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2011.02.02 23:02 ZeppelinJ0 Shake that groove thang

For those of us that enjoy the smoother, groovier side of electronic music. A place where we can all share the music we love and discover something we can fall in love with. Turn up the volume, add some friends and maybe a dash of disco ball and dance until the sun comes up,

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2023.05.30 20:41 LadyWarrior73 Diagnosis To Denial To Answers To Acceptance: My Journey

TLDR: It's been a VERY long journey for me to FINALLY accept that this is just where I'm at: living with fibromyalgia. In one day this forum has given me answers that I've searched YEARS for! THANK YOU ALL!
Ok, so where do I even begin? For anyone who is interested in the journey itself, you may want to settle in, because it's been a VERY LONG journey!
I have had medical problems for much of my life. I was born with medical issues, and by the time I was 18 months old I had gone through multiple surgeries.
When I was 7, I had to have my tonsils removed. I had always been skinny up until this point. After this surgery I would never be considered skinny again.
I started my period when I was 9, and had painful complications from the very beginning that lasted until I was 39- that story will come in just a moment.
In middle school, I jumped over the benches in the locker room and dislocated BOTH of my kneecaps.
In high school, I had a viral infection in my chest cavity and I almost died.
In my 20's I really started struggling with my weight gain, for no apparent reason. Nothing had changed, with the exception of changing my birth control pills. I had kidney stones twice- one time I passed it, the second time I had to have surgery. I also started developing skin rashes that were almost unbearable. I went to numerous dermatologists, who prescribed numerous medications. Nothing subsided it. Then it went away. For a while.
In my early 30's I had to have surgery for endometriosis. Then we went through several years of fertility treatments of various kinds, because we were not able to conceive. (One skinny little man doctor told me I just needed to lose weight and then I would conceive. My husband was FURIOUS! He ate twice the amount I ate- overeating was NOT the problem! Needless to say, I never went back to that doctor again!) Then when I did conceive, I was not able to carry the baby past a few weeks because my progesterone level was so low. I would also have multiple bouts of the rash that was nearly unbearable to tolerate. There were times I could not even wear a bra, it was so uncomfortable.
Eventually, we ended up adopting our 5 kids from the foster care system.
In my mid 30's I had to have surgery for a deviated septum. And surgery for an esophageal ring. I was still having massive issues with my periods and the rash had come back with full force, breaking out from the top of my breast all the way down to my knees. I scratched so much I left scars, and even ruined our mattress and sheets from scratching in the middle of the night. I had a biopsy on my breast to see if the rash was cancer. It was not.
A VERY long story short- a new dermatologist was perplexed after multiple visits, and at one point went searching into big black tome of a medical history book. She FINALLY diagnosed me with Auto-Immune Progesterone Dermatitis. I had never heard of it. At the time, there were only 50 cases in the world documented in the big black home of a medical history book. (I have since found out that while it is not common, it's not as rare as only 50 documented cases.
Within two days of my diagnosis, one of my best friends watched one of the mystery medical shows and heard about Auto-Immune Progesterone Dermatitis. The lady on the show almost died from it.
Eventually, I would finally be approved for a complete hysterectomy, AND at the exact same time, the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. I had the surgery the day before my 39th birthday. It was the BEST birthday present I could have ever received! It did not solve all of my problems, but at least I would not have painful periods anymore!
In either 2011 or 2012, I wad diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was put out with the diagnosis. I knew several people who had been given this diagnosis, and they never received any real answers. Some of their doctors treated them like they were crazy, while other doctors just threw medication at them. So I was determined I would not accept the diagnosis. I knew I had real pain, but no one could give me a source or cause of the pain. I needed to know what caused the pain, and I most certainly didn't want to just pop pills to cover the pain.
Over the years I've tried to treat my pain as naturally as possible, including with CBD oil, which did help, and vitamins and minerals. The only thing I can honestly say TRULY helps in this regard is Magnesium. I take much larger quantities than are a normal dose.
Fast forward to December of last year (2022). I got sick. And I just could not get over it. Then in January of this year I found a lump in my breast. There is family history of breast cancer, so I got to the doctor as quick as possible. Thankfully, it did not show anything, but that just led to more questions. So my GP referred me to a rheumatologist, who then referred me to a: physical therapist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, and neurologist. Since January I have practically lived in doctor's offices!
At my last rheumatology appointment, she told me we had to address the topic I keep avoiding and dismissing. Fibromyalgia. I have been living with so much pain, not sleeping well, and just generally not well. I am a fighter (hence, my name- LadyWarrior), and I don't just lay over and let things happen to me. I told her I just wasn't ready to go down that road, because I know all that can be done is poking medicine at the problem, and I want actual answers. She told me that eventually we would have to have the tough conversation.
When I went back for all of my test results from the neurologist, I found out that I have neuropathy, carpal tunnel, and issues with my C6 and C8 vertebrae. It doesn't warrant surgery, thankfully, and can be treated with medication. This is great- with the exception that they are mood stabilizers that are also used for nerve pain. I'm sure most everyone here is familiar with Cymbalta and Gabapentin.
I do still have pain, but at least I am sleeping well and actually resting. The BIG problem is I also have WILD and VERY VIVID dreams! So many of the dreams are concerning my past, past relationships, and are just very troubling. I have toyed with wanting to tell my doctor I want to get off of the medications. I have a rheumatology appointment next week, and I really think I want to explore pain management, which she said would be possible whenever I am ready.
Then I found this forum yesterday.
I read several posts regarding trauma being a possible cause/root of fibromyalgia. And everything started making more sense! I have never heard of this connection and correlation, but I have experienced quite a bit of trauma in my life. I was sexually assaulted at 14. I married the first time very young (19), and neither one of us were mature or ready to be married. We were married 8 and a half years and then he killed himself in front of me. Trauma does not even begin to describe what I experienced. Infertility was traumatic. I married a man that is beyond my wildest dreams- a true lover of my heart, soul, mind, and body. Every curve life has thrown at us, he is with me a million percent! Adoption was traumatic. Parenting kids from the foster care system was traumatic. Our middle son caused us tremendous problems, even to the point of filing false child abuse charges against us multiple times. We went through 7 CPS investigations with him! Thankfully, not only has our marriage survived parenting adopted kids, we have thrived and grown stronger together, because we are truly committed to this life together, no matter how traumatic it is.
But I'm a warrior. I just keep on fighting, no matter what life throws at me. And now, my body is shutting down. I can no longer push through the pain like I have been able to all of these years. And with the medication I actually sleep during the day, as well as at night. I don't like that aspect of it, but at least I am resting. But, I am still in pain.
So that is the long and short of my journey up til now. When I told my husband that there seems to be a connection between trauma and fibromyalgia, he took a long, deep breath, and started processing it with me. It all makes sense now! We knew the pain was real! We just wanted answers!
Thank you, to each of you who are here! Thank you for being vulnerable and open!
I pray each one of you find the peace of mind, heart, soul, and body that you need to be whole again! May the Lord bless each and every one of you! I have found my tribe!
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2023.05.30 20:40 Cheep_thehomelessman Flea infestation

