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2023.05.31 02:47 Poetic_Words An Eternal Promise

And I will love you in the darkness.
When sulfur and crimson coat tongue and skin,
I would find you through ashen ruin -
in the depths of your mind.
When sorrow's wind bellows embers of fear,
so there, I shall be.
In your starless night, will I guide you home
to tranquil shores of footprints, intertwined.
'Til radiance holds you dearly again, only then
shall I rest - entangled, as one.
For eternity is naught if spent without you...
So in this life, or the timeless,
I will find you light.
And I will love you, evermore, in the darkness.
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2023.05.31 02:35 MasonryGaymer Noveske N4

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2023.05.31 02:35 aljohnrhey Tips on using Gundam Markers?

Tips on using Gundam Markers?
I’m currently travelling and away from my place where my airbrush and other tools are and I bought the FM Aerial and tried to use the Gundam Markers to add color separation on the white panels. I know it’s normal to have the streaks but does anyone have any tips how I can make it cleaner? How many are the recommended coats/layers? Will this look better once top coated with clear matte?
Or should I just wait until I return home (which is still 3 weeks away and I can’t wait to modify this kit already) and use the airbrush instead? 😂
*Added the second photo when I just finished building it since it’s really cool. I so friggin’ love this kit! 😍
Thanks Gunpla Fam! 🫶
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2023.05.31 02:18 EPERJESILIZZIE Not my finding, what do you guys think?

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2023.05.31 02:16 EPERJESILIZZIE Not my finding, what do you guys think?

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2023.05.31 02:10 DraZeeK Evo Thanos feels really strong

Evo Thanos feels really strong
Had a fairly steady climb from mid 80s to infinite with this deck I brewed. I feel I had a fairly amount of options for every matchup and could adapt my playstyle based on it.
Getting priority is easy with the High Evo package + Thanos stones so you can choose to go wide and put a lot of power in each lane or play the control game and either disrupt with Doc Ock + Shang / Enchantress (Galactus players don't see it coming) or play the Time Stone and two big hitters back to back.
Lots of fun with this deck, highly recommended.
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2023.05.31 02:08 NewLiterature1074 How will I survive?!

Partner is going out of town tomorrow for 48 hrs for a funeral. We decided to keep the kids (3.5, 1.5) at home with me since I can WFH the days he's gone and they'll be in daycare anyways.
Well, 1.5 got sent home with diarrhea today, so no school for 24 hrs. 3.5 has been lagging all day and threw up right before bed, so also can't go to school tomorrow.
The next 3 days are super busy for me at work, with tons of meetings and appointments one on one with clients I can't move or reschedule. We don't have any local family, and my mom who is few hours away can't come to help since she has an important doctor appt on Thurs she can't put off.
I seriously don't know how I'm going to survive with 2 sick toddlers and work, plus 3 dogs. My only hope is it's just a 24 hr bug so I can send them back to daycare on Thursday.
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2nd [Poor old grumpy. Everywhere he goes people are assholes for no reason, in every shop he has problems with the staff having attitude, when ever he goes out in the car some idiot starts road rage on him, every time he’s in a bar he gets in a fight.
When will all the people of the world stop uniting and tormenting this innocent man? Now I know what you’re thinking, but It cant be anything HE is doing wrong. He would know if he was the problem.](/facepalm/comments/13vjtoh/home_depot_employee_named_andrew_gets_fed_up_with/jm6fgl5/)u/UncleBendersfacepalm13,122 Upvotes30/05/2023 08:33 UTC 3rd"we just wanted to check the price on something, and he just went crazy"(...)u/Dutch-in-Tahitifacepalm11,920 Upvotes30/05/2023 08:02 UTC 4thI feel for the employee. Dealing with the public is the fucking worst.u/Technical_Activity78facepalm9,938 Upvotes30/05/2023 08:33 UTC 5thHell, I was a Pharmacist for CVS and I did this. The Store Manager, who was actually below me in status pay grade and replaceability was standing up for this crazy bitch, and I just turned to him and Said "Fine, run your fucking store without a Pharmacist, I took my License off the wall and walked out, took a week off and had a new job in a Week with a competitor down the road. I eventually got out of Retail and went Hospital.u/Bargdaffy158facepalm9,784 Upvotes30/05/2023 11:58 UTC
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2023.05.31 01:59 sofiloft Galería se superpone con el menú hamburguesa. hace 2 días que no duermo

holusss de nuevo.
Creo que rompí mi código un poco, como que se nota que funciona el menú hamburguesa, pero puse de tal forma la galería que lo tapa y queda inaccesible. También no puedo ajustarle el tamaño al párrafo de mi banner cuando esta en "modo Mobile" (en Tablet y pc si puedo🤷‍♀️)

El html:
Arandanos, una explosión de sabores Bananas, una explosión de sabores Cerezas, una explosión de sabores Frutillas, una explosión de sabores Manzanas, una explosión de sabores

un mundo de

El css:

header { width: 100vw; background: #784a8c; height: 4rem; line-height: 4rem; text-align: center; color: white; position: absolute; 
} main { padding-top: 4rem; margin: auto; max-width: 1100px; display: flex; flex-direction: column; align-items: center; justify-content: center; text-align: center; }
main h2 {
color: white; margin: 0; position: absolute; font-family: "marshmallow-fluff", sans-serif; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; 
main img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; } u/media screen and (max-width: 991px) { nav { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; }
nav:target #barra { left: 0; } nav:target #hamburguesa li:first-child { display: none; } nav:target #hamburguesa li:last-child { display: block; } #hamburguesa li:last-child { display: none; } #hamburguesa li { list-style: none; text-indent: -100px; overflow: hidden; margin-top: .75rem; width: 2.5rem; } #hamburguesa li a { background: url("imagenes/menu.png") no-repeat center center; background-size: cover; display: block; height: 2.5rem; } /*Apariencia del nav:)*/ #barra { width: 100vw; height: calc(100vh - 4rem); position: absolute; top: 4rem; left: -100vw; /* From */ background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.16); border-radius: 16px; box-shadow: 0 4px 30px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1); backdrop-filter: blur(4.7px); -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(4.7px); } #barra li { list-style: none; border-bottom: 3px solid transparent; } #barra li a { text-decoration: none; display: block; background: #ffb8f5; color: #eaffa2; text-align: center; line-height: 5rem; padding: 0 1.25rem; } main h2 { font-size: 1rem; line-height: 1rem; } 
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2023.05.31 01:54 joeyjazesmith Lucky find gojulas gunner WIP: Finally Complete

Lucky find gojulas gunner WIP: Finally Complete
After two months of working I finally completed the kit. Found this at gundam planet back in February at msrp. I was coming home from my dads funeral looking for a project to work on, and when they said they had it I took it as a sign. First time airbrushing and enamel painting but I’m pleased with the way it came out
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2023.05.31 01:54 SteelCityValkyrie I really wish you were here...

Hi mum. It has been almost 2 years since I lost you to lung cancer after you fought so ferociously against Covid-19, pneumonia and Multiple Sclerosis. The fact you are no longer with me still pains me immensely every day because you were a core component to my life before.

I wanted to tell you a few things that have happened since you left this realm to join the Gods wherever you may be.
  1. I have finally got a cat after I promised you I would in honor of our ginger cat who passed 11 months before you did. Her name is Yogi, she is a black cat and is an incredible companion. I'm sorry I never told you he passed away. It would have broken your heart even more and I couldn't risk further complications because you were so frail. I hope you can forgive me for that.
  2. I moved last July into a better home where I know I'm safe. You have a small shrine that I set up in my room where I have a few of your trinkets and crystals that you have given me over the years. I hope it's comfortable and you're ok with Yogi jumping up to say hi sometimes.
  3. I am currently in bereavement counselling to help me manage. I am not doing this to forget you or move on in the traditional sense, I just need a neutral space with a professional to help me understand why I feel the way I feel. It's difficult going through all those emotions again but I know you would have wanted me to try and get help eventually.
  4. I am hoping to carry on your legacy with Neil and Dirty Stop Outs Guide because I believe that if you were still here, you would have encouraged me to pursue it after I finished college in 2016.
  5. I am over 500 days sober from any form of self injury/harm and I intend to keep that number ticking up. I promised you at your funeral that I would never do such actions ever again. I intend to keep that promise.
And lastly for now... I love you so much, words can't fully let me express how sad I am that you passed on and I miss you... I hope the cats, Aunt Lynn and Great Grandad are keeping you company while you watch over me and the family. Please rest tonight knowing I have made it another day alive and well.
From your baby bat. Always will be...
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2023.05.31 01:32 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 49

