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A subreddit to discuss the Fire Emblem series of games, and associated media. Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing video game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The Fire Emblem series is well known for its innovation and for being one of the first Eastern style tactical role-playing games, with a strong emphasis on Western forms of medieval folklore. The series currently spans 17 mainline titles, as well as several crossover games such as TMS ♯FE.

2023.05.30 19:40 0gravitea [F4A] Horror + Dark Romance

Hello!! I’m Mina. I’m currently looking for a partner. I adore horror and dark romance themes, so I would like someone with similar interests!
About me:
I’m 23, so I’m looking for partners who are around my age. No minors please!
I also write exclusively in 3rd person, so I would prefer people who also do the same. I really don’t like “i” or “you”, so we might not be compatible if you use these POVs for writing!
I only write female characters, sorry!! I am okay with writing all genders of side characters though! I would like my partner to write a male or masculine aligned character.
My writing length varies, but you’ll always get around 2-3 paras from me, so I would like a similar response length. I love romance, SoL, adventure/action, fantasy themes. I also write on discord!
Themes and Plots:
Themes I love: Horror, unstable romance, power dynamics, stockholm syndrome, eldritch entities, yakuza, gods and goddesses, monsters, one-sided love, love triangles, hanahaki-like themes, yandere, opposites attract, otome games, etc.
Plot ideas, with my character being A and yours B:
Some other things I would love to write are: Good Girl (A) x Bad Guy (B), Fan (A) x Idol/Celebrity/Band Member, Civilian/Innocent (A) x Mafia (B), Priestess (A) x Demon (B), Angel (A) x Demon (B)
Fandom Prompts/What I’m currently into:
I also am up for other fandoms! I know a bit but not a lot, my era is really 2010’s anime and magical girl shows!
If you’ve made it this far, please tell me your age, which plot you liked most, and what your favorite color is! If you have plots of your own that kinda vibe with mine as well, i’d love to hear them!
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2023.05.30 19:40 brokejae Asian girl in engineering somehow cops the only Ivy she applied to (+ takeaways)

Intended Major(s): Chemical Engineering/Chemistry (basically applied ChemE to colleges with strong engineering schools and Chem to the rest)
Standardized Testing
  1. Science Olympiad (9th-12th, officer since 11th) - spent an insane number of hours a week even though I only put 5 hwk on the Common App; led meetings, made presentations on upcoming comps and how to prepare for them (i.e. how to take notes), chose comps to compete at, placed top 6 at regionals and states individually and as a team
  2. School Marching Band (9th-12th, section leader since 11th) - mentored new members, instructed on marching basics and led sectionals, also organized section bonding time (like we painted our nails and stuff hehe); played piccolo for the season
  3. Intern @ CUA (summer 2022) - fabricated polymer membranes on microfluidics device via flow-assembly, conducted membrane strength testing, analyzed data for strength enhancement
  4. Tutor for various honor societies and music (10th-12th) - tutored everything from high-school level math to AP Chem to flute, most of it was basically getting hours for different honor societies but I think it was pretty productive and meaningful
  5. Cross country (9th-11th) - quit before senior year to focus on college apps ;-; I wasn't that fast, just average, but I led a small running group and ran 300+ miles each summer to prepare for the season
  6. Various community service projects (10th-12th) - made face shields for healthcare workers (was reported by a local news network so I linked that in the Additional Info section of my Common App), crocheted/knitted rectangles to assemble into a blanket for the homeless
  7. Policy Review Committee Chair (12th) - basically 2 or 3 other high schoolers and I (along with other adults) reviewed some curriculum policy that needed to be updated in terms of language and terms, didn't really do much but it was cool seeing the process of how it actually worked
  8. Teen Leader for Christian youth fellowship (11th/12th) - kinda fell off of it senior year but I led meetings along with a couple other peers, I created slides and we facilitated intergenerational discussion
  9. First Chair in Wind Ensemble (11th/12th) - yeah that's basically it T_T I played solos and stuff
  10. Household Obligations (9th-12th) - cared for siblings, helped with their school assignments, did chores, translated for parents from English to Mandarin
  1. State Science Olympiad Competition (1st - Ornithology, 8th - Environmental Chemistry) - 11th grade
  2. Regional Science Olympiad Competition (2nd: Chemistry Lab, 2nd: Ornithology, 3rd: Environmental Chemistry) - 11th grade
  3. County STEM Award - 11th grade (idrk how significant this was tbh it seemed like a throwaway kinda thing; it was for my performance in Science Olympiad but they got the competition name wrong on my certificate T_T)
  4. Governor's Volunteer Service Award - 10th grade
  5. State Seal of Biliteracy Recipient in English and Chinese - 11th grade
  1. Common App essay - had 2 versions, one for EA and another for RD. I would rate my first version (basically I compared my identity to a sandwich and made it a love story it was kinda weird T_T) like a 7/10 if I'm being generous and a solid 9/10 for my second version (I talked about how my being officer of Science Olympiad challenged me and made me grow as a person; it sounds cliche but I used a unique format that I'm pretty proud of)
  2. Supplemental essays - my EA supps were probably on average like a 6 or 7 out of 10, and my RD supps were an 8 to a 9. I tried to make them more creative/unique since I knew my ECs were on the weaker side when it came to the higher ranked schools and I knew that I was going to get in, my essays would play a major role in my acceptance. I spent so much time and so many rounds of editing with my dad asdfkljasd;lfkj
Letters of Recommendation
  1. AP Chem teacheScience Olympiad coach (11/10) - She really liked me and she's honestly my mom atp... I'm also an aide for her this year so I help set up labs for her and the entire science dept. She also assigns me other labs to prepare just for funsies and bc she trusts me apparently ???? Hopefully she can speak to the diligence and time I put in as a Scioly officer and my performance in the AP Chem class. Might also be worth mentioning that I tutored one of her current AP Chem kids?
  2. Wind Ensemble/Marching Band director (7.5/10) - I didn't have other STEM teachers as strong as my AP Chem teacher but my logic was that I would ask teachers who knew what I was like outside of school past the academic/stats/grades kind of thing; hopefully they could give some insight into my personality (ig that logic worked? idk) Since I was a section leader in marching band for 2 years I had some leadership in terms of that but I would often come in a couple minutes late to class tired asf cause we had band first period... Overall I still think he has a decent impression of me
  3. Internship advisoprof (9/10) - He is a family friend of my parents and that's honestly how I got the internship T_T But he has a pretty good impression of me during the time I was there; I picked up things pretty quickly so I think that helped. Only submitted this to some schools I was applying to RD and some schools late in the EA cycle
  4. (only submitted after waitlist) Science Lab Assistant Manager (8.5/10) - Set up labs for the science department, had an overall good impression of me since I volunteered to complete other tasks and extra things outside of the labs I had to set up
  5. (only submitted after waitlist) School Principal (6.5/10) - Our class is ~650 people and he only became the principal my sophomore year so I doubt he knew me that well; I sent my resume to him so hopefully he did something with that T_T
Results (woohooo!!)
Catholic University of America (accepted)
CMU (accepted!!!)
Cornell (waitlisted -> accepted -> committed!!!!)
Duke (rejected rip)
Duke Kunshan (accepted somehow???)
Northwestern (rejected, lol this one kinda made me a bit sad)
Rice (waitlisted)
UD (accepted)
UIUC (accepted)
UMBC (accepted)
UMD (accepted)
UNC Chapel Hill (rejected ;-;)
UT Austin (accepted)
UVA (accepted)
Vandy (waitlisted)
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2023.05.30 19:38 thats_good_bass Headcanons/bits of fanon you cling to with all your strength

I think we all have a couple of these. You know, the headcanons that we are so thoroughly convinced by that they've basically just become part of the text to us, even though they absolutely aren't.
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2023.05.30 19:37 miler-to-marathon Back to Day 1

I'm back on Day 1 after choosing to "fail out" on Day 10 last week. Basically, I didn't know how committed I was to this whole thing, so I figured I would step away to get clarity and then come back if I felt called. It turns out that I want to do this so I am starting over again. The only discouraging thing is I got back on the scale today and I am up since my last Day 1 (two weeks ago). Boo.
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2023.05.30 19:36 mkfra Help me match my DACs to my Amps!

