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2023.05.31 02:28 -cosmic-bitch- Please Stop Gatekeeping to Younger Fans

I know this isn't everyone, and there's a lot of cool DMB fans.
However, every time I've been to a concert, I get numerous gatekeeping comments. People say I'm not a real fan, or I'm too young, I must have parents who like DMB, or I don't know any of the good tracks. None of this is true. I listen to the old live albums, I don't have older family that likes DMB, and I'm 25 yo. I can get into music that came out before I was born. I went to the Nashville concert on Friday. I was the only person around me who immediately recognized Dave was playing I Want You by the Beatles. More proof young people can like old bands lol. Some lady in the bathroom line was giving me all the usual gatekeeper comments, shaming me for my age, and telling me about how she saw DMB in small venues in the early 90s. After the show, I mentioned to a couple people how much I enjoyed it, but they said, oh well it wasn't any good compared to old shows... like, can we not enjoy the experience we just dropped hundreds of dollars on?? I mean, I didn't hear my favorite song either, but I recognize the new music is still good. And Walk Around the Moon is an amazing song. I have a better appreciation for it after hearing it live.. I've been to 3 concerts now, which isn't a lot, but it's more than any other artist I listen to. I understand that y'all have been to hundreds of concerts and you want to hear what you want, and you want it to be like the 90s / early 2000s. The reality is that it's 2023 and life has hit the band just as hard as it's hit you. But life goes on. DMB doesn't have a violinist anymore. They have new music. They have relatively younger fans as well as you. And it's amazing that they still tour and perform the way they do.
Just a rant / PSA.. Try to be more welcoming of younger fans, and accepting of the band's new music and style. Maybe lower the expectations to a reasonable level, and be grateful you still get to see them live. 💜
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2023.05.31 02:28 Iced-TeaManiac [Engage] My final chapter team on my first Maddening run and short thoughts on them (Unit spoilers)

Mostly satisfied with this Alear build. Happy with the inherited skills, would've gone Avoid +30 if I could. SP5 and the Marth emblem bonuses + stat skills saved her from being a Corrin fog bot. The Corrin engraving also lets her crit decently often, and with the extra hits from break defense and divine speed it's more opportunities to land a crit. Idky I gave her movement boots
My only issues are I good way to use Silver Spirit Arts and I couldn't upgrade Wille Glanz more since it has hit issues. Also idky but I slipped my mind to give her a Silver Blade to use for Lodestar Rush

Very happy with my Louis build. He actually sucked until I got Sigurd back. His defense wasn't high enough to survive more than one/two enemy rounds. Sigurd patched his defense, movement, hit and attack with LP5 and Momentum. I also fed him most of my Dracoshields to go all or nothing with his tankiness. He was tanky enough to become less of a frontline defender and more of a diver who I could send far in the enemy lines and chip half the health off the enemies who would go at him on enemy phase. Had to beware of backup units though. The Byleth engraving + Sigurd's dex boost allowed him to reliably land hits on the more evasive units like wolf knights and fliers
Only thing I would change is higher Defense+ skills

Honestly I didn't know what to do with this guy and I don't completely like how it turned out. In the midgame I thought speed would fix many of my units' issues and towards the end I realised maybe not so much. Diamant's just a bruiser, right? He hits and gets hit. Doesn't kill. but doesn't die. And Rise Above lets him get closer to killing and stay further from dying? The speedtaker was supposed to lean into his offence but I probably should've just leaned into his survivabilty and taught him Unyielding skills from Marth since I have better units to use on player phase

A failed unit ngl. Again I thought speed was the answer back in midgame and inherited a waste of a skill. If he just had Lunar Brace+ instead, he would've been great, a carry even. But he was ja Draconic Hex bot who helped other units double more often. Not having an emblem ring didn't help his SP gains

Pretty satisfied with how she turned out. I honestly had no vision for her until late game. She was just a filler mage who used the electric tomes but had terrible hit rate, so I gave her Draconic Hex to at least get some kind of value even if she missed. When I got Celica back I had to decide between either her or Ivy for Byleth. Byleth has better Instruct bonuses and and Sync weapon with a mystical than a flier so it helped in making the decision. Thyrsus Thoron let me cheese the Ch25 middle room
Issues are that I taught her tome precision which was a waste. I thought it would be cheaper than the Hit+ skills from Sigurd since it was specificaly tomes, but no it was not cheaper and Citrinne really didnt need avoid bonuses

