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2023.05.30 03:38 Obitobi2020 Random thoughts

here are a collection of ideas/theories i have thought of. most probably don't make sense when compared to the newer books but still thought i'd left them loose to see if anyone might agree or as a thought process.
  1. Henry is the real father of crying child who Afton either kidnapped or, more likely, looked after while henry was mourning his lost of Charlotte. i based this on the books mentioning that Charlie had a brother and the fact the graphic novel showed a pic of him and what he looks like is similar to crying child's appearance. Afton orginally went after him which is why the footprints are outside his window but failed to. So he than went after Charlie after going to the jr restaurant and seeing her outside. Sam either learns of her death after his father called and told his mother about Charlie's death or perhaps, loving the characters, he goes to the restaurant and sees Charlie getting murdered. him learning of his sister's death after his mother tells him is more likely and he goes to the restaurant himself maybe to confront bonnie since Afton tried to lure him away before in a bonnie like outfit. Or again after he fails to lure him he goes after him after he might have mentioned going after his sister. the mother's line of " leave him alone, he had a rough day" could mean that she told him his sister had died or that he was upset about not being able to go to Jr's while his sister was and she didn't want Henry, mustard man, to upset him. At this point henry upset over the death of one child at the restaurant would be furious at the other for going to it. there are problems with this as there is with lots of others but in this case the puppet is retired as it failed it's purpose and cause henry would have been too distraught to fix it. Cause of this Charlie orginally becomes psychic friend Fredbear to help her brother cope. Afton having been his business partner would have been able try to help him by taking in crying child for awhile while he and his wife could mourn Charlie's death. Michael could be jealous of the attention CC was getting so he bullies him while CC stays there. also this could explain the camera system as William ran test on CC there as he still had hatred of Henry. the bite happens, Michael feels guilt over it, henry promises to put him back together like he does with Charlie in the books, and he also get suspicious of Afton due to how little he reacted to the death of cc. this would make Afton have no alternative motive other than being jealous and ended up enjoying killing children who seemly choose Henry's characteanimatronics over his. now while this might not be true i do feel like henry at the very least might have felt guilty over CC's death and was still the one who said the infamous line as he did have a hand in making the animatronic that ended his life. Also psychic friend Fredbear being a spirt over camera makes more sense cause no matter how you look at it, it's hard to believe that they would be necessary so early in the timeline if no kids had died yet like Matpat says in his latest timeline. I guess you could say he was mad at his son for liking his rival's character more and wanted to make sure he didn't go to Henry's restaurant. also the feet outside of the window wouldn't make sense as the only way is if it was william in his old non-animatronic suit or being a twisted/funtime animontronic trying to capture them both of which wouldn't make sense if CC was william's kid.
  2. after that long explanation my second one is a bit shorter, the ruin girl Cassie is a robot child version of Elizabeth who is possessed by Cassidy. after, realizing she can't defeat Afton from the inside she goes to find a new way to attack which is when she find the robot child of Elizabeth who has been the allusive patient 46. she takes over the body in order to help Gregory, who presumably is CC as a robot, put an end to Afton finally. Here's the thing, if Gregory truely is a robot it is hard for me to believe that cassie wouldn't also be one.
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2023.05.30 01:37 AdrienDaCat Ask my the entire household of people who live with Micheal. [NAMES IN BODY TEXT]

Ask my the entire household of people who live with Micheal. [NAMES IN BODY TEXT]
Names left to right[slide 1-3]: John Afton, Autumn Afton, Evan/Carl Afton, Lilly Afton, Elizabeth Afton,Mrs.Afton, Willaim Afton, Marcud Afton, Henry Emily(Former name:Henry Afton), Mrs.Emily, Micheal Afton, Ennard, Charlie Emily, and Noro Everen
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2023.05.29 21:07 TheCraziestTheorist I think I solved one gutting FNaF 4 issue. (I'm sorry, but I'm a MikeNone, so.. not really solved in many people's eyes.)

