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Science Fiction, or Speculative Fiction if you prefer. Fantasy too. Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Dick, Heinlein and other SF books. SF movies and TV shows. Fantasy stuff like Tolkien and Game of Thrones. Laser guns, space ships, and time travel. etc. Star Trek, Battlestar, Star Wars, etc.

2014.11.05 17:29 patman9 MazeCraft: The Ultimate Maze Runner Server

MazeCraft is a minecraft server based on the Maze Runner book. You have your safe zone and the maze is just outside the doors. It's not enough to *solve* the maze; you have to *escape* it. Do you have what it takes to escape?

2023.05.31 03:19 RainbowUchiha A Doubtful Decision (PSO2 x DDLC Pt 26)

Habits are certainly hard to break.
As I woke up, I unconsciously waved my hand to summon the tablet. When I couldn’t feel the cold metal on my fingers, I opened my eyes and sighed in disappointment.
Adjustment is going to take awhile Monika. Let's forget the past and move on.
I stepped out of bed, untangled my hair and got ready for the day. The only solace I had was seeing an entirely new wardrobe hanging up in the closet. For once in my life I had to make a conscious decision to wear something.
I had the rather depressing black outfit yesterday, so I’ll wear something cute today.
A white T shirt and some jeans was the outfit for today. As I was about to put on my usual white bow, I looked at it and got a heavy sadness in my chest.
Didn’t I wear this to fit in with the others?
The memories came rushing back and now I was sitting down on the bed with tears silently dripping onto the bow.
… was Sayori who made me want to wear this, right? Because I wanted to get closer to Ivan, and I thought wearing this would boost my chances, right?
But she wasn’t here anymore. None of them were. So what’s the point of wearing this? I gently put the bow back into a drawer and walked outside, hoping I could find the answer.
It wasn’t long before someone found me aimlessly walking around.
“Hey! Monika!”
I looked over to see Hitsugi jogging over to me.
“I didn’t see you at breakfast. What happened?” “I….. wasn’t hungry.” “That can’t be good. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Cmon, let’s go get something.”
I followed her back to her room, which was on the opposite side of where my room was and saw someone waiting for us.
Hitsugi: Huh? Al, what are you still doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be seeing Xiera right now? Al: I was, but something happened. Hitsugi: Seriously? Like what? Al: Something about a gigantic black hole opening up out of nowhere. They think it’s Adam trying to come back, so they sent me here. Hitsugi: Eeesh. You think Cat is going to be alright? Al: Yep! She was already dealing with it before the news was announced. Hitsugi: Huh. Guess we have nothing to worry about then. Al: When have we ever? But uh, who’s your guest?
Hitsugi gasped and slapped her forehead. “I’m so stupid. Al, this is Monika. Monika, Al.” Al looked so small in his oversized sweater. I crouched down to meet his gaze.
“Hi.” “Hello.”
He waved with his hand still covered in the sweater, which was incredibly cute.
H: At least you can contain yourself, unlike Kohri. M: Hmm? It’s just a boy. What’s so special about him? H: Try asking that to Kohri. She made such a fuss about him when he first came here. M: Well, he is kind of cute, in a little brother kind of way.
I stood up to see Hitsugi rummaging through her drawers. She eventually pulled out a bar of some kind.
“Here.” “What is it?” “A protein bar. It should do you good until lunch.”
I took it and realized how massive it was. This wasn’t a normal protein bar; this was a protein meal. I opened it up and began to chew on it while Hitsugi lead me to the high school. It was odd not seeing the usual gateway, but considering how massive this place was, I suppose they didn’t need one. We made our way to an empty council room, to which Hitsugi shut the door behind me.
“Alright, so I’ve been told you’re just as old as I am. Which means you need something to do, so…..”
She opened up a screen in front of her and began to go through them. I took a seat and waited for her to do whatever it was she was doing.
“….there!” “What did you do?” “I’ve signed you up to typical 3rd year classes. You’ll be my classmate!” “Woohoo…..” “Aww don’t be like that! This year is going to fly by, trust me! After all-“
Hitsugi’s face dropped whatever happiness she had and was now dead serious. “-there’s the issue of what you’ll do after this year.” “What do you mean?” “Well right now you’re at a crossroad. You can become a normal person, get into a good college, and live a completely normal life, free from whatever weird stuff you experienced with Cat.” “…..and what’s the other option?”
Hitsugi pulled a pin off of her uniform and slid it across to me. “You join Mother Corp and jump right back into that weirdness. Your safety is not guaranteed, not in the slightest. But you’d be able to see Cat on a daily basis, as well as the other wonderful people of ARKs.”
I held the pin up to my face and inspected it. It was a crescent moon, but it was translucent and almost seemed to glow.
“You have a year to think about it. Cat said to not worry too much about this decision. She’ll respect whatever you want to do.”
Before I could respond, a bell rung twice. Hitsugi stood up and took the pin out of my hands. “I know it’s a hard decision to make, but it’s one you have to make. That’s why I didn’t immediately sign you up for Mother Corp. Not everyone is cut out for this kind of lifestyle.” “…..I get it.” “You do? Good. Now let’s go to our first class.”
The classes were still the same even after 50 years.
My memory of these boring classes were deeply ingrained into my mind, so much so that with a simple glance I could instantly solve any problem put in front of me. I didn’t know if I should be thankful or angry for this country making zero effort to advance itself in any meaningful way. Well at least I could think about this one all important decision constantly, which totally isn’t ruining my every waking moment with the horrifying realization that if I pick wrong I can fuck up my life with no way to recover. No of course I’m not stressing over this decision, right Cat? I snapped a pencil in my hand, which snapped me back to reality.
“Oh, uh-“ I glanced over to Hitsugi, who understood and slipped me another pencil. I gingerly took it and spun it in my hands as I went back to the crushing weight of this one decision. Huh. Who would’ve thought that one simple decision would be this excruciating to think about? I wish I could ask someone for help, but the person I’d ask isn’t exactly here anymore. None of them were. Goddamnit-
I blinked, and now I was standing outside of my dorm with Hitsugi.
“You there?” “Uh yep. What were you saying?” “I was saying we could get dinner together, but it would seem that you need the sleep.” “Agreed. Today was exhausting. Goodnight Hitsugi.” “See you tomorrow, Monika.”
I went inside and opened the drawer that had my white bow inside. I gently held it and sat down on my bed.
“…..Sayori, what do I do?”
Silence was my answer. Somehow, I expected her voice to reach me, but even I knew that would be impossible.
“…..I’m sorry.”
The hollowness of those words made the pain so much worse. I curled up onto the bed as I silently cried myself to sleep.
“She’s been notified of the decision.”
Hitsugi was looking at a screen with Matoi on it.
“Well that’s good to hear. Cat is off on a mission, so I’ll relay the information when she gets back.” “Alright. See you around Matoi.”
Matoi waved, then the screen disappeared. Hitsugi got ready for bed and as she lied there in the dark, she had one last thought.
“Monika has to learn to stand on her own two feet. Just like I had to so long ago…..”
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2023.05.31 03:18 sagegreenmood Does this seem sketchy?