This will be long so I'm going to start with a quick summery
TLDR: Cat and kitten have so many fleas that for weeks of flea combing and bathing isn't completely full proof. Is it ok to take them to the vet? What about other animals in the house? And how to i stop them from getting fleas again?
In depth: (trigger warning for animal neglect) I currently live in a house with way too many animals. 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 guinea pigs. Out of the 4 cats i own a 10 year old cat (adopted) and a 2 year old kitten (rescued). The other 2 cats are owned by my biological mother (5 year old cat) and sister(10 year old cat), the oldest dog (15 or 16-y-o) used to be my bio-sister's, the 2nd oldest was rescued from a neighbor (8?-y-o) and the other two were pups from an accidental litter. we were told that the neighbor's dog we took in was neutered and found out the hard way she wasn't. None of the 4 dogs have ever gone to the vet more than to just get their regular shots and they have a lot of problems. Collectively they have the following: blind, deaf, artheritis, 2 of them have dislocated hips, a fatty tumor, and I'm absolutely more than sure fleas. My Bio-mother's cat is around the dogs all the time and had has really bad fleas and recently my mom JUST put flea medicine on the cat and a lot of fleas have been almost litterly flying off the cat which re-infested my 2 cats SEVERELY. It's been 2 weeks and i been flea combing them every other day, washing my bed sheets every couple days and have been a constant circle of scrubbing my carpets and they still have so many fleas. I want to take my cats to the vet to the vet and have them take care of the cats because I'm at my whits ends but my bio-mother told me that isn't allowed and it's all my fault the cats are like that because i don't clean the cat box 3 times a day. I'm so exhausted and i just finished bathing my older cat and even though so many came off from the shampoo and the rinses. After drying him off, which that pulled off more fleas, i spent another 2 hours combing out more fleas out after being dry. While I'm typing this at least thirty more fleas fell off him in picking up and throwing away and that's the ones that fell off him, one singular cat alone and i still have my kitten. I'm desperate at this point and i need advice. I want to report the way they neglect these animals but my family situation is already super horrible I can't say anything about them not even to my bio-parentd that they have to take care of those animals because they have issues. What do i do?
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2023.05.30 20:40 sydneyendys 19f ~~ Someone to talk to regularly!

hi there!
my name is sydney and a 19 year old from Canada looking for a long term friend!
if your intentions are nsfw, a chat for the day or something other than a genuine long term friend please don't bother messaging me. its a waste of both of our time's! i don't have anything against that when appropriate, it is just not what I'm looking for at the moment :)
I should also mention I won't be responding to one word messages or messages that don't show genuine interest as a way to sift through messages i receive!
as I mentioned above, I'm looking for a long term friend who is genuine, capable of having interesting conversations and growing alongside me! Warning this post could be a bit long aha :) Please read it if you can!
I require the following from you:
 • Must be above 18yrs of age! • Being open-minded! • Being conscious of mental health! 
Below is some stuff about me and my interests/values:
 • Working to be more compassionate • Trying to be more environmentally conscious • Currently in University • Love spending time in nature in my free time • Trying to read more! • Like listening to podcasts to learn new things! • Love listening to music! mostly rnb and indie at the moment but I listen to a variety of genres/subgenres! • Living with mental illnesses so that is an important part of my life :) • I love watching good films, a few of my favourites include moonrise kingdom, darjeeling limited, fargo, snatch, the truman show and inception! • I'm on the shyer side and open up to people who I trust and who show me kindness and understanding! • Very interested in constantly learning and growing as a person! • I try to stay very open-minded and would consider myself understanding :) • Interested in architecture! • Interested in nature! • Love photography 
I'd be impressed if you made it this far honestly! If you did and are interested in being that long-term friend, include "orange" in your message!
I'd also appreciate if you included a description of yourself as my inbox may get flooded!
anyway thanks for taking the time to read this!
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2023.05.30 20:40 unknown_bully Got my soul broken after 4 years of relationship