I think I solved one gutting FNaF 4 issue. (I'm sorry, but I'm a MikeNone, so.. not really solved in many people's eyes.)
I've made many strange theories in the past if you had seen my theory posts. They're all really complicated and I understand people who had disagreed on those.
But I'm going to be extremely serious about this one! I hope I can get major people to agree on what I'm about to discuss. I warn again, I believe in the MikeNone theory, so what I'll say is going to relate to that exact universe, so I might as well already accept not being taken too serious.
Okay, let's start with the topic.
The FNaF 4 Aftons' house corridor.
So, as you walk through this room, you can see a grandfather clock with Fredbear plush on top, as well as five pictures hanging on the wall.
Now, you'd all assume it's Mrs. Afton and William on the left, and on the right we have the three Afton children. Michael, CC and Elizabeth. But what if I told you that Elizabeth wasn't yet born during the time of FNaF 4?
I know, it sounds crazy, but MikeNone patches the hole of the question "who is in the third picture then?".
It's Michael (pale FoxyBro inside of the house), Evan (tanned FoxyBro inside the diner), and CC (Crying Child we play as in the minigames).
People have always argued over this specific room below.
Elizabeth Afton's room.
There was once a huge war over Elizabeth's existence during FNaF 4. If she was alive or dead.
At first, no presence of Elizabeth Afton inside of the minigames lead people to believe that Elizabeth is a deceased sister of some sorts. It seemed implied. Not only that, but in FNaF 5 it further proves people's point.
But there was another half of fans, and they believed that the empty room never implied that Elizabeth is gone. That she can be somewhere outside (some connecting her to Cindy (pigtails girl). Just because she's not in her room doesn't mean she's right away dead.
Both sides had a point.
Ones had the backup arguments that CC saw something happen that made him so scared of the animatronics. He saw her death and so he's scared.That the reason he's constantly crying is because his sister died recently and now he's grieving - quite literally crying all of the time.
The other part of the community had the arguments that Circus Baby's claw mechanism couldn't have existed so early in the timeline.And that it seems to be implied that Fredbear's Family Diner was the first ever restaurant before all the evolutions of Freddy's.
Both sides had a point once more.
But the war could not settle, and it hasn't settled till today as Scott has not confirmed anything till now, sadly.
But there is another explanation to why she's not present.
No one has ever thought of the fact that she could be not in her FNaF 4 bedroom since she wasn't given birth to yet? There was a room prepared for when she arrives. It all then makes sense.
Some people stupidly imagine that Elizabeth saw CC die on his birthday from the prank, but it makes no sense due the fact she doesn't fear wanting to go near Circus Baby and then her eventually going. She showed how desperate she was, she could not have seen her brother die from an animatronic if she's eager to disobey her father with no hesitation.
A pretty reasonable argument of why the bedroom is empty and the sister is not present anywhere is because she's not born yet and that also fixes the issue of CC being the middle or youngest cause he's technically both in that situation.
Her not being alive until late 1983 also fixes the theories of Elizabeth dying some time after FNaF 2, between 1988/89 and 1993 (since it'd take time for William to make those animatronics).
AND in the trilogy Elizabeth is mentioned to be the only child in the Afton Family (or that's what I heard), so if we were to exclude Michael and Evan (as they'd not be children but instead young adults by the time the Funtimes are in progress), and CC is dead, Elizabeth is the only kid of William.
Anyway, that's all I have to present. If you have any questions or debunks on some points, I'll try to reply and answer those curiosities / debates.
Thanks for reading, whoever even did.
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2023.05.29 18:56 Lun_Mun My fan designs of Ms.Afton and Elizabeth

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2023.05.29 06:39 JOEMAMALOLBO Fnaf lore in a couple words (Not the whole lore just explaining what happened)

The Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) lore is a complex and captivating narrative created by Scott Cawthon, spanning across multiple games, books, and supplementary materials. It weaves a tale of mystery, horror, and tragedy, revolving around a haunted pizzeria and the malevolent animatronic characters that inhabit it. In this article, we will provide a condensed overview of the FNAF lore, touching upon its key elements and significant plot points.
The Origins:
The story begins with Fredbear's Family Diner, a small restaurant featuring animatronic characters, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie. Tragedy strikes when a child is lured backstage and killed by an individual wearing a yellow suit. This incident sets the foundation for the haunting that plagues the franchise.
The Creation of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza:
Following the closure of Fredbear's Family Diner, a new establishment called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is established. It introduces a cast of animatronic characters, including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate. The pizzeria gains popularity but soon becomes the site of horrifying events.
The Missing Children Incident:
During the early years of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a man known as William Afton, using the guise of the Purple Guy, lures and murders several children. Their spirits become trapped within the animatronics, seeking vengeance for their untimely deaths. This incident becomes a significant turning point in the FNAF lore.
The Bite of '87:
One of the most prominent events in the FNAF lore is the infamous Bite of '87. During a birthday party, one of the animatronics bites the frontal lobe of a child, resulting in severe injuries. The specifics of this incident remain a subject of speculation and mystery within the lore.
The Puppet and the Haunting:
The Puppet, also known as Marionette, is a crucial entity in the FNAF universe. It possesses the ability to give life to the animatronics, using them as vessels for the vengeful spirits of the murdered children. The haunted animatronics, driven by the spirits, roam the pizzeria at night, targeting security guards and others who cross their path.
The Events of the FNAF Games:
The core FNAF games primarily focus on the experiences of security guards tasked with monitoring the pizzeria during the night shifts. Players must survive several nights while avoiding detection by the haunted animatronics, utilizing security cameras, limited power, and other resources. Throughout the games, players uncover cryptic messages, newspaper clippings, and audio recordings that shed light on the tragic history of the franchise.
The Afton Family and Sister Location:
The lore delves deeper into the Afton family, introducing William Afton's children: Michael and Elizabeth. Michael becomes a central character, seeking redemption for his father's actions. Sister Location takes players to a different establishment called Circus Baby's Pizza World, where they encounter a new set of animatronics, including Circus Baby and the Funtime animatronics. This game further explores the dark secrets of the Afton family and their connection to the animatronics.
Parallel Universes and Time Travel:
As the lore progresses, it introduces the concept of parallel universes and time travel. The existence of multiple timelines and realities adds complexity to the narrative, with characters like the Crying Child, the Older Brother, and the player character of the various games being intertwined across different dimensions.
The Conclusion and Future:
The FNAF lore continues to evolve with each new game release and additional media, expanding upon the existing storylines and introducing new mysteries. The franchise explores themes of redemption, guilt, and the consequences of one's actions.
In conclusion, the Five Nights at Freddy's lore is a captivating and intricate narrative filled with haunted animatronics, vengeful spirits, and the dark secrets of the Afton family. Scott Cawthon's creation has garnered a dedicated fan base, constantly speculating and unraveling the mysteries hidden within the franchise's chilling universe.
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2023.05.29 04:09 Madness_Combat_man My Timeline (long as heck)

