It ain't my fault mystikal clean


2012.05.09 04:18 arthurlockman 'MURICA! FUCK YEAH!

the good, the bad, and the ugly

2012.02.10 07:01 EffanWoks College Memes

Welcome to MEME101. We'll be starting tutorial sessions next week, weekly laboratory meetings are mandatory and carries 20% of final grade. Exams are worth 50% and are 100 questions each with a 1 minute time limit. Arrange an appointment if you need help, my office hours are 1:00PM to 1:01PM.

2012.06.10 03:28 Granny_Weatherwax You know who you are.

To those who wear midnight. You weren't born with a talent for witchcraft: it didn't come easily; you worked hard at it because you wanted it. You forced the world to give it to you, no matter the price, and the price is and always will be high... People say you don't find witchcraft; witchcraft finds you. But you've found it, even if at the time you didn't know what it was you were finding, and you grabbed it by its scrawny neck and made it work for you.

2023.05.31 02:50 ErrDayHustle [S] [USA-FL] Sony A7IV, Sigma 85 1.4 DG DN art, Nikon 35 FE 35 1.8, Deity v-mic d3 [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Gear has mainly been sitting on my desk so its time to move on. Pictures are in the timestamp below. Everything is coming from a nonsmoking household, and everything is kept very clean. The a7iv was used as my webcam for zoom calls. Have feedback on fredmiranda, appleswap, and hardwareswap
Prices are all inclusive of PayPal G&S and shipping in the Cont. US.
ITEMCONDITIONPRICE Sony A7IV Original owner, box included$2200 Shipped Sigma 85 1.4 DG DN artno box included$800 Shipped Nikon 35 FE 35 1.8no box included$525 Shipped Deity v-mic d3box included$100 Shipped
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2023.05.31 02:50 gracecoffee Went back to the same school where I was in an abusive relationship for my masters degree

Almost a decade after being in a horribly abusive relationship as a college student, I’m graduating from the same school with my masters degree and an incredible job at the top of my field (and I’m the youngest woman on my team to have the role). I never got to study what I wanted to in college because he was in all those classes, and realistically I was struggling too much with my mental health after everything he put me through to have handled it anyway. I’m so proud to say I went back and got my degree in the field I always wanted but at the masters level, and am the first woman in my family to have that. For the first time in years I can finally actually feel like a badass and proud of myself for not ever giving up, even if it took years to get there.
I’m sharing because i think we all need these reminders that: -You’re never too old to go after your dreams (the time will pass anyway) -If you’ve been in a bad relationship, things do get better and it wasn’t your fault -Even if you got through an abusive relationship silently, you should still be proud of yourself for leaving it -It’s never too late to go back to school if that’s what you want! -So many people may be going through something silently that you know nothing about, always be kind
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2023.05.31 02:49 Self_love_takes_time Today has been a day (TW: mentions of abuse, SH and SA)

So just about a half an hour ago i told my mother to get the fuck out of my house and never come back. i want to apologize to her, to ask her to please forgive me. to tell her i didn’t mean it. but that’s not true. i meant it. i meant what i said and that makes me feel a pit in my stomach. i shouldn’t have started anything, i told myself not to talk to her today about anything related to me. but she makes me so fucking angry. im always angry. because i wish my parents loved me. i wish they actually loved me. i wish i wasn’t born and that i could disappear because then none of this would’ve ever happened. i wouldn’t have to live with feeling like i am the one who broke the family. i wouldn’t have to accept that to all of them im not a part of the family anymore. i wouldn’t have to see my parents and every time think of when they told me they didn’t believe me that anything happened. that i was never alone with him much anyways so it just wasn’t true. i want to die. i want it all to go away. i want to ruin my clean streak and give up on everything. i am so fucking tired.
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2023.05.31 02:49 ucdgn Was anyone else constantly punished so harshly?

