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2023.05.30 19:28 Leather_Zebra_3040 Xcode previews

How do I get my iPhone off family sharing/ Game Center.
I believe they are making my phone look like one of there devices to gain access.
This has been going on for a year. My home Wi-Fi was hacked. T-Mobile which was my provider sent me 5 SIM cards I didn't order. When I called they said they had all my info on them and that's why they are so expensive.
I have tried burner phones with all new information/ gmail account. Last one had call forwarding/ rerouting. I called a divorce lawyer I knew. The person said he no longer practices. I saw him leaving the court house and he told me he had no idea, but that wasn't his employee who said that. I even met with him at his firm to show all my evidence. He suggested a private investigator when he saw everything, saying they should be in jail.
First iPhone had Xcode previews on it. When I went to apple they saw it and said spyware of some kind. They wiped my phone and as soon as I got in my car the app was back. I went through countless phones and eventually got a flip phone for my own piece of mind. However i need a smart phone and I need this to stop.
All my social media has had the password changed Dating sites will let me swipe but then everyone who matched me won't talk. It will be over 100 people and not one response. I have used friends accounts just to check that I'm not some monster and people have talked to me lol. Im not sure if this will even post on Reddit. I use to use it a lot and uploads pictures. I can't on certain subs now.
Now AGAIN My iCloud password is changed They are able to for example " turn on find my phone" after I turned it off. No apps are working right. I'm tired of this and no idea how to fix it.
It's a very personal hacking attack Any recommendations would be helpful because I just want to be able to live again.
Fingers crossed this posts
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2023.05.30 19:28 ThrowRA-shh Becoming increasingly uncomfortable with my [34F] spouse’s [28M] poor habits and differences

My [34F] partner [28M] and I got married last summer. In retrospect, I should have considered at much greater lengths if I could handle our differences, asked more questions about his anxieties, and I think he should have been more forthcoming about some habits and anxieties as well.
My partner has a lot of anxieties and insecurities related to body image, sex, change, instability, responsibilities, etc. Some of them seem less unusual, others are very personal and deep rooted (with some related to past traumas).
My partner loves me so much but has a lot of trouble working on his anxieties. He is going to therapy, not always consistently but more so lately, and has plans to see a psychiatrist and explore whether medication might be worth a try.
I have my own anxieties, mostly related to health (although this is mostly under control) and my living situation, quality of life. I also go to therapy, but not very consistently, as my anxieties haven’t posed much of an issue in a long time.
I care about my partner a lot but do not feel equipped to deal with some of our differences. He lacks consistent routine hygiene (showering - previously as little as less than once a week, brushing his teeth - previously as little as once or twice a month, although these have been improving with my consistent advice and reframing that it’s good for his health).
We often barely have sex. Sometimes as little as once every 3 or 4 months. He has a lot of anxiety around this due to past traumas he says, but he also had multiple sexual partners he saw occasionally during the same period of time for months before we met, so I’m somewhat confused by this. His poor hygiene also makes sex feel pretty gross to me. His breath, his genitals, and his feet all often have odors that leave me feeling quite repulsed.
Our standards on cleanliness around our living space and our overall style is quite different. He loves having a lot of things he likes around him (posters and other decor taking up entire walls with very little space between any of them), string lights in just about every room, all of these being stapled into the walls, his work area in disarray, drinking right out of bottles or the juice out of condiment jars, stapling rugs into the carpeted flooring, the list can go on and on.
For perspective, I like a fairly minimal and thoughtfully curated environment for myself. I am not obsessively tidy, but I like to stay on top of things and rarely leave much of a mess around. I get overwhelmed very easily when my home is cluttered and disorganized and has messes that feel out of hand.
I knew we were different but I feel like I was a bit blinded by romance and not nearly as diligent with myself as I should have been in really understanding our differences and what I could handle. For his part, he goes between telling me things like he is working on it and wants to be more like how I am in some ways and saying this is just how he is.
I felt like I was happier before we were together, sadly. I feel like he’s a very loving person who cares deeply for those close to him but that we just don’t align in some key ways and I’m struggling to see if we ever will. He has made improvements, but the progress feels slow for my standards (I recognize it probably isn’t slow by his own standards), and I worry that the only way he’ll consistently make these improvements is when I tell him about them and why I feel they are healthier for him. I don’t want to be with someone who is changing, even if for the positive, because of me. I think people should change because they want to for themselves. I don’t feel like that’s the case for him unfortunately.
He does do a lot of good for me. He is affectionate and gives me small gifts by surprise and cooks meals for us regularly. He’s not great at handling his work or his finances or not constantly owing me money because of this. He’s not very motivated, and I’m sure it has something to do with anxiety or depression or both. He’s constantly worried about his body image, has a past of eating disorders and still seems to struggle with some disordered eating habits. He’s overweight but struggles to stick to healthy habits to improve this despite talking about it for sometimes hours a day to nearly everyone he comes in contact with.
I could keep going. There is a lot I haven’t mentioned, but I’ll leave it at this. I just feel at my wits end but nervous to leave. I know he’s a great person in many ways but I worry what my future will look like 5, 10, 20 years down the road if I stay.
How do I determine what’s best for me? I see his many strengths but his shortcomings are giving me a lot of anxiety.
TLDR; My [34F] spouse [28M] has deep-rooted anxieties and habits that have led to poor hygiene, difficulty with sex, poor lifestyle choices, etc. I don’t know how much more I can take.
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2023.05.30 19:27 Eric1357 Cracked Tooth #3 , Broken tooth, then Chipped Filling