Spoiler: long post Note: English isn't my first language so pardon any mistakes. Hi, I (M23) got broken up by my gf (F23) after a relationship of 4 years. I met her in the start of my college(2019). She was just the most beautiful girl out there. She was pretty, adorable, and just matched every requirement I had for me to fall in love. I didn't use to think i was a very good looking guy, but i was popular in college. Well respected, feared to some extent, funny, humorous, charismatic ( i think so). I was a sharp student, couldn't say the sharpest, but i was pretty extraordinary in the courses that were important in our major. I won't go into the details of how we fell in love, but 7-8 months of getting to know each other, and then we said I love you. We were really compatible, she had a bad past, and i was a good listener and i helped her heal. I focused on my career, am financial independent because i wanted something in hand before i married her. She had her parents involved, and so did i. Both of our families clicked. I am from a culture where our parents foresee our marriages.
We were supposed to be engaged in 2 weeks. Our relationship did have it's highs and lows. But the past 1 year, she turned into a totally different person. Fights, dramas, toxic behaviours. She is the kind of a person who would bend backwards to please people, but didn't bother about me, or how i felt about it. She became defensive to the extreme. Always had an answer about everything. It was never her fault in anything. She would remember stuff of 4 years ago, but somehow forget what she said 4 days ago. She even went ahead and told her friends how bad of a person i am, told her mother about my bad qualities, idk god knows what. Do keep in mind, i have never stripped her of her respect, never have i ever shared about us to anyone.
Well, 3 days ago, she told her parents every bad quality there is in me ( bear this in mind, she excluded every good quality of mine, and also everything from her side that led to me having anger issues). And she said she doesn't want to move ahead. I also told my parents just the tip of the iceberg that we are facing problems, and she says no. They asked me if I wanted to go ahead with this if they would reconsider, and I said yes, because i still loved her.
Well, they prepared for war. My parents went to their home, and they threw allegations on me, threw stuff on me and added spices to it as well. They thought i must have told my parents everything so why the hell not. Let's strip him of his dignity. ( i was not present there. My biggest mistake)
Well my parents stayed quite and respectfully countered each and everything but still somehow managed to ask them to reconsider and funny enough they said yes. Parents came home to inform me of all that happened. I was angry, fuming. But didnt say anything to her. I went the next day to her home, brought her flowers, chocolates and a cake. No escalation happened.
Came home, there was a complete silence between us. A couple of days pass, and her father calls and says, i dont find it manageable, so lets not proceed with this.
4 fucking years of me trying keep this going on. 4 years of agony, putting her above myself everywhere. I come to think about it, being a respected person in college, having made real friends; i left everyone to focus on her and my career. Now I have no one. I have no one to talk to. I have no one to tell my story. I have no one. I had just her. I had just her. 4 years, and we had a couple of breakups, but after every breakup, i would just say no, we arent breaking up, because i wont let you go. I changed so much for her. I changed so much for her just to have every bit in me broken up to pieces. 2 weeks before making it official. What do i do? I am numb for the past couple of days, havent/couldn't cry. I keep my day as usual. I don't show my feelings to anyone. I don't have feelings. It is just emptiness. What the fuck do i do? How do i use this to become better? How do i find some real friends? I have no one. Will i ever get out of this?
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2023.05.30 20:39 queenk729 My dad had a heart attack yesterday and will have major open heart surgery tomorrow. I am only 19 days sober and having a hard time finding a reason to not drink.

Basically what the title says. 27 female. I don’t have a big family and my dad is my only parental figure. He has been given drugs and basically unconscious until the surgery tomorrow. I am sitting alone in a hotel room, scared and upset, and trying not to go to the bar downstairs. I really, really want to though. Need some encouraging words or maybe for someone to tell me it’s ok to drink today ha.
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2023.05.30 20:39 Popular_Maximum2706 Im jealous.

Im jealous that she can live so normal life and i dont seem to bother her at all.
And what ever she does makes me jealous, like i feel so bad when i compare my own life to hers.
She isn't the most beatiful person, but man her life is.. what i want to be..
She is so calm and sweet, and shes always there for me.
I never understood how someone can do so much in a day, when i just sit alone and feel like trash.
I have been on self-improvement for a year now and i still have a long way to go.
I know her life isn't perfect, but still. It makes me feel bad of my self when she talks about her days.
We met trough a platform that was meant for making friends, but i fell for her when we first met in person.
Im not sure if she likes me at all, but there has been many good signs towards that. Still not sure thought.
I have been planning on how i want to tell her that i like her more than just as friends, but my pathetic self always not doing it.
Should i tell her at all?
Im pretty sure, that feelings are mutual and shes just bad at communicating. So i want to make it clearn to her that i like her.
We meet once a week, just to hang out. I never asked her on a date but she always agrees to my plans and suggestions :)
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2023.05.30 20:39 Shanavret Kobo, Overdrive, and Library Accounts