My Ivy's a bit of a mess. I had her on Byleth for the speed buffs at first to let her double more often but at some point that wasn't happening anymore, so Citrinne got Byleth instead. Also, liked to Engage+ with Ivy since her high magic stats and generally low enemy resistances let her one round abberations with Dragon Fists. Having her on Byleth meant losing dance for four turns which is a no can do. which Since Ivy wasn't doubling anymore, Celica just helped with raw magic boosting. Other than that nothing else
I didn't realise how much of an issue Ivy's hit rate was until I took her off Byleth. Speed+ was helpful midgame, towards the end not. But without it, Ivy also wasn't able to double endgame Great Knights iirc, so I wasn't sure whether to just inherit Divine Pulse+ or keep the Speed boost. If I could do things differently idk if I would focus on patching up hit for when she takes Celica or if I'd just give her her cannon emblem Lyn to fix both her hit and speed
Also, post game I learned how good Lyn engraved Nova could be, so I would've had her on that as her main tome

It's Kagetsu with Eirika + Alear engraved Killing Edge. He dives, he eliminates, he leaves

Kind of a flop towards the end. Midgame she was an avoid monster and would double and Sandstorm all the time. Towards the end my luck ran out and she couldn't kill and consequently get speedtakers going. My reasoning for giving her Lyn was that the dex boost would help her proc Sandstorm more often, and the speed boosts would let her double more often, therefore more opportunities. Even if she got hit she was tanky enough for it to not be dangerous. Sigurd engraved Represailles for overall better combat stats. All this was working so well and then on the last three chapters it just wasn't. I had even let her eat quite a few of my stat boosters and spent a lot of books on her. She has a build +3 in the back there that I didn't know would be a waste of SP if I just upgraded Represailles
What I would do differently is just let her stay on Ike honestly and all or nothing into Sandstorm. Give her Dex +5 from Lucina and Def +5 from Ike, and have her always be engaged with Ragnell in hand. Being enaged as often as possible is how I use the Roy emblem ring, I would've done the same with Ike!Timerra. +5 Def from Ike, +5 from inheriting Ike's skill, +7 from Bravoure+, +5 from Ragnell, that's +22 defence. Landing a sandstorm with that would be crazy. On top of that there's Wrath too. Ike's weapons have hit issues so +10 hit from Dex +5 would help

I mean, if she crits she wins. I don't think Panette ever really relied on all the emblem skills and bonuses at her disposal as much as my other characters. All she needed was Wrath, with Vantage helping out if I'm enemy phase farming. Wrath and Silver Greataxe aether were the only things she needed Ike for. I used to have her on Lyn, but I felt that Panette with high speed was overkill, so I gave Lyn to who I thought could benefit from it more. Plus with how dangerous fliers were, I felt it was better to give bow emblems to non bow users
But if I could do it differently I would in fact give her Lyn just because (and I know it sounds crazy cause it's Lyn) the emblem isn't really in demand anywhere else. Plus she's strong enough to actually kill with Astra Storm. Only downside is that I don't think Panette is someone who really needs the clones

Very satisfied. The Lucina emblem ring honestly has a lot of good skills and stats boosts that just complement Wolf Knight Merrin. And Parthia is one of the five best emblem (Parthia, the Binding Blade, Ragnell, Mercurius, Thyrsus.). Merrin was my frontline defender who avoided almost everything
But like most people have said, WolfK Merrin damage really does fall off towards the end. Silly me I thought I should go the Roy strength line to fix it but investing into Merrin's player phase with Lunar Brace+ is better. I did so post game and Noble Rapier became a Paladin killer for her. I also wish I had enough resources to upgrade Peshkatz more. Never really used Carnwenhan.

I know it sounds crazy but this slyly fell off in the last two chapter. It's generally a fine build. I think the emblem and unit don't necessarily complement but just allow Pandreo more options to his play.
The issues I ran into is that, again, speed kind of fell late game so Pandreo couldn't consistently double non-armored units, which was the edge he sort of had against Ivy thanks to Chaos Style. But with neither of them doubling, she and Citrinne who used Thoron were just better at doing damage. Pandreo's magic growth isn't as high as you'd expect. He couldn't kill GKs and generals even with doubling because of how high their healths were. His speed growths are good, but both Mage Knight and High Priest cap out pretty early. Micaiah does help him at least one round armored units since Thani is effective against them, but Micaiah's importance made me scared to use engage with so early in the map
In the end with the pairing, it was like I was playing Pandreo at the start of a map, then Micaiah at the end. What I would do differently is lean into his Mage Knight niche and teach him Sword Power from Roy to use with a Levin Sword. I went for Momentum as a cheap way to boost his Mag Atk but it wasn't enough