[←Chapter 48] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 50→]
As soon as he placed the tip of the blade against the stone, a crawling dread swept over. He held it there for a moment, trying to tabulate the functions of the tool, but nothing but raw guesswork remained to him. He heard the footsteps of the children and their minders vanishing up the stairs.
“You ready?” he asked Innie.
“No. But don't let that stop you,” she said, wide amber eyes fixed on the door.
There was nothing for it - Efrain steadied his hand and pressed the black blade into the stone. It was a relatively simple application of magic, almost instinctual, to activate the tool. He projected down into the chisel end, where stiff filaments would pierce the wall and sink deep within. This defeated the function of the chisel, but he already suspected that some of the features were more ornamental.
The next part was slightly more complicated, angling the blade up and down until he’d pressed the furled tips to the smooth surface. They sank in as well, leaving him holding the blade spine nearly parallel to the wall. Slowly, taking painstaking care not to twist the metal, he drew it down.
The stone split apart and drew back, guided through the furls and out, revealing a thin line in the stone. There was a silent thrill that fought against the dread as the hairline crack grew larger and larger. Finally, he reached the floor, and drew the knife out of the stone with minimal resistance.
With one last look at his partner, he placed both hands on the door and began to push.
There was a grinding squeal as the heavy stones slid open and out. Past, there was a thick darkness that blotted out most of the detail, even with the magelight active. Efrain took two steps and raised it high, its luminosity increasing as it rose. Even so, it flickered as the smothering cold poured out of the chamber, casting wavering shadows on the surrounding stone walls.
A moment of grim satisfaction availed him - he had surmised correctly about the room being some sort of important tomb. Large alcoves with carved-relief tombs marched off into the dark, twinned pillars marking each and every one. A vaulted ceiling spanned the passage, faded mosaics depicting unknown scenes of times past.
In fact, it would’ve been a place that Efrain could easily see himself working in. Painstakingly brushing off the faded paint and chipped stone, recreating the designs in book after book. Days and nights of note taking, trying to piece together the story of what this place was and why it was here. Unfortunately, the beauty of that vision was marred by the hostile darkness that wrapped around the vault.
He and Innie cautiously crept forward, the light above his head pushing back the heavy shadows. Her fur stood on end, amber eyes inspecting every little pittance, every corner past where something might hide. Efrain was much the same way, expecting something to detach itself from the stone and give chase.
Yet, there was nothing, no movement, no sudden gleam of hostile eyes. Just the stone, and the ever deepening cold.
Finally, they reached the depths of the tomb, a handful of steps that lead down into a wider room. In the muddy light he cast, he saw something large and round, sitting slumped over what looked to be an altar of some kind. There was no aggression that he could feel, no stirring of the thing in response to their presence, just the cold that poured off it.
As he entered through the arched steps, he realised that the thing was making sounds. A wet, gurgling noise, that was rather uncomfortably reminiscent of the creatures from the fog. The sound of a throat that had been crushed and twisted by the weight of its deformities. Still, it lacked the rage that came with the things that had crashed on the church roof or swarmed its outer wall.
Efrain took another few steps and stood before the round mass, slightly taller than he was, peering closely as its features came into relief. When he realised what it was, he felt a stomach that no longer existed turn over on itself. There were pale bumps and ridges where there might’ve been anatomical landmarks at one point. Various malformed limbs jutted out and merged back into the structure, some recognizable, some alien. The flesh shuddered and writhed as he neared it, groans and gurgles exiting various gashes and holes in its surface.
What was far, far worse, however, was what he discovered when he looked within.
Innie must’ve discovered it at the same time, issuing a violent wail of disgust and grief. Efrain staggered away, trying to steady himself on one of the pillars as his vision swam. The self-hatred, the sorrow, the unbelievable nauseating pain that issued from the thing was enough to make him wish he never came here. Its magic was even worse - an indescribable warped abomination that should’ve never been borne into existence.
It took a herculean effort to remain standing, fighting the physically impossible urge to sink to his knees and vomit. Innie was slamming herself into a pillar in a mad horror, and his gaze slid to the knife in his hand. The terrible revelation was like an explosion in his mind.
He could almost see the priest raising the knife, almost seeing the gears of thought turning in his head. If it could join and separate stone, what else could it pull asunder? A terrible demon, removed from a child, think of the praise, think of the tithes, think of the reaffirmation of the faith!
Innie lay on the ground, curled and shivering, her wails fallen into a grim silence, punctuated only by quiet sobs. Efrain stood there, feeling the knife slip to clatter on the ground. The thing twitched and issued another moan as it undulated from its base to top.
Somewhere in the corners of his mind he wondered if somewhere in the mass the priest was still alive. It would be a ghastly fate, and a deserved one, to be trapped in this fleshy prison. But what had happened to the wisp matriarch’s power? Why was there a ghost appearing to Aya and granting her access to the flames?
Shrinking back into himself, he huddled by the wall - more than anything, he wanted to be away from here. He wanted to be in his isolated little castle in a far-away mountain. He wanted a cup of tea, and a good book, and to forget such horrible things could exist in this world.
But alas, he was here, he had made the choice to come here, and it made the choice to open the door.
It’s not fair, he thought, numbly, why must it be me?
Innie had stopped sobbing, merely lying there in a terrible stillness. Not dead, nor was she injured beyond superficiality, rather trapped in the depths of paralytic grief. But it would soon fade, Efrain knew for it was happening to him. All that stupefaction, swept away by rage.
There were footsteps, far behind him, a set of them, hurrying down the tomb corridor. Distant faces, barely distinguishable from the darkness, emerged past the arches, still some distance away. Their eyes were straining, faces scrunched up as they tried to pierce the gloom, not yet realising the dire horror that awaited them.
Maybe it was in a spirit of mercy that Efrain rose, and turned toward the cat. More likely, it was the rage that was boiling just under the surface, only held by the thinnest membrane of numbness. The stones under Innie were beginning to be cast in a red light as her fur began to glow, despite the damping of her magic.
“What is that?” called one of the paladins from down the hall.
Efrain said nothing as he faced the horrible fusion of the priest and girl, twitching and moaning. He didn’t need to.
Flames rose into the air, exhaustion no longer a barrier as Innie rose to her height. The cat was melting, dribbling down on the floor as the true form of the wisp mother bled through in a pillar of yellow-red light. The temperature of the room shot up from icy to lukewarm in an instant as flames began to crawl across the stone and reached for the abomination.
The paladins had reached the threshold, thrusting their charges behind them as they gazed upon the scene. They were reaching for their swords, even as the flames grew in heat and intensity. The mass did not attempt to lash rather bellowed as the fire licked, shuddering so violently Efrain thought it might come apart. It coiled and twitched as the flames rose up its side, the smell of burning flesh filling the room.
Efrain didn’t even look at it, merely fixing his stare on the church insignia, emblazoned on the plate of the paladins. The screams rose to a fever pitch, met by a furious roaring and crackling of the ever-growing blaze. There was one last desperate burst of coldness that rolled over him, dimming the firelight for a moment, and turning the paladin’s pale.
Then, as if a floodgate was opened, his magic was no longer suppressed, and the fires roared to new heights. The thing had been submerged in a pillar of red and yellow flames, leaping up almost to the tall ceiling of the room. In the back of Efrain’s mind, he realised it wasn’t wise that the fire would eat the air up so deep in the earth. He did nothing.
He simply stood there, staring at the paladins without a word.
“Efrain,” croaked Innie.
He turned to see the charred remains slumping to the floor. In its centre, no longer bound, floated a thin ring of yellow blue flame. The fragment shed little bright rivulets like downy feathers, soft sparks fading into Innie’s blaze.
The rage drove Efrain forward, knowing what was about to happen and what he was about to do. No rational impulse was going to stop him now. Innie was in lockstep with him as he knelt down before the remains, the flames parting as he reached in. The paladins were screaming something as he closed his hand around the ring, and felt his world come to life.
The fire was no longer just fire, it was light itself, so blindingly bright and hot that stones around them began to glow. Efrain felt something immense move into him, a wall of molten power moving enough momentum to sweep him away. The traces of the wisp matriarch entered the man and the cat, and in that moment they were its avatar.
He rose, and the blue-yellow blaze rose with him, fanning over the whole room. At some point, the paladins had grabbed their charges and ran for dear life. Efrain was almost beyond thought as he began to make for the stairs. Every step was a burden, his body rattling uncontrollably with each footfall.
Step-by-step, the pair made their way through the corridor, leaving a sea of flame in their wake. The stone glowed with the rage of their passing, murals utterly destroyed, features beginning to run like wax on the carven reliefs. The only thing untouched by the flames was the black doors, a constant wall in the flames.
As he made his way into the crypts, leaving glass footprints in the sand, he became dimly aware that his robes were beginning to smoke. The magic coursing through him was not meant for him to wield - memory, knowledge, consciousness, all seemed to fall away at its burning touch.
He was being consumed, he and Innie both as they channelled the might of the matriarch, fraction as it was. The burst of magic on the roof was nothing compared to what they now held within themselves. This was a primal power, far grander than anything they’d seen in their long lives.
The passage was beginning to groan and warp, the stone beginning to run as he found his way to the spiral stair. Step-by-step, gripping the walls for purchase, he managed to drag himself up. Every rise was harder than the one that came before it, and soon he was climbing mountains with each step. The stones trembled at his touch, his hands leaving glowing impressions. Soon they too fell into the wall of conflagration that rose behind him.
Still, onward and upward he climbed, higher and higher, past the entrance to the church and to the roof. Night had finally fallen, the sounds of battle beginning as the monsters moved for the final assault. The posted guards screamed warnings of ‘fire!’ ‘fire!’ and shouted prayers as Efrain crawled his way onto the roof. They must’ve thought this some terrible new monster, something immune to their burning brands.
“Leave. Now,” Efrain said, the words slurring as he forced them into the air.
The men were quick to take his advice, but stopped at the tower stairs, staring in horror at the dripping stone. Some looked to the edge, preparing to leap to avoid the frame.
In the midst of the tumult, some bare fraction of Efrain remained to recognize the arbitrary cruelty of their position. He reached out, not to the men but beyond them, and plucked the heat from the stones. With a gust of warm air, they cooled rapidly from molten red to survivable grey. Somewhere, the scholar in Efrain screamed at the indignity of this impossible action.
But this was a magic of fundamentals. It did not stoop to petty things like ‘rules’.
The men, seeing their chance, hurled themselves down the stairs. With their absence, there was nothing left to restrain the power. The flames poured out like water, spilling over the walls of the church, roaring into the sky. Efrain didn’t think about the memory, intent, or emotion, nor any mechanical aspect of the magic - where he wanted, the world burned.
What little left of his mind felt memories of times and places foreign to him roar through his mind. The chaos of his mind lent him very little clarity, sights were smells, sounds were feelings, a cacophony of sensations raced through him faster and faster. In that blurring conundrum, he could see a single, core memory, one that drove all others.
A sunlit place, far away near a golden sea, a funeral, a birth, both at the same time, a tall figure, singing of purpose.
With a final effort, he called the magic to him, hoping to gain some vestige of control. The flames coiled and twisted and condensed, collapsing into an ever-tighter sphere as nature did its work. Heat itself lifted off the melting slates of the roof, absorbed into the mass at his fingertips, leaving a bright ball no bigger than his fist.
The world hung in that moment, the sounds of battle far away, screams of human and monster distant memories. In that moment of brief lucidity, Efrain held a star in his hand.
Then with a tremendous expansion of sound and rage and fire, a blast of hot wind ripped the fog away from the hill and scattered it across the highlands. Men and monsters were sent sprawling, the creatures flying on the icy mist spiralling and falling to earth.
Now the true force of the enemy was revealed - hundreds, perhaps as many as a thousand on the hill beyond. It was only a matter of time before they would rise over the wall, dismantle the barricades, and slaughter the defenders. Men, women, even children who’d worked so hard to defend their homes and lives. All rended to pieces because a little girl had gone for a little hike.
Chains were wrapping around Efrain, white hot and heavy, pulling him to the roof, disintegrating the spells that held him together. He was smoking in truth now and might catch flame at any moment. At his back, felt rather than seen, was an immense twisting whirlwind. It reached up and out into the night, its sudden light blotting out the stars. At its very centre, a consciousness took form within the power, something that wished for nothing more than to reduce all to ash. Efrain turned to the creatures that squirmed and charged below, heedless of the peril above.
He barely even perceived what happened next.
There was one final roar, louder and more violent than anything he’d ever heard of, conceived of, and would likely ever hear again. Branches extended down from the fire, great scouring fingers that swept across the earth, tearing down fruit trees, barely missing the barricades, and spilling down the hill.
The creatures came to meet it, not even turning aside as the heat and light submerged them. Perhaps they couldn’t even understand death anymore, so far gone was their nature. In a heartbeat, they faltered in the tide of flame, falling to the ground as they burned to ash. Dozens of them went in an instant as the power of Wisp Matriarch did its terrible work.
The fingers swept down past the outer wall, two tendrils splitting and crashing back together in a fountain of fire. The great bulk of the monsters were burnt into mere shadows on the cobbles. Efrain’s vision began to darken as his last vestiges of consciousness began to fail. He felt a draining sensation, the last of the magic of the matriarch flowing out into the night.
The heat that ate away at his very being was gone now, leaving behind a scorched emptiness. He fell to the ground, his limbs barely weak enough to prop himself up against the church roof. Innie, once more a cat, dragged herself over to him, curling on his lap as her eyes closed.
Too late, he remembered the curse upon the mask. That must’ve been the draining sensation, now that he’d let so much magic flow through it, it was sucking him dry. He tried vainly for some way to stem the flow, but he was so tired, so weak. Looking down, he noted that the church, although singed, was still more-or-less intact. There was a strange mix of regret and relief at the observation.
His voice, now a drab, thin thing, echoed out, remembering the conversation he’d had with Innie about her future plans of arson.
“Sorry, old friend,” he said, “I think I missed.”
Then Efrain Belacore, Baron of the Frozen Vale, and self-titled ‘Lord of Death’, was no more.
[←Chapter 48] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 50→]
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2023.05.31 00:42 Tommithy1686 10 Most Underrated Nightwish Songs

