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2023.05.30 19:55 bribri_2213 What else can it be if it’s not yeast/BV/STIs? Please help!!

After taking a course of antibiotics for a UTI while on vacation I developed chunky white discharge and pain during sex. I should mention I was also on vacation in Hawaii and spent a lot of time sitting around in my wet swimsuit. I thought it was yeast and treated with OTC montistat. Symptoms didn’t go away so I went to the doctor upon my return and was swabbed for BV/yeast, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and Trichomonas. All came back negative. Still having symptoms of discharge, painful sex and now some burning/itching, I returned to the doctor and was prescribed diflucan and she did another yeast swab. Came back negative but indicated polymorphonuclear leukocytes present suggesting another infection or inflammatory condition. Since all STI and BV tests previously came back negative, I’m wondering what else it can be? Is there something else I should be asking to be tested for? Can swab come back as a false negative for yeast?
Been dealing with this now for almost two months. Doctor has now prescribed Flagylstatin for 10 days and I am on day 3. I have been taking probiotics, eating yogurt, wearing cotton undies, and wearing lose clothes where possible. Feeling very frustrated that everything is negative but I’m still having symptoms consistent with yeast. Before this I have never had any troubles down there and have a long term partner where we have been having unprotected sex with no issues for a long time.
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2023.05.30 19:55 Appropriate_Stop778 Found an author with a near-identical pen name, advice would be appreciated!

Hi there! I'm an aspiring writer who's been struggling with picking a pen name for quite some time. I recently settled on one that I like a lot, has a lot of personal meaning, and overall fits the identity I want to establish. However, I found that there's an author with the same name, though the first name is spelt slightly different (using an "i" where I use a "y"). They don't seem particularly active; they had a few self-published books on Amazon in the early 2010s and a blog that only has three posts, two of which are from ten years ago. Their Twitter was very sparingly used as late as 2019 to promote their posts on Facebook. Given how little I could find outside of this, I'm more inclined to believe it's also a pen name for them, but can't be certain.
I mostly want to know if this could potentially cause issues for me down the road, if it's worth looking into trademarking just to protect myself, if I should consider finding a new name altogether, etc. I'm not sure if it's worth noting, but I also do game design and plan on releasing those titles under the same pseudonym as the stuff I write, if that helps distinguish me a little more. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you! :)
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2023.05.30 19:55 Throwaway12-65 Should I (23f) end my 20 year friendship with a friend (23f) that constantly lies to me? Confront them or let it fade?

TW: eating disorder
I (23f) have known my friend X (23f) since we were 3, we went to nursery together, then school and have kept in touch and travelled together throughout the years. Our friendship used to feel like we were siblings and I always felt previously that we had a lot in common and enjoyed each others company, so much so we went travelling for 3 months when we were 18 and have been on several trips since. It all started shifting in 2020. Covid lockdowns hit and I spent a couple months without seeing her. When we eventually did meet, X had lost maybe two stone (12kg ish). As she was far from having two stone to lose (and did it in such a short period of time) I was (as my family and other mutual friends were) very concerned that she had developed an eating disorder and confronted her about it. X brushed it off saying that after we had travelled together she wanted to be more like me and be comfortable in a bikini when away rather than being self-conscious and all she was doing was eating healthier and cutting down on things like takeaways. I was devasted/blindsided that she had used our time travelling together as any motivation/reason to lose weight. Without knowing how else to approach it we (myself and some of our mutual friends) left it and just agreed to keep an eye on her.
Fast forward around a year on she hadn’t lost much more weight but was maintaining a small but healthy ish looking size. We went away together and I ended up confronting her on the last day as I had discovered that she was binning cereal (that she was saying she had eaten whilst I would be in the shower), then saying she was too full to eat lunch, and then having one small meal in the evenings. So only eating one meal a day. Again she completely disregarded that she had an issue, said that she wasn’t losing any more weight now so it didn’t matter and that I should just move on from it. I reluctantly agreed but again didn’t really know what else I could do and left it.
We went away together in the summer (2022) and to put it bluntly she was pretty awful company. She still would only eat one meal a day and be pretty nasty/snappy in the day and then as soon as she’d eat in the evenings just wanted to go to bed.
We both moved to London in September for jobs but it has become a very strained relationship and despite us living pretty close I haven’t seen her once in the last 9 months. We still talk pretty regularly and she still messages to meet up but so much of what she sends me is just complete lies/fake. She tells me about how she’s loving London and hasn’t been home for ages as she’s just thriving here, yet she shares her location with me so I know she’s at home 5/7 days a week (her mum also told my mum).
The whole situation is just sad. I don’t know why she feels like she has to lie to me as if she has to prove something by being in London, and i struggle being around her in food settings when I know its the one meal she'll eat all day. I’m getting to the point where I don’t think our relationship can improve/return to what it was. Almost all of the messages she sends me just feels like a curated narrative of what she wants me to think rather than a normal conversation. Every time I have confronted her she acts as if I’m insane and tells me I’m worrying for no reason. Should I try one last time and confront her about it and try have an open conversation? Or should I just move on and accept that its not going to change and I can’t help her?
TLDR: friend is constantly lying. Should I confront her one last time or just leave the friendship to fade out?
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2023.05.30 19:54 BaruchOlubase Struggling with My Professional Life

