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IncelTears: Because hating women will always get you laid

2017.05.19 21:56 caspertruth666 IncelTears: Because hating women will always get you laid

That's all folks. We're done.`

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2023.05.30 19:32 ShiftYourReality Self Hypnosis Flip Switch Training: How to Hypnotize Yourself (Full Training Free)

Enter deep self-hypnosis by the flip of an imaginary switch. This self-hypnosis Flip Switch technique is a very powerful way of going into trance on your own. Sometimes people find that with self-hypnosis they can relax completely without any difficulty, but they cannot get rid of their racing thoughts. The Flip Switch anchoring technique gives you a way of linking relaxation of your body to relaxation of your mind. You use the same process to turn off your mind that you use to turn off your muscles. Practice and use of this self-hypnosis anchoring technique will allow you to hypnotize yourself deeply suggestions for self-change will take affect nearly immediately.

Once you’ve completed the practice period, I will share direct programming recordings that you can use with the flip switch technique. I’ve used these recordings and have had incredible results, fast.

**Self Hypnosis Flip Switch** [Training](

**Flip Switch** [Deepening](

**Written** [Instructions](

**Notes regarding training:**

Please prepare a written suggestion on a piece of paper or card stock saying,

“Every time I enter self-hypnosis, I go much deeper than the time before”

Keep that suggestion handy for the practice portion of the recording.

When we practice reading the suggestion, please follow the instructions and read the suggestion slowly and thoroughly. I provide plenty enough time, so you do not have to rush.

Please make sure that when you do this self hypnosis training that you are not driving or doing anything that needs your full attention. Please wait until you can lay down and dedicate your full attention to this.



Remember to check out additional community [resources](!
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2023.05.30 19:32 Adventurous-Yam-5132 BOSCH IDS 2.0 System advice

Hello All,
We had removed our baseboard heaters and installed a brand new furnace in the attic and a bosch heatpump in the hopes that not only would we be more comfortable but also our power bills would be cheaper if not more consistent winter to summer and no more portable AC's. we installed the system mid October of 2022
After this Significate investment (27K+ for a 1100 SQFT single story home) we have not been pleased. All registers are in the ceiling and we are seeing very high power usage and the unit struggles to keep up it seems. I live in the Seattle area and in November our power usage was 2300KWH. The average temp was 38 deg F according to the power company. in comparison with baseboards last year we used 1400KWH. This is an huge jump. Things we tried: We had turned off the aux heat and a few months later turned it back on with the advise of the HVAC company Using a ECObee 4 pro thingy set at 68 deg all the time no setbacks or changes tried running the fan all the time and having the fan on auto Called HVAC company back out to be told all is just fine Replace filters every 3 weeks Unit would run for hours trying to achieve temp and would actually drop in temp even with it well over freezing outside. still... really high power bills and wish we would of saved the money and kept baseboards honestly.
Its seattle, it is not that cold out, I moved from eastern washington where we would stay below 0 and my 10 yo Lenox heatpump would maintain 68 using significantly less power in a house 500 sqft+ larger. I feel like there is something wrong with the bosch as this is just not right.
and yes I know its the heatpump using the power as we have replaced all other appliances including the HW heater with energy efficient ones AND our utility we can see hourly usage. when no one is home and the only thing that is running is the heat its easy to deduce what is pulling the power.
So what am I asking? sadly in march a car drove into our home. no one was hurt but major damage to the home and happened to flatten the heatpump and give us a lovely open floorplan. So do we push for a Bosch and have the same equipment put back in... or is there something else we should be looking at?
I attached the details of the system we installed removing costing.
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2023.05.30 19:31 spaceKdet31 improvising with bags

improvising with bags
I have a lot of weeds and heat to deal with but no cardboard, hay or mulch. I do however have big dirty stack of brown paper grocery bags, layered 2 together and laid them around some plants using rocks and bricks to hold them down. the plant in the picture is a ‘tropical’ lemon grass (not what i would’ve planted in my area but not my choice). water evaporates quickly here so the humidity loving grass stays super sad even with daily watering. it got noticeably greener after laying these around it and giving it a good soak after. anyone else try this? I cant cover the entire yard but it seems to help surrounding the wanted plant including a rose that was getting suffocated by weeds.
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2023.05.30 19:31 Ok_Marionberry_9932 Find a good mechanic before you need one

That’s all, my car’s front end stuff finally went out, but I could still drive it and took it too the place I trust. Don’t just take it the 1st return on an internet search, and don’t take it to a dealer unless it’s still under warranty or your doing a recall.
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2023.05.30 19:31 AffectionateWave2619 My ex reached out and it messed me up.