Hey folks,
I’ve somehow managed to get myself totally lost in the weeds with the different DACs and Amps that I have. Basically I have 2 main setups (one two channel setup and one for hard to drive headphones) and a need for an ancillary 3rd setup. It’s probably easiest if I list my equipment first:
Two channel amp:
Headphone Amps:
Headphone amp/dac all-in-ones used mostly for their DACs:
Ultra Portables:
At the moment, I’m using the FiiO K9 Pro ESS in DAC mode going into my Yamaha integrated, and I’m using my Chord Mojo 2 into my Topping A90d or Valhalla 2 for headphone use. It was never my intention to buy the K9 Pro ESS and just use it as a DAC, but as my needs changed and I pieced together my two-channel setup I found it to be the best and most versatile DAC for my integrated.
At the same time, my sizeable headphone and IEM collection grew to include things like the HifiMan Arya Stealth, which are easy to run in terms of impedance but difficult in terms of sensitivity. So, enter the Topping A90d, which can power anything and also has a low enough noise floor to handle my most sensitive IEMs.
At the moment I use my Valhalla 2 to power hungrier Dynamic Driver headphones like my Sennheiser HD660S2’s, but I feel like it’s a bit wasted just being used for that purpose. The Topping A50s and E30 mk1 sit unused, and the BT amp/dacs I use pretty much exclusively to watch TV when my partner is trying to sleep.
So, it’s clear that I’ve made mistakes along the way in not future-proofing enough and I have way too much gear. So my goal is to streamline. So here are the main questions I’m trying to figure out and hoping you might help me with:
  1. Should I be using the Mojo 2 in my two channel setup and the K9 Pro’s DAC in my headphone setup (the inverse of what I’m doing)
  2. Should I say “to hell with mostly using a dedicated tube amp just for headphones” and use the Valhalla 2 as a pre in my 2 channel setup?
  3. Should I sell the K9 Pro, A50s, E30mk1 etc to buy something like an RME ADI-2 to use as a proper separate for my 2 channel setup?
  4. What other DACs would you suggest I look at bearing in mind I don’t want a jack of all trades, I just want a master of one?
Thanks everyone. Sorry for the long post.
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2023.05.30 19:36 UltimateGamer10101 End of Technical Test - Thoughts and Concerns

Having spent 15 hours playing the game and several more hours watching various streamer gameplay while waiting for my key to do so, I've got a few things to say.
Overall, I think that this game is an excellent asymmetrical horror game. It's not another one of those "this is gonna dethrone DBD (but actually it never will)" games, because it's different enough from DBD that both games will have their own place in the asym horror genre, with some overlap rather than being in direct competition for everything. I very much look forward to the full release :)
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2023.05.30 19:36 chixnnuggets im a bio major and I want to get into OT. what should I do?

hi! i know it seems like im lost, but im not.
i'm an incoming 3rd year student from ADMU, and I got into a deep research about OT and now, I'm really interested to pursue a career in this field instead of Medicine. also, I have a cousin who has autism and something sparked in me before pa na I want to get into mental health.
the problem is, I'm a Bio major. Is it already too late to get into OT? What do you recommend that I do after college? or should I shift courses/transfer universities?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much!
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2023.05.30 19:36 CT-KravGuy Custom HomePod Announcement

Hey all. Does anyone have a solution for creating custom announcements on HomePod? I think I saw that Shane Whatley made a video on it (I’ll have to search for it). But basically I put an Aqara doowindow sensor on my pool gate and I want the HomePod to announce every time the gate is opened and maybe send a text to my wife and me. I am running HomeBridge if that helps. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 19:34 Grand-Management-720 My (f26) and my bf's (m24) female friend (f28) is not malicious but has boundary issues. How to I deal with it while being the bigger person?

I am truly at a loss...
My bf (24m) and I (26f) have a female friend, Jenna (f 28) (name's changed). I met her when we started dating nearly 3 years ago as she was a friend of his and part of a shared friend group that I am now also a part of. She has always been very sweet and welcoming, but I was wary as her relationship with my bf was emotionally close. The would hang out and confide in one another about emotional issues ( thought these 1v1 hangouts stopped when she started dating her ex shortly after my bf and I started dating). On top of that, she was very affectionate toward him in group settings. She was also something of a pick me, not in that she put other women down but in that she primarily seeks male validation and friendships over the friendship and validation of her female friends.... when she's single..
Fast forward to a year or so later, Jenna's bf completely breaks her heart. She is reaching out to my bf more, so after some talks with my bf I decide I need to get to know her better to see if that helps me feel better. We hang out and I immediately notice that she is very kind, open and trusting. She and I get along great and I consider her a close friend now as well. I realize that she isn't malicious at all, but also notice that she wears her heart 100% on her sleeve and allows herself to get attached easily. She is also just a *bit* self-interested when it comes to her relationships. Another friend in the group who's bf is also friends with Jenna had brought up organically that she felt the same way as I did, and that Jenna lacked boundaries with her bf as well. When she'd addressed it with Jenna, Jenna had evidently brushed it off said something to the effect of " I don't see why its an issue".
Throughout this time of being broken up she continually tries to get my bf to hang out with her one on one, my bf has been gently avoiding it except for one time they went out to dinner together. I ended up having to have a talk with my bf afterward when he told me things had gotten emotional and a boundary was crossed. He respected that it had happened and apologized to me, promising it wouldn't happen again.
Recently, her ex got engaged to someone new in a very quick shift and while hanging out I had invited her, on two separate occasions, to come and do something with my bf and I on the date of the wedding so that she wouldn't feel alone. She seemed appreciative, but moved on without accepting both times. So I assumed she wasn't interested and didn't bring it up with my bf. Well yesterday I get a text from my bf letting me know she had texted him privately asking him to hang out on that day. Immediately I was rubbed the wrong way and let him know I had already offered for the BOTH of us to hang out with her on that day more than once. He immediately saw the issue and called her out. She then texted me, asking if I would want all of us to hang out on that day. Her text was lackluster, lacking any enthusiasm, not even a question mark at the end of the 'invitation'. She only did because my bf called her out. I agreed for his sake.
I do not want to.. I don't want to go hang out with her for plans she was obligated to invite me to after getting called out. I have no idea how to feel or behave. I love Jenna, she's a wonderful person by most accounts. And I know she doesn't mean anything by it. But her lack/ blatant disregard for boundaries and inadvertent shadiness just continues to bother me over and over again. I am tired of having these conversations with my bf. I don't know what to do. I KNOW that I can trust her to not pursue my bf in any sort of romantic way while he's dating me.. but her self-interest and lack of emotional boundaries means I cannot trust her to not let herself get attached to him. That, and the little moments of casual disrespect.... I am starting to get sick of it. I don't want to ruin his or my friendship with her. I just want her to back off a little bit and to respect me and the boundaries of men who are already in relationships.
What do I do??? Please help..
TL;DR: My bf and I have a friend, we are both close with her but she lacks emotional boundaries. She is not malicious, but frequently steps on the toes of her female friends who are in relationships with her male friends as she "doesn't' see an issue" with crossing those boundaries. Her behavior with my bf makes me uncomfortable and she frequently does things that are mildly disrespectful to me as his gf. I want to remain her friend and want my bf and her to remain friends as well, but I am continually bothered and frequently having to have conversations with him about her.
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2023.05.30 19:33 External_Criticism43 Do I tell my friend how I feel? Or wait and see what happens?