Really need some advice please!
Hello everyone, I would like to hear some thoughts on my case as I am not sure what to do.
I am a 25 year old male who has had over 10 cavities due to my severe GERD that caused me to throw up what I was eating for over 10 year so I am no stranger to cavities. As I aged my GERD is now under-control but I still have the residual problems. I also grind my teeth at night so that probably has also contributed to my problems.
I had a filling for a cavity on tooth number 3 over a year ago and then my dentist told me I may potentially need a root canal for that tooth as the cavity was quite deep. I ended up needed a root canal but when I got my root canal, the Endotontist the second he started drilling ... my tooth broke apart ? and I lost the majority of that tooth and there was just a small portion left. He noted there was a crack in the lingula side that he had not noticed. I guess the crack was originally due to probably me grinding my teeth. I have worn a nightly Invisalign retainer for the last 4-5 years since I have finished Invisalign. Is checking for cracks something that was supposed to happen before he started drilling?!?!?
After the root canal I decided to go to a different dentist and like my old dentist told me I would need to get a crown for that tooth. Okay so no problem I go to get the temporary crown and was told that there isn't enough tooth for the permanent crown to hold onto. So she did a post and core buildup and made a temporary crown and sent me to the Periodontist to get a crown lengthening as I did not want to lose this tooth and have it extracted at 25.
I am currently a week post-op for the crown lengthening and I noticed a lost filling next to the tooth for the crown lengthening that had previously been there before the crown lengthening. It was a pretty huge filling since I can feel the hole or missing section with my tongue and it is visible when I take photos from my camera. I had my post op visit with the Periodontist and hold him about the lost filling and he said that it can happen during surgery. Then he said he does not do fillings and to see if my general dentist can fill it. This whole thing has been an expensive nightmare and could really use some incite on what to do. Am I supposed to pay for the filling that had broken off when he did the crown lengthening?
I have attached a photo of where the missing filling is. Any advice on what to do next would be very helpful.
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2023.05.30 19:27 Xeiros Looking to Replace my Skylake Build

** Build List
Looking to upgrade. Just want to make sure everything is compatible and I’ve not chosen any parts from companies with a bad reputation so to speak. I tried to choose parts of a similar tier and generation, but I’ve not even remotely kept up with things.
I’ve built two systems prior, an i7 Nehalem in 2008 and an i7 Skylake in 2015, both of which used an Nvidia GPU, a GTX 260/460 in the former and a 980 Ti in the latter. This is my first time going AMD for the GPU.
I have no plans to use any HDD or an optical drive of of any kind. I don’t care to dabble in any overclocking so not gonna bother with any water cooling either hence the airflow focused case.
I don’t feel confident hardware has caught up to 4k’s potential yet so I’ll stick with 2k. Until systems can reliably hit triple digit FPS under 4k Ultra in a modern game without needing to break the bank with extremely overpriced hardware, I’ll avoid it.
As I did with my prior two builds, I mainly plan to use it for gaming and general multi-media entertainment. I’m gonna use the media creation tool for Windows 10 and put off using 11 for as long as I’m able.
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2023.05.30 19:27 RudionRaskolnikov Street dogs are awesome.