Had a bad run in 2013 (some shady places that ripped me off and closed the doors), and the (now ex) wife left with the kids.
My confidence and sense of self worth took a massive hit in the wake of this.
Since then, my sales results have been shitty. Consider this the lost decade.
Never had call reluctance in the ten years before the divorce, but I've been dealing with it (not very well) for the last decade. I say I can handle inbound calls, but in reality, I haven't felt like a salesman since then.
In fact, I know that I've become an order taker. Even switched to copywriting and marketing for a bit.
I have spent so long just trying to stay sane and pay bills, but I'm at the point now where things are stagnant.
How do you work through this? I have no degree, I'm 42 years old, and don't know what to do.
So it's easier to ask strangers for advice.
Has anyone been through something similar and overcome it?
Because today was a hard day.
While I'm NOT thinking about taking my own life, it sucks to feel like a fucking loser and hate the sight of yourself in the mirror.
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2023.05.30 19:54 WorldlinessDismal404 Working in healthcare (Personal Experience)

This is just me venting :) I want to hear your opinions and personal experience as well.
I enjoy working in the healthcare sector as (sounds a bit egoistic ) I would say I’m a very friendly and warm-hearted person, I will always offer help to anybody regardless. I tend to lend a listening ear and cater to other’s needs. I may contradict myself a few times (so please mind me, I’m young and just confused). Also I’m abit soft-hearted so I could just be sensitive…
I started working in this sector a few months ago and surprisingly, I enjoy working. However, I’m quite shocked at the number of patients with shitty attitudes with the “you owe me your life” attitude.
I always greet everyone with a warm smile and try to lighten the mood. But some entitled people just really ruin my day. I understand we’re somewhat in the “service” line but we’re all human and we do not deserve your shitty attitude. You may have had a bad day, but do not vent it on us especially when we’re trying to help you.
For example, for procedure ( it’s not that I want to, but its SOP), we will ask patients with ARI symptoms, whether they have taken an ART test, and they will get SUPER offended and say things like “Now still need take ART ah? For what sia?” or like “Now still need wear mask ah, so long already”. and like “ Ya, obviously.”
Auntie please 😭 I’m just asking to take note it isn’t life of death ok 😭 It’s the SOP I have to follow…
My heart breaks when I have to deal with difficult patients, ( but yet again, part and parcel of life, can’t be avoided) I’m desperately trying to help you with my abilities so all I ask is just basic respect.
So please to all, if you ever visit a hospital/clinic, please be patient and understand that we’re trying to help you no matter how tired we are. If the staff/nurse is rude to you, thumbs down for them, you don’t deserve it. But if you can see, that we’re warm and friendly upon your arrival, please be nice :) and ask for help if you need!
So to summarise, please be understanding and patient towards us, healthcare workers ok! Don’t be entitled as well ! If you’re having a bad day, don’t vent on us , but we will give you the same warm greetings and professional/friendly exchanges!
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2023.05.30 19:54 giarene (*URGENT*) Tattoo, OCD, and ERP

Hello guys, tomorrow I’m going to get a first tattoo ever on my left arm. I have been dealing with magical thinking + scrupulosity ocd for almost 20 years and I always feel like I curse myself all the time. Whenever I feel in that way I’m usually be a bit paralyzed and stop doing anything but compulsions because if I skip those compulsions and continue doing something, the thing that I’m afraid may come true (ex: In my next life, I may born in a bad family)
So, what if during getting inked, my OCD comes up with the above scenario and creates so much anxiety to me?? How to deal with it? What kind or scenario of ERP should I do?
I don’t want to cut my arm because of the magical thinking 😭
HELP ME GUYS! Thank you!
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2023.05.30 19:54 Coolgirl-bornIn1800 I'm 95 episodes into Yu Yu Hakusho! Lets review Chapter Black! [No Spoilers For Future Material please!]

Yo! I made a post reviewing the Dark Tournament and everything before it here, so lets talk about Chapter Black! Feel free to skip any sections you're not interested in! The first section is about Yu Yu's power systems! Also, this should be clear, but everything in episode 95 and before will be spoiled here.
By the way, why did nobody tell me this arc was so long?! I somewhat joke, but this has ended up perhaps longer than my post on the Dark Tournament. www

YU YU HAKUSHO'S POWER SYSTEM PROBLEM(And how Togashi solved it!)

