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Where_To_Watch: The Place to ask where you can watch full movie online free. In few words community for sharing and finding good and also free streaming movie and TV shows Online to Watch Free.

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The dedicated place for all discussions on replica watches. No selling or trading, no trusted dealers here, just discussions. Lots of info in the sidebar! Welcome!

2023.05.31 01:26 OceanRainBlu3 Vagabond Format Update LIVE

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well! Today I come before you with an update to my in-progress format, Vagabond (My original post can be found here). Some changes have been made and new-cool stuff and I wanted to get some feedback:)
Discord Server
One thing missing from my last was a way to play Vagabond; I essentially just introduced the format, talked about it, and assumed people would just "figure it out". I definitely think having a central place to play would be beneficial and as such have made a Discord server. I don't really care how people play Vagabond, whether it be MTGA, Cockatrice, or something else, but please keep it civil. The link is here.
Updated Banlist
Vraska's Fall, Infectious Inquiry, Prologue to Phyresis, Infectious Bite, Kumano Faces Kakkazan, and Tolarian Terror are banned.
Tolarian Terror is the only card "new" to the banlist but every other card was only a maybe. After further testing these cards can not exist for the health of the format and are banned-banned.
Further details can be found in the banlist channel of the discord server.
"Starter" Decks
Another error with my first post was not including a "starting place" for potential players; I more or less just laid out the ruleset and assumed everyone would just make their own decks with some minor guidelines. This thinking was incorrect and as such I have made 16 "starter" decks, one for each color, each color pair, and a proof-of-concept 3-color deck. These are not tuned or complete builds and not all-encompassing of the format. Lots of potential decks still be brewed and optimizations to be made.
Disclaimer: Most decks are $5-10 but some running actual standard or pioneer staples like Consider can be $25-30
With that said though, here're the decks:
That ends today's post. Let me know what you think and if you're interested go ahead and join the discord. Feel free to bring your own build(s) or if you don't like brewing use any of the above decks:)
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2023.05.31 01:26 webosite Rob Zombie and Eli Roth are both utter trash

Everything RZ is trash. I was told that House and Devil’s were coming of age horror. Lmao wrong, major snooze-a-thons. I figured once he got the nod for the Halloween reboots that there could be a fresh take, which he kind of succeeded by definition. Taking a fresh shit on a perfect franchise was no easy task considering how the Thorn storyline ended. His wife? You already know she can’t act, she’s just fucking the director. Her IMDb page is littered with everything RZ with nothing else.
Eli Roth, outside of “Hostel” is a dumpster fire. Over the top gore in every screenplay doesn’t equal success unless you’re just narrowing it down to one sub-genre. I can’t even give him the benefit of the doubt for “producing” The Last Exorcism I/II along with The Sacrament because any blind squirrel can come across a good business deal and throw money at it. The Green Inferno is a boring shit storm from top to bottom, showing intestines and gutting people (looking at you also, Terrifier I/II) doesn’t make it “scary”
I could live without either of them making anything, ever again. “Just don’t watch it”, I can’t. I will watch everything from box office to your roommate shooting a film in the woods in one take — which would probably end up being better than anything else the two hacks above could do 🤷‍♂️
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2023.05.31 01:26 thmsb25 Is Ozark an accurate depiction of rednecks and the American south?

I had this idealistic, picturesque version of the American south, mainly from Forest Gump. Then j started watching Ozark and got the idea where the concept of impoverished rednecks came from. Is Ozark accurate?
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2023.05.31 01:25 ocean_calypso Watching your videos to see if you recorded my brawler

Anyone else only watch all the screen recorded videos of games posted on this sub just because you’re secretly hoping to see yourself playing ??
Also ps I didn’t realize everyone hated teamers so much I love teaming it’s so fun and cute to find someone and make a pact by just spinning rapidly in circles and then absolutely DESTROYING AND DEMOLISHING EVERYONE IN SIGHT
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2023.05.31 01:25 bobmarles3 [USA-NJ] [H] Apple Watch Ultra Green Alpine Loop [W] PayPal

Timestamp + Pics
Selling Apple Watch Ultra Green Alpine Loop w/ included combined case/screen protector, charger and original box. In great condition - battery health is 100% and has been in case the whole time. Looking to downsize to a smaller watch.
Repairs: None
Asking for $650 shipped
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2023.05.31 01:25 Traveling-Star Not even a little upset about it

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2023.05.31 01:25 Ok_Butterscotch_8541 Flash of Kendall at the very end of 4x10

Did anyone else see a brief flash of Kendall’s face either underwater or maybe beside a fire at the end of the finale? I feel like I’m crazy because I just went onto max to take a screen shot of what I’m talking about and it’s just not apart of the episode and I haven’t seen anyone talking about it. I myself didn’t even notice it but I was watching with my mom who pointed it out to me and we rewound and I saw it too. Did anyone else notice this? I’m confused. Feels like a Mandela effect
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2023.05.31 01:25 v4rah Are you alone? looking to make new friends to play games and watch movies/anime with? Give Escape a try! we play all the current games such as Val,ow2,fort, ect! ( FREE NITRO GIVEAWAY AT 50 MEMBERS!) Come join us <3
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2023.05.31 01:24 mvmlego1212 What's up with the "Official Trailer Begins Now" trend?