Seadall is seadall
The last two are the 14 deployment fillers.
This Goldmary build sucks. She sucks, Leif sucks, everything sucks. Low damage low hit low level low utility. I didn't wanna use Mauvier since I wanted someone who was more of a bruiser on my team; I already had a lot of squishies. So I took Goldmary who I hadn't touched once since CH16 and threw her onto the team. I grinded and fed the heck out of her with skirmishes and Mentorship, but she sucked and so was relegated to Dual Assist+ bot. I mean, that was what I wanted her for anyways, to make use of Brave Assist, but it was kind of boring and unreliable.
To try see if she actually could be good, post game I grinded up to 20 to catch up with the others, kind of, and she still sucked.
What I would do differently is either, a) never mind the Hero junk and go into an armored class or b) work around Arms Shield. GM has good defence and because she's Hero she can use multiple weapons, which the Leif emblem ring seems to like. Because Arms Shield encourages her to fight against inferior weapons to her own, I'd have her learn Break Defense from Marth, that way she can get some extra hits in. At the same time though, if the enemy is broken, you're not really gonna be making use of Arms Shield on player phase, and on enemy phase, enemies prefer avoid superior weapons even though they can't get broken on their turn. Basically, I don't see when Arms Shield would come into play but hey

Honestly just a dragon bonus bot. That's usually what Alear gets called, but Alear has the time to actually work. Veyle ehhhh.
The build is incomplete because of a lack of resources, but if I had better managed them I would've taught Veyle Mag +5 and Divine Pulse+. Just go all into her magic and fix her terrible hit rates. Obscurite actually has decent base crit so maybe engraving it with Lyn or Eirika wouldn't be a bad idea since it significantly improves the hit rate and crit rates. Maybe she could be a crit mage, which is I don't think any other mage can do
Honestly the thing I'm most upset about is that I couldn't find a way to keep Corrin on my team once I got Marth back. Dreadful Aura and Torrential Roar are good skill. But in the end, Alear took off Corrin and went for Marth, going from support bot to frontline hero.


Louis Kagetsu the goats
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2023.05.31 02:27 CalAtt Kind of torn between fixing up my 2014 6Spd Sedan or trading it in...

So I have a 2014 Manual GS Sedan with 196,000KM, it's been a reliable car but stuff is lets say starting to go on it, some of it is normal wear, such as the Clutch, suspension and the 3 rusted out heatshields on the back of the engine that clunk every time I hit a bump or get going from 1st gear( lol) or the fact that my intake probably needs to be cleaned cause the car seems to be sluggish going from stop to start (Already had the spark plugs and 1st ignition coil pack replaced) , a the more major one that is the biggest reason I'm thinking of trading it in recently is the fact that I have what I think is not a large but not a slow A/C leak and I fear it's the evaporator for obvious reasons of not seeing a leak anywhere in the engine bay or on the compressor, and Mazda wants $1855 CAD to replace it where I live, I'm sure a reputable garage will do it for less, but it's still gonna be costly to replace.
I mean I could do all this myself, I'm pretty handy, the only one that I don't know if I would have the guts to take on is the evaporator core cause you got to pull the whole dash out of course, I know how to vacuum the system out, check for leaks and refill etc etc, but the pulling of the dash kind of makes me nervous, especially the dropping of the steering column but I could realistically do the job for probably $300-400

I'm probably overthinking all of this right? Any advice you guys have would be extremely helpful and appreciative. I would probably trade in for a 2023 GT 2.5L FWD, I live in Eastern Canada but I don't do really any off roading or drive like a maniac in winter, so I'm comfortable with just having FWD.
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2023.05.31 02:27 W0z0wski Woz •• Relflections •• 1hr of Liquid Belters