Hello Nightwish Army. You may remember me from the 100 Days Of Nightwish project several years ago. With the fan morale in a bit of a low spot recently and the band news in a trickle as we patiently await the next album, I thought I’d come up with something to remind us all how good we’ve had it as fans of Nightwish for several decades now and how deep and amazing their catalog is. So with that in mind I decided to create a list of what I think the ten most underrated Nightwish songs are. Now I know that “underrated” is a real subjective term. I’m basing my decision on songs that I think are really, really good but don’t have much word of mouth or discussion in the present, used to be popular but have been forgotten, were never in steady live set rotation, and other factors. In the end, it’s my opinion, and probably likely to stir some debate in the comments which I welcome and encourage. I’d especially love to hear other lists or songs that the rest of you think are underrated.
Finally, a couple things to consider as you read this. I love all of the band members past and present (including the singers) equally, so this list does not discriminate based on any lineup considerations. Also, this list is in random order, not ranked from least to most underrated or anything like that. At first I tried, but in the end I decided that sort of thing is just too hard to quantify into a ranking measurement. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

I think if you asked most fans what the best duet the band has ever done is, you’d get a lot of answers like I Want My Tears Back, Ever Dream, etc. But in my opinion, this is hands down the best duet. I feel like this is a song that Tuomas had in his pocket for a long time, waiting for the perfect moment. Enter Marko Hietala. His gruff scowling voice coated in venomous disdain is a perfect compliment to the soaring angelic classical tone of Tarja. And when the chorus finally hits and all of Marko’s power is unleashed, it’s time for full body chills right up to the point they both finally combine on “we’re dead to the world!” and my soul leaves my body in ecstasy.

Another Marko heavy track. I actually flip flopped several times between this and Harvest as I think they are both underrated, but given Harvest got significant setlist time on the latest tour and Endlessness didn’t (for obvious reasons) I went with this. And when I first heard this song I wasn’t super impressed. It’s much slower, much more prog rock style, than the usual faire, especially following up on the tantric and frantic Tribal. But, this song is a slow burner, and develops into increasingly interesting layers of sound. By the time Floor and the choirs join in, this song is meaty and rich, full of musical flavor. And the final verse by Marko, in what would ultimately be the final verse of his Nightwish career, is such poignant poetry on the inevitable eternities of death and time that it holds weight in my mind long after the song has subsided.

