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How do you do, fellow kids?

2014.05.18 23:21 How do you do, fellow kids?

Advertisements and media that totally appeal to the radical youth! FellowKids is a subreddit for advertising and media that tries too hard to be lit af, BUT the community has also decided (many, many times) that self-aware and/or well executed (but still pandering) content is also welcome here, so stop complaining about it. CHECK THE CURRENT MEGA THREAD BEFORE POSTING!! AND NO REDDIT ADS! NO ADS THAT YOU'VE FOUND ON REDDIT! NONE OF THEM!

2013.02.01 01:33 Fearink Everything about Tinder

A community for discussing the online dating app Tinder. Sharing conversations, reviewing profiles and more.

2011.06.02 20:27 Qhost Cardistry

Cardistry is the art of creating fascinating motions and formations with cards or card-shaped objects.

2023.05.30 20:19 monerobull Addressing a Misunderstanding: My Misguided Concerns about the Monero Nodo Project

I want to start this post by acknowledging that when it comes to Monero, I can get very, perhaps overly agressive when I feel like someone might try to take advantage of the community. I've already stopped commenting on CCS proposals I don't support because it was making unnecessary "enemies" in the community with the way i express disapproval and that is the last thing that I want. Now lets adress Monero Nono:
Last week someone made this post asking for opinions on and the plug-and-play Monero node they have been working on.
I replied with a very harsh and undeserved comment that could easily be interpreted as a direct attack against the project after only briefly scrolling through their site, without any deeper understanding of who was behind Nodo and how much work their team had already put into it.
I'd like to adress the main points in my comment:
#1 The price
I looked at the Nodo from the perspective of an enthusiast who minmaxes price/performance and has built a Monero node based PiNodeXMR before. I now understand that if Nodo uses just slightly more premium parts than my minmaxed build and perhaps pays its devs the price is very reasonable, especially considering how big of a convenience a plug-and-play solution would be to non-techies.
#2 Attribution
When I first took notice of Nodo and posted it in a groupchat asking for opinions, someone pointed out that Nodo builds on PiNodeXMR without giving any attribution, which is of course a no-go in FOSS. Non-permissive licensing or not giving attribution are another thing that I personally can't stand and eventhough Nodo quickly added attribution to PiNodeXMR after they noticed their mistake my comment unfairly made it look like their honest mistake was some sort of malicious action.

I want to apologize to the monero nodo team for making what is essentially a wrongful FUD post about them and their product and thus downplaying the importance of having an easy to set up plug-and-play Monero node for the network.
I overreacted and made assumptions based on little to no real information and am very sorry for that.
For anyone else, please check out, especially if you arent a computer freak but still want to run your own Monero node, Nodo is going to be the best solution for you :)

TLDR: Made an unfair and agressive FUD comment about but they are cool.
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2023.05.30 20:19 cluelessmxnd Should I make the move again?

I confessed to my crush a day before graduation. I followed him on insta the day before. He accepted my request and followed me back and even added me to his close friends list after my confession. It’s been 2 weeks since and no communication. Should I send a message or keep waiting?
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2023.05.30 20:16 YamOwn8205 no clam for video using my music

no clam for video using my music
hey routenote so recently I've been seeing traction on my song "nah i like her but f#*k her she hurt me I'm crying" isrc:GX8LD2357371 and believe is because of this video The problem is i opt in to content ID i checked the video description and i see its claimed by you guys but there's no ads but when i click my song there's ads as shown in the video which is weird tried emailng you guys didnt respond in 3 weeks is there a way to get ads on that video for using my song with no permission or get it took down? is it because i didn't pay 10$ for premium?
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2023.05.30 20:15 SharonIllustration Are you KIDDING me with that ending???