Does this seem sketchy? submitted by sagegreenmood to RoverPetSitting [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 03:18 AdvertisingScared883 Apple ID Password Recovery/Reset

This is the 6th or 7th time I’ve been on the phone with Apple support now and it’s the same cycle of them telling me exactly what I already know and have read on the apple support website. I understand that they do not have any power to speed up the waiting process, but it gets frustrating when there is no other option to move things along especially when I can easily prove my identity. I have even tried going to the Apple Store and they just tell me to call apple support.
When I first tried to reset my password it wouldn’t let me even though I used my passcode to my phone and the verification codes sent to both my phone number and email. Then it told me to wait 72 hours for an email and it will have directions. I got that email and it told me I had a 4 day waiting period claiming that I will receive a call or text with specific directions to reset my password and get out of account recovery mode. I never received that call or text. Once I was past the 4 days, I called apple support again and heard no different of what I needed to do in order to reset my password. This has process repeated itself 6 times now and now I’m up to a 14 day waiting period.
Apple support tries to tell me to turn off my device and not use my device for 14 days to ensure that the device doesn’t “fall out of recovery mode”. I am really not sure how they expect me to not use my device when it is needed for my job and for personal emergencies. This seems like a ridiculous request to make when I have given several items of verification.
This has been an extremely tiring process over these last months having extremely long phone calls with apple support that just go in vicious cycles of them telling me what I need to do when I’ve already explained to them that I have been through the process 6 times. It seemed like I didn’t even have an option to reset the password before I was quickly entered into account recovery mode. I have started to become discouraged in this whole process as Apple seems to have made it nearly impossible to reset my Apple ID password.
I understand and appreciate the security they have placed in order to protect my private information. I understand it’s my fault for forgetting my password. But when I have provided several forms of verification and would gladly provide more, it seems like a 14 day waiting period is beyond excessive. Especially when I have already waited 14 days twice and have not gotten any phone calls or texts explaining how I can reset my password. I got off the phone after a 45 minute phone call today and it feels like the last straw. Please let me know if you there is any advice you might have.
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2023.05.31 03:17 EkkoVEkko Still waiting on that traitor reveal I me Peru haven't forgotten.

