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2023.05.31 02:20 seczlibrarian How to feel less alone while deconstructing

Hey y’all! I thought I would pop in asking for advice, since I’ve found this space very helpful in my deconstruction over the past few months.
TLDR: How do I get over the grief of losing a huge part of my identity, and a huge part of my relationship with friends and family? How do I make new friends as an adult outside of a faith community?
I (23F) was a life-long Catholic until summer 2022 when I had to face the facts that my personal values did not align with the Catholic Church anymore. I would still say I am a Christian, and espouse many Catholic theological beliefs but can’t honestly say that I agree with the conservative right wing values they outright support or are silent on. I’m still reading, studying and praying trying to find a faith community or belief system that is good for me.
What’s been so hard for me during this process is how absolutely isolated I feel. My family is incredibly devout. I was homeschooled and my parents currently attend, work and volunteer at a church that is famously part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Most of my friends are Catholic and very religious, but trying their best to be supportive. I’ve been involved with a Catholic summer camp for 10+ years that I will probably have to leave this year since I’m no longer affiliated with Catholicism. To top it off, one of my best friends recently wrote me a 13 page letter (not hyperbole) calling me names and telling me our friendship has forever changed as a result of me not getting married in the Catholic Church, a wedding he is refusing to come to.
I can’t help but feel so alone. My fiance is agnostic and extremely supportive, stating over and over that he’ll love me no matter what religion I choose or where I end up. Nonetheless, one person is not a community and I’m finding it so hard to feel connected to anyone else. I also feel like I lost a lot of my culture when I left Catholicism, and that hurts a lot too.
Has anyone been through this, and do you have any advice?
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2023.05.31 02:16 athletic_in_texas 30 (M4M) GL Athletic Asian Guy looking to give head/worship an Athletic White guy

Hello, I am a good looking, fit, masculine, down-to-earth professional Asian guy who has been very curious to worship/give a BJ to a fit masculine white guy on my knees (must be between 18 & 38) . I can switch if you are into it.
I've felt ashamed and guilty about my secret fantasies..., but I have wanted to explore this with a nice guy for some time. Discretion is a MUST because I want to keep my fantasies separate from my real life.
Me: 30yo, 5'11" 165lbs, 4.5"uc, short black hair, dark brown eyes, smooth, and good looking. I am drug and disease free and you should be too.
You: Please be a masculine and normal and European White.
I don't care if you are attached… boyfriend… girlfriend… we all need something new every now and then. Especially if you’ve been feeling a bit empty and need to be filled up.
If you care, tell me something that you are into, something that you’ve been fantasizing about but haven’t done yet… even if you have. Maybe we can working it into our meeting.
Please send me your height, weight, hair and eye colors in your first reply. This is a MUST because I want both of us to respect our time.
I can travel or host in Midtown, or do car play!
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.31 02:15 OrionLinksComic the cape, Sentinel, Scott Pilgrim and co: how comics dissect toxic nerds and what's still missing.

you know my favorite Marvel What If comic is #19 of the original run. it's a story that tells what if Peter Parker with his Spider-Man persona hadn't become a crime fighter but continued wrestling and he clicked to become prominent and famous. that's actually quite interesting to really see the contrast that Peter went through. I mean have you seen him in amazing fantasy 15? I mean really he's really there after the bite her in the direction I want to show it the schoolyard bullies, and quite immature on top of that, only that with his uncle gave him some self-reflection that he shouldn't use his powers for himself. and as I said it's fascinating to see what would have happened if he hadn't gotten that self-reflection, as it's also really interesting to see that he's acting quite childish there too. and I think that's one thing that I find kind of fascinating that you have a person who has kind of toxic streaks but yet you've fought them to become a better person.
and I think that's just one of the things that many unfortunately still have in their heads, that people with their bad qualities always act actively and consciously. but often it's just that many don't check it or don't want to check it, that they also say, think and act quite questionable things.
and I think the best comic that sort of dissects that thinking is Scott Pilgrim vs the world. and I have to talk about the differences between the film and I know what it's like to criticize this film even if I'm right that the comic clearly goes further. and best embodied with technically one of my favorite evil ex Lucas Lee. Anyone who only knows the movies knows he threw Scott into a clock tower (where the universe says he probably deserved it) and that he beat himself because he's not good at grinds. in the comic version it's a bit more complicated. basically it's a whole deconstruction on the nerd vs jock trope. because after Lukas Scott gave a crash course in architecture, they took a break. the two of them sitting on a bench and suddenly starting to get a conversation. and then slowly dissolves then on the masks and the roles that play. I mean you really get the feeling in another timeline maybe they could have even been friends. I mean heck, the way it happened with the self knockout with the skateboard wasn't a trick, scott just wanted to be nice because Lukas himself was an avid skater but hasn't done it in years. and in general it is treated more like a victory in history that he didn't even deserve. That's generally the problem I have with the film, that I don't think it really goes into it any more deeply, the construction of the cliché from loser to winner. precisely because a lot of elements also fall out about Scott, e.g. the whole thing with Kim, or is it actually his own fault that the relationship with Envy is a fiasco and that she even tells him to his face that he is emotional packages on others, oh yeah and the whole Lisa thing that was completely cut from the movie where he beat up someone who was flirting with her even though they weren't in a romantic relationship.
and while you're talking about people who lack self-reflection at a dangerous level, let's get to joe hill the cape. the story revolves around Eric who got into a pretty bad accident when he was eight years old while playing superheroes with his brother, the thing is he claimed the cape he was wearing really made him fly. but of course his mother and brother didn't really believe in it at first. Years went by somehow he's so common some are successful like Erik's brother and others are just like Erik. and at the very end he suddenly finds in his mother's basement the cape that she actually locked away for years after his accident. and lo and behold it was no imagination that he could fly with it. and with that power, one thing had decided to take revenge and killed his ex. then you know that's kind of like a horror story that's particularly mienna, why? because I was in a situation like Eric myself, I looked at myself like a loser out of nothing and was just jealous as well as almost everyone, I mean heck I can even draw a parallel to it because Erik's brother Nick is studying and Unfortunately, he doesn't have the opportunity to do so, which is also the case with me. The thing is I've managed to sort of outgrow it and even now have a pretty solid relationship with my brother, I mean he lives in my apartment and takes care of my cat when I have to go to the vocational training center. and that's exactly what I want to see more of, where you can really ask yourself hey isn't the badguy somehow me? you already know the fear of a thing you can be. because the thing is Erik never got away from his accident and the loss of his cancer, he only defined himself with it you can almost say it's a gimmick and if you just limit yourself with it as a person clearly he doesn't have much space to grow. it's just really fitting about the capture boxes spoken by Nick that he says that back when he was always playing with his brother Erik he was the villain because there always had to be one for Erik. and that's something I just can't outgrow, someone must be to blame for his misery. he has a victim mentality that he mostly uses to justify his shit and that's a thing you often see in nerds trying to cover up for their toxic behavior.
but what if i realize my toxic properties early on? Well, I have to say that starting early is important, but it doesn't mean that you haven't caused any damage that you have to live with. Sentinel was one of the titles that was part of the Mavel Next imprint, and my god it came out 20 years ago but it feels more modern than you think. Basically it's about Justin, a normal loose high schooler in the middle states who lives in his father's junkyard with his brother. and then he finds the remains of one of the eponymous giant robots from the Marvel Universe, which he begins to repair out of curiosity. and it's actually interesting because you really dig into the psyche of someone who has to realize they're not perfect, and believe me youngsters always have a hard time with that. I mean if you really really love this comic you really feel like you are actually reading something about a normal teenager struggling with his status and schoolyard bully. and then he cries himself out the giant robot that repairs after.The two most important points of the first Story Ark is, I don't think anyone knows something that makes this comic somehow so modern. in the story, justin develops a friendship with a girl who sees this relationship as just a friendship and he almost destroyed her for telling around he had sex with her, proving people a technic don't have a plan of people. oh yes, and that he uses the completed Sentinel to make himself look like a hero. he ordered the giant robot to pretend to attack the high school and he then hit his metal friend in the shin with a car and then he disappeared because of it. the thing is just like that justin doesn't really feel like a hero just because of that, i mean you traumatized a town and the guy that has been tormenting you most of the time is now technically in a mental hospital for the trauma, yeah no wonder you doesn't feel like a real hero if none of this is true or deserved. and I don't want to spoiler about it on how it goes because that's when it starts out like he's really really trying to do good and be a hero but like I said the damage is done and you have to live with him now. It works I think because you just really get the feeling a lot of teenagers, if not yourself, would do shit like that because they just don't know any better. and then crashing full force against the wall called reality. the thing is, toxic properties are mostly in people and only become apparent when they're released or have room to grow. and realizing that you have them is always a painful experience when you have to admit to yourself things you don't want.
and these are three comics that I think do a pretty good job of picking apart toxic nerd behavior, or some form of it. the self righteousness. and if you don't get it wrong, that's actually very important and it's even a breeding ground for many things, I mean the three examples I mentioned there also act about guys who somehow also have a problem with women. although I have to say maybe a story in general that deals directly with sexism in nerd circles is also important.
but other things are also important, e.g. racism and homophobia. I mean have you ever been in a lobby of the popular multiplayer game? I mean the hatred to people of color or LBGTQ representation in works of art eho bach them ware normally heteronorm is terrifying. I mean from people who say I was bullied in the schoolyard because I liked XY, it's ironic when they start attacking others themselves. I mean just because you've experienced shit yourself doesn't mean you should inflict it on others.
but we can also pull out the Marxist lens and deconstruct the pro-capitalist side of some creeps. I mean, from guys demanding that something go bankrupt just because it has diversity in it, to people spreading anti-union sentiment in the entertainment industry. I mean heck we can even take apart the Tech Bro Utopia which is actually more of a dystopia of white sausage libertarian partying.
I mean heck, from all the bullshit I get from the Gamer™️ site you could make a mark Russell comic series about of it, that's how f******* some of them are missing selfsreflection.
but do you say? what are works that come to your mind that deal with the? what else needs to be treated?
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2023.05.31 02:09 Xterno50 [H] PSN/PSVR2/PC game keys - The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Precious Edition, TT ISLE OF MAN: RIDE ON THE EDGE 3, Mega Man Battle Network Collection, Space Engineers, DriftCE, Redfall PC key, Stray Blade, War Mongrels,Cities Skylines VR2, Transport Fever 2, Football Manager 23 [W] PayPal

Playstation Games
Title Console Price (USD) Region
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Precious Edition PS4 & PS5 40 Europe
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This War of Mine Final Cut PS5 15 North America
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Liberated: Enhanced Edition PS4 & PS5 15 North America
A Juggler's Tale PS5 10 North America

PC Games
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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (Vol.1 + Vol.2) Steam 35 Global
Redfall Steam 30 Global
Thea 2: The Shattering Steam 5 Global
Assetto Corsa Competizione 2023 GT World Challenge DLC Steam 8 Global
House Flipper Farm DLC Steam 8 Global
Total Tank Generals Steam 12 Global
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Climber: Sky Is The Limit Steam 5 Global
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MADiSON Steam 18 Global
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Arcadegeddon Epic Store 10 Global
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Space Engineers Steam 15 Globalc
Bunhouse Steam 10 Global
Nero Steam 10 Global
Pro Cycling Manager 2021 Steam 10 Global
Rogue Lords Steam 13 Global
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Steam 8 Global
Solaris Offworld Combat Steam 8 Global
Boombox Steam 8 Global
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2023.05.31 02:06 NoSafety7412 Need a good fantasy/scifi book for adult.