Woz •• Relflections •• 1hr of Liquid Belters
Here comes the Liquid heat. It’s a bit hard to pin this mix down as it is Liquid, but a lot of it has a hard edge that will have you head bobbing . Kicking things off is Calibre’s – Thrubbin from his 8th Shelflife release. I always look forward to Shelflife releases as the opportunity to catch up on Calibre’s unreleased and more obscure tracks is always appreciated. This one does not disappoint with Heat, No Sense and Thrubbin’ being obvious stand outs for me.
Other big tunes for me a Rockwell & LaMeduza’s – Estranged, a vocal banger with Rockwell’s signature skittery drum work and production. Very good to hear more Rockwell after a short hiatus. Seba also has a new track out on Spearhead’s Soul Warming Sonixs LP with Marina Sambą providing the vocal on Whatever You Feel. Not your typical Seba track, but still solid as always. From the same LP is the Workforce Remix of Lens’ big tune from 22′ Feels Like, a tougher more dance floor rerub that does the business.
Reflections - 1hr of Liquid Belters
Calibre – Thrubbin Telomic – Lesson Learned Impartial – Flow State Waeys – Similarities Calibre – No Sense Seba & Marina Sambą – Whatever You Feel Calibre – Heat Motional – Fall Rockwell & LaMeduza – Estranged Lens – Feels Like (Workforce Remix) Dawn Wall – Judgement XJ – TImeshift Deviant – Always OZB & Charli Brix – Take It All (Halogenix Remix) Brainwork – Felt Your Touch Atlantic Connection – Cycles (VIP) Alex Perez – Wairua Halogenix & Alix Perez – Amé Secret Structures – Hurt Me Sam Bingo & Redders – AYO (Foreign Concept Remix)​
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2023.05.31 02:27 LoveMangaBuddy Read King's Maker - Season 3 Chapter 98 - MangaPuma

Wolfgang Goldenleonard, the 4th Prince of the kingdom, returns to the palace after years of living in hiding. He rejects everything about his new royal life, but is intrigued by the mysterious and dutiful Shin Soohyuk, a catamite of the King. As Wolfgang slowly opens up and learns the ways of the palace, Soohyuk begins to see something special about the wild, unkempt, and stubborn young prince. He ... Read King's Maker - Season 3 Chapter 98 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.31 02:27 vulgrin Tips for becoming consistent

A few days ago, after a frustrating session, I posted a question to the sub about how to become more consistent. To help myself I've compiled the answers into a set of bullet points, along with some other stuff I've read / watched elsewhere, and put it into this list to tape up next to my rig. I'm sharing it for others in case they are interested.
After the Q&A post, I realized that my main problem is that I overdrive and I'm not taking my braking points seriously enough. I need to slow down, get control of the car, learn my points better, and worry about staying on the track over speed. And yes, that is all super obvious right now, but didn't seem so obvious a couple days ago...
Thanks to everyone who commented and helped me out. You're awesome.


Tips for becoming consistent

Presented in no particular order
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2023.05.31 02:27 joshhazel1 My wife and I both have credits on our single lines. Our 3 months is almost up. If we setup the family plan then renew the price, will we still get to use our credits?

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2023.05.31 02:27 xtoor305 Temu is running a promo to get a Free Nintendo Switch

Hey guys Temu is running a promotion to win a nintendo switch totally legit check it out before it runs out. I know this might not be the place but am sure many of you might want a freebie for future hacks 😎
Attention, bargain hunters! Discover a shopping platform where you can snag 3 free products. Click here to explore:
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2023.05.31 02:27 Famof4plus1 For kicking out my son's girlfriend for being dirty.