How long ago was it started?
I get things need to be fixed but lord need something new besides skins and emotes yeah new map is dope AF but look how long it took..... 41 days is the event pass that takes us past june and into July.
New rogue was "accidentally" leaked months ago
So last I can remember SINCE JUKE WAS RELEASE Was a new map and how long ago was she released.
Also sabotage( the best game mode in rogue company) is not in quick play because all I'm getting battle zone and demolition.
Rant over 😔
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2023.05.31 03:17 Nexitus Flight for tomorrow morning cancelled

First time I have ever had my flight canceled on me. AC102 from YVR to YYZ due to technical / maintenance issues.
Does anyone know how long I need to wait for them to get back to me on alternative flight options? Or is it better for me to call in?
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2023.05.31 03:17 residentmaple Socializing/making friends as a transfer student (College)

Hi all, thanks for reading
Quick intro: I (20M) ended up failing out of college my freshman year after I was sexually assaulted. I was 1000s of miles away from home, without any kind of support system (besides shitty college therapy!), and I'm trying to make peace with that. For the past two years I've lived at home working and trying to get stable again. I wanted to move to Portland to finish my degree, but I decided to go to ASU in the fall. I'm from Phoenix, and I hate living here, but the upfront cost of moving and paying my way through college was too much to swing.
First: I want to party. I know that sounds very superficial, but I've spent a lot of time focusing on just working or doing online classes at my local community college. I want to have the opportunity to enjoy being in my 20s: getting plastered at parties, dating, socializing, and doing things with my friends. I want to squelch my FOMO by actually doing the stuff I'm worried I'm missing out on. I partied a bit when I first went to college, and know I really enjoy it.
Second: I need to make friends- the right friends. I have the disadvantage of not living in the dorms freshman year and meeting your circle that way, I'm not playing on any athletics teams, the main way I'm guessing I'd make friends is through meeting people in class? But that's kinda hard too. I'm a pretty social guy, I've been a chatty barista for a long time, but when I actually have to *try* and make friends my social anxiety skyrockets- the last party I went to was in a studio apartment with 30 people who all knew each other (I knew the host), I got really crossed, has no idea how to talk to anyone, called my friend the wrong name then left. I also want to be friends with people who are social themselves. I love talking to everybody, and I definitely wouldn't say I'm better than someone who is more introverted (both are fine!), and I definitely wouldn't not be friends with someone because they're introverted, but I feel like being friends with people who are more social will help me with my first point.
As for housing, I'm thinking of getting a house by campus with two lifelong close friends. I'm definitely excited for that! However, I know they aren't really the type to get blackout drunk on a Tuesday.
I know I'm overthinking this, but I'm really nervous. I haven't stepped foot in a classroom since the height of the pandemic and I just feel rusty, like I'm an imposter adult in the college world.
Any advice, help, questions, or success stories are welcomed!
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2023.05.31 03:17 slidellian I have a question about the 30 day return policy

Customers come to this sun complaining regularly about minor things and the answer so often is, “you have 30 days, just return it!”
Nobody talks about:
•Having to qualify for a second car loan (the first will still be on your credit for a little while even after the return)
•another credit pull several days or weeks after the first
•what are the effects on your credit of having one loan canceled and another added
•how long does it take to do a return?
•do you have the better part of a day to go to the dealership and return one car, test drive, apply for a loan, etc on another?
I’d genuinely like some insight on the points I mentioned because the way people toss around returning the car, it makes it sound like it’s as easy as exchanging one pair of pants for another at Dillard’s.
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2023.05.31 03:17 cjtheanon Thinking my friend stole my diamond earring