So, for the arcs before this one, the power system of Ki has been somewhat frustrating. It didn't ever make me go "bleugh, i hate this power system!", that'd be silly, alot of great moments come from both Yoki and Reiki users. However, I do feel they held the story back in some ways! Soft power systems are.. not my faves. Seemingly, you can do virtually anything with the cost of aura. Training methods are never really defined, and when mentioned, they're 'mentioned' at most. Abilities of Ki users have no specific limitations except when thrown on with sudden explanation.
So, I love Territories! We're introduced to them with the three schoolboys, Kido, Kaito and Yanagisawa.. in order, they're the users of Shadow, Taboo and Copy! I love Kido and Kaito, though Yana didn't really get much focus in the story so I have no particular interesting in him outside of hairstyle and ability! Kido and Kaito on the other hands are fun, charismatic characters with awesome Territories! Kido is voiced by DIO, so that's another plus.
Kido's Territory is simple. His Territory is shadows. He can control his own shadow's movements, and if he steps on your shadow, you've entered his Territory, freezing your body in place. This is just fucking cool.
Yana's Copy Territory is cool, but not really notable. It was neat and was used well, it's just very limited. Though, in the final battle, I don't really see why he didn't copy Yusuke or Hiei; easily their strongest party members, and help out. Plot hole? maybe. Narrative convenience? certainly.
Kaito's is probably my fave Territory in the entirety of Chapter Black. Taboo makes a certain radius around him his Territory, inwhich violence is impossible! He sets the Taboo word, and if either he or anyone inside his Territory speak the Taboo, they lose their soul! Generally speaking, this was probably my one of my fave fights in all of Yu Yu Hakusho.
Strategic, skill-based, not about raw numbers.. A fight of intellect. Rad as fuck. Though, It really did sadden me that it was never used more than once! I'd love to see more Taboo battles. It's unfortunate Kaito never got to fight again. Theoretically he could defeat Sensui himself! I don't get why they didn't send him in in the final battle. I get it's total protagonist syndrome, where only the protags are allowed to fight the final boss, but c'mon. That only makes sense from a meta-perspective! In-universe, there's really no excuse. atleast we got several instances of good use out of Copy, but not using Taboo more than once? It's sad.
So, now that we've got through the first Territories we've met, what does this teach us? 1. there's always a bigger fish. Just because Yusuke is the strongest man on earth, doesn't mean he can't be defeated. After an antagonist like Toguro younger, it's hard to imagine who Yusuke could fight next. This is a genius way of implementing it. Raw power is no longer the way. 2. humans can now fight without any prior experience, as that hole opening is causing humans to gain Territorys. This is great for introducing new antagonists and supporting cast members. 3. Territories don't give the user raw stats! Users of Reiki and Yoki have their raw stats (ATK, DEF, AGI, MP, HP, ETC) increase the stronger they get. This is bad for a long narrative, as your characters will keep rising to new limits, making it harder to add stakes to a conflict, or add in new, strong, amazing guys.
This is the very reason that Togashi's next battle shounen manga had a power system that, while similar to Ki, has additional classes, rules, regulations and systems to it, because he learned from this narrative mistake. With Territorys, a user has only as much ATK, DEF, AGI or HP as an average person, with no MP to speak of. Any Territory user could just die from a brick to the head, or being punched too hard that their skull hits the ground and splits, like a normal person. This ups the stakes of the battle, by equalising the forces. Their ability and intellect are their strongpoint, not raw numbers. after like 40 episodes of raw stat-based combat, this was an AMAZING narrative choice.
This is further seen with a boxer named Murota. His wiretap allows him to read the mind of anyone who enters his Territory. So simple, yet so good for a narrative. All the storytelling involving Murota's Wiretap are great, and his easy defeat when it comes to Yusuke coming in didn't even take away from his ability being interesting. Sorry buddy, for a Boxer, you didn't get a offensive ability at all.
This is all of the introductory Territory, so i'll leave this section here. The other Territories and my thoughts on them will be covered along with their connected character. Though, I will leave you with one thought.. Togashi, All the women in your narrative are virtually identical visually speaking, get barely anything to do, and Genkai, the only one with a character arc and her own great story gets it reversed by the end of the Dark Tournament Arc..
atleast give us a W by giving Keiko a Territory! this way, the LEADING WOMAN of your story could join in the plot without ANY training required.. Like come on, what the hell. All women seem to do in Yu Yu Hakusho is act as someone to project and care for by their man. It's kinda gross. Atleast we have Genkai, but come on..


Soon after the initial plothook, we learn we were tricked into thinking these guys were the plot! Gotta love Genkai lol. I love that she continues to teach Yusuke in such a way. Moving on, though, ignoring Sensui and the gang for now, Chapter Black! a GREAT concept! Is it a bit on the nose? Yes, of course. But we must remember Yu Yu Hakusho is aimed at young children, so we can forgive this, since it's really well written anyway!
Togashi would go on to perfect his writing about this theme in Hunter x Hunter, but that doesn't mean it's not amazingly done here! It makes perfect sense that Chapter Black would exist, and doesn't seem contrived, there's nothing negative I can really say about it. How it effected those who saw it tells enough, so I don't have to tell you about it!
So, before the introduction of Chapter Black, the tape itself, we learn about another thing that definitely existed this whole time! (I'm just being sassy, nothing wrong with introducing new concepts.) Yokai classes! At the beginning of the anime, Kurama and Hiei were lowly D-listers at the beginning of the anime, so their rise to power is quite unexpected, now being B-listers! By the end of the arc, they both reach A class! Good for them good for them.
The revelation that Toguro younger was only a B class is great. Really gave me a "Oh my god!" moment. The class system is very much serving the same purpose as scouters, to make us go "woah!" at how strong an enemy is to impress us, and to impress us even further when our Yokai protagonists, Hiei, Kurama, and later Yusuke are when they reach a higher level! It's simple but effective. Though, later, in my own opinion, this will have negative repercussions on the plot. But we'll get there at the end of this post. For now, they're good in my book! You'll see why my thoughts change later, and why I think they were a mistake in the long-run.
Also, a smaller note, some interesting foreshadowing. At the end of the arc, Shinobu notes that Kurama, as Yoko Kurama, was once an A class Yokai.. but he also mentions that Hiei used to be A class aswell?! Obviously, this is going to be expanded upon later. I'm interested to see why he dropped to D later!