Fantasy books/series I enjoyed include
Harry Potter
Game of thrones
King killer chronicles
Currently reading the first Witcher book and loving it, but I'm almost done with it. Need something to read until the next one becomes available...
Couldn't get into lord of the rings. Or court of thorns and roses. There's also a few I've already read I left off the list because I can't remember the names .
Will give almost anything a shot.
Very interested in scifi fantasy thats setting is earth.
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2023.05.31 02:03 Typical_Description4 Mystery/Heist Children's book...A boy is sent to live with elderly aunts. The boy discovers that the retired residents living in the house are all part of a crime syndicate.

Hello! Im looking for some helping identifying a book and remember the following details about it:
Plot: A young boy is sent to live with his two elderly aunts in a sprawling British countryside estate after his parents pass away. The house is also home to some other elderly/retired people. The boy discovers that the people living in the house are all part of a crime syndicate. Each member of the household possesses a particular skill set, perfect for executing their Robin Hood-style heists. There is a nasty neighbour who tries to get the aunts arrested. The group plans a heist at the neighbours house and uncover that he is a criminal.
Unfortunately I can't remember any more of the plot or what mystery they solve.
I can recollect other specific scenes or events, especially the locations/settings. But Unfortunately nothing relevant to the plot (as far as I remember), just World and character building.
Notable characters:
Aunt 1 - cheerful and bubbly. She's a former race car driver. She has blonde hair and rosy cheeks. She is the getaway driver for their crime syndicate.
Aunt 2 - thin and tall. Very intelligent. grey hair and wears glasses. She is the mastermind behind their heists.
Info: The genre is children's mystery/Heist with the target age being approx 10-14yrs (pre-teen). I read it in approx 2004 (give or take a few years either way). The book is set in rural England in the 80s or 90s and was approximately 200 pages. The copy I had was in English and i recieved it as a Christmas present from my parents. It was a paperback and the cover featured a colorful drawing of a vintage car (perhaps a Rolls Royce) cruising down an English country lane, with the blond race car driver Aunt behind the wheel and the other Aunt in the passenger seat.
Any ideas?
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2023.05.31 02:02 New-BallHead-4825 Every 100 Greatest Moment in Nicktoons History!

On November 22 to 25 of 2007, there was a Thanksgiving event called "Superstuffed Nicktoons Weekend" and throughout this event plays the "Top 100 Greatest Moments in Nicktoons History" which is also when fans vote for your favorite NickToon moments to be included as part of the said moments by going to Then, during Thanksgiving weekend on Nickelodeon, 25 of the voters’ picks on-air each day during the long weekend from 6 AM to 7 PM. Fans can pick from a variety of moments from the very first NickToons (Ren & Stimpy, Doug, and Rugrats) up to the current ones (Back at the Barnyard, Tak, etc.). So far, moments 100-95 and a montage of moments 79-55 are released.
Here are the all the (updated) 100 moments in the following episodes from the shows with their descriptions below:
November 22, 2007 (100-80):
  1. The Wild Thornberrys - "Forget Me Not" (a montage of Eliza and Rebecca bonding)
  2. The Wild Thornberrys - "Flight of the Donnie" (Eliza and Darwin find Donnie abducted by a condor)
  3. The Wild Thornberrys - "Cheetahs Never Prosper" (Eliza, Darwin, and Tano hang on a tree while the rain arrives)
  4. As Told By Ginger - "Gym Class Confidential" (Ginger and her friends see the puberty movie, as well as the others' reactions)
  5. Ren & Stimpy - "Son of Stimpy" (Stimpy reuniting with his lost fart Stinky)
  6. As Told By Ginger - "Stealing First" (Ginger attempting to kiss Jean-Pierre, only to fall off the chairlift and ski down the hill)
  7. The X's - "A Truman Scorned" (Truman meeting Kimla?)
  8. Rugrats - "Chuckie vs. the Potty" (Chuckie's dream where he gets flushed down the chair by Angelica)
  9. ChalkZone - "Pumpkin Love" (Rudy and Snap escaping Jacko)
  10. El Tigre - "Night of the Living Guacamole" (Guacamole monsters arrive?)
  11. El Tigre - "Zebra Donkey" (Manny, Frida, and Zebra Donkey doing various activities)
  12. Hey Arnold! - "Helga Blabs It All" (Helga using the dentist's phone to leave a love message for Arnold)
  13. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Normal Boy" (Jimmy being "loopy"?)
  14. The X's - "Three Days of the Coin Op" (The battle in the laundromat)
  15. My Life as a Teenage Robot - "Killgore)" (Jenny fighting Killgore?)
  16. Rocko's Modern Life - "Clean Lovin'" (A montage of Spunky and the mop)
  17. Ren & Stimpy - "Space Madness" (Ren and Stimpy having a bath in the ship)
  18. The X's - "Mock Tutors" (The cooking/tennis battle?)
  19. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Monster Hunt" (Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen fighting off the monstrous turtle)
  20. All Grown Up - "Lucky 13" (Angelica confessing to Susie when her Birthday party guests arrive)
  21. The Fairly OddParents - "Chin Up!" (Timmy becoming Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder)
November 23, 2007 (79-55):
  1. Back at the Barnyard - "Cow's Best Friend" (Duke becoming loyal to Otis)
  2. Ren & Stimpy - "Stimpy's Invention" (Happy Happy Joy Joy song)
  3. Ren & Stimpy - "The Log Song"
  4. The Angry Beavers - "Beach Beavers A Go-Go" (Daggett fighting off crabs in the beach)
  5. Hey Arnold! - "Full Moon" (Sid, Stinky, and Harold mooning Principal Wartz)
  6. Doug - "Doug Can't Dance" (The "flub hop" is created and everyone dances to it)
  7. The Angry Beavers - "Muscular Beaver)" (Norbert becoming "Baron Bad Beaver")
  8. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Sheen's Brain" (Sheen becoming Retroville's conqueror)
  9. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "The N-Men" (Jimmy's friends testing their newfound powers)
  10. Rugrats - "Susie vs. Angelica" (Susie and Angelica race)
  11. Tak and the Power of Juju - "Woodiefest" (Lok being chased by Woodies)
  12. Rocket Power - "Cinco de Twisto" (Twister's fantasy sequence of him singing a Spanish song)
  13. Rocko's Modern Life - "Wallaby on Wheels" (Rocko struggling to skate in the roller rink)
  14. El Tigre - "The Mustache Kid" (Manny finally getting his mustache)
  15. El Tigre - "Miracle City Undercover" (Manny being cornered by the Moustache Mafia and they have him fit in)
  16. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Beach Party Mummy" (Libby having three mummies "obey" her)
  17. Invader ZIM - "Attack of the Saucer Morons" (Zim and GIR riding the pig vehicle)
  18. Rocket Power - "Enter the Hawk Trix" (Otto and Tony Hawk skate in his halfpipe)
  19. KaBlam! - "Comics for Tomorrow Today!" (Prometheus teaching Bob music)
  20. The Fairly OddParents - "A Wish Too Far" (Timmy becoming popular)
  21. Rugrats - "Passover" (Angelica freeing Tommy and Chuckie from the playpen)
  22. Rugrats - "Naked Tommy" (Tommy deciding to be "nakie"!)
  23. Catscratch - "A Wooly Adventure" (Mr. Blik hiding the mammoth from angry people)
  24. Danny Phantom - "Fright Night" (The Fright Knight is released after Danny touched his sword)
  25. The Fairly OddParents - "Most Wanted Wish" (Timmy's first day as being the "most wanted kid")
November 24, 2007 (54-26):
  1. Hey Arnold! - "Married!" (The first part of Arnold's nightmare where Helga tricks Arnold into marrying her!)
  2. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters - "The Switching Hour" (Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm going out trick or treating)
  3. Rugrats - "Angelica Orders Out" (Angelica being discovered by the adults)
  4. The Fairly OddParents - "Vicky Loses Her Icky" (Vicky becoming a nicer person)
  5. My Life as a Teenage Robot - "Party Machine" (Jenny spending time with a party boy)
  6. Tak and the Power of Juju - "The Beast" (The Repulsive Juju being given a makeover!)
  7. SpongeBob SquarePants - "UGH" (SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog fighting with fire)
  8. The Fairly OddParents - "Presto Change-O" (Everyone switching bodies!)
  9. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Tea at the Treedome" (SpongeBob attempting to survive in Sandy's dome)
  10. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Pressure" (Spongebob and the gang exploring above the surface)
  11. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" (Jimmy and Jet Fusion escaping the snowball)
  12. Catscratch - "Zombie Party a Go-Go!" (Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blik finding that their zombie guests are about to get them)
  13. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Plankton!" (The beginning with Plankton being found by Mr. Krabs)
  14. The Fairly OddParents - "Chip Off the Old Chip" (Timmy switching voices with Chip Skylark)
  15. My Life as a Teenage Robot - "Victim of Fashion" (Jenny becoming a model?)
  16. CatDog - "CatDog's End" (CatDog escaping the ripping pendulum with Randolph still stuck in the table)
  17. The Fairly OddParents - "Timvisible" (Timmy becoming an invisible person)
  18. ChalkZone - "The Skrawl" (Skrawl's song)
  19. Invader ZIM - "The Nightmare Begins" (Zim meeting GIR)
  20. Rocko's Modern Life - "Ed Good, Rocko Bad" (Ed being elected for dogcatcher)
  21. Danny Phantom - "Fanning the Flames" (Ember taking power in her concert)
  22. The Fairly OddParents - "The Boy Who Would Be Queen" (Timmy as a girl bonding with Trixie?)
  23. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius- "Stranded" (Jimmy and Cindy bonding in their island)
  24. Rugrats/All Grown Up - "All Growed Up" (Tommy and Angelica sing with Emica)
  25. KaBlam! - "Your Real Best Friend!" (The Action League going after the Mayor)
  26. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Help Wanted" (Spongebob serving krabby patties to the anchovies)
  27. Avatar - "The Siege of the North (Part 2)" (Aang encountering Koh)
  28. Ren & Stimpy - "Powdered Toast Man commercial"
  29. Invader ZIM - "The Nightmare Begins" (The Doom Song)
November 25, 2007 (25-1):
  1. Catscratch - "Scaredy Cat" (Gordon encountering two aliens)
  2. Avatar - "The Boy in the Iceberg" (Katara and Sokka meeting Aang)
  3. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" ("I have the ring!")
  4. The Fairly OddParents - "Action Packed" (Timmy battling Jorgen)
  5. The Fairly OddParents - "The Same Game" (Timmy and everyone else as grey blobs)
  6. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Love Potion #976/J" (Cindy, Libby, and Britney's song?)
  7. Back at the Barnyard - "Cowman and Ratboy" (Otis and Pip becoming superheroes!)
  8. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius - "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" (Sheen fighting Yoo Yee)
  9. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Help Wanted" (SpongeBob "working out" by lifting two stuffed bears)
  10. The Fairly OddParents - "Timmy the Barbarian!" (Timmy fighting Crocker)
  11. Avatar - "The Blue Spirit" (Aang encountering the masked figure (Zuko))
  12. The Fairly OddParents - "The Good Ol' Days!" (Timmy and his Pappy dancing to Chippington's song)
  13. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Suds" (SpongeBob getting the "sponge treatment")
  14. Avatar - "The Blind Bandit" (Toph's introduction and her fight)
  15. El Tigre - "La Tigresa" (Frida using Manny's belt to become a superheroine)
  16. Danny Phantom - "The Ultimate Enemy" (Danny confronting Dark Danny)
  17. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Hooky!" (SpongeBob and Patrick riding a hook that goes up and jumping off of it)
  18. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Big Pink Loser" (Patrick attempting to reach the jar's lid and finally succeeding)
  19. Avatar - "The Siege of the North (Part 2)" (Rematch of Katara vs. Zuko)
  20. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Ripped Pants" (SpongeBob ripping his pants during the weight lifting competition)
  21. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Your Shoe's Untied" (The beginning where SpongeBob watches the sea anemone dancing on TV)
  22. SpongeBob SquarePants - "F.U.N." (SpongeBob and Plankton singing the "FUN Song")
  23. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Bubblestand" (SpongeBob demonstrating his skills on blowing a bubble)
  24. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Dying for Pie" (Squidward and SpongeBob watch the sunset)
  25. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Band Geeks" (Sweet Victory song)

And that's that!
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2023.05.31 01:53 averagetrailertrash Welcome to ArtHomework! (Intro, Rules, & Flairs)

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Additional Posting Guidelines

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2023.05.31 01:53 vernerlatskin Season 4 is honestly kind of trash. PLEASE change my mind - I want to love it.