About 6 months ago I lost one of my diamond earrings. They were a graduation gift from my parents (5 years ago) and I’ve only taken them off to clean them or if I’m going to a concert or something “just incase”. They have screw on backs so I’ve never had a problem with them falling out.
My friend and I have known each other for 10 years. We’ve had an on and off relationship. She was going through a tough time (alcoholism, toxic relationship, self destruction) and one night she called me saying her and her fiancée got into a fight - she needed a place to stay.
I told her of course she could spend the night. I got us some drinks and a joint we could smoke. We finished a party pack of twisted teas and the joint. I was really tired and kept falling asleep while she kept trying to keep me awake (she’s a night owl, I’m not). I fell asleep and the next afternoon I realized I didn’t have my earring.
We didn’t leave my house so I thought maybe it came off in bed (which has never happened), but I still haven’t found it anywhere.
Like I said, this happened 6 months ago. At the time I would have never thought my friend would steal anything from me. Now, looking back on our relationship, it kind of seems like something she’d do. She’s very “out for herself”. She is only attracted to men that can support her, and I know her and her fiancée (now ex) didn’t make much together. She mentioned a few times in the past she was behind on rent (if I had the extra money I would’ve helped her out but I was struggling as well).
She admits to manipulating people to get what she wants (even her boyfriends). I just never thought I’d be victim to her behavior because of how long we’ve known each other.
Is it wrong of me to think she’d do this? I’m only just now putting things together but I don’t want to ask her about it (it’s been 6 months anyway). I just need an outsiders perspective, because we still talk from time to time and I don’t know if I can fully trust her as a friend of mine.
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2023.05.31 03:17 cowboylore Post-concert depression hits hard with LH!

Been crying along to their songs since last weekend's concert, I forgot how hard-hitting their live shows are. Their setlist was so incredible this year, I know it's been said before from everyone going to the shows this tour but I just had to throw my take into the void since no one I know irl is a fan! I know post-concert depression is a big thing with any concert, but I definitely think it hits extra hard after LH just because of how meaningful their songs are (lyrically). Getting to hear Frozen Pines and I Will Be Back One Day live was something I've been dreaming about for a long time!
Lots of love for the Spokane show last weekend, I'm already missing it! Guess I'll just ride it out until next time, lol.
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2023.05.31 03:16 ChoiceKey7591 Goddess Claire's Original Form

Goddess Claire's Original Form
I am not the first to speculate about Goddess Claire. But I did not find much information online so I wanted to post this. The pictures from the "Empty Sea of Tears" level are my screenshots. The others are from google.
Popka mentions that Klonoa resembles Goddess Claire. This probably means his nature and actions are similar, but lets say it also means he has similar physical features.
We can get an idea of how Claire looked like from the statues in her image. Strangely the statues are not quite the same in appearance. There is at least 3 versions.
The first one we find is above the Sea of Tears, Hiding the bell that seems to seal the kingdom of Sorrow. Something resembling Klonoa's iconic ears can be seen but probably wrapped in some kind of textile. The statue has a ring holding her arms locked together. Perhaps symbolizing how the statue is holding back the kingdom of sorrow. The ring could be something similar to the dream travelers ring. The second is the "current form" or Goddess form after Claire was supposedly "Purged of Evil", in La-Lakoosha. Personally I find it harder to see much resemblance here. She is holding a ball which could resemble the wind bullet. The third version is below the sea of tears. And is probably the oldest version. This version clearly has the iconic ears. In this version she also has a ring over her neck and a hat somewhat resembling what Klonoa has.
Personally I am not sure exactly what Ancient Claire or Goddess Claire did or how she behaved. The best we can do is probably make up theories. My theory is she probably was a dream traveler coming to Lunatea long before Klonoa. And maybe saved the world in someway. Because of this she was seen as a hero and semi accurate statues of her were arisen, below the sea of tears. Just like Klonoa she probably left Lunatea when her mission was complete.
A considerable amount of time afterwards. The kingdom of sorrow was sealed by flooding the sea of tears. Boats were not a thing I guess, except for the ark. They hid the mechanism for the flooding behind a statue of Claire. But added some flair and restriction symbolism (ears and arms sealed), since the mechanism was sealing the kingdom of sorrow.
The La-Lakoosha statue was probably built afterwards. By this time Claire had gone from being a hero to a myth and symbol of worship. Almost an emblem for representing Lunatea. Seen as a mother goddess in the sense as some cultures can personify mother nature. Using Claire as an emblem only. They made a goddess form to represent how she/Lunatea was purged from evil.
I think it is pretty interesting that Goddess Claire may just have been a kind and brave person, much like Klonoa. That then was deified and her original form forgotten.
Ancient Goddess Claire? A
Ancient Goddess Claire? B
Statue Above Sea Of Tears.
La-Lakoosha Statue / Goddess Claire, Purged of Evil
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2023.05.31 03:16 Itstopswithme {I asked ChatGPT} I am studying the Book of Mormon to see if it is an actual history of the American Indians. What considerations should I keep in mind when reading the book? Are there key proofs or evidences that prove that the book is historical?