I swear I didn't just pick all Marko tracks. This opener from Imaginaerum is a slow ballad that, compared to most of their catalog, is relatively simple for a Nightwish song. And when most people think of slow Marko ballads, they think of The Islander or While Your Lips Are Still Read, but not this one, which is why I think it’s so underrated. I love the more gentle, storytelling tone that Marko adapts here, with the tinkling of a music box the only other sound. Slowly the song adds more instrumentation, acoustic guitars and strings, but the real beautiful moment is when Troy comes in with a whistle/flute solo. It’s really beautiful and minimalistic but sets the stage for the album in such a beautiful way. My only real gripe with the song is that I wish it was longer.

AFF is my least favorite album, but that’s just because it’s sort of a rough draft. A blueprint of the Nightwish formula of greatness that isn’t quite realized. As their debut album on a very limited budget and resources it’s not unexpected, and even with these limitations it’s clear what the potential of the band could be. And this is the song that I think exemplifies that potential. You have all the staples here: Tarja’s soaring vocals, Tuomas’ poetic lyrical genius, dynamic key changes and powerful melodies, Emppu’s soft and melodic acoustic guitar work, and so on. It’s far from their best ballad, but as an introduction, it’s a beautiful listen.

I don’t think there are many who would deny that the marathon songs are Nightwish’s magnum opus. The culmination of all of the band’s passions and skills combined into an ultimate package. And there’s no denying the power of Ghost Love Score, Poet, Song of Myself, and of course, the Greatest Show On Earth. But before the transcendental and viral Ghost Love Score, the road was paved with songs like Lappi, FantasMic, and this song. Beauty Of The Beast occupies a strange transitional phase of the marathon song. It has more polish and complexity than FantasMic but lacks the compositional depth of Ghost, probably due to the fact that Tuomas didn’t have an entire orchestra at his disposal. But in spite of that, I feel like this song has enough going for it that it can be counted among the greats, and sadly doesn’t seem to be. If you are a fan of the Nightwish mega-songs, don’t leave this one out, it’s truly a hidden gem.

Like Taikatalvi, this song is sung completely in Finnish, which I think is one of the reasons it’s not talked about more. Some people just cannot relate to songs in a language they aren’t fluent in, and I get that, I really do. I am not one of those however, and despite the fact that I can’t understand the song (don’t worry, I’ve read translations) it doesn’t diminish the just…indescribable beauty of this song. Tarja is front and center here, and she brings the house down. She could be reciting the dictionary for all I know and I’d still be completely enraptured by her voice. The beautiful and haunting cello solo halfway through the song brings me to tears every time. As this turned out to be Tarja’s literal swan song, I highly recommend you listen to it if you haven’t.

This song, an instrumental from Oceanborn, is what I’d pick if I had to rank the most underrated song. I’ve met a lot of fans over the years, and not one of them has ever mentioned this song. But I personally love it a lot. The Oceanborn stuff has a lot more finesse than Angels, and is chock full of atmosphere, which is something I really dig. This song is all at once fast paced, slow and dramatic, a tavern drinking song coupled with a ballad for a moonlight stroll along the beach. There’s keys, flutes, shouting, strings, and everything in between. When you hear the origin story of the band, and idea conceived by fireside in the woods, this song feels like a culmination of that original idea, and a leaping point forward into the next era of the band. I know there aren’t many who like this song as much as I do, but given how little I’ve ever heard it talked about, I think it is supremely underrated.

Like Floor used to say during concerts, this song just makes you feel good. The melody is a banger as usual, and the song is relatively simple for Nightwish but sometimes simplicity done well is as delicious as anything else. The reason I think it’s underrated is because it’s a deeper cut and melodically similar to other tracks from the album like My Walden. However I think this is a much better song than Walden, personally. I also love how this song is uplifting, optimistic, and just happy. As a fan of a band with a lot of really good dark and moody stuff, it’s nice to have some feel good songs in there too. Bonus props for the incredible guitaflute duel between Emppu and Troy during the bridge of this song.

In the annals of Nightwish album openers, there is a lot of greatness to be found. Stargazers, She Is My Sin, and so on. If I had to guess, I’d say most fans would probably pick Dark Chest Of Wonders as the greatest album opener. I disagree. I think Shudder is by far the best opener the band has ever done. Not only was it our first introduction to Floor and Kai, but it’s coupled with Tuomas pulling out every trick in the Nightwish book to deliver a total package. You’ve got blistering drums, thumping bass, full orchestra, amazing lyrics right from the first second. And the song only gets more dynamic from there, with an incredible duel between Tuomas and Emppu in the middle to a finale punctuated by a beautiful slow section. This song is undoubtedly somewhat popular, but I think it should be much much more popular.

I’m sure there will be plenty of people who argue that this song isn’t underrated. But I’m putting it here for the simple reason that I think it’s the most beautiful song ever written. The lyrics are…I don’t even know if I even have the adjectives to describe them. And the mournful, haunting crooning of Tarja, the perfect melodic solo by Emppu, the keys of Tuomas, everything in this song is exactly what it needs to be. It’s a perfect ballad, a perfect song. I saw Floor sing this live during the Endless Forms tour, and I sobbed the entire time. When I leave this Earth, this is the song I want to be played at my funeral.
So there you have it! Feel free to agree, disagree, discuss, or comment down below. I’d love to hear other fans' thoughts on this.
Some honorable mentions:
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2023.05.31 00:38 debee92 🔺MICHIGAN🔺Mason Layla Leach, Age: 17 Missing: 5/22/23

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2023.05.31 00:38 Best-Turnover2102 My first past life meditation experience

Hi! I’m new to the group and did my first past life regression meditation about a week ago. It started with me walking through a forest that resembled one of my home state of Georgia. Then, I saw my spirit guide, which was a stag. I believe that was my late grandfather since he loved deer, and my mom and sister have both seen stags looking at them whenever either of them was missing my grandfather (he was my mom’s father). Once I got to the point of visualizing my past life, I was a British soldier returning home at the end of World War 1. I was married and had an only daughter (I also have an only daughter irl). Later, I got to view my past self’s death. I died on a German battlefront in World War 2. I could hear the gunshots and explosions around me. I saw one of my comrades fall from being shot, and rushed over to save him. He died in my arms, and I died from being shot by an unseen soldier. I also saw my own funeral and saw my wife, daughter, and her husband mourning me. My daughter was also pregnant with my first grandchild. I could feel the regret my past self had for not being able to see my grandchild. As the guided meditation was counting down to wake me up, I could feel the spirit of my past self walking back with me. It felt soothing and comforting. Almost like a sort of closure. I plan on doing this meditation again in the future to see what else I can see.
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2023.05.31 00:17 Commander_Pentaron Timetravelling back to the year 1516 of our Lord Jesus Christ - Dec 1515 to Feb 1516 [Event] (Retro)

Disclaimer: I rolled very badly in a retro baby roll. As such Johann's 3rd spouse Anna of Mecklenburg, Regent of Hesse dies retroactively in December 1515. The follow was moderated and approved by our ever beloved lord and saviour Moderator ImmortalSirNZ

December 3rd 1515Marburg Castle

Johann rushed to his wife's quarters, her wailing being heard even down in the courtyard. A rider had arrived a day earlier in Weimar with the news that she wasn't well. Johann had dropped everything and left that very same hour. Now he was finally here to see for himself.
Anna was laying on the bed with a gaggle of nurses around her. She was clutching her leg, convulsing in agony. It was a horrid sight
"Get out of the way!"
The nurses dispersed around the room, giving space to the Elector
"My love, I'm here, don't worry, everything will be alright my love, nothing's going to happen-"
The court doctor placed a hand on Johann's shoulder, interupting his reasuring words. Anna did her best to contain her pained screams
"My Lord, perhaps we should talk in private-"
"No Herr doctor, my wife is just as strong, no, stronger than I. She can bear what you have to say"
The doctor looked uncomfortably at the couple, nevertheless he relented
"My Lord, My Lady, I do not know what is causing your pain but I suspect it might have something to do with your stillbirth six months ago. We could try bloodletting but this is something I have never dealt with before and is outside my knowledge"
Johann felt his stomach turn into a bottomless pit. His wife was dying, just as the first had. The man who was so often stout and stoic broke down, tears streaming from his eyes
He grabbed the doctor by the scruf of his tunic
"There must be something you can do doctor, something, anything, MY WIFE WILL NOT DI-"
Anna, using what strength she had left tugged at Johann's coat. Johann left go of the doctor and returned to his wife
"Johann...get....the scribe.....and priest"
Johann just stood there, staring right into his wife's deep blue eyes. This couldn't be happening
Johann snapped out of his trance and slowly walked away, the agonising screams resuming soon after he left the room.
At about noon on the 15th of December 1515 Lady Anna of Mecklenburg, regent of Hesse, passed away.
The cause of her death is not knowns; Spalatin, the secretary and confidant of Anna's husband Johann von Wettin, wrote in his history of Saxony that not even her court doctor knew what was wrong, just that she was most likely going to die soon. Faced with this stark information, Anna, ever the strong, decisive woman that she was wrote out her last wishes in the presence of Johann, her court scribe, her doctor and her court chaplain. There was only one that mattered. She had designated Johann, himself already Elector of Saxony, co-regent and as such regent after her death.
The Hessian estates were not happy at this final decree. They had grappeled with this woman for the past five years for control of her son and now, even in death, she defied them. This would not stand. The estates demanded Imperial mediation.
The mediation of Linz in February 1516 would not go as the Estates had hoped. They had entered the mediation with demands that Johann be removed as regent and sent home. They left the mediation with a 5 man regency council with Johann at its head that would last till Philip was 16 years of age. For Johann's part it is said that he in reality cared little for actually ruling Hesse. He was much more concerned with giving young Philip and Elisabeth the upbringing they deserved...
- Sam Wellman, Friedrich The Betrayed and Johann The Wise: Seen and unseen lives of the forefathers of Saxony
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2023.05.31 00:08 aspiescooby Episode Idea: Nearly There Yet?