Long story short; she broke up with me, wanted me to fight for her, we were talking about getting back together but i've noticed that she's added and followed her ex (that i didn't like, at the beggining of our relationship she surely wasn't over him) on socials which pushed me away. I reached out after 3 weeks, we met up and she said that she's happy, sleeping/meeting with other guys, went back to doing drugs, smoking, drinking and that she enjoys this. She seemed so happy that the relationship is over, told me she lost feelings to me already etc. I instantly backed up, realised that there's nothing more to say or even stalk, i just went my way and i felt relieved.
A little bit over 2 weeks after this meet up she reached out to me on 6 am, probably on some drugs. She seemed really desperate, started to tell me that she's feeling very lonely and i was the only person she was sure about. I wasn't really interested in being with her anymore, of course i still have feelings but i know she's not a girl for me. I was being pretty nice even though i got kinda mad that she treats me like a nice ex who she can always type to and get some attention - she was very surprised that i didn't seem like i care anymore. This conversation went for a day until she admitted that she really wants to meet up and fix things between us. She called me, crying, telling me that her life sucks without me, that she went on a bad path in life and with me everything was easier. I told her that i do not trust her anymore, that i do not know if someone dumped her so she reached out to me (she's been sleeping with a few guys just like a week or two after a breakup) but she started to be so emotional that i somehow started to trust her more and more.
I thought that her reaching out and me saying "i don't want you anymore" would be a huge relief but it was not. Maybe us talking again brought all my feelings back and i started to miss her just like 2 or 3 days after we stopped talking again. She really left me at my worst, i was feeling so bad and when i'm finally back on track she wants me back and i do not understand it at all. I began to ask myself a lot of questions because this whole situation is a mess, it's like a "i want you i don't want you" game between us all the time. Right now it's 2 months after a break up and i feel like i'm still in the same place, even though i was moving on - all of a sudden everything is just a huge circle and now i'm even having regrets because i said no to her but i do know it's best for myself.
Anyone had a similar situation? I know blocking her is the best choice, i've got her blocked on a lot of platforms already but somehow i'm having a really sad time.
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2023.05.30 19:31 Labrabrink My partner and I are splitting after 4 years together. We haven't told anyone, but we will tomorrow.