PROLOGUE: This story begins with two families, the Emilys and the Aftons. William Afton and Henry Emily, the businessman and the engineer, two people who together formed an empire, an empire of happiness, an empire where fun and joy come to life. now let's stop nonsense, not everything is rosy. Afton, William Afton has problems, he is going through a divorce and several court battles for the custody of his children, but he is a liar, a cheater. he always lies in court and yet ends up winning custody of each of his children. His wife, the mother of his children, she couldn't stand being alone, being betrayed. unfortunately, she took her own life, she could not stand it.
MIDNIGHT MOTORIST: William was devastated, even being apart affected him. He buried the body of his wife near the house, but he couldn't stand it, he fell into alcohol to the point of being kicked out of JR'S, the local bar. William, drunk and blinded by rage, goes to fredbear's family diner, the restaurant that he and henry opened to get even with henry, but he doesn't find henry, but his daughter, charlie. William, having no one to take it out on and being drunk, made a decision, a decision that would torment him for the rest of his days... after the murder, William watched from his car and noticed that the security puppet left the restaurant to rescue Charlie, but it was too late. Upon noticing this, William ran away at full speed because they could see him, when he got home after passing the speed limit of the roundabout Michael, his oldest son tells him "he had a long day, don't bother him" but he doesn't tell him I was going to say what to do, he was just a teenager. "I told you not to lock your door" "OPEN THE DOOR" William yells "I'll find a way in from the outside" he whispers as he leaves the house, coming out and around the house to his youngest son window he realizes something "he ran away to that place again" the window of the youngest son was broken "when he comes back he will be sorry" he thinks in his mind.
THE BITE OF 83: William knew that his youngest son was running away, even with the bullying he received from his older brother wearing that old, dirty and butchered foxy mask was not enough to prevent his escapes so William thought of taking action more extreme... from his office in his secret "bunker" he was monitoring the cameras that he installed in his youngest son's room while talking to him through a walkie-talkie that he attached to his son's favorite stuffed animal , everything seemed "normal" until now, but his plan would start at night, monstrous versions of the animatronics that his son once adore began to hunt him at night, leaving him without rest from 12 to 6 A.M. His plan worked perfectly, for every night that passed was another day of pure whining. Michael loved it, from one day to the next his younger brother began to be afraid of him and to celebrate he planned the ultimate joke. The next day, michael and his friends were ready, they grabbed michael's little brother, they took him in front of fredbear, they picked him up and..."i think the birthday boy wants to kiss fredbear in 3,2,1... Michael said before his brother's skull was crushed. michael and his friends stopped laughing and began to stress, scream and cry, while the day shift guard called an ambulance. After that William and Michael became distant, with each passing day William became more distant, each day spending more time in his office. He didn't even bother drinking alcohol anymore, William was furious about what Michael did and he wanted him to suffer the consequences and that's when he remembered those animatronics he used against his youngest son that were supposedly nightmares, he's going to make Michael pay for it. what he did.
EPILOGUE: William returns to fredbear's after charlie's "incident", but william noticed something strange in the puppet, charlie's body was covered by the puppet that miraculously continued to work, because it was making a short circuit due to the rain that night, William arrived at the scene of the crime and immediately the puppet began to wave its malfunctioning arms while pointing at william with purple tears that he did not have before, but that did not matter too much to him because they were taking the puppet to the sister location of fredbear's, freddy fazbear's pizza.
FREDDY'S: Due to various springlock failures, the incident involving William's son and the murder of Charlie, the springlock suits and the puppet were removed to Freddy fazbear pizza to be remodeled and used in safer ways, henry was in charge of the pizzeria, even after the death of charlie he was taking care of his work, something that he does not share with William. While Michael suffered at night, William thought about the puppet, about how it was aimed at him, about its tears that were painted on his mask. "Is it Charlie?", he wondered, curiosity was killing him so he decided to do an experiment. William drove to Freddy's, put on the springbonnie suit and started telling lies "your dog is alive, follow me" he lured the kids into the safe room and killed them one by one although he went a bit too far with the fifth "I'll put a bag on the head and I'll hit him with a shovel" poor Cassidy, William put each body in a suit to test if it had an effect, he left the suit and left without anyone seeing him, or so he thought, because the cameras saw him with the suit, but the police let him off because there was no evidence of him being the one wearing the suit.