Location: The entire episode takes place in a car, though trouble is faced from the outside, our main characters never exit the vehicle, only enter it in the beginning.
No 9: As seen in the title shot, the empty beer pack stuffed in the middle of the car is called 'Nine O'Clock Boost'
In this wacky episode, Shearsmith plays Gary, a classic British dad who just wants to get things in order. He is about to go on a 14 hour road trip to Germany with his wife and two children. What could possibly go wrong?
(Note: this episode is a homage to family/slapstick comedy/road trip/vacation type flicks.)
The episode begins with Gary, his wife Sarah, and his two children, one called Meghan, a 12 year old girl who just LOVES her phone, and the other called Timmy, a 10 year old who has his coat zipped up and covering his entire face kinda like Kenny from South Park, to the point where we can only see his eyes. This makes for good humour as the other characters try decipher what he says. They have just left a fast food place and are heading for the road.
Gary is worried that things will go wrong, and Sarah has to comfort her husband, giving him a kiss of support. They start the trip, but countless things go wrong. Meghan and Timmy are refusing to cooperate, Timmy needs a piss, their clothes are accidentally dropped out of the window, wild animals attack them but they escape, and they have to escape bumbling irresponsible law enforcement in order to make it to their destination on time.
All the while, Gary keeps spotting an unsettling, mysterious, shadowy man walking down or sometimes in the middle of the road, causing him to keep swerving in absolute fear. Stalking the car at every move. When he tries pointing it out, the other members of the family do not see this man. I think it's incredibly obvious what's going on here, a very bad twist, right. A motif that is tied to this that recurs is the idea of a car rolling backwards, a thought that keeps making its way into Gary's head through multiple things, whether that be Timmy's toy car, a car ad on the radio, or other cars spinning in traffic. It clearly has an effect on him.
The first bomb drops when things begin getting emotional and confrontational. Sarah reveals that throughout all of this, she's been aware of Pemberton's mysterious character all along. Or at least, she'd know Shearsmith would see something like him. Turns out that 5 years ago, Gary recklessly drunk drove back home from work. He had only found out the next morning from a news broadcast that he had hit not 1, not 2, but three people on the way. He went quiet about it and only told Sarah. This trip to Germany wasn't a holiday- it was a trip to a rehabilitation center.
(You could argue that it is a dumb decision to allow Shearsmith to drive in this case, but keep in mind that no one else could remove his license since he was never found as the perpetrator.)
Furthermore, that mysterious man on the road was of course just a manifestation of Shearsmith's guilt blah blah blah you've probably all heard of something like that before.
But there's a kicker to end this one off. The kids are dumbfounded, having only just discovered this information that's not been disclosed to them for their entire lives before this. How could their father be such a monster? Gary starts feeling terrible and feels the need to park on the side of the road or go back, anything to avoid the talks that were to lie ahead. His victims: A businessman, a grandmother and her grandson, a 5 year old. As a surprise to them all, Meghan remembers that she'd once heard about something like that on the radio, the exact victims and story. The 5 year old actually survived, just with a mangled face for life.
And that's when, for the first time in the entire episode, Timmy unzips his parka, revealing a face they do not recognize underneath. Turns out that they got the wrong child at the fast food restaurant. And this kid coincidentally has bandages all over his face. Maybe just like how that 5 year old would've.
'Timmy' grabs the wheel of the car and swerves it into oncoming traffic; it cuts to credits.
(Sorry if this is a bit too sardines like at the end it wasnt the intention but now it seems it and im pissed cause i liked the got the wrong child plot twist idea lol)
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2023.05.31 00:03 seffial Newsletter Week of June 2nd 2023