I'm very picky when it comes to movies and TV. In the last ten years, I've genuinely liked less than ten shows. I have loved far fewer.
Starting with the pilot, I loved this show.
I think season 1 is practically perfect.
Season 2 gets dragged down a bit by the whole prison storyline being kinda pointless, outside of foreshadowing. It's not bad foreshadowing either, it's just that the show spends a lot of time on something that probably could have been conveyed in two episodes or less instead. But season 2 develops Darlene and Angela, and introduces Dom... it's all still amazing, it just feels less focused.
Season 3 feels to me like how season 2 should have. Like season 2 it suffers from still feeling a little murky and unfocused. At many points in season 2 and 3, tbh, it could be argued that there wasn't a completely solid reason for the show to keep going. I'm glad it did, it just feels like they meander some.
Season 4. When it first aired, it felt off-putting to me for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to feeling like the show had just flat out cheated in places, and also due to there being SO MANY unclosed plot threads. None the less, i shrugged it off, and just told myself that I was probably imagining some of them due to poor memory etc.
Over the next year, I watched the entire series three times through, and season 1 along with some various other episodes too many times to count. This is not something I do with anything else. I never rewatch stuff that isn't twin peaks or community. OR this show.
But 2 months back, something reminded me of the scene before Angela's death in S4E1. Something about it was bugging me, and so I started the episode, watched it closely, and I felt kinda duped. The direction and performances and production quality are all great as usual, but suddenly there were major issues i started noticing things that are very hard to reconcile with the accepted explanations given by the show and this community as a whole.
In fact, I see two possibilities regarding the truth about this show:
(A) season 4 tells us 1 story at the surface level but that is just there obfuscate the truth
(B) season 4 is a badly written and conceived collection of 13 episodes, despite the direction, production quality and performances all being uniformly amazing.
What makes this suck, is that if it's actually option B, it actively makes everything before it worse - especially seasons 2 and 3 - due to so much of the show being taken up by TONS of stuff, that according to the show and also this subreddit, doesn't matter, never mattered, and why would you even think that mattered, what is wrong with you, you stupid stupid question asker. After all the show tells us everything explicitly point blank in the finale.
Also, if you almost die in a nuclear plant meltdown that you avert from happening, but there is still an explosion and a fire that knocks you unconscious, when you come our of your coma you can be 100% CURED of your mental illness! As long you explain things to your alters nicely, they will finally understand and absorb themselves back into your consciousness so the real you can come out of hiding.
That last part is pretty representive of the issues I couldn't NOT notice this time around. I don't feel like the show we watched prior to S4 ever would have done something like this. I know Esmail has said this was always the plan, but man, for all the people on here who have a meltdown every time someone even mentions a question that falls outside the shows official Canon, or dares to mention anything "sci-fi" - how do you square THAT circle? Because, even though in wish to God it did, as someone very close to me suffers from schizoaffective disorder, mental illness just DOES NOT work that way no matter how hard you cried at the end. Honestly, time travel would have been more realistic and grounded than this. And don't dare try to say "it's just a TV show" or whatever if you are also one of the ones who get mad when sci-fi type elements or other possible interpretations get mentioned. Sometimes I feel like some of the people here, as well as Esmail, are trying to actually freaking gaslight anyone who think the finale doesn't really add up.
Angela's death and the moments that lead up to it, are also very strange and nonsensical in their execution. Why would Price agree to wear a fucking wire so White Rose could listen to him talk to her, tell her WR is a delusional psycho, and that she should really just let it go and move on - just to see of she buys it or not so WR knows if he is going to have his goons, who Price knows are like ten feet away, kill her. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS? And when did he agree to it? And why wouldn't he just write something down for her to let her know what is really happening so that he could get her to safety? Is Price just stupid suddenly? And why would Angela go from wanting retribution on moment to 30 seconds later just standing there as they shoot her in the back? And for that matter, why is WR, who for 3 seasons is calculated and meticulous and keeping everything on a perfect schedule, suddenly so sloppy and petty and obviously evil?
White Rose's whole character changes some in season 3 as well, but dramatically so in season 4, and not in any sense for the better. Up until this season, it was easy enough to believe she was possibly evil, but she was definitely principled and focused and you felt like there was ambiguity to her. S4 drops that entirely. She might as well put on a twirling mustache and laugh maniacally every time she is on screen with the exception of the two scenes in which she speaks to Elliot - in those scenes she seems sincere and empathetic, but due to the overall changes, we know that she is just trying to manipulate him. Or something. The last confrontation between her and Elliot makes no actual sense in many ways, but one of the things that really got to me was that SHE WAS RIGHT about Elliot, and Elliots response to her was just childish and dumb, not showing even a slight capability for reason or making a coherent argument against her.
And okay, the goddamned machine. If it didn't matter, and it never mattered, and people really should stop asking about it already because that's not what the show is about, stupid - then why does it need to be stopped? If it didn't work, then it poses no real threat outside of a nuclear meltdown, right? The plant is what needs to be shut down, not the machine. But Elliot went to infect the machine with malware to disable it. Disable it from doing what? If the machine is immaterial to the "REAL" story because it's a delusional fantasy that never could have worked anyway, and the only danger it poses is causing the meltdown, then why does Elliot go to infect her machine? He mentions that she wants to destroy the world to her. How? With ONE nuclear power plant melting down? And why is it such a problem that people feel that we should have been given answers to these questions? Elliot apparently knows what it does, and he also seems to think it's dumb, but he he goes there to disable a machine that doesn't work in order to keep it from doing something it never could do.
Better question - why was WR waiting for Elliot with the full brainwashing suite all set up for him? He wouldn't have gone if Price hadn't asked him to, to honor Angela, he says. But it must have been a setup somehow, because WR knew he was coming, and started running the machine long before he arrived. WR casually says that this process was never about brainwashing.
I find it funny the things that some people here will cherry pick facts over. In S2E11 most of the true believer types think everything that WR says is bs, EXCEPT for when he tells Angela that young Angela's bruises were fake. They accept this statement as absolute truth, despite WR seemingly brainwashing an entire army to kill themselves without hesitation any time something goes wrong or she says to. But clearly there is no chance she was lying about the seemingly abused girl sitting in front of a desk with a very deliberately placed copy of Lolita on it.
In that same scene, WR tells Angela Pont blank "it was not a coincidence that you and Elliot became the people that you are after the incident at the WTP". But, you see, she is lying in that part, because it makes the ending we got seem less complete. I would say that finding out whatever the hell that incident even was around be far more informative and useful than 10,000 revelations about being molested.
The episode before that is where Darlene talks about being kidnapped, right before Angela is kidnapped. These parallels either mean SOMETHING, or the show is possibly bad
The molestation reveal is a dumb twist in an actually otherwise great episode. I have now read 2000 and 1 reasons why S4E7 is the best episode of all time, and honestly, I get that it emotionally connected with a ton people, but I really don't see how this information changes anything about the story or characters for the better. And not to mention having Vera pushing the whole thing is pretty convoluted, and Vera's reasoning makes less sense even than leaving a computer game that allows your nemesis to shut down the project that is your life's work for no reason even though without that you technically win and also you shoot yourself because of faith or something.
Vera's return overall felt hack and unneeded for the story in S4, but the fact that they brought him back just to awkwardly facilitate a therapy breakthrough that, and I'm sorry I don't want to hurt anyone with my words, but a therapy breakthrough that I personally feel is another lie. When I look at the scene in S3 where Edward collapses, and the conversation they are having, and try to listen with this information in mind - dude, either the show is lying, or maybe the show is just bad. Because that scene is just STRANGE beyond human comprehension for this context. It's so casual. It sounds more like something you might hear between two old, adult friends who got too drunk the night before, and one of them took advantage of the other. This does not sound like a conversation between an 8 year old and his father who it seems must have very recently raped him. I mean, Elliot acts like this just happened in the scene. And what kind of father apologizes for rape like that? I know there are people here who say this is a carbon copy picture of what this situation really looks like. Maybe it is for them, but as someone with some experience in this matter myself, I guess my picture is just a different one. And okay, fine, I can accept it could be like this for someone out there, but I just don't feel like it was the right choice here. The previous understanding that they were talking about Edward never getting treated for the cancer that kills him seconds later made much more sense to me. And besides, I don't know why we needed to know that anyway - because the show isn't really about that anyway, and you don't need answers for everything, right?
Honestly, the subtext of the show, I will agree, does point to Elliot being sexually abused. Just not by his father. It also points to both Darlene and Angela being abused as well, due to the Lolita references throughout the show. Now, I do think Elliot could possibly be blaming his father for what happened to him, but considering Krista is the least developed, most NPC like character in the show, I don't really trust that she is actually trying to help Elliot have a breakthrough - but that she is repeating the proper keywords to trigger this cover memory.
People will say that this is absurd, but WR KNOWS ABOUT THE SEXUAL ABUSE, as evidenced by the strategically placed copy of Lolita and her speaking to Angela as though her and Elliot were a package deal. There was no need for WR to mention Elliot at all. But she does, and draws explicit parallels between the two of them. The copy of Lolita, the abused young Angela, both point pretty clearly to sexual abuse. Darlene straight up uses the title charactes real name as her own alias. This is a lot of characters having been SA victims, so it seems to me that its all connected. Unless Edward was just the sweetest most prolific pedo in town, I think it's more likely something else happened, or at very least, others were involved. That would make 4.7 an episode that tried really hard to convince the audience of something that is just another layer, another obstraction to decipher. Or it's what the shows says it is and it just feels kind of lazy and insipid.
Look, first several times through, I didn't think any of this. It was only on this recent rewatch, after two years of not thinking about the show that I started noticing these things. After I had my theories I ended up here, and some of the cope I read from people here just blows my mind.
I honestly feel that the indoctrination rooms WR speaks to Elliot and Angela in seem to clearly be crafted in a very specific manner, not to brainwash Elliot or Angela, but to trigger the programming done to them as children. WR pretends that he doesn't know anything about Angela is that scene, but the book is right there. The girl is a double of her child self at the exact age the 'incident' is said to have occurred. Either these elements are purposeful and have meaning in the story, or in my opinion, this is just bad writing. Creating 20-30 intriguing mysteries with symbolism and suggestion and carefully crafted moments, only to toss them all and say they were all red herrings and none of them mattered, you freaking suckers, at very least, shows a lack of respect and maybe even contempt for your audience. The specific references to some of this stuff are too numerous to count. Oh, and that's not how red herrings are supposed to work, you don't spend hours of screen time filling the screen and story with hundreds of little 'clues' to mysteries you aren't even sure are mysteries yet. It makes no sense. All the meticulous crafting of scenes and moments and all the detailed set work, and the specifically framed shots clearly being used to tell the audience to pay attention to that stuff - all of that was just to fux with the audience so they wouldn't guess esmails masterminded secret that no one has ever done before of SA from elliots father, and the fact that the character we know as Elliot is actually another alter created by Elliot that imprisoned Elliot in his own mind , that is literally called the MasterMind. And wow, does that ever sound dumb when I type it out.
Why woulf Eliot create an alter like MasterMind specifically to not know who mr. Robot or his father or Darlene or a ton of other people were, but made sure MM knew who Angela, Krista, and his coworkers were, in addition to how to hack anything, oh and also program in his addiction to Morphine. I mean, if you were creating an alter with intention, and the intention was to create a dark antihero superhacker version of yourself, and you could edit out things like who your sister was, what your father looked like, etc - you know, a slick more focused version of yourself, wouldn't you edit out the crippling addiction? The show says more than once that MM was only born a month ago, so it was Elliot assisted by Mr. Robot that created Fsociety? I thought that made sense for a moment, that Elliot freaked out and created MM when he realized his goals were probably going to have collateral damage no matter what he did. So, then he would create MM, his comic book alter, and put himself in the loop so he wouldnt have to deal with the consequences and memories that were sure to come if they pulled the plan off. But then, when Mr robot pulls who were told is MM back into the fold of the hacker alliance, all MM does is fight him on it every step of the way. Not to mention it makes no sense to edit out Darlene, mr. Robot, etc if MM is meant to work with them.
I'm not saying that Esmail is lying, or that the reality the show sold you is definitely not the one it believes it is depicting - it very well be just as the show and so many insist that it is - exactly what the show explains. Nothing more, nothing less. What I'm saying is that if these are the 'real' answers, the show is providing these answers to questions that are different from the ones the show has given us. In other words, the show is actually, much to my dismay and chagrin, actually very badly written and conceived.
Now if MM was an alter programmed into Elliot when he was a child and triggered into life like a sleeper agent by the dark army in order to carry out this plan as a sort of secret weapon...this is strongly suggested by the moment in S1E4 where Mr. Robot in the monopoly mask gives a mask to Elliot and tells him - "It belongs to you now. Made in the Orient. Made just for your head. Now find your monster and turn the key." The whole show makes more sense through this lens. I never noticed it upon my first several viewings somehow - and this was my favorite episode for a long time, ive seen it the most of all. But once I saw it, I couldn't shake it. His father, as the elder statesman of fsociety, seemingly, passes the mask/torch to his son, says it was made just for his head in the Orient, and hands him a key and tells him to find his monster, which the show now tells us is actually MM. If MM was a programmed alter, designed to focus and use Elliots "rage" so many other things fall into place. They trigger the alter as designed, but it's Mr. Robot, the manifestation of his memories of his father that they did not account for. Mr. Robot is antagonistic towards MM because he knows what MM is and that the consequences he is there to bring about will probably lead to elliots death. It's possible, in this context, that Krista is probably sent specifically as a handler for MM, to monitor him and keep him from discovering his true origins, which would likely end badly for WR because they know what they created and what he is capable of. I would also add that in this version, I would surmise that MM was actually "born" a long time ago, but he was placed in the loop and lived there for years. In the loop, Darlene does not exist because as robot loop Krista explains to MM, not Elliot, that removing Darlene from the loop was their best chance at trapping him (elliot prime) here. She doesn't say it was Masterminds best chance at trapping him there, she refers to a they. It is implied it's the other alters she is referring to - but they don't seem to be taking responsibility for creating MM or the loop, and I see no reason why they would be lying to each other about that. It makes more sense if it was the brainwashing programmers she is referring to, and that they created the loop and then MM and then placed MM there. By having this alter living this loop for years, when he was switched on, he immediately tries to seek what he lived in there for all those years - a job at allsafe, a relationship with Angela, and a world without the Washington township plant (which was removed because being the place his brainwashing originally took place, it's presence might trigger him and wake him up too soon, just like Darlene, which backfired, to say the least). Those things really do kind of belong to MM, he lived that loop for so long. Think of the loop in this instance as training of sorts. I can only assume they would have updated the loop periodically as well, to keep MM himself somewhat up to date so that when he is triggered he would recognize certain people, such as Tyrell, who would have been given a 'monster' of his own, placed in that same loop, as well as Angela, but I think Angela's programming failed "you were supposed to be dead 90 days ago" or whatever WR tells her. She seems to swap with a colder, more monster like persona at times, but it's unstable. For a bit at the end of S1, the presence of her father seemed to trigger her. But it glitches or loses control leading to her Think about that - they wouldn't need to supernaturally share the same 'world' they would just all need to be on the same software revision. Once the Monster alters are triggered, they seek out to change the world they see into what they had in the loop - what does this vicious Tyrrell seek? Power, to be the head of e Corp, filled with so much rage, because of what he doesn't have in this world that he had before. Joanna seemed to be more his handler than his wife, and she seemed to know exactly what was going on with both tyrell and Eliot. This version of event explains these things that the show just kind of drops.
Now, I Cannot prove any of that. And the text of the show explicitly contradicts it, but this is the only way I can make thus stuff make sense. Even the ending where in the current Canon he pretty much just decides to not be mentally ill anymore, in this version that would make so much more sense, as he isn't curing serious mental illness through heroism, he is breaking the bonds of his programming. Which, hey, isn't a perfectly grounded concept either, but it's actually more grounded than the alternative.
Sadly, this does not fix the biggest problem with S4 - well, two problems, actually -
1 - the entire premise of the majority of this season - the magical hack they do that somehow bankrupts a 100 billionaires via 2factor phishing like some fuxing 4chan goblins. Many people have pointed out - no billionare would have that much in liquid assets in any single bank account. Period. The entire IDEA of what they claim to steal is not even connected to how things work. Every hacking scene in this show has been brilliant until this. What's worse is that I don't eve understand how this is supposed to stop WR - they wiped her checking account so now she can't buy ice cream for the deus group on the way home? Kidding. But, seriously, compared to everything the fans came up with and everything that came before, this was boiler plate, brainless writing. It doesn't make sense on any level, tbh. So, the idea is that WR is gonna kill Elliot once the project starts "shipping" (must be one hell of a FedEx box) - also, why couldn't she just rebuild a new one there? Nevermind, doesn't matter, I forgot - so, the plan is to steal ALL ZE MONIES, so she can't pay the shipping fees, thereby stopping her from killing them for a little longer? What next? Stalk WR who is somehow poor now, and have tyrell pay her to let him beat her up now and then? If anything WR would just recover in a week or so and kill MM in the meantime. The whole concept of this is asinine and truly below the shows high standards and possibly even below trash level network tv mystery of the week stuff. S4 is already pretty far outside of grounded, sorry believers.
  1. The finale seems to me to be missing a major component that I feel was meant to be there throughout Angela. The scripts for season for absolutely stink of frantic rewrites to cover for something. It's pretty obvious what happened here - Portia left the show. They should have recast Angela, but I respect that Esmail tried to roll with it, and make it work without her character - it just feels like that is what seasons 1-3 were heading towards, Elliot, Angela, Tyrell and Darlene all united to fight back and take back control - but originally they would have been plotting to take down the machine itself.
I cannot prove this, to be fair. And I'm probably wrong, but it would have made so much more sense.
But what about the other stuff? If my ideas are so much better, why didn't the obviously more talented people behind the show do that instead? Portia leaving the show can't account for that. And you're right. But something else happened in the lead up to season 4s preproduction that might have just made the whole idea of an underground cabal of secret elites suddenly unpalatable to USA, and possibly to Esmail himself - a little thing called Pizzagate.
Rumors of the pizzagate scandal, leading to crazy people extremists threatening the employees of a small WASHINGTON Pizza joint. It would just look like the show was feeding conspiracy fires. Hell, in the same position I might have done the same thing. And sure, I might be getting the details wrong, but seriously, the story being told in at very least S1 and S2 matches up with this far better than what we got. It matches up with the ultimate ending and the MM reveal as well. This version, go ahead and tell me I'm crazy, but this version absolutely answers all the questions, except for the details of what the machine did. I think it probably was a massive control matrix of sorts, perhaps something that merged parallel realities with this one (not all that sci-fi at this point), it would have been tied to whatever happened to these kids, and it would have been the true source of White Rose's power. They would have banded together, finally realizing who they really were, and they would have destroyed the machine, and WR would have still pulled that trigger, but for different reasons. What reasons would those have been? I have ideas, but that's enough for now.
Seriously, I know these ideas are likely just wrong. That none of this was ever in the plan, and this is just me trying to make sense of the show, because the version we got doesn't really make sense. And I want it to so much. Because I love this show, but if all the symbolism and mystery and surreal everything were nothing but a bunch of puzzle box nonsense that never had answers and was just there to look cool, well, if that's the case then my opinion is sadly that my favorite show was ultimately not very good, actually. There are probably even better versions Than i could ever figure out, and if it was revealed that no, the stuff that I came up with was way off, but here's the real story and the we get hit with mind blowing thing that had to be changed for reasons? That would also be awesome.
But we wont.
I don't expect anyone to read this massive novel I spit out over the course of several hours, but if anyone does, thank you. I did this largely for myself because I needed to get it off my mind. Goodnight.
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2023.05.31 01:35 Curly_Melly [QCrit] WEAPONS OF POWER - YA Fantasy - 97k (7th Attempt) + First 300 Words

