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2023.05.31 02:00 plzdontsuemescribe The Real Scoop on the Scribe Media Layoffs

Throwaway account because I am absolutely terrified of legal repercussions from Scribe. I was a full-time employee at the company for over 3 years and I just want my voice to be heard. If you have questions, leave them here, because I'm ready to tell the truth. Apologies if this is a little scattered. I have a lot to say and I don't think I have the energy to be particularly coherent. I also apologize if some of my timeline info isn't 100% correct; the months at Scribe have all blended together and I don't have access to any of my Scribe tech to confirm my dates. One last disclaimer: I was not a ghostwriter for Scribe, and my work never involved writing, so don't hate me for typos and grammar mistakes!
First, this Glassdoor review is the most honest thing I've ever seen a current/former employee write about the company. Despite the fact that Scribe has won a number of "Best Workplace" and "Best CEO" awards, it was a truly horrible place to work. I, as well as many of my coworkers, was constantly shocked when we won or ranked in those categories; we were all filling out the surveys with the lowest scores possible.
Two groups of people seemed to float the company through with those surveys: 1) the leadership/crew members who had been there for 5+ years and made a lot of money off the backs of the lower-paid workers and 2) the constant stream of new employees that were being hired to replace those who left or were fired. These new employees were practically waterboarded with the "Scribe is the best company in the world" juice.
For crew members like me, who were "veterans" with 3+ years at the company, silence was the code. If you wanted to make it to "veteran" status, you had to keep your mouth shut about the things you were seeing, and the way people in leadership were treating employees. This created a really stratified work environment where you had:
To be honest, things didn't really get bad until Tucker and Zach left the company in Jevon's hands. I know that Jevon is revered in the business world, but he is the closest thing to a modern-day snake oil salesman that I've ever seen. He coasts on charisma and re-purposed adages so that nobody questions his poor decision-making skills.
The truth is that Jevon was always in over his head. Scribe never had a CFO because Jevon kept insisting that we didn't need one. But his decisions about money were so erratic and set off alarm bells for many of us.
Scribe’s last allegedly profitable month (according to the finance documents that the Master of Coin would release every month) was January 2021. In 2022 alone, the company lost $3 million and revenue was down by a quarter. By March of this year we were losing $800K a month. Meanwhile, payroll doubled from 2021 to 2023 and JeVon decided to double the office space (rent is $100K a month). He also seemed to spend a lot of money on his own personal branding/marketing. At one point, cameras were following him around the office.
It was clear to anyone looking at the numbers that the path we were on was unsustainable. Multiple times every month, employees would beg leadership for an explanation of how we were still operating, or ask for a plan to make us profitable again. In response, the inner workings at Scribe became more and more opaque.
For example, the all-hands call that was supposed to take place in January was canceled with absolutely no explanation, and when all-hands meetings resumed, the "open discussion" about finances was removed from the agenda. On two different occasions, we were informed that checks would not be sent out on time because of "payroll issues," but when pressed for an explanation, leadership intimated that it was due to some kind of error or technical issues rather than a lack of funds.
In August of 2022, leadership enacted a hiring/salary freeze, but kept telling us not to worry, and that "Jevon had planned for this dip in profit and everything was going to be completely okay because Jevon knew what he was doing." He then set out to find outside investors to sink more money into the flagging company.
I'm told that he turned down a number of lucrative offers ($60 mil was the amount being thrown around) because potential investors wanted Jevon to stay on as the CEO, while he wanted to leave the company and start a hedge fund. He was basically looking for someone to finance the company so he could dip (from what I could tell).
Early this year, we were all very relieved when it was announced that Jawad Ahsan was coming on as an investor (co-owner? I have no idea; the announcement made about this move was not very detailed). Things seemed like they may genuinely improve, and hiring ramped up, which we all took to mean that the money necessary for new employees did actually exist.
Then, in late April/early May (I no longer have access to my Scribe slack, so I can't confirm the exact date), we were informed that Jawad had "pulled his funding." Jevon's message to us stated that Jawad had "been offered a dream position as CEO of a new company" and had pulled out his investment in Scribe, which was why we wouldn't be making payroll that week. (Come to find out later that this was a lie).
At this point, my coworkers and I are very, very nervous, and are pinging the leadership team constantly, asking for explanations or updates. Anything to ease our anxieties. We are all given the run-around.
Then, the sudden layoffs. At around 3ish on the 24th, everyone receives a Google calendar invitation to what is ostensibly an update meeting about the future of the company. However, we're told that there are two separate sessions (because they want us in smaller groups to leave more room for questions) and to make sure that we all attend the correct session. We start looking into the different groups and realize that one group has 85+ people while the other only has 20ish people. And on top of that, the group of 20ish people contains all of the executive team's closest friends.
That's when we realize we're about to be laid off.
In a group Zoom call, we are told that our jobs no longer exist, that our tech is being shut down immediately, and that insurance runs out at midnight. No severance.
One of the people in our meeting is the Editor in Chief who was at the company since day 1; I still cannot believe they treated him this way.
Another person in our group is the IT guy, who is then told that he would actually have to come back into work the next day (paid an hourly wage) so that he can shut off all of our tech....THEN he's gone.
On the call, one employee specifically calls about Jawad, who we are all surprised to see on the call, as we'd been told that he pulled out his investment. She asks him to explain why he pulled funding from Scribe. He is shocked and confused, because not only has he not left Scribe (he is still on the board of directors today) but he has also invested more money in Scribe than Tucker, Zach, or Jevon. Jevon immediately cuts in and directs any questioning from Jawad (I think he got caught in his previous lie).
Since the layoffs, a few ex-Scribe members and myself have been keeping track of some very suspicious financial/legal behavior (which I do not want to disclose in case it is actionable). However, there are still many freelancers who have not been paid in over a week; one freelancer is owed $17k in back payments.
Scribe is telling its authors that it is "still operating" with a skeleton crew, which is laughable. They maybe have enough people on staff to launch the next two weeks' worth of books, but beyond that, there is no way the 20ish employees left can keep 300+ books alive. Not to mention some of the people kept on the skeleton crew have been at the company for less than a year, and were only kept on because they were old friends of the CXO. Not the most competent employees...
The executive team is still claiming that once the sale of the copmany goes through in 2 weeks (I do not believe there really is a buyer lined up) that they will reach out to all employees laid off an extend an invitation to return. I can promise you that nobody will return. This means that if Scribe wants to be "fully operational" after the sale, they will have to hire an entirely new company. This isn't going to happen, given the media already out there about Scribe.
If you are a current Scribe author, please be very very cautious of what you hear from the company. We were directly told that Jevon is stepping down as CEO and President, but I'm hearing from current authors that he is still reaching out to them as the CEO and offering reassurances.
Please leave any questions below and I'll do my best to answer.
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2023.05.31 02:00 Kaiodadragon Karen slips at goodwill and breaks her glassware. Threatens to call corporate.

