?
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2023.05.30 18:51 AsianMz Looking for apartment recommendations or suggestions as an incoming grad student. Anyone know any good areas or areas I should avoid?

Hey guys, I'm moving from the east coast to Austin for graduate school. Any apartment recommendations or apartments that I should avoid around the UT Austin area? I've heard Hyde park is a good place to start, but I honestly don't know anything about the area so any tips or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
Some more details: looking to move in around mid-July (could be earlier but no later than 7/20), looking for 1 bedroom or studio apartments. Budget is 1200-1300 a month, and need AC and parking.
Thanks in advance y'all! And feel free to DM.
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2023.05.30 18:51 the_DukeLord It's been over a year and I still think about her

Not in the same light but I wish I did. I wish this lady didn't live rent free in my mind but she does. Or maybe I should just stfu already. Whether I get up or stay in bed she'll in my head. Not in a crazy way. It's like she's still telling me to do good things still. To always be the good man that I am. I know for a fact the feeling is not mutual between us. And let's face it even IFwe got back together right now. I still cannot stand her stupid retarded ass friends well the one's I know anyway. I completely trust none. And the underestimating me yea that feel good too. Especially when I'll throw that shit back at yal. But I digress, the point is this. I can go all around the world. Meet all different types of people. And no lie I would want to be alone. But if I had a choice of who I could bring with. It'll be you, it always going to be you. Until then or not at all I'll riding through by myself.
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2023.05.30 18:51 coleknight2066 Crypto currency is a scam.

Warning, crypto currency is a scam.
I bought 500 xlm and someone told me that's its cryptocurrency and that it expands my money over time but I also have to add more and they told me to get a loan from the bank but the bank won't give me a loan because I don't work and I cannot withdraw the money I made on this cryptocurrency thing because I need to add more before you can withdraw.
Turns out it was a scam and now I've lost 500 quid, he told me I had to do it because the great reset would cause all the banks to crash and I would lose my money, right now because I've lost 500 quid and I've got no more money in my bank account until my disability benefits come in at the end of June, I've got no way to pay my taxes, rents, bills and subscriptions and no food or anything either, I have no one to fall back to so now I've go no money for food and I'm probably gonna be kicked out to the streets.
I don't want to live anymore, i want to kill myself.
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2023.05.30 18:51 shoCTabdopelvis Guarantor for rent

I have viewed a property today and was told I need a guarantor who earns more than 80k in Northern Ireland or need to provide 3 months deposit regardless of my income
What the fuck is that about? I can pay the big deposit but most people can’t? How is this an expectation?
Have been away from the property market for a bit. Is this standard practice?
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2023.05.30 18:49 Proof_Needleworker88 Can I use your garage?

I really want to begin an automotive project, but i dont have access to a garage. Does anybody in the burlington area have a car sized indoor space available that I could use for maybe a year? Does anybody know of a facility that might rent a spot to me? I toured the generator maker space last week and it seems like a great spot but pretty expensive and no large indoor storage. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 18:48 AutoModerator Watch "A Haunting in Venice" Full Movie Free Online Reddit

Kenneth Branagh’s latest film in his Agatha Christie series. 20th Century brought the trailer to CinemaCon as part of its presentation Thursday.Branagh directs and stars as Hercule Poirot for the third time. Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, Michelle Yeoh, Jude Hill and Kelly Reilly star, along with Emma Laird, Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin, Ali Khan and Riccardo Scamarcio.
Download ➤📺📱👉Watch "A Haunting in Venice" Full Movie Free Online
Download ➤📺📱👉Watch "A Haunting in Venice" Full Movie Free Online Reddit

The feature is inspired by the 1969 Christie novel Hallowe’en Party. The story of that novel was set in motion when a 13-year-old girl who was witness to a murder is found dead in an apple-bobbing tub. The studio logline reads: “Now retired and living in self-imposed exile in the world’s most glamorous city, Poirot reluctantly attends a séance at a decaying, haunted palazzo. When one of the guests is murdered, the detective is thrust into a sinister world of shadows and secrets.”

Celebrated sleuth Hercule Poirot, now retired and living in self-imposed exile in Venice, reluctantly attends a Halloween séance at a decaying, haunted palazzo. When one of the guests is murdered, the detective is thrust into a sinister world of shadows and secrets.