I'm back! Two and half months and a complete revision later and I'm back with my 7th (wow, seven) attempt at this. I took a lot of your suggestions to heart and had some help from a fellow lurker on this subreddit with the blurb and first 300 words. Also, I would love your opinion on how to make my bio section betteless boring. As always, thanks in advance for your help!
Here are my past attempts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Hello, [Agent Name]
I am so excited to share my 97,000-word YA Fantasy novel WEAPONS OF POWER with you! Combining the atmospheric, Arabian-inspired setting from Hafsah Faizal’s We Hunt the Flame and Maiya Ibrahim’s The Spice Road with the strange and mystical monsters from the famed multimedia series The Witcher, WEAPONS OF POWER is a standalone with series potential.
When a Champion dies, another must be selected.
Tales of the desert’s danger have been told for as long as the seven clans have existed. In an effort to quench her inexplicable longing for the open horizon, seventeen-year-old Leona ventures beyond her clan’s borders despite the legends that warn against it.
Out there, beyond the sand-dusted and wind-worn structures, she encounters her clan’s Champion—a cruel, arrogant man that wields one of the clans’ most sacred weapons—bloodied, broken, and dead at the hands of monsters that were supposed to be nothing more than myths. Now, the Trials to select a new Champion must be held and Leona cannot get the monster she saw out of her head. Her obsession drives her to join the sacred competition in search of the truth, forced to disguise herself as a man and hide her participation from her family.
As the Trials continue, instead of Leona’s investigation leading her further into the desert as she expected, it leads her into the heart of her clan. There, she finds a bizarre creature that looks to be more man than monster and realizes that there is more to the Champions' secrets than she thought. Caught between two worlds, Leona is forced to make a choice—uncover the truth and return to her simple life once the Trials are over or give up everything she’s ever known to join the fight against the desert’s monsters.
I have a BA in Creative Writing from [University] and am currently pursuing an MLS at [University]. My work has been published within SUNY Geneseo’s Gandy Dancer and awarded the Mary Louise White Award. This will be my debut novel.
The first [#] pages are pasted below, as per your submission guidelines.
First 300:
The hounds are antsy. They prance around the small garden, snapping at each other on the verge of violence. The dogs slam into their gate and it rattles on its flimsy hinges. The latch is rust-covered and on its last legs—one good hit would be enough to break its hold on the wooden post.
“What are you doing, Leona?”
Blinking, she turns. Bez stands to her side, his face twisted into a scowl and his arms crossed over his chest. Though his expression may appear hostile, she can see through his angry façade with little effort. She can almost visualize that exact expression on his much younger self. All that’s missing are worried tears.
The sun blazes down on them, casting his face in dark shadows that draw his features down. Sweat prickles at her hairline and an arid breeze drifts down the sand-dusted street. Her skirts flow with it, whipping around her legs and becoming tangled.
She straightens her skirts and looks back to the horizon. “I’m not doing anything.”
His eyes narrow. “Clearly, you’re doing something. You’ve been standing here since dawn.”
She huffs a sigh. Something is constricting around her chest, a band that grows tighter the longer she ignores it. Her very being thrums with want. Just the thought of an open horizon and the desert’s flat expanse makes her heart ache.
Leona looks back to Bez. “And what’s so wrong with that? Will my mother be wroth that I’m simply standing outside, now? How absolutely wicked of me!”
A flush rises up his neck and to his cheeks, reddening the bronze skin into a deep russet. His shoulders stiffen and his jaw clenches. She stifles a smile and turns away. It’s always so easy to rile him up.
“Be serious,” Bez demands. “Tell me what you’re doing.”
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2023.05.31 01:32 VenomRogue413 Anyone else feel like they just physically and mentally cannot work? If you do, any advice?