So idk why but my interest in dogs has increased a lot in the past few weeks and since I am not in a position of getting a dog right now, I do the next best thing, go and feed the street dogs.
I've always had street dogs around, here in India they are part of every day life in the cities but I've started looking at them more closely and made some observations.
They are incredibly well socialised, which is obviously because they roam the streets all ray while thousands of people walk past them, cars ride by etc, so they are used to interacting with humans and cars. They also learn to cross the road while cars are going on the road, sorta how humans do.
They are incredibly territorial, these are essentially wolves who live in packs and have designated territory. If a dog of another pack crosses into their territory, they start barking not to scare this dog but to call to their friends to assemble and when the whole pack assembles it surrounds the other dog and fucks it up bad. That's why pet dogs who are abandoned are in real trouble cause the street dogs gonna play roughshot over them. They essentially fight how wolves do and have that whole wolf pack dynamic to them. To them, the city is a jungle of concrete and they fight and compete for the food resources they can avail in these cities by fighting against other dogs.
Also nasty stuff like male dogs killing pups that are not theirs to get the female in heat and have sex with them. But more often then not, they get their ass kicked by mommy dog.
They are extremely kind to humans and incredibly patient with us. Like you feed these dogs once and they will wag their tails whenever you cross their territory. They are also extremely intelligent. I would say far more than pet dogs, because their survival depends on it. Like if a dog is too aggressive against humans, you can bet it will get it's ass kicked, so they are extremely patient and accommodating.
At the same time very loving towards humans who do any random act of kindness towards these dogs.
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2023.05.30 19:27 vegabassoonseacake Hyperoptic Discount Code 2023

Check out Hyperoptic Discount Code 2023. There are Hyperoptic Discount Code 2023 for online purchases. You may save with using those discount codes, coupons, promo codes and offers. Take advantages of daily deals, sales and coupons!
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2023.05.30 19:27 MarioMakerPerson1 Practice the Universal Swing!

The Universal Swing
When swinging, either mental or visual, is successful, the patient may become conscious of a feeling of relaxation which is manifested as a sensation of universal swinging. This sensation communicates itself to any object of which the patient is conscious. The motion may be imagined in any part of the body to which the attention is directed. It may be communicated to the chair in which the patient is sitting, or to any object in the room, or elsewhere, which is remembered. The building, the city, the whole world, in fact, may appear to be swinging.
When the patient becomes conscious of this universal swinging, he loses the memory of the object with which it started; but so long as he is able to maintain the movement in a direction contrary to the original movement of the eyes, or the movement imagined by the mind, relaxation is maintained. If the direction is changed, however, strain results. To imagine the universal swing with the eyes closed is easy, and some patients soon become able to do it with the eyes open. Later the feeling of relaxation which accompanies the swing may be realized without consciousness of the latter; but the swing can always be produced when the patient thinks of it.
You may have a few questions about the Universal Swing:
What is the length and speed of the swing?
The Universal Swing in perfect sight is very short, usually less than the width of the smallest letter on the Snellen. This is the short swing. However, obtaining a longer swing is usually easier at first, and will still improve the sight. As the swing becomes shorter, more rhythmic, and more universal, the relaxation and vision will improve further.
Dr Bates described the speed of the short swing in perfect sight as similar to soldiers marching, or counting orally. Each swing shouldn't take longer than a second. However, pay attention to how you feel, to regulate the length and speed of the swing that best suits you at that particular point.
It should be noted that the swing can best be observed where the vision is best. If you are myopic, and can see the nearpoint perfectly, you will be able to observe everything you see pulsating at the nearpoint, although it may be extremely subtle. You can use this as an aid to imagine the swing when looking in the distance.
What's the best way to practice swinging?
The swing can be practiced visually, mentally, or by the aid of the memory and imagination. What works best depends on the person. As with any technique, the best way to practice at first is under favourable conditions. This could be your eyes closed, or palming. It could also be looking at a blank wall, with nothing in particular to see in your peripherals. Where the vision is best, e.g. the near point for myopia, is also a favourable condition. A myopic person may find it difficult to obtain a swing when looking at distant blurry letters, and the vision won't improve. Sometimes there's peculiar favourable conditions unique to the person. But when the myopic person can learn to cultivate and improve the relaxation and swing in favourable conditions, gradually it can be transferred to more unfavourable conditions, like looking at distant blurry letters. As you get better at this, flashing distant letters might be a good way to face the unfavourable conditions, or gradually moving your vision closer to what you want to see while relaxing or swinging, but not looking directly at it, until you become able to maintain the relaxation. There's a variety of ways you can practice this, and what works best for everyone differs.
How long should I practice this?
The Universal Swing can be practiced all day long with benefit. Once it becomes perfect, and habitual, the sight will become normal.
In order to learn how to obtain a universal swing, it's beneficial to make it part of a daily practice where you're solely focused on techniques and relaxation. Dr Bates recommended spending at least an hour a day for practicing relaxation.
However, you can practice for 5 minutes or even an hour and be comfortable. This doesn't mean you spend the rest of the day neglecting your eyes and straining them. If you do this, you'll struggle to get permanent improvement. The goal of the Bates Method is to learn how to relax all day long, and form better vision habits. Don't forget this.
What should I do if I find this too difficult?
Practice swaying or rocking the body back and forth, and notice the oppositional movement. Whenever you are moving, notice everything moves opposite to you - this should be practiced at all times. Stop staring and shift your eyes and blink, and notice the oppositional movement. Learning to see movement can be practiced all day long, and should be practiced all day long. This will make it easier to become conscious of the Universal Swing and the short swing.
Any other questions?
Let me know!
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2023.05.30 19:27 WordSpecialist007 Wondering if I have an nMom but scared to be wrong

