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Can’t pick up my Lenovo Laptop

2023.05.31 01:19 plz_recycle_ Can’t pick up my Lenovo Laptop

My little brother just graduated high school and was really excited to finally buy his own laptop. He did lots of research and decided on a Yoga 6 (exact specs aren’t important, but it seemed to have everything we wanted on paper). We ordered it on Sunday, since they had memorial day sales, and set it for pick up at a nearby Best Buy, since Lenovo claimed there would be same day pick up from there. They sent me a confirmation email with an order number and placed a hold on my debit card. Now it’s more than 48 hours later and the Best Buy still has no record of our order, my whole family has tried calling Lenovo customer support (and tried the online chat function) and they have just told us to keep waiting (which like, will that really help? It was supposed to be ready two days ago) or to cancel our order (which like huh?? why do we have to cancel our order just because something went wrong on your end?). We even tried to ask to speak to a supervisor and they refused to connect us, looking at other threads I’m learning this isn’t an uncommon experience. Basically I was just wondering if anyone else was dealing with this? Or had any suggestions? At this point we may just cancel the order and not buy because of how poor the customer service has been, I’m mostly just mad because my brother was so excited and now they’ve really ruined his week.
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2023.05.31 01:18 acc0511 annoyed by boyfriend's lateness and flakiness- how to deal with it?

I (18m) have been seeing my boyfriend for about 5 months now. He's a few years older than me, and he's already graduated from college (it also turns out we went to the same high school). We met on Grindr in December for a quick "cuddle session," and we turned out to have a ton in common (both in our lives and in our feelings). We both developed pretty deep feeling for one another, and after that I started seeing him once a week (sometimes more, but never less). We've gone on a handful of dates, we've been to the gym together, and we occasionally go for walks on a nearby trail with his dog. Usually when we see each other, we meet at his place, watch a movie, cuddle, chill, and have some fun. He keeps strange hours because he works from home, but we text several times a day. It's a very low-maintenance and starter level relationship, as we both are on Grindr, but still committed to one another.
Tonight, I was expecting to spend the night at his house. Whenever we hang out at night, I typically have/had something in the morning, so I had never really spent a whole night there, and I usually left by 12/1ish. After having this planned for almost a month, he flaked on me today. He had been quiet on snapchat all day today, and his responses were constantly dry, so I knew something was up. He said he was too tired for me to spend the night, and the only reason he told me I'm pretty sure, was because I asked him what time worked for him for me to come over. I was calm in my text back, but I made sure to make it clear that I was upset. He said we should try and reschedule, but I don't even know if I can, because I have plans for the rest of the week.
This isn't even the first time any of this has happened before. Countless times, we have made plans to hangout at like 7 or 8, and he'll keep backing up the times as it gets closer, so then we don't even end up hanging out until like 40-50 mins after our original planned time. I understand that we're at different points in life, and we have different priorities, but for the love of God, can he just commit to a time? I still haven't brought it up to him, but tonight, I think i will. Has anyone gone through something similar?

TLDR- Boyfriend cancelled on me, and has been late to stuff countless times before. How do I deal with it?
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2023.05.31 01:10 jewinblue AITA for being jealous of my sister.

For context, I graduated in 2019 and my sister graduated 2022
My older sister took 2 years of community college before taking 2 years of university to become a teacher. I went to trade school for HVAC and since my school was 9 months, I graduated at the same time she transferred to university. We end up sharing a graduation celebration which was just dinner at a fancy place.
What bothers me is this: She did technically “graduate” cause she earned an associate’s in community college, but to me she only was halfway to what she set out to accomplish, whereas I was fully done. I’m super proud of her and I love her, but the fact of the matter is she hadn’t truly accomplished her goal yet.
So it’s already bad enough that I’m sharing one of the biggest occasions of my life with someone who was basically just transferring schools. It got even worse when she graduated university and my mom threw her a full blown party at the house.
I get that it was only trade school, but it still to this day makes me feel like my accomplishment wasn’t a big deal, which really hurts cause that was the last graduation I will ever have. I know this is literally a matter of pure childish jealousy and it happened years ago, but it still hurts that I couldn’t have my own celebration for the beginning of my new career.
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2023.05.31 01:10 favio1498 What a piece of shit day tbh