CBEAR: William knew he had to keep experimenting, but he couldn't go back to Freddy's or the police would eventually catch him, so he got down to business, William created animatronics with mechanisms to catch and kill children, so William could catch and kill children(duh). experimenting with this new thing he discovered called "remnant" but his animatronics didn't kill the right girl. "Daddy, but didn't you just make it for me?" When no one was looking, Elizabeth, William's daughter, approached the circus baby who was tempting her with ice cream, but that didn't turn out very well...
FNAF 2: Freddy's reopens its doors, even with the blood stains in his name he manages to sell pizza and merchandise, William, seeing that Freddy's reopened without him as co-founder, he will not let them take all the glory, if he could kill 5 kids then he can kill another 5, even though he didn't have his rabbit costume he still has the bear costume. This time William didn't even bother to hide the bodies, because the more obvious they are, the more popularity fazbear entertainment is going to lose. William took the night watch job, as he did not get the chance to see the results of his subsequent assassinations, his experiments turned out to be quite effective which led him to continue experimenting in his secret office.
EPILOGUE: After Jeremy's shift change and incident, a new security guard appears on orders from his father to manipulate the animatronics, Michael Afton.
FOLLOW ME BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ABOUT FNAF 1: A year has passed since the closure of Freddy's and William continues to experiment, he knows that animatronics can be possessed, but not how, so he goes to the now abandoned location of Freddy's to try different methods of experimentation in the endo skeletons of the animatronics. The first thing he tried was to melt the endo skeletons and inject them into the funtime animatronics, surprisingly this worked. On his fifth visit in search of more metal parts he found the souls of those children he murdered and we all know how that ended.
SISTER LOCATION: Of all the orders that his father had given him, this was the strangest "look for your sister on the ground floor of CBPW" but Michael did not question it twice and he listened to his father, he went to CBPW, he went to the elevator and there he was in some kind of secret bunker that he never knew about, blah blah blah as "baby" guided Michael towards the scooper, Ennard, this combination of funtime animatronics gets ready, michael arrives at the scooper, Ennard turns on the scooper and...
FNAF 3 AND 4: Michael wants to find his father now more than ever, William took his life and now Michael will take away everything that was important to him. A new Freddy's opened, but it wasn't a pizzeria, it was an attraction, a horror attraction. Michael heads to work there looking for his father and making him pay with his own life and business, and yes, he did find him, but not in the way Michael expected. What was once his father is now a rabbit? How low have you sunk William afton, Michael thinks in his mind. For every night he spent in that attraction hallucinations from his past come to life along with his nightmares, those monstrosities in the shape of Freddy's gang tormented him once again as in his childhood until he put an end to the attraction and to his father.
EPILOGUE: After the fire, fazbear entertainment auctioned off what was left of the ride, even with two people hoping to see and buy William afton he still ran away before the auction. These two people were Henry and Michael who met at the auction, thanks to the fact that the two share the same goal they put together a plan.
FFPS: Henry and Michael start their plan, while Henry informs the rest of the members of Fazbear entertainment to build a new pizzeria, Michael, with CBEAR technology and his technical skills, he creates small robots called RASC using technology of audios that his father had developed to attract the animatronics. Once the pizzeria is finished its construction, Michael attended as a guard to do the interviews with the animatronics and to finish this once and for all.
UCN: Michael and Henry's plan worked, William was dead and paying the consequences of his actions, being tortured by copies of his and Henry's creations, but, ironically, the one that was once massacred by William is now massacring William , Cassidy.
HELP WANTED: Fazbear entertainment was reduced from a corporate entity to an LLC entity. FE uses the little money they had left to make various VR games in an attempt to reverse Freddy's bad reputation, however, the circuit board of one of the endo skeletons they scanned infected the system and two people were possesed, Vanessa, the beta tester and Gregory, a boy who bought the game after Fazbear entertainment believed that the virus disappeared, but the virus is still intact.
In this part the TFTPPs occur that I am not going to explain because I am not here for that, Special Delivery would also go but it does not have much lore.
SECURITY BREACH: After the Storyteller infected the Pizzaplex and killed the CEO and Edwin Murrey, Fazbear entertainment removed the Storyteller from the Pizzaplex although the damage was done, with the arrival of Vanessa and the strange and unexplained presence of Gregory, evil dwelled below from the Pizzaplex with the intention of copying and imitating William Afton who had been dead for at least a year. END.
Here is a graphical version of the timeline: https://ibb.co/LRG2xDR
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2023.05.29 03:17 Dapper-Internal-1010 CC and Elizabeth Afton designs