Every time I did something even the slightest bit bad, I’d get very harshly punished, usually by beatings. I’ve been over 6 foot tall since I was 11-12 but because I was so skinny, I couldn’t fight back.
Reasons they beat me: Sighing Crying (not necessarily for being male, they only thought it was annoying, but society made it worse) Sitting on the couch (I couldn’t unless I was sick and asked to or got told I can) Eating No reason Literally anything
So yes, they ALWAYS pulled down my pants (including underwear), or even took them off, or got me completely naked. EVERY SINGLE TIME, it was on my bare ass, even in public, they’d just pull them down a little in the back.
They usually didn’t do it in front of people, except a few times when they did and wanted to humiliate me, they took me to whatever room was empty. In fact we had a “spanking room” - that wasn’t its purpose but it’s what I associate it with. It was a room of the house that literally had no furniture in it at all so my parents (but not I) just stored random crap in there, since we didn’t have an attic nor a basement.
They tended to use a belt - NEVER an open hand, EVER - or anything else they could use as a weapon, or they’d take me outside naked and make me cut a switch from a tree. Then they would go and beat me with it. If I didn’t cry, they hit me extremely extremely hard, I’m so fortunate that I never broke any bones from that - if I cried, they also hit me very hard. And would also slap me until I got dizzy and if I wasn’t passed out from all of that violence, then they kept going, even if it took hours.
I (38) was the only one of my siblings who got spanked. My GC sister (34) did have a physical fight with my mum over her boyfriend calling my mum weird but it’s different, they used their bare hands and attacked each other. My GC brother (36) did get punished alongside me once but he still got off lighter than I did.
I’m 38, but I still live with my dad because I’m poor and I’d be homeless if I didn’t. He still threatens to beat me but he doesn’t.
My parents, especially my dad, also liked to give me weird punishments. Like (non-exhaustive)
Having to clean the kitchen with my toothbrush and then clean my teeth with that very toothbrush and some cream that wasn’t toothpaste. For pulling out my sister’s loose tooth which she literally ASKED ME TO DO FOR HER.
Having to smash “my” PS1 because I got detention at school. For something I didn’t do but got falsely accused of. Fuck I never even owned a PS1, it was my neighbour’s property but he let me use it all the time and even keep it at my house, but it was his. Yes, he was understanding.
Having to pee naked into the urinal and then fucking lick it up?! Because I went to a stall to pee, because I wasn’t gonna be 12 standing with my dick out next to a bunch of grown ass men.
Having my head shaved bald by my dad because I played with the very little hair I did have (I had a buzzcut and was fidgeting with the part at the very back bottom), oh and he didn’t even shave my head the right way. Then I had to clean up the hair.
Getting locked outside overnight for eating more than my calory limit. It was meant to be overnight but they did let me inside later because it rained heavily which wasn’t on the forecast. (This was back when you couldn’t look it up on a cellphone, you had to watch the news)
When I was getting my head shaved in public, I got some bad cuts from the razor and my head started to bleed quite heavily. It stained up the back of the chair and even a little onto the floor behind me. My dad made me wipe the chair down, while my head was still bleeding so it took hours to do, then he made me write an apology letter for it which was beyond my control.
I got into a fight with my brother over playing on the PS2 (I got mine on UK launch day, he got his that Christmas, and this happened inbetween then) and my dad just sent us to bed and made us sleep NAKED in the SAME BED together. Then when we got up the next day, he treated us like literal babies. Like, diapers (as our only outfit), baby food, and all that stuff. He also shaved our heads so we’d look more baby-like. He even dropped us off at a nursery, which was so embarrassing. I was 15, over 6 foot, and sat there like THAT. Then, when I got home, he beat me in front of my brother who just laughed, and I was grounded from my PS2 until my birthday (16th December) while my brother could play it whenever he wanted until then.
Jfc no wonder I’m so fucked up
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2023.05.31 02:49 threadedinsert mixing DI guitar leads with a natural sounding entrance/exit for each lick