I have been with the love of my life since 2019, but we were best friends for four years before that as well. He is not the love of my life, though, because we are breaking up at the end of our lease.
All of our friends and family members are happily cohabitating with their romantic partners, including us. This news will shake up a lot of foundations, will shake relationships. And we don't even want to break up. We just have to.
When we got together in 2019, it was after years of desperately wanting to be together. It was like a dream coming true, and I've never loved anyone like this. He knows my soul, I know his. But very quickly after we officially started dating, we realized that I wanted kids, and he did not.
We were very young. We thought it was so unfair, so ridiculous that we had finally found our happiness, only to realize that it couldn't possibly last. Why shouldn't we get to be happy for a while anyway? I don't plan on having kids for a long time. Why should I be miserable and heartbroken when I could just be with my favorite person on earth instead? So we agreed to table it. And we tabled it for four years.
From time to time, it would come up. When we moved in together. When we adopted a cat (he gets the cat, by the way). When we started splitting holidays between our two families instead of going separately. We would bring up "The Thing," absolutely sob, talk about how neither of us had changed our minds, sit in miserable, thoughtful silence, and then table it once again for several months, or a year.
When we moved in to our most recent apartment last August, somehow we both seemed to know it would be our last. We are nearing our late 20s, and it is starting to dawn on both of us that we are definitely wasting each other's time. We know that.
In January, he bit the bullet. He stood in the hallway, psyching himself up for ten actual real life minutes straight to come into the living room and say those words to me. "I think we should talk about The Thing." I felt like I was going to drop dead, like someone had vacuumed the air right out of my lungs. I knew exactly what he was talking about, and so we did talk about it. For real this time. Talked about the fact that it was time to let it happen, to let it separate us.
We have been deliriously happy for four straight years. Living with him has been the happiest, freest, safest, most joyous I've ever felt. He is my home, he is everything to me. I love our life. I love it so much, and it kills me to know that it is ending.
We kept this between just us and our therapists (I had never told my therapist about The Thing before, and he got his own therapist to help deal with this immense trauma as well) for the last six months. We decided we'd tell everyone in June. Our parents. Our siblings. Our friends, mutual and non. Everyone will suddenly know the thing that we've both been burdened by for four straight years. The thing that has kept me awake at night for four years, has caused me to avoid being alone with my thoughts for four years, has caused me to fear and avoid mentions of children or the future around my love for four years, has made me feel like I'm living a secret life that no one but my love can understand for four years.
We are best friends, but we are not meant to be together, and that kills me. I don't know how to get through today and tomorrow, doing my work, doing my chores, casually talking with friends, as if I'm not about to light myself on fire tomorrow evening in front of everyone I hold dear. I just don't know.
Today, I toured an absolute shitbox apartment that made me just want to give up. I don't want to face the life I have waiting for me, a life that changes completely from the one that I love and get to currently live. I don't know. I'll keep going, but I am not going to be happy again for years and years to come, and I don't know how to face that either.
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2023.05.30 19:31 Leash423 Wedding Mishaps

Wedding Mishaps
So wedding was yesterday! Lots of mishaps which is disappointing as I had spent a lot of money to have the best vendors. Some were funny, some got corrected, some suck. There’s really no time during the wedding to really stress as you have to keep on moving to the next thing! So looking back at it here are our mishaps!
1.) I was back to back with my groom and we were about to read our vows and then turn and do a first look. Literally opened the vows books and then CRASH. Literally a car crash. Panic ensued with everyone. Our photographer ran to go see if everyone was okay. My bridesmaids were all freaking out, and my groom went to go see if everyone was okay so I don’t know where he was but I also knew I didn’t want him to see me as there was no one to hide us from each other. I stood behind a bridesmaid. Turns out the caterer had backed into someone (I don’t know who). But man, it sounded so loud and so bad. The video is really funny. Everyone was okay.
2.) Somehow between my DOC and her assistants, the 6 groomsman, and my groom, the boutonnières were not placed. We did the whole ceremony without them before an assistant noticed and ran out to have them placed in time for family photos/bridal party photos.
3.) The FLOWERS. My colors were sage, white, copper, yellow. I wanted a wildflower feel. All my flowers were wrong. And pink. So much pink. I hate pink. There was no other pink in my wedding. They weren’t bad, no one would have noticed they were wrong. But man, I thought they gave me the wrong order. I typed her an email the second someone handed me my bouquet. Still working that out with the florist. You pay $3500, you’d think the right color would be the bare minimum? This is what I’m most upset about. Attached is the reference photo and what I got.
4.) The cake never got delivered. Or made apparently. The person in charge had a medical emergency and didn’t tell anyone at the company when it happened. I think my coordinator called the owner of the bakery and she had no clue the cake hadn’t been done, let along not delivered. My coordinator did an incredible job here. I had no idea until I sat down at the sweetheart table and saw an email from the cake company apologizing profusely. I slowly turned to the cake table and realized it was empty. But my coordinator had already sent someone to replace everything and we did have cake and do a cake cutting. The cake company is giving me a full refund, paying for the replacement cake, and will have the cake I wanted ready for us tomorrow so we can eat a slice and save a tier. So they’ve done all they can to rectify the mistake.
All in all it was a wonderful wedding! I found myself very ready for the “timeline” to be done with so we could be free to drink and talk with people. I can’t wait to see the photos!
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2023.05.30 19:31 PermissionEuphoric20 Co-tenant attempting to move in a long term guest, despite the co-tenant not living in the unit

