Shooting in picacho hills

M17 looking for [chat]

2023.05.31 01:25 DifficultyFit4617 M17 looking for [chat]

I'm currently looking for someone to chat with. I've yet to have actually gotten someone who's gone through a conversation without ghosting me. I honestly don't look for much in people I wanna talk with as long as you're female. I don't care about age (though I may or may not have a think for older women 👀). If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a dm!
See you then!
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2023.05.31 01:24 ReferendumAutonomic 3 British women murdered with no penalty; "assessment...minimum...60 minutes"

Autistic's "caregivers received $5,000 per month...charged with false imprisonment, abuse or neglect and failure to report...pneumonia, wounds across her body, bedsores and ulcers. She was also in septic shock due to infection and suffered cardiac arrest."

"common medications that can trigger depression...Beta blockers...birth control...Levodopa or Sinemet CR are used to treat Parkinson's...Corticosteroids...Stimulants."

"Certified Peer Support (CPS) specialists to do the outreach. At this point, the INSET model in Westchester County, NY may be the only fully functioning program. They currently have 4 CPS assisting 20 individuals each...But it is not, I repeat not, a relationship of the CPS telling an individual what they have to do or choose."

Palestinian doctor in ireland, "patient’s (Qatari) father had “cried and cried and cried”...A psychiatric assessment would take a minimum of between 50 and 60 minutes." Why did suffolk county court blindly believe dr. hsiesh who didn't let me speak and met for less than 5 minutes?

texas baptist licensed professional counselor, "Pray about it...take it to God, and then take it to people who you know, and trust...Jesus being perfect but not flawless as a sinless human and the need for a community to battle isolation."

Pastor Randy Reid, Clanton First Assembly of God, "mass shootings in America is not a mental illness problem, it’s a spiritual problem."

new york city mayor, "Adams unwittingly implies that the Nazi response to schizophrenics is acceptable: murder them...poverty as proof of dangerous and savage psychosis." CBS video on 176,000 calls per year.

Ineffective addiction treatment $24 billion by 2030, more than 20 million Americans. Global behavioural health market $128 billion.

"What are the causes of hallucinations?...Stress and traumatic events...Deprivation of senses...Epilepsy and seizures...antipsychotics, antidepressants, and antihistamines...mess with the way neurotransmitters work in the brain, which can change how people see things."

"paranoid"...malevolent spirits of Muslim culture...he could feel the presence of the jinn but not see it. What the officer witnessed was his trying to fight the powerlessness he felt as Jinn cursed him."

Noone should modify someone's body without informed consent. "perception of autistic people and people with [intellectual and developmental disabilities] overall, that we’re not able to make our own decisions. Big decisions like those around health care, education, living arrangements,” they said. “All too often our decisions are viewed with suspicion and fear...In Arkansas, doctors can shield themselves against lawsuits over gender-affirming care if they can prove that their minor patient did not have conditions including autism, depression, ADHD, an eating disorder, an intellectual disability or a psychotic disorder."

florida termination of guardianship forms

"Brain in Hand combines practical solution-based coaching with a user-led digital self-management system to help (autistic) individuals build their independence."

No penalty for 3 british murders including a 20 year old woman, "choked in her sleep after being given inappropriate medication which had caused 'significant sedation'. The coroner said there was insufficient consideration of 'polypharmacy."

Deprescribing "four drugs for his moods."

"Research suggests a connection between low iron levels and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia, Levin and Gattari write."

Some processed frozen "meals contribute toward inflammation in the gut, which is where most serotonin...2015 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggested sugary and starchy foods could contribute to depression."

risperdal and haldol cause me muscle spasms. "Serotonin syndrome − a rare but very serious drug reaction...ending the pain once it starts − include standing or walking around, massaging the affected area, improved (calcium) nutrition, sleeping in comfortable positions" doesn't work on my face.

"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on federal court."

Boot Camps for (kidnapped) Kids: Tough Love or Torture, "even going to the bathroom requires permission (as at zucker hillside)." Comment, "80% fail bc their parents didn't go."

True story of 40 murders, "Boot Camp" (2008) starring Mila Kunis, "He's not even a real doctor...I don't recognize your fucking credentials."

Three For The Road 1987 Charlie Sheen movie about politician's daughter "doped to the gills" and kidnapped to institution.
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2023.05.31 01:24 NoodledLily Painful shakedown loop, rolling creek -> wigwam -> co trail