Omnivoracious Listeners New Music Newsletter (Week of June 3rd):
New LPs:
🇬🇧 Aeffect - 'Theory of Mind' (Genre: Death Metal)
🇬🇧 Akilla - 'The Gods Have Spoken' (Genre: Melodic Death Metal)
🇺🇸 A Man Named Onigumo - 'Ingested Torment' (Genre: Brutal Death Metal)
🇩🇰 Anubis Gate - 'Interference' (Genre: Prog Power Metal)
🇬🇷 Aran Angmar - 'Atavism & Dying Stars' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇫🇮 Atlases - 'Between the Day & I' (Genre: Post-Metal)
🇺🇸 Avenged Sevenfold - 'Life Is but a Dream' (Genre: Heavy Metal)
🇺🇸 Beach Fossils - 'Bunny' (Genre: Indie Rock)
🇺🇸 Ben Folds - 'What Matters Most' (Genre: Alt Rock, Power Pop)
🇺🇸 Ben Harper - 'Wide Open Light' (Genre: Folk Rock, Blues Rock)
🇺🇸 Body Stuff - 'Body Stuff 4' (Genre: Indie Rock)
🇦🇺 Body Type - 'Expired Candy' (Genre: Post-Punk, Garage Rock)
🇺🇸 Bongzilla - 'Dab City' (Genre: Stoner Metal)
🇺🇸 Buckcherry - 'Vol. 10' (Genre: Sleaze Rock, Hard Rock)
🇺🇸 Buggin - 'Concrete Cowboys' (Genre: Hardcore Punk)
🇺🇸 Bully - 'Lucky for You' (Genre: Alt Rock)
🇺🇸 Burnt Skull - 'Daylight Mutilation' (Genre: Industrial Metal)
🇪🇸 Cabaret Aberrante - 'Brutalofilia' (Genre: Death Metal)
🇷🇺 Cadaver Carnivore - 'Devouring Eclipse of Darkest Realm' (Genre: Death Metal)
🇮🇩 Cadavoracity - 'Cadavoracity' (Genre: Brutal Death Metal)
🇷🇺 Chernaya Rechka (Черная Речка) - 'Chernaya Rechka (Черная Речка)' (Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Punk)
🇺🇸 Chip & the Charge Ups - 'What Happened to the Boy Next Door?' (Genre: Power Pop)
🇺🇸 Coffin Prick - 'Laughing' (Genre: Art Rock)
🇦🇺 Cold Irons Bound - 'No Place I Can't Find You' (Genre: Alt Country, Power Pop)
🇬🇧 Comedy of Errors - 'Threnody for a Dead Queen' (Genre: Prog Rock)
🇬🇧 Comet Gain - 'The Misfit Jukebox' (Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock)
🇩🇪 Cosmic Burial - 'Far Away From Home' (Genre: Atmo Black Metal)
🇨🇦 Cowboy Junkies - 'Such Ferocious Beauty' (Genre: Alt Country, Folk Rock)
🇦🇺 Dan Cribb & the Isolated - 'I'll Follow You Anywhere' (Genre: Skate Punk)
🇺🇸 Dead Billionaires - 'Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book' (Genre: Punk Rock)
🇮🇹 Death Dies - 'Stregoneria' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇮🇩 Demented Heart - 'Frantic Epidemic' (Genre: Tech Death)
🇵🇱 Dieth - 'To Hell and Back' (Genre: Death Thrash)
🇺🇸 DiGelsomnia - 'Sic Itur Ad Astra' (Genre: Doom Metal)
🇬🇧 Dog Tired - 'The Red Verse' (Genre: Groove Metal)
🇺🇸 Don't Sleep - 'See Change' (Genre: Hardcore Punk)
🇳🇴 Einar Solberg (Of Leprous) - '16' (Genre: Prog Rock, Prog Metal)
🇫🇮 Endless Exam - 'Voice of Passion and Agony' (Genre: Pop Metal)
🇮🇪 Extranauts - 'The Alchemist' (Genre: Psych Rock, Electronic Rock)
🇩🇪 Fjoergyn - 'Judasmesse' (Genre: Symphonic Black Metal)
🇺🇸 Foo Fighters - 'But Here We Are' (Genre: Alt Rock)
🇨🇦 Frankiie - 'Between Dreams' (Genre: Indie Pop, Dreampop)
🇺🇸 From Those Ashes - 'Dush Descending// Dawn Ascending' (Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore)
🇨🇱 Funeral Fullmoon - 'Unholy Kingdom of Diabolic Emperors' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇯🇵 Galileo Galilei - 'Bee and the Whales' (Genre: Indie Rock)
🇺🇸 Gal Pal - 'This and Other Gestures' (Genre: Indie Rock, Shoegaze)
🇺🇸 Geist of Ouachita - 'Imprisoned in the Graven Wood' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇺🇸 Generationals - 'Heatherhead' (Genre: Indie Pop Rock)
🇬🇧 Gloryhammer - 'Return to the Kingdom of Fife' (Genre: Power Metal)
🇺🇸 Gorgeous - 'Sapsucker' (Genre: Math Rock, Post-Punk)
🇮🇹 Graveworm - 'Killing Innocence' (Genre: Symphonic Black Metal)
🇺🇸 Gringo Star - 'On and on and Gone' (Genre: Psych Pop, Surf Rock)
🇪🇸 Halflighted - 'Obloquy' (Genre: Death Doom)
🇨🇦 Half Moon Run - 'Salt' (Genre: Indie Rock)
🇺🇸 Heldscålla - 'Two Cathedrals' (Genre: Stoner Doom)
🇺🇸 Hellwitch - 'Annihilational Intercention' (Genre: Tech Death, Thrash)
🇲🇹 Hemplifier - 'The Stoner Side of the Doom' (Genre: Stoner Doom)
🇦🇹 Hills Like White Lions - 'Meander' (Genre: Prog Metal, Post-Metal)
🇬🇧 Hugh Sheehan - 'Shapes That Are Different' (Genre: Indie Folk Rock)
🇷🇺 Infiltration - 'Cognitive Warfare' (Genre: Death Metal)
🇦🇺 Isua - 'Abandon' (Genre: Sludge Doom)
🇺🇸 Jake Shears - 'Last Man Dancing' (Genre: Glam Rock)
🇺🇸 John Mellencamp - 'Orpheus Descending' (Genre: Heartland Rock)
🇩🇪 Karbholz - 'Kapitel 10: Wilde Augen' (Genre: Indie Punk)
🇺🇸 Kiltro - 'Underbelly' (Genre: Post-Rock)
🇮🇹 Klidas - 'No Harmony' (Genre: Experimental Rock)
🇦🇺 Kodiak Empire - 'The Great Acceleration' (Genre: Prog Rock, Experimental Rock)
🇺🇸 Koningsor - 'Death Process' (Genre: Hardcore Punk, Metalcore)
🇳🇴 Kvad - 'So Old' (Genre: Atmo Black Metal)
🇬🇧 Lanterns on the Lake Version - 'Versions of Us' (Genre: Indie Rock)
🇺🇸 Leathürbitch - 'Shattered Vanity' (Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock)
🇺🇸 Lightning Strikes Across the Sky - 'Cosmopolis Macabre' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇺🇸 Lonestar - 'Ten to 1' (Genre: Country)
🇬🇧 Lost Under Heaven - 'Something Is Announced by Your Life!' (Genre: Psych Rock, Indie Rock)
🇺🇸 Louise Post (Of Veruca Salt) - 'Sleepwalker' (Genre: Alt Rock)
🇺🇸 Lovelytheband - 'If We're Being Honest' (Genre: Indie Pop Rock)
🇳🇱 Man as Plague - 'Titanomachy' (Genre: Deathcore)
🇺🇸 Messiahvore - 'Transverse' (Genre: Sludge Stoner)
🇩🇪 Minas Morgul - 'Nebelung' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇮🇳 Moral Collapse - 'Divine Prosthetics' (Genre: Prog Death)
🇸🇪 Mörkvind - 'Höstbränder' (Genre: Folk Metal)
🇺🇸 Mountain Echoes - 'Rebuilding' (Genre: Indie Rock)
🇺🇸 Necrofier - 'Burning Shadows in the Southern Night' (Genre: Melodic Black Metal)
🇬🇧 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 'Council Skies' (Genre: Alt Rock)
🇯🇵 OCEANS - 'SEE YOU' (Genre: Indie Rock, J-Rock)
🇺🇸 OK Goodnight - 'The Fox & the Bird' (Genre: Prog Rock)
🇬🇧 Order of Decay - 'Mortification Rites' (Genre: Blackened Doom, Death)
🇯🇵 Organic Call - '夢泳ぐ鵠の行方' (Genre: J-Rock)
🇨🇦 Owls & Eagles - 'Patience Vol. 1' (Genre: Psych Doom)