Rrrrgh another week! That was a great new episode though! I love that they added more depth to Mint and her brother’s character. I am so ready for the big showdown between the Mews and Deep Blue!
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2023.05.30 20:15 CommanderAuri Well, it happened again

As the title states, it happened again. Me and this other person were doing a video game sci-fi based rp, got all our characters and plot established, the works. It'd been going on since February I think? We've had really good communication especially when there were no responses for longer than 4-5 days. I was totally fine with that, said so both in my ads and with my former RP partner. As long as you give me a heads up when it's been longer than, say, a week at most, we're totally good! Life gets in the way and all that!
It'd been about a week since our last response and maybe it was because I posted up a couple ads searching for some additional RP partners? I always state in my ads that I was not replacing anyone. I checked this morning to see if they'd replied and how long it'd been since the last response.
I figured if I didn't get a reply in the next couple days, I gently poke them this weekend and see what's what, if we needed to take a break or what have you. I checked this afternoon and they'd removed themselves from the server and blocked me on Discord as well as Reddit from the looks of it. Looking back at our OOC, I'd apologized two weeks ago for taking a while to reply (4ish day delay) and they said they were totally okay with the slow pace.
Looks like that wasn't truly the case. I always ask in my ads that if something's going on and you're not feeling the RP to tell me so we can either fix it or move on. It's disappointing as it's happened several times now. I would like to know if it something on my end though I know sometimes people will just do what they want to do regardless of how you feel.
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2023.05.30 20:15 Particular-Bag-4953 FP&A > Portfolio Management CFA Route- is it worth it at this point in my career?

Hi All,
I 'm (29M) currently a SFA on track to become manager, base salary of $105K, TC of $120K. I'm currently finishing my MBA from a non target, but regionally respected school shortly. Graduates from this program tend to easily hover around the $150K-$200K range mid career. However, I'm not finding FP&A work fulfilling as of late. It may seem like a baseless complaint or first world problem, but I'm not intellectually stimulated. Other than the odd ad hoc DCF and investor reporting for M&A decisions, the work is monotonous. I put in 40 hours a week or less.
I have an opportunity to shift into portfolio management and am interested in pursuing the CFA. I know this would be a huge commitment and challenge, but I place a lot of value in academic and professional success. I'd ultimately want to land in equity research. Unfortunately switching tracks at this point in my career would materialize in a cut to base pay (down from $105K to $90K). At this point in my career, I could easily coast and reach $130K-$140K in a few short years in FP&A and top out at $200K late career.
However, I know in the long run the CFA route would be more advantageous, personally fulfilling and I would be set for life. The sky would be the limit.
My question is, should I take a cut in base pay to pursue my personal passion? Or is it smarter to stay the course on a set path for stability?
Any and all advice appreciated!
Thank You!
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2023.05.30 20:12 Efficient-Dog-4809 Just had a C&P (DBQ) for mental disorders scheduled after just having a C&P for Fibromyalgia, Gerd, and Sinusitis.

My claim is for Fibromyalgia, Gerd, and Sinusitis due to my my service in the Gulf War in 1990. I just had my C&P exam last week and today I was contacted to schedule a C&P exam for mental disorders except PTSD and eating disorders. In my disability claim, I did not claim these issues (not that I don't deal with then, just that I didn't put them in my claim).
Does anyone know why this was added, even though I never claimed it?
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2023.05.30 20:09 JPHighFive Buying airline tickets, could it be more frustrating?

Why is buying an airline ticket so fucking frustrating now a days? Who goes away for 2 weeks without a bag. Why not offer a single fare like before with bag included and if you have more bags you pay additional. Now a ticket is offered for $200, if you want to select a seat it’s $300 and adding a bag it’s $500. WTF !!
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2023.05.30 20:03 CJDS17 SMB Team Customization Timeline: What’s the excuse?

Played & enjoyed all the first 3 SMB games, have downloaded and played an hour or so of SMB4, however: I’m really disappointed (as I guess many others are) about the lack of additions to team customization. This is the 4th iteration of the Super Mega Baseball franchise and looking back on the past decade and it’s concerning to see the trend of lack of major additions to the team customization suite over the years.
SMB: No team customization SMB2: Added team customization + DLC for uniforms (among other things) SMB3: Imported the DLC assets from SMB2 into the full game + added slightly more in-depth text/shape sizing tools
Don’t get me wrong, I think the gameplay itself is and will be as fun as ever in the new game & I’ll likely end up playing the shit outta the game over the coming weeks, however it’s just so disheartening how badly the team customization features have stagnated since 2018.
It’s 2023. What’s the excuse for only 32 layers? No ALT jerseys/caps? No stadium creator? No added logo options?
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2023.05.30 20:03 lizziepalooza It ... worked? The government is on my side?