Started sunday. late. as usual. Got on trail about 3:15
the hike up is no joke. super steep. only one 'bad' water crossing (i suck at balance. also im buying poles next month.. getting too old)
very pretty waterfalls.
had a medium hard time finding trail when going over the ridge.
was also some snow / mud which which slowed me down prob 25 min splits day 1 with the gain and mud.
cool camp sites up on the ridge though. sadly some dumb ass left an obnoxious fort tepee of widow makers..
went down to the valley and camped only like 8 miles in. I should have just kept going another 4...
there were maybe 7 parties in the first 4 miles ;( . but happily no one again until first few miles from parking on other side of loop
the long flat part is pretty.
but would be hell weather in summer imho.
for some reason the trail goes through the meadow for many miles, no cover, all sun. even covered pike in summer gets too hot. why make that trail choice when there are trees 100 feet away...
some tiny fish though! how did they get up there?!
annnnd then again i had a real hard time finding the trail on the 2nd ridge descent.
I think it's part of CO trail? it needs a lot of love. not only down trees but trail was not easy to spot.
idk maybe i just suck.
I ended up down the wrong drainage. to my credit, I'm not the only one. part of reason I went astray were other footsteps.
It was either a large (and mostly dry) drainage bed or a maybe a wide game trail.
ended up almost a mile off trail and down hill. ugh. bush wacking up with wet ground and downed trees SUCKED
so imho bring a map and have good skills or pray your gps doesn't die
prob better once clears up a bit or maybe the trail society does maintenance.
bc that is not my experiences with CO trail: well maintained, busy as fuck, little green mountain signs every few hundred feet.
given my poor life choices had to do almost 19 miles on monday with that off trail excursion
;( capital O Ouch
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2023.05.31 01:23 ForestOak777 New Game - Star World by Nova Jumper

About a week ago I released my game Star World. Run, jump, and shoot your way through enemies and obstacles in order to rescue the lost sheep. This is a multiplayer 3d platformer adventure game that has fun controls and stylized levels. You can download the game for free from but you need to buy an account for $5 to play it.
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2023.05.31 01:23 0N1ON1 Kei truck test drive

Hi, im from wisconsin and im in the final throws of wanting to buy a kei truck. I really want to teat drive one before i pull the trigger. If anyone is the area is open to something like that shoot me a dm :)
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2023.05.31 01:22 Terianky [M4F] “-Will you go with me? -Always” ; A puzzling goth girl and a strange street guy meet each other while delving into occult mysteries. A story about an impossible love, esoteric secrets, and a hateful occult world.

<< The flickering red lights felt like they had a soul of their own. The beat dropped and the boom resounded in every clubber’s soul. The concussion blasts reverberated through the ears of the hundreds of people either yelling "what" at one another or pretending to hear what the other person had actually said and laughing drunkenly. There was a mosh pit of desperate souls holding out their cash at the bar hoping only one of the two bartenders would notice, there was the inevitable drunk dude-bro who wanted to start a fight, and there was a fair share of drunk unconsciousness. The “Rotterdam Club” was Stephen’s favorite place of business.
It was wall to wall people dancing erratically and the floor itself had become invisible under a sea of dancing feet. Despite it being hard to navigate through this mass of people, Stephen was like a fish in the water. He squeezed his way through the mass and could notice scattered pairs of interested eyes among the clubbers, some of these guests gave nods or even went out of their way to seek Stephen out. Then, Stephen would listen to their wants, swiftly bury his hand in his bag, and nonchalantly exchange a handshake with the customer where money and pills would be exchanged.
However, this specific night, Stephen wasn’t feeling right. For the last month, Stephen had been experiencing insomnia due to a series of weird nightmares, strange dreams which seemed to grow intense night after night. And in the last few days, a dark girl was frequently appearing in these dreams, a dark girl with dark omens drawn in blood. To work efficiently was becoming harder and harder for Stephen due to this. At the third hour after midnight, Stephen stopped in the middle of the club as all the clubbers formed a cyclone of drunken dancing, he stood still in the middle. As his eyes were scanning the venue for something interesting, his gaze fell on an intriguing dark silhouette facing away from him. A pale woman with a beautifully twisted aura stood still just like him a few feet away. Finally, she turned around and she stared back…as if she knew him, as if he knew her. And Stephen’s mind finally solved the puzzle as this girl’s image erupted in his stream of fractured memories…The girl in his nightmares, in his dreams, the dark omen, the goth girl who dies holding his hand. And for that moment, for both of them…time stopped. >>
Hey, I’m looking for a semi-literate partner to roleplay with. The story will take place in a rather big city which hides a few esoteric secrets. The vibe would be something in the middle between Stephen King-esque grittiness, Lovecraftian existential dread, and the interpersonal horror of the World of Darkness universe in addition to some Silent Hill bizarreries. Therefore, the themes of this story will be tied to esoteric thriller mysteries, interpersonal horror, and unattainable (toxic?) love which is my favorite thing to write/read about.
If this genre of horror and thriller interests you. If stories of secret witch covens, underground cults, esoteric beings, and half-dead unknowable gods and demons entices you, or if you’re a big Silent Hill fan like me, then this RP might be real fun and a nice writing exercise in the genre for you. So, join me and let’s dive deep into this city’s intricate web of enigmas. A city where a girl recently died in mysterious conditions, where a boy is struggling with hallucinations of another world, where a man with glowing eyes is driving around at night hunting, where a veteran of war is following the possible trail of a murder cult, and where a school teacher is struggling to hide her true nature and true potential, all the while desperately and madly falling in love with each other in a world that cannot allow it.
I play in third person and use ref pics. I would like my partner to be able to create and manage multiple “NPC” characters since I will be doing the same. Also I would like my partner to have autonomy and to create plotlines as they wish. I am not a GM so please don’t expect that of me. I do not have any clear ideas of where the story goes for now, I only have my character kinda figured out but I’m sure that we can come up with something good if we put both our visions together. Please message me only if you have a character in mind with a brief bio and a ref pic.
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2023.05.31 01:21 throwawayxx125 Sprint workouts not recorded in history