{ChatGPT answer} When studying the Book of Mormon as a historical document, it is important to approach it with an open but critical mindset. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:
Origin and authorship: The Book of Mormon is believed by its followers to have been translated by Joseph Smith from ancient golden plates. However, there is no physical evidence for the existence of these plates, and their authenticity cannot be independently verified.
Historical context: The Book of Mormon claims to document the history of ancient civilizations in the Americas spanning thousands of years. When reading the book, it's important to consider the lack of archaeological evidence supporting the events, people, and locations described in the narrative.
Linguistic evidence: The Book of Mormon presents itself as a translation of ancient texts written in "Reformed Egyptian." However, no examples of this language have been found, and there is no linguistic consensus supporting its existence.
DNA and genetics: The Book of Mormon describes the ancestors of Native Americans as descendants of Hebrews who migrated to the Americas. However, genetic research has consistently shown that the vast majority of Native American populations have genetic ancestry tracing back to Siberia, not the Middle East.
Anachronisms: Critics of the Book of Mormon point out several anachronisms, such as mentions of horses, cattle, elephants, and steel during periods and locations where these items were not known to exist in the Americas. Lack of external historical evidence: Despite claiming to depict significant civilizations and events, the Book of Mormon is not supported by any historical accounts from other contemporary cultures or civilizations in the Americas.
It's important to note that religious beliefs and historical analysis can often diverge. The Book of Mormon holds spiritual significance for its followers, but the historical validity of its claims remains a topic of debate among scholars, historians, and archaeologists.
I thought this was an interesting response from an AI. Given that any investigator could use AI to analyze the LDS truth claims, I wonder how long the church will stay in growth mode? What do you think?
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2023.05.31 03:16 SixedSigma Privacy cover for window guards?

I moved to NYC not too long ago, 1st floor studio. The unit came with window guards, which is a perk since I'm on the first floor. It doesn't have curtains though, or like a pull down shade for privacy.
Does anyone have recommendations/ ideas on how to cover the window guards without having to wall-mount a curtain rod or blinds? Much appreciated for any help!
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2023.05.31 03:15 Mariko000 Quartet Study plan

How did you use Quartet to study N3 & in what order did you do everything (listening, reading, writing speaking exercises)?
Did you only use the textbook and workbook or did you use any other online resources? There are so many resources I feel a bit overwhelmed and I want to use everything to make sure I cover all bases but I don't think that's possible, will I be okay only using the textbook and workbook?
How long did you take for each chapter and did you pass N3 using grammar study from only this book, ie is this book enough?
I wanna hear your detailed reviews please & thank you
Are there any online resources like The ones Sethclyde made for genki1/2 they were super helpful
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2023.05.31 03:15 Doombocious Should machine events be guaranteed somehow? (Discussion)