Ok, we have heard all the daughte mother in law fights. And so, hold on to your seats, here goes mine. this one is going to be a bit long. I 43F have 2 sons. 25M and 15M My oldest let call him Sant. got into a relationship "Sue" 24F. Sue has a 6yo daughter. When I first met them they were both shy. But my husband 46M "tim" and I got super close to this little girl. It wasn't hard to get attached to her so quickly since she's absolutely adorable. And love her as our own granddaughter. My son's girlfriend in the other hand is a whole different story. Like I said in the beginning she was super shy. We tried to get close to her especially since we always wanted a daughter and weren't blessed with one so I figured I'll give it go with her. We only had 1 thing in common (makeup). But yet it just wasn't enough for her to hang out , talk, or have a full conversation with us. We tried, but was ignored over and over with her head down on her phone. Or responded with quick answers just to walk away after. About 1 year into their relationship they moved in together here in my home. Plan was they where suppose to save up to get married and buy a house. Yes they were to pay a small fee of rent here and help out with groceries. And help out with chores. 3 months into them living with us their fighting got out of control! I'm talking yelling on top of their lungs to each other! Pushing shoving, screaming and insults. We talked and pleaded with them to stop for the the baby's sake. Since she was clearly terrified with all that. but with in 1 year she moved in and out of my home 3 times. Until she finally left. (So i thought) Few months of her being gone. Her family kicked her out. And had no support from her family. Of coarse we thought of the baby. So we asked them to try it again here in out home. Thinking 100% for the babys sake. Now you may be asking ok, so why was she kicked out of my home? Well, I can't remember once Sue picking up her plate after she ate. Not once have I ever seen her holding a broom duster or a mop. My son's room turned into a complete dungeon. You couldn't even see the floor! It was smelly and dirty all the time. And no matter how many times I would ask them to help out and atleast clean the room I was ignored. Rent stop coming in no help financially or domestic was coming in. Like none At all. My son was the only one who cooked clean to care of her daughter. Yes fed her babysat her while she went out with friends. He was literally a single parent to her. She goes out comes home the next day and my son stays with her daughter. My mistake was me hiding this from my husband that time she would come back home. Until he saw her come home one night she went out and she came home the next day at 6-7am. He was Angry!! And brought it up to her. She said sorry. But nothing changed. Point here she's so dirty. Shes super irresponsible. When she showers she leaves hair all over the place.her stuff all over the bathroom sink. She leaves Tissue with her snot everywhere. Her clothes clean and dirty always mixed on the floor. In my culture we are taught at a very young age we should always have everything nice and tightly. Laziness is a big No. No. So after 3 almost 4 years of all this. AITA for kicking them out?
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2023.05.31 02:27 ILikeAClap 41 [M4F] #Chicago
So I’m sure you have probably seen my post sometime in the last few months. I have been searching for my person and have been posting here hoping I might get lucky and find them. So far that hasn’t happened but I’m going to keep on searching. What I’ve learned is the majority of people that respond to my post don’t actually read the post so I’m going to move some things around to hopefully cut down on the amount of messages coming in.
I don’t really have a type. What’s important to me is the connection. I do have a few deal breakers though so I’m putting them at the top so hopefully more people read them before sending me a message. I’m not interested in women with kids regardless of their age. It’s nothing personal, just a preference. I’m also not interested in a long distance relationship. Anything further than 2 hours from Chicago is not realistic for me. Please be at least 30 years old. Any younger than that and it makes me feel creepy. I have a weakness for kind eyes, nice skin/hair and a nice round bottom.
Im not looking for someone who is perfect because I don’t know that perfect exists. We are all on a constant journey of being better versions of ourselves. I do ask that you have some kind of idea what you want from life though.
I really am looking for my person. Someone who will be there for me, who will support me, who encourages growth and grows with me. My best friend, someone that I share everything with and who can excite me with a single morning text. Someone kind, sincere, empathic and genuine. My person. I think deep down we’re all looking for that so let me tell you a little about myself.
Some of my interests include trails, movies (Horror and Marvel mostly), cooking, volunteering, road trips and camping, though I’m total beginner at camping haha. Would really love to get into it more. Really love any activity outdoors to be honest. Though I’m down for days inside too, great to have a balance. Would love to find someone to cook meals fowith. Also, I’m always open to try new things! I would much rather do an activity then do typical drinks/dinner. 420 friendly.
Some more about me since I get a lot of the same questions. Yes, I have a career and support myself. I also own a home and a car. I have a full head of hair, I just wears hats a lot because I started going grey at age 20. I would like to start a family of my own some day if I met the right person, I just don’t want to raise someone else’s kid.
Some of the pros that come with being my person include but are not limited to….
1- I will absolutely support you, encourage you, help you grow and all the things I ask of in a partner + I give good hugs 😊
2- I generate a lot of body heat naturally so if you run cold I’m a great cuddler
3- I give good massages
4- I’ll make sure to tell you how I feel about you daily 😊
5- I make really good BBQ pork tacos
6- I say what I mean and mean what I say. I don’t play games
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2023.05.31 02:27 LJSings ER Dr say either bruised/cracked ribs or nothing at all; GP/PCP says possible PE but something definitely wrong!