I have been recording a friend's song-vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, & electric lead guitar. He rips on guitar, but it's spontaneous takes. I can't get him to double anything, and when I record him playing lead, it's always several takes, recorded straight through the entire song, then we go back and listen to pick and choose what to keep.
The project I am working on with him right now is driving me nuts. It is ultimately my fault, I knew it would be a headache. I recorded his lead guitar takes DI, and I cannot get the licks he chose to keep to enteexit with a natural sound.
I have been trying to use amplitube and other amp/cab sims, but it just sounds off.
Right now, all I can think of is to use flex time in some creative way (I am using Logic), or re-amp the lead tracks, adding some kind of noise floor to diminish the noticability of these licks entering and exiting the mix.
I understand this post is super-noob, but if anyone can help, that would be way-cool.
Thank you for your time.
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2023.05.31 02:47 ThrowRA-Dull-Mark153 My F18 dad M40 and mom41 are falling out of love and they have spoken of divorce

I’m not sure if this is the right place, but it has to do with relationships so I hope it is.
This has been a long time coming.
My dad is hard on us about how we present ourselves, especially my sister(21) as she is more physically attractive and has been hit on by many older men. None of it was her fault but my dad believed it was because of the way she dresses. Which is not immodest.
My sister and dad have similar personalities and clash often. Recently they barely talk.
Anything my dad wishes to say to her he tells through my mom. My mom, submissive wife that she is, does as he says. She is constantly at the end of his rants that have to do with me and my sister as well as my brother(13).
She in turn will speak with us, and she too has gotten snappy with us, but we understand that she cannot speak against him.
She loves him, and he loves her. Their one-sided arguments aren’t often but it has finally come to a head a couple days ago.
My dad yelled at my mom because my sister wore shorts to my grandparents house. He has told my sister multiple times to not wear them but she does not listen.
Earlier today he told her that she deserves a better man and that his flaws are part of him and cannot be changed. More words were spoken but basically he lives in fear of my mom doing something to herself and he feels like a prisoner.
My mom has always followed his word. Never spoken outright against him. She has given no reason to give him fear of either her damaging herself or leaving him.
I’m scared.
I don’t want my parents to separate. My mom is tired and my dad has not fought enough.
What can I do? What advice could be given to help them fix their relationship? They love each other, so why can’t they talk? Please, is there anything I can do to help them??
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2023.05.31 02:47 orange_huller People who go "eh they live x years creep me out"

The same is said for people that go they are just a X. It's like they are unable to understand that people care about things beyond a time stamp or status stamp.
I'm going to care about pets, family and friends not because they are those things but because I formed a bond with em. If I love my dog and prioritize it over a person, then like sorry. I love my dog more. Don't expect me to treat it less then you just because you are higher in the social hierarchy.
Life that comes to our lives are precious. Thinking that how long something lives and their social status completely undermines it's worth. How would you feel if someone said "eh grandma is only going to live one more year," when being an asshole? That just ain't right
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2023.05.31 02:46 Famof4plus1 AITA for kicking my son's girlfriend out for being dirty.