Okay, now we're back to Territories and the plot! Sorry, we were stuck in the 'mechanics' zone for a while, weren't we?! So! First, we meet Sensui himself. Later, we learn this is one of his alters, Minoru. Ominously, he stares at Yusuke and the gang, and has Sniper shoot an eraser to intimidate, and lure them into a trap at the hospital! From this, we can already tell he's intelligent.
Here, he expected Yusuke to follow him so he could dispose of Yusuke, but Yusuke kept surprisingly cool thanks to Genkai's preparation she put them through. It's kinda fucking crazy to imagine that Yusuke, if he followed Sensui, he would of been quickly killed by Minoru and Sniper. Doctor would then of disposed of the users of Shadow, Copy and Wiretap. Can you imagine how the plot would of gone from here if Yusuke made this singular choice?! I love when a story has so many single choices that could change EVERYTHING. it's really entertaining to think about.
So, Wiretap's user gets taken to the hospital, but they learn that Doctor is about! Doctor Kamiya is a fun character, simple but effective, I really like him. So far, Yusuke has murdered countless evil Yokai, but to kill an evil Human? It's very different. In the end, Yusuke does kill Doctor, but Genkai revives him by restarting his heart, saying that Yusuke needs not the death of a man on his conscious. I really like this moment.
The entire fight was super entertaining and everyone got something to do! ..Well, except Keiko. Togashi, why'd you make her go there?! C'mon man.. This is probably one of the best fights in Yu Yu Hakusho. I love that Kido and Wiretap and Copy's users do alot to aid Yusuke in this fight! It really feels like a group effort.
On the Territory front, Doctor Kamiya's is cool! Generally speaking, doctor powers are always super cool. A Reiki scalpel, creating diseases with his mind, perfect surgery skill.. his Territory being the diameter of a Hospital, it's so fun. It's a cool limitation too, all these abilities, but he can only use them inside of a Hospital setting. Territories allow for such awesome limitations.


Seaman! It's a great conflict, not much else to say! Mitarai is a great character, and his Territory is cool! Really, I already talked about Mitarai through subtext in the 'Chapter Black & Yokai Classes!' section. Though I will say, UNLIKE WITH KEIKO, using this opportunity to unlock a new power for a HUMAN we've known for a long time, Kuwabara, is really clever! Him being the one who can cut open the field is the LAST THING I expected, it's great.
Though, this introduction of Seaman; Mitarai, will come back as a negative later! the Chapter Black arc introduces alot of great concepts and characters early on, but suffers for it in the late game is something I notice. Much like Yokai Classes that I mentioned earlier, this is something you'll wanna 'bookmark' in your mind, as later on I will explain my problems with Mitarai's usage later in the story! Just know that for now, I think his story position is great, aswell as his character itself. This poor kid was used by Sensui who held Chapter Black as the reason why Mitarai should join him in hating humanity.
So, around here is where we learn about Shinobu's past. So, throughout the early story, I didn't like Koenma much. I didn't DISLIKE him or anything.. he was just kinda a joke character in a serious role, which isn't a bad thing. But here, they really flesh him out.
Now, at the beginning of the story, Koenma uses Yusuke, a boy with an inferiority complex who's had fighting as the only thing he's good at, as a child soldier, sending him to what is basically war. Koenma even out-loud admits in the Chapter Black arc that he chose Yusuke because unlike Shinobu, he's not an independent thinker. Essentially, he's easy to use, with the idea being grooming him into the perfect child soldier for Spirit Realm's desires.
We the audience realize this is bad from the beginning of the story, and we all knew that Koenma was a bad person, but them saying out loud was rather surprising! Alot of battle shounen try to sneak this under the rug, like Naruto and My Hero Academia. Admitting that the morality of the adults in your story is corrupt for sending children to murder others and endanger themselves? Pretty ballsy!
and hey, Yusuke has murdered tons of Yokai up to this point, all of which deserved to die, but making a child do this is the immoral part. Something I enjoy about Yu Yu Hakusho is that all our characters can be rather grey at times. This is something Togashi perfects later in Hunter x Hunter. But for now, we have characters of questionable morality like Hiei and Kurama in our supporting cast.
Yusuke hasn't done anything immoral, but he's murdered plenty of people without remorse, and threatened to do as such to those he doesn't like by the end of the arc (the forces that King Enma sounds down at the end of the arc). Kuwabara is the only one who's truly morally clean when you think about it. Though, by the end of the arc, even he makes an immoral choice, which is fun. None of our protagonists are morally perfect, and I think that's great.


To note, I will be talking about Sensui's Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID here. While we didn't learn about it at this point in the part, it seems like the most logical place to talk about it since it originates from his past, like anyone with DID. I do not have DID myself, so I cannot say if this is a good or bad representation of it. However, I can say that from what I know, it's very well researched. If anyone with DID has thoughts on this representation, I'd love to hear them.)
So, Shinobu, a human born with incredible Reiki. Probably equivalent to a low B-class Yokai in his youth. For reasons unknown to him, Yokai saw his incredible Reiki and targeted him. Why did these mysterious creatures that only he could see aim to kill him? He didn't know. Being a child, naturally, he comes to the conclusion. "I didn't do anything to them, and they're trying to kill me. Yokai are evil, Humans are the good guys."
Eventually, Koenma sees this kid, and is like "it's free real-estate.", choosing to use this kid for his own gain, grooming him into a child soldier and putting him into far more dangerous situations than he would of entered otherwise. As you know, Shinobu Sensui enters a young Black Black Club and witnesses humans being far worse than any Yokai he's ever seen. This sight likely tortures him for the rest of his life in his dreams, so that's fun.
This young man, filled with justice, decides he was completely wrong, and 180's his perspective. Yokai are free and honest creatures. Humans are the evil ones. This awful past, and this traumatic moment in his life, are what form his modern perspective, formed the alters in his system to cope with the trauma, and inspired him to steal Chapter Black and go into hiding for 10 years soon later.
Surprisingly, Sensui Shinobu does not develop one evil personality who controls the 'real Shinobu', like the old trope goes. Togashi here shows a fairly realistic depiction of DID, with alters of different age, gender and personality.
Considering we later learn about Itsuki, the gay man who loves Sensui, and both this and DID are treated really well, it really makes you wonder why the women in Yu Yu Hakusho are treated so badly when mental illnesses and homosexuality are treated with respect, lol. You were so close Togashi! now if only you treated Transgender people and women better.. well, he learns to treat both these groups better in his later works, so I can't really complain. I forgive you, old man. We'll speak about each of Sensui's identities later when they're introduced!