My (33m) mother (63) and my father divorced when I was in the fourth grade. After my parents divorced my mom decided she needed to have her “freedom” and relive her childhood that she allegedly missed out on. She got a boyfriend and spend a lot of time with him drinking, traveling, staying at his house etc. I remember many times my mother would disappear and I wouldn’t be able to reach her for many days. When I did spend time with my mom she would tell me all sorts of bad things about my father and how he ruined their marriage etc.
My mom nearly died in the 8th grade and her and that guy split up. My brother and I moved into my moms house after she miraculously recovered. It was hell. My mom drank, did pills, gave us drugs and alcohol as teenagers, she partied 24/7 with a guy she met who lived in our neighborhood, went to festivals constantly, refused to work, slept till 2 pm everyday, went from nice to extremely mean and angry hour by hour, she was always blaming me and my brother for everything and we could never meet her expectations. We were called lazy, unappreciative, destructive, etc. I feel like I did not have a parent but I will living with an angry sibling. I had no structure or guidance.
I dropped out of high school at 16 and just kind of floated around until 22 when I got my GED and went to community college. At 23-24 after a traumatic event in my life I started going to church because I had no sense of purpose. I started helping out the priest there and he sort of gave me guidance. Eventually (Age 25) with the help of the priest I befriended, I decided to finish my bachelors at a Catholic university that was akin to a military school. I finally had structure and guidance etc. My mom never came to visit me once while I was there. Instead she would just tell others how I think I am better than everyone else and how I changed.
I graduated at 29 in 2019. I spent a year studying for the LSAT and got a full scholarship to a top 20 law school 1,000 miles away. I moved in a heartbeat. During my three years there my mom refused to come visit me but made me feel extremely guilty for leaving. Every time I shared happy new experiences with her she ignored my texts and calls. I would go home to visit and it would be fine until about 5 days in then the talk of me selfish self centered, ungrateful would happened and I would get the silent treatment.
I went home this past week and brought my girlfriend and it was miserable after we spent the night away one evening and I didn’t answer my moms texts about cooking her dinner.
Here is the last text she sent me after I said I am doing the best I can with the situation I was put into:
“You weren’t “put in this situation”. Your situation is the direct your decisions. You do not give as much as you can. You can be kind to your mom. You can be thoughtful of your mom. You can be considerate of your mom. You can spend one evening sitting on the deck or around a fire with your mom. You can call your mom simply to ask how she’s doing. You can send your mom a Mother’s Day card. You can hug your mom.
Someone who’s observed the way you treat me once said, “X, believe me when I tell you, someday he will look back and cry.” I do not want that for you. I want to see you become a better man.
A woman understands need only to see how a man treats his mother to know how he will treat his wife.”
Obviously I was extremely pissed and flew out the next day. My girlfriend was caught in the middle of all this (and was guilt tripped by my mom for being non-committal about her ability to drive two hours to my sister who lives in a group home). When leaving my girlfriend said I a looking forward to seeing you again and my mom said “you’re not going to want to come back” The entire trip my mom made everything about her.
What complicates things even more is that my sister has a disability and lives in a group home two hours from my mom. She is quite a bit younger, which effects our relationship. I need to be better about calling her and visiting her but it’s hard. My mom guilts me into feeling bad about it all. My mom also is guilting me into being my sisters legal guardian. As much as I love my sister, I am not sure if I can handle that sort of responsibility.
Why I am confused is because my mom is pretty generous. She will buy food and send me the little money she has so that I could get by as a student. She can be loving and extremely kind. However, whenever she does give me support or money, she uses it to guilt and control me. I feel very guilty leaving my mom on her own or having her feel like I am selfish and awful to her. But I feel like I have built a good life and I have a girlfriend I am going to marry eventually and start my own family with.
TL;DR: Can a parent still be a narcissist if they are selfless with money and things of that nature?
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2023.05.30 19:27 GloomyMelons Mixing propofol and weed