So I'm a 40F with systemic lupus causing, among many other issues, ITP. The last few months my Ins Co has refused to cover the needed meds for the ITP so my platelets have been all over the place.
Saturday I took a fall. I fell onto my hands and knees. I hit my lower legs on a couple things (leaving bruises for proof, big and dark enough the ER dr pointed and asked "what the hell happened there?"), but nothing, absolutely NOTHING impacted my chest or ribcage in ANY way!
The same ER dr saw me 2 days in a row as it was a holiday weekend. As soon as I hit my hands and knees it felt like someone had shoved a 3in wide spear into me just below my left breast on the outside. I actually thought I would look down to see something sticking out of me!. It has now widened to at least 6 inches and goes through to my mid back. Everytime I try to breath even halfway deep it feels like someone twists that spear!
The ER dr did x-rays, ekg, urine, and, eventually, a CT w/o contrast as I'm allergic. The 1st day she said I had simply bruised or even cracked 3-5 ribs. The second day she said absolutely NOTHING was wrong with me.
I know my body, and I know something is wrong. I managed through Memorial Day and called my own drs this morning. I called both medical and interventional pain management and my GP/PCP.
I saw interventional pain management, who did a thoracic epidural in hopes it will bring some relief in the next few days, but was honest he had no clue if it would do anything at all or not. I spoke with medical pain management in conjunction with my GP/PCP and they have come to the conclusion it is most likely a blood clot that formed due to the lack of needed medication and was dislodged to my lung during the fall. That's frightening! I noticed she worked very very hard not to used the PE term!
They are running many many tests, and have done what they can to make me comfortable with strict instructions to head straight for ER, preferably via ambulance, where my hematologist is should pain or breathing issues worsen.
I have always been that person whose tests keep coming back completely normal until I'm lying there half or more dead in the ER. I'm scared.
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2023.05.31 02:27 lilmanjonny Hinge adjustment screw needs frequent adjusting?

We keep our trashcan under our kitchen sink. Meaning that cabinet door gets used frequently.
The adjustment screw that moves the whole door left and right (when door is closed) and controls the "gap" between it and the other cabinet door needs to be adjusted honestly every 3-4 days. I will open it to 1/8" gap down the whole length of the door, and by day 3-4 it is touching the other door and the gap is closed.
I have rotated the hinge on that door with the hinge from another door and it keeps happening. Can I use something like locktite to keep it in place? Or am I destined to adjust for life?
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2023.05.31 02:27 TackleExtension5359 Letting Go

My ex boyfriend and I dated for 2.5 years. He decided to end things about 7 weeks ago. We have not spoken since.
I am having a pretty difficult feeling navigating all these emotions, I know that it is normal to have all these feelings but I also think I am holding myself back from starting the healing process.
I am feeling lots of guilt, shame, and even embarrassment. I cannot help but take so much blame for the relationship ending. I keep thinking of everything I have done or did not do, and questioning why I could not give my best efforts and love. I wish I could say I gave it my all and 100%, but I know that I didn’t and I think that’s what is making the moving on process even more difficult. I am having a difficult time noting my ex partners own mistakes and that this person was not perfect. I can’t help but feel like I am at fault for his actions as well. Sometimes I felt like I was just going through the motions in the relationship even though I wanted to be happy together.
For the first 3 weeks of the breakup I focused on myself … gym, yoga, crying it out, journaling, and spending more time with family/friends. Now I am starting to feel less motivated.
I recently have been texting a guy I have met through a mutual friend a couple weeks ago. He asked to grab a drink/dinner tomorrow night. Is this too soon or is it ok to be open to having a fun night out?
How can I start to forgive myself to start really letting go and moving on?
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2023.05.31 02:27 inthetreefort Guide: How to use Cisco 8800 Phones with Dialpad Voip Service (8841/8861..) 3pcc phones