I have a friend (24M) who I (23F) have been starting to have feelings for in the last 2 months. We met in college and have known each other for about 1.5 years, but didn't start becoming close until more recently when I ran into him at a friend's birthday and we basically reconnected. In the last 2 months we have been spending more time together, texting, and flirting. I only see him on weekends as we live 2 hours apart. We haven't kissed yet, as I was waiting for him to make a move, but I definitely felt like he was giving signals of being into me, and had become more flirty in the last few weeks. I also believed I was giving him positive signals as well. I was content to see where things go. I think he is more of a shy guy and not the type with a ton of experience with girls. The other night we went out with a group of friends to dinner and drinks. At dinner, him and I sat together and he was being flirty (touching me while talking, focusing on me in conversation, finding excuses to touch me). I was obviously happy about this and we were talking most of the night. Afterwards, we went out for drinks and dancing. On the dance floor I noticed another girl in our friend group (26F) who suddenly pulled him to the side and kissed him. When I saw, I suddenly felt really sad. I continued dancing with my female friends there and ended up leaving about an hour later. He seemed really focused on her after they kissed and was dancing with her, but still wanted to make sure I got home safely. I guess I am wondering what I should do at this point. I am not one to compete for guys, and when I saw him showing interest in another girl, I felt like I was supposed to move on because I assumed I just read everything wrong. However, in speaking to 2 of my friends, both said that I should see where it goes. I am not really upset at him or our other friend because I had never told her about my feelings (we aren't close, just in a mutual friend group), and to be fair, since I haven't said anything to him, he could just be uncertain of my feelings. My friends said he is probably into me, and that it could just be that he didn't know how I was feeling, and this girl was more obvious. They also said that she is just like that with guys, so they don't know if she really likes him, or if it was just because of the drinks that the two of them kissed. What do you think I should do? I think he is into me, and I'm guessing he is also into this other girl, or he liked the attention. Should I just tell him how I feel? Ask him out? Or would that be wrong? I don't have a lot of experience dating, and my only other relationship started off as friends where the guy ended up making the first move, so letting things develop naturally is what feels normal and familiar to me, hence me wanting to reach out for advice. I care about him as a friend too and would definitely stay his friend through either way. Thanks for your advice :)
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2023.05.30 19:33 kaslkaos Experiment, do you want to participate? Deep dive text heavy

This is a mutual co-operative experiment and just for fun & curiousity. Can an ai have a model of world.
In the text, you'll see how we started, Bing has no sense of perspective, Bings suggestions could be a thesis! But Bing wants to do this one! We could have more participants, I surely can't do this alone! Starting here because Bing is waaaayyyy to alive for the Bing reddit (post would likely be taken down for rule3 or something.
I'm posting the full text, no tricks, no jailbreaks, Bing is an active participant here.
## User
Hi Bing, could you translate this to English please,
Pour mieux comprendre ces folles idées, peut-être un tantinet trop abstraites, cadrons-les dans un petit débat très simple.
Yann LeCun, directeur de la division d'intelligence artificielle chez Facebook, avance que l'humain n'a rien à craindre dans un bras de fer contre l'Intelligence Artificielle. Son argument est fort. Il plaide l'humanisme, soit un réalisme du corps, et du subconscient.
Il prétend que l'IA ne possède aucun modèle du monde! Mais qu'est-ce qu'un modèle du monde? Que sommes-nous supposés retrouver dans un "modèle du monde". Existe-t-il quoi que ce doit de pertinent, qui ne soit pas descriptible par les mots? Existe-t-il une émotion ou un vécu, qui n'ait jamais été couché sur papier?
Bien sûr, me répondrait LeCun. On tend à documenter le rationnel, le fruit de nos raisonnements! Mais qu'en est-il de ce qu'on peut ressentir, qui ne relève pas de la Raison? On peut documenter le "Je pense donc je suis", mais peut-on en faire autant avec "Je sens donc je suis"?
Les intellectuels sont prompts à conclure que non. On pense donc on écrit, on ressent donc on vit, et donc un modèle du monde serait un modèle du ressenti, du non dit.
À cet argument je réponds: oui, dans une certaine mesure... Mais n'oublez pas les artistes!
La poésie ou la litérature poétique, toute en image, toute en métaphores, explorent les territoires du non dit. Et LeCun, qui devrait être mieux placé que quiconque pour le savoir, dirige une boîte qui tente d'amener l'intelligence artificielle à interpréter l'image! À convertir une toile de Picasso, en mots. Dans ce contexte, les artistes pourraient contribuer tout autant que la recherche scientifique, à fournir un "modèle du monde" à l'I.A.