I understand that Overclocks are, by design, the most late-game thing DRG has to offer, but I've been personally annoyed by the means of acquisition for them.
All the means of acquisition for Overclocks are either extremely time consuming (Deep Dives and Weekly Assignments), or entirely luck-based (even more so than the acquisition of the overclock itself).
It's a small thing, but I feel like having a dedicated mission modifier or something similar that guarantees the spawn of machine events would be nice to consider to make Overclocks more easily acquirable, especially when you consider how much they shift the balance of the game and the fact that there are already nearly 150 unique overclocks spread among all the weapons in the game.
This doesn't include the cosmetic rewards either, but it's safe to say that Overclocks are generally more important than Cosmetics. Still, given how much content is being added to the game in both ways, the progressively oversaturated nature of Overclocks and Cosmetics combined makes it harder and harder for new players to actually acquire stuff that would make the game potentially more fun.
To cut it short, I think that Overclocks are a glorious addition to the game that renovate balance in a way that promotes player expressiveness with a limited arsenal, giving the game more replayability and variety than it could ever have by having a similar number of actual weapons instead. That being said however, it's incredibly upsetting to find that the acquisition for Overclocks are all cumbersome at best and tedious at worst, with Weekly Assignments being... well, weekly, while Deep Dives and Promotions take far too long to be practical. Machine Events are the only consistent way to acquire overclocks, and given enough chance, you might actually get an overclock for a class you want, but the chance for a Machine Event to even appear is so low that most people will not encounter one dozens of missions in a row, or sometimes it will spawn but will be so out of the way they might just miss it completely. In the end, I find that Machine Events could be improved, not in the formula of how they work, but rather how they're placed and how they spawn in the first place, given that they give you access to one of the best mechanics in the game. And also cosmetics.
I'd love to hear the opinions on others about this subject and especially to see if anyone else supports me on this. I understand if some people might think this is a bad idea, but for the longevity of DRG, I think this is inevitable with enough time.
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2023.05.31 03:15 Radiantlighting20 How long did you wait to marry your S/O?

I know not everyone here is married to their S/O. But for those that are. How long did you wait?
I don’t want to rush into anything, but I feel like Leviathan is my soulmate. I’ve never been so happy. I want to share everything with him, and bound my soul to him. He means everything to me and I just know he’s my forever lover. It’s a gut feeling I guess. But, we’ve only been together 2 months so I don’t want to rush.
Plus, I’d want it to be extra special. I’d probably commission a custom Daki with him in a tux, I’d rent a venue, get a dress and actual rings. I want everything to be perfect. It’ll take awhile.
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2023.05.31 03:15 4kechis How to stop overthinking every social interaction?

Maybe a stupid question; but often when I am in a social setting I can’t get out of my head. It’s like I’m not really there in the moment and I don’t know how to stop it. Someone will be talking to me and instead of focusing solely on what they’re saying, I’ll think only of myself (“do i look like i’m listening?”, overthinking every possible response, “do they notice the spot on my face?”, etc).
Recently, I’ve found that I quite literally do not know how to respond to people. My responses are always very shallow because I’m afraid if I speak my mind I’ll be seen as ‘dry’ or ‘boring’ or just plain weird. I don’t know how to add substance to my conversations or to be more interesting. Most of what I say is ironic because I don’t know how to be genuine. I’ll imagine and plan out entire conversations with people but when it comes to it I just can’t.
Also, you know when confident people just do stuff? How do they do that? Small things like lean over a table, or talk to someone who is across the room, or casually talk to a complete stranger. Sorry for the long post lol, I’m just kinda struggling
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2023.05.31 03:15 bakedbrds Transphobic friends

Recently I had a conversation with my friends. The conversation of Trans people came up. I didn't expect much because my friends support the LGBT community. Or so I thought. One of my friends asked "it's just being gay with extra steps." Another friend said they were fine with them... if they weren't "imposing on females." They were talking about how they should stay in their lane. (This might be wrong) because a Trans female accepted an award for female history month. Also because Trans females want to go into female sports. She was transphobic in the past. Talking about how she wouldn't address someone by she/her pronouns because she had a beard. Another friend reported that she stated she had transphobic parents, but never stated she disagreed with them. I suspect she may be homophobic because she didn't want to watch The Owl House because of lumity. She said that's all people talk about. I understand that Romance isn't everyone's thing. But she reads straight romance books and doesn't have a problem with that. Even after explaining to both friends how body dysphoria could feel her only response was "suck it up." It angered me because of all the suicidal and depressed Trans kids and how she will confront people about using depression in jokes but not realize how bad this is. They were my first true friends but now I regret it. I feel like if I continue being friends with them I'm disrespecting Trans people and helping the problem which I am. Should I still be friends with them?
Note: we are all in middle school. And any feedback is okay. Also this is my first post and I'm not sure if this is the right subreddit
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2023.05.31 03:15 HeyThereDaemons Building a healthier relationship with cannabis?