My student loan for the summer probably won't be processed since the school was missing something I didn't know about until today, I'm tired of working on heavy trucks, I've tried to find entry level IT jobs but don't have enough skills yet for any of that, I just realized earlier that I graduated high school 6 years ago and everytime I remember that I instantly regret not going to live on campus when I had the choice since I'd probably be done with my degree and wouldn't be going through any of this right now, I burned all my PTO left for the year since I had to get surgery, I only have like $100, i had to pay a $181 gas bill earlier, I'm hot af right now, i didn't bring lunch to work and to make matters worse my m&m's got stuck in the vending machine, I couldn't shake the machine since it was hurting my hands that I just had surgery on so it hurt pushing it, left, came back to just say fuck it and buy 2 bags but they were gone when I got back :/ and the day isn't over.
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2023.05.31 01:10 WONKedition "A Colorado student barred from wearing a sash representing the flags of Mexico and the United States to her high school graduation did so anyway ... Peña Villasano challenged school officials in court..." Here's more:

Colorado teen flouts school policy, wears Mexican and US flag sash to graduation AP News
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2023.05.31 01:05 actinivm Car in my name on parent's insurance

After graduating high school, my parents bought me a car. The title was in my name but one of my parents told the insurance company (GEICO) that they owned it when they added the car to their insurance. My parent does not have great command of the English language and the agent did not explain what "ownership" meant to my parent in terms of the contract. Will this be a problem if I need to file a claim with them?
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2023.05.31 01:01 LooneyPlayer Laws for Governing Magic