Ok, we have heard all the daughte mother in law fights. And so, hold on to your seats, here goes mine. this one is going to be a bit long. I 43F have 2 sons. 25M and 15M My oldest let call him Sant. got into a relationship "Sue" 24F. Sue has a 6yo daughter. When I first met them they were both shy. But my husband 46M "tim" and I got super close to this little girl. It wasn't hard to get attached to her so quickly since she's absolutely adorable. And love her as our own granddaughter. My son's girlfriend in the other hand is a whole different story. Like I said in the beginning she was super shy. We tried to get close to her especially since we always wanted a daughter and weren't blessed with one so I figured I'll give it go with her. We only had 1 thing in common (makeup). But yet it just wasn't enough for her to hang out , talk, or have a full conversation with us. We tried, but was ignored over and over with her head down on her phone. Or responded with quick answers just to walk away after. About 1 year into their relationship they moved in together here in my home. Plan was they where suppose to save up to get married and buy a house. Yes they were to pay a small fee of rent here and help out with groceries. And help out with chores. 3 months into them living with us their fighting got out of control! I'm talking yelling on top of their lungs to each other! Pushing shoving, screaming and insults. We talked and pleaded with them to stop for the the baby's sake. Since she was clearly terrified with all that. but with in 1 year she moved in and out of my home 3 times. Until she finally left. (So i thought) Few months of her being gone. Her family kicked her out. And had no support from her family. Of coarse we thought of the baby. So we asked them to try it again here in out home. Thinking 100% for the babys sake. Now you may be asking ok, so why was she kicked out of my home? Well, I can't remember once Sue picking up her plate after she ate. Not once have I ever seen her holding a broom duster or a mop. My son's room turned into a complete dungeon. You couldn't even see the floor! It was smelly and dirty all the time. And no matter how many times I would ask them to help out and atleast clean the room I was ignored. Rent stop coming in no help financially or domestic was coming in. Like none At all. My son was the only one who cooked clean to care of her daughter. Yes fed her babysat her while she went out with friends. He was literally a single parent to her. She goes out comes home the next day and my son stays with her daughter. My mistake was me hiding this from my husband that time she would come back home. Until he saw her come home one night she went out and she came home the next day at 6-7am. He was Angry!! And brought it up to her. She said sorry. But nothing changed. Point here she's so dirty. Shes super irresponsible. When she showers she leaves hair all over the place.her stuff all over the bathroom sink. She leaves Tissue with her snot everywhere. Her clothes clean and dirty always mixed on the floor. In my culture we are taught at a very young age we should always have everything nice and tightly. Laziness is a big No. No. So after 3 almost 4 years of all this. AITA for kicking them out?
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2023.05.31 02:46 INFAMOUSXENODRAGON New to castboolits, just cleaned my first batch of wheel weights, gonna turn it all into 00 buck!

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2023.05.31 02:45 betteroffatnight Guest received a refund and did not stay, but still was able to leave a 1-star review

I had a guest that arrived to my unit, took one look around, and immediately left. There was a small cleaning issue where part of the bathroom was missed by the cleaners and there were a few individual hairs in the sink/shower (but I think moreso they just didn't read the listing and were unhappy with the location). I offered to comp an entire night free if they wanted to stay, but the guest reached out to Airbnb and got a full refund.
Because the guest didn't actually stay, I don't think they should have been allowed to leave a review. I reached out to Airbnb and they told me the review was valid, but I'm wondering if I should push it further and ask for a manager. I don't have very many reviews yet and this is tanking my listing.
Any experience with something like this?
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2023.05.31 02:44 trullss 2000 Mustang GT, 99k miles, clean title, manual. Owner wants $6,800. What do the experts think?

2000 Mustang GT, 99k miles, clean title, manual. Owner wants $6,800. What do the experts think?
Hello everyone! I’m looking for a new daily driver, and this caught my eye. Owner is an older gentleman who seems to have taken well care of it. 99k miles, manual transmission, V8, and clean title.
As far as these cars go, how are they as daily drivers? Considering they’re packing a V8 in RWD, will this thing be horrendous in Utah snow? How reliable are they? Anything I should look for specifically as far as the carfax goes as well as in person?
Thanks everyone!
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2023.05.31 02:44 Live4Riffs What band(s) or album (s) do you guys listen to when your going to sleep? I know it sounds funny because the music is mostly screaming even with cleans in there and its adrenaline inducing, but I find myself listening to metalcore in my earbuds for drifting off.