🇺🇸 Pagan Athletes - 'Landlocked' (Genre: Noise Rock)
🇺🇸 Primordial Doom - 'Doom Rising' (Genre: Doom Metal)
🇨🇦 Priors - 'Daffodil' (Genre: Punk Rock)
🇺🇸 Project: Roenwolfe - 'Project: Roenwolfe' (Genre: Power, Thrash Metal)
🇺🇸 Protomartyr - 'Formal Growth in the Desert' (Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic Rock)
🇺🇸 Prydain - 'The Gates of Aramore' (Genre: Symphonic Power Metal)
🇬🇧 Pupil Slicer - 'Blossom' (Genre: Mathcore)
🇺🇸 Purr - 'Who Is Afraid of Blue?' (Genre: Indie Pop Rock)
🇩🇰 Quiet Sonia - 'QS' (Genre: Chamber Rock, Chamber Folk)
🇺🇸 Rancid - 'Tomorrow Never Comes' (Genre: Punk Rock)
🇺🇸 Reckless Son - 'Reckless Son' (Genre: Folk Rock)
🇨🇦 Red Cain - 'Näe’bliss' (Genre: Prog Groove Metal)
🇺🇦 Risin Sabotage - 'Macabre' (Genre: Stoner Rock)
🇺🇸 Rival Sons - 'Darkfighter' (Genre: Hard Blues Rock)
🇮🇹 Rod Sacred - 'Another Day' (Genre: Heavy Metal)
🇬🇧 Ruen Brothers - 'Ten Paces' (Genre: Folk Rock)
🇦🇺 RVG - 'Brain Worms' (Genre: Alt Rock, Post-Punk)
🇳🇴 Saint Karloff - 'Paleolithic War Crimes' (Genre: Stoner Metal, Stoner Rock)
🇩🇪 Scarnival - 'The Hell Within' (Genre: Melodic Death Metal)
🇪🇸 Scent of Death - 'Into Everlasting Hate' (Genre: Tech Death)
🇺🇸 Scoville Unit - 'See What Can Be' (Genre: Punk Rock)
🇯🇵 SHIFT_CONTROL - 'MakeMyName' (Genre: Alt Rock)
🇺🇸 Shinzon - 'Mimic' (Genre: Dreampop, Prog Rock)
🇬🇷 Slaughtered Priest - 'Bang Your Head for Satan' (Genre: Black, Thrash, Speed)
🇺🇸 Smokey Brights - 'Levitator' (Genre: Indie Pop Rock)
🇨🇦 Sorry Girls - 'Bravo!' (Genre: Synthpop)
🇺🇸 Suffocate Faster - 'This Is the Way Vol. 1' (Genre: Hardcore Punk)
🇨🇭 Superdark - 'So Far Out There' (Genre: Psych Rock)
🇺🇸 Tanya Tucker - 'Sweet Western Sound' (Genre: Country)
🇺🇸 Terry Ohms - 'Rock Songs' (Genre: Psych Rock)
🇨🇦 Thantifaxath - 'Hive Mind Narcosis' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇺🇸 The Aces - 'I've Loved You for So Long' (Genre: New Wave, Synthpop)
🇬🇧 The Alarm - 'Forwards' (Genre: Alt Rock, New Wave)
🇺🇸 The Anix - 'Nightvision' (Genre: Alt Rock)
🇺🇸 The Aquadolls - 'Charmed' (Genre: Alt Rock)
🇦🇺 The Hard-Ons - 'Ripper 23' (Genre: Punk Rock)
🇧🇪 The Immortal Samsara Travelers - 'Hanging Gardens in Glacial Apocha' (Genre: Doom Metal)
🇸🇬 The Ironfist - 'Tyrant's Return' (Genre: Black Thrash)
🇧🇷 The Kryptik - 'A Journey to the Darkest Kingdom' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇳🇴 The Mansters - 'Lessons in Giving Up' (Genre: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk)
🇺🇸 The Rallies - 'It Must Be Love' (Genre: Power Pop, Jangle Pop)
🇺🇸 The Revivalists - 'Pour It Out Into the Night' (Genre: Alt Rock, Roots Rock)
🇬🇧 The Royston Club - 'Shaking Hips and Crashing Cars' (Genre: Indie Rock)
🇺🇸 The Stools - 'R U Saved?' (Genre: Punk Blues)
🇺🇸 This White Mountain - 'Icons of the Melancholy' (Genre: Atmo Black Metal)
🇪🇪 Thunraz - 'Revelation' (Genre: Death, Industrial Metal)
🇬🇧 Tigercub - 'The Perfume of Decay' (Genre: Alt Rock, Stoner Rock)
🇺🇸 Title Holder - 'What Better Time' (Genre: Ska Punk)
🇺🇸 Tombstalker - 'Age of Darkness' (Genre: Blackened Death Metal)
🇬🇧 Tortured Demon - 'Rise of the Lifeless' (Genre: Thrash Metal, Metalcore)
🇧🇾 Trollwald - 'Trollwald' (Genre: Folk Metal, Stoner Metal)
🇮🇹 True Sleeper - 'Loving You in Parallel Dimensions' (Genre: Shoegaze, Psych Rock)
🇸🇪 Tyrann - 'Besatt' (Genre: Heavy Metal)
🇺🇸 Unfurl - 'Ascension' (Genre: Sludge Metal, Post-Hardcore)
🇯🇵 Veiyadra - 'Amalgam in Chaos' (Genre: Brutal Death Metal)
🇺🇸 Viana Valentine - 'Fever Dream' (Genre: Indie Pop Rock)
🇺🇸 Vide - 'The Parish' (Genre: DSBM)
🇺🇸 Void Ov Nihility - 'Above the Stars of God' (Genre: Death Black)
🇺🇸 Vörst - 'Burn the Priest' (Genre: Black Metal)
🇺🇸 Vulture Feather - 'Liminal Fields' (Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Punk)
🇺🇸 Water Damage - '2 Songs' (Genre: Drone, Experimental Rock)
🇺🇸 Weep - 'Life in Shades of Grey' (Genre: Post-Black Metal, Post-Hardcore)
🇸🇪 Writing the Future - 'Caught Between Heaven & Hell' (Genre: Metalcore)
🇬🇧 Wytch Hazel - 'IV: Sacrament' (Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal)
🇨🇳 噬湖 - '茫茫集' (Genre: Folk Metal)
New EPs:
🇺🇸 American Nightmare - 'Dedicated to the Next World' (Genre: Hardcore Punk)
🇫🇮 Blåådpalt - 'Caedite Eos' (Genre: Death Metal)
🇪🇸 Boneyard - 'Ghoulish Tunes' (Genre: Death Metal, Grindcore)
🇺🇸 Evelyn Cools - 'Wilder Mind' (Genre: Folk Rock, Folk Pop)
🇬🇧 Damim - 'World Turned Hell' (Genre: Prog Black Death)
🇬🇧 Hallan - 'The Noise of a Firing Gun' (Genre: Punk Rock)
🇺🇸 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - 'Mindset' (Genre: Hard Rock, Power Pop)
🇬🇧 King of the Dead - 'Perdition' (Genre: Alt Rock)
🇺🇸 Lacerated - 'The Beauty of Agony' (Genre: Death Metal, Punk Rock)
🇺🇸 Laniidae - 'Episodes: I-V' (Genre: Metalcore)
🇨🇦 Moving City - 'Snacks' (Genre: Indie Rock, Pop Rock)
🇫🇮 Omnium Gatherum - 'Slasher' (Genre: Melodic Death Metal)
🇩🇪 Peace of Mind - 'Life Long Tragedy' (Genre: Hardcore Punk)
🇺🇸 Queen Kona - 'All Hail' (Genre: Metalcore)
🇬🇧 Simulation Defect - 'Within the Threshold' (Genre: Prog Tech Deathcore, Djent)
🇦🇺 Surprise Chef - 'Friendship' (Genre: Funk, Jazz Fusion)
🇸🇪 To Descend - 'Mindless Birth' (Genre: Death Metal)
🇺🇸 Ukko's Hammer - 'Toil' (Genre: Crossover Thrash)
🇺🇸 Uncured - 'My Design' (Genre: Prog Death, Groove Metal)
🇬🇧 Visions From Beyond - 'Portal to Inertia' (Genre: Death Doom)
🇺🇸 Wretched Hallucination - 'Self' (Genre: Stoner Sludge Doom)
🇺🇸 Young the Giant - 'Both Sides' (Genre: Alt Rock)
New Remixes:
🇺🇸 A Place to Bury Strangers - 'See Through You Rerealised' (Genre: Post-Punk, Noise Rock)
Another big week to kick off the month! And I had the extra time to actually get ahead on the spreadsheet again! (You can see this in the server) Hope you find something great!
If you see this message and have a release/know of one I haven't added, DM me on whatever platform you're on!
Happy Listening!
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2023.05.30 23:59 Icy-Condition-3187 A Little Late But...My List For This Years Eurovision!