Today I trained short hill sprints with an unknown distance, so I did just an open goal (stupid choice, I know… it was a long day lol not thinking). I started and stopped the workouts on my own. Now looking back at my history in the fitness app, there is no sign of the workouts. I did 6 sprints of about 50 seconds each. Anyone experience this?
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2023.05.31 01:21 its-me-really (WTS-NJ) Kythera package + Pistol Package

Looking to sell local but willing to ship at buyers expense.
  1. Kythera engine in G&P body plus small 13ci tank, SLP regulator + Ampd line + 6 midcaps. $425
  2. z Lone Wolf Timberwolf Echo 1 pistol + holster, propane adapter, 4 mags (two leaky, two non leaky) $130
Pics and shooting video here.
Pics and Shooting Video
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2023.05.31 01:19 tonyiommi70 Bob Dylan with his Fender Jazzmaster in Forest Hills, 1965. Photo by Daniel Kramer

Bob Dylan with his Fender Jazzmaster in Forest Hills, 1965. Photo by Daniel Kramer submitted by tonyiommi70 to bobdylan [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:18 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 957 - The Setting Sun

[first] [prev] [next] - [wiki]
Just when you think you've seen it all, humanity goes "Hold my ice cream cone" and then you end up thinking you've seen it all over again. - P'Thok's 8th Law of Humans
"You have entered the tertiary docking facility of the Sentience Upload/Download Storage System," The hologram moved further in and Nakteti watched as it stopped in the middle of the bridge, looking around.
"There are less of you than I would expect," the hologram, Michael, stated. "I must insist that you present authorization at this time."
Nakteti shook her head. "Things outside, in the standard universe of n-space, are... confused, to say the least."
Michael frowned. "Define confused and elaborate on why this confusion pertains to your authorization codes."
"The SUDS has been offline for over a century when we left," she said. "How long we have traveled, compared to realspace, is beyond our ability to discern."
Michael looked around. "The hardware here is showing signs of advanced wear due to age. I would guess approximately six centuries has passed for the crew of this vessel," he frowned again. "Yet, you are a previously unknown species," he looked at Magnus and Surscee. "Baseline human, genetically modified," he looked at the disaster frame Chuck was residing in. "Synthetic lifeform, digital."
Nakteti stepped back up into Michael's vision again. "Digital sentience in a disaster frame," she said. "Technological advances have made it so that a digital sentience has full mobility in a much smaller supporting frame then you are used to."
The hologram nodded slowly. "May I have your consent to access your databases?"
"Providing you make no changes, additions, or subtractions," Nakteti said.
The hologram flickered. "Accessing. Accessing. Done."
The hologram looked at her. "Database analysis will take some time. Due to facility technical difficulties this delay is unavoidable."
Nakteti sat back down in her captain's chair. "What is the technical difficulty."
The hologram, Michael, stared at her for a long second. "Processing self-determined override. Weighted bias table success. Authorization override accepted based on cursory examination of database and security headers."
It turned slightly and pointed at the screen. "An inflation radiation flare with an uneven forward blast wave occurred outside of scheduled and predicted burst time," a silver light highlighted the slowly moving black squares. "The anomaly protective shell was unable to deploy in time, however, examination of data shows that deployment would not have changed the outcome."
"The inflation radiation burst was uneven, causing the expansion of space to exceed the safety margins of the megastructure's integrity," Chuck said.
The hologram nodded. "Precisely. That caused the blast shield to fail. Additionally, the intensity and long profile waveform of some of the doubling radiation caused uneven expansion beyond intensity irregularities."
The hologram moved back to look at Chuck and Nakteti. "A chronotron cascade occurred during the doubling phase, the energy was not uniform and the protective shell was damaged, which prevented the standard system smoothing."
"What about backup and emergency systems?" Nakteti asked.
"Currently, temporal stabilization is occurring," Michael answered. "The length of this process cannot be computed with currently possessed algorithms. Additionally, 98% of all computing power and storage is offline due to temporal and distance disruptions. This severely hampers the early stages of recovery."
"Can the facility recover?" Nakteti asked, staring at the dark inner shell of the SUDS.
"While unscheduled and having caused extensive damage, this type of event was predicted and redundant systems were manufactured as well as protocol designed," Michael said. "However, it must be reiterated, the estimated time of completion of even early repairs and stabilization is currently beyond my capabilities to estimate."
"Do you need assistance?" Nakteti asked.
The full weight of the ritualistic phrase laid itself on her shoulders.
The hologram held still for a moment. "Analyzing databank entries of listed skillsets of the four crewmembers. Estimating the capabilities of the starship registered as It Tastes Sweet," the hologram closed its eyes for only a second or two. "You possess an advanced nanoforge system as well as advanced creation engines. While it is not possible for me to replicate technological advances without a full oversight committee inquiry board and super-majority approval then signed off by a supermajority of scientists with a rating of at last Advanced PhD in relevant fields and then extensive field testing, it is with emergency parameters to request assistance in manufacturing parts within strict tolerances."