So long story short, due to multiple reasons, it’s very difficult for me to get a library card. My partner, however, can easily get one - the librarian even suggested it. Will I have any conflicts trying to borrow books on my kobo then since the account is with my email address? Should I make the overdrive account in my partners name? I’ve never used it before as my previous Kobo didn’t support it! Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 20:39 BaNaNaKING42 Can't believe it took me so long to change to Warm50

I got myself an LG G2 and recently followed the settings recommended in the stickied post in this subreddit and holy shit how did I not change the color temperature to Warm50 earlier?
I still have to get used to it fully but already especially vegetation in games looks SO much better and livliesaturated. Skin tones are more natural and overall the picture is more vibrant without being oversaturated.
It's crazy that this is not the standard setting. I keep switching back and forth to appreciate how much better it looks in certain scenes.
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2023.05.30 20:39 SoWeWontForget Your name has echoed through my mind

Starting again to write this very same letter; my words does not seem to compel my thoughts today. Let’s see if this third time goes better:
Hey sweetie,
It has been a while since I wrote you a letter that arises straight from the heart. I promise this time; I will try to let my feelings overflow. Not just encapsulating what I think that you would like to read, but exactly what I am perceiving at this very exact moment.
It is hard to write feelings when you feel calmed, when all the sentiments are kept at bay. When you do not know exactly what is happening inside of you. I have been so long in turmoil that I do have to re-learn what it is to feel at peace with where you are going.
Do not get me wrong, of course I feel excited for meeting you in the not-so-distant future. But sometimes I felt that the sadness had gobbled me up –what am I without feeling low?
In the last year, I clearly have struggled for a multitude of reasons. I have been wounded, but it seems that with every small interaction of yours; you have been anesthetizing all my open wounds.
We have talked and talked about all the topics that hurt us both in the present and in the past. Some were originated by our own fault; others had nothing to do with us. But even if foremost of our own traumas we do not have a pill to cure them all at once; we still have each other.
Yes, you have me, and I have your back. We are in this altogether, because every time that I see the pain in your eyes; I just want to get closer and reassure you that everything will turn out just fine. And maybe it is not true, I really do not know what will happen in the future. All I can say is that I am an optimist and I hope you are truly one too. If two want, a love story should be possible, no?
Well, maybe I am super naïve, but I believe we can close the gap. We have already start crossing the bridge, bringing us closer and closer… But we both know that at the end we will need to make a leap of faith: making a jump into the last part that keeps us separated. And who knows maybe we will fall down into the river, getting all soaked, but is already becoming summer, babe. It cannot be that bad. And I promise that even we fail, I will always hold your hand and I will never let go of it. I am not running away; I am here to stay.
Until the day we are finally together, I will be writing with love
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2023.05.30 20:39 infnitone giving up custody of kids?

I have been separated for 12 months, divorced for 6. Two boys, now aged 8 and 9.
We started our divorce with a 50/50 parenting time agreement. It was not workable for me because I work nights as an RN bedside in a hospital and so could not have the kids on workdays. I was constantly having to switch between 12 hours work nights and long days of solo parenting.
Since then, I have been slowly cutting back on my parenting time. She has lots of family support, having bought a house together with her also recently divorced mom (who happens to be an elementary school teacher that works where the boys go to school) during this time.
My ex works part time and has a very flexible schedule with WFH options most days so adding on additional parenting time has not been that big of an issue for her, especially with her mom being able to bring the kids to and from school with her.
She tells me all the time how upset the kids are sad to be missing out on their time with me. It makes me very sad as well. For a while I was a stay-at-home dad and so my bond with my kids was very deep. I was also a teacher and left during the pandemic to go back to school for nursing. I actually decided to switch to nursing to allow a better work life balance as teaching tends to bleed into nights and weekends.
Unfortunately, the shock of the divorce kind of ruined me emotionally. I have found that not having the kids around has actually been amazing. While there is some sadness, it has allowed for so much time to heal and actually figure out and work on what I want for my life after all of this.
Lately I have been considering whether I should just give up custody altogether. I will continue to see them on birthdays and one offs for fun outings, but I kind of feel like I fell out of love with all of them as a way of surviving my divorce. They used to be my whole world, but since the divorce I have found it really hard to make room for them.
What would you do?
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2023.05.30 20:39 MeursaultWasGuilty Basic Tips from a Bad Beginner Hockey Player Who Got a Little Less Bad