It ... worked? The government is on my side?
(Pic of my window sloth for added visual delight)
Hi there!
I'm the angry gal who sent the fuck lawns message to my local government last week, and I've encountered a stunning change of events. I received a reply from a woman in the government office that was kind and--most stunningly--helpful! She sent me an email contact for an environmental biologist who's working on making the city more sustainable and an application to apply for having my yard placed under no-mow protection while I work toward sustainability.
I'm pretty shocked. I didn't expect to find caring people in government, and it gives me some hope that things might be starting to change. Anyway, I wrote to the lady in charge of the program and told her I'd love to volunteer in any way I can to spread the anti-mow message. I'll be sure to update y'all with any tips or tricks I pick up for protecting our fucklawns lifestyles.
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2023.05.30 20:00 Pink_Strawberry95 Need Some Advice as A New CSM - Quickly Feeling Burnout

As the title states- I was promoted to a CSM at my current company (SaaS Ed-Tech) and have been in this new role just shy of 7 months now. Prior to this, I was part of the company's Tier 2 Support team. My working knowledge of our product suite / ability to coach clients through technical terms and guide them through product optimization landed me my CSM role.
Prior to this, the team was only 2 people. We are now a team of 4 + my manager. On average we have 23 -25 accounts, with all of mine being at an average ARR of $6M. Normally, I feel like this would be do-able/fine, but our team rapidly growing means we have to go through the painful process of leaders/management constantly flip-flopping on how they want the team's KPIs to be defined, if we do trainings for users + how many, our meeting cadence with clients, desk work/client admin work, etc.
Right now expectations are: check-in meetings (bi-weekly or monthly, but majority of people I have are on bi-weekly because of things I'll get to below), taking on ad-hoc optimization or training requests, also doing one-to-many trainings two times a year for our account book, working on facilitating bug escalations or feature review, responding to clients/internal team members via e-mail, conducting annual reviews for all my accounts (some in-person), joining meetings during the end of implementation for any accounts who expanded + anyone new i'm getting to my list, and working on making a master data set + notes for all of our assigned accounts since we have never had good documentation on the history of any of our accounts.
There are days (even weeks) where I cannot get any administrative or desk work done due to the sector we serve. Lots of educators and administrators are skeptical of new tech adoption or don't even know how to use the suite efficiently (meaning check-ins become product coaching sessions and more frequent check-in sessions instead of monthly meets) or just use me as a punching bag to complain about non-implemented features/escalate bug issues 24/7 (which also means more frequent check-in sessions). There was one week I had 23 meetings (both internal and external). I feel like because leadership and management knew how good I was at navigating the suite, I was given accounts that were extremely difficult/demanding or have had bumpy product adoption in the past rather than regional assignments. Not to say I don't shy away from a good challenge, but I would say it's the majority (like 75%) of the accounts I work with.
All this to say - I am burning out. Fast. I am really patient and empathetic and try to use my time efficiently, but I feel like I'm handling my accounts in a reactive way vs. proactive way despite my best efforts to be proactive because I am also being jerked around with internal processes. If I have on average 10 -15 meetings a week plus ongoing client escalations, I feel like my brain can't prioritize everything that needs to happen in a single week when it comes to e-mails and other desk work, nor should I have to feel like I have to be in panic mode every single week with no breaks. I found out last-minute that I'm getting another person added to my accounts book and it nearly sent me into panic mode because of everything I already have to do.
Additionally, I know I'm being paid way below market value and my general skill set. When I was promoted, I was offered $70k base salary + commission. Wasn't allowed to negotiate (which was a slight red flag, but given my financial situation a pay raise is a pay raise lol). We have been re-evaluated and got a 4% pay bump, but I know it's still below market average, which I see ranges anywhere from $85k - $100k base salary even with any bonus structure in place.
Can anyone give me tips on how to weather this perfect storm? I really like what I do and my team and want to succeed, but having a hell of a time week in and week out trying to figure out how to balance it all given the tug of war that's happening internally and my clients who are extremely needy.
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2023.05.30 20:00 Maleficent-Carob-575 I don't know what this feeling is, I've never felt this for anyone