I am expecting a situation where I am 1 of 3 co-tenants in a joint tenancy agreement (Ontario, Canada). Our lease has a termination date of June 30th, and 1 co-tenant has moved out as of May 19th. However, she is still on the lease and still has a key to the until until June 30th.
Despite not living or sleeping here, she is trying to move in her friend as a "long-term guest" in the unit.
We (the remaining 2 co-tenants) are concerned about liabilities this "guest" may bring, as well as concerned for our belongings, because everything remaining in the unit belongs to us.
Is a co-tenant who does not live in the unit allowed to have a permanent guest living in the unit in their place without having an official sublet?
And if she claims to still be living here, how do I go about enforcing overcrowding regulations? The extra person would put the unit over occupancy standards because there would be 4 adults and only 3 bedrooms.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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2023.05.30 19:31 Nybro991 I had an appointment today at the Apple Store and this is starting to get a new what they’re doing

I had appointment today at the Genius Bar at first they did a factory reset through iTunes for my iPhone 13 Pro because it was having some issue after it was done factory. Resetting the agent told me he needs to take it to the back room now this is starting to get new now. I have been with Apple now for almost 13 years. They never did this. Why did the guy took my phone to the back room? He said that he was going to do some testing on it so I let him, he wanted to see why I was having problems with cell phone connection but after he did a factory reset the eSIM was still available. I was scared that he might stole some of my information. How can I get proof that he did stole my information I’m not saying he did but is this normal for Apple guy take your phone to the back room
My advice is to anyone even if you have a problem with your iphine delete everything before you head over your phone to the Apple technician. Like I said they never did this. They were always do a lot of testing in front of you, but why did he took my phone in the back room? He told me what he was doing, but I just don’t trust him. He had to be the phone.
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2023.05.30 19:31 yungfellaa Sports chat mod Chin0 is such a 🤡

this guy has a fucking god complex and is a power ABUSER. i fucking hate people like this, he makes his own reasons and rules to mute whoever he wants. but when it comes to diamond players he never do anything, or worse, he dms them telling them to stop doing what they do, so he doesn’t ruin his relation with them. he gave me 1 month mute lately, and after 3 days or so, i witnessed many plat5+ / diamond players doing the same shit and no reaction from him, he just laughs. STOP ABUSING YOUR POWER AND TREAT USERS EQUALLY IF U WANNA DO YOUR JOB RIGHT.
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2023.05.30 19:31 ARocHT11 Feel like such an idiot

Together for almost 10 years married for almost 5. Ups and downs, but generally thought we were happy. We have fought and argued and said we were done, but by the next morning things would go back to normal. She has said, even this week, she is my best friend and that we have no real problems.
3 months ago she lost her job. Normally, when she has a big life change it somehow turns around on the relationship. She has anxiety and depression and just started taking anxiety medication. These last 3 months things had actually been going pretty well. And we both commented that we went through a stressful time and did a great job together. Or so I thought.
She started this new job less than 30 days ago and started having panic attacks. I thought it was due to work, but then she said she wasn't happy in the marriage. I advised counseling and that we'd been through this before and always got out of it. She agreed at first reluctantly to go to a therapist for herself and that her and I could talk to someone together when she was ready. But we wouldn't do anything quickly. I was telling her I love her, we had sex a couple times, she would say she loved me, but she wanted to separate bc she needed her own place to be on her own. She said we would still continue to date and be together, would still sleep together, but she needed her own place.
Yesterday she told me that she had asked our 4 year old how she would feel with mom and dad having their own place. And that she found a place to live. We argued, I said ok then move out. We talked later and she said she was moving out Friday.
Found out today, that she had actually signed a lease last week and had been lying this entire time. She wasn't ever going to wait to meet with a therapist together. She didn't just find a place Monday. But has had this planned. I think she probably had this planned since she lost her job and she DID have panic attacks about the relationship because she knew it was over.
I am so pissed, but I know this is over now. I was racking my brain as to what I could say and how I could get her to stay. I told her we were a team and we would pick her up when she was down. I asked her not to leave right away and to let's plan accordingly for our daughter. And she was lying the entire f'ing time. The best thing about finding this out was it confirmed exactly what i need to do. When I told her we are done and that I wasn't going to sleep in the bed with her and I didn't want to do stuff with her anymore, she started crying and getting all emotional. It's probably all for show. Focused on my kids from now on.
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2023.05.30 19:31 MSDuarte7 Jack Midoriya and The angst of Izuku