Intro This is a guide for how to use Cisco 8800 series 3pcc/sip phones with Dialpad, based on my own experimentation. So far it's pretty stable, no issues making or receiving calls etc. This is not necessarily a scalable approach since there's no provisioning server and you have to go into each phone's web UI to configure, but someone who is more familiar with cisco cfg files probably could make a configuration out of this.
Known Limitations * Voicemail indicator light won't work * I haven't tried to get shared/bridged lines (aka dialpad executive assistant) working but I am doubtful
Part 1: Getting SIP credentials 1. Go to dialpad admin site > Admin Settings > make sure company/office name is selected in top left dropdown > Office section of nav > Desk Phones 2. Add a user phone > See more options > Other polycom phones 3. Give the phone a name and user 4. Select "The device screen does NOT display Dialpad Activate" 5. Select Next at the firmware requirements warning 6. Select "Older Polycom phone? You may need SIP Instructions." 7. On the SIP credentials screen, select "Need a shorter username" to shorten the username 8. Copy down the details shown somewhere secure.
Part 2: Configure your phone This assumes your phone already has sip/3pcc firmware. Not running 3pcc/sip firmware? See instructions at and use the simpler "Cloud Upgrader" if you can.
I recommend MPP firmware version 12.0.2
  1. Factory reset your phone by pressing the Gear button > Device Administration > Factory Reset
  2. Navigate to the web UI of your phone by typing it's ip address in your browser
  3. Switch to Admin mode, then Advanced mode, in the top right corner. You must first change to Admin, then to Advanced.
  4. Navigate to Voice > SIP tab, and set NAT Keep Alive Intvl = 25
  5. Navigate to Voice > Provisioning tab, and set the following:
  1. Go to Voice > Regional tab, and clear the "Secure Call Indication Tone" field to be blank. Otherwise you'll hear annoying double beeps for the first minute of every call.
  2. Go to Voice > Ext 1 tab and set the following:
  1. Navigate to Voice > Phone tab and set the following:
All done! When you save all of the above your phone should be working! Make some test calls and DM me if this was helpful/you want to buy me a coffee or need help with something.
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2023.05.31 02:27 Putrid_Memory9820 delta cabin experience agent ( qualifications under review )

delta cabin experience agent ( qualifications under review ) submitted by Putrid_Memory9820 to cabincrewcareers [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 02:27 japanban Seeking upgrade advice

I have owned a McDermott G211 for 11 years now ( 3/8"-10 pin joint) and am looking to finally invest in a nicer setup. I'm leaning towards just swapping out the shaft for a Mezz Ex Pro since they (seem to?) have a joint that fits my cue.
I'm not sure if this is the move or simply investing in a whole cue for a more modern joint is a better plan. Budget is flexible but preferably $500-600.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.31 02:27 Impossible-Future421 Clothes dryer space swap for a kiln?

Can I use the same outlet for a (future) kiln that I use for my dryer?
Dallas, Texas, US. My washing machine and dryer are hooked up in my attached garage. I mostly hang my clothes to dry, so I only use the dryer 3-4 times a year.
Seems a good kiln would require a 220 outlet and vent, which is how the dryer is currently set up. Would it be reasonable to think I could swap out the dryer for a kiln?
What else am I not considering?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 02:26 Bebe_bear Low Milk Supply with first baby- second baby experiences?

Hi! I had low milk supply with my first (no breast growth during pregnancy, never really was able to pump), and although we’re staggering along “nursing” now that she’s almost 2 (very little milk is left- maybe a few swallows), I’m pregnant with my second and wondering if I’ll also have low milk supply with this baby. I did not have an epidural (I know there’s some inconclusive evidence about that affecting breastfeeding) and she did have a lip tie that “wasn’t severe enough to clip” according to the ENT (although it was excruciatingly painful until about 10 months for me). I pumped after every nursing session for about 3 months and then after half of them for another 4 months. After that I only pumped if I missed a nursing session but my “record” pump was 2oz total- 1.8 from one side, 0.2 from the other. I used a hospital grade Medela symphony and an Elvie pump- neither worked particularly well for me, and I also tried many flange sizes and have been sized. I suspect I may have IGT but have never been diagnosed. I have never felt a letdown in almost 2 years of nursing and pumping.
So- anyone who had low milk supply with their first baby- did you also have low milk supply with your second? Anything I can do during pregnancy to increase my chances of being able to breastfeed successfully?
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2023.05.31 02:26 minidickrick Patreon

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2023.05.31 02:26 AdamOfIzalith Kendall Killed the Fucking Kid