My world is a mid-magic fantasy, so magic is present enough for laws to be necessary. I've come up with 38, and I'd like some input on the wording, if you think I should add or subtract some, etc. Feel free to steal for your own use.
Magical Laws of the Kingdom of Roost
  1. Magic Registration: All individuals possessing magical abilities must register with the kingdom's Arcane Council. Failure to register is a criminal offense, punishable by fines or imprisonment. This allows the kingdom to keep track of magic users and ensure their abilities are not misused.
  2. Prohibition of Necromancy: The practice of necromancy, specifically spells that raise and control the dead, is strictly forbidden. It is considered a heinous crime against the natural order and is punishable by severe penalties, including imprisonment or even execution.
  3. Unauthorized Enchantment: Enchanting or imbuing magic into objects without proper authorization from the Arcane Council is prohibited. Unauthorized enchantment is seen as a potential threat to public safety and can result in fines, confiscation of magical items, or even imprisonment.
  4. Magical Duels: The practice of settling disputes through magical duels is permitted, but only with the approval and supervision of the Arcane Council. Participants must adhere to specific rules and regulations to ensure fairness and prevent undue harm. Unauthorized magical duels are considered assault and carry penalties accordingly.
  5. Public Display of Magic: The use of magic in public spaces must be conducted responsibly and with consideration for public safety. Reckless or harmful use of magic in public areas, such as crowded marketplaces, is strictly forbidden. Violators may face fines, imprisonment, or the confiscation of magical abilities.
  6. Restriction on Mind Control: Spells or enchantments that manipulate or control another person's mind without their consent are strictly prohibited. This includes enchantments that influence decision-making or alter memories. Offenders can face significant penalties, including imprisonment or loss of magical abilities.
  7. Containment of Summoned Creatures: Any individuals summoning magical creatures or beings are responsible for their proper containment and control. Uncontrolled or unleashed summoned creatures that cause harm or damage are the responsibility of the summoner, who may be held accountable for any resulting consequences.
  8. Unauthorized Divination: Engaging in unauthorized divination practices, such as scrying or peering into the future without proper approval, is forbidden. Divination can disrupt the natural balance and may infringe upon individual privacy. Violators may face fines, imprisonment, or even a temporary ban on divination magic.
  9. Protection of Magical Artifacts: Theft or destruction of magical artifacts is a serious offense. These artifacts hold immense power and are often of great historical or cultural significance. Punishments for such crimes range from fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity and value of the stolen or damaged artifacts.
  10. Magic in the Court: The use of magic within the kingdom's court system is strictly regulated. The Arcane Council provides specific guidelines for the use of magic during legal proceedings, ensuring fairness and impartiality. Unauthorized manipulation of magic during court proceedings is a criminal offense and can result in severe penalties.
  11. Magical Commerce: The sale and trade of magical items and potions must be conducted by licensed individuals or establishments approved by the Arcane Council. Unauthorized or counterfeit magical items are illegal and can lead to fines, imprisonment, or loss of magical abilities.
  12. Restriction on Harmful Spells: Spells that cause significant harm or destruction to individuals or property are strictly regulated. Unauthorized casting of such spells outside of sanctioned combat or self-defense situations can result in severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or even the permanent loss of magical abilities.
  13. Magical Beasts and Familiars: The ownership and care of magical beasts and familiars must comply with specific guidelines established by the Department of Magical Creature Welfare. Negligent treatment or abuse of these creatures is punishable by fines, imprisonment, or a permanent ban on owning magical creatures.
  14. School of Magic Accreditation: Institutions offering magical education and training must obtain accreditation from the Arcane Council. Unaccredited schools are deemed illegal, and their graduates may face limitations or restrictions on practicing magic within the kingdom.
  15. Magical Pollution: The reckless or careless use of magic that causes environmental damage or pollution is strictly prohibited. Magic users must be mindful of the potential ecological consequences of their actions, and offenders may face fines, restitution, or community service to rectify the damage caused.
  16. Magical Public Services: The kingdom maintains a branch of magical public services responsible for handling magical emergencies and disasters. Unauthorized individuals or groups attempting to interfere with or impersonate these services are subject to arrest and prosecution.
  17. Protection of Magical Creatures: Certain magical creatures are deemed endangered or protected due to their rarity or importance in the ecosystem. Hunting, capturing, or harming these creatures without proper permits is a criminal offense, carrying penalties that include fines, imprisonment, or loss of magical abilities.
  18. Magical Research Ethics: Conducting magical experiments or research that poses a significant risk to individuals or the kingdom at large requires the approval of the Arcane Council. Unapproved experiments or research that endangers the public can result in severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or a complete ban on further magical research.
  19. Guilds of Magical Professions: Various magical professions, such as alchemists, enchanters, or diviners, require guild membership and adherence to guild regulations. Unauthorized practice within these professions is illegal and can lead to fines, loss of professional standing, or imprisonment.