Released: 2023-09-13
Runtime: 0 minutes
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Crime
Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin, Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey
Director: Ridley Scott, Mark Gordon, Kenneth Branagh, Kenneth Branagh, Agatha Christie
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2023.05.30 18:48 sleepypluto24 Question for graduate students: how are you funding your living expenses and tuition?

Hi everyone, I’m out of state MSW student attending Pitt this fall. The amount I can borrow from the grad plus loan after my scholarship and stafford loan is not enough to cover all of my living expenses including rent. I’ve been searching for other loan options and was just wondering what other grad students use for funding when they’ve maxed out their grad plus loan? I have a paid fellowship this fall and will not have time or energy to get a job while juggling class/schoolwork and an internship. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 18:47 throwaway50683616 Are there any potential sources of income that I, as a volunteer adult child caregiver, might qualify for? (North Carolina, US)

I am currently the primary caregiver for my disabled and elderly father, who requires assistance with daily tasks due to his history of polio as a child, as well as a recent stroke and Covid-19 infection. Although he did not serve in the military, his health condition demands constant support.
I reside with my father and provide financial assistance to him. However, I unfortunately lost my job in March of this year and have remained unemployed since then (I've been looking aggressively for work, but it hasn't been going well, and must be remote) . I am seeking information about the available benefits for individuals in my circumstance. I believe I should be eligible for some form of compensation for my caregiving efforts. Are there any potential sources of income that I, as a child caregiver, might qualify for?
I recently relocated from Virginia to North Carolina and currently rent a house there.
Currently, my father solely relies on Social Security as his income since losing his job after his stroke. He is enrolled in Medicare but does not receive any disability income through it. Medicaid is also not currently part of his coverage.
Considering the situation, my father's health has been surprisingly stable. However, I am concerned that providing the necessary level of care may become challenging if I have to seek additional employment.
It's worth mentioning that I have been volunteering as a caregiver and have never accepted any payment for my services. I am currently without any income.
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2023.05.30 18:47 leoribas_21 Seeking Advice on Jobs, Housing, and Living in Copenhagen as International Students

We are a Portuguese couple, i'm 23 years old and my girlfriend is 21. We are excited to be moving to Copenhagen to pursue our studies and work. I have been accepted into the Masters Program in Innovative Communications Technologies and Entrepreneurship (ICTE) at Aalborg University, Copenhagen Campus, while my girlfriend will be studying at Roskilde University (Msc). We have good English proficiency, having successfully completed the IELTS exam. However, we only have basic knowledge of Danish (greetings), but we plan to take Danish classes upon our arrival.
Here's some information about our background:
Job Opportunities:
Living Expenses and Student Allowance:
P.S. We want to mention that our plan is to establish ourselves in Denmark for the long term and even start a family after we complete our studies. We have carefully considered the pros and cons compared to our home country of Portugal, and we are genuinely drawn to the Danish culture and way of life. Any advice or guidance on making a smooth transition and building a future in Denmark would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for any advice, insights, or recommendations you can provide. We are thrilled about our upcoming move to Copenhagen and look forward to being a part of the Danish community.
Best regards,
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2023.05.30 18:47 dribbledribbleswoosh Intermediate/Advanced Adult Ballet

Hey, I’m new to the Ottawa region and I’m looking for ballet studios in Ottawa, preferably ones that are closer to the downtown area that have classes for adults (intermediate or advanced levels). I’ve tried a few smaller studios here, however, I’m looking for some bigger studios that have more open spaces with large mirrors. I was trying to see if Ottawa has their own ballet company for pre-professionals and maybe they’d have some recreational classes for adults but had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 18:46 PLITZSwardrobe Jalen Gage Article