Sniper fires a 'bullet', attempting to kill Mitarai! Yusuke runs down and fights Sensui way earlier than i'm sure any of us expected! Minoru and Yusuke's fight is one to behold, his leg-based fighting style is rad! Though, it's quite unfortunate that I don't have much to say about this brilliant exchange? I suppose with fighting, being such a visual thing, it's hard to talk about it. But what ends up happening as you're aware is that Black Angel, Gourmet and Gamemaster kidnap Kuwabara, the only one who can cut up that field; the barrier! We get a rad chase scene where Yusuke, with his super physicality thanks to his incredible Reiki, chases them down on a bike despite them driving a car!
This entire sequence is great. By the way, so far, Kurama hasn't done much this arc, and nor has Genkai. really makes you wonder why either of them didn't die in the Dark Tournament arc. Sorry to bring this up, but I just really don't like fake character deaths! Atleast Kuwabara's new Territory is a major plot-thread.. Kurama saved Keiko and Kuwabara elder, who shouldn't of been there in the first place and defeated Kaito's Taboo.
Genkai set up the boys to kidnap Yusuke and fight the gang, and that's it. I love what they did in this arc so far, but it's so little to justify such impactful moments. Kurama, fine, I can accept it. His sacrifice was impactful, but it didn't really matter, but Genkai.. she's such a good character, reviving her like this really makes me go "wow, so nobody can die except the antagonist, huh.". You don't want the audience to see through the wall like that..


At this point, every fight in the arc has been amazing. I can't help but think Togashi has perfected combat. Hagiri's Territory is truly masterful, his Territory is a certain range from his body. From this range, he can place several bullseyes on his target's body. Any object he makes physical contact with will chase his target until it hits one of these bullseyes! What I'm saying is this Territory is awesome, and the fight is amazing. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, when it comes to a fight there's not much to talk about, haha. I loved it though! At this point it feels like every new fight is 'the best fight in Yu Yu Hakusho'!
Something I love is that this guy isn't even Sensui, but he almost killed Yusuke! He would of, if our lovely tsundere Hiei wasn't about! After defeating Sniper in one hit, Hiei gives Yusuke a figurative handjob and releases Yusuke's tension! Yusuke and Hiei strike a deal with a fun climax in the epilogue of this arc, and team up!
Finally, the gang all meet up, and enter the cave! The final dungeon! Genkai decides that it's best to send in a limited number of people. If they all enter at once, then if the first wave dies, the second wave has a chance! Well, I already voiced my my complaints about this choice, so whatever. I'm just glad Mitarai gets to go in! He has to resolve his character arc, afterall.


The actual games weren't very interesting to watch, but I enjoyed Mitarai's development, aswell as Kaito getting frigging screen-time! The way Gamemaster is defeated is really sad, I like it alot. It really tore Kurama up to kill this child. Love it. Seeing how Sensui manipulated this poor little boy is crazy.
After the defeat of Gamemaster, we get to Gourmet! blah blah he wasn't defeated. I don't really like Kurama's fights, to be honest. He just kinda pulls something out of nowhere. It's like he can do anything at all but only once.
So, Gamemaster and Gourmet were kinda dips in quality.. but soon we're back to the stuff I like! Now, logic dictates that if only Sensui and Itsuki are left, we're either going to have a 2 V 4, or Itsuki has to be defeated first before the gang can fight Sensui together.
Logic also dictates that now that Kurama has had his moment to shine, defeating both Gamemaster and Gourmet, it's time for Hiei, who has been absent the whole arc, and Mitarai, who's character arc revolves around being free from Sensui's manipulative grasp, to fight!.. but logic has nothing to do with it! Itsuki has tamed a Yokai of sorts, and kidnaps the gang! So, Hiei, Kurama and Mitarai are reduced to reaction youtubers. Atleast Itsuki is an interesting character, his feelings for Sensui are really sweet.
So, the fight between Yusuke and Minoru begins! I love the twist on classic battle shounen conventions where Yusuke in ATK, DEF and AGI is stronger than Minoru. Minoru has superior skill and MP and HP, but that's about it! Essentially, if Kurama is a White Mage, and Hiei is a Red Mage, then Kuwabara is the Warrior. Meanwhile, Yusuke and Minoru are a strange hybrid class, a Black Monk; a Monk who has access to Black Magic. Yusuke is overwhelmed by projectiles, but eventually realizes that he'd lose the war of attrition, so he goes on the offense! the damage isn't too much, so he just takes it and punches the hell out of Minoru! Frankly, the charismatic, philosophical and manipulative Minoru is my fave of Sensui's System. But we're soon introduced to Kazuya!