Hello! On mobile, this is my first post to this subreddit so please excuse any formatting mistakes! This didn’t happen to me, but someone I know who works for Goodwill. This happened over Memorial Day weekend. Mostly paraphrased.
F= Friend K= Karen
So F works for Goodwill and he was ringing up customers. In comes K. She has a bunch of glassware that’s super cheap already, talking like some pieces being 77 cents (USD). But that’s not good enough! She demanded from F to get more of a discount on the already discounted items.
F: “No I am sorry, we cannot lower the prices anymore then they already are!”
K: asks for manager as Karen’s usually do
F: “I’m sorry ma’am, my manager wouldn’t be able to lower them either.”
K grumbles some more but not without making a scene. She completes her transaction with F. She then goes to the exit, sees that it is raining.
entire store looks at her
K then proceeds to attempt to run to her car in the rain, but she slips and falls. Most likely screaming in the process. After a couple of minutes, she gets back up and comes back inside.
K: “I want a refund! All of my items are now broken and I can no longer use them!”
F: “ma’am, Goodwill’s sales are final. No returns or refunds. You left the store.”
K: “but I didn’t even leave the store’s premises, I just went outside the doors!”
F: “You exited the store, you went out the doors. Therefor, you left the store. No refunds.”
F: “Okay. You still cannot get a refund, ma’am.”
Defeated, presumably, K just leaves. With her broken glassware. Oh well, maybe don’t run in the rain next time.
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2023.05.31 01:59 cptbingo2000 Where to give away powder coating equipment?