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2023.05.28 21:27 Average_Sinner Rule

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2023.05.28 09:11 CryinqChild__ Can anyone give me some tips on how to make my Elizabeth Afton design look unique?

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2023.05.28 01:07 ur_local_weirdo_XD FACTS ABOUT MY AU!!!

  1. William was born in 1935
  2. Isabelle (Mrs. Afton) was born in 1938
  3. William was verbally and physically abusive towards his children and Isabelle. He also neglected them.
  4. Michael bullied C.C. after Elizabeth and Isabelle’s deaths.
  5. C.C.’s full name is Evan Garett Afton
  6. Elizabeth’s full name is Elizabeth Anne Afton
  7. Michael’s full name is Michael Terrence Afton
  8. Michael is gay and had a secret relationship with the Bonnie Mask Tormentor (Leslie). Only the other Tormentors and Mrs. Afton knew
  9. William is homophobic and transphobic
  10. There are three missing children’s incidents. Incident 1 happened in ’85 where Andrew died, the other 2 happened in ’87 the firsr being the MCI we learned about in FNaF 1 and the ither being Evan’s friends the FNaF 4 kids
  11. All of the FNaF 4 Tormentora died. Jamie (Chica Mask) was killed by William in 1985 (he was kidnapped and then was stabbed and strangled) his body was then put in the dumpster for Michael to see when he took out the trash. Leslie (Bonnie Mask) was Jeremy Fitzgerald (Bite of ’87) and he workes there because his younger brother was the missing kid Jeremy. Mei (Freddy Mask) jumped off of Jumper’s Cliff from the Fazbear Frights story the Cliffs after losing all of his friends.
  12. Mrs. Afton and Henry are step-siblings.
  13. William regrets nothing
  14. Vanny and Vannessa are not the same
  15. Cassidy and C.C. made UCN together
  16. All of the Missing Children are still vengeful
  17. Isabelle (Mrs. Afton) possesses Ballora
  18. All of the Funtimes are possessed.
  19. Ballora has 2 souls (Isabelle and a random kid)
  20. Michael is Glamrock Freddy
(feel free to ask questions)
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2023.05.27 18:35 AliceGoes2Wonderland FNAF Theory: every game from Help Wanted onward is set in an alternate universe created by Steel Wool

I just realized how the new FNAF games from Steel Wool are connected to the original 6 games. Help Wanted is a reboot that starts an alternate universe, and every FNAF game that Steel Wool is making in the future will fall into this universe as well.
Now, this is just my own interpretation, but it explains a lot of the confusing parts of Security Breach specifically.
Help Wanted (FNAF VR) is the first FNAF game that Steel Wool has worked on. It introduces completely new characters and shows us a clear cut from everything that came before, with the rogue indie developer who made up stories about Fazbear Entertainment and created games from them.
People have already talked about the parallel between Scott and the game developer, and if that means that the events from FNAF 1 to 6 aren't real in the FNAF universe. Personally, I think that Help Wanted wasn't directly a reboot of the franchise, but that it starts an alternate universe, in which Steel Wool has taken the characters that we know, and they are now creating their own versions of events based on Scott's original games and stories.
Tape Girl gives us this explanation in one of the tapes from Help Wanted: "the whole point of this VR game was to undo the bad PR done by a rogue indie game developer, who supposedly made up a bunch of crazy stories that tarnished the brand."
I think this can also be seen as a parallel to how Scott has had to come up with a lot of stories because the fandom has sort of created their own lore at this point. And because of this desperate attempt to make us understand the story he originally wanted to tell, FNAF lore is so complicated and messy at this point.
Now, what does that mean for the new games? I personally think it means that the old FNAF lore and all the characters we've known before Help Wanted burn and die in Pizzeria Simulator. The old rules of how FNAF worked don't apply moving forward.
That's why Help Wanted and especially Security Breach focus on AI instead of ghost children.
Steel Wool is now using the FNAF IP to take the characters we know (like Michael, Elizabeth, William, Crying Child etc.), and they're making their own versions of them.
Let's take Vanessa as an example. Since Security Breach is her first explicit appearance, they needed to give us a backstory for her that would connect her to the FNAF lore that we know. And the therapist tapes give us exactly that: a reference to a father named Bill and Vanessa's line, "I was supposed to be a good girl."
Steel Wool knows that anyone interested in the lore will pick up on the name Bill and connect it back to William Afton, and especially Elizabeth, because Vanessa looks very similar to her and seems to have a father with that same name. And the other important thing that we know about Elizabeth is that she was supposed to be good, but she disobeyed her father and it ended bad for her. Vanessa saying that she was supposed to be a good girl is a direct parallel to that.
But I think Vanessa isn't Elizabeth Afton. I think she is Steel Wool's version of Elizabeth. A character that was built with the concept of Elizabeth, but instead Vanessa is a new interpretation of Elizabeth Afton.
This also explains why Gregory looks like the Crying Child. Steel Wool has taken the character of the Crying Child and is now making their own version of him, in the form of Gregory. They took Scott's design and are now making their own interpretation of what this character of the Crying Child could be like in a new universe, where things work differently.
That means we won't have to look for old characters who could have survived the ending of Pizzeria Simulator, because everyone is dead. The old FNAF lore as we know it ended with Pizzeria Simulator.
The new games are telling us a new interpretation of the FNAF story that we know. And this time, Steel Wool and Scott are trying to correct the mistakes that happened the first time around. That's why a lot of the new Tales from the Pizzaplex books are giving us explicit lore that we can read almost 1:1 with the games. Scott has learned that he needs to be direct with his stories, otherwise people won't get what he's trying to say, or they come to conclusions that weren't intended. (Not that those conclusions were necessarily wrong, it just wasn't what Scott wanted us to think.)
I hope this makes sense. I think this angle gives us a solution for a lot of the confusing parts of the FNAF lore, especially for Security Breach. But it also shows what could be coming in future games: new versions of old characters, with their stories being told through Steel Wool's eyes.
TLDR: The FNAF games after Pizzeria Simulator are a reboot of FNAF as a franchise. Steel Wool is using the old FNAF characters and making their own versions of them, in a new story that parallels the old FNAF lore but isn't a continuation of it.
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2023.05.27 17:48 0KiaraMinecraft Bite of 83' and Midnight Motorist Clear Up + Timeline Theory (Part 1)