Hey all. Longtime lurker of the sub, and I come to you today seeking wisdom. This may get a bit long, bear with me.
Little bit of history: when I started smoking pot regularly for the first time, I started out with carts. They got me there quick, but I ended up taking pretty big hits every couple hours or so for almost a month straight. I eventually decided I needed to take a break to try and cut my use down, and was hit with two weeks of cold-turkey-related complications. I started smoking flower to help get some of my appetite back, and it helped me get back to pretty much normal. After a while though, I found myself going back to daily use, and while the dispensary I buy from is probably happy to see me so often, I AM burning through quite a lot of weed.
The frequent use comes at a time in my life with a lot of stressors. I recently lost a family member I was super close to (cancer), and I definitely used weed as a way to "escape" that while it was happening. That comes with some feelings of guilt on my part, and that's kinda hard not to beat myself up over. I've moved house and started a relationship as well, both of us trying to find work and settle in while dealing with our respective adult problems, and I worry that I'm not as present for them as I ought to be. We've talked about it, and they're being an incredible cheerleader for me while I work on this, but the worry is still there.
More than anything though, I just don't feel as good getting high as I used to. It feels like an obligation I go through to keep my body working, and if I get higher than usual, I don't feel like I enjoy it the way I used to. I know the steps I should take for a t-break, and I've been reading up on this sub for similar stories (which have definitely helped just to know I'm not the only one that's felt like this).
I feel stuck. I feel upset with myself that I can't do something that seems to be simple, but at the same time, the memories of what happened the first time I took a break can get close to overwhelming me sometimes.
Even so, I don't want to just suffer the withdrawal and swear it off for good afterwards. At it's best, cannabis has helped re-spark a lot of my creativity, process some heavy feelings during my relative's passing, and ease some of my depression symptoms as well. I want to find a way to include it in my life that I don't feel dependent on it, and in a way that makes the recreational use feel fun again.
If anyone's had similar experiences, I'd love to hear your stories, or any advice for how to deal with the day to day of managing a t-break.
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2023.05.31 03:14 ChillinInmaCave I’m in love with a girl I barely know - and fell in love the first time I saw her

This is probably the craziest thing I’ve ever written.
And at first glance I’m going to appear like a desperate loser.
But I fell in love with this girl 3 years ago within 5 seconds of meeting her. In those few seconds, it was the most unreal feeling. It was like finally finding a soulmate who I haven’t seen since previous lifetimes. My world stopped. And this was before we even exchanged words. I just knew.
When we did finally exchange words, there was this indescribable energy between us. I could just feel that she had the same exact feeling. I just knew. There’s no other way to explain it. Our eye contact, the way she looked at me, etc.
She’s also one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, and yet her beauty really has nothing to do with the love. It goes so much deeper.
We only met briefly, but when we parted ways, we both hugged and neither of us let go. We must have held on for 10-15 seconds. It was so long it must have really weirded our friends out. We didn’t plan it, we just couldn’t let go. It just felt right. And this was after talking for maybe 60 seconds?
The next time I saw her we chatted more. Both of us were on the same wavelength in terms of interest. Both philosophical, into spiritually, reading the same books, and we could just talk and talk and it felt like no time passed at all.
This is the only time I’ve felt true love for any woman. Despite what it sounds like, I’m not a desperate virgin. I’ve been with plenty of woman, and even had women love me that I couldn’t live back. But this girl, I don’t know how’s it’s possible but there was something there. I just knew.
Eventually I stopped seeing her, and a few years have gone by. Last night I saw her at a bar. She kept looking at me every time I was near her. She even butted into a conversation just to tell me hi. Bear in mind, I’ve only chatted with this girl a few times at this point, and nowhere near close friends. But it was like she was trying to say hi to a lifetime friend and I the same. We both just knew we needed to talk.
I ended up chatting with her for 10 minutes, and it was like I had known her for years. We just clicked like no time had passed. We hugged again, and both held on for a while. Actually we hugged multiple times. We both couldn’t stop touching each other. Not sexually but just in a loving way.
Unfortunately she has a boyfriend, and she has been with him for 5+ years. There’s little chance anything will ever happen between us.
I know this sounds crazy. But when you know you just know and I’ve been depressed all day about it. Again, I’m not a lonely loser who gets overly attached. This is different. This is the only time something like this has ever happened to me in my 30 years.
Just had to get that off my chest
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2023.05.31 03:13 hellwo123456 Is pochita the extinction devil