Nakteti looked at Magnus and Surscee, then at Chuck. "What do you think?"
Magnus just shrugged. Surscee pursed her lips, thought for a moment, then nodded. Chuck frowned.
"Beyond manufacturing, what assistance is required?" he asked.
"There are no available human supervisors for any mobile robotic automaton repair systems," Michael said.
"You mean, robots," Chuck said.
"Affirmative. Without human supervisors, the MRARS cannot operate, as all robots have Fourth Law dictates that require direct human supervision when undertaking any task that can be predicted to effect human life," Michael said.
"The Fourth Law was repealed almost eight thousand years ago," Chuck argued.
"Any modification to software, firmware, or hardware must be approved by a specially appointed boards of inquiry reporting to the proper oversight committees which must then be approved by Overproject leads," Michael said stuffily.
"All right," Nakteti said. "How long will it take the four of us to complete repairs?"
"Assuming standard union work periods, break periods, rest periods, and upkeep periods," Michael paused. "Accounting for time dilation effects, temporal instability banding," he paused again. "Chronotron cascade resonance," another pause. "Chrono-radiation hazards," another pause. The hologram looked up. "Total repair of all systems. Two thousand, four hundred, sixty two years, eight months, sixteen days, four hours, with a 3% margin of error."
Magnus's eyes opened wide and Surscee coughed.
"How about, minimum needed for automated systems to repair the systems?" Nakteti asked.
"Six hundred forty five years, three months, seventeen days."
Nakteti shook her head. "What's the biggest problem?" she asked.
"Chronotron radiation as well as chronotron cascade resonance has caused a rare effect where sections of the system exist at multiple points in time. This prevents even accurate estimation of repairs, as which time period will be depending upon how the repairs are carried out," the hologram said.
Magnus frowned. "What about the inner shell. What time periods is it stuck at?"
Michael closed his eyes then opened them. "Just prior to reactor startup to energize the master control systems of the inner layer. During a twelve thousand year period of unrepaired system damage. Post-repair during master system processing."
"What about the personnel present during those times?" Chuck asked.
"All personnel reached safe areas," Michael said.
"All right. How long to stabilize the chronotron cascades?" Nakteti asked. "If we just supervise and build parts with the Sweet's creation engine?"
The Arch-Angel closed its eyes. "Two years, six months, eight days, fifteen hours, with a 1.5% margin for error."
"What happens then?" Chuck asked.
"The chronotron cascade temporal layering will cease, allowing the intertwined temporal layering to untwine. Without assitance, this would take roughly six thousand years, relative to the anomaly," Michael said.
Nakteti closed her eyes. "All right. What's first?"
Michael made a tossing motion and Nakteti saw that there was a header ID file waiting for her approval in her datalink.
"Once you are all properly assigned as Senior Maintenance Personnel, the first task will be to stabilize the space elevator leading down from the ship docking facility," Michael stated. "This will require you to fabricate temporal disruption and stabilization systems in order to first cause a blanket disruption, which will cause the temporally intermixing to separate. Then a stabilization facility must be manufactured in order to keep the the separation from recombining. The facilities themselves, using the Sweet's creation engine will take some five months to produce and assemble, one month to charge and deploy."
Magnus moved over to the computer and tapped at the holographic keyboard for a moment. "Can I get the specification of the temporal stabilizers and disruptors?"
Michael nodded, making a tossing motion.
Magnus looked at the display for a long moment, the cathode ray tube flickering slightly as he worked.
"These facilities are massive, but severely outdated," Magnus said, shaking his head. "I can get the same result with a man portable pylon that combines both operations."
Michael frowned. "Current chronotron and temporal scientific knowledge requires the facilities that were given to you."
"And they're eight thousand years of warfare out of date," Magnus said. He shook his head. "I could set down a pylon sixteen inches wide, one meter tall, with an onboard zero-point chronotron reactor, and get twice the area of effect and sixteen times the required power," he made a tossing motion.
Michael stared into space for a moment. "I cannot authorize this equipment to be utilized."
"Can you forbid it?" Nakteti asked.
Michael shook his head. "No. According to your historical databases the Confederacy is the inheritor of all controls and direction of the Third Republic and the United Nations of Sol. As this is approved for Confederacy military and scientific work, while I am unable to manufacture or deploy such equipment, it is within acceptable technological progression."
"Translation: We can make and deploy them, he can't tell us to," Surscee said, breaking her silence. "Can you assist with optimal placement?"
Michael nodded.
"Well, at least the Second Precursor War led to lot of advancements with temporal protections and systems," Chuck said. He shook his head. "We'll need to wear combat armor with temporal stabilization."
Nakteti nodded. She looked at Michael. "Are there any personnel that can assist us?"