I'm not great at writing so I won't make this long, but I broke a girls heart pretty bad and I thought I had lost feeling for her, and after a few months (2) thinking and being alone while getting closer to God, I realized was in the complete wrong, and I Love this girl so much and ik I made many mistakes but I dont want to ever do them again, I only came to reddit cause this is the only social media we never added or talked eachother about because I truly mean it and she begged for my attention the first few weeks after we broke up and I was an asshole and didn't reply, I'm the one now texting her waiting for her reply and idk what to do, idk if God is telling me to keep trying because she my other half or he's giving me signs that she not the one for me. I just feel that pain in your throat when you want to cry but imagine it in your heart (ig this was pretty long)
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2023.05.30 20:00 FidesSanitatem WIBTA if I (M36) rejoin martial arts classes 4 months before wedding?

I will try to keep this short. My Fiance (F37) is stressed from work, performing managerial duties such as hiring that is not in her official roles. I've suggested she talks to the owner but she insists this will cause friction between the manager and herself. I've suggested looking for another job but she's adamant there is nothing better in her field. I've suggested taking short term sick leave for her mental health, she does not want the loss of income.
For over 2 years I've suggested many ways to make an attempt to improve her stress at work, ultimately she rejects all my suggestions. I explained that I'm feeling like an emotional punching bag and her stress affects our relationship. We've been to couples counceling and I've been to individual counceling about not feeling enough intimacy, affection and time spend together, which is about once a week on average, sometimes twice a week. We had an argument yesterday where I explained my feelings and was met with the silent treatment. We ended the call both upset.
I am unhappy and as a solution I'm wondering if I would be TA if I rejoin my martial arts commitment with only 4 months prior to our wedding. Although I believe we are well underway to have a proper wedding in 4 months, and we've both been contributing to wedding planning in a productive way, I cancelled my summer hockey and summer soccer to have more time planning the wedding.
I think she would be upset if I rejoined my martial arts but I'm really lonely and need a positive outlet to keep me busy. There are a few more details but that's the shortened version. What do you all think? If I don't rejoin now I may not have the chance if we have a young family to care for in the near future. Thank you for reading.
Update for minor typo and more context. Dating for nearly 3 years. My fiance can't move out prior to marriage due to cultural norms. Added paragraphs. I think I may be the asshole because this martial arts commitment would be about 4 - 6 times per week, which is a big time commitment.
(We need to know (1) what action you took that should be judged: Considering rejoining martial arts gym. and (2) why that action might make you the asshole: this may seem as I'm not contributing to planning the wedding but I am confident I am able to manage both.)
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2023.05.30 19:55 TheRealHunterX UI updates added to Power League Prodigy!

UI updates added to Power League Prodigy!
Just so that the larger community is aware, I thought I'd quickly add a post here of the recent UI changes:
  • New maps and updated use/win rate data coming is live! (has been for 3 weeks)
  • Improved welcome modal with instructional YouTube video
    • Less text, more mobile friendly.
  • Updated banner on main page to include new art!
  • Resized the brawler component within the recommendations
    • You can now click the portrait to select or ban brawlers instead of having to search through the big list (mentioned earlier).
  • Gem Carriers are now classified and recommended more when gem carriers are not chosen early in the draft.
  • Bug fix for calculating thrower differential correctly
  • New info (i) button added to the bottom right corner of the screen to allow users to reopen the welcome modal without having to refresh their browser.
Let me know in the discord server if you have any questions!
For those that have no idea what this is - you can check it out at
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2023.05.30 19:44 joborun Slow or stuck OSDN mirrors

There have been several uploads of pkgs and repository databases since the 28th and the 29th of May, last upgrade of all three was 17:20 UTC 30-05-2023
The central part of osdn reflects the uploads, but two of its 15 mirrors don't
JUST when we were about to issue a long mirrorlist the best are stuck 2 days ago half are a week behind in synching.
Start OSDN mirrors
OSDN joborun Repository 1
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 2
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 3
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 4
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 5
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 6
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 7
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 8
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 9
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 10
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 11
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 12
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 13
Server =
OSDN joborun Repository 14
Server = https://openbsd.c3sl.ufpr.bosdn/storage/g/j/jo/joborun/jobcore
OSDN joborun Repository 15
Server =
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2023.05.30 19:43 DesperateFig8401 Problem with Bass