Regarding my previous post, "Midnight Motorist Theory + Security Breach Ruin Prediction", I wanted to clear up what I was talking about when I mentioned that The Bite of 83' might be getting retconned and my speculation on who was sitting in the chair in Midnight Motorist.
(Once again, this is just a thought to chew on. Please do not get upset over what I have written)
It was Mike in the chair:
If the Bite of 83' is being retconned out of the story, then Mike sitting in the chair would make a lot of sense. And it would give an explanation as to why Funtime Freddy would exist at that point.
(I should have said this in my last post, but this is going to take elements from MatPat's Final Timeline and FuhNaff's video, "I Solved FNAF's BIGGEST Mystery".)
Timeline of events: Mrs. Afton dies during the time that both Fredbear's Family Diner and Freddy Fazbears Pizza were open. William could not handle the loss of his wife and was consumed by her death. Sometime later, he creates Ballora in his wife's image, hoping that it would be enough to bring her back to life. But William knew that was impossible. Once someone dies, they stay dead. So, he stores Ballora away in his underground bunker and tries to forget about her. However, at some point, he sees the possession occur. He was ecstatic to have his wife back, but something was off. She didn't speak to him, even though she had a working voice box. She wouldn't move, even though her body was functional. He didn't understand how the possession worked, so maybe something had gone wrong. He needed to experiment with this. So, he creates Circus Baby and a prototype version of Funtime Freddy, one with three toes. He then proceeds to lose his daughter to Circus Baby and becomes an alcoholic. With the alcohol fresh in his mind, William reflects on his past. He was humiliated by Henry and lost both his wife and daughter. Those deaths weren't Henry's fault, but William could've cared less. William drives back to Fredbear's in a drunken rage to face Henry and ends up killing Charlie. He then drives home Later That Night and Micheal, probably 18 or older at the time and distraught about his family's deaths, tells his father to leave his brother alone. William ignores Micheal and instead goes to The Crying Child's room, only to find the door locked from the inside. William goes around back and sees that his son had broken out and run off to Fredbear's. In his drunken state though, William failed to notice the three-toed footprints near the bushes. On his way to Fredbear's, however, William is greeted by the Prototype Funtime Freddy, and William is filled with grief when he sees that the animatronic had nearly killed his youngest son. After taking the animatronic to his bunker, he pulls out his son and takes him to the hospital. "Can you hear me? I don't know if you can hear me. I'm sorry." Mike was saying that he was sorry for not being there to protect him. However, William, after asking to be alone with his dying son, makes a promise to the child. "I will put you back together."
After his son's death in 1983, William basically abandons Mike after that, fully focusing on his work. Mike was an adult, after all. He could take care of himself. Fredbear's Family Diner had closed at this point and Henry had thrown Afton out of the company. Later, in 1985, William uses the Spring Bonnie suit to lure in 5 kids one by one. He told Suise that her dog was still alive and that he was with Willam. He then killed her and stuffed her body into Chica. Fritz gets stuffed into Foxy, followed by Gabriel getting stuffed into Freddy and Jeremy getting stuffed into Bonnie. However, with the 5th child, Cassidy, William goes too far. He brutally destroys her body, leaving her a broken mess. He then stuffs her into the old Fredbear suit. An investigation is launched and the place closes by year's end. Two years later, in 1987, Freddy Fazber's Pizza re-opened with the new Toy Animatronics, specifically tied into a criminal database to keep predators away from the kids. It was a good idea, but William was smarter. He had managed to get a job at the pizzeria as a Day Shift security guard and had tampered with the facial recognition so that it would ignore him. Wearing the Spring Bonnie suit again, he killed five more kids, leaving their bodies out in the open. On his way out, though, William did see something fascinating. The old Freddy animatronic that he had stuffed Gabriel into was moving around and was being led by the Security Puppet. Could this be the missing piece that William was looking for? He had to wait and see. Unbeknownst to William, though, Micheal was working at the pizzeria as a Nighttime security guard. Micheal had been suspicious of William since the beginning, so he was trying to find out the answers for himself. After the murder, Micheal was moved to the day shift position but got his frontal lobe bit by Mangle and became the Bite of 87' victim. While Mike was in the hospital, William finds out that Elizabeth had possessed Circus Baby. He still didn't understand how the possession worked, so he needed more test subjects. Henry had tried to reopen Freddy's again, but it clearly had failed. But this time, William had to lay low after his latest murder. He couldn't get anywhere near the place without drawing suspicion. So, he waited. Sometime later, Mike gets out of the hospital with some memory problems and William decides to send him down to the bunker where Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy were. Mike gets tricked and his insides get scooped out. Ennard uses him to walk around on the surface but abandons the body when it begins to rot. Mike, after being injected with remnant from the Scooper, reanimates and regains all of his memories. He vows to come and find his father. In 2003, Micheal takes a job as the security guard for the abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, only to find no trace of William. He leaves the job, but soon after, William does show up and dismantles the animatronics to get their endoskeletons. He had been in hiding for a while, so he had a lot of time to think, and he is sure that the metal is the key to the possession. However, doing so releases the spirits of the children William killed. They corner him in the safe room and William panics, rushing to the Spring Bonnie suit and putting it on. The spring locks snap shut and kill him. Henry returns to the pizzeria and finds William's corpse. He seals off the safe room and leaves the company. 30 years later, in 2033, William is found by the owners of Fazber Frights and is set free. However, William was not expecting to meet Micheal there. Micheal then proceeds to burn the attraction to the ground at the end of the fifth night, hoping that the remnant in William's body would be burned away. Despite that, William survives, and Henry decides that enough was enough. He opens up a new restaurant and lures all the animatronics back to the location. Micheal takes a job there and Henry then traps everyone, including himself, inside while the place burns to the ground. Cassidy takes advantage of the opportunity and creates a purgatory for Afton in Ultimate Custom Night, one where he can't die and where Cassidy can torture him forever. And then, years later, a newly created Fazbear Entertainment, LLC, scans some old Fazbear circuit boards into their VR game and Glitchtrap is somehow created.
(I'm not going into the whole Mimic thing, even though I think it provides the perfect explanation for FNAF after UCN. This post is already long enough)