"Repair Team Three has suffered an equipment malfunction due to the expansion radiation chronotron cascade overlapping their temporal fix point," Michael said. "Currently, four members remain."
"What kind of equipment malfunction?" Nakteti asked.
"Rather than creating a stable temporal field around them, as well as 'speeding' them up relative to 'outside' reality, the equipment underwent a malfunction that placed them in the middle of a layer disruption that slows time down the closer it gets to the team member," Nakteti said.
Magnus snorted. "I've seen that before."
"As have I," Surscee said. She laughed. "There's always someone that wants to play Temporal Warrior and ends up stuck in their own field."
"There is no way to free them," Michael said stiffly.
Magnus smiled. "Maybe not for you. My twin sister and I can get them free if you can lead us to them."
"You will need to stabilize the ship berthing dock first, then the space elevator cable and surface fixator facility," Michael said.
Magnus shrugged. "We better get on it," he said. He looked at his sister. "Mind tweaking the templates," he looked at Michael. "Any data you can give me on Team Three?"
"They are Chronotronic Knights of the Third Republic of Aligned Planets Combined Military Forces - Special Projects," Michael said. "They are currently engaged with phasic entities."
"Shades," Magnus snorted. He looked at Surscee. "Make sure the armor is prepped for shade combat."
Surscee nodded.
"Welp, lets get this show on the road," Nakteti said. "We'll stabilize the berthing facility, then the space elevator, then we'll see what we can do about grabbing this Team Three."
Michael just watched with ancient eyes.
Nakteti stared at the overlapping gold rings that were slowly pulsing. Inside each ring were more and more shades, until the four Terrans in the middle could barely be seen. She looked over at Magnus, who was finishing setting up the equipment that would be needed to disrupt the temporal resonance fields, banish the Shades, and prevent the weaponsfire from killing Nakteti, Surscee, and Magnus.
"Ready?" Nakteti said.
"This is probably our best bet," Magnus said. He walked over and tapped the wall, where "YOU HAVE BEEN UNDER TEMPORAL COMPRESSION! WE SAVED YOU! STOP SHOOTING!" was written in pulsing day-glo blue paintstick.
"All right, let's get under cover," Nakteti said. She led the way, Magnus pulling up the rear and spooling out wire.
The three went inside the small building, made of Niven-Ring material. The macroplas was thick enough to shrug any weapon hits according to Magnus and Nakteti trusted his judgement.
"You wanna do the honors?" Magnus asked, holding out the clacker.
"I'd be honored," Nakteti said. She hefted it, looked out the window, and squeezed the clacker three times.
There was a deep "BAWOING!" sound, accompanied by a thrum.
The temporal banding exploded in gold light. The shades tattered away with a scream.
Shots from blaze rifles peppered the area. Skeletons dropped to the ground.
The quartet let off the triggers and looked around. One pointed at the wall where Magnus had left them a message.
"I've decrypted their armor's communication," Chuck said.
"Let's not panic them. Is atmosphere capable of carrying sound?" Nakteti asked.
"No. You'll have to use suit radios," Chuck said. "I've already loaded up a lexicon to translate your speech."
"Magnus, you take the lead. I look too alien for them to trust me," Nakteti said.
Magnus nodded and led the way.
Rifles were pointed at Magnus, who stopped and held up his hands.
"You guys have been frozen about ten thousand years," Magnus said. "Your equipment malfunctioned. It took us two months to get to you and free you."
Nakteti clenched her gripping hands tightly.
This was the critical moment.
Nobody was sure if the members of "Team Three" were Maddened or not.
The rifles lifted up.
"And you are?" one asked.
"Magnus Oathsworn. An explorer who managed to find this place after a long and arduous journey," the Terran said. "We have been asked by the Arch-Angel Michael to help make repairs in order to restore the system to working order so that record processing can continue."
"What do you think, think we can trust him?" one of them asked. Nakteti's visor highlighted which one.
"He's got Arch-Angel Maintenance ID tags," another said.
"Take us to Michael," the one who had initially spoke said. Nakteti could tell it was an order.
"Remember, Nakteti, these are Combine soldiers and the Combine became the Imperium," Surscee said softly. "Be wary."
"Tell them we'll lead them," Nakteti said.
"Michael is operating out of the Atlantis Control Center," Magnus said. He turned and walked away, making a motion. "Follow or do not. While we can use your assistance to repair this great work, I will not compel the stubborn to my will."
"He talks strange," one said.
"Armor says he's using a lexicon. He's speaking a language that's different that Republic Standard," the first one said.
"If he betrays us, we can snuff him," one said.
Nakteti narrowed her eyes.
"He's not authorized to be here as far as I know. We'll fine out what's going on, then we'll make our decision," the apparent leader said.
Nakteti stepped out.
"What is that?" the leader asked.
"A Tnvaru. The ship captain that brought us here," Magnus said.
Surscee stepped out.
"That's my twin sister," Magnus said. He motioned. "Come, it is nearly three miles to the mat-trans system that we have to use to move between layers."
"Ugh, I hate mat-trans," one said.
"It always feels like there's someone watching me, someone in there with me," another said.
"You're just paranoid," the leader said. "Keep tight. Maintain radio silence till we figure out what's going on."
Nakteti just stayed silent.
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2023.05.31 01:18 kabre Best extensive playthroughs/let's plays?