Jack Midoriya is the protagonist of Horikoshi's One shot My Hero, The alpha version of MHA where The only character we know is the teacher Snipe, Jack looks a Black hair, adult and tired version of current Deku, in this world heroes looks more "realistic" like Snipe, not like AFO or OFA users, so Jack is basically what Deku would become if he never got OFA, and in this One shot we see Jack being basically a loser, Someone that isn't The Best worker, not Someone you wanted to be as close since he looks tired and always talking about heroes and nothing else, having only a female friend that helps him in his Hero desire, being, in my vision, an Alpha version of Mei Hatsume, helping him with hero gadgets.
We see in this One shot a sad and angst Reality where Deku would've have if he really never got OFA, he would be Someone unhappy, Someone that never achieve his dream, but even as an adult, still try to be a hero no matter what, for being an adult trying to be a hero in a Low level quirk world show Horikoshi always had a sad and pessimist vision of Midoriya's story, Bakugou, Ochaco And The others exists only in beta version, where Deku looked an emo teen with another name, but it still show the same concept of a loser, weak and unhappy MC.
We don't know much of Horikoshi as person for obvious Reasons, but The few we know is his Love for heroes and his relationship with his Mother being pretty similar to Deku/Inko relationship, but considering his current actions towards his own manga, never wanting to stop, give a break, make a hiatus to rest, take care of himself but still try to gave us the best he can with his story... Pretty similar with Dark Deku arc? Someone great but that can't see his own mistakes and is suffering for that?
Deku May not be the Best character or the Best MC ever to you, but everytime i hear or read something about Horikoshi, i've always remember of Deku and his Journey from The loser Jack Midoriya, The emo and edgy Midoriya to The current, OP, good hearted Deku, but still suffering The same quirkless Origin and never realize his mistakes.
Just a random post about my Love towards Deku and Horikoshi's Journey
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2023.05.30 19:31 MutedGrapefruit5510 Love me for it, while we suffer for it


I’ll do it for you Anything But I’m with you as you talk of another And my soul cries out But the tears fall on your death ears I don’t want your bullshit I just want your right hand on mines I want to be the course in your written lines But all I get is excuses And I’m used to it But still I’d do it for you Run a marathon for you Swim in a hurricane for you Anything for you I would die for you

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2023.05.30 19:30 DBthecat Light(er)Weight, more cushy hiking boots/rugged trail shoe, preferably resolable and leather

Title basically says it.
For more context i got a job doing park ranger work at a popular waterfall, where the trails are mostly flat and densely packed very fine gravel, tons of stone stairs I climb multiple times a day, and natural stone cliff ledges i have to stand on for hours. Also have a moderately heavy pack, and will somewhat regularly need to carry rescue equipment and/or assist in carrying injured people.
I have danner mountain lights that ive had for 7 years, still holding up great and have been resoled once. Ive always found them comfortable in backcountry conditions and rugged trails with softer packed soil and natural features. But damn my feet and hips hurt after a day on these harder surfaces.
I know im trying to strike a delicate balance here between rugged and comfortable. Supportive yet cushy. And durable vs modern constructions.
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2023.05.30 19:30 wannabemom_ My brain hurts