Sleep token is like Tylenol PM for me, something about their music just does it for me.
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2023.05.31 02:44 AkramA12 All games work perfectly except HOI4 due to error 0xc00007b

I have many games and they all work without errors but whenever I try to launch HOI4 it gives me "unable to start application".
I tried most fixes. I updated drivers and Windows, I re-installed the redistributables and directx, I even re-installed the game 3 times from 3 different sources, I also added the necessary dll files into both the game directory and the correct system folders.
The only thing I haven't tried is clean install of windows which could possibly work but at the moment I don't have another drive to stuff my games and files inside, so I basically can't do it at the moment.
Are there any other fixes that I haven't mentioned or tried? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 02:44 acamu5x Courteously cleaning a condo balcony

I just finished cleaning my balcony railings and windows for the first some since last summer, and the floor is a dirty, soapy mess. How can I get rid of it without ruining the nice patio set up my downstairs neighbours have?
I don’t want to just pour a bucket of water on my balcony and let it ruin their nice furniture, but the dirty concrete is too porous to get cleaned up with a mop.
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2023.05.31 02:43 Wonderpumpkin_ What to do when displaced person asks for food

I’m a SSV— When I started at my store we had a real problem with homeless persons often causing issues but after having to stay diligent it’s gotten better. I’ve struggled with dealing with this and also having a conscience and empathy.
Today during peak a lady approached while I was cleaning off a table and asked for a manager. I told her I could help. She expressed to me she was 4 months pregnant and hadn’t eaten and if we had any food we could spare. I wasn’t sure how to handle this but couldn’t just send away a hungry pregnant woman so I gave her a sandwich as my markout and informed her this can’t be expected to happen all the time, I’m just doing it for her personally.
It’s been on my mind all day because I wish there is something more I could do. One of my baristas has a problem that I did this, and is worried it’s going to perpetuate a problem at our store.
Have any of you dealt with this, is there a Starbucks policy I should be aware of here?
Thank you for any advice!
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2023.05.31 02:43 AkramA12 All games work perfectly except HOI4 due to error 0xc00007b

I have many games and they all work without errors but whenever I try to launch HOI4 it gives me "unable to start application".
I tried most fixes. I updated drivers and Windows, I re-installed the redistributables and directx, I even re-installed the game 3 times from 3 different sources, I also added the necessary dll files into both the game directory and the correct system folders.
The only thing I haven't tried is clean install of windows which could possibly work but at the moment I don't have another drive to stuff my games and files inside, so I basically can't do it at the moment.
Are there any other fixes that I haven't mentioned or tried? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 02:42 shorthairtotallycare Illness + mental illness & a caregiver dynamic

We’ve had sex twice in the past 12 months. Five times the year before that.
We’ve had a lot of challenges. His mental health (BPD and CPTSD). His physical health (multiple gastro problems). Multiple trials and withdrawals of psych meds. He’s socially isolated, on disability, feels worthless.
I’m often away taking care of my parent. When I’m not taking care of him. I manage both households. Neither he nor my parent can handle their own shopping, cleaning, medical appointments… I’m the nurse/PA for both. I have my own health challenges. I’m exhausted.
My boyfriend’s self neglect is pretty bad. He’s incapacitated… A medication he takes affects his appetite, and he has blood sugar issues. So he doesn’t eat until his hypoglycaemia makes him rage and then no one feels good.
So I have to remind him. Because I don’t want property damage if he gets hangry. He gets sick of it and I get that but… I can’t deal with the behaviour if I don’t “nag” him.
He wasn’t always like this. Initially he was healthy. He used to actually love cleaning! His well-being went down the tubes and now, like he gets high to cope with really bad side effects of his current taper, stomach pain, loneliness… he does have good days and cleans then, but they’ve been rare for two years.
He turns to porn to manage stress. I’ve made a total of two overtures, and he responded negatively.
There is for sure a parenting dynamic. As he feels better and starts taking ownership over his well-being, I step back.
Has anyone had their relationship recover from this kind of dynamic?
We’ve talked about him watching less porn and he says he’s up for trying. But he reverts to this habit.
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2023.05.31 02:41 Ok_Drop6737 NOLA Wedding - Venue Advice