I have had this problem since my first job. The idea of having to go to work just fills me with constant dread. Having a job feels like a constant dark cloud hanging over everything. Even when I have leisure time, vacation, etc., I can't fully enjoy anything knowing I have to go back to work. I have tried therapy, career counseling, antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and anxiety meds, and none of it has touched this in the slightest. I have tried endless meds and combos of them. It feels like I live in a world that was not made for me because I don't enjoy anything about adult life. I am a ten year old trapped in a 30 year old body. I enjoy playing with toys with my sister and living in our fantasy world in my free time. I am also asexual. It seems to me that growing up is a succession of losing things--the things you love to do, people you love, etc., and being forced to do new things you don't enjoy and be around people you are physically incapable of connecting with and loving (friends, dating, marriage, and work relationships). I want none of that. I want to live in my parents' house with my sister forever and play with dolls and toys and develop my fantasy world. All of it makes me so angry that I have made violent threats and been hospitalized and put on temporary detention order. I can't stand seeing everyone with their happy little society that I'm not a part of. Work is not the only problem by far, but it is the main problem. I genuinely want the world to end because 1) I wouldn't have to go to work anymore or get any older and 2) everyone else would get what they deserve for creating a world I cannot exist happily in. Does anyone have any advice for me or anything to say? And please don't tell me I'm just lazy. I thought that myself for years before coming to the conclusion that there is something seriously wrong with me. I've had every diagnosis under the sun--OCD, GAD, bipolar, borderline, schizotypal, antisocial PD, depression, etc...there is no right answer, and even if there was, none of the meds or therapy work anyway. I also live in a very small town with no access to psychiatrists with good reviews. I just want a little advice. I just got back from vacation and go back to work tomorrow and I'm feeling dreadful and angry about it. I mentioned something to my family about asking my boss if I could telework from home at least two days a week (I'm an admin assistant at a university, and my job is really low key. I essentially get paid to sit in an office alone for 8 hours and do whatever I want, including watching Youtube, surfing the internet, drawing, painting, writing, etc.) My family told me my job wouldn't want me anymore if I ask that, and I assume I should trust them. But if I can't even handle a job like this where I get paid to do absolutely nothing, that means I know I can't handle anything else. I've tried other things and it's always been this way. My last two jobs ended in utter disaster and the psych ward. I just hate work for so many reasons:
  1. being away from my family
  2. having to do anything
  3. having to get up early
  4. long hours
  5. weekends are only two days
  6. knowing about all the things I'd be doing if I weren't working--going shopping, eating out, etc.
  7. contributing to a society I would rather destroy
  8. being around other people outside my family--fuck them all
  9. How the fuck is a 10 year old supposed to handle a job? (trust me, I've worked with 10 year olds, and I am definitely 10 trapped in the wrong body.)
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2023.05.31 01:24 drake_burroughs Thoughts on the Cockrum/Grell Legion

Thoughts on the Cockrum/Grell Legion
I've been re-reading my Legion collection and wanted to share a few thoughts about some of the different eras. I include the Cockrum/Grell (I'm basically talking Superboy #172 to the Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl wedding) time together because I think this era marks a couple of key milestones for the group that I find fascinating. I also wanted to see what other people thought and look forward to seeing your opinions.
Here are my short form thoughts (I can expand, if anyone's interested):
Adults versus kids - this is the first time that the book starts to feel like the team members are in their 20's. In the 60's, the characters were usually drawn and written like children. Now, Cockrum and Grell make them look like adults. The stories are still very innocent, but there are attempts to make them more mature.
For the first time, characters not getting along - there are some attempts, usually only with Tyroc and Wildfire, to have characters actually disagree and struggle to work together. It's amazing that DC was so far behind Marvel here with team dynamics, but they're trying.
It's the glorious 70's - Especially when Grell is drawing the book, this screams the vibe of the 70's with every page. From the hairstyles to the costume designs to the clunky dialogue where the writer tries to add slang, it's very decade-specific. Also, some of the really bad attempts at making more diverse characters (Tyroc is painful to read) are the first signs of trying to get a bigger audience. And the whole Karate Kid series is an attempt to cash in on the kung fu craze without anyone actually having a clue as to why kung fu was popular.
The end of the short-form stories - this is really the last time we see 10 and 12-page stories in the Legion. Cary Bates and Jim Shooter do their best trying to make this work, but it's a hard read sometimes. It's such a change from modern stuff, which is so stretched out and written for a trade. Seeing very self-contained short stories is, sometimes, a refreshing change.
Amazingly beautiful art - there's one simple reason why Legion sales rose sharply in the mid-70's: Mike Grell. If you haven't seen any of his work, check it out now.
Thoughts? Am I completely off base here?
What's your favourite part of this era? Best costume designs? Worst? Best story? Worst?
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2023.05.31 01:24 mumpkinn Social Connections Survey (Young adults 18-29)

I am working on my interior design capstone project and I am designing a Center for young adults, to make social connections, through skill sharing and hobbies.
I have a quick 11 questions survey, it should take about 5-6 minutes, and I would love some input from. Anyone one is welcome to fill it out, but it is aimed at young adults from 18-29.
Thank you!
Social Connections Survey
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2023.05.31 01:22 Intelligent-Pay-8726 Questions about dna?

Can a person have specific fears passed down through generations? What if people remember their past lives as a baby but forgot it right away? What if you can end your life simply by doing something out of routine. It's easy to do by breaking a law obviously. But sometimes I wonder if I got out of bed at 3 am and started walking would my life would be over and I would be greeted by omnipotent beings. Why is a child's mind so much more vivid than an adults? Things make real impressions in a child. Everything was more colorful and connected. I remember things from when I was a child and the memories have more dimension than the adult ones. Maybe its because ive remembered them kver and over theyve become more distinguished. What is there for an adult? You either live alone die alone or resign yourself to fuck only one person when that's the best thing there is is to fuck multiple people and slave to work to support a family to roll roulette on having shitty kids that will probably go on to kill someone. I wish I could unlock my mind and trip 24/7. I wish I could just lay down and imagine anything I wanted all the time. I think I fucked up my brain. I made parts fight each other. And my body too. I made different parts hate each other. Sometimes I will talk to or congratulate different parts of my body and it never goes well. Once I congratulated and thanked my body for the first time in many years. I felt a wash of good feeling and connection in every part of my body. No sooner did I felt it did the speaking voice part of my brain show that the gratitude was disingenuous. My body and the rest of the brain just figured it out quick that it was fibbing and then the speaking voice tried to make up for it. It said "I know, that was a transparent attempt to flatter you all and gain your favor. But I really do love and appreciate you" and my body felt good again. Then the speaking voice smiled. And the smile was so big you could tell the fucking piece of shit was lying and hates my body and the rest of my brain and probably like everything else too. And it's like that my main voice is just always wanting to smile and be seen and be beautiful even though it's hateful and the rest of everything my brain my body is like no bro you're not that cool. And they're right, I'm not cool. I should break myself down and start over so should all of youi. I fucking hate everyone i wish a steam plane would pick everyone up in a net and carry them over the ocean. Just dangle them. Dangle dup in the ocean don't drown stupid. Give the sharks and killer whales a nice show.
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2023.05.31 01:21 SOTG_Duncan_Idaho Any recommendations for low volume home laserjet?

I'm finally going to break down and get a home printer. I can no longer use the office printer (hah) and I hate going to kinkos!
Basically I want to print the occasional sheet music, legal document (not legal size paper), car registration, etc. that comes up every month or so.
So, what I need is a printer that is:
I don't want to invest a lot of money, but I'm willing to spend enough that it won't just be throw away junk. I can see printers for ~$79-120 advertised but I would bet they print 10 pages then die.
I'd be willing to spend up to 300 if necessary.
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2023.05.31 01:16 Gunzerker832270 [USA-TX] [H] Nintendo Switch Collection, Gamecube Collection, DS Collection, PS2 Games, Elden Ring PS5 Collectors Edition and Xbox One Games PS4 Games available in the Comments [W] PayPal F&F