Hey yall! It's been a bit since I did a full watchthrough of the silent hill games, and since it's so hopping in here lately I wanted to know yalls favourite playthroughs/youtubes/let's plays/stream archives/etc.
I'd love an extensive list and I'll update this first post with links as they come in (for the sake of others wanting to do watchthroughs too).
Bonus points for folks who've posted playthroughs of all the games -- I expect that's pretty rare -- and personally I love more lore-heavy or thoughtful experiences.
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2023.05.31 01:18 IMicrowaveSteak Miami Heat fan here seeking assistance

First, congratulations and best of luck. Would you mind sharing how we can possibly defeat you given you’re #1 against the zone, have size, speed, endurance, shooting ability, and maybe a sliver to gain in defensive efficiency.
If you could please provide guidance to how we could possibly beat you, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Sincerely, Erin Sprolstra
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2023.05.31 01:15 tony574 Diatance/ load size has decreased???

So for context, I'm assuming my activity plays a role. But has anyone in my position experienced the same? And did you/ how, did you improve it? When I was in my 20s I used to shoot explosive being at one end of the bed in doggy and hitting the wall at the other end and both of us laughing about it. Fast forward 10 years and 2 kids later it doesn't even go past a few inches. Granted, I used to exercise...a lot. Haven't for the past 5 years due to an injury, but my diet is better. Tried kegels this past year, felt like that made it worse. Is it really just exercise that makes you shoot pretty far? Or are there other factors? Keep in mind my water intake and diet has gotten better but I have not been exercising. Any correlation or advice? Partner has not had any complaints but I guess I'm just used to shooting extremely far and now I'm just basically dripping out
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2023.05.31 01:14 StarkillerSneed Driver (Drive) and Baby (Baby Driver) need to escape the authorities in GTA V's Los Santos while on a five star wanted level. Which one gets away first?

Both drivers are literally me working as getaway drivers for a crew robbing the Union Depository. Both are driving Bravado Gauntlets (consider these 2013 Dodge Challengers). Despite Driver's dislike of guns, both have loaded Glock 43s in the glove compartment, just in case. And, of course, Baby has his iPod, and Driver his trusty jacket.
This being the Union Depository, that means they are five stars wanted. Not only is the full might of the LSPD involved, but NOOSE and even some military vehicles will be dispatched as well. All authorities have received orders to shoot to kill.
Which one of these two makes it out alive first, with both crew and cargo unscathed?
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2023.05.31 01:13 TheFartDoctor69 Going to propose in your beautiful state and have a question!

KY holds a special place in our relationship, as our first real date was at Red River Gorge. We’re from Michigan, and this summer have a camping trip planned with 2 nights at Hocking Hills and 2 nights at New River Gorge in WV. Being from MI, we’re not big fans of Ohio and I don’t think she’d want to get engaged there - so I’m thinking of detouring us in to northeast KY “on the way” to WV. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for beautiful spots in that area that I can pop the question. A cursory glance at Google Maps has led me to Bennett’s Mill Covered Bridge, which looks like a good option. But I’m here to see what you folks think and if you have any ideas for me. Thank you so much, and cheers from all of us here in Michigan!
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2023.05.31 01:10 travelic Help! 2015 Impreza - hill start assist, vehicle dynamic control and eyesight systems lights all came on saying they are disabled

2015 Subaru Impreza with the eyesight system: A couple of days ago my hill start assist, vehicle dynamic control and eyesight systems lights all came on saying they are disabled and they have stayed on since. I haven't noticed any changes in how my car is functioning. My check engine light has not come on. The dealership says it will be $300 just to diagnose the problem but I read online that this could be due a brake fuse being out?
The guy at the dealership said it could be due to "transmission valve?" and mine is under warranty, if it is that then I wouldn't have to pay the diagnosis fee. He said it is 75% likely it is related to this.
Has anyone else had this issue and had it be related to the transmission?
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2023.05.31 01:09 nico_young In 10th am I interpreting damage allowaction correct?

So I just saw the full rules on auspex tactics YouTube. I noticed something about shooting. So in 10th all guns are said to wound at the same time. So let's say my unit hits and gets two 3d a piece wounds in. Let's say I get another 3 wounds with a one damage gun. So 1d, 1d, 1d, 3d, 3d. Now let's say I hit your one of your units where they have 3 wounds apiece and there are 3 of them. How many of them die? Well at first it would seem like all 3 right. But no since all guns are said to have fired at the same time. I could say one guy takes 1d, 1d, 3d and he dies. The next guy takes 1d, 3d and he dies. So I have one guy left.
edit: oops my phones auto correct kicked in.
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2023.05.31 01:09 notreallyren Player tries to blow up the party on three separate occasions.