I love Kazuya! His personality is very outward, and he's vulgar! A great opposite to Minoru, who's not very straight-forward at all. I don't really get if his gun arm is made from his Reiki or a prosthetic. If it's a prosthetic, where did his hand go..? But well, it's a cool weapon, so I can forgive it. Later when Shinobu shows up he asks Itsuki for a spare hand, so I guess it's a prosthetic? It doesn't really matter, but it peeves me slightly lol.
Kazuya loves murder and torture, and gradually shoots the hell out of Yusuke! I love this guy. Suddenly, Koenma appears! He wants to take responsibility for his awful actions?! I LOVE this for Koenma's character. Instead of a character with a black presence throughout the story, his presence has become a grey! He's regretful of what he's done, and I appreciate that. Through this arc, it feels like Koenma and Yusuke form a friendship, so that's nice. poor Jorge tho, totally neglected lmao. But while I like Jorge, he doesn't really matter.
So, Yusuke had time to recover thanks to Kazuya and Koema's conversation (the conversation was great, by the way.) and swipes the Mafuukan from Koenma! This is in-character for the low-self esteemed boy, so yeah. Yusuke beats the shit out of Kazuya, which is fun, and Shinobu appears!


Shinobu shows up, puts on a shirt, and reveals he has.. Sacred Energy; Seikoki. Now, I'm sure in the last arc this will be expanded upon, but this for now has no info that we know about it, except that not even Genkai could turn her Reiki into it. We learn that Shinobu's Seikoki is SO strong.. that he's equivalent to an S class Yokai. Bro. TOGASHI. this is WHY you introduced Territories, so this wouldn't happen!! come on man.. so guess what, he kills Yusuke?
Listen, it starts cool okay, like, this is looking back in hindsight. At first it was "OH MY GOD HE'S SO STRONG" and "HE BROKE YUSUKE'S ARM WITH A TOUCH". it was really cool! but narratively, this was clearly a mistake. here's the thing.. Sensui is a great character. he definitely could of came back later. hell, while we know the names and personalities of all his alters, we haven't even met them yet! We've only met three! He's such a complex character, but from here, everything in the climax feels cramped.
So, Yusuke dies, this awakens Kuwabara's Territory fully, and he cuts out of Itsuki's dimension. Kurama is so enraged that his body enters the Yoko form by itself, without his mind reverting. Hiei's power goes up to A Class on principle. This is cool, but here's the thing. We *all* know they can't win. Togashi has introduced power levels. Kinda crazy isn't it? Togashi introduced Power Levels (Spirit Class) from Dragon Ball AND Stands (Territory) from JoJo in the same arc! Territories are great because fighters can come from anywhere and don't rely on being powerful to win. Spirit Classes suck because they relegate power to 'my number (or in this case, letter) is higher, so I win.'
Kuwabara and two A-Class Yokai.. they can't win against a single S class. On the bright side, good character moment coming up! When Shinobu gets behind the barrier, Kuwabara without even holding back, knowing he's going to die and so are all humans anyway, cuts through it, letting swarms of Yokai soon kill all humans! This makes sense for Kuwabara, since he knows they're all doomed anyway. Hiei and Kurama don't try to stop him, none of them regret this choice, they want to die by Shinobu's hand, fighting to the death. That's their choice. They fight on into the Demon Realm and face certain death..!


So, we learn here, while Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara fight Shinobu, Yusuke is reviving! His descendent was an S-class Yokai! The Yokai traits skipped about a hundred generations, and Yusuke inherited this gene! I think this is actually.. pretty great! It only makes sense, right? in the prior arc, Toguro had his life ruined my Yokai, so he became one. Toguro hates Yokai.
in this arc, Sensui saw humanity being totally evil, so he took the Yokai's side. In the end, he, the human, fighting for the Yokai, fights Yusuke, who becomes a Yokai to stop Sensui, the human. Thematically, this is the best way this could end, Yokai vs Human. Even if this stuff with Yusuke and Shinobu being S-Class sucks, but it is what it is, i love that Yusuke is a Yokai. Though, poor Kuwabara, he and Keiko are the only human characters that matter left lol.
Pheonix Puu looks soo fucking cool btw, love that design. I love that Yusuke has spikey teeth now, that's fun. so, Yusuke and Shinobu fight, and I realize.. Shinobu is the least interesting of Sensui's system? He's overpowered, kills random Yokai in the Demon Realm while fighting Yusuke.. does he even care about his own goal? It's weird man.
well, on the bright side of this shitty Dragon Ball fight, Yusuke's Yokai form he enters looks super cool! Great design, love it. so, Yusuke does his Goku thing that he's started doing since the Dark Tournament Chu fight and is unsatisfied with beating Sensui while not using his own power. Whatever. Itsuki explains that Sensui is sick for some reason. This was not well foreshadowed, but he had cancer or whatever. Koenma brang Gamemaster back to life, so that uh. good job removing a great moment of the arc from the continuity, Togashi. It's really true that only antagonists can die in Yu Yu Hakusho, huh!?
I like that Shinobu wanted to open the hole to the Demon Realm because he wanted to die there, though. A great repentance for his transgressions against Yokai-kind, and this being delivered to him by the strongest Yokai we've seen so far, Yusuke Uremeshi, is great. Itsuki takes away Sensui's corpse forever into the darkness, which is sweet.
So, the epilogue! i loved EVERYTHING about it. everyone's paths they took were great. I love Doctor and Sniper's especially! If I have one pet-peeve, it's that they cut Yusuke's hair, it looks so coool, imagine him with the school uniform on with the long hair and scary tattoos?! it'd look rad. come on, uremeshiiii--
thank you for reading! sorry it's so long! :P big arc lol.
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2023.05.30 19:54 not4burner AITAH for comparing my friends actions to her bfs