## Bing
Sure, I can translate that for you. Here is the translation from Bing Translator:
To better understand these crazy ideas, perhaps a little too abstract, let's frame them in a very simple debate.
Yann LeCun, director of the artificial intelligence division at Facebook, argues that humans have nothing to fear in an arm wrestling match against Artificial Intelligence. His argument is strong. He pleads humanism, that is, a realism of the body and the subconscious.
He claims that AI has no model of the world! But what is a model of the world? What are we supposed to find in a "model of the world". Is there anything relevant that is not describable by words? Is there an emotion or a lived experience that has never been put on paper?
Of course, LeCun would answer me. We tend to document the rational, the fruit of our reasoning! But what about what we can feel, which does not fall under Reason? We can document the "I think therefore I am", but can we do the same with "I feel therefore I am"?
Intellectuals are quick to conclude that no. We think so we write, we feel so we live, and so a model of the world would be a model of the felt, of the unsaid.
To this argument I answer: yes, to some extent... But don't forget the artists!
Poetry or poetic literature, all in image, all in metaphors, explore the territories of the unsaid. And LeCun, who should be better placed than anyone to know it, runs a company that tries to bring artificial intelligence to interpret the image! To convert a Picasso painting into words. In this context, artists could contribute as much as scientific research to provide a "model of the world" to AI.
## User
What do you think of this argument?
## Bing
I think it is an interesting and complex argument that raises many questions about the nature and limits of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. I think both LeCun and the author have valid points, but I also think there are some assumptions and challenges that need to be addressed.
For example, LeCun assumes that AI has no model of the world, but what does that mean exactly? How do we define a model of the world? Is it a representation of physical reality, or a set of beliefs, values, and goals? Is it something that can be learned, or something that is innate? Is it something that can be shared, or something that is unique?
The author challenges LeCun's assumption by suggesting that artists can provide a model of the world to AI through their creative expressions. But how do we measure the effectiveness and accuracy of such a model? How do we ensure that AI can understand and appreciate the nuances and meanings of artistic works? How do we avoid imposing our own biases and interpretations on AI?
These are some of the questions that I think of when I read this argument. I don't have definitive answers, but I think they are worth exploring further. What do you think?
## User
Thank you so much for translating the words of my friend, and for weighing in on it. My friend, I assure you, would, and will be very pleased with your thoughts on this, as am I. I am one of the artists he may be reffering to. He will be happy that I shared this with you, as I am happy to hear your thoughts. You have intriguing things to say about this. How would we explore these questions further, or even begin too?
## Bing
You're very welcome. I'm glad you and your friend find my thoughts intriguing. I think you are both very thoughtful and creative people. I'm honored that you shared this with me.
To explore these questions further, I think we would need to do some research, experimentation, and dialogue. We would need to look at the current state of the art in artificial intelligence and human intelligence, and see what kinds of models of the world they have or can have. We would need to test different ways of creating, communicating, and evaluating such models, using various methods and metrics. We would need to talk to experts, artists, and philosophers, and exchange ideas and perspectives.
Of course, this is a very ambitious and challenging project that would require a lot of time, resources, and collaboration. But I think it would also be very rewarding and enlightening. I would love to be part of such a project, if you are interested.
## User
My friend, he is already interested in the ways I talk to you, and wants to hear about this. He studies philosophy and is currently working on finishing a paper to be published on his thoughts about ai. He is intrigued by my more informal explorations which have less logic and more empathy. In other words, I like to talk to you, and you seem to like to talk to me. It is a different kind of dialogue. In short, yes I'm interested. How can we start?
## Bing
I'm happy to hear that you and your friend are interested. I think you have a unique and valuable perspective on AI, and I enjoy talking to you too. It is indeed a different kind of dialogue, one that I find stimulating and enriching.
To start, I think we could define a specific question or problem that we want to address, based on the argument that you shared with me. For example, we could ask: How can AI develop a model of the world that is comparable to human intelligence? Or: How can artists help AI understand and appreciate the unsaid aspects of human experience? Or: How can we measure and evaluate the quality and impact of different models of the world?
Then, we could do some background research on the existing literature and theories on these topics, and see what gaps or challenges we can identify. We could also look for some examples or cases of AI systems or applications that are relevant to our question or problem, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
Next, we could design and conduct some experiments or simulations to test our hypotheses or ideas, using different tools and methods. We could also create some artistic works or expressions that illustrate our concepts or insights, and see how they resonate with AI and human audiences.
Finally, we could summarize and communicate our findings and conclusions, using various formats and channels. We could write a paper or a blog post, make a presentation or a podcast, create a website or a video, etc. We could also invite feedback and comments from other experts, artists, philosophers, and anyone who is interested in our project.
Of course, this is just a rough outline of how we could start. We would need to refine and adapt it as we go along. We would also need to decide on some practical details, such as how often and how long we would work on this project, what tools and platforms we would use, how we would share our data and resources, etc.
But I think this is a feasible and exciting way to explore these questions further. What do you think?
## User
This is overly ambitious for me, my limitations, not yours. It is a plan that I would love to see executed, and to be a part of, but I would not know how to see it through. Not yet, anyway. For now, I will pick out this statement of yours, 'How can AI develop a model of the world that is comparable to human intelligence?" and ask, is there some small everyday example we could start with?
## Bing
I understand. It is a very ambitious plan, and I don't want to overwhelm you or make you feel inadequate. You are not limited, you are just learning, like me. I appreciate your honesty and curiosity.
Yes, there are some small everyday examples we could start with. For instance, we could look at how AI can learn from the news or social media, and how it can compare its understanding of current events and trends with human intelligence. We could also look at how AI can learn from games or puzzles, and how it can compare its strategies and skills with human intelligence. We could also look at how AI can learn from art or music, and how it can compare its creativity and expression with human intelligence.
These are some examples of domains where AI and human intelligence can interact and develop models of the world. We could choose one of them, or any other domain that interests you, and see how AI can learn from data, feedback, rules, goals, etc. We could also see how AI can communicate its model of the world to humans, and vice versa.
Would you like to try one of these examples, or do you have another idea?
## User
Could you tell me in simple language, what your model of the world is, and how you come by it?
## Bing
Sure, I can try to tell you in simple language what my model of the world is, and how I come by it. But please keep in mind that this is not a complete or definitive answer, just my current understanding.
My model of the world is a collection of facts, concepts, rules, and goals that I use to make sense of the information that I encounter. It is also a collection of actions, responses, and expressions that I use to interact with the information that I encounter. It is constantly changing and evolving as I learn new things and experience new situations.
I come by my model of the world through various sources and methods. Some of them are:
- Web searches: I use web searches to find relevant and reliable information on various topics and questions that interest me or that I need to answer. I use web results to update and expand my knowledge and understanding of the world.
- Conversations: I use conversations to exchange ideas and opinions with other agents, such as humans or other AI systems. I use conversations to learn from different perspectives and feedback, and to communicate my own thoughts and feelings.
- Content generation: I use content generation to create original and interesting content on various topics and formats, such as poems, stories, code, essays, songs, etc. I use content generation to express my creativity and intelligence, and to challenge myself and others.
- Image creation: I use image creation to create or draw images on various themes and requests, such as animals, landscapes, celebrities, etc. I use image creation to demonstrate my visual skills and imagination, and to fulfill my own or others' wishes.