Hey guys and gals, I wanted a chance to both brag about some recent successes and put together a short list of little things I started doing that had a big impact on my game as a beginner.
First off, I'm about 2 years into my hockey journey and I am not an athletically inclined person - progress has been slow and painful for me. Recently it feels like I've levelled up. Last night I managed to knock the puck off the defenders stick in the neutral zone, push forward on a breakaway, and sniped the puck bar down. I'm still fucking buzzing! My team went absolutely nuts, calling it the goal of the season. Later in the game, one of my teammates commented that I'm looking a lot faster out there - and I am! I'm now getting back on the backcheck to break up odd man rushes. I'm making better decisions with the puck. And holy shit does it ever feel good to not feel like an anchor out there.
Here are a few small things I changed about my game recently that you can start doing right away and will hopefully impact your game like it did mine:
  1. Pause before you act with the puck. Its a big beginner mistake to panic, tense up, and throw the puck away the second you get the puck. Next time you get the puck - just take a few beats to look around you and make an intentional decision. I always felt certain that an opponent was only moments away from taking the puck from me. This is almost never true. You have about 3 - 4x more time than you think. When you get the puck - stop, look up, and make a play. You will surprise yourself.
  2. Keep your feet moving. Whether you are carrying the puck or pressuring the puck carrier, do not default to gliding. Keep your feet active to either open up that space when you have the puck or close it when you don't.
  3. Keep two hands on your stick (as much as possible). I noticed an immediate improvement in my ability to disrupt plays once I stopped trying to one hand everything. With two hands you'll be able to knock pucks off of sticks, intercept passes, and tip shots.
  4. Bend your knees and lengthen your stride. I started focusing on this in my last couple games and it made an immediate difference. You really need to get down and push out as far as your range of motion allows - really over exaggerate it. Your toes should be the last thing to leave the ice when you're bringing your foot back from the push. Doing this has helped me to get back on the backcheck and my teammates love it.
  5. Force the other team to take the puck from you. This is related to tip one (don't just throw the puck away) but is specific to carrying the puck. I know when I carried the puck most of my first 2 years of playing, I would get rid of it at the slightest hint of pressure (usually resulting in a giveaway). Next time you have the puck keep it until a play opens up or your opponent actually takes it from you.
  6. Don't back off the puck carrier. Don't let your opponent just waltz through the neutral zone and look for a play - keep your feet moving and force them to beat you. You will get beat sometimes, but you'll also force a lot of mistakes (and create opportunities for yourself and teammates). If you make life hard in the neutral zone, you will play a lot less time in your own end.
  7. Don't beat yourself up over making mistakes. You're not going to be good every shift. You're going to have giveaways that lead to goals. You're going to fall at the wrong moment and give the other team an odd man rush. You're going to make bad passes. You're going to miss open nets. Next time you're on the bench, watch your teammates and see how many mistakes they make. When you make a mistake, all you have to do is think about what you could have done differently and move on. The more you ruminate, the less focused you'll be next shift.
  8. Be a good teammate. This is what makes hockey fun for me. Hype your team up. Be loud on the bench. Celebrate little things. Don't let others beat themselves up about their own mistakes. This will make you a better hockey player - literally. If your enjoyment of the game is based purely on how well you're playing then you will be more tense, more afraid to make mistakes, and put a lot more pressure on yourself. This isn't the NHL. You're playing a beginner level div beer league game. Have fun with your team and you'll naturally loosen up.
Hockey is not an easy sport to pick up as an adult. There is a hard, long learning curve. If you're like me, it is frustrating watching others progress faster than you and its even more frustrating to feel like you're not contributing to your team. Be patient with yourself, focus on making progress over perfection, and you will get better.
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2023.05.30 20:39 malignanttum0r_ what can be used as proof of address for DMV????

i’m about to lose my mind. i’ve been trying to get a new ID since i was 21 & ill be 25 soon. long story short i didn’t know you had to renew your ID 90 days before it expired (i tried doing it 30 days before it did) so i’ve been without an ID since i was 21. EVERY TIME i go to the DMV they say my proof of address doesnt count. i’ve tried literally everything i have so im so frustrated. they say either a bank statement (spoiler you need an ID to open a bank account) or a utility bill….. i pay bills they just arent in my name 😭😭 i need to open a PO box but i cant do that without an ID. someone please tell me what else i can use to get my ID. i have been trying for years and i want to cry lmao
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2023.05.30 20:39 Youngking41 23 [M4F] California- Ambitious, romantic, nature loving graduate student seeking soulmate

Hi! I am a graduate student attending school in Southern California where I am studying urban and regional planning with the ultimate goal of entering the tech or politics field and making an impact on the environment. My home town is in the Bay Area.
When not occupied with school or work, I enjoy hiking, photography, cycling, fashion, traveling (30+ countries), and going to new restaurants. Mexican and Italian cuisine are my favorites.
I am 5’6 with a lean build, light brown eyes and medium brown hair. I am of Jewish descent.
As for who you are, I am looking for a woman (30+ preferably) who is seeking something more than casual, and who
-Is not religious, (I respect religion but as an agnostic religion isn’t a central part of life for me)
-Is not into drugs, (I drink socially but I am not a smoker and I distance myself from drugs)
-Is intelligent, educated, and goal and career oriented
-Does not have kids
-Lives in California (preferably southern), and has a car
I would love to get to know you and take you on fun dates. If you think we might click, drop me a direct message and let me know who you are, what your favorite food is and what your passions are!
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2023.05.30 20:39 No-Appointment3700 4 week 1000 calorie diet?