More Games In the Comments! Feel free to throw out offers if its reasonable ill make a deal! also not everything can fit in my post so please check the comment for more items as they will be listed there! Shipping is $4 on games/bundled games for consoles its $8
Game Boy Advance
Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure (CO) $100.00
Gameboy Advance Console (Missing Backplate) $55.00
Mario Kart Super Circuit (CO) $20.00
Pokemon Emerald Version (Cartridge Only) $185.00
Pokemon Ruby Version (Cartridge Only) $75.00
Pokemon Sapphire Version (Cartridge Only) $75.00
Game Boy
Pokemon Blue (CO) $50.00
Pokemon Gold (CO) (NO LABEL) $35.00
Pokemon Silver (CO) $50.00
Nintendo Entertainment System
- NES Classic Edition Console (NEW) $140.00
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
- Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition (NEW) $150.00
Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventure (DISK ONLY) $60.00
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (CIB) $110.00
Legend of Zelda The Windwaker (CIB) $70.00
Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker (CIB NO MANUAL) $55.00
Mario Kart Double Dash (CIB NO MANUAL) $75.00
Mario Party 7 (CIB TEAR ON MANUAL) $58.00
Metroid Prime (CIB NO MANUAL) $20.00
Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes (CIB) $115.00
NBA Street (CIB) $15.00
NBA Street Vol. 2 (CIB) $28.00
Super Mario Sunshine (CIB) $40.00
Nintendo Switch
2k Battle Grounds (CIB) $15.00
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AfterParty (CIB) $32.00
Atelier DuskTriology Deluxe Pack (CIB) NEW $100.00
Baldo The Guardian Owls The Three Fairies Edition (CIB) $25.00
Baldurs Gate & Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Editions (CIB) $45.00
The Banner Saga Trilogy (CIB) $12.00
Battle Chasers Night War (CIB) $18.00
Bendy and the Ink Machine (CIB) $25.00
Big Brain Academy Brain Vs Brain (CIB) $25.00
BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites (CIB) $42.00
The Caligula Effect Overdose (CIB) $80.00
Carto (CIB) $40.00
Cat Quest (CIB) $15.00
Cave Story (CIB) $35.00
Celeste (CIB) $85.00
Chasm (CIB) $39.00
Child of Light Ultimate Edition + Valiant Hearts the Great War (CIB) $38.00
Children of Morta (CIB) $20.00
Citizens Unite (CIB) $35.00
Civilization VI (CIB) $11.00
The Classic Collection DOOM (CIB) $40.00
Crash Bandicoot 4 Its about Time (CIB) $19.00
Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (CIB) $18.00
Crypt of The Necrodancer Switch Edition (CIB) $18.00
Darksiders War Mastered Edition (CIB) $23.00
Darksiders: War Mastered Edition (CIB) (BLACK SPINE MISPRINT) $55.00
Darq Complete edition (CIB) $21.00
Deaths Door (CIB) $30.00
Disgaea 5 Complete (CIB) $28.00
Disgaea (CIB) $30.00
Disney Classic Games Collection Aladdin-Lion King (CIB) $10.00
Divinity II Original Sin Definitive Edition (CIB) $125.00
DOOM (CIB) $28.00
DOOM 64 (CIB) $32.00
Dragon Ball Fighter Z (CIB) $17.00
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot A New Power Awakens Set (CIB) $30.00
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (CIB) $15.00
Dragons Dogma Dark Ariser (CIB) $18.00
Dragon Quest Builders (CIB) $70.00
Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age S Definitive Edition (CIB) $42.00
Eastward Japanese Version (CIB) $20.00
Eastward (CIB) $25.00
Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force (CIB) $40.00
Fifa 18 (CIB) $10.00
FIST Forged In Shadow Torch (CIB) $25.00
Forager (CIB) $20.00
For the King (CIB) $25.00
Forgotten Anne (CIB) $45.00
The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa (CIB) $30.00
Game Builder Garage (CIB) $12.00
Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered (CIB) $18.00
God Eater 3 (CIB) $17.00
Hello Neighbor (CIB) $10.00
Hyrule Wariors Definitive Edition (CIB) $60.00
Katamari Damacy Reroll (CIB) $10.00
The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom (CIB) $8.00
Maneater (CIB) $18.00
Mary Skelter 2 (CIB) $50.00
Max the Curse of Brotherhood (CIB) $20.00
Metro Redux (CIB) $18.00
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (CIB) $55.00
Monster Hunter Rise (CIB) $19.00
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (CIB) $20.00
Moonlighter (CIB) $14.00
Moving Out (CIB) $19.00
Mud Runner American Wilds (CIB) $20.00
Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden (CIB) $13.00
My Friend Pedro (CIB) $25.00
My Hero Ones Justice (CIB) $8.00
NBA 2K Playgound 2 (CIB) $10.00
NBA 2K18 (CIB) $5.00
Neo the World Ends with You (CIB) $19.00
Neon Abyss (CIB) $35.00
Nier Automata The End of Yorha Edition (CIB) $28.00
Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand (CIB) $15.00
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Oddworld Collection (CIB) $23.00
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Pathway (CIB) $28.00
Persona 5 Royal (CIB) $38.00
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Portal Knights (CIB) $16.00
Quake (CIB) $29.00
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (CIB) $17.00
RBI 19 Baseball (CIB) $18.00
Resident Evil Origins Collection (CIB) $21.00
Resident Evil Triple Pack (CIB) $31.00
Return of the Obra Dinn (CIB) $43.00
River City Girls ZERO (CIB) $45.00
Ruiner (CIB) $44.00
Rustler (CIB) $15.00
Saints Row the Third The Full Package (CIB) $16.00
Samurai Shodown (CIB) $120.00
Sega Genisis Classics (CIB) $24.00
Scott Pilgrim VS the World: the Game Complete Edition (CIB) $24.00
Scribblenauts Mega Pack (CIB) $13.00
Scibblenauts Showdown (CIB) $10.00
Shin Megami Tensei V (CIB) $27.00
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Shiren the Wanderer The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate (CIB) $41.00
Shovel Knight Treasure Trove (CIB) $29.00
Sine Mora FX (CIB) $13.00
SnipperClips Plus (CIB) $23.00
Snow Runner (CIB) $28.00
Sonic Mania Plus (CIB) $37.00
Sparklite (CIB) $18.00
Splatoon 2 (CIB) $15.00
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (CIB) $15.00
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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (CIB) $61.00
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Story of Season Friends of Mineral Town (CIB) $20.00
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Tactics Ogre Reborn (CIB) $33.00
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Untitled Goose Game (CIB) $21.00
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valkyria Chronicles 4 (CIB) $28.00
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Disney Classic Games Collection: Aladdin-Lion King (CIB) $10.00
The Division 2 Gold Edition Steelbook (CIB) $15.00
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (CIB) $15.00
DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition (CIB) $15.00
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Destroy All Humans! (CIB) $10.00
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HITMAN 2 (CIB) $14.00
The Hunter Call of the Wild (CIB) $30.00
Immortal Fenyx Rising (CIB) $5.00
Injustice 2 Legendary Edition (CIB) $10.00
Inside + Limbo (CIB) $12.00
It Takes Two (CIB) $23.00
John Wick Hex (CIB) $12.00
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MLB The Show 2021 (CIB) $5.00
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NBA 2k Playgrounds 2 (CIB) $5.00
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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered (CIB) $15.00
Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition (CIB) $15.00
Ori and the Will of the Wisps (CIB) $15.00
Planescape Torment and Icewind Enhanced Edition (CIB) $10.00
Planet Coaster: Console Edition (CIB) $15.00
Quantum Break (CIB) $5.00
Rare Replay One Epic Collection (CIB) $5.00
Rayman Legends (CIB) $12.00
Rise of the Tomb Raider (CIB) $10.00
Red Dead Redemtion II (CIB) $20.00
Resident Evil 2 (CIB) $15.00
Resident Evil 3 (CIB) $20.00
Resident Evil 4 (CIB) $20.00
Resident Evil 5 HD (CIB) $15.00
Resident Evil 6 (CIB) $20.00
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (CIB) $15.00
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition (CIB) $20.00
Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition (CIB) $30.00
Resident Evil Origins Collection (CIB) $17.00
Resident Evil Revelation (CIB) $15.00
Resident Evil Revelations 2 (CIB) $12.00
Rustler (CIB) $10.00
Saints Row the Third Remastered (CIB) $15.00
Samurai Shodown (CIB) $15.00
Scribblenaughts Showdown (CIB) $8.00
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (CIB) $30.00
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (CIB) $30.00
Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun (CIB) $10.00
Shenmue I and II (CIB) $12.00
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (CIB) $20.00
Sonic Mania (CIB) $15.00
Stardew Valley Collectors Edition (CIB) $15.00
Star Wars Battlefront II (CIB) $10.00
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (CIB) $15.00
Star Wars Squadrons (CIB) $10.00
State of Decay 2 (CIB) $10.00
Sunset Overdrive (CIB) $5.00
Tails of Iron (CIB) $15.00
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (CIB) $15.00
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (CIB) $15.00
Tony Hawks Pros Skater 1 + 2 (CIB) $15.00
Watch Dogs 2 (CIB) $5.00
Watch Dogs Legion (CIB) $10.00
Wasteland 3 (CIB) $15.00
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Complete Edition (CIB) $15.00
WWE 2K Battlegrounds (CIB) $5.00
World War Z (CIB) $10.00
World War Z Aftermath (CIB) $15.00
XCOM 2 Collection (CIB) $11.00
Yakuza Like a Dragon Steelbook Edition (CIB) $15.00
Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection (CIB) $10.00
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2023.05.31 01:10 thebonesupport Small Multi-Color Prints

Small Multi-Color Prints
I'm posting a lot today cause I just received my X1C around 11:00 and I'm finding that the X1C has a bit of a learning curve compared to my little Ender 3 Neo. I've had two successful multi-color prints, the Bambu AMS Disconnect Tool and the scraper that preloaded into the printer, (first image). But when I tried to print my little maker coin, (see second image), this one was printed on my Ender 3 Neo, I tried to print it using three different colors on the X1C, (last image), it didn't turn out good. So, how can I get the other colors, like the letters and the white inner part, look better? I actually had to stop the print because I tried using an Overture cardboard spool that worked for about 3/4 of the print but somehow the filament got twisted under itself. I know that things will only get better the more I mess around with the X1C. Anyway, thanks for any assistance. :)

This particular maker coin was printed on my Ender 3 Neo.
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2023.05.31 01:05 NerdKing01 [Hiring] One of Two Comic Commissions

Good day to all artists and designers. I am looking to start a partnership with an artist to get one of two possible comics drawn. Both series I have in mind have full chapters/issues written out, and now they have to be drawn. I hope to hire someone who has some experience or wants experience in drawing a 24-28 page comic issue. One of the two series can be done right now, so people of multiple talents and/or people with different expertise can apply. Here are the following genres:
Science Fiction - A futuristic but also slightly grounded setting with robots, futuristic prosthetics, superpowers, and highly advanced tech. You can think of this as a world that's beginning to transition into a cyberpunk setting, but still in the early developments. I aim to go for an anime/comic art style for this series, an example being Invincible. All may apply, and I'll provide further details on the name of the series and what its about if the artist is interested.
Fantasy - A medieval, whimsical setting filled with magic, curses, mystical monsters and creatures, enemies of all sorts of evil, and continents filled with the greatest and the worst of cultures. With this one I want it to be more like a seinen, so not looking like an anime, but still stylized enough that its unique and fits a comic. My vision is Vinland Saga style but that is a high bar to hit, so my vision on how the artsyle should be is flexible. Just like the science fiction story, I'll provide further details on the name of the series and what its about if the artist is interested.
I'm excited to see who's interested, and I'll respond to any that are as soon as I possiblty can.
If Discord is better for you, my Discord is NerdKing#8274. Just tell me in the comments that you added me and what your user is so I know to add you back!
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2023.05.31 01:03 zombigoutesel The Myth of Iridium in Haiti.

The link at the top of this page is the Haitian Offices of mine and energy special publication on iridium. They put this out last year to set the record straight.
The conclusion on page 9 states that the commercial viability of iridium exploitation in Haiti is pur fantasy giveny the extremely low concentration in the beloc formation. It's more a geological point of interest that gives information on a 65 million year old geological event.
They source the studies done in the 80s and 90s. That started fuelling all the rumors.
There are several sources online misquoting these original studies and misquoting the publications of this same government office.
This is the interview of professor Vixamar that is often quoted. He isn't a geologist, Just random, university teacher.
This guy doesnt know what's he is saying and is pretty close to granmoun kap radote territory.
This Haiti liberté article quots both that interview and misquotes the Haitian agency for Mines and energy that put out that same report.
I've said it before, and I stand on it. Haiti liberté is straight up misinformation.
Then you have the Hotep Haitians Like this activist lady , on the rock Newman show. Misquoting these studies and just saying nonsense.
This is a clip floating around social media, but you can find the full interview. Li varye.
Please, Stop believing everything online and fact check some of this stuff.
You can see how the 3 viral sources reference each other and just perpetuate a harmful misconception.
This just fuels more of the conspiracy theories and detracts from having a real conversation about governance, rule of law or a rational social project.
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2023.05.31 01:02 leetzylou Outlander: Did you read all the books?

I just read Outlander, not realizing until halfway through that it is the first out of a series. I would love to talk about this book because I liked it enough to finish the first one, but will most likely not be continuing.
First of all, there were parts of this book where I almost DNF, because I personally don't hold with how Jamie would be just an absolute sweetheart, but the goes and does two things: 1) beat Claire, try to justify it, hold by the decision to do so, and then only promise not to again after Claire "threatens" him (which he clearly didn't take very seriously, though he did promise) 2) All the scenes in which he sexually engages with her in any sort of forceful way, tells her she can't say no, etc. Since we're reading from Claire's point of view, we know that she's kinda okay with it, buy he doesn't know that and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I decided to continue reading, because if I could just overlook those parts I actually really liked when Claire and Jamie interacted, and I thought the adventures they had throughout the book were interesting.
I finished the book and definitely had some bones to pick with it as mentioned above (also, the fact that all the gay characters were rapists, but I think this is something to be discussed separately, as there are nuances, in the sense that there were pleny of other people who were rapists also. Idk, it just felt icky to me), but was about to go borrow the second book from the library which is when I realized how feaking long the series is (nine books, not even including novellas and spin offs). I could not imagine going through all of that eight more times only to find that I wouldn't like the ending, so I looked up some spoilers.
I will not be continuing to read because I cannot believe after all that, [SPOILERS] Claire goes back to Frank and she and Jamie end up being separated for twenty years, Jamie doesn't meet his daughter until she's an adult, Jamie marries Laoghaire, has an illegitimate son, etc. I just absolutely cannot fathom reading about this stuff when I just spent 850 pages trying to get to a part with some vague resolution.
What do you think??
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2023.05.31 01:02 GetTherapyBham Book Review of Lament of the Dead: Psychology after Jung’s The Red Book by James Hillman and Sonu Shamdasani

“The years, of which I have spoken to you, when I pursued the inner images, were the most important time of my life. Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than only one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, the scientific elaboration, and the integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then.”\
― C.G. Jung, preface for The Red Book: Liber Novus
James Hillman: I was reading about this practice that the ancient Egyptians had of opening the mouth of the dead. It was a ritual and I think we don’t do that with our hands. But opening the Red Book seems to be opening the mouth of the dead.
Sonu Shamdasani: It takes blood. That’s what it takes. The work is Jung’s `Book of the Dead.’ His descent into the underworld, in which there’s an attempt to find the way of relating to the dead. He comes to the realization that unless we come to terms with the dead we simply cannot live, and that our life is dependent on finding answers to their unanswered questions.