My fiancé and I are working on planning our wedding that we hope to have in late March-April of 2024. We live in another city (fiancé is from NOLA), so venue searching has been a little more challenging. Fiancé's parents live in the NOLA area and have visited several venues for us. We also traveled down there over Memorial Day weekend to put our own eyes on several venues, but did not feel like we were all-in on any of the venues yet, so we're feeling a bit overwhelmed in our search. I've seen some other posts on here from people having NOLA weddings, so I was hoping maybe some people would be able to give us some advice, share their experiences, point us in the right direction, etc.
Some background on our search:
We originally were looking into the French Quarter area for venues. My family/friends are from a different city and we want to make sure they have a unique experience (i.e. we don't want to have it in an event space that does not feel original to NOLA). With that being said, the thought of having some of our guests (oldeyounger folk) have to travel through the Bourbon St. scene makes us slightly uncomfortable. Our budget is ~$60k (all-in), we're expecting 150-175 guests, we want to have a band with big dance space, second line, cocktail style dinner, and have mostly been interested in courtyard/outdoor venues. We're also considering having a crawfish boil the following day, but that's just a stretch goal right now.
The venues that we've visited that we are still considering:

The venues that we've visited that we've crossed off the list:

Any help is much appreciated!
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2023.05.31 02:40 keithz100 My set up is complete!!! (For now)

My set up is complete!!! (For now)
I have two passive singing wood speakers (60$) U turn orbit with upgraded needle (345$ in total) Rolls phono pre amp (50$) Fosi tpa3116 mini amp (50$) (Equipment and tools for leveling and cleaning (50$+)
555$+(not bad for the quality of playback its decent)
I got my turn table second hand with the pre amp and a upgraded stylus but I had to replace the stylus so I included that in the price otherwise it was 265 which wasn't bad. I'm not experienced so idk if it's a good recomended setup but I like it.
What is your guys opinion?
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2023.05.31 02:40 pilotwings3 Vehicle accident with a bicyclist, not at fault.

Unfortunately my wife just got in an accident with a bicyclist who ended up getting a ticket and causing pretty extensive damage to the outside of the f150. Bicyclist was 16 years old and luckily had a helmet on and will be okay.
My question is: besides the outside damage that the bicycle caused which included a hood, side panel, and door panel as well as windshield— my wife pushed on the horn of our f150 and the seam around the airbag cracked all the way through. Is this something that insurance will cover as a result of the accident or will I be expected to cover that cost?
I’ve never dealt with an accident involving a bicycle and I’m unsure how insurance covers it or if the at fault patty is expected to pay anything.
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2023.05.31 02:39 ItsmeKT Eyesight Stopped working

Eyesight Stopped working
Last Wednesday my eyesight was intermittently working. Got this error each time it went off. Made sure my windshield was fully clean, ran the defroster just in case. It would be off for a few minutes of driving then turn back on. Friday it didn't work for about 30 minutes then turned back on 5 minutes from work. Worked the whole way home until pulling into the garage and it shut off. Hasn't worked since then. It's currently at the dealer being checked out. They said they will do an update and see if that fixes anything and kept asking me if I have been in an accident recently. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and what was wrong?
My loaner is a Wilderness outback, I like the car but it feels super cramped compared to the roominess of the forester.
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2023.05.31 02:38 CV844746 Therapist offered reduced charge - I feel bad accepting

Hello! I see my therapist twice a week. Today she offered to only charge my copay ($30) once/week instead of for both sessions. So basically, $120/month out of pocket instead $240/month. She texted me the offer a number of hours after our appointment which I was 20 minutes late for due to traffic. Because I was so late and she agreed it wasn’t really my fault, I asked if she could do 1/2 hour and she said she just wouldn’t charge the co-pay which was generous.
I assume as she was charging fees, it occured to her to offer the once weekly. She said it is to help out bc of some financial issues with my housing I mentioned today.
This is so nice of her! But I feel soooo much guilt at the thought of accepting it. I don’t want her to be underpaid or add any kind of complicating factor to our relationship. It would be very helpful, but I just feel bad accepting it.
Could anyone offer insight or thoughts?
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