I'm going for a colonoscopy on Thurs. They're going to sedate me with propofol. I was told to not smoke past 12pm on Wed but I'm reading advice to stop sooner online because thc lowers your sensitivity to propofol, so doctor will have to use more and potentially cause brain damage. What are people's experiences here? Also /trees has way too many flairs.
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2023.05.30 19:27 vegabassoonseacake Hyperoptic Promo 2023

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2023.05.30 19:26 imajerec system shutdowns after building pc with rx 6600

so this card has an advertised boost clock of 2491mhz, but as i enter radeon the max frequency is acutally 2724 by default. why is that? are these 2 different frequencies?
by default radeon adrenalin settings the system crashes/shutdown instantly after starting unengine superposition at 1080p extreme. in games it crashes as well, as it shutdown after a few minutes or even seconds. i've tried loading default bios settings and same thing
i have to go to manual tuning - custom, advanced control enabled and set the clock from 2724 which is the default setting (in adrenalin performance gpu manual tunning) to 2450mhz and from 1150mv to 1080mv, so that the system doesn't shut down imediately. so i run unengine superposition and it runs untill the end scores around 4300 points which is somehow below average but judging by the frequncy underclock it is still fine, temps looks normal, games doesn't crash anymore.
is the psu at fault here? setting the max clock speed to 2491 from adrenalin manual tuning(which is the default specs of the card) causes shutdowns again, so it can't runt at that clock
this card has 120/123 average/max power consumption with 249w 20ms spikes as reviewd by techpowerup yet this 450w psu should handle it yet it shutdowns
i know it's an old PSU but still this is not a high wattage card. the psu has the needed 6+2 connecter
other parts are a 5600g a ssd and ram, cpu cooler and no other devices that uses power from the psu so the total system power consumption should be under 250w under load
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2023.05.30 19:26 MrSharkTank These guys LOVE Value Town (#6VGNE)! Come join and find out why! 1900!!+ members! INSTANT Cash Outs! $1000 Sunday Freeroll with $480 in Cash Games BONUSES! DAILY games from 2PM - 3 AM EST! Balance Updates after every game! Nobody else does it like us! 20% Rakeback and first time deposit bonus! 💥

These guys LOVE Value Town (#6VGNE)! Come join and find out why! 1900!!+ members! INSTANT Cash Outs! $1000 Sunday Freeroll with $480 in Cash Games BONUSES! DAILY games from 2PM - 3 AM EST! Balance Updates after every game! Nobody else does it like us! 20% Rakeback and first time deposit bonus! 💥 submitted by MrSharkTank to pokerrrr2 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:26 Necessary_Floor4186 I need answers before buying SSDs and RAM for my Gigabyte AERO 17 XB

Hello, I want to optimize my computer for video editing heavy RAW video files and 3D animations without having to buy a new laptop.
My budget is 300$
My actual config GIGABYTE AERO 17 XB, Core i7 10th gen, RTX 2070 Super with Max Q-Design, 16gb (8x2) DDR4 RAM
I would like to buy RAM (Crucial CT2K32G4SFD832A, Green, 64GB Kit (2x32GB) to reach 64 GB of RAM but here's my question in two parts :
  1. will it be relevant to do buy that RAM given the capacities of my actual processor and graphic card ? ( in other words : is my actual config ready to support the RAM to take full advantage of it ?)
  2. Could there be a noticeable performance difference between : my config + my current 16 gb (2x8) RAM, my config + 32 gb (2x16) RAM, my config + 64 gb (2x32) RAM?
I am planning also to buy two* 2TB SSDs (SSD 970 EVO Plus 2 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 (2280) (MZ-V7S2T0)) to replace the current hard drive (SSD 500 Go TLC M1 NVME M.2 2280 PCIe 3) with that faster samsung SSD and to occupy the second slot for stocking video files and also After Effects'cache.
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2023.05.30 19:26 mobilityshop_ Drive Medicare Enigma XS2 Self Propel Wheelchair