It's been a few weeks since Eurovision and today I rewatched it again a final time for my annual rankings. My thoughts on this year's contest are mixed - Loreen had a good track, but I still had Finland as the winner right up to the end.
Now my opinions on the contest have changed considerably - what did I think for the final time?
This list is based on my own personal observations and listening expierence. This will be for the final only and not counting the countries who failed to qualify
26 - Serbia: Luke Black - Samo Mi Se Spada
I'm just going to go right out and say it - this should not have qualified. This barely makes a coherent song. Luke mumbling into the microphone, whilst unplugging his dancers who did nothing for 90% of the performance was felt like he was not trying.
It's not even that the song was too safe or too risky. The song was barely a song. The performance was a risky one, but the set and production design was memorable. As Graham Norton on commentary for the UK said, it looks like a 'massive soap dish'.
Somehow, Serbia got 30 points. I genuinely thought this would be a Nil Pois performance.
25 - Albania: Albina and the Klemendi Family - Duke
This was one of those performances that was a headscratcher. It was not a sad song, but it was not a fun song either. It had no direction, and having 5 singers with no discernable lead was a massive negative for me. Too many cooks situation, for sure.
It also looked like nobody actually wanted to be there? Maybe the semi finals were too hard for them and they were drained? I don't know. I was not a fan, it was boring, and directionless. But it was still better then Luke Black.
Silver linings and all.
24 - Croatia: Let 3 - Mama SC
I was lost with this song the first time around. Rewatching the performance I have to ask Croatia - did you submit a meme song? It felt like that anyway. Not much more else here.
Incredible outfits.
23 - Italy: Marco Mengoni - Due Vite
People are gonna be mad here.
Live performance? This song would be incredible. But I'm heavily against sad songs for the sake of sad songs. And I get the emotional toil Marco was going for and again, live this would have got a pop out of me for sure.
I was surprised he came 4th. I thought this was for sure one of the weaker songs of the night. Marco, I am sorry. I did see that pride flag you brought out at the beginning and I thank you for representing us, but I was not a fan of that song.
22 - United Kingdom: Mae Muller - I Wrote A Song
You wrote a song Mae that was a load of shit.
I'm sorry. As a Brit, I am truly sorry. But this was another performance I was surprised got points, but if you watched it live in person...I can see myself clapping similar to Marco. But the lyrics were unrecognisable at time, and the production was...
Too bright.
The dancers however (especially the super cute blonde one) had a lot of passion and clearly were into the performance.
21 - Poland: Blanca - Solo
You had a song without a solo.
A very catchy song, but no solo, so points deducted! Blanca can be one of the strongest characters in Street Fighter, and Blanca can also be one of Poland's babes who robbed the show.
Neither happened that night and I am a very dissapointed Street Fighter Fan and European Music fan.
20 - Lithuania: Monika Linkyte - Stay
As a Eurovision regular, I was expecting a top half performance. But this ultimately just sounded like a budget Adele.
Monika has an incredible voice, that's for sure. But at this point I was burnt out and listening to a sad song was not what I wanted. Maybe I am judging this in bias, but the backing singers however, were a big plus.
They seemed like a perfect fit for the ballad that was being played. So thank you Adele - I mean Monika!
19 - Portugal: Mimicat - Ai Coracao
Mimicat's cabernet sequel performance had potential. But ultimately it was a safe song. The samba beats, and the burlesque dance Mimi gave were of high energy, but it was nothing we have not seen before.
A few years ago, this would have been a heavy contender. At least for me.
18 - France: La Zarra -Evidemment
I will preface this by saying her music was not my cup of tea. But I did find it enjoyable! She has emotion, and she did liven up a stale crowd after one of the worst Eurovision acts in history (Luke Black), so she gets bonus points there.
Overall, it was just a tad bit too played down. This is a shame because France has been a HEAVY contender in recent years.
17 - Ukaraine: Tvorchi - Heart of Steel
The co-host of this year's Eurovision, after the war in Ukaraine prevented the winners hosting this year.
Tvorchi, for me, whilst a very visually cool performance, failed to bring what Eurovision is about - I did not feel that this was a song intended to showcase a country.
It just felt like a mass produced hip hop record to be brutally honest. Great dancing however!
Also MASSIVE props to them - minutes before they performed, their home town was invaded...that must have been tough.
16 - Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou - Break A Broken Heart
This is the first song I regret putting so low. If I saw this 10. Easily. But this was another ballad in an ESC with about 26 ballads.
Exaggerating, I know, but roll with it.
Very impressive production however, and bonus points for having no dancers. This song feels like it should have maybe one or two kicking about, so kudos for breaking cliché!
15 - Austria: Teya and Salena - Who The Hell Is Edgar?
This was admittedly an incredible opening song.
But that was all it had going for it. This felt like every 2010s pop song ever combined. Besides that stupidly catchy chorus - the best chorus not named Cha Cha Cha - it had very little else going for it. The dancers seemed muted and the stage production was as simple as it gets.
14 - Armenia: Brunette - Future Lover
I saw rumours System of a Down were offered this year's spot...and I wish they did, because this performance - whilst pretty and attractive - evoked zero feelings within me.
The song itself is ethereal, beautiful, and incredibly well formed. It just did nothing for me to label it as a standout, and just misses a top half finish.
Great rap verse however!
13 - Estonia: Alika - Bridges
Again, not something I would reach for a ticket personally. But this was a beautiful song, and the self playing piano was a nice touch. It reminded me a little of one of my favourite singers - Amy Lee of the legendary Evanescence.
But Amy Lee she is not. She had no stage presence and if I was in the crowd, I would probably fall asleep here.
Incredible dress however.
12 - Slovenia: Jokers Out - Carpe Diem
This song had no right being slept on as much as it did!
I was bopping from beginning to end, and really enjoyed the crowd's energy - they bought into this song. I just wish they played a riskier song, as this was a little safe for my liking. The singer could have done more.
11 - Czechia: Vesna - My Sister's Crown
I was confused as to what song we were going to get here. I was expecting a full folk song, and what we got was a song in the style of Ex-Wives from the musical Six.
The dancing and stage show were a little sloppy, but the individual solos of each woman really helped this song through.
I want to see them next year, I have a feeling this is not the last we shall see of them.
10 - Spain: Blanca Paloma - Eaea
Looking back at this list, I may regret putting this at 10. It was aspheric, dreamy, powerful, and the performance was strong. From the red fabric veils, to the dancers, and the inspired singing.
I wish I knew Spanish because, this song was beautiful. Reminds me of a Spanish Christina Aggulera.
9 - Belgium: Gustaph - Because of You
In recent years, Belgium have been a non factor. But this song...I heard it, and it went straight on my playlist.
It was boogie time, and I did not even care! From my first time through to the final time, I knew this would be up there. Gustaph looks dressed like he is a Las Vegas entertainer, and then you get this boppy beat, and you can't help but jive!
8 - Norway: Alessandra - Queen of Kings
This was the best pop song of the night. Alessandra poured her heart out to an incredible backing track, and some insanely talented dancers.
Yass Queen (of the Kings)!
That being said, despite being a catchy and memorable, it just fell short of a few songs...
7 - Germany: Lord of the Lost - Blood and Glitter
I really did not want to put this here, but Lord of the Lost just...fell short.
I heard Electric Callboy was gonna be this year's contender and I was so excited! Instead, we got this Ramnstein inspired band. And the song was incredible...nothing wrong with it.
But perhaps it was the wrong song. The crowd seemed tired and the applause was not as loud as some of the other heavier acts in recent years like AWS or Blind Channel.
Nonetheless, still better then last year's.
6 -Israel: Noa Kirel - Unicorn
Just narrowly missing out on the top 5 is Noa. Unicorn was a banger. Probably my favourite Israel song in recent years, and Noa is a georgous woman who has a bright future ahead of her.
I was upset there was no Unicron's - points deducted!
The dancing was on point, and Noa herself had some incredible energy. Especially the dance solo. She could have danced that entire performance herself!
5 - Sweeden: Loreen - Tattoo
This song fell off hard in relistens, but I can see why it was so good.
From the visual design to Loreen's impeccable dress sense and nails, and the emotional carriage of the lyrics...she deserved to win, but there were better songs.
I can't help but think Loreen winning was to establish the fact Abba celebrate 50 years since they won Eurovision next year...maybe a Loreen and Abba Collab, as the two most famous Sweedish acts.
4 - Moldova - Pasha Parfeni - Sorele Si Luna
I am a little biased because one of the drummers/dancers was the exact image of what I see in a guy 😍. Horniness aside, this song was EXACTLY what Eurovision is about, which is why it is a top 5 song.
It is a banger, that combines Eastern European heritage and culture with the rich lyrics and sharp sound from Pasha. The drummers energetically bouncing about, and the little Flutist being the cherry on the cake...
Any other year, this would be my winner.
3 - Switzerland: Remo Forrer - Waterguns
It was just not his night. With a voice like his, and as young as he is, he will become like his idol James Arthur for sure.
I was blown away by his performance...I want more of him. I really do. The Swiss Sweetheart really wowed me, and I really wish him the best career because holy shit, I had goosebumps everywhere!
Keep at it Remo!!
2 - Australia: Voyager - Promise
I know Voyager and I was not upset they got elected this year.
Voyager are an incredible metal band, and this poppy, proggy, banger of a hit had EVERYONE talking. I don't think a single person disliked this song. It reminded me of Night Rider in the opening moments, and then goes into this rocky, symphony that is times chaotic, and with that breakdown...
I was just very pleased with this performance. And iirc, this is Australia's best performance since joining! This was a very very kind surprise.
Which means number one is...
1 - Finland - Karrija - Cha Cha Cha
In the absence of Electric Callboy not representing Germany, I was hoping for a rocky, metal like performance with lots of energy and a memorable chorus. We nearly got that with Voyager, but Karrija stole the hearts of everyone...myself included.
Starting off low and slow, leading into a metal like chorus with the harsh vocals coming out, and the Cha Cha Cha being was a combination of Finnish metal and pop and it stole the show.
There is no doubt in my mind that he should have won this. None at all. It was perfect for Eurovision! And I am so upset for him, this was the star performance.
And when it goes back into the pop second half of the was ingenious and I have never seen anything or heard anything like that.
Robbed. For sure.
And that is my list! Let me know what you think!
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2023.05.30 23:48 HenriqueAlves1910 [Help] Trollstore iOS 14.8.1 A11 SSH Ramdisk Installation Error

[Help] Trollstore iOS 14.8.1 A11 SSH Ramdisk Installation Error
Help to resolve this error, IPhone X iOS 14.8.1 (I know I can install it using checkra1n, but even after installing it, restoring the system using checkra1n and according to some cleaning tutorials, the apps continue to detect the jailbreak, and that's why I'm trying this Trollstore installation method)
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2023.05.30 23:42 HenriqueAlves1910 Help Trollstore SSH Ramdisk

Help Trollstore SSH Ramdisk
Help to resolve this error, IPhone X iOS 14.8.1 (I know I can install it using checkra1n, but even after installing it, restoring the system using checkra1n and according to some cleaning tutorials, the apps continue to detect the jailbreak, and that's why I'm trying this Trollstore installation method)
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