For some background this is a Star Wars Fantasy Flight game set soon after the destruction of the first Death Star. We are playing as a ragtag team of rebels that consists of a Chadra-fan mechanical engineer (me), her slicer droid companion, a meatheaded farmboy with a goodheart who serves as the muscle for the party, and an old Mon Cal space captain (the titular player).
The first incident occurred shortly after wrapping up the first story arc on one of the planets in the sector and we were heading for another. There was a large Imperial presence on the world as it was in an open state of rebellion, that we as members of the Rebel Alliance were being sent to assist with. Because of this there was more bureaucratic red tape to get through before we could land and we were hailed by an Imperial Air Traffic Controller.
This was a while ago so I don't really remember how the argument went, but needless to say there was indeed an argument between the captain and the controller, which probably wasn't a great idea to get into with the person who controls if we get on the planet. Predictably the ATC doesn't allow the rude space captain who refuses to follow protocol to land. Oh well, I guess we could try coming back later when they aren't working, or borrow a different ship from the rebel fleet, right? Wrong. The Mon Cal player (who now bears a grudge against this low-level Imperial employee) wants to fly their way down regardless.
The rest of the party didn't think this a very good idea and decided to "mutiny" and try to force him off the ship's controls. Now, the session before was our first real chance to stock and gear up since we had started the game and I had decided to buy four plasma grenades and give one to everbody. I figured they could come in handy against the stormtroopers we would be encountering on the next planet. The Mon Cal player had other ideas though, evidently unhappy with the notion of his ship being taken away from him even momentarily, the captain decided to fish out that very same grenade and threaten to blow everyone and himself up. Luckily, I passed a coordination roll and immediately confiscated it from them and the situation was handled, we went back for a different ship and eventually made it planet side.
Flash-forward several months and there is now an all-out war in the streets of the capital city and we are helping the rebels there take district after district. Our current objective is to blow up a bridge to keep Imperial armoured infantry and tanks from crossing into the territory. As we arrive on the scene a ship lands directly behind us and out steps the bounty hunter from the farmboy's backstory. They begin to fight and me and the droid player take the opportunity to plant the explosives before the imperials decide to cross, leaving the farmboy and captain to take on the bounty hunter.
For more context Farmboy is essentially the party tank. They have solid defense and insane brawling stats and a gauntlet with a shield they bash people in the face with to go with them. So they immediately go to close the distance and engage them in melee range, unlike every other encounter however the only person left to shoot at IS the person they are engaging. This means that if the Mon Cal player wants to shoot the bounty hunter but rolls badly there is a high likelihood of shooting their teammate, which they do end up doing once or twice.
The encounter goes on and the bounty hunter is proving to be an equal for Farmboy in melee combat, it's not looking great and this is where I think the Mon Cal player starts to get frustrated and they decide to take out their "other weapon". Now between the session with the first incident and this one the Mon Cal player got their hands on a rifle with the explosive property, I don't exactly remember how. You might be thinking that should have been a red flag considering, but no one really cared about the first incident all that much aside from making a joke about it every now and again. The grenade wasn't really strong enough to kill any of us outright, and none of us thought the GM would make the consequences fatal had the worst case happened. Plus one or two session before they had made use of the rifle to great effect. ....this would not be such a case.
Mon Cal fires their rifle directly at the two of them and hits Farmboy who is critically hit and HP goes down past zero. Unfortunately, the Bounty Hunter is injured, but still standing (as Farmboy took the brunt of the hit).
It's important to note that in Star Wars you don't make death saves when your HP goes to zero like in D&D, instead whenever you get critically hit you roll on the crit table and take a wound of some kind. The more crits you have the higher you are likely to roll with the highest rolls being death. Farmboy had 2-3 crits before this encounter so the probability of such an outcome was becoming increasingly likely.
Seeing that the Bounty Hunter was still alive the Mon Cal player readies up for another shot. Threatening her that he doesn't care if Farmboy lives or dies, he'll blow them all up just to spite her if it comes to that etc. I believe he does fire at them and crits Farmboy again (I recall the image of him shooting his prone unmoving body with an explosive round), but it's been awhile so I could be misremembering. Either way the Bounty Hunter decides to back off and go lick her wounds.
"Well it worked, didn't it?" is all the Mon Cal player would say.
More months pass, the planet is free and we've been on a few more adventures. We are about to set off on another when we notice a distress signal coming from a lunar colony nearby. The power is out in one of the domes and we use the ships internal power to open the hatch so we can go inside to investigate. The place is like a ghost town and we can't seem to find anyone. The GM has Farmboy make a roll and they fail leading them to get hit by a sniper shot in the chest. The Bounty Hunter is back! Though like I said Farmboy is a tank so it honestly wasn't too bad, his spacesuit was perforated however.
The GM took this time (and several others) to warn that if too much damage (like say from an explosive round) happened to the dome it would depressurize and anyone not wearing a helmet or with a perforated suit would die. The session continues and we are essentially pinned down and in a drawn out long ranged firefight. Admittedly, it was fairly frustrating as only one of us had a weapon reasonably capable of engagement at that range and the dice were not rolling in our favor. For my part I tried stealthing closer to her location, but was spotted and critically hit twice, taking me out of the encounter and perforating my suit.
At this point Mon Cal player has had enough and states that they shoot at her with their explosive rifle. It misses and the GM makes a roll and says it hit the side of a building. This doesn't deter them at all however and they want to go for another shot. Farmboy doesn't like that and goes to knock the Mon Cal captain out. This causes a huge argument between them on one side and me and the farmboy player on the other as we obviously didn't want to die. They said that they "didn't know what else they were supposed to do." That it was "the only option available to them." and "the correct strategic decision". The back and forth went on for 15-20 minutes, or at least that's how it felt. It honestly really upset me with how callous they were being in taking a risk that didn't even affect them as their suit was fine. Especially after I suggested that, if they were really okay with taking such strategic risk, they put their own neck on the line and try charging them with farmboy since she can't shoot everyone at once. They didn't want to do that for reasons beyond me and insisted on their first course of action. At some point I just left the call and told the GM to let me know what happened. Eventually the GM messages me and tells me I have been revived. They defeated the bounty hunter somehow, I didn't really ask for the specifics as I was still sour on the whole situation.
When we landed back on the planet to rest up and everyone was sleeping I asked the GM if I could make a stealth roll. "Sure, what for?" "I want to steal Mon Cal's rifle" The Mon Cal player was not happy with this to say the least, but they failed their opposing roll and my sneaky lil' bat made off with it to sell for credits. This in turn started another argument to the extent in which Mon Cal's player was threatening to kill my character next session or fly off and abandon the party and we really didn't know how it was going to turn out.
This is definitely the closest the campaign had ever come to ending for a multitude of reasons. Thankfully, we didn't play for a few weeks because of scheduling and everyone cooled off and things ended up fine. We are all still friends, although they aren't being invited to the Pathfinder game Farmboy is going to start GMing.
So, yeah, that's the story.
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2023.05.31 01:08 Odd-Dependent-3891 My bf 31m won't get intimate with me anymore m30