Jalen Gage Article
Written by: Lizeth Pilamunga Interviewed by: Lizeth Pilamunga
Jalen Gage, a dedicated father, fashion model, and influencer hailing from Philadelphia, Mississippi, is on a remarkable journey to redefine his career. While currently employed as an offshore maintenance worker, Jalen is determined to shift his focus and transition into a full-time modeling career, fueled by his passion for acting, modeling, and fashion. With a year of experience as a freelance model under his belt, Jalen has collaborated with esteemed photographers and clothing companies, allowing him to showcase his versatility in swimwear, streetwear, and upscale menswear.
Jalen Gage's objective as a fashion model is to maintain a distinct and relatable sense of creative content that resonates with individuals worldwide. His strong sense of confidence in street fashion and swimwear is evident in his collaborations with photographers and agencies driven by creativity. Through his work, Jalen strives to highlight the true essence of fashion diversity and utilize his platforms to make a positive impact on aspiring models and potential market influencers. Reflecting on his journey, Jalen shares, "I've faced challenges in terms of confidence and self-esteem at the beginning of my modeling career. However, as I immersed myself in the modeling lifestyle and became more comfortable in front of the camera, I overcame those obstacles and embraced my true potential. Receiving my first magazine interview with Voyage and securing brand ambassador deals have been significant milestones in my career, along with the support from my followers on social media platforms."
Looking ahead, Jalen Gage envisions a future filled with new accomplishments and opportunities. He aspires to explore acting roles, grace magazine covers, feature on billboards, and even establish his own studio or agency. With his sights set on elevating his career, Jalen is excited to participate in events such as the Plitz New York City Fashion Model of the Year shows, which he believes will not only showcase his talent but also provide networking opportunities with industry professionals.
As Jalen Gage continues to pursue his dreams, his story serves as an inspiration to aspiring models and individuals striving to overcome obstacles and pursue their passions. With his confidence, dedication, and unwavering determination, Jalen is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of fashion and beyond.
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2023.05.30 18:46 Significant-Task1453 Planning combination disneyland and carnival cruise

We are in the beginning stages of trying to plan a family vacation (with 2 kids) where we want to go on a cruise AND go to Disneyland. This would be summer 2024 I know it'll be expensive but I'm just wondering if there are any packages I should look in to try to save a tiny bit. Also looking for any tips of how we might structure it and maybe which areas to get hotels in. I think the ship we have chosen is Carnival Panorama. We are Costco members, so maybe book through Costco? I don't think we will be doing a drink package on this cruise, as we will have the kids and probably shouldnt be hammered the whole time. Our initial thoughts for a schedule are something like this:
Fly in to LAX and get hotel Go to universal studios then get hotel Get on 7ish day cruise Get off cruise and head to Disneyland same day. Hotel outside Disneyland but near 3 to 5 days at Disneyland Fly home out of LAX
I definitely think the hotel at the end of the trip would be next to Disneyland, but not sure what the best place to get a hotel for the beginning. Is there anywhere that has shuttles to both Universal and to port?
Any advice?
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2023.05.30 18:43 ursmoothiee [Listing]

Room/space avail. For 1 person. Room is 11x11', has closet (not biggest). Apt has terrace, washedryedishwasher in unit. Only 3 units on floor. Great area. Riverdale section of the Bronx 10471. $1350. Best!
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2023.05.30 18:43 caintynell [US-AZ] [H] Some 3/DS, GBA, Wii, PS3/4 Games [W] Paypal

hello everyone! here are my things! but they can be your things! let me know if you want to see pics of anything
DS Games
Bejeweled 3 (CIB) - $8
Wall-E Loose - $3
Sims 2 Apartment Pets Loose - $3
TMNT Loose - $3
3DS Games
Chibo Robo: Zip Lash - $8
GBA Games
007: Everything or Nothing - $7
Brain Games - $5
Wii Games
uDraw Studio CIB - $1
Just Dance - $5
Cartridge Games
(N64) San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing - $5
(SNES) Tom Meola’s Sidekicks Soccer - $5
Playstation Games
PS3 Games
Just Dance 3 - $3
COD: Modern Warfare 2 - $3
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - $10
Medal of Honor - $8
Mortal Kombat - $10
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - $10
The Last of Us - $3
Madden 11 - $3
Street Fighter IV - $10
PS4 Games
Madden 17 - $3
Madden 22 - $5
Fifa 14 - $3
Need For Speed - $8
Demon Slayer Himokami Chronicles - $15
Attack On Titan - $35
Doom - $5
God of War Remastered - $10
Pay Day 2 - $10
Resident Evil 2 - $15
Resident Evil 5 - $15
Far Cry 6 (Sealed) - $10
Payday 2 - $10
Forager - $15
Slime Rancher - $15
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