  20. Arcane Council Trials: Serious offenses committed by magic users, such as treason or misuse of magic resulting in significant harm, are subject to trials conducted by the Arcane Council. The Council has the authority to determine guilt, assign appropriate punishments, and even revoke magical abilities permanently.
  21. Magical Education Mandate: All individuals with magical abilities, particularly children, are required by law to receive formal magical education. Parents or guardians failing to provide magical education to their magically inclined children may face fines or other penalties.
  22. Magical Prohibition Zones: Certain areas within the kingdom, such as temples, royal palaces, or magical academies, may be designated as magical prohibition zones. Casting spells or using magic within these zones is strictly forbidden unless granted explicit permission by authorized personnel.
  23. Ban on Dark Arts Texts: The possession, distribution, or creation of forbidden texts related to dark arts, forbidden rituals, or forbidden magic is strictly prohibited. Offenders may face severe penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or permanent loss of magical abilities.
  24. Magical Services Taxation: Magic users providing magical services, such as spellcasting or enchanting, are subject to taxation on the income generated from their services like any other business. Failure to comply with the taxation laws can result in fines, revocation of magical licenses, or other legal consequences.
  25. Magical Accidents Liability: Magic users are held accountable for any accidental damage or harm caused by their magical actions. They are required to carry magical liability insurance to cover potential damages or injuries caused by their spells or magical mishaps.
  26. Magical Inheritance Laws: Specific laws govern the inheritance of magical items, artifacts, and estates. In the case of a deceased magic user, the Arcane Council oversees the proper distribution of magical possessions, ensuring fairness and preventing conflicts among heirs.
  27. Extradition of Rogue Magic Users: In cases where magic users commit crimes in other kingdoms or realms and seek refuge within the fictional kingdom, the kingdom has extradition treaties in place to facilitate the transfer of the offenders to the appropriate jurisdiction for trial and punishment.
27 Magical Vigilantism: Unauthorized individuals taking the law into their own hands through the use of magic, vigilantism, or extrajudicial punishment are subject to arrest and prosecution. Only authorized law enforcement agencies have the jurisdiction to enforce the law using magical means.
  1. Arcane Council Authority: The Arcane Council holds ultimate authority over all matters related to magic within the kingdom. Their decisions, regulations, and rulings are considered binding, and failure to comply with their directives can result in penalties, fines, imprisonment, or loss of magical abilities.
  2. Ban on Elemental Summoning: The summoning of powerful elemental beings inside cities, towns, settlements, etc. without proper authorization from the Arcane Council is strictly prohibited. Uncontrolled or reckless summoning can lead to chaos and endanger the kingdom's stability. Violators may face fines, imprisonment, or a temporary ban on summoning magic.
  3. Magical Concealment: Magic users must not use magic to conceal their true identities or intentions with malicious intent. The use of illusion spells or enchantments to deceive or manipulate others is illegal and can result in penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or a loss of magical abilities.
  4. Magic-Free Zones: Certain locations within the kingdom of Roost, such as sacred sites or areas with sensitive magical energies, may be designated as magic-free zones. The use of magic within these zones is strictly prohibited to preserve the integrity of these places and prevent unintended consequences.
  5. Magical Research Ethics Board: A governing body, known as the Magical Research Ethics Board, oversees and approves magical research projects involving experimentation or exploration of new magical phenomena. Unauthorized or unethical research can lead to penalties, including fines, suspension of magical research privileges, or even permanent bans.
  6. Magical Arbitration: The Arcane Council has the authority to arbitrate magical disputes between individuals or groups to prevent conflicts from escalating. Parties involved must abide by the Council's rulings, and failure to comply can result in penalties or loss of magical privileges.
  7. Spellcasting Licenses: Individuals must obtain a spellcasting license from the Arcane Council to legally cast spells in public. Unauthorized spellcasting without a license can result in fines, confiscation of spellcasting implements, or temporary loss of magical abilities.
  8. Magical Transportation Regulations: The use of magical transportation methods, such as teleportation or flying spells, is subject to regulations established by the Department of Magical Transportation. Violations, such as unauthorized teleportation or reckless flying, can result in penalties, fines, or even temporary suspension of magical transportation privileges.
  9. Prohibition of Soul Manipulation: The manipulation or extraction of souls through magical means is strictly forbidden. Soul-related magic is deemed highly dangerous and unethical. Offenders can face severe penalties, including imprisonment or permanent loss of magical abilities.
  10. Magical Animal Welfare: The treatment and care of magical animals, including familiars, must adhere to established standards of welfare. Neglect, abuse, or improper handling of magical creatures can result in fines, imprisonment, or a permanent ban on owning or interacting with magical animals.
  11. Magical Creatures Control Act: The kingdom has a Magical Creatures Control Act that outlines the proper handling, containment, and transportation of magical creatures within its borders. Violations, such as smuggling or releasing dangerous creatures, are subject to penalties fines or imprisonment.
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2023.05.31 00:58 writersthrowawayut Eight years later, I still feel stockholmed to the pedo who assaulted me