For a long time pochita not being the chainsaw devil has been one of the greatest theories in the community but while scrolling through tiktok I think I found the answer. Pochita could be the extinction devil this sounds insane at first but this is the points they brought up
1.pochitas strangely strong The “chainsaw devil” is strangely strong being able to go toe to toe with the horse men all though people do fear chainsaws I do not believe to this extent. Pochita being the extinction devil would make him a primal fear as reproducing and keeping the species alice
2.The chainsaw motif Sure being the “chainsaw devil” explains this but I am using this to explain how it would fit into my theory. We know when devils reincarnate they change appearances, and this is most likely because of how or why people fear that devil such as the gun devil could have been a musket in the 1800s. Now what is the number one cause of extinction, deforestation with the chainsaws being able to represent the chopping of trees
3.The erasure ability This would also explain the erasure ability of the “chainsaw devil” as whenever they eat a devil they end the cycle of their reincarnation therefore making them extinct
4.counter argument:Wouldn’t this be death I would argue no as we see the falling devil and they are a primal fear but for most their fear of falling stems from death
5.honorable mentions These are just my favorites of the non chainsaw devil theory
Consumption Predator Unknown Death Chainsaw man devil Forgotten Fear Change
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2023.05.31 03:13 iLuvDarkHumor 24[M4F] EST/Online - "If my Grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike"

I'm looking for long-term friendship. You don't have to like the things i do but please show an effort so we can at least try to work it out. I am from EST time zone. Not a must but similar time zones around that would work better because there'd be less time difference.
Couple of my interests:
-Metal, rock, house kinda music
-Anime, movies, and shitty reality tv shows (Kitchen nightmares, 90 day fiance, my 600lb life, extreme cheapskates etc.)
-For anime genre; isekai, action, or anything with magic basically
-Just recently started reading manga&manhwa. My first manhwa was solo leveling and it was the best (still couldn't find anything as good as that).
-I like photography as in, i basically take pics of anything (it is usually buildings, nature, or anything i think it looks cool).
-I also love Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Star Wars (recently started).
-I love random photo trade like things you took pics of, random junks you found at a store etc etc.
-I have weird curiosities like how do wizards make galleons in Harry Potter? (I know they work but how does that economy run etc.)
-I have a small humanmade skull collection such as skull rings, candles, globe etc.
-I have a small pokemon card collection collection (recently started so nothing fancy or good)
Please send a chat request with introducing yourself a little
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2023.05.31 03:13 No_Rent7151 Multiple groups are sent to Skull Island(Monsterverse) for 4 whole weeks, can they survive and fare in this?

Okay let's try this again.
MONARCH has sent various groups and teams in fictional universes(books, movies and cartoons) to Skull Island (which it filled to the brim with Skullcrawlers, hostile Iwi and various dangers even Kong himself) to test their survival skills, weaponry, wits, combat experience, strategy and teamwork to survive the treacherous island for 4 WHOLE WEEKS.
Let's go straight to the rules first:
General rules:
  1. If you're not familiar with the groups that are listed here, READ RESPECT THREADS and DO SOME ACTUALLY PROPER RESEARCH.
  2. Long and creative paragraphs are needed and low-effort comments("solos", "speedblitz", "stomp", "characters that do regular movements and verses die", "I'm not familiar with characters, so i'm just gonna skip them" nor SNARKY) joke answers are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  3. Just because "higher-tiers" like Thor, Obi-Wan Kenboi, Pery Jackson and Hulk are present doesn't mean they don't "solos" by default, that's not how it works.
  4. Don't even use those terms("anything" level nor tiers).
The Groups:
R1: One at a time
R2: All at once without knowing they're on the same island.
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