Probably should mention she's my ex but we've been broken up for around two years and we both only see each other as friends. For a while she's been telling me stuff about how her boyfriend and how it rubs her the wrong way when she sees him interacting with other girls. I definitely saw some of her points for it as he did do stuff like make jokes about having a threesome and weird stuff like that. But some one of the main things was how he interacted with one of his best friends who he's known for a long time. She writes on his arm sometimes and they talk almost all the time. My friend was really mad when the same girl's boyfriend left her and she cried on him and told him he was one of the nicest people she's met. Honestly my opinion on it was that she was kind of taking it too far but I convinced her to just talk it out with her bf. A day later she told me she talked to him about it and felt a lot better. Nothing huge happens but she does tell me stuff like how she was hanging out with her bf and stuff like that for the next couple of days so there was nothing for me to think there might still be a issue with that. Yesterday she told me about how one of her guy friends from online messaged her saying that a lot of their mutual online friends think they're dating and they should play along as a joke. She obviously knew he liked her because she told me stuff like "how you going to be down bad for some girl on the internet" and I guess they had only met recently too. I thought it was obvious the guy was just trying to make up some excuse to pretend to be her bf, which brings us today. She sent me a screenshot of their conversation, where they were basically just calling each other pet names and the guy ended it with saying "i love my girl". She messaged me saying how she agreed to the joke because she thought it'd be manageable but now it's getting too much for her. We laugh about it for a little and I kind of like make fun of her for even going along with that. Eventually though I tell her something like "How you goin to be mad about your bf when you be doin stuff like this" to which she said "Thats mad out of line, im not going to talk to you for a bit." and I'm kind of struggling to see why. I know you guys probably can't get full context but that was my best way of explaining it. The only reason I worry a bit is that like 8 months ago she did have a habit of like being overly mean to me and making me think I was a bad person cause of the whole breakup thing we had. I fall for stuff too easily but at the same time I don't know when I'm actually wrong.
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2023.05.30 19:54 cyanoborg How long did it take you to get used to Luvox?

Hello - 34M here. Not strictly OCD but I have bad anxiety and ruminative thinking. My doctor is having me try Luvox. I'm still on 20 mg Escitalopram and he had me start tapering up Luvox from 25mg to 50mg to 100 over 1.5 weeks.
At 100 mg I became very restless and had shaking hands and legs when my anxiety flared up. I've dropped back down to 50 mg, but I still have a baseline feeling of uneasiness and extra energy buzzing through me that makes me very on edge when I am not occupied. Talked to psych about continuing on 50 mg for a while to see if things get better.
Did anyone else have similar experiences on Luvox? Did you have bad symptoms or issues with restlessness that would eventually go away as you continued taking it?
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2023.05.30 19:53 donaldparkerii Paint Smoker Grates

I have been jerky racks that are stainless steel that have rusted. I was thinking of sanding them down and hitting them with high temp rustoleum bbq paint to give them a second life. Since temps never get over 200 deg f, this should not be an issue. Initial research said it would be ok, but wanted in a few communities to see if anyone advises against it.
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2023.05.30 19:53 milkyriri 13 Year Old Shihtzu losing balance and head tilt

I am aware of vestibular disease and its relation to old age (have been researching on it all day since symptoms started). I might just be feeling more anxious than usual because he is an old dog with a number of health problems and started spiralling worrying this might be his last days.
My dog was recently diagnosed with skin cancer and went through surgery to patch up a non-healing wound that has not healed for over a year. He has a pretty bad heart murmur and is on medication for his kidneys, heart, and liver. His recent blood report (2 weeks ago) revealed a huge improvement in his liver condition (very low risk now) but his kidney condition is still bad.
Observations since then: He has definitely started drinking a lot of water since the beginning of the year, pants a lot more often after being put on medication (about 2 months ago), pees a lot, has been picky since young but has recently been eating more of food he likes (sometimes we mix cooked chicken into his can food). Still extremely excitable, barks as usual and shows a lot of enthusiasm when encouraged to play, runs around and can still walk.
Main concern: I have been notified by my mother that he vomited quite a bit this morning out of nowhere, and I noticed he had been slightly wobbly and flopping over the night before. He has a head tilt that developed this morning and I was gone for the day until tonight, where his head tilt has improved but still shows up every 10 minutes or so. He can still run and walk properly, but has trouble standing properly if I pick him up and put him down. Also struggles to maintain a laid down position on his side and keeps flopping back up into a lying down on his stomach position. Has no issues lying down, but his hind legs skid a bit when he gets up.
Is this cause for concern? I have no idea what to do as I am unable to bring him to the vet until tomorrow. I am extremely paranoid of him passing tonight while we are asleep (it is currently 2am). The vet gave us an estimate of his lifespan being about around 2 or 3 years more given his cancer, so I am mentally unprepared if it is going to happen tonight. I have no idea if these are symptoms of the end and I don't know if I am worrying needlessly. He still eats and shows enthusiasm for playing and runs after us fine, aside from the head tilt and occasional imbalance and wobbly legs that started last night. Any help would be really very appreciated. Thank you.
— a very worried teary-eyed owner
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I know I’m a newcomer, but I can provide some references from making successful trade transactions on an exchange, if desired... Money is really tight for me already this month— you see, back in April I unfortunately lost one of my monthly benefits as a military surviving spouse, over a paperwork issue… I’m still fighting to get things straightened out but this time of the month is always really rough. I’d greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to give me a chance.
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 19:53 moldyturtleburger Plugin dev looking for a few others to team up with!