I’ve got a bunch of amateur grade powder coating equipment and powder that I no longer use and need the space back. Used to frequent the boards of Eastwood for used sales but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Am I just left with putting it on Craigslist for someone to come and get?
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2023.05.31 01:59 Mr_Blkhrt Can my company cut my salary?

4 months ago my boss said I needed to take a pay cut “for a couple of months”. But later said it was open ended and would go at least til the end of the year. I do not believe my salary will ever come back.
My company claims to have falling sales. So they cut everyone’s salary by 20%… except me. I’m the only foreign worker. My salary has fallen by about 50% from last year.
I am 12 years in this position. This company recently hired 3 new local workers that more or less so the same job as me.
So, can they do that? They basically erased every raise I ever received over the past decade. Now I’m back at minimum wage. I can’t really live in this wage.
Thanks for your replies
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2023.05.31 01:59 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
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  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
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- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.31 01:58 TheRedEpicArt Freshly painted Combined Arms: Battlefield Support Units for Classic BT

Freshly painted Combined Arms: Battlefield Support Units for Classic BT
I will be running (and releasing to the community) a classic BT campaign based on my Narrative Alpha Strike campaign rules. In it, we will be using the Tukkayid Scenario books take on Armor and Infantry units, which use MUCH simplified rules and can be fielded with BSP.
These units fit into those template rules as Light Tracked Vehicle, Medium Tracked Vehicle, and Mechanized Infantry units. I will be adding my custom units like Foot Platoons, etc, to make the list a bit more exhaustive. If you havent experimented with those rules for Combined Arms:Battfield Support, i highly suggest you do since it is an quick, easy, and tactical way to add non-mech forces to your games!
I had a bunch of Brigade models lying around, and i love their 6mm infantry, so whalla. These convential forces could be used with Alpha Strike as well.
Painted with Vallejo, and some Army Painter paints.
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2023.05.31 01:58 McFly_236 Any one wanna add me???

Any one wanna add me???
I got eza phy piccolo atm but feel free to pm me n I could change it if u need any help lol
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2023.05.31 01:58 dvnc_village [Advice]

Hey fellow productivity enthusiasts, Hope you're slaying the tasks on your to-do lists! I wanted to share a strategy I've been trying out that's turned the daily grind into something like an RPG. It sounds a bit fantastical, but it's helped me stay engaged and complete tasks more consistently. For me, each task is no longer a 'task' - it's a monster that needs slaying, a mini-quest to conquer. Larger projects are formidable dungeons with rooms as milestones. For prioritizing and rewards I tie each monster to points or priority levels to track my progress, earning 'points' for each monster (task) I defeat. Over time this allows me to "rank up". Starting from the Copper rank (for beginners), I work my way up to Silver and then Gold, just like leveling in an RPG. Completing tasks isn't just about crossing items off my list anymore; it's about progressing and ranking up, like in a game. It's been interestingly effective! I realize it sounds a little out there, but if you're like me and grew up playing RPGs, or if you just enjoy a touch of fun and fantasy in your day, this could be a game-changer (pun intended). Hoping to start a guild with people interested in turning their task lists into quest lists: Happy task slaying!
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2023.05.31 01:58 PTSDreamer333 How to sift paper pellet litter

I am trying to convert my cats to paper pellet litter for smell and tracking issues. How do other sift through it? The pellets are to large for both my sifters and I end up tossing out a lot of good pellets in my daily litter cleanings.
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2023.05.31 01:58 Amber_Blossom_177 What are your Thoughts,Opinions and Ratings on these 90s Rock Bands? (Updated with my Thoughts,Opinions and Ratings)