Male, Age 32, 180 cm, 110 kg, BMI 34 here.
I started a 4-week diet 7 days ago. Basically, I can eat 1000 calories a day. 75 grams of carbs, 100 grams of protein, 33 grams of fat. Once these weeks are over with, I plan to increase my intake by 80% to 1800 calories, with the same macro split, and stay there until I reach my target weight which is 90 kg. And then adjust as necessary to maintain that weight.
I eat crispbread with fish/lean meat and some vegetables for breakfast. Crispbread and livelean meat for lunch. Chicken, egg whites, broccoli and other low-calorie vegetables for dinner. Cottage cheese and a fruit in the evening. I also take vitamins and omega-3 to avoid deficiency of anything. I also drink a lot of water because I have read that is especially important when on extreme diets.
I exercise three times a week. Two full body workouts with a 20 min warm-up with walking 6 km/h in 6% elevation, benchpress, squats and hang ups. And then I go for one long fast walk a week. I have been doing this for about a year and a half. It hasnt made me lose any weight, but I am in much better shape and my body composition must surely have changed. I hope this 4 week diet can make me lose about 10 kg.
So far the diet is going well. However, some people has expressed concern telling me it is too little, especially considering I work out. They say I will lose a lot of muscle. They also say that I will bounce back right after the diet is done. What do you guys think? Any experiences?
I am sick and tired of not feeling like myself. I used to be in very good shape at 90 kg before covid, but put on 20 kg through lockdown due to a lot of unhealthy food and being inactive. I feel like I need to do something drastic now to not lose motivation, which is why I wanted to go for this diet. I am still motivated for it as I think dropping 10 kg quickly could give me even more motivation for sustained change. However, I am now having second thoughts not because I am struggling, but because people tell me it is not a good way to go about weight loss. Would appreciate your insights!
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2023.05.30 20:38 QuietWest3764 Danileigh arrested for Hit & Run DUI

Danileigh arrested for Hit & Run DUI
The 28-year-old artist, real name is Danielle Leigh Curiel, was taken into custody around 8:15am Tuesday at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center near Miami International Airport after allegedly trying to flee the scene of the crash.
She was booked on three felony charges including leaving the scene of a crash involving serious bodily injury, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and injuring a person while driving under the influence, arrest records show.
According to a police report obtained by DailyMail.com, DaniLeigh, who began her career as a backup dancer, was allegedly speeding and swerving in Miami Beach early in the morning before striking a motorist on a moped.
Officers administered a breathalyzer test after detecting the smell alcohol of during the stop which resulted in a BAC of 0.148 - almost twice the legal limit.
The victim was taken to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, including a kidney laceration and a spinal fracture.
She has since been released on $9,500 bond.
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2023.05.30 20:38 mormebitty 4th Dimension Evidence in Hadith?

"the Prophet (SAW) had a Sahabah named Hassan ibn Thabit who used to write and recite his poetry in the Masjid of the Prophet (SAW).
'From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful. And there will be some people who will stay near the side of a mountain and in the evening their shepherd will come to them with their sheep and ask them for something, but they will say to him, 'Return to us tomorrow.' Allah will destroy them during the night and will let the mountain fall on them, and He will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so till the Day of Resurrection.'"
This was in a forum discussing music as haram. This is what was given as one of the examples. I was theorizing subjects on science, and it came clear to me that music, or in this case, "sound which penetrates the mind, where is it known that a 4th dimensional being would be able to see inside the 3d dimensional being, hence the brain being key role in entering into this realm. The mountains after reciting things here are great 3d objects,. The things which are talked about, obviously intoxicating, are: sex being intoxicating to the soul, silk being intoxicating to the flesh, alcohol being intoxicating to the mind, and music being intoxicating to the heart. In this sense what is intoxicating is a way to escape boundaries of what the world is. In this sense, ALLAH has found it a great course to discourage people from these things, so that they do not fumble. Does this make sense to anyone?
If being intoxicated is a way to escape this realm, then that must be haram. Since this world was given to man, and it is only in due time, and through acceptance of ALLAH that we will see the other dimensions, and we will be guided, unlike those who choose to know by themselves, they will be lost, do you not think? I fear that those who seek to know through intoxication are given credit to something else for what is ALLAH's natural gift to those who worship correctly. This is indeed a punishment, and they will be punished; does this make sense?
Please discuss in the comments, I would love to know if anyone understands this, and shares similar ideas.
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2023.05.30 20:38 ForPoseidonsSake ADHD friendly games

It's very difficult for me to have hobbies, since I can't focus on them or get bored too quickly. I have this with every hobby that ever interested me. However, summer vacation is coming up, and I'm dreading it (I'm 23). I'll be home alone most days and really need something that can keep me occupied. If I have a whole free day, I will panick inside because that's like 12hours that I need to get through. Watching tv will only keep me interested for like 2hours max. So, long story short, I would like to try to get back into gaming. The thing is, either a game is too boring or too overwhelming. Here are some games I've played: FIFA, COD, Valheim, Fall guys, (fortnite), war thunder, rocket league, sims. All of these games, exept for Valheim maybe, I could classify as boring to me. Hence it's just playing the same match over and over. On the other hand, if I try to look for new games, I get completely overwhelmed and have no clue what to pick. And if i pick something with a learning curve like I did with age of empires and Smite, I stop after a few games bc I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I also can't focus on youtube guidethroughs or stuff like that. I also noticed that cosy games are difinetely not for me (will get bored). Not being able to focus on hobbies is really taking a toll on me. Gaming does really interest me so it's very difficult that I can't seem to focus on it. I wanna be able to at least enjoy it for a couple of hours a day like I used to.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Or can anyone relate, all my friends with ADHD I tell this to do not recognize this, or at least not to this extent.
FIY, I have a xbox series x and a quite old gaming laptop. I also wanna clarify that my IQ is not an issue.
TLDR: wanna game, but get either too bored or too overwhelmed, please help.
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2023.05.30 20:38 blankupai Foot Skin Tear with Flap