Hey y'all,
I'm a plugin dev with quite a bit of programming and administrative experience under my belt. I'm looking to collaborate on a bit of a project I've had floating around in my head for a while now. I have a bit of money to spend on a server host and have been programming a plugin surrounding this idea:
At the beginning of the server, a timer is set. During the duration of the timer, respawns are enabled, and players are able to vote on one another to elect a leader. Once the timer is up, permadeath is enabled and the whitelist is activated. The only caveat is that as long as the elected leader is alive, people are able to respawn. Leaders are marked with a permanent glowing effect seen through walls and special name tags.
Leaders have a few extra abilities:
Individual players can intentionally exile themselves with /abandon – announced in global chat.
There are four islands containing every team, with a centre island. The centre island is locked off until the leaders are chosen, and contains the only source of diamonds, netherite and enchantments in the game. There is an enchantment table in the very centre of the island that is immovable, and enchantment tables are uncraftable. The last team standing wins.
I'm pretty far into getting the plugin bug-free and running. My main issue is that I have no experience map-making, and would need others to help me keep down troublemakers.
If you're interested in helping me out with this idea, or perhaps joining the event when it goes live, shoot me a DM!
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2023.05.30 19:53 Strong_Muscle_3192 2005 Saturn Ion 1 2.2L 4cyl coolant flush

2005 Saturn Ion 1 2.2L 4cyl coolant flush
All right fellas, so I'm trying to do a full coolant flush on my car in preparation for both the summertime and a 900+ mile road trip on the west coast of the US I'm taking in a week. Can't get the petcock out to save my life and one of those sockets for it would take too long to get where I am (no auto parts stores near me have one :/), so I remove what I am fairly certain is the lower radiator hose (first image is the stuck petcock, second image is the lower hose, third is what I'm fairly certain is the upper hose). Drains out the radiator fine. I can pour water into the reservoir and watch it pour cleanly out of the (lower) hose and into my drain pan, so my radiator is good and flushed, I think. But here's where my confusion comes in. My system is supposed to take 7.9 quarts of coolant (just shy of two full gallons), but when I plug all my hoses back in and refill her, the system takes maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon. I've tried to burp the system, but no air comes out. I can drive her around and can feel hot air blowing from my car's heateAC/vents/whatever when I test it, and she's maintaining operating temperatures. Did I not drain it properly or fully enough? Did I actually do it right?
Quick summary: I drained it, filled it with chemical flush and distilled water (of which, again, my car only took maybe 3/4 of a gallon), drove it around for about 30min (no issues noticed), emptied it, and then refilled it.
Do I need to separately drain the engine block and redo the whole process? How do I drain my engine block? I want to make sure I don't have old coolant, new coolant, water, chemical flush, and coolant booster in there all at once, because that doesn't sound good for my system at all. Thanks fellas and cheers 👍
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2023.05.30 19:53 turquoiseturtle01 District Attorney Dropped My SA Case

The county sheriff Sargent got in contact with the district attorney about my SA case and the district attorney said my case will not be moving forwarded because they only got my statement and there wasn’t any physical evidence to further it. I feel completely failed right now by my states system. I don’t know what else to do. My ex-friend who SA’d me from my college is out and about acting like nothing happened while he’s having 2 jobs and also has a girlfriend which is very concerning. After hearing what the Sargent has told me that my ex-friend refused more than once on his statement and threatening to take action with a lawsuit speaks volumes that he knows he’s wrong with what he did to me by trying to take away my innocence. I was told though by the Sargent that I can still go to district court to file a restraining order anonymously for protection in case if he tries to retaliate against me. It’s such a small town that I’m in that I’m so afraid he could run into me with bad intentions. I just don’t want to have to deal with him anymore after all the trauma that happened.
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2023.05.30 19:53 Glasterz After an hour of play, this was underwhelming at best.

Notable things for me:
It feels like an alternate and almost unrefined version of SMB3 rather than a new game. All the hype was promising, but it turned out to be nothing special imo. Got a refund for it and will pay attention to future updates to see if I try again or not. It was worth the try but is not worth $50 at the moment.
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2023.05.30 19:53 beefstewforyou I don’t see the point of orthodontics in most cases.

Let’s spend thousands of dollars, make you experience pain and force you to look repulsive often during the most uncomfortable time of your life all to “fix” something that wasn’t that big of a deal to begin with. What’s wrong with having slightly crooked teeth?
My parents forced me to get braces when I was 13 even though I didn’t want them or see the point. They told me they knew what was best for me and I didn’t and someday I would thank them. I was mad at them for years because of this. I’m currently 34, and I still think its pointless and stupid. If I ever do have kids, I would never force them to do that. If they wanted braces, they could do that on their own at 18.
One thing that really makes me mad is that I’ve heard cases of parents living in poverty spending their minimal savings on their kids braces. All of the things they could have done with that money and that’s what they decide? You could have given them an education but instead you now have a kid with no future and straight teeth.
If I look down, I notice that a couple of my toes are crooked. Should I spend thousands of dollars and not be able to walk properly for a year and a half to “fix” this too?
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