Introducing the ultimate mobility companion: the Drive Medicare Enigma XS2 Self-Propel Wheelchair! 🌟 Lightweight, versatile, and oh-so-comfortable, it's designed to enhance your independence and freedom like never before.
✨ Move with ease: With its lightweight aluminium frame and 24" self-propel wheels, you'll effortlessly navigate any terrain, indoors or outdoors.
✨ Personalized comfort: Experience luxury with the deep comfort tension adjustable back and seat canvasses, complemented by the deluxe seat and back cushions.
✨ Customizable convenience: The quick-release swing-in/swing-out leg rest and adjustable footplate angle ensure perfect positioning for your comfort. Flip-back and removable armrests add flexibility to your seating preferences.
✨ Easy to transport: The half-folding back mechanism and lightweight design make it a breeze to take with you wherever you go.
✨ Safety first: Equipped with a one-touch lap belt, height adjustable anti-tip wheels, and adjustable rear wheel position, your security is our priority.
✨ Style meets durability: Available in metallic blue or red finish, this wheelchair combines sleek design with sturdy construction, supporting up to 21 stone (135kg).
Don't let limited mobility hold you back – invest in the Drive Medicare Enigma XS2 Self-Propel Wheelchair today! 💪💙 For sale now.
For more technical details visit our online Mobility Shop website at -
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2023.05.30 19:26 ItsEsmeJones [MM4A] Raised by Wolves [Adoptee Werewolf Speaker][Mobster Werewolf Speaker][Adopted Human Paranormal (?) Listener][Mystery][Bad Deal][Threats][Protecting Dad][Lil' Slugger Inspired][Supernatural][Action][Bit of Slice of Life][Hunted Down][Predator]vs[Prey][CW: Threats/Violence]