What are your Thoughts,Opinions and Ratings on these 90s Rock Bands? (Updated with my Thoughts,Opinions and Ratings)
Green Day Soundgarden The Cranberries Foo Fighters Deftones Korn Alice In Chains Pearl Jam Blur Oasis Radiohead Blink 182 The Offspring Smashing Pumpkins Stone Temple Pilots Weezer
Green Day - I love their music. I hate their politics. Great melodies with a fun Pop Punk Background. Catchy songs Many years of quality records. I find their songs connecting to real life. One of the most important Punk Rock Bands of all time.
Billie Joe is a great Singer. Mike and Tre are a solid rhythm section. Dookie is a Classic 90s Rock Album
Billie Joe Armstrong has a crystal clear voice that it makes it easy for us to understand. 10/10
Soundgarden - One of the best rock bands in history. They were revolutionary in the way they wrote music. Cornell’s range was (at the time) unheard of and completely unhuman voice. He had perfect control of every octave he had in his range. His technique, tone, enunciation, and everything else was absolutely perfect. He could scream like a banshee from hell and wail like a martyr. His voice was beyond powerful. “Burden in My Hand” is one of the most beautiful songs ever, both lyrically and musically. This is a song that can make a grown man weep, the song being about a man that killed his lover, left with his feelings and his revolver, a burden in his hand. He has been remarked as the Best Rock singer in history by Axl Rose himself.
Kim Thayil is also a VERY underrated and brilliant guitarist, Ben Shepard is a very talented (and underrated) bassist and Matt Cameron is an absolute master of drumming.
The Cranberries - Dolores had a great voice, she had range and power.
They have some truly amazing songs. Dolores’s voice is unique and so beautiful.
Their Album No Need To Argue is one of the Greatest 90s Rock Albums.
She wrote about child loss and eating disorders and breakups and war and injustice and so many heavy topics
They were so unique in their sound and their content, while have very diverse sounding songs but still instantly identifiable as the same band. (Zombie). They sounded right on time for the era but also I feel like it could still be released today. 10/10
Foo Fighters - Very talented artists that wrote some very catchy and instantly recognizable signs that helped define Alt Rock for a generation
The Foo's are probably one of the best bands in the history of music. Dave Grohl is definitely one of the most talented singers, writers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, etc ever. And the rest of the band compliments his talent perfectly. 10/10.
Deftones - There is just something so ethereal and mysterious about the Deftones sound that draws you toward them. I have never heard another band than create an atmosphere like Deftones. I also dont know of any other band that can make you want to kill all the lights in the listening space and have an absolutely spiritual jam session. It's interesting because most artists tell how the song should make you feel whereas Deftones more or less suggest emotions as opposed to forcing them on you. They are masters of creating their own weather with each track. 10/10
Korn - They have a special place in my heart for being one of the bands to get me into heavier music. 10/10
Alice In Chains - Layne Staley had one of the greatest rock voices of all time. 10/10
Pearl Jam - contribution continues to be huge. 10/10
Blur - underrated 90s band. They definitely captured the britpop sound that was big in the Uk at the time and the only time they tried to take on (or parody) American rock was with song 2 which ironically became their biggest hit. Their first album leisure has some great tunes on it and has a very shoegaze type sound and is pretty heavy. Their second album Modern life is rubbish is very Bowie and probably my favorite. Park life, their third album, is probably their best
Oasis - the arrangement of Oasis songs are pretty simple - Noel writes a simple chord line, solos all over the scales - major, relative minor, higher octave (of the same note) etc. The lyrics are written primarily by Noel and generally tend to connect to the common folks . Women in particular are easily swayed by Oasis' music mainly because it is a fairytale - Two brothers who are working hard and succeeding together. There are two different vocal feels to Oasis' songs - The Liam feel and the Noel feel. Liam sings songs that require a tenacious , snarling voice. Such songs (Supersonic, The Hindu Times, Morning Glory, Whatever etc) are extremely energising. Noel's feel is more melodic and melancholy. Such songs (Don't Look Back In Anger, The Importance Of Being Idle etc) are more guitar oriented . There are also songs where both the brothers sing a part each (Acquiesce , Let There Be Love)
Radiohead - they establish a complex system of unnatural sounds, organized into mesmerizing sonic layers to engage even the most jaded music lovers. Radiohead is not perfect in every way • Deep Lyrics with a little touch of mysticism and fiction in them. * Pioneers in Experimental music and the use of strange voices. * Sleepy, and Soft voice of Thom Yorke. * The revolutionary use of Space ambient music in songs. (DayDreaming and pyramid song etc.) * Haunting compositions with melancholic and self-loathing tunes. 10/10
Blink 182 - Pop Punk Legends 10/10
The Offspring - 10/10
Smashing Pumpkins - Don’t like Billy Corgan’s voice. - 6/10
Stone Temple Pilots - Weiland composed amazing contrapuntal vocal melodies, Robert DeLeo is an absolute MONSTER of a bassist, and their songs are catchy asf and super atmospheric and emotive. And they’re one of the only bands ever to successfully pull off a damn good second lead singer with Gutt—somehow he both emulates Weiland while still having his own uniqueness and blending right in perfectly with the band as though he was always a part of it. They’re pros, and they have written incredible rock tunes. Amazing lyrically and vocally. Perhaps underated. One of the best alt rock bands of the era. Scott had an amazing voice. 10/10
Weezer - 7/10
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2023.05.31 01:58 etrnlhaze Legacy 1000 up grade help