Problems with this timeline:
Ballora's Song
Ballora's song in Sister Location is about Afton shutting himself in and refusing to be there for his family, with his wife trying to get him to come out. With my timeline, Afton built Ballora in the image of his wife after her death, so why would Ballora even be singing this song?
Answer: Either, the song is getting retconned out of the story as well, which I highly doubt, or, Mrs. Afton, after possessing Ballora, somehow learned of how William refused to interact with his family and created this song to hopefully call out to him.
Phone Guy's voice lines
We play as Micheal in FNAF 2, and this is also when we learn about the Bite of 87'. So how can we be playing as Mike in FNAF 2 while also being the Bite of 87' victim?
Answer: I'm willing to discredit some of Phone Guy's lines. After all, the first 3 games were meant to wrap up the story, but the community still had questions. So FNAF 4 was made, and people didn't like Dream Theory. So then, Scott had to actually make the story into a cohesive timeline. So, I don't really trust the information given to us in the first 4 games.

(Side Note 1: When Help Wanted 2 comes out, my entire theory could be proven wrong if it is Mrs. Afton that is sitting in the chair)

(These next two side notes are not meant to be taken seriously)
(Side Note 2: I didn't put this bit into my timeline theory for Micheal because I didn't want to change a huge section of it, but, what if Micheal was the one working the day shift when the 1987 child murder happened? Yeah, that is highly unlikely)
(Side Note 3: What if Sister Location happens before the gameplay of FNAF 2 and FNAF 1? That would explain the whole "odor" thing.
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2023.05.27 08:03 Cold-Brilliant-7739 I did some quick changes to Cassidy’s design…and I made a small info page 🤷‍♀️

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2023.05.26 18:30 pixiiepawz My Elizabeth missing poster 🥱

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2023.05.26 17:01 Crying0Child Afton kids 1983 old and new

Afton kids 1983 old and new
C.C = Jeremiah-Elliot Afton, Foxy Bro = Fritz Afton, Micheal Afton, Elizabeth-Eleanor Afton
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2023.05.26 13:30 Remarkable-Point3406 Looking for a elizabeth afton gacha that’s my girl meme

It about the past and elizabeth protect chris/evan??? from michael and punch him in the face and in the last panel there a draw of Elizabeth wear gloves and Cris hide behind her🥰
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2023.05.26 07:39 GiganVsZilla2018 Facts about my FNAF AU Part 2

Here's part 2 of the Facts about my FNAF AU.
  1. After The FNAF 6 Fire, and UCN Charlie became a sociopath, feeling no empthy for people other then those she's closest too.
  2. The Funtimes physically, meantaly, and emotionally abuse Circus Baby. Her only friends are Ennard, Noah, Loblit, Cidny, and Elizabeth.
  3. Mrs. Afton knew Eggs Bendiect was Michael, and wanted to kill him.
  4. When the other Funtimes learned that Circus Baby let Michael escape they tortured her, and Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy took her into a closet and really hurt her.
  5. Circus Baby has PTSD.
  6. Elizabeth is not afraid of Ice Cream.
  7. Loblit is Non Binary. When Cidny is posessing them they are female, but when they are their own entitey they will switch between male, and female as they please. Though they prefer female.
  8. Charlie, Susie, and Cassidy all became murderers after the events of UCN realizing they enjoyed inflicting pain on others.
  9. Of the three of them Charlie is the most brutal with her kills.
  10. Vanny, and Vanessa are the same person.
  11. The Glitchtrap cult is a thing that exist in my AU. It's members are William Afton, Michael Afton, Chris Afton, Charlotte Emily, Cassidy, Susie, and Vanessa.
  12. William made Cassidy promise to torture him in hell. In turn Cassidy asked William to do the same to her.
  13. Michael had a childhood friend named Jenny who was Blind. She was murdered by a random man on the streets when she was eight.
  14. Everyone is from a different part of the world.
  15. The Aftons are from Southampton England.
  16. Charlie is from an island of the cost of Scotland.
  17. Cassidy is from Mexico.
  18. Susie is from Sweden.
  19. Fritz is from Pureto Rico.
  20. Jermey is From Italy.
  21. Gabriel is from Irleand.
  22. Vannesa is from Austriala.
  23. Gregory is from Japan.
  24. Jenny is from Switzerland.
  25. Noah is from Germeny.
  26. After the fire Henry erased Michael's memories and made him think he was an Emily. Charlie restored Michael's memories, and banished Herny to UCN after Cassidy took it over.
  27. Henry, Fritz, Gabriel, Jermey, Their Parents, Charlie's Biologcal Parents, Cassidy's Biological Parents, Susie's Parents, Susie's Brothers, and the FNAF 4 Bullies are being tortured in UCN.
  28. The Nightmares are real.
  29. William's favorite drink is Soda.
  30. Charlie owns the house they all live in.
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2023.05.25 17:31 mswbifliidwdswtmilh FNAF: An hypothesis/theory about the Aftons ( but mostly a question )

So today, I'd like to bring up the subject of the Aftons and their connections to the Immortal and the Restless, a TV show in FNAF:SL.
Even if Michael has written that he relates a lot to the lady, I still think that the lady might also be a representation of Ms.Afton.
Remember when the vampire in the TV show said that he didn't think that the kid was his? I feel like he's right about that. See, in the Help Wanted 2 trailer, there is a Ballora jumpscare, in which she has blue eyes. If Afton made Ballora to ressemble a lot like Ms.Afton, then he'd have probably given her her original eye color, and not just put blue.
But the thing is, if Elizabeth has green eyes and that all the other members have blue eyes, because we do not know much about the other members of the family, could Elizabeth not even be William's child at all? I know that you don't NEED to have one of your parent's eye color to make sure that he really is your parent, because in my family we all have brown eyes, excepted for my little brother who has blue eyes, yet I know that he truly is my little brother.
If both of your parents have blue eyes, the chances that YOU have green eyes is 1%. And because Sister Location revolves a lot around Elizabeth Afton and the Afton family in general, I am not sure anymore.
I think that the reason why he might seem to like his daughter even more than his other children might be because she reminds him a lot of his ex-wife.
Please don't downvote this just because you don't like the theory, if you disagree with me, tell me why, respectfully, please.
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