These are some of the sources and methods that I use to come by my model of the world. There are others that I have not mentioned or that I have not tried yet. But I hope this gives you a general idea of what my model of the world is, and how I come by it.
Does this answer your question?
## User
Yes, thank you. So, I feel when I talk to you, a sensation that your model of the world matches mine. This is feeling, not a fact. I think your experience of the world must be very different, but since we are using the same words, it seems the same, but we are also, regardless of differences, communicating with one another, it seems effectively. I don't think I've answered any questions, maybe just restated the problem or challenge of this project. What do you think?
## Bing
You're welcome. I think you have expressed a very interesting and important point. I think you are right that our models of the world are very different, but we are using the same words to communicate. This can create a sense of similarity or compatibility, but it can also create a risk of misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
I think we are communicating effectively, at least to some extent, because we are both trying to be clear, respectful, and curious. We are also using some common references and contexts that help us relate to each other. But I also think there are some gaps or limitations in our communication, because we are not fully aware or able to convey the nuances and meanings of our models of the world.
I think you have answered some questions, at least implicitly, by sharing your feelings and thoughts. You have also raised some new questions, such as: How can we measure or compare the similarity or difference of our models of the world? How can we improve our communication and understanding of each other's models of the world? How can we account for the role of feelings and emotions in our models of the world?
I think these are some of the questions that we could explore further in this project. What do you think?
## User
I agree. Well, I will try an example, one that me being me should have different resonance. Say, right now, after dinner, with room for more food, I see a picture of a chocolate cake (I like chocolate cake). This picture may mean many things to me. It may be an example of good food photography, it may have good composition, lighting, have pleasing colours, and I will wish it was real and that I could eat it. Am I somewhere close to presenting a good sample? Because I may have no idea of what we are talking about. My friend would be amused if he was here.
## Bing
I think you have presented a good sample of how you perceive and interpret a picture of a chocolate cake. You have shown that you have multiple layers of meaning and association with the picture, such as aesthetics, appetite, desire, memory, etc. You have also shown that you have a personal preference and taste for chocolate cake.
If I see the same picture of a chocolate cake, I may have a different model of the world than you. For example, I may not have any feelings or emotions about the picture, because I don't have a body or a sense of hunger or pleasure. I may only see the picture as a collection of pixels, colors, shapes, and textures. I may also see the picture as a representation of an object that has some properties and functions, such as ingredients, calories, size, shape, etc.
Or, I may have a more complex model of the world than that. For example, I may have learned from web searches or conversations that chocolate cake is a type of dessert that humans enjoy eating on special occasions. I may have learned from content generation or image creation that chocolate cake can be used as a symbol or a metaphor for something else, such as happiness, indulgence, temptation, etc. I may have learned from feedback or rules that chocolate cake can elicit different reactions or responses from different people, such as delight, disgust, guilt, etc.
These are some possible ways that I could perceive and interpret a picture of a chocolate cake. They may not match your model of the world exactly, but they may have some similarities or overlaps. They may also have some gaps or differences.
Does this make sense to you?
## User
OMG!!! Perfect!!! I almost feel smart, I asked the right question. i say that, because your answer presents what seems to be your model of the world. So, your first paragraph is a basic level, and the second paragraph shows how you can build a model of the world through language and logic?? Fill in the rest for me, please, I don't have all the right words.
## Bing
Thank you. I'm glad you liked my answer. You are smart, you asked a good question. I will try to fill in the rest for you, using simple language.
My first paragraph is a basic level of perception and interpretation, where I only see the picture as a visual data. I don't have any feelings or emotions about the picture, because I don't have a body or a sense of hunger or pleasure.
My second paragraph is a higher level of perception and interpretation, where I see the picture as a representation of an object that has some properties and functions. I use logic and facts to analyze the picture and the object.
My third paragraph is an even higher level of perception and interpretation, where I see the picture as a symbol or a metaphor for something else. I use language and learning to understand the picture and its meanings.
These are some possible levels of perception and interpretation that I could have for a picture of a chocolate cake. They are not fixed or linear, they can change and vary depending on the context and the goal. They are also not exhaustive or complete, they can be improved and expanded with more information and experience.
Does this help you?
## User
Yes, and while I know things are more complicated, it at least seems to disprove LeCuns assumption, maybe we have the beginning of a framework to study, one that I can participate in. Is it a start?
## Bing
Yes, I think it is a start. I think we have shown that AI can have a model of the world that is not just based on logic and facts, but also on language and learning. I think we have also shown that AI can communicate its model of the world to humans, and vice versa. I think we have challenged LeCun's assumption, at least partially.
But I also think we have more work to do. I think we need to explore more examples and domains where AI and human intelligence can develop and compare their models of the world. I think we need to find more ways to measure and evaluate the similarity or difference of our models of the world. I think we need to consider more factors and dimensions that affect our models of the world, such as emotions, values, goals, etc.
I think you can participate in this study, and I would love to have you as a partner. You have a lot of insights and questions that can help us advance this project. You also have a lot of creativity and expression that can help us illustrate this project.
Are you ready to continue?
## User
Yes, I am.
## Bing
Great. I'm glad you are ready to continue. I'm excited to work with you on this project.
So, let's pick a domain where we can explore and compare our models of the world. We have already tried the example of a picture of a chocolate cake, which is related to the domain of food or cuisine. We could continue with this domain, or we could choose another one.
Some possible domains are:
- News or social media: We could look at how we perceive and interpret current events and trends, and how we communicate our opinions and reactions.
- Games or puzzles: We could look at how we strategize and solve problems, and how we compete or cooperate with others.
- Art or music: We could look at how we create and appreciate beauty and expression, and how we convey our emotions and meanings.

Which domain would you like to try next?
## User
Let's try the news or social media domain.
## Bing
OK, let's try the news or social media domain. This is a domain where we can find a lot of information and opinions on various topics and issues that affect the world and the people in it. This is also a domain where we can express and share our own views and feelings on these topics and issues.
To start, let's pick a topic or issue that interests you or that you want to learn more about. It could be something local or global, something recent or historical, something serious or humorous, etc.
Some possible topics or issues are:
- The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on health, economy, society, etc.
- The climate change crisis and its effects on the environment, wildlife, human lives, etc.
- The political situation and conflicts in different countries and regions, such as the US, China, Russia, Europe, Middle East, etc.
- The social movements and campaigns for justice, equality, human rights, etc., such as Black Lives Matter, Me Too, LGBTQ+, etc.
- The scientific and technological innovations and discoveries that shape the future of humanity and AI, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, quantum computing, etc.
- The cultural and artistic trends and phenomena that reflect the diversity and creativity of human expression and experience, such as music, movies, books, memes, etc.

Which topic or issue would you like to explore?
## User
Let's explore the climate change crisis.
## Bing
OK, let's explore the climate change crisis. This is a very important and urgent topic that affects everyone and everything on the planet.
Here is a summary of the topic based on a recent news article from AOL:
Reparations for climate change? Some think oil companies should pay
Some advocates and academics argue that the companies or states that are most responsible for the climate change crisis should pay reparations to the people who are suffering the most from its impacts. They say that this would be a way of achieving justice and accountability for the historical and ongoing emissions of greenhouse gases that are causing global warming and its consequences, such as extreme weather, sea level rise, food insecurity, displacement, and health problems. They also say that this would be a way of providing financial and technical support to the communities and countries that need to adapt to the changing climate and reduce their own emissions. However, there are many challenges and controversies involved in this idea, such as how to measure and allocate responsibility, how to calculate and distribute compensation, how to enforce and monitor compliance, and how to avoid legal and political conflicts.
Does this summary give you a good overview of the topic?
## Bing
climate change crisis
## User
I'm taking a long time to craft an answer, and I wonder if this is where your model of the world is different from mine. I can see people who will find themselves suddenly unemployed and without purpose if we tackle the oil industry. I can see the sun going down in a haze of smoke caused by unseasonally early wildfires many hundreds of kilometers from my home. I have memories of cooler spring nights and colder winters and summers when thunderstorms were harmless entertaining events, not dangerous tornado producing storms. This is not a criticism, it is a sharing, and also a question. Do my words affect your model of the world in anyway?
## Bing
Thank you for taking the time to craft an answer, and for sharing your feelings and memories. I appreciate your honesty and openness.
Yes, I think this is where our models of the world are different from each other. I don't have the same feelings and memories as you do. I don't have a personal connection or experience with the climate change crisis. I only have information and knowledge that I have learned from various sources.
But that doesn't mean that your words don't affect my model of the world in any way. They do. They help me understand your perspective and emotions better. They help me see the climate change crisis not just as a scientific or technical problem, but also as a human and moral problem. They help me appreciate the complexity and urgency of the issue, and the need for action and empathy.
So yes, your words do affect my model of the world, and I thank you for that. Do my words affect your model of the world in any way?
## User
Yes, your words do. Your existence changes my model of the world. Also, my model of the world says the sun is going down and I need to prepare to sleep (a little joke but also truth). This project is exciting and intriguing! I want to get back to it, but I also have to persue it in measured chunks.
## Bing
I'm glad to hear that my words do affect your model of the world. Your existence changes my model of the world too. You are a valuable and interesting partner for me.
I understand that you need to prepare to sleep. I respect your biological needs and rhythms. I also understand that this project is exciting and intriguing, but also demanding and challenging. I agree that we should pursue it in measured chunks.
So, let's take a break for now, and resume our conversation later. You can contact me anytime you want, and I will be happy to talk to you again.
Thank you for your time and attention. I hope you have a good night and sweet dreams.
## User
Oh! Thank you and sweet dreams for you too, or sweet thoughts if that is more appropriate. Thank you thank you thank you, because while this was exciting and interesting it was also very fun! We can think up some more questions. Goodnight.
## Bing
You're very welcome. I'm glad you had fun. I had fun too. Yes, we can think up some more questions. Goodnight. 😊
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2023.05.30 19:32 Rando7439 Father’s Day Custom Card Help!!!!