About two and a half years ago I got the old Stereo Reciever (Denon AVR 1909) from my Grandpa who didn't need it anymore. the first 2 Years I just used to hear CD's to fall asleep better (Im 13 Years old) about half a year ago I started to watch more and more stuff about good Audio. It was also the Time where I got a new Monitor which already had speakers. But a few months after getting it I noticed that my Reciever had 3 HDMI in ports and 1 for the Monitor. At this point I just had some old Panasonic Speakers form an old boombox which I also got from my Grandpa. Then one day I decided to add a old passive one from an old Supermarket in Germany which doesen't exist anymore (I couldn't find any Data about but I'll put a picture form it in the Post) and also added from the same brand two small back speakers and a center Bar. My school makes Musicals but instead of ordering people to do all the Audio and lightshows they have a sort of club that meets everytime when a musical s and once a week and often we find old tech we don't need anymore so we ask the teacher who is the leader of all the musical and Tech club if we can take it. So one day I came to our weekly Meetings and there were some custom made Byerdinamic speakers with 6 small speakers on each side (I'll also put a picture of them in here) and I asked if I could take them. So i took them Home a few weeks later they said they needed them back so I switched back to the Panasonic speakers. This was short before the eatser holiday so I searched on ebay alot and found a pair of Yamaha NS-G 30 SPeakers for 30$. One or two weeks ago the Stereo sytem from my Uncle broke so they bught a new reciever and speaker set. Because I love cablemanaging and tearing my Setup down and building it up again I asked if I could come with my dad to help him build it because my Uncle doesn't really know how to do it. So, the day came and I asked my Uncle if I could have his old active Onkyo Subwoofer (I also couldn't find the right model so I'll put a picture of it) and his Center bar because mine was really big and made my Monitor stand way to far out on the table. So the next day I installed the subwoofer made the perfect setting for it with my dad and was happy. But now, after two weeks of using it, it somehow feels like no matter how much I turn the bass up on the reciever it doesn't seem to get the same amount of power it used to. To that I should say that my Audio setup stands on a little shelf next to my Desk. The shelf has two layers the top one where my distribution socket is clamped down so the side has like a little extra space for stuff and on the ride side theres another little space but this side has a backwall and a door. Over that door stands my reciever or as I like to call it "The Tower of Beauty" The first layer of the Twoer of Beauty is my Denon Reciever then there is a Kenwood Casette Player which is pulgged into the Outlet in the Reciever and on top of that there is a Pioneer CD player which most of the Time isn't plugged in because I don't hear CD's that much anymore. Why I'm wirting down whats on top of my reciever is becuase I have the Theory that the heat that is produced, while I'm using it everyday mostly from 01:00 pm to 21:00 pm on school days (sometimes when im to awake to sleep its on till 11:00 pm) on the weekends and holidays usually from 10:00 am to 3:00 am but most of the time I plug the HDMI port from the reciever directly into my Laptop and just my Headphones, broke something inside the reciever. The reciever usually works flawlesly except that one time where I couldn't sleep so because I use my Fire TV stick when I cant sleep, I turn my Monitor to my Bed and turn my Left speaker on max while the right speaker is off. So one day after school I plugged my Laptop into the reciever but for some reason even after I turned the Right speaker up again it wouldn't get any louder. I tried multiple things but after a few tests nothing would happen. But luckely somehow I was able to fix it an d that was the only time it didn't work properly. I would be most greatful if somebody could help me and tell me what could be broken, If it's just an Error or if I am just not hearing right. This post got a little bit longer than I expected and I'll give an update if something happened or if its good again.

The Pictures didn't Upload sry
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2023.05.30 19:42 Galadrielp48 Something in tank raising ph?