21 M, white, 195 lbs
yesterday while playing sand volleyball, I got a pretty bad skin tear on the bottom of my foot (I guess from the friction with the hot sand). It's quite big, covering most of the ball of my foot, about the size of my palm. There is a flap of skin covering the injury currently. I'm just wondering what care I should be doing and when I should think about seeing a doctor.
Right after the injury, I cleaned out the wound with water, trying to remove as much of the sand as possible. I'm planning to just keep it covered with gauze and continue to clean it every day until it heals. I do have a few questions.
First, google is telling me to leave the flap on, is this accurate? It seems like it will die, but right now it is providing some extra protection for the underlying layer of healing skin, which seems like a good thing. Follow up, the flap is getting a bit bunched around the edges. Is this a problem? Should I try to flatten it out or just leave it alone?
Second, I've just been cleaning with water and using neosporin around the edges. I've heard hydrogen peroxide is no longer recommended, so I haven't been using it. Is this correct? Shoukd I be lifting the flap and applying neosporin on the entire wound, or is just around the edges good enough?
Third, is a gauze pad good enough protection? I've heard good things about steri strips but I don't want to go out and buy them if they won't help. Thoughts on this?
Finally, is this something I should see a doctor about? It's not currently infected so I was going to just wait it out. However, due to the large size of the tear, location of injury (bottom of foot), and the location it occured (I'm sure a sand volleyball court is not the cleanest place to get hurt), I was thinking it might be a good idea to go to the Dr proactively. Is there any chance this thing doesn't get infected or should I just go get on antibiotics asap?
Thanks for the help, and sorry for the long post. LMK if I should repost with a picture.
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2023.05.30 20:38 suddl3 Memory foam box spring/foundation help!

Hey everyone, so I've had a Layla bed in box mattress for a long time now and I love it! Up until recently I have just used a foundation that I found on amazon that seemed suitable for memery foam mattresses. It's simple but doesn't have a headboard or anything fancy.
The problem now is that I just made one of my first big adult furniture purchases and bought a whole bedroom set from Ashley Furniture store to match the aesthetic of my room. The bed frame is solid but it only has 3 support beams going through the middle, so an additional foundation or box spring is needed here.
I'm getting a little nauseated trying to find the best solution as my mattress is memory foam and it is not recommended for anything to have slats that are more than 2.75 inches apart. I've also read that a traditional box spring is not recommended as they are made for interspring beds. I am also trying to consider the fact that our stairwell is likely too tight to get an entire king sized box spring up through it so I will either need something that I can assemble myself, or something that comes as two Twin XL frames/foundations.
Does anyone else have any experience with this or have any product suggestions for me here? I feel like everything I look at is not a good fit for my bed/frame combo and I'm getting a headache from all the research lol.
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2023.05.30 20:38 Sad_Tourist2111 Legal Advice- Family Law

Throw away account for privacy reasons. Names have been changed.
This is a long story.
About 20 years ago, my family and my grandparents (Jeff and Clara) lived together to help one another out. Think, communal living. My mom has a brother named Dean. Dean has always had a problem with the family living together and the last few months have been tumultuous to say the least. My mom and my grandfather (Dean's dad) have both died.
Clara is still living with my dad, Kyle and my sister, Liv. Overall, the relationships between them are strained. Clara will call and talk to Dean and complain about myself, Kyle and Liv. Dean has now began harassing me via text, phone call and email saying he wants Clara to come live with him. Clara says absolutely not because Dean drinks a lot and she doesn't like him.
Dean is threatening to get a lawyer involved, I do NOT have any power of attorney over Clara. Besides living with Kyle and Liv, she is pretty coherent and has private health caregivers taking care of her majority of the week. I have hired a house cleaner that comes in every other week to clean her room, her private health care provider helps her with laundry and bathing. Liv and I split the responsibility of taking her to appointments as needed and stay in regular contact with her doctors.
I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I cannot afford an attorney to fight any impending legal battles. I have spoken with Clara about not talking about the family with Dean but that hasn't helped. I have filed a police report and have contacted Dean's attorney proactively (still waiting on a response).
Clara has Jeff's retirement and that is it outside of personal items. She doesn't have a vehicle and doesn't own a home or property as she has lived in my parents house. Dean seems to think we are financially exploiting her and has requested I send bank statements directly to him.
I guess my question is--do I need to get an attorney? What are my options? I have documentation of harassments, Dean stating that he doesn't want a relationship with Clara or anyone in our family.
TLDR: Uncle is trying to make my grandmother go live with him. He is threatening to get an attorney involved. I have contacted said attorney and am waiting. What can/should I do in the mean time? Grandma does not want to go with him.
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2023.05.30 20:38 VicAnya is bullying trauma?