Begun in 1914, Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s The Red Book lay dormant for almost 100 years before its eventual publication. Opinions are divided on whether Jung would have published the book if he had lived longer. He did send drafts to publishers early in life but seemed in no hurry to publish the book despite his advancing age. Regardless, it was of enormous importance to the psychologist, being shown to only a few confidants and family members. More importantly, the process of writing The Red Book was one of the most formative periods of Jung’s life. In the time that Jung worked on the book he came into direct experience with the forces of the deep mind and collective unconscious. For the remainder of his career he would use the experience to build concepts and theories about the unconscious and repressed parts of the human mind.
In the broadest sense, Jungian psychology has two goals.
  1. Integrate and understand the deepest and most repressed parts of the the human mind
  1. Don’t let them eat you alive in the process.
Jungian psychology is about excavating the most repressed parts of self and learning to hold them so that we can know exactly who and what we are. Jung called this process individuation. Jungian psychology is not, and should not be understood as, an attempt to create a religion. It was an attempt to build a psychological container for the forces of the unconscious. While not a religion, it served a similar function as a religion. Jungian psychology serves as both a protective buffer and a lens to understand and clarify the self. Jung described his psychology as a bridge to religion. His hope was that it could help psychology understand the functions of the human need for religion, mythology and the transcendental. Jung hoped that his psychology could make religion occupy a healthier, more mindful place in our culture by making the function of religion within humanity more conscious.
Jung did not dislike religion. He viewed it as problematic when the symbols of religion became concretized and people took them literally. Jungian psychology itself has roots in Hindu religious traditions. Jung often recommended that patients of lapsed faith return to their religions of origin. He has case studies encouraging patients to resume Christian or Muslim religious practices as a source of healing and integration. Jung did have a caveat though. He recommended that patients return to their traditions with an open mind. Instead of viewing the religious traditions and prescriptive lists of rules or literal truths he asked patients to view them as metaphors for self discovery and processes for introspection. Jung saw no reason to make religious patients question their faith. He did see the need for patients who had abandoned religion to re-examine its purpose and function.
The process of writing The Red Book was itself a religious experience for Jung. He realized after his falling out from Freud, that his own religious tradition and the available psychological framework was not enough to help him contain the raw and wuthering forces of his own unconscious that were assailing him at the time. Some scholars believe Jung was partially psychotic while writing The Red Book, others claim he was in a state of partial dissociation or simply use Jung’s term “active imagination”.
The psychotic is drowning while the artist is swimming. The waters both inhabit, however, are the same. Written in a similar voice to the King James Bible, The Red Book has a religious and transcendent quality. It is written on vellum in heavy calligraphy with gorgeous hand illuminated script. Jung took inspiration for mystical and alchemical texts for its full page illustrations.
It is easier to define The Red Book by what it is not than by what it is. According to Jung, it is not a work of art. It is not a scholarly psychological endeavor. It is also not an attempt to create a religion. It was an attempt for Jung to heal himself in a time of pain and save himself from madness by giving voice to the forces underneath his partial psychotic episode. The Red Book was a kind of container to help Jung witness the forces of the deep unconscious. In the same way, religion and Jungian psychology are containers for the ancient unconscious forces in the vast ocean under the human psyche.
Lament of the Dead, Psychology after Carl Jung’s The Red Book is a dialogue between ex Jungian analyst James Hillman and Jungian scholar Sonu Shamdasani about the implications the Red Book has for Jungian psychology. Like the Red Book it was controversial when it was released.