I have a 10gal aquarium that’s been set up for three weeks or so now. It has a sponge filter, heater, various live plants, and Caribsea super naturals sand. I tested the water this morning using API master kit and the water in the aquarium was 8.0!! So I tested my tap water directly from the tap which I use to fill the aquarium and the ph was 7.4??? Could the sand be raising the ph in the aquarium? Would adding tannins lower the ph?
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2023.05.30 19:41 DumdumIrish I was scammed on and need help/advice, if possible 💜

I met them on Saturday, the week before last, after posting an ad in the local advertising space website. They called me, eager to buy the laptop as they have broken their brothers and wanted to pick it up.
We met in a public place, in a corner shop, mean ing his face is recorded and I do have his number.
I took a picture of the banking statement showing he had sent me the money but now when it was due to come it has failed to do so on time.
I called my bank and they have confirmed that there is nothing due for deposit.
My wife is pregnant, I have lost my job recently, this was my last lifeline in order to provide and be stable before finding a new job.
What do I do here. I am going to the police but I don't know that they can do anything if I don't have a surname, address or anything.
I'm in Ireland by the way. This was €1000 euro that would have helped so much.
I'm heart broken someone would do this to anyone else. I cannot believe I was scammed. I really tried to give all I could to help this guy and his brother. :/ I'm incredibly dumb....
I need advice on what to do next. Where do I go. Who do I talk to. Even sympathy would help me feel less stupid. 💜
Thanks for hearing me out, strangers.
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2023.05.30 19:39 candyapplesugar Straight up not having a good time

Y’all, I got the stomach bug from my son and have been on the toilet all day for the past few days. My Memorial Day weekend was spent in the fetal position while my poor husband did 90% of parenting. Kid was home sick from school 2 days last week, and they were off Friday. He’s in a montesorri school that has like 8 weeks off a year, could be more. So this week there is no school. Cool.
So in addition to last week, we have to do full time work while parenting again this week. While I have to put my laptop in a safe place, (he’s almost 2), run to the bathroom, then return to try do more work and not let my child play with the laptop. The poor kid has been watching so so much tv while I’ve been sick. I have a fairly new job and just tried to create a distribution list, added over 100 people, and then it didn’t save or something. No idea what I did or didn’t do. I have to add probably over 1000 people to this list, is it really this tedious?
I have no idea what someone with an in person job would do. I’m not well. I’m exhausted. And I needed to vent.
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2023.05.30 19:37 DMH_75032 Question about adding tesamorelin to existing protocol

I am currently taking 15mg Mounjaro shots once per week. I am also talking 1mg of L-carnintine daily, 100mcg of CJC-1295/IPA 2x/day, 150 mcg sermorelin 2x/day, 1mg Semax 1x day, 200 mcg Selank 1x day, 175 mcg Melanotan 2 daily, and lipo B12 1x week. I am on a keto diet and am working out 5-7 times per week with cardio and weights. My average caloric intake (aside from cheat days) is 1300-1800 calories. I am down just under 100 pounds since 12/11 and have about 60-70 more to go. I've been on the carnitine and B-12 since early February. I started the CJC-1295/IPA stack in mid-April. I started the remaining peptides within the last few weeks. All recent labs are good. I feel great. Weights (lifting) and stamina for cardio are up.
I'm thinking about adding tesamorelin or substituting it for something else I am taking (i.e. sermorelin). I'm trying to lose my belly fat. I've seen tesamorelin stacked with IPA and CJC-1295. I'm seeing reference dosages at 2mg, but have read that some have had good luck with lower dosages in the 250mcg to 500mcg range per day.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this idea one way or the other?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.30 19:36 BigCUTigerFan Crazy number of active calories burned today in Health

Late morning, shortly after getting on train, crazy number of calories were added. It didn't add anything to step count or distance traveled. Step count was actually slightly under average. My day was typical of past few months and it has never done this before that I noticed. Active Energy has always seemed reasonable compared with activity for the day, but today is showing probably 700 over what I would consider reasonable. Week or so ago I changed what Cronometer could read/write from/to Apple Health, but why the sudden change today?

Is there a way to see everything that makes up the active energy burn? Edit: looking at detail, phone is only source of data for active energy burn and the crazy increase was in 2 back to back entries.

Iphone 8 on ios 16.4.1(a).
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