When I was a dumb teen, I got in a relationship with a man who was 20 years older than me. He was so handsome, loving and sure of himself. I learned so much from him that I transferred over to school and work. I was convinced there was nothing wrong with us being together, and he even said he wanted to get married at some point. He was so good to me, that I really did see a future with him as soon as I graduated high school. Only when I found his active dating app profiles did I realize something fishy was going on. I don’t want to talk too much about it, but I broke up with him and he was extremely apologetic and wished me well.
Now that I’m an adult, I realize the massive power differential between the two of us, and the fact that he’s a criminal. But a weird part of me still loves him and wants him back, even though he told me what we had was wrong and he’d never contact me again. It still hurts a lot and I feel like I’ll never recover from this stupid mistake I made as a kid. He’s in my dreams all the time.
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2023.05.31 00:57 ThomasGregorich Native American High School Graduate Sues School District for Forceful Removal of Sacred Eagle Plume at Graduation

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2023.05.31 00:56 jj1290s Should I stop being friends with friend of 5+ years?

So I am 21m and I have been smoking weed daily for about 5 years and recently decided it was time to quit as it was consuming me more than I was consuming it. While quitting I have thought about who I am truly friends with and who I am “weed” friends with. I have this friend who I went to high school with and we have always been good friends and have hung out almost every weekend for the past couple years. I’ve met his family and even been to his college graduation. We usually just smoke at his house and play some video games and that’s it. I’ve always had a good time but as I quit I’ve started to question if we are truly friends or if we just hangout because we both smoke. Sure we have similar hobbies like watching the same sports and video games and can joke around and make each other laugh but I feel as if the weed is the main point of us hanging out every time. I feel he is my friend but looking back I would always text him to hangout and I read over our texts from the last few months and every time we hangout it’s me initiating or it’s a group thing. He never hits me up to chill but is always fine with me coming over to hangout and smoke with him for hours. The only time he really ever texts me besides sending memes on Twitter, is to ask if I want to go half with him on some weed. Now that I’ve quit (a little over two weeks) (also haven’t told anyone) he hasn’t texted me once. Are we not as good of friends as I thought? Should I just get out of that smoking environment and move on? Am I oveerreactin and should I just wait it out and see if we can hangout without the weed? I just wanted to post here for advice. Thanks.
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2023.05.31 00:51 ay891 No friends and no job

I have fairly bad social anxiety. Currently in college and while I can get by in classes by only talking with classmates when it’s necessary, it’s definitely not enough to make friends and I’ve been pretty lonely for the past few years. I guess at least this is an improvement compared to how I was in high school and earlier where I pretty much stayed silent except with close family. I’m supposed to graduate next year and I’m starting to get concerned about what my life will look like afterwords. Unfortunately, I don’t have any work experience and my school requires an internship to graduate. Even if I do find a decent job, I doubt my social life will change much seeing as a lot of you seem to have a job but still struggle with social anxiety as far as making friends and forming relationships. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat and is struggling with both.
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2023.05.31 00:44 Sad_Arm_5630 Tired of racism and playing the role of the "inferior foreigner" in life. Any advice?