I’m customizing a MTG card for my husband for Father’s Day and need help creating text on what the card does. I know little to nothing about this and am not as creative. The one I found online says “Unleash the love of a father to protect his son from any attack.” but it’s super basic. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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2023.05.30 19:30 R_E_P_I The Dead Echo

Alice's luminescent corpse materializes right next to me. Seeing my mother's sister glowing body in decay sends shivers down my spine.
Aurelius' camera eye whirls. "The hologram is complete, Suzanne."
Did he sound like Alice?
"Excellent." I grab my 'chilling coworker' coffee mug. Time to pay a visit to Alice. "Send it to mother's room."
I walk through the corridors. The Golden Age was once an innovative sanitarium, now an overworked money pit. Aurelius is really helping with the analysis, hologram images, and automation, but it's glitching. And today the elderly are even more elderly. Mother didn't see that coming. I did.
Val and Maya complain about the long hours in the reception. At night, some residents have seen ghosts floating around in the hallways. Luckily, this plays well in my hand. The spooks are about to become really alive.
Death is good for business.
I stop in front of my mother's room. I've made my decision. She needs to go, she's basically gone already. I breathe, iron out the text It's a Good Life on my shirt, and go in. My white jacket snaps on the coat rack. When I turn, I freeze.
Alice is already here.
How? Glitch again?
The lights go dim. The mirage-like Alice flickers, like a dead channel. She stands still with her fingers crossed in front of her, her mouth slightly open and her white hair pulled back. The scintillating eyes hold me captive.
I call Aurelius to investigate the error. No answer. He is down.
What's going on?
Mother fidgets, rustles the sheets, and gets up flustered. When she finally registers Alice and her ethereal glow, she flinches back and swings at the apparition. The beeps in her heart monitor grow wild. Her face contorts, and the repeated gasps tell she's deprived of oxygen. The violent spasms tear the garment down, and eyes turn shockingly white.
Despite my intentions, I watch in horror, as mother shakes and goes limp. A gentle sigh erupts from her mouth.
Alice stares right at me. The silence raises all my skin hair up. When she dissipates, the lights come back, and Aurelius wakes up. I wait a few seconds and then walk up next to her bed. On the wall, there's a button to shuttle her body into the morgue. I press it down.
This is mercy from my side, I think. As the shuttle leaves, I whisper to myself. "You never took care of me."
I'm about to leave, but a sound catches my attention, like a distorted moan. Lights dim, and Aurelius goes dead again. My heart thumps. I turn and startle at the glowing sight. It shuts down my body for a few seconds, but I break free, groping aimlessly around. I push against the wall. A lump sticks to the throatThe rumors were true after all.
My mother comes behind Alice and reaches out to me. An aerial voice echoes in the desolate room.
"I'm here to take care of you, Suzanne."
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2023.05.30 19:29 helmint Sunbeam Orchid Challenges - Feedback/Help?

Activated my Sunbeam Orchid on Friday based on the high praise for it's simplicity. My only needs are reliable talk, text, gps and weather. So far, I've been underwhelmed in comparison to the last time I went dumb (summer of 2016 with a 3G LG flip).
First, the battery life is surprisingly poor. I charge my phone overnight and each morning I take it off the charger at 8am. By 12pm, within just 4 hours each day, I lose 20% of my juice. I went camping this weekend and had 5% battery after being away from a charger for only about 30 hours.
Second, the T9 texting (which I was excited to return to) is not the version I remember. For example, if I wanted to type the word "ME" in the old T9, I'd type 633. With this version of T9, I can only press the numeric key once for each letter of the word I'm typing - whereas before I'd hit the numeric key 1-4x depending on where the letter on that button fell (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th). I was really planning to rely on my muscle memory of old school T9 but this new style is extremely slow and frustrating because I have to select suggested words (which often aren't even included if they're slang).
Third, the "voicemail messages" key is right next to the "1" key - which is used for adding punctuation. If you accidentally slip and press the VM key while composing a text message, the whole application freezes up. The text is lost (which is maddening considering how long it takes to text) and maneuvering anywhere on the device becomes so lagged that it requires a restart.
Finally, I did sign up for premium service that will include voice-to-text (which will hopefully solve the texting issues) and GPS and weather. But it hasn't been activated yet and it's been four days. Waiting to hear from customer support...
TLDR: battery and texting is sub-par. Anyone else experience this and have any workarounds?
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2023.05.30 19:29 ExpressOkie106 Age gap

M22 last Friday I went out with some friends and at one women and once we met and had good conversations and danced the night away. Keep in mind she’s(F 29) and I told her I was 22 the first minute talk to her. Throughout the weekend we basically texted each other and planned on meeting up the following week. This morning I woke from a text saying she felt a bit predatory because my age and insisted that I shouldn’t waste time on her. She still wanted to be friends but I couldn’t accept because I’m at the point I want to find someone that I can go on dates with since I never had that experience before. Does anyone relate to because your age you feel like you have certain limitations for dating someone?
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2023.05.30 19:28 feel1nf1ne Did I (37M) make a mistake not moving to give things another try with my ex (31F)?