Context: You were raised by a werewolf with no clue about your origins or ties to your humanity. Fortunately, he was a fantastic father and helped you grow into the person you are today with minimal casualties. You're a little protective of your old man, especially after he had a workplace accident. You can't imagine him ever crossing anyone... until tonight.
Setting: Home
Tags:[MM4A][Adoptee Werewolf Speaker][Mobster Werewolf Speaker][Adopted Human Paranormal (?) Listener][Mystery][Bad Deal][Threats][Protecting Dad][Lil' Slugger Inspired][Supernatural][Action][Bit of Slice of Life][Hunted Down][Predator]vs[Prey][CW: Threats/Violence]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script. Gender flipping is OK! Please credit me if you use this script in any of your projects. If you would like to use this script for a paywalled recording, please note:
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! Youtube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Check out the rest of my scripts by using the [Script Directory](\_BTI/edit?usp=share\_link)
[D] = Dad
[P] = Pyrrho (pronounced ‘peer-oh’) but feel free to sound it out like ‘pyro’ if desired.
[Scene opens at home]
[SFX: A door opening and shutting]
[You arrive home from baseball practice and your Dad smiles from his armchair, tail wagging]
[D] “Hey! There’s my Lil’ Slugger! How’d practice go?”
[He laughs as you talk excitedly and clamor into the kitchen for much-needed snacks]
[D] “Easy, easy! Dinner’s almost ready! Don’t go filling up on chips and soda, pretty please?”
[SDX: A delayed soda hiss that sounds appropriately shameful]
[He shoots you a look but quickly lets it go with a shake of his head and a smile]
[D] “Pftt, I can’t stay mad at you. I’m glad practice went well. It was pretty quiet here, thankfully. Finally got a chance to vacuum the house.”
[D] “I know, I know, I said I’d let you do it this time, but you’re always busy! Between work, practice, and taking care of my old tail, you hardly ever get to relax…”
[His smile fades, and looks to the cane leaning against his chair with a sigh]
[D] “...Oh, your old man is OK, Slugger. It’s just… going from working werewolf to house hermit thanks to one work accident… Ain’t great for the pride. Used to be able to run with the best of them, work eighteen-hour days, then come home and catch our show with you! Now I can barely manage to do the last one…”
[You cross the room and hug him]
[D] “Oh? Oof! Aha… Alright, hug time. Got it. Mmh… Watch that strength, kiddo! Sheesh, your Coach must be a good one. I swear you could bench press a bus at times!”
[He gives you a playful side-eye]
[D] “...You’re not on steroids, right?”
[D] “OK, I’m only asking because it’s a universal law that cool dudes don’t do that stuff, right? And we’re cool dudes, right?”
[He laughs]
[D] “Haha, alright, alright! I’ll stop teasing! I just want to make sure you’re OK… You’ve been through a lot, and I’m proud of you for working so hard.”
[Pause <3]
[D] “I love you, too, kiddo. With all of my heart… Oof, oh no, not Dad tears! Quick, go pull the casserole out of the oven before I start blubbering!”
[You give him a solemn salute and hurry into the kitchen]
[SFX: The oven being opened / general movement]
[You go to get the casserole out, as requested when the doorbell rings]
[SFX: A doorbell]
[D] “No, no, I got it! Who on Earth would be knocking on my door at nearly 7 PM on a damned Tuesday night?”
[SFX: Him opening the door]
[You glance over and see a younger werewolf standing in the doorway, more nicely dressed than you’ve seen anyone be]
[Your father pales, hobbling a few steps back from the younger werewolf]
[D] “P-Pyrrho… I, ah-”.
[P] “Save your breath, Hoss. I ain’t here to hear it…”
[Your Dad lowers his voice, under the impression you can’t hear him]
[D] “...please don’t do this in front of my kid… Please, I… I know I still owe a lot, b-but…”
[‘Pyrrho’ steps inside and your father is forced to take a few more steps back]
[P] “I was given my orders. It’s pay-up or pay with your life, Hoss. If your kid is here, then… I was told to leave no witnesses.”
[For the first time in your life, you hear your father growl under his breath]
[D] “...You can do whatever you want to me, but if you even think for a second-!”
[SFX: [D] being struck and falling to the ground with a yelp]
[You hear your father cry out and that is about the moment you forget every shred of humanity that is in you]
[SFX: A LOT of glass shattering]
[P] “What the fuck-?! What is wrong with your fucking human, Hoss?!”
[D, legitimately terrified] “Pyrrho, RUN-!”
[You don’t give him the chance. You grab your bat and saunter over to the attacker]
[P, unimpressed] “Really, sweetheart? You brought a bat to a gunfight?”
[Your father staggers to his fight and gets you in the best suplex he can]
[D] “I-I’m sorry, Slugger! Pyrrho, fucking RUN WHILE I HAVE THEM IN THIS SUPLEX!”
[SFX: A heavy step forward]
[P] “...Didn’t realize your kid was a weightlifter, Hoss… Managing to walk with a four-hundred-pound werewolf on their back is impressive. It still doesn’t change the fact that, well…”
[SFX: A gun being drawn]
[P, coldly] “I have a gun.”
[D] “Pyrrho, for the love of God-!”
[SFX: Another dragging step forward]
[P, uncertain] “...D-Don’t you make me shoot!”
[You sprint forward, carrying the entire four-hundred pounds of your struggling father, and slam the bat into Pyrrho’s wrist]
[SFX: A bat making contact and the gun scattering away]
[You stare into the intruder’s eyes. You can see your own reflected back and it seems like you both see the death there before Pyrrho stumbles back with a pained whimper]
[P] “...T-This ain’t over-!”
[D] “RUN!!!”
[With a yelp of pain, the intruder flees]
[SFX: Another heavy footstep]
[D] “Slugger, no! Shh… shh, it’s OK… It’s OK… Breathe… Papa’s OK, see? You don’t have to be angry anymore…”
[SFX: A car skidding away]
[D] “...Nice, quiet howl with me. Just like when you were little… OK?”
[You howl quietly with him for a moment until the red fades. Until there’s no longer an expiration date burned into your eyes]
[Your father sighs shakily, finally letting you go]
[D] “...I… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you… I owe bad people a lot of money… I thought I could figure it out, I thought I could work it off, but… b-but my accident at work… I’m so sorry…”
[You hug him again and assure him it’s OK]
[D] “...Thank you for the hug, Slugger… You’re such a good kid… Please don’t forget that, OK? Don’t forget that you’re good, no matter how angry you get, no matter how powerful you are… You’re good. OK?”
[You nod]
[D] “Good… I, ah… Let me get this mess cleaned up and we can talk this through. OK?”
[Again, you nod… but you can see it again, reflected in a nearby picture of the two of you. You can see the death in your eyes… and you know the night is young]
[D, exhaling] “...We’ll be OK, kiddo. One way or another, your old man will figure this out, and you can focus on being the world’s best baseball player in the making. OK?”
[For the last time, you nod. Your baseball bat is spattered in blood]
[To be continued]
Note: The original title for this series was going to be “Death In Their Eyes” but then I remembered YouTube is a dick
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2023.05.30 19:26 Velma_27 I don't know what to do now. Help?

I need some guidance on my situation.
I have 6 loans
Loans 1 & 2 I have been paying on since graduation (there have been times of deferment, but never in default)
4 got lost after my bankruptcy. Somehow I thought the 2 I was paying was all I had. I was poorly informed by the school I went to (for profit garbage school)
Loans 3 & 4 I do owe. They are in default
Load 5 & 6 were disbursed after I had graduated and funds were sent back by the school but still show I owe. They are in default.
Submitted forms for discharge of loan 5 & 6, with the ledger showing disbursement and the money going back to ED and having a zero balance. They denied it and said I needed more proof I wasn't in school and didn't get the money. I'm struggling with the school to get something stating my attendance at that time. I graduated in 2009.
I applied for direct consolidation of loans 1-4 so I could apply for PSLF and have the special rules with payments that was going. Loans 1 & 2 were the only ones moved to mohela. My PSLF was approved and loans 1 & 2 were forgiven under those rules. (Just found this out today and I'm so freaking happy).
What I don't know what to do about it why was loan 3 & 4 not consolidated. I need to go back through all the mail but I don't remember getting anything that said I couldn't consolidate them. If they would have been consolidated like requested in the application, would they have been forgiven as well? Can I contact someone and have them do it based on application date and maybe still get the PSLF? Any guidance on the discharge of the loans sent and returned after my graduation would be appreciated as well.
submitted by Velma_27 to StudentLoans [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:26 DoodlezForDoodlebob Metal Clank Sound Shift Gears