I'm a Syrian uni student in Turkey (not a refugee) with Turkish roots and citizenship. I was born and raised in another country that didn't give me citizenship or rights. Unfortunately, I was labeled as an immigrant, considered an "inferior foreigner", in school because I was the only foreigner in my class. I was a pariah in class, with no friends, and was bullied by the students because of something I didn't choose. On top of that, the school (and the government) were extremely racist, granting privileges exclusively to citizens only. A small example is they'd announce a field trip to X but for "CITIZENS ONLY", so I was excluded and had to be absent.
However, I didn't feel excluded outside the school as the citizens of that country make up just 10% of the population. So I didn't face racism on the street or at the market because of racial diversity.
Despite being a top student in school, the government didn't provide me a scholarship for the major I want for uni because I'm not their citizen. If I were a citizen with my high school grades, I would've been able to study that major with 0 tuition fees and receive a good salary from the government.
Consequently, I traveled to Turkey for uni (the country is parents' choice), which is waay worse than that country, especially as a Syrian due to the Syrian refugee crisis. I barely know anything about Syria as I never lived there, and my parents didn't teach me anything about Syrian culture or identity. As a result, I feel culturally lost, or maybe the internet is my culture idk.
Turks often ask the question "nerelisin" (where are you from) out of nowhere to random people. I constantly get asked this question even in the grocery store. Unfortunately, if I say I'm Turkish, no one is gonna believe me due to my non-Turkish name and imperfect Turkish. One time I did say that I was Turkish, but I got yelled at by an ultranationalistic Turk who aggressively told me "YOU'RE NOT". So to avoid racism, I lie about my ethnicity and never mention that I'm Syrian. I could pass as a non-Arab since I'm white (people usually assume Russian/Persian). But despite that, the amount of racism I face here in Turkey is INDESCRIBABLE and it often makes me cry hysterically. I face discrimination, hatred, and exclusion in BOTH the uni and outside of it. My neighbors despise me and constantly avoid me because they heard me speak Arabic. One time I greeted them with a smile and a "good morning", but they arrogantly turned their face away without responding. I get treated like shit by the employees of the markets, uni, bank, authorities, and EVERYWHERE. They don't help me and sometimes even try to scam me. A small example is that I've been illegally threatened by the new owner of the house to be evicted, even though I paid my rent. However, when I went to the police station to complain, they sided with the house owner and told me I had to leave.
At uni, there's blatant discrimination against international students, while Turkish students are favored with a sense of superiority. The uni employees are extremely rude and toxic towards international students. I no longer attend any classes because of my hatred of the uni and mainly to avoid the question "where are you from". I made a mistake by telling each student a different lie about my ethnicity, and I also pretended to barely speak Arabic.
The Turkish students at the uni are also racist against foreigners, but since I lied about my ethnicity, I happily don't face this much avoidance. I have a few Turkish friends from class, and each of them knows a different lie about my ethnicity. But the thing is, I'm honestly really tired of this ethnicity thing. I'm tired of living in a lie. I'm tired of avoiding my mom's calls just to dodge speaking Arabic. I'm tired of even lying to the Arabs in my class about it. It's all exhausting... I just don't want to be judged based on my something I didn't choose.
I consult you my fellow redditors, should I confront everyone and tell the truth or should I be patient for 3 more years till I leave this country?
I have a strong longing to a homeland that I can truly work hard for and belong to! This deep void in my heart which has been there for my entire life still brings me to tears. I plan to move to the US/ Canada once I graduate as these countries embrace people from all races.
Edit: Should I say I'm half Lebanese since they're the same people and probably the least hated Arabs in Turkey?
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2023.05.31 00:43 BoiOfMemery Losing motivation to keep going

So for some context, I just turned 20 years old. Graduated highschool over a year ago, no degree but I attended vocational school during my final 3 years in highschool. Attended the computer networking and cyber security class, coming out of it with an A+ cert and some bs certiport certification I was able to achieve off a wim. After graduation I began work at a smaller local MSP company and worked there for about 9 months. That company let me go, they wouldn't tell me why. I have my suspicion that they hired too many people right before letting go of me, or just decided that they no longer needed me anymore. During my time working at my first IT job I did achieve my Network+. After losing that job I was on the job hunt for about a month, Somebody reached out to me on Indeed looking to see if I was interested in being employed from a larger MSP company out of state, We did the interview on teams. Just over a week later I got a rental car and packed up my stuff to spend 1 week over at the main HQ of the MSP company I work for now. After that week they sent another employee to the location I was stationed at to give me one week of training before I went fully remote doing mostly call center helpdesk type stuff, as-well as supporting the people that I work alongside with at the facility I was stationed at belonging to one of our bigger customers. I'm 3 months into this job and losing motiviation to keep going. The team leader is a pessimist, if you are a good employee and slip up once they will make you feel like shit and beat you up about it in a teams call. I want to study for the compTIA security+ to complete the compTIA trio of certs, then I want to get more into microsoft certs since that is what is being highly valued at work. I just don't know how other's on this sub find the energy to keep pumping out certs all summer long and progress so quickly through the field. I think it's just working in a stressful environment and having a pessimist as team leader that's really getting to me.
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2023.05.31 00:42 erb4 Started ignoring my avarice and started engaging in life and it it’s not too bad.