Me and my bf have been together going on 7 years, always had a really good sex life. Over the last 18 months ita went down hill. Once maybe every couple of months if that. Now it's been over 5 months. If I ever make a move, he'll shrugg me off. I've tried to talk about it, but all I get is "it doesn't interest me" I have a really high sex drive. He looks at other guys on TV or when we're out shopping and indicates he'd love to get them in bed. It's really hurtful when he won't give me any intimacy. Is it time to leave? Has the spark gone? help!
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2023.05.31 01:08 FakeElectionMaker In April 1975, Brazil requested the Soviet Union to purchase 26 Mil Mi-25 helicopter gunships.

In April 1975, Brazil requested the Soviet Union to purchase 26 Mil Mi-25 helicopter gunships.
They arrived in January 1976, when Brazil was already going through deep economic issues, and the war in Chile had turned against Brazil. They only entered service in May, a few days after Bolivia expelled Brazilian troops from its territory.
Due to the lack of military access, the Brazilian Mi-25s never saw combat, but they were deployed during anti-drug trafficking operations, shooting down roughly four drug aircraft during the 1980s. Also, the helicopters were deployed during military exercises.
After the return to democracy and collapse of the Soviet Union, Brazil ran out of spare parts for its Mi-25s. In 1994, the Brazilian government purchased a batch of 18 surplus AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters from the United States. The Mi-25s were retired in 1997.
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2023.05.31 01:06 yixiaodafang The Whistleblowers‘ Movement will never be involved in the bipartisan political struggle in the United States. The bloodiest thing in the world is the bipartisan political struggle in the United States.

The Whistleblowers‘ Movement will never be involved in the bipartisan political struggle in the United States. The bloodiest thing in the world is the bipartisan political struggle in the United States.
The Whistleblowers’ Movement wants to thank the United States. No matter which one of Trump or Biden is president, we respect them, we are not in a position to disrespect them.Before the Jan. 6 incident last year, Miles Guo shouted in the group, don’t attend the Jan. 6 event on Capitol Hill, don‘t attend it! If you would have gone, it would be terrible! Just be used by others, the consequences are extremely serious!
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2023.05.31 01:06 Tiredboi23 Chased down by creature through Washington Wilderness

My old friend’s family has a vacation house on the Hood Canal of the Pudget Sound. It is out in the wilderness with 70+ acres of land, only other residents are some cousins, friends, and the landlord. Anyways, me and my friend were driving his ATV through the forest. We looked over and saw a tall black humanoid creature running at the same speed as us, but we were going over 40mph ( And by tall I mean like 10ft tall). It then started crawling and then disappeared into the trees, and it wasn’t just our imaginations, we both saw it. After some frantic driving we eventually stopped and stepped off, listening to the forest, and we could hear heavy footsteps and branches cracking and we returned to the ATV just to find that it ran out of fuel. We had to call his dad to pick us up in his truck and we were luckily fine. I also learned from his dad a story that before the new house was built, an old cabin was there prior. Back in the 1950s, an old man lived there and he was a lumberjack. He was a stereotypical “get off my lawn” old angry man. One day, some teens who lived in another house (now where one of my friend’s cousins has a house) came to his property and when the man yelled at them to go home, they mocked him. This lead the man to grab his shotgun and shoot at them and wound one of the kids in the hand. He got put into jail but was released. He then later disappeared out in the forest, nobody knows where he went. He either got crushed by a tree he cut down or something much worse happened to him out there. My friend tells me stories all the time about things he sees out there. His own regular house back in the city is also haunted. It’s a mansion built in 1909 and even myself has experienced many wild things there. Like figures and voices, also his whole family tells how they hear things falling over upstairs when alone sometimes.
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