Hey everyone, I have a 2018 WRX Premium
This has been going on for some time but I hear a metallic clink sound when shifting gears. Only apparent when windows are down. And is very loud when car is off and gears are shifted through.
The sound is not a grinding or rubbing sound. It’s like two metal pieces make impact to each other
Used to be just when shifting now when going over large bumps I can hear the same noise.
Let me know what thoughts you have, is this normal? Cause for concern? Will be taking this vehicle in!
submitted by DoodlezForDoodlebob to WRX [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:26 WashingMachineBroke How to send ACH links? Credit card processor recommendations?

I’m looking to start accepting payments within the next month or so and I need a way to make paying convenient for customers and not super expensive for our business.
Does anyone know how I can get ACH links out to customers so they can fill in their account/routing numbers and make a payment?
Additionally, I’m looking for a credit card processor. My average transaction will be around $2,500, but the maximum I can see us doing within the next two years is $15,000. I don’t want to pay a large 3% fee, I’d prefer to have a larger fixed fee and a lower percentage one.
Another issue I’m hitting is that credit card processors are asking for 3 months of banking statements, but we just got our bank account opened on 5/27. Company was formed 5/18. We don’t have a way to accept money, unless we do physical checks, hence no sales. We’re also still ironing out kinks in the website.
Any help is appreciated.
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2023.05.30 19:26 -LOad-InG- How to get slug shotgun or forerunner similar shotgun in 2nd slot

How to get slug shotgun or forerunner similar shotgun in 2nd slot
Here’s a picture of the forerunner I use
I wanna bring a shotgun with me to iron banner but my forerunner is level capped and I’m using ace of spades as my exotic so I can’t use duality how would I go about getting a slug shotgun or a forerunner simulator shot gun for my 2nd weapon slot
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2023.05.30 19:26 jusbro92 🐐1st LEGENDARY SELLER🐐 Buying/Selling 2K23 MT! [XBX/S] [XB1] [PS5] [PS4] Price/Details Inside! Over 2,800 Positive Reviews on Reddit 🤝 Buy/Sell with Confidence as I am Highly Trusted 💯! Longest Tenured Re-Seller Here! Confirmed Trusted Trader! 😎 Online until 2am EST 😎 Stay Safe🙏


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Discord jusbro92#3115

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2023.05.30 19:26 juniper4774 A Song for Cyre

Our DM is giving us extra credit (honorary membership to the Circle of Song) if we compose 3 verses of lyrics in our Eberron campaign, so I thought I'd share here in case anyone has use for mine in their campaigns.
They borrow heavily from and go with the melody for Sounds of Silence. (Note: in our campaign, we pronounce it "sire".)
Sing a song of lovely Cyre,
Whose hills were made of flow’rs and fire
Whose streets were never without singing
Whose bells made angels cease their winging
To alight atop the spires glinting bright
Stilled in flight
To hear the sounds now silenced

And now flung to distant lands
Orphaned souls in ragged bands
Turn eyes that cannot see for crying
Back to a homeland fading, dying
In one day that was writ in sorrow and in pain
None remain
To sing the songs of Cyre

On the thousand thousand graves
Dance wicked pow’rs and twisted shades.
Halls that ring no more with laughter
Lamps that shine no more hereafter
Homes that held both lowly babe and crownéd king
For the sounds now silenced

Tarry, pray; do not forget
the ones who fell, the ones who fled.
Ghosts that walk among you, yearning
For the land that once was burning
With the fires of creation sweet and bright
All ash, the land ’twas Cyre

And now who will sing their names
Who left to gather the remains
All is lost in misty horror
Rings out, “Cyre shineth no more”
And the kings and the gods turn away
In bitter shame
Who bears blame?
For the sounds now silenced
submitted by juniper4774 to Eberron [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:25 creepyaru While I'm designing my game, I'd like to offer something new into the already existing rules of the bullet heaven genre, here's how I'm doing that:

Features that are both distinguished and common in my game 'Survivors of the Dawn' with the classic survivor-likes:
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