I’m a high school senior who’s about to graduate. Normally I avoid spending my time with others but because high school is about to end I’ve been trying to have more fun and strengthen my bonds with my friends so they are more likely to stay in touch with me after graduation.
I’ve been going places with my friends frequently and although in the moment I get beyond exhausted in the big scheme of things I’m enjoying it.
Just thought I’d say this to try to get other 5’s to do the same.
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2023.05.31 00:39 Idekwhyihavedisman Looking to buy my first laptop

Hi all. I'm graduating high school soon so I'm starting to think about getting a laptop for college. I'll be taking a fair amount of my classes online, so it'll be used a lot for that, but I also want it to be able to run my games well (Dead by Daylight, Star Wars Battlefront 2, etc.) I'm not really sure about a budget yet as I'm open to just about anything. So far I've seen things like the Asus ROG Strix models and the Lenovo Legions. Are these any good?
It's also worth noting that I have a PC to play my games on, but since I need a laptop for school anyways, might as well buy one that can run my games. I'll list my PC specs below.
PC Specs: Ryzen 9 3900X, MSI RTX 2070 (upgrading eventually), 32gb Corsair DDR4 RAM, 1tb SSD.
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2023.05.31 00:39 No-Tie4700 What kind of advice have you been given when you care about work too much?

I am finding as I get older I have cared about quality of my work and planning of my career more than most. Now I am trying to balance it out. But I regret caring about work like before graduating high school. I am almost ashamed I forgot how to have fun (and no I do not partake in alcohol). I know we strategize but I am regretting this part of my life. What do you think? Thank you in advance
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2023.05.31 00:28 mag-nolia ISO Dates! *・゚☆

ISO Dates! *・゚☆
hey besties, please let me know if you’re selling tickets to any of these dates! i really want to take my little sister as a high school graduation present! thank you, ily <3
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2023.05.31 00:27 ZebraGamer2389 (Can't post in the base sub, so I'll post here. Context in Comments.) This is my Best Friend's Mom. She graduated high school last week, and her mom posted a picture without her approval. My friend is an adult who lives with her father.

(Can't post in the base sub, so I'll post here. Context in Comments.) This is my Best Friend's Mom. She graduated high school last week, and her mom posted a picture without her approval. My friend is an adult who lives with her father. submitted by ZebraGamer2389 to entitledparentsmemes [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 00:22 Peace-Monk Action Needed – Submit Final High School Transcript

Hey guys, need some help over here.
So, I received today an email from Admissions saying that I needed to submit my Final Official High School Transcripts with Graduation Date until June 15, or my enrollment would be cancelled, and I requested that my school in Brazil and they sent it on May 22nd to International Admissions.
But I also received another email saying that it would take from 4-6 weeks for them to process those documents, and one more email from my counselor last week saying that I could even start my first term without this document, while they process it.
Now I'm scared to lose my spot at USF because of this, like, if I don't send this, I will be transferred to the next available term or what? And I don't know what else to do or if I even need to do something.
PS: I'm partly a international student and part a national student, since I have a green card, just my transcripts are international.
Appreciate the help
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2023.05.31 00:22 ApartAd8379 Head Cashier

Who has experience being a head cashier? I was considering doing the position, I’ve been wanting to do more in the FE. I’ve been doing all the responsibilities for the position except for swipes and pickups. Should I just stay a cashier? Also do I need to be a high school graduate if I’m already 18. Any thoughts, experience or advice for me. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 00:22 craftingcandy Burn out and tired