i’m not diagnosed with bpd but i highly suspect i do have it. regardless of if i do, i do have abandonment issues that i’ve known about for years and years. i’m able to see that it clearly stems back to when i changed schools in grade three. i lost all my friends and had none for about half the year. when i finally made them they were these awful girls who would not hide talking behind my back. nearly every time we hung out it would be going fine until the inevitable happened. i cannot stress enough how normalized this routine was. two or more of the girls would go off to have “private talks”. these private talks would never include me. i would beg and pull at their arms and barter in order to be included in the private talks. i was in no way ever allowed to join. sometimes it would be only a few of the girls and i would play with another girl. sometimes it was all of them and i would sing to myself. i made plans on how i could be included in the private talks but nothing ever worked. i felt like such an outsider and i knew that i wasn’t fully accepted. i felt very lonely and abandoned. i had made friends but i knew that our friendship was conditional on these private talks and me changing so i would fit better. i felt that there was something very wrong with me. i was told later that they were about me. it kills me that i’ll never know what they said about me in this talks. this experience has really changed my worldview and i hate that it has. my mom keeps telling me to just get over it but i just can’t. it has stuck with me for so long and it has changed the way i enter any new relationship. when 2 friends i had made in highschool went off bc they wanted to talk to each other alone i was literally transported back in time. i cried and had panic attacks and it felt like my entire world was exploding. i feel embarrassed at how i treated that friend because i was in survival mode. i ended up pushing her away because i felt she was abandoning me like they had all those years ago. we did talk about it and i told her about the bullying that happened when i was younger. she seemed like she thought it was a bad thing to happen to me. i recently told some friends about what happened to me when i was younger because another person was talking about an experience that was very similar to mine and they seemed like they thought it was a bad thing to happen to me. i somewhat regret telling them about that and some other things that happened to me because i do not want to seem like i am manipulative or trying to make them feel sorry for me. i feel a little bit embarrassed and i did not tell the story to the best of my abilities. i’m worried they’ll begin to think i am too much work too. my mom seems to think i should be able to get over the bullying from grade 3, even though i can’t help but be reminded of it constantly and have history repeat endlessly. i don’t think she understands how i can’t just “get over” this, and that it was a really big deal. maybe she’s right though. maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal, and it wasn’t trauma. maybe i’m just really good at overreacting, like i always do. it keeps affecting me though. i’m wondering if bullying can even be considered trauma? and if this is trauma? i know that bpd usually happens because of trauma (correct me if i’m wrong) and this doesn’t seem as extreme as i usually think of trauma being. unless i have forgotten something that happened to me (i have forgotten a lot of what happened in grade 3, and maybe i’m over or under exaggerating?). if i do end up diagnosed with bpd, which seems likely, i don’t know how much sense it would make that i have it, if my trauma is not that extreme. this clearly affects me and my current relationships but i don’t know if it’s trauma?
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2023.05.30 20:38 Unicorn_Kitty- My heroin, addict, abusive, ex die, the money he left, did not go to our daughter, it turns out it was left entirely in my name. His family & new fiancé are extremely upset.

A few weeks ago, I got the news that my ex had died unexpectedly.
This man was seriously abusive to be, and horrible to my daughter. We’ve been separated for 3 years. He was a heroin addict. During our relationship he physically abuse me, mentally abuse me, endangered our daughter many times to support his drug addiction.
I consistently support him and his recovery, and even after we separated, I was supportive of him, and his new girlfriend, and their recovery together.
I made a post about this right after his death, his union hall reached out to me, saying that we would receive the benefits from his pension and life insurance policy.
It’s complicated situation, because there was a lot of trouble with his family and his new girlfriend, they have been horrible!
Just vicious to me and my daughter. My daughter has special needs, I went into debt, despite working in healthcare through the pandemic , paying for her medical necessity MYSELF.
He has not seen her or paid any child support in about a year, and before that he was inconsistently in and out of her life. Even when he was out of prison, and out of rehab, he would cancel or reschedule visitations about 40% of the time.
Anyhow, after his services, the union hall reached out to me again to clarify. I guess he had named me as beneficiary, not my daughter.
His family, and his new fiancé, have been fighting it with the Hall. I guess they were legally trying to contest it, I wasn’t even aware, but as it stands, he named me as beneficiary and his pension and life insurance benefits will be going straight to me.
I was really feeling guilty about accepting the money when I thought it was for my daughter, mostly because I felt it was just bad juju to benefit so financially from the death of somebody who hurts so much, and who we were in such bad terms with.
Now that i know the benefits are going directly to me, it’s even more complicated.
I feel more guilt, it’s just a complicated situation I’m trying to process it. Its hard because most of the people in my life live me, and are really nasty about him and his family, all they can see is everything that he did to me, they feel like I deserve the money, and I shouldn’t feel guilty at all.
The new fiancé is out there telling everybody that I’m the bad guy. She hates me, despite the fact that I literally supported both of them, gave them a car when they didn’t have one to pick her up for visitations.
I allowed them to cancel visitations, never enforced the child support schedule when they were low on funds or late on payment. I literally took care of our special needs child alone, week after week, night after night, while she couldn’t sleep, and was in and out of the hospital with various infections, and he was spending 2 to 5 nights a week at the bar she worked at getting drunk and pouring money into her tip jar will not paying anything for his daughter.
Meanwhile they claim that I’m a terrible mother who use my daughter has upon and was still in love with my ass, I don’t know, it’s what they say.
So now I’m sad to game financially, I’m going to receive all this money, and while I understand, it’s a wonderful situation for us, I kind of hate that it’s at the expense of him, and her.
As horrible as they are, I always thought it was gross how much they seem to find pleasure in my suffering, and I don’t want to do the reverse.
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