James Hillman was an early protege of Jung who later became a loud critic of parts of Jung’s psychology. Hillman wanted to create an “archetypal” psychology that would allow patients to directly experience and not merely analyze the psyche. His new psychology never really came together coherently and he never found the technique to validate his instinct. Hillman had been out of the Jungian fold for almost 30 years before he returned as a self appointed expert advisor during the publication of The Red Book. Hillman’s interest in The Red Book was enough to make him swallow his pride, and many previous statements, to join the Jungians once again. It is likely that the archetypal psychology he was trying to create is what The Red Book itself was describing.
Sonu Shamdasani is not a psychologist but a scholar of the history of psychology. His insights have the detachment of the theoretical where Hillman’s are more felt and more intuitive but also more personal. One gets the sense in the book that Hillman is marveling painfully at an experience that he had been hungry for for a long time. The Red Book seems to help him clarify the disorganized blueprints of his stillborn psychological model. While there is a pain in Hillman’s words there is also a peace that was rare to hear from such a flamboyant and unsettled psychologist.
Sonu Shamdasani is the perfect living dialogue partner for Hillman to have in the talks that make up Lament. Shamdasani has one of the best BS detectors of maybe any Jungian save David Tacey. Shamdasani has deftly avoided the fads, misappropriations and superficialization that have plagued the Jungian school for decades. As editor of the Red Book he knows more about the history and assembly of the text than any person save for Jung. Not only is he also one of the foremost living experts on Jung, but as a scholar he does not threaten the famously egotistical Hillman as a competing interpreting psychologist. The skin that Shamdasani has in this game is as an academic while Hillman gets to play the prophet and hero of the new psychology they describe without threat or competition.
Presumedly these talks were recorded as research for a collaborative book to be co authored by the two friends and the death of Hillman in 2011 made the publication as a dialogue in 2013 a necessity. If that is not the case the format of a dialogue makes little sense. If that is the case it gives the book itself an almost mystical quality and elevates the conversation more to the spirit of a philosophical dialogue.
We are only able to hear these men talk to each other and not to us. There is a deep reverberation between the resonant implications these men are seeing The Red Book have for modern psychology. However, they do not explain their insights to the reader and their understandings can only be glimpsed intuitively. Like the briefcase in the film Pulp Fiction the audience sees the object through its indirect effect on the characters. We see the foggy outlines of the ethics that these men hope will guide modern psychology but we are not quite able to see it as they see it. We have only an approximation through the context of their lives and their interpretation of Jung’s private diary. This enriches a text that is ultimately about the limitations of understanding.
One of the biggest criticisms of the book when it was published was that the terms the speaker used are never defined and thus the book’s thesis is never objectivised or clarified. While this is true if you are an English professor, the mystic and the therapist in me see these limitations as the book’s strengths. The philosophical dialectic turns the conversation into an extended metaphor that indirectly supports the themes of the text. The medium enriches the message. Much like a socratic dialogue or a film script the the authors act more as characters and archetypes than essayists. The prophet and the scholar describe their function and limitations as gatekeepers of the spiritual experience.
Reading the Lament, much like reading The Red Book, one gets the sense that one is witnessing a private but important moment in time. It is a moment that is not our moment and is only partially comprehensible to anyone but the author(s). Normally that would be a weakness but here it becomes a strength. Where normally the reader feels that a book is for them, here we feel that we are eavesdropping through a keyhole or from a phone line downstairs. The effect is superficially frustrating but also gives Lament a subtle quality to its spirituality that The Red Book lacks.
Many of the obvious elements for a discussion of the enormous Red Book are completely ignored in the dialogue. Hillman and Shamdasani’s main takeaway is that The Red Book is about “the dead”. What they mean by “the dead” is never explained directly. This was a major sticking point for other reviewers, but I think their point works better undefined. They talk about the dead as a numinous term. Perhaps they are speaking about the reality of death itself. Perhaps about the dead of history. Perhaps they are describing the impenetrable veil we can see others enter but never see past ourselves. Maybe the concept contains all of these elements. Hillman, who was 82 at the time of having the conversations in Lament, may have been using The Red Book and his dialogue with Shamdasani to come to terms with his feelings about his own impending death.
Perhaps it is undefined because these men are feeling something or intuitively, seeing something that the living lack the intellectual language for. It is not that the authors do not know what they are talking about. They know, but they are not able to completely say it. Hillman was such an infuriatingly intuitive person that his biggest downfall in his other books is that he often felt truths that he could not articulate. Instead he retreated into arguing the merits of his credentials and background or into intellectual archival of his opinions on philosophers and artists. In other works this led to a didactic and self righteous tone that his writing is largely worse for. In Lament Hillman is forced to talk off the cuff and that limitation puts him at his best as a thinker.
In his review of Lament, David Tacey has made the very good point that Jung abandoned the direction that The Red Book was taking him in. Jung saw it as a dead end for experiential psychology and retreated back into analytical inventorying of “archetypes”. On the publication of The Red Book, Jungians celebrate the book as the “culmination” of Jungian thought when instead it was merely a part of its origins. The Red Book represents a proto-Jungian psychology as Jung attempted to discover techniques for integration. Hillman and Shamdasani probe the psychology’s origins for hints of its future in Lament.
Hillman and Shamdasani’s thesis is partially a question about ethics and partially a question about cosmology. Are there any universal directions for living and behaving that Jungian psychology compels us towards (ethics)? Is there an external worldview that the, notoriously phenomenological, nature of Jungian psychology might imply (cosmology)? These are the major questions Hillman and Shamdasani confront in Lament.Their answer is not an answer as much as it is a question for the psychologists of the future.
Their conclusion is that “the dead” of our families, society, and human history foist their unlived life upon us. It is up to us, and our therapists, to help us deal with the burden of “the dead”. It is not us that live, but the dead that live through us. Hillman quotes W.H. Auden several times:
We are lived through powers that we pretend to understand.
– W.H. Auden
A major tenant of Jungian psychology is that adult children struggle under the unlived life of the parent. The Jungian analyst helps the patient acknowledge and integrate all of the forces of the psyche that the parent ran from, so they are not passed down to future generations. A passive implication of the ethics and the cosmology laid out in Lament, is that to have a future we must reckon with not only the unlived life of the parent but also the unlived life of all the dead.
It is our job as the living to answer the questions and face the contradictions our humanity posits in order to discover what we really are. The half truths and outright lies from the past masquerade as tradition for traditions sake, literalized religion, and unconscious tribal identity must be overthrown. The weight of the dead of history can remain immovable if we try to merely discard it but drowns us if we cling to it too tightly. We need to use our history and traditions to give us a container to reckon with the future. The container must remain flexible if we are to grow into our humanity as a society and an aware people.
If you find yourself saying “Yes, but what does “the dead” mean!” Then this book is not for you. If you find yourself confused but humbled by this thesis then perhaps it is. Instead of a further📷 explanation of the ethical and cosmological future for psychology that his book posits I will give you a tangible example about how its message was liberatory for me.
Hillman introduces the concepts of the book with his explanation of Jung’s reaction to the theologian and missionary Albert Schweitzer. Jung hated Schweitzer. He hated him because he had descended into Africa and “gone native”. In Jung’s mind Schweitzer had “refused the call” to do anything and “brought nothing home”. Surely the Africans that were fed and clothed felt they had been benefited! Was Jung’s ethics informed by racism, cluelessness, arrogance or some other unknown myopism?
A clue might be found in Jung’s reaction to modern art exploring the unconscious or in his relationship with Hinduism. Jung took the broad strokes of his psychology from the fundamentals of the brahman/atman and dharma/moksha dichotomies of Hinduism. Jung also despised the practice of eastern mysticism practices by westerners but admired it in Easterners. Why? His psychology stole something theoretical that his ethics disallowed in direct practice.
Jung’s views on contemporary (modern) artists of his time were similar. He did not want to look at depictions of the raw elements of the unconscious. In his mind discarding all the lessons of classicism was a “cop out”. He viewed artists that descended into the abstract with no path back or acknowledgement of the history that gave them that path as failures. He wanted artists to make the descent into the subjective world and return with a torch of it’s fire but not be consumed by it blaze. Depicting the direct experience of the unconscious was the mark of a failed artist to Jung. To Jung the destination was the point, not the journey. The only thing that mattered is what you were able to bring back from the world of the dead. He had managed to contain these things in The Red Book, why couldn’t they? The Red Book was Jung’s golden bough.
Jung took steps to keep the art in The Red Book both outside of the modernist tradition and beyond the historical tradition. The Red Book uses a partially medieval format but Jung both celebrates and overcomes the constraints of his chosen style. The Red Book was not modern or historical, it was Jung’s experience of both. In Lament, Hillman describes this as the ethics that should inform modern psychology. Life should become ones own but part of ones self ownership is that we take responsibility for driving a tradition forward not a slave to repeating it.
📷Oddly enough the idea of descent and return will already be familiar to many Americans through the work of Joseph Campbell. Campbell took the same ethics of descent and return to the unconscious as the model of his “monomyth” model of storytelling. This briefly influenced psychology and comparative religion in the US and had major impact on screenwriters to this day. Campbells ethics are the same as Jung’s. If one becomes stuck on the monomyth wheel, or the journey of the descent and return, one is no longer the protagonist and becomes an antagonist. Campbell, and American post jungians in general were not always great attributing influences and credit where it was due.
Jung was suspicious of the new age theosophists and psychedelia and psychonauts that became enamored with the structure of the unconscious for the unconscious sake. Where Lament shines is when Hillman explains the ethics behind Jung’s thinking. Jung lightly implied this ethics but was, as Hillman points out, probably not entirely conscious of it. One of Lament’s biggest strengths and weaknesses is that it sees through the misappropriations of Jungian psychology over the last hundred years. Both of the dialogue’s figures know the man of Jung so well that they do not need to address how he was misperceived by the public. They also know the limitations of the knowable.
This is another lesson that is discussed in Lament. Can modern psychology know what it can’t know? That is my biggest complaint with the profession as it currently exists. Modern psychology seems content to retreat into research and objectivism. The medical, corporate, credentialist and academic restructuring of psychology in the nineteen eighties certainly furthered that problem. Jung did not believe that the descent into the unconscious without any hope of return was a path forward for psychology. This is why he abandoned the path The Red Book led him down. Can psychology let go of the objective and the researchable enough to embrace the limits of the knowable? Can we come to terms with limitations enough to heal an ego inflated world that sees no limits to growth?
I don’t know but I sincerely hope so.
I said that I would provide a tangible example of the application of this book in it’s review, so here it is:
I have always been enamored with James Hillman. He was by all accounts a brilliant analyst. He also was an incredibly intelligent person. That intellect did not save him. Hillman ended his career as a crank and a failure in my mind. In this book you see Hillman contemplate that failure. You also see Hillman attempt to redeem himself as he glimpses the unglimpseable. He sees something in the Red Book that he allows to clarify his earlier attempt to revision psychology.
Hillman’s attempt to reinvent Jungian psychology as archetypal psychology was wildly derided. Largely, because it never found any language or technique for application and practice. Hillman himself admitted that he did not know how to practice archetypal psychology. It’s easy to laugh at somebody who claims to have reinvented psychology and can’t even tell you what you do with their revolutionary invention.
However, I will admit that I think Hillman was right. He knew that he was but he didnt know how he was right. It is a mark of arrogance to see yourself as correct without evidence. Hillman was often arrogant but I think here he was not. Many Jungian analysts would leave the Jungian institutes through the 70, 80s and 90s to start somatic and experiential psychology that used Jung as a map but the connection between the body and the brain as a technique. These models made room for a direct experience in psychology that Jungian analysis does not often do. It added an element that Jung himself had practiced in the writing of The Red Book. Hillman never found this technique but he was correct about the path he saw forward for psychology. He knew what was missing.
📷I started Taproot Therapy Collective because I felt a calling to dig up the Jungian techniques of my parent’s generation and reify them. I saw those as the most viable map towards the future of psychology, even though American psychology had largely forgotten them. I also saw them devoid of a practical technique or application for a world where years of analysis cost more than most trauma patients will make in a lifetime. I feel that experiential and brain based medicine techniques like brainspotting are the future of the profession.
Pathways like brainspotting, sensorimotor therapy, somatic experiencing, neurostimulation, ketamine, psilocybin or any technique that allows the direct experience of the subcortical brain is the path forward to treat trauma. These things will be at odds with the medicalized, corporate, and credentialized nature of healthcare. I knew that this would be a poorly understood path that few people, even the well intentioned, could see. I would never have found it if I had refused the call of “the dead”.
Lament is relevant because none of those realizations is somewhere that I ever would have gotten without the tradition that I am standing on top of. I am as, Isaac Newton said, standing on the shoulders of giants. Except Isaac Newton didn’t invent that phrase. It was associated with him but he was standing on the tradition of the dead to utter a phrase first recorded in the medieval period. The author of its origin is unknown because they are, well, dead. They have no one to give their eulogy.
The ethics and the cosmology of Lament, is that our lives are meant to be a eulogy for our dead. Lament, makes every honest eulogy in history become an ethics and by extension a cosmology. Read Pericles eulogy from the Peloponesian war in Thucydides. How much of these lessons are still unlearned? I would feel disingenuous in my career unless I tell you who those giants are that I stand on. They are David Tacey, John Beebe, Sonu Shamdasani, Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, Karen Horney, and Hal Stone. Many others also.
I would never have heard the voice of James Hillman inside myself unless I had learned to listen to the dead from his voice beyond the grave. It would have been easy for me to merely critize his failures instead of seeing them as incomplete truths. Hillman died with many things incomplete, as we all inevitably will. Lament helped me clarify the voices that I was hearing in the profession. Lament of the Dead is a fascinating read not because it tells us exactly what to do with the dead, or even what they are. Lament is fascinating because it helps us to see a mindful path forward between innovation and tradition.
The contents of the collective unconscious cannot be contained by one individual. Just as Jungian psychology is meant to be a container to help an individual integrate the forces of the collective unconscious, attention to the unlived life of the historical dead can be a kind of container for culture. Similarly to Jungian psychology the container is not meant to be literalized or turned into a prison. It is a lens and a buffer to protect us until we are ready and allow us to see ourselves more clearly once we are. Our project is to go further in the journey of knowing ourselves where our ancestors failed to. Our mindful life is the product of the unlived life of the dead it is our life that is their lament.
I will end with a few quotes from the often paradoxical Hillman.
Soul…is the “patient” part of us. Soul is vulnerable and suffers; it is passive and remembers. It is water to the spirit’s fire, like a mermaid who beckons the heroic spirit into the depths of passions to extinguish its certainty. Soul is imagination, a cavernous treasury…Whereas spirit chooses the better part and seeks to make all one. Look up, says spirit, gain distance; there is something beyond and above, and what is above is always, and always superior.
…from the perspective of spirit..the soul must be disciplined, its desires harnessed, imagination emptied, dreams forgotten, involvements dried. For soul, says spirit, cannot know, neither truth, nor law, nor cause. … So there must be spiritual disciplines for the soul, ways in which soul shall conform with models enunciated for it by spirit.
…But from the viewpoint of the psyche…movement upward looks like repression. There may well be more psychopathology actually going on while transcending than while being immersed in pathologizing. For any attempt at self-realization without full recognition of the psychopathology that resides, as Hegel said, inherently in the soul is in itself pathological, an exercise in self-deception.
…spirit is after ultimates and it reveals by means of a via negativa. “Neti, neti,” it says, “not this, not that.” Strait is the gate and only first or last things will do. Soul replies by saying, “Yes, this too has place, may find its archetypal significance, belongs in a myth.” The cooking vessel of the soul takes in everything, everything can become soul; and by taking into its imagination any and all events, psychic space grows.
A Blue Fire: Selected Writings by James Hillman, p. 123
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2023.05.31 00:39 Joeyplantstrees Edible tree leaves of Ohio part 2

Edible tree leaves of Ohio part 2
I made a post about edible tree leaves of Ohio earlier today from a poster I made awhile ago and here’s is another I completed today, and then I tried combining them all into a little coloring ebook and since Ive gotten a lot of positive response to those when I’ve made them and needed to make the pages fit and flow right and had a large gap on each one, so I ended writing recipes for each one while I was at it. Which, a cookbook wasn’t what I was planning on doing when I got up this morning but here it is now.
The coloring/cookbook is available on my Etsy, but the info minus the recipes is for free right here in this post.
A tree once synonymous with the American countryside, American Elm (Ulmus americana) has multiple edible parts. The samaras (winged seed pods similar to maple spinners) and young leaves are both edible. The leaves have a slight mucilaginous texture (think okra). The inner bark has also been used as a traditional food source, but due to this and other species of elms native to the American Elms have been heavily effected by Dutch Elm disease, so the inner bark should be avoided and harvesting anything else should be only from healthy populations. You should also help propagate any populations you take from.
Chinese Toon (Toona sinensis), or xiāng chūn 香椿 in its native China is a mainstay in several Asian cuisines. Xiāng means aromatic and gives away the selling point of this tree as an edible. The young leaves are often consumed for their unique flavor that is a combination of onion, garlic and shallot. The flowers are also edible, and are usually consumed when they’re young and have a more mild flavor.
In addition to edible leaves, the Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deftoides) has buds that can be harvested in early spring before they fully open and have a pleasant balsamic like scent. The inner bark has also traditionally been used as a survival food. The barks and buds blabber traditionally been used by tribes such as the Haudensaunee, the Mohegan, the Kakota, Arapaho, etc. for it’s pain relieving and anti inflammatory effects.
Like other Ash trees, the introduction of Emerald Ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) has done considerable damage to its population. I choose Green Ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica) for this list because unlike many other American Ash species, it is at least not currently listed as endangered but any harvesting should be done cautiously and respectfully from healthy populations. The seeds can be eaten raw or collected and ground into flour and young leaves can also be eaten raw.
A very common fruit tree that’s rarely appreciated, the Hackberry’s (Celtis occidentalis) name comes from the Old English haecce meaning bird, which is predominately what eats its fruit and spreads this tree. The berries (technically dropes or stone fruit), unlike most fruit, are calorie dense and high in fat, carbohydrates and protein that are easily digestible raw. On top of that, the young leaves are completely edible.
One of the more well known examples of cauliflory (flowers growing directly from branches and trunks), Redbuds put on an early display of bright edible flowers before it’s leaves even appear. Less known is that the seeds, twigs and leaves are also edible and can be tapped for syrup. It’s sometimes called the love tree due to its bright red flowers and heart shaped leaves. ‪Redbuds are also nitrogen fixing trees, enriching the soil around them.‬
Also called Juneberries or Saskatoons, with well known tart edible berries. The young shoots and leaves are also fully edible, as well as the seeds that can be ground as a flour or used as a thickener. The name serviceberry is thought to have derived from the arrival of the berries in spring serving as a reliable marker for when the ground was thawed enough for burial services to be held in early North American settlements.
Uncommon for trees, Spice Bush (Lindera benzoin) has berries with spicy, aromatic flavor similar to a combination of cloves, cinamon and allspice. The twigs barks and leaves are also edible, with a slightly more citrusy taste than the fruit that leads to them often being used as a spice from which it gets it’s name. It is the primary host plant of the spicebush swallowtail butterfly.
All of these can be tapped for syrup, although Green Ash and Serviceberry are the only two with a notable history of ever being used as such.
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