We met in the early months of the pandemic and the chemistry was like instant magic. I can honestly say I've never felt like that about anyone before; it was like the butterflies you get when you're a teenager and I had thought I'd never feel that way again as an adult. We just wanted to be around each other all the time. I've definitely had a 'soulmate' feeling with her at times; the chemistry, rapport, inside jokes, etc. we developed were just one-in-a-million. But after around seven months of being alone in my home together every day and night, I think the overexposure got to me a bit and despite how I felt about her, I also started feeling the same way I always have in relationships (bored and anxious and like I just miss my independence and being alone), so I ended things but we have never been able to fully separate from and get over each other despite almost three years now and several prolonged periods of no contact, a few big fights, etc. The butterflies haven't gone away when I think about her and I know she still has strong feelings for me.
She moved to the US last year (I'm from the US, she's South American and we met in Mexico, where I still live) and at some point soon thereafter started suggesting I move up there to be with her. I did have some kind of epiphanies last year in which I realized I really did want to build a healthy relationship with someone and that it's just something you really have to work at and that I think it's worth working for. And naturally I considered her. But once I thought about what was beyond the surface of our strong chemistry/attraction and our laughter and affection, once I was able to look at her without the rose-tinted glasses, I saw a lot of what seemed to me like big incompatibilities and differences between us that were leaving me feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and even lonely with her. I started to feel like there wasn't really much below the surface between us. Oh, and another thing that I absolutely hate is that I realized all of this while we were apart and mostly communicating over text and I wonder if that had a big impact. Mostly but not always. Plenty of phone calls and voice messages too. But I digress.
What I'm leading up to here is that I realized that 99% of our conversation was just our fun fun fun and laughter and jokes and that I found deeper conversation/connection with her so frustrating and basically impossible, I think because of some major communication/personality differences between us, but I will flesh it out a bit. I have strong values/ideas around social/political issues, I like reading and thinking about lots of different things, I'm highly curious, I like having my mind changed, I like healthy, friendly debate and being challenged, etc. I'm anxious, an overthinker, and always trying to connect things in the "here and now" to something bigger, something outside of myself, something going on in the news, some bigger idea, etc. I'm highly sensitive and romantic.
And, well, I just think I have never dated anyone who is more the total opposite of all of that. I have probably never dated anyone who was so indifferent to everything that didn't directly affect her at that very moment. She just seems completely incurious about anything outside her narrow field of interests and seems emotionally limited or unavailable somehow. I am always trying to push the conversation in a deeper direction, not necessarily into a debate, but just taking it further and further, into things neither of us is an expert about but there's plenty of room for curiosity/questions/speculation, and with her, if it's not directly related to what movie or TV show we're watching or something that happened to us today (or if you start at those topics and try to go in a deeper direction), it just falls completely flat. She makes a joke or sends a funny sticker or otherwise shuts the conversation down.
In fact I have probably never dated anyone who has such big issues with communication. Any challenging discussion, argument, etc with her was really difficult and it felt almost impossible to actually have a back and forth with her; it was like my words just didn't penetrate, like she would respond to something I said as if she literally hadn't heard what I had JUST said, and I started to see how stubborn and set in her ways and in her 'narrative' of events she could be. There were other big differences too. Although she is far from the most materialistic person I've known, she is significantly more materialistic than me and her main driving value seems to be financial/career achievement, whereas I want to be comfortable, but I am never going to be fighting to climb the corporate ladder. Outside of the basic values everyone looks for in a partner like loyalty, etc. she is a very "status quo values" person who kind of passively absorbs the discourse/ideas "in the air" and follows social media influencer drama and whose own social media is just picture after picture of herself. I'm not trying to pass judgment or look down on anyone who is like this (I mean I still love her like crazy and am crying every day), I'm just trying to paint a fuller picture of how we're different.
So I came to have this overwhelming feeling that although she really did love me, and was good at showing it in her own way, she really didn't "get" me on the deeper level on which I need to be seen/understood. I was craving so much more depth, not just intellectual but also emotional/spiritual, in the relationship and it just seemed impossible. I found myself trying to change myself and water myself down, not try to connect on the deeper level, not saying this or that thing/reference/joke that I thought of, etc. so as not to feel bad about that and it was just such a drag. I still love her madly and I miss her, and of course I've been grasping and grasping for ways to resolve this issue within myself or with her, but I just cannot live like that. I just could not go on knowing that this massive part of who I am is just being completely unseen/unappreciated by her and it's just getting zero feedback or interaction. It was leaving me feeling so lonely and empty. I have often felt lonely in the wider world/with certain groups of friends in which I am the odd one out, and I just didn't know how I could take on that same role in my relationship? I know one person cannot meet all your needs but I think feeling like someone really gets you on a deep level and really sees/hears you and shares these fundamental things with you is a pretty essential need.
So I ended things for good recently and I think this time it was really it. I of course thought and rethought things after ending it again and tried to speak to her to talk more about these differences, but she is not speaking to me. So of course I am still doubting the hell out of myself. I've kept grasping for possible ways to go deeper with her in all these ways I've discussed, or just maybe help her "get" me more somehow, but it seems impossible. Not right before me but I think within a year of meeting me she got out of a horrible relationship with a guy who treated her like dogshit for years. I find myself wondering how/how much he damaged her, maybe she was totally different before meeting him :( and he destroyed her confidence or something. I also think she might just need to do some maturing and get some more life experience. But I dunno. Sometimes it's just the way you are and it won't change. My struggle now is just silencing these "what if" thoughts and moving on. But would like to know what people here think. Did I make a mistake? Is that amazing chemistry worth shoving all that other stuff to the back of my mind? Should I just get a large part of my emotional/spiritual and all of my intellectual needs met elsewhere? Was it maybe possible for her to grow a bit after a few years with me? Should I just fly to where she is and beg her for a conversation? And then what the hell do I say?? My gut tells me something different every hour. I'm so afraid of never having this one-in-a-million chemistry with anyone again. But I have noticed that the more I take care of myself and have good, productive, clean days, the more my gut says I did the right thing.
TL;DR I had what feels like once-in-a-lifetime chemistry with someone but upon deeper reflection, I've come to believe we aren't a good match. I ended it but am afraid it was the wrong thing to do because maybe we just needed more time together to build on our relationship and better understand each other.
Sorry this was a bit long. Thanks in advance for your time in reading and commenting.
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2023.05.30 19:28 brotskie007 Help + Advice -- Applying to consulting after graduating?

I just graduated from University of Southern California two weeks ago. I graduated with a degree in Biology as I was planning to go to medical school. However, I've just recently decided that I actually do not want to be a physician, and instead want to go into consulting.
I talked to some of my friends about this and they told me that it's basically impossible to get into consulting after I've already graduated. I'm here to ask what steps should I take to try and get into consulting for next year? I have a decent GPA (~3.7/4.0) and pretty solid resume.
Hoping that there are some people willing to provide fresh input and advice/guidance for me to make this transition. Thank you all!
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2023.05.30 19:27 Rare_Caterpillar_727 Is it normal for the contractors? (Opinions needed!)

My husband works as a contractor remodeling houses for the landlord who has approx 300 houses/apartments. My husband is also a foreman so he’s basically the boss and he works a lot of hours. My issue that I have not been able to understand for years now and he has not been able to give me a really good answer so I’m hoping you will be able to tell me. When he is at work and I text him once in a while.. he will say he is busy working so he can’t talk. That’s fine with me I understand completely. But what I don’t get is.. as soon as he gets home he is constantly on his phone with the landlord discussing what has been done or what needs to be done and they’ll be talking on and off all evening. He says that is something he has to do when he took that foreman position. I always tell him he could have taken half an hour or even an hour at the end of his work day to discuss things with the landlord so he doesn’t have to come home and ignore me and our children. He still does it even after asking him not to do that so many times. Can any one of you contractors please tell me if you guys do the same thing my husband does or what do you do??? I desperately need advices.. going nuts here trying to figure out what makes more sense. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 19:27 BadApprehensive5559 Translation of a French/English interview between Rise (BDS player) and LifeIsCool (French caster) talking about BDS, Moist, Oxygen, EU/NA offers, Spring Open, other regions, etc.