To preface I enjoy my nanny family, bosses and baby. They’re good, kind, people and love their son. He turned 1 this month. I am a Montessori aligned caregiver and a bit of a realist. They baby talk the hell out of their son, dad boss is worse as it’s all incoherent mumble jumble and mom breaks sometimes and speaks to baby like a human but for the most part puts that “baby twang” on all her vocab.
I sent them fact based, researched info when baby was 6 months about the importance of speaking to him and having convos, explaining everything and emphasized no baby talking. It seemed to get worse after that, 6 months ago. They still talk the exact same way to him and he never babbles. He’s very smart and understands when I tell him things but only “speaks” in grunts. points, grunt has toy, grunt which I think is fine? I Can tell he’s trying to communicate it just isn’t babbling or effort to speak. I know he is 1 which is early for a talk but before these last two weeks he’d talk. He’d speak baby speak and it’s just dwindled.
How do I reencourage them to STOP baby talking for good? also how do I tell them to stop with the binky? I never give him a binky only for sleep and it’s been increasingly bothering me that he is expecting his bink at the last part of his nap routine. Also they leave it in his mouth when he wakes up and brings him out with it or give it just anytime of day. It’s not excessive but definitely unnecessary.
Lastly, mb has expensive formula that will expire before her next babe and it continuing to feed it to him till runs out (a few boxes) but still is feeding him the same amount he always drank when it should be little to no milk( snack after naps) during the day. I hate working with families when babies hit 1 year they always seem to get weird idk I don’t want to quit but if the baby talk, binks and transition from bottle don’t happen soon I might have to
Advice, input?
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2023.05.30 19:30 Zealousideal_Tap7817 Updated to Jagex Account, now my email and old username are not found

As mentioned in the title, I was trying to update my account to Jagex account to get the 2 cape shards. I am theorizing how this is working in my case. Jagex Accounts platform is what I will call the new system that Jagex is pushing for. RuneScape Platform is the old system as we know it.
My main had a username and the email already had an account associated with the email (I wasn’t aware of this at the time).
The steps I took was creating a Jagex account with my main account with my email. It prompted for a strong password, which I provided. As expected, I had to reload my Jagex Launcher settings, which I did.
But now I am unable to log in with the given email/password on Jagex accounts. I requested a password change which I realized an old account was associated to my email.
To keep things streamlined, I changed it to a seperate password (it was not a strong password, which is weird since if it was going to Jagex Accounts platforms, and not the RuneScape platform for password changes, it would’ve prompted for a strong password).
I tried to log in again, trying both passwords, no avail. Since I was still logged in Jagex Account platform on the browser, I added the old, random account associated with the email (random as in a made it forever ago and just forgot about it). So now two accounts are associated with the one email.
I still cannot log in. When I go to the account recovery with “Forgotten Login”, it says my email and user(s) are not found.
My theory is both platforms are out of sync and I really hope there’s no data lost.
Jagex Admins/Mods, what can I do to remediate this and actually play with my main account?
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2023.05.30 19:30 ThrowAwayEnd03 Kdkdkdmndnrbrbr

I'm feeling like a potato. Mashed tato. Woop woop. Gotta do the washing tomorrow ready to pack. I like packing. Get to organise things and think about the trippppp. Also love seeing how efficient I can make my bag.
Ive been having trouble sleeping still. I know why. Kind of embarrassing. My mother knows about Gabby now. She 'posted' me another letter. But I dont live there any more so Im of course not checking the mail box. But my Mum noticed it because they pick their mail up from town... it doesn't get delivered... so she knows that Gabby is going to the effort to physically deliver a letter. 🙃 So of course that caused some questions.
Mum asked me if shes dangerous. That was weird. I dont live at their house any more... so... I sort of feel bad or responsible for being the reason she goes there. But I dont think shes 'dangerous'. I mean it's not like she's an arsonist. I didnt tell Mum about the time she passed out on the driveway after attacking the front door and I had to call the Police. I feel like they would overreact. They think I'm easily manipulated. Well... I probably am. Im a but naive, I know that now. I know I'm too trusting.
I know if I defended her from their assumptions they'd, or mainly my father would throw Jessica in my face. Or not throw it. But just remind me. I was a teenager who was having a hard time. Ofc I was going to be manipulated easily by people. Pretty sure Mum thinks Bec was a fluke and I'm just going to go back to dating not nice people. Fair enough... I don't have a good track record before Bec. And the fact that I immediately accepted Kayla back in my life and who pretty much started having expectations of me immediately probably doesnt fill Mum with confidence. I get it.
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2023.05.30 19:30 Arkham010 Leave the Match if you gonna hide at spawn