I am posting on a throwaway and am looking for some directional advice. I (23 F) honestly have no idea how to even begin describing the feeling I have toward college anymore. I am going on my 6th year of college and I just found out I failed one of my core classes. I have scraped by the past two semesters only worrying if I passed the classes not really caring about my overall GPA. I have no idea what I am doing anymore, I still have passion for the field I am in, however, I am scared for my financial future and if ill be able to find a job. There is immense pressure to go to graduate school, which I have wanted to do since high school, but now I am questioning if it is even worth it based on the price of living and being in debt.
I am double majoring in physics and astronomy and from how my college has painted it, there is not much to do with these degrees without obtaining a PhD. I have research and publications under my belt but I have shit the past year or so with my grades, and everywhere is so competitive I just don't know how I'll even get into grad school anymore or how I'll be able to afford it. It has taken me so many years to get where I am now since I started at a community college (my GPA in high school was bad lol) and had to start from the very beginning of math/science courses (I'm talking like algebra).
I thrived at my community college, getting on the dean's list almost every year, being friendly with the professors, honors programs, etc, and was able to transfer to a very good college. Once I transferred during COVID I failed 3 classes and was placed on academic probation. I got a really high GPA and got off, but then lost my grandfather to cancer and found out my grandmother had cancer within 3 months. I have had a shit ton of other personal issues and my grades never really recovered after that first semester. Every time I get an A it feels like my GPA goes up like 0.05 points compared to failing or getting a C or B (my college does +- GPA). Overall, I am just paralyzed on what my next move is. I am even scared to look at my GPA to even try to apply to internships and I kinda have thrown the idea of graduate school right out the window. I am just looking if anyone has been in a situation like mine and what they did or how they improved themselves. I work part-time and I have ADHD but I have accommodations, I am just unsure where to turn or what to do.
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2023.05.31 00:17 M1serabel I prayed to God and am sad that my prayer wasn’t answered

Now, I know what everyone is going to say. And it’s that God works in mysterious ways and everything He does is for a reason. Bad things can happen to bad people and Vice versa, but I am just frustrated at myself. I feel like I didn’t pray hard enough and somehow deserves this.
I really wanted to get into this one University and allowed myself to be waitlisted, prayed but I feel like it wasn’t hard enough. And now I feel like it’s too late because I’ve just been rejected. Its 6am and I can’t sleep. This school didn’t have an entrance exam, but rather relied on your grades as a basis. And I had friends who got 82 in their cards yet got in, some even got 75 as grades and somehow I never got a got in despite my lowest grade being 89. My mom said it’s because they had political connections, but it felt so unfair, like I’d been robbed of an opportunity. Can my hardwork truly get me nowhere?
I really wanted to prove the high school i just graduated from wrong, as I had plenty of bad experiences such as teachers giving me bad grades because I “defied their excellency” by correcting a few mistakes. Ir must be wrong, but I felt true passion for this university and now feel like I’ve lost to people who didn’t try as hard as I did and instead used their parents’ connections. I went through hell trying to get these requirements to this school because my previous highschool failed to mail them as promised, drove from one side of the country to the other (as we were on a vacation when the email came) and sat in the grueling heat just to deliver what they asked for. The frustration is killing me.
My mom used to suffer from cancer back in 2014, she recovered but is at risk of cancer again after 10 years, which is 2024. She refuses to let me out of her sight, as I am an only child, and brings me to school everyday. I don’t want to defy her, I understand why she’s so strict but if she’s exhausted it only ups the chances of her contracting the disease again and I can’t put her or myself through that again, it was absolutely traumatizing for a 10 year old like me. This is the only university within our area as other universities are far away (we live in a small third world country). Any place farther would result to us waking up at 4am everyday and going home at 9am, while I still have requirements to finish. It will be too tough for the both of us and I truly feel so deeply burdened right now.
Maybe this will all make sense in the future, or maybe it won’t. Right now we’re trying to ask someone if they can spare mercy on my application, I hope everyone has it in their hearts to pray for me. I know I should trust God’s decisions, but it is something I feel anxiety and complete devastation over. Maybe I may not be the best at praying, but I know people here are. Maybe somehow God can reach these admins in their dreams, similar to those stories in the Bible. I don’t even know anymore, but I beg of you to spare a few seconds to pray for this application of mine to push through in His good will. In whatever course He wants for me.
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