I like this pumpy thing , but it also sucks to shoot and could use a serious modular redesign!!

what I would like to do is ADD a pcp tank option and a pic rail and then a laser light combo that also acts a sight....Is there anything like that out there, or is it possible to pcp it at all in anyway ?
I need to be able to illuminate the target and have a quick laser and maybe it can act as an iron sight or a optic mount.
Does any 1 make a tactical case mod for this airgun maybe a 3d printed plastic case mod that allows a hand gun laser light combo even a glue on thing would be cool ....( the beauty of air gunning ) Or a case mod that maybe could allow for a magazine attachment.
( im not really into the bb loader just want to push this this with some mods )
all you really have to do is print a case mod or make a case mod that can simply screw over or replace the plastic case that air mech sits in?

All fire or air arms should have a laser light combo for safety reasons ...
and Im also annoyed it doesn't at least come with fake neo stickers or a neon shrink wrapper, as I would like to walk around my home with it without any libbies freaking out. It does look nice blacked out but ITs a tool not a gun, its a rifle but its not at the same time, so I really dont like how they market these things becuase I would rather juist buy what I need to be accurate and tactical as this is a shooting tool to help me be a better human !
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2023.05.31 01:57 lx-_XVII New to ERP

Hey guys im new vrchat erp and I really wanted to try this for a while so I was wondering if anyone can teach me :)

I don't have fullbody tracking (Male) (Looking for female or anyone that can use a female avatar)

Thanks :)))
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2023.05.31 01:57 kuramatd WTS User S90V PM2

Hey Swappers! Looking to move along this S90V PM2 today. Seeking PayPal F&F on this one. I'm working a 12 tomorrow, so it will ship out via USPS Priority Mail on Thursday, June 1st, but I'll get the shipping purchased and provide a tracking number to you tonight.
S90V Paramilitary 2 - SV: $120
This has been a user for me. I am the original owner. Will come in the original box, but I have dyed the scales.
This is originally the teal variant of the S90V PM2. I RIT Dyed the scales peacock green, but there's evidence of the dye wearing off from carry time as well as snail trailing from objects in my pocket rubbing on the scales. I've taken the blade to a sharpening stone once, though I just refined the apex more than gave it a thorough sharpening, so you can see much of the factory grind lines toward the choil side of the edge. Has been maintained on a strop since. Currently shaving sharp.
Blade centering is pretty good but not quite perfect and there is zero side-to-side blade play, while dropping shut when you disengage the compression lock. Some wear to the black pocket clip as to be expected when carrying and using a Spydie with a black clip. Overall in smooth, functional condition, but definitely shows it's a user.
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2023.05.31 01:57 ayeashwin Strange days indeed…

The days are going by more mechanically and I have been counting them more meticulously. Spring is slowly blossoming into summer, yet I am stuck inside staring at a screen for 4+ hours a day reading and clicking on boxes. I’ve been tracking my progress, but there seems to be no final product to show… yet. I’ve transformed my life to be conducive to this journey and the final days seem to be burning more slowly. The usual ups and downs these days have been more intensified, the feeling of atleast a few days not thinking about this exam.
So excited for June. Let’s get it.
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2023.05.31 01:57 celeryman727 [H] PayPal / Venmo / Cashapp / Giftcards / Games on Demand, Etc. [W] May Humble Choice ($10) / May Multiplayer Madness ($15) / Luck of the Draw ($22.50)