How is that a controversial take?
Kendall a fully realized adult pressured a teenager who was having a bad day into doing drugs with him. This same teenager was having a bad day because he just lost his job because an arbitrary, fat, spiteful prick took offense to a minor inconvience in the heat of the moment because kendall was putting the bear hug on him. Kendall leverages his dad being a prick to get this kid more comfortable doing drugs with him. That kid had every intention of going home until Kendall approached him.
Kendall, again, an adult, then suggests that they go get Coke and pressures this kid further by saying lets go drive your coke dealer, I can drive us when he's been drinking all day. Now, He's driving a car he's unfamiliar with (stick shift), on roads he's unfamiliar with, in the middle of nowhere, at night. The kid who's completely out of his mind on drugs,ends up having to take the control to avoid colliding with a deer while they are going about 40MPH because Kendalls attention isn't on the road it's on the stick shift. They would've survived the collision; if Kendall had actually been the responsible one but he wasn't. That kid died because Kendall was drunk, inattentive and reckless. The kid had the presence of forethought to say "I can't drive" and to still be alert enough to the road. His only mistake was not knowing you should hit the deer, not avoid it, and it ultimately cost him his life.
So to conclude:
  1. Kendall was drinking all day.
  2. Kendall manipulated and pressured this kid to do drugs with him.
  3. Kendall pressured the kid into guiding him towards getting coke.
  4. Kendall was driving, on unfamiliar roads in an unfamiliar car at night.
  5. Kendall wasn't paying attention.
  6. The Kid swerved the car because he saw something on the road and noticed Kendall not paying attention.
  7. Kid Dies.
  8. Kendall Faces no actual repercussions
See how condemning it is when you take everything into account and not just the last couple of seconds of the kids life, barring the fact that he was, again a kid, and Kendall was an adult. Now, after a thorough breakdown of that, something which the series itself has reinforced, time and time again, can you Kenbots actually understand that he killed a kid and that this entire incident is exactly why he didn't deserve to become the CEO? It doesn't actually matter what Siobhan knows, it's what Ken knows and Ken knows all of this. And what's more, we, the audience know. And Ken behaves like a petulant child who doesn't get what he wants, like he always does, except this time he's playing off the death of a literal kid.
Killing a kid should immediately exempt you from CEO contention because you should be in prison.
submitted by AdamOfIzalith to SuccessionTV [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 02:26 hystariaa Zianite Isles [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Discord} {Community} {Events} {Lore{ {Whitelisted}

Are you ready for an adventure like no other? Welcome to Zianite Isles, the ultimate Minecraft experience that will ignite your imagination and test your survival skills! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey in a lore-based, community-driven semi-vanilla server. In Zianite Isles, the world is filled with mystery and excitement. Starting on remote islands, you'll find yourself in a challenging environment. Limited resources mean you'll have to strategize and collaborate together to thrive and overcome the odds.
But that's not all. Zianite Isles is more than just a server , it's a thriving community of like-minded adventurers and passionate Minecraft enthusiasts. Forge new friendships, build alliances, and create memories together as you face the challenges that lie ahead. Prepare to be captivated by our regular story events that will unfold as you progress on your journey. Uncover the secrets of Zianite Isles, following 3 mysterious gods that plague the land, and make choices that shape the destiny of the land. Your actions will have consequences, and the world will evolve based on the decisions of our dedicated player base.
We understand the importance of staying fresh and exciting, which is why our team is committed to delivering professional updates that will enhance your gameplay experience. From new features and mechanics to exciting additions, we're dedicated to keeping Zianite Isles at the forefront of the Minecraft community.
Whether you're a seasoned player looking for a fresh challenge or a newcomer eager to embark on your very first adventure, Zianite Isles has something for everyone. Are you ready to test your survival skills, unleash your creativity, and become part of an amazing community?
If you are interested or want to know more add 𝕵𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘#5195 on discord, or join right now and begin your journey into the Zianite Isles which launches on Saturday June 3rd at 3PM EST
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2023.05.31 02:26 Kemizty How can I improve my GPU and CPU temps?

So my PC runs hotter than I would like it to. I’m running a Ryzen 5 3600 with the stock cooler and a XFX SWFT309 6700 XT in a CoolerMaster Masterbox TD500 Mesh case. The case has 3 120mm intake fans at the front and I added a 120mm exhaust in the back that I all left stock in the bios other than enabling PWM and “Smart Fan Mode” .
I currently have my CPU set to 75% speed in BIOS for 0c-65c and then for 75c+ I have it set to 100%. With this fan curve I’m getting about 55c at idle but as soon as I move my mouse it starts hitting 71c. During gaming it’ll stay around 86c.
I haven’t messed with the stock fan curve on my GPU and it sits around 71c at 1900rpm with a hot spot of about 97c while gaming.
At the moment my thermostat says 74f/23c but my room is noticeably hotter than the rest of the house.
How can I improve my temps further? I know I can buy a cooler for the CPU but I’d like to hold off on that until I upgrade my CPU. Should I mess with the case fans curves in the bios? I already dusted the case off yesterday.
submitted by Kemizty to buildapc [link] [comments]