I know there are people who for whatever reason like to defend them but there are wayyyyyy too many dogshit players who instead of leaving spawn or the match, hunker down and stay there all game. The game is over 2 years old and people still do this? Are some people playing a horde bonus mini game im not aware of?
Why do people do this?
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2023.05.30 19:30 arthezaddonix IF I could just kill myself then everyone would know I didn't want to do it

Alt account. I think I've lived my whole life unenthusiastic of doing anything really. I'm at a crossroads, I've been working on music for 5 years, and I kept a dayjob like I was asked to at my fathers. I worked for the rent to stay and then inflation hit. I then had to move back home to my mothers. from the very start, my whole room was full of a crazy ex-bfs stuff. I had to clean everything out myself, and the rest of the house still needs cleaning but I've given up on that. Eventually got a job here, and started making enough money to continue my hobby, even bought a better computer. I know I'm not the most disciplined but I work due-diligently through the nights and days cause I love doing this.
the job I got was a PCA. Personal care assistant. the same job my mother has and I basically just had to watch this old man in his chair, get him smokes, make coffee etc. the real challenge is that he has no filter, and that filter is racist, sexist, and demented. He was like that toward all coworkers including my mother, and called me mogley because I look like it from the movie he says. it's been 7 months since I've had this job, it was going okay, but people keep quitting and then our boss wants to call us in to fill in the hours.
I just called that person that quit. she was crying on the phone cause she didn't think I would care, but I asked her shy she quit, turns out she has a son same age as me and kept asking and ioking about his color toward her, and like I said, he was sexist also and I guess he kept poking her boob, and she was just really sad, she said to me "you're name is not mogley, you have to quit too, he need to go to a f***ckin nursing home. I tried to care about him but he doesn't deserve anyone, and I shouldn't tell you this thai, but he says awful things about your mom too"
I told her, thank you and maybe I'll try to soon, but it felt I was smarter than her in conversation so I just agreed and made sure I appreciated her concern. I guess when I say smarter, I guess I've always felt cynical of people. I raised my concerns toward my mother though about how we keep losing people, and being called in for extra days that are not scheduled, I told her we should quit and find different jobs, but of course, now she starts suggestingntrade schools, or working the mines for something yadayada.
I just, I'm tired. I'm tired of caring, because I don't really care about my mom after a certain moment. I don't care to work. I don't want really anything. why does it feel so hard to not feel like I'm being manipulated into something. I felt just fine working any dumb job to continue my hobby and make that into a living. I wish sometimes I could just kill myself and then they would know I didn't want to do any of this. I didn't care about any of this, I don't feel anything. this house could burn, my mother could leave, and it wouldn't phase me. I'm shut off inside. I'm not super depressed, I can still walk around, and I'm not sociopathic as I care plenty about music and the music producer friends I've made but, I'm just. I don't care, and finding another job that pays the same is not going to be easy. I just want to lay down and die.
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2023.05.30 19:30 Alternative_Job_3298 Starting to get pissed off- feeling alone.