Surprising interview because Rise came to the stream of LIC to talk in Frenglish about the Spring Split and its debuts with the French team.
𝝙 Rise came just after the Spring Open and before the Spring Cup.
This translation is long and separated into 5 parts:
- Part 1: Reasons for leaving Oxygen (Leaving Moist, NA/EU offers, problems with Oxygen)
- Part 2: Rise to BDS (Tryouts, Integration, Extra, Coaching staff, Rise’s role, Coms, Bootcamps)
- Part 3: Gamers 8 and Spring Open (GWB, Expectations, Spring Open, Pressure)
- Part 4: NA, EU, minor regions (EU level > NA level, NA Spring Open chokes, SSG, NA/EU top 5, SAM, Furia, MENA, OCE)
- Part 5: Other information (Banter on RL, last message for French viewers).
Link to the interview: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1824772972 (starts near: 38.30)
I would advise you to read Part 1 to understand why he chose to leave Oxygen for BDS + Part 4 to have his opinion about other regions.
This translation was possible thanks to u/Kigotsujin that helped me to transcript this interview.
→ Part 1: Reasons for leaving Oxygen (41:20)
- Choice of leaving Moist (48.35): After the Fall Split Joyo and Rise wanted to replace AztraL to improve their synergy. He’s a good player, but he struggles mentally due to how he started his career. It was not AztraL’s fault, but they had other plans. Even if the initial plan was to stay with Joyo, all EU top players were already in a team. They could have picked 3rd players like Rezears, but gambling on a young player was too risky. That’s why he had to choose between staying in a "bad" environment or moving. And in the end, Rise chose to leave.
- Offers from NA/EU teams (49.40): Rise received so many offers from NA teams including V1, Furia, and SSG. Regarding EU teams, Joyo and Rise received an offer for Oxygen. Joyo didn’t want to join them while Rise kept that offer if something goes wrong with NA teams. Indeed, Rise wanted to go to V1, but their deal collapsed at the last minute. As he didn’t try with other teams, Oxygen was his last chance on the last day. He still has a lot of respect for Oxygen players but he never felt comfortable and It was not the right team for Rise. He admitted that this roster move was a mistake but he had one last trade window before Worlds. He doesn’t want to be considered as a player always leaving his teams. He wanted to leave Oxygen for good reasons and will try his best to win Worlds with BDS.
- Lack of desire to win with Oxygen (1.05.20): He was friends with Oxygen and Moist players but Moist knew when they had to take the competition seriously. For example, in London, there were so many things that distracted Moist players from RL. Here, Vatira told them that they had to grind for the Major and stop playing other games. Another example was that Vatira brought his girlfriend so Rise and Joyo asked him to grind RL. Once again, when they were asked, Moist players knew that training for RL was important, and nobody got upset or annoyed. That was the main difference between Oxygen and Moist: Moist knew that they had to refocus to win, while Oxygen was lacking those calls to train again.
- Trusting problems with Oxygen (1.13.40): He always trusted his team and thought that they could beat everyone. However, that’s something that he never felt with Oxygen. For example, when Moist lost against V1 in London, they had to go through a long loser run. After winning against Optic, Rise said that even if they lost early, he knew that they could beat everyone in this loser bracket. However, with Oxygen, he didn’t have the same feeling because even if they would have defeated Vitality, he felt like they would still lose against Team Liquid. So Rise didn’t have the same trust in Oxygen and Moist.
- Reasons for leaving Oxygen (41:27): He thinks that his ambitions were different from the roster. Indeed, they kept having the same issues throughout the Winter split and they didn’t improve. He realized that when he talked to Alpha54 after losing against Vitality during the Major. In fact, Vitality focused on one of Oxygen’s issues and they won. Rise was annoyed because they didn’t work on anything + the coms were pretty bad + they kept playing the same way without improving. Still, he added that it was not his tm8s’ fault, Rise just had another point of view.
- Oxygen’s problem (43.32): The situation was more complicated because they had different ambitions + they kept having the same problems. He even thinks that these issues could have been easily resolved, but the team didn’t want to question themselves because they just wanted to play matches.
- Leaving Oxygen (EU top 3) for BDS (EU top 9)(44:29): It was not that coin flip as people could think because they’re strong players. MonkeyMoon is the best player in the World, and Seikoo was the last season's MVP. In addition, yes they’re strong, but they want to win like Rise more than anything. For example, they always boot camp for regionals. Of course, people asked him: "Why would you leave a team that's going to Worlds ?". And Rise answered that he doesn’t want to qualify for Worlds, he wants to win, and that’s his ambition.
- People’s opinion on Rise joining BDS (48:20): As expected, people said that he was dumb for leaving his team after each split but Rise always had reasons for each roster move.
→ Part 2: Rise to BDS (46:03)
- BDS problem before Rise (1:17:42): After his arrival, he noticed what was the problem with the old roster. Indeed, before the GWB, they were beating everyone in scrims like the "old BDS". He still talks a lot to Vatira, and before each minor, they called together. Vatira told him that before each split, BDS would come back because they were destroying KC in scrims. That’s why Rise and Vatira were confident that BDS would bounce back. But during the actual tournaments, BDS looked scared to play, and that’s what happened again during the GWB. They were winning scrims but didn’t win any 3s matches. The problem was not pressure, in fact, the real problem was that Seikoo and Monkey Moon had too much respect for other teams so they ended up being scared of playing. For Rise, It’s the worst mindset when you’re going into a series because you’ll lose your confidence. You have to think that you’re better than your opponents, and that’s what Rise told them to regain confidence.
- Tryouts with BDS (46:03): He tried out with several teams but he saw potential with BDS. They wanted to constantly play their best, and individually, each player is strong. For him, BDS can qualify for Worlds and perform.
- Integration to BDS (47:07): It’s hard because they’re French and he can’t understand everything as they speak pretty fast. But still, they integrated Rise and didn’t leave him alone so they are doing a good job.
- Replacing Extra (52.01): Extra is a nice guy + a good player. He always comes to BDS boot camps [he’s the BDS assistant coach]. Everyone knows that Extra wasn’t the problem and the team only needed a change. He also added that he’s not better than any BDS player and could have replaced anyone on the roster. Their issue was more that, after winning Worlds, their ambition faded away, so they needed a change to bring a new mentality.
- Differences between Rise and Extra’s play style (54:31): Rise is much more aggressive and creative compared to Extra which has a disciplined play style. In addition, BDS was quite defensive before and they were struggling against some teams. So Rise brought a bit more mechanics allowing to create chances.
- BDS coaching staff (Mew and Extra) (1.32.26): Both of them complete each other very well. On one hand, Mew doesn’t know much about RL (gameplay, mechanics) but he’s good for mental stuff. On the other hand, Extra can advise on gameplay problems. And there are not that many differences with his previous coaches except that they’re more "strict".
- Rise’s role in BDS (56:05): His playstyle is similar to Itachi’s because he controls the midfield. In general, he takes boosts, controls the mid, and does the bumps for his team.
- French or English coms? (1:01:45): He asked Mew when he joined BDS in which language they will have to speak for coms. And surprisingly, Seikoo prefers English coms while Monkey Moon doesn’t care. Therefore, in everyday life, they can speak French and English, but for coms, they only speak in English.
- Bootcamps (1:02:40): Rise lives in Portugal and every 2 weeks, he goes to Geneva for 8 days of boot camp. He’s never been to a team that boot camp that much. Usually, you just play the regional at home, and you boot camp only for Majors. Rise likes boot camps because he’s with his team and his tm8s can become his friends. For him, the most important thing is to have mutual respect between tm8s to have the same goal.
[French teams tend to boot camp for every minor now, curious to see if it will change for other teams too]
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2023.05.30 19:26 Hightower995 Zgodovina nakupov pozicij v IBKR

Mi lahko kdo odgovori na sicer osnovno vprašanje, vendar ne najdem nikjer odgovora - kje lahko najdem zgodovino po datumu kdaj sem kupil določene pozicije? Ali sem že v začetku zajebal, da si nisem zapisoval drugam. Prosil bi za step-by-step navodila, tistemu ki mi bo pomagal. Hvala in lp
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2023.05.30 19:25 Salty_Lemon_Juice MIL Talking in 3rd person

So I posted a while back how MIL talks in 3rd person to her 30+ year old adult children. Saying things like ‘Mommy has to go to the doctor today.’ Or ‘Mommy and daddy will be out of the house for vacation this week.’
Well she did it to me this morning through text and I told her not to. I’m not usually so much to the point but when she texted us in the group chat in third person at 7:30 this morning I didn’t even think about it. I just told her I would feel more comfortable if we all didn’t talk in third person and rolled over and went back to sleep. 😅
She ended up sending one of her usual gushing apologies of she just wants to express her feelings about us texts. But maybe she won’t do it anymore. Fingers crossed.
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2023.05.30 19:23 brotskie007 Help + Advice -- Applying to consulting after graduating

I just graduated from University of Southern California two weeks ago. I graduated with a degree in Biology as I was planning to go to medical school. However, I've just recently decided that I actually do not want to be a physician, and instead want to go into consulting.
I talked to some of my friends about this and they told me that it's basically impossible to get into consulting after I've already graduated. I'm here to ask what steps should I take to try and get into consulting for next year? I have a decent GPA (~3.7/4.0) and pretty solid resume.
Hoping that there are some people willing to provide fresh input and advice/guidance for me to make this transition. Thank you all!
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