I can offer the following: * PayPal (I Cover Fees if it is for a full bundle or over $15) * Venmo * Cashapp * Bitcoin * Wise * Payoneer * Giftcards (Amazon, Steam, PSN, Blizzard, Etc.) * TF2 Keys if I have them in stock * Games on Demand (Any Game. Past bundle or sale games I may have in stock already)
I am looking for:
I can offer on any past choice months or leftover bundle games. Just ask.
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2023.05.31 01:57 lmaowhatsreddit Vaporfly 2 or Mach 5 for 1 mile race?

I (6’3” 175 if relevant) signed up for my local street mile and was wondering if I should wear vaporflys or Mach 5s. I just got the vaporflys on sale. I’m targeting a 6:15 mile time. Tia!
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2023.05.31 01:57 celeryman727 [H] PayPal / Venmo / Cashapp / Giftcards / Games on Demand, Etc. [W] May Humble Choice ($10) / May Multiplayer Madness ($15) / Luck of the Draw ($22.50)

I can offer the following: * PayPal (I Cover Fees if it is for a full bundle or over $15) * Venmo * Cashapp * Bitcoin * Wise * Payoneer * Giftcards (Amazon, Steam, PSN, Blizzard, Etc.) * TF2 Keys if I have them in stock * Games on Demand (Any Game. Past bundle or sale games I may have in stock already)
I am looking for:
I can offer on any past choice months or leftover bundle games. Just ask.
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2023.05.31 01:57 PositionMysterious75 Strawberry cow code for sale!!

Strawberry cow code for sale!!
$10 or best offer!! Payments through cashapp or PayPal (add $1 for g&s)
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2023.05.31 01:56 celeryman727 [H] PayPal / Venmo / Cashapp / Giftcards / Games on Demand, Etc. [W] May Humble Choice ($10) / May Multiplayer Madness ($15) / Luck of the Draw ($22.50)

I can offer the following: * PayPal (I Cover Fees if it is for a full bundle or over $15) * Venmo * Cashapp * Bitcoin * Wise * Payoneer * Giftcards (Amazon, Steam, PSN, Blizzard, Etc.) * TF2 Keys if I have them in stock * Games on Demand (Any Game. Past bundle or sale games I may have in stock already)
I am looking for:
I can offer on any past choice months or leftover bundle games. Just ask.
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2023.05.31 01:56 JiraMorrow should I say something? coworker not honest

So I started a new job, myself and the other new hire were asked to keep tally of how much we do of each task to completion. To see how quick we are. I try to tally once after each item I make. I've made a habit of it. But my coworker, the other new hire is either miscounting or adding more on purpose. Every time we kept tally for a task, she miscounts. I kept track of her work because I could tell something was off. Should I say anything to my boss or just leave it alone so she gets caught on her own? It's not a huge deal at all, it just makes me feel like I look bad or slow in comparison, when really I'm finishing most of the work. Maybe I'm thinking too much into this. Would like some outside opinions. Thank you!!
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2023.05.31 01:56 66millionjews [wtb] 14k figaro

Was wondering if anyone had any for sale?
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2023.05.31 01:56 Admiral-Bobbery [US,US] [H] Binder of cards from every era; Swampet ex, Base 1st Editions, and more! [W] PayPal, Vintage Wantlist, 1st Editions, SWSH Boosters

Have these for sale/trade today: All eras Binder CGC 9 Shiny Koffing Jumbo Cards
Various Closeups
Non-Pokemon (Digimon, DBZ, DC, Weiss, Universus)
Conditions vary greatly; WotC is mostly NM, Plenty of NM, LP, MP, and HP cards after that.
Mainly looking for PayPal (FF only), but will trade for these things 1. Vintage Wantlist Raw, LP/NM only 2. Sealed SWSH booster packs (loose, not sleeved) 3. NonHolo 1st Edition cards (LP/NM condition only). An x means in the 1st Edition column means I already have it.
Everything will be priced approx 5-10% off TCGPlayer Market Price, or ebay recent sales. Shipping is $1 for PWE, $4.5 for BMWT.
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