Hi all,
First time poster. Me (24, M) and my partner also (24, M) have been a couple for 5 years now. Everything is mostly fine, he's a loving, caring guy with a quirky personality and I love him so much.
He isn't ADD diagnosed although the signs are there (inattentiveness, easily distracted, lack of drive etc) and looking back I would say I have always noticed these things but have always passed it off as the "lazy boyfriend trope". I think I probably had the same misunderstandings about ADD/ADHD as most other people before my boyfriend starting to notice signs in himself.
I am starting to feel a bit alone in the relationship - sometimes it feels like I am mothering him as opposed to being in an adult relationship. I often find myself taking on the bulk of housework, organising life admin, car MOTs etc, which I don't mind because I am quite organised and like to have a daily routine. My partner on the other hand is the opposite. Everything is last minute, everything is a fluster, everything is distracting. I understand 100% that ADD is like this and that it isn't his fault although I am getting royally fed up of always feeling like the "bad cop" in the relationship. Any time I get angry after having asking him to help out with stuff etc I get the silent, sulky treatment and the "it's not my fault, I wanted to but couldnt".
It's really starting to FUCK ME off. The biggest argument we've had was this week. We are both PhD students and I am the one out of the both of us to receive scholarship funding. This needs to be reapplied for every year and thus far I have had it twice and have just resubmitted my application again. My boyf is also a PhD (different subject) and is currently being funded by his parents. The application deadline is tomorrow and has been open since January. I submitted my application a month ago. After not being successful last year after pulling an all nighter and attempting to do it then he promised that this year he would start extra early because he knew it would take him a while.
Lo and hehold it is the night before and he hasn't done it! It has a deadline that closes at noon tomorrow and he hasn't even started it. I came home from the office to find him asleep (he has no issue playing video games until the early hours or socialising with his friends - who all also have ADD/HD). I ask him how his application went. When he told me he hasn't done it and has a meeting with his supervisor at 11am tomorrow to discuss it I really lost my lid. I am so fucking angry it's unbelievable. This is the second year in a row he has fucked himself over. After asking him how he will write an application in a hour tomorrow morning he tells me "oh I've done some I need my tutor to read it so I can restructure it". It's like he has no awareness how important this is for him. His tutor often runs late so I cannot fathom how he thinks he can get this done in an hour.
And again I am now the bad one. I am the one who has "lost his lid" and who has shouted and gotten angry. I'm the one who has gotten the sulky treatment and being told "I don't understand". You know what I really don't understand. I can understand the aspects of ADD but I cannot fathom recognising I need to spend longer doing work and start early and still spend almost 6 months not doing it! Even after repeated prompting!.
Socially he is really well adjusted and spends lots of time with his friends. He has hobbies and interests which he loves and is good at and seemingly never has an issue motivating himself to do these. His friends are nice, they're not my type of people and we don't have much in common but we get along fine. They all also have ADD/ADHD and lots have autism spectrum disorders (although lots of these are self diagnosed). His inattentiveness has definitely gone worse since he's began to identify his traits with ADD ( I am not saying he doesn't have it, the traits are there and always have been) however its almost now like he revels in the fact he has it. His friends as I said are nice people but they wear the fact they've got ADD/HD and are neurodivergent as a badge of honour, almost something that is their personality. I don't believe anyone should be ashamed of any disability or learning need in the slightest but I don't think treating additional needs like a quirky personality trait is helpful either (especially as I said lots of them have diagnosed themselves).
I have tried to get him to book a GP appointment for the last year. We are lucky that the area in Wales we live in is a small town but has a major hospital and young adult MH services. He can also be referred via the Uni. This is an online e consult where the GP contacts you and you then go in for a chat and a referral. Current wait time to see a specialist is around 4 months. He also has access to private insurance. Yet he hasn't done this which almost confirms to me that this is the issue.
Does anyone have any tips? I love him dearly, he's a great friend and boyfriend and I can't imagine him not in my life. He's kind and caring and doesn't displaying the emotional inattentiveness I've seen with other ADHD partners mentioning here. He's very emotionally intune with me and knows when I am down and is able to listen to me it's most definitely his executive functioning that is the issue.
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2023.05.30 19:30 B2Mind What are we going to say? The Unique Selling Proposition

I wrote this file looking for each business to find a strategy to communicate its own concept. Do you think a small business could implement a creative strategy with a unique selling proposition?
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2023.05.30 19:30 Ok-Nefariousness486 Account hijacking

yesterday at like 1am someone managed to get into my epic account and switch the email and password, effectively locking me out(for some reason i can still log in through google on the epic website and have enabled 2fa)
i have tried contacting epic support but i haven't gotten a reply in the last 12 hours and even emailed [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) but i still haven't gotten a response.
anything else i can do about this or am i just dead in the water?
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