Within the last year, I've noticed a trend among movie trailers: within the first several seconds, they show a message that says something close to "Official Trailer Begins Now". Where, when, and why did this trend begin?
My commentary on the trend, in case anyone cares: I think it's very silly. What do the staff in the marketing departments think that viewers think they're watching? I've considered that the technique's purpose is to build hype, but 1) hype is dumb, so it's still annoying, and 2) I've seen it for movies that aren't highly anticipated, such as Champions and No Hard Feelings.
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2023.05.31 01:24 CozyBoe 28 [m4f] looking for fwb for the summer or maybe forever

28m Hispanic 180lbs relatively fit thats looking for a someone to share a connection with. I would ideally like to have someone i could stay inside on the weekdays to play video games and watch movies after we've gone to the gym and on the weekends we would go camping or hiking. Love watching movies and anime and hearing about random obscure things you might be doing. We can trade pictures and tell each other our love languages if your interested
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2023.05.31 01:24 AdEffective5902 Best game to play while watching the show?

I've heard many good things about Subway Surfers. I think Jetpack Joyride might be good too. Maybe Geometry Dash is a good contender?
How was your guys' experience in geometry class? I always found that I couldn't pay attention. I just remember looking at a sphere and being like "damn that looks like balls," which caused me to fondle my balls. I've recently got into CBT and I like the B but I'm not sure about the C. Is it supposed to hurt that much, or am I overdoing the "T" part?
So in conclusion, what is your favorite ice cream flavor and why is it Rocky Road?
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2023.05.31 01:24 WolfShadow16 What seasons should I watch?

So I saw video edit of Harrison Wells and I really like to see how is charactestory plays out what seasons do I need to watch for the full arc of Wells, (sorry if this it confusing,) Thx.
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2023.05.31 01:24 dluxsandwich Age of Wonders 4 AI is worse than Civ 6

there, i said it. look i know this is a sore point for most 4xs, but holy shit its bad in this game. i didnt think it was actually possible to have worse AI than both Civ 6 and Endless Legend, but they managed it here. its extremely dissapointing to see in a $90 game, especially when i adore everything else about it.
while the tactical AI seems very servicable (i auto-resolve even though i think the combat is good because because multi army battles are just too tedious for me) and i've watched a lot of the battles andd they're generally played pretty well i think, the strategic AI as far as how the AI moves its stacks and when it chooses to attack and flee are fundamentally broken. playing on Brutal difficulty, the AI makes a bunch of doomstacks and usually keeps them together but it eventually just hits a point where it sits them in a base and doesnt move unless directly attacked. and when i say it doesnt move, i literally mean it does not move. not even the infamous Civ 6 unit shuffle. the stacks just staticly sit there doing nothing.
i just played a brutal game that was initially interesting where my faction's free city was very close right at the start of the game, like within a 1 tile hex of my border. i based my entire strategy around making a pact of vassalization with them to help defend against my other two neighbors who were also extremely close and sharing borders with me both north and south while i got my other cities up.
i declared an unjustified war on my northern neighbor pretty early (big mistake), and soon after my southern neighbor declared on me. during this period and throughout the rest of the game, my vassalized racial free city had numerous massive stacks of units that were not only sharing a border with me while i was being invaded, but also sharing borders with the people i was at war with. i think throughout the entire game, he fought and attacked my northern enemy one whole time. the rest of the time, his units were firmly planted in his city doing absolutely nothing while my tiles were being pillaged 2 hexes away.
sometimes he would move a few smaller stacks in and out of the enemy territory, but he would never engage or actually fight them. for the most part, he just had 8-10 giant stacks just sitting in his capital doing nothing. the funny thing is, since i was constantly bouncing back and forth between north and south defending against two enemies, whenever i would go one direction the adversary located on the opposite would advance right into the giant army clump of my vassal, and i'd think to myself "alright nice, so if i go back and engage them my vassal should help me"... only to find that the moment i get there, my vassal would actively run in the opposite direction from where the fight was going to be.
at first i was wondering if this type of behavior was limited to just vassalized free cities, but im seeing a lot of the base standing behavior elsewhere too. i eventually vassalized my southern neighbor through conquest (even though he could have easily defeated my siege on his capital i think if he just moved some of his armies up to engage me), and i watched another AI i was at war with invade him with multiple large armies and surround one of his cities. for several turns they just stood there, not sieging the city, then whe they finally did they have 10 armies just sitting in and around that city.
i love this game. im also really worried this wont get fixed. i've seen the reasons why AI is bad in 4xs and most developers choose to ignore it discussed intelligently here numerous times, and thats why im really worried this is going to be Civ 6 all over again. while i hate the idea of things as core to the game as AI being left to modders to fix, i remember there was a problem with that in Civ 6 because the devs never opened up the game files/code or whatever the same way they did for Civ 5 which left modders extremely limited in what they could do. do we know if thats going to be the same case with this game?
is there any hope at all of seeing a functional AI for this amazing game? or is it just going to be another exercise in what could have been if someone actually gave a shit about having a working core to go alongside an incredible design?
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2023.05.31 01:24 JazzlikeHovercraft75 So found out I produce little to no testosterone, I have an appointment with an endocrinologist here in a few months so that’s progress on figuring out what I am

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2023.05.31 01:24 quickqueer "Where can I watch WRC?"

I am so sick of seeing this posted every other day on this sub. Y'all would rather find this sub and make a post instead of taking 5 seconds to do a quick google search. Its infuriating and mucks up the more interesting posts because you were to stupid to figure out how to type "Where to watch WRC" in your browser.
Want to watch the rallies live with full access to the highlights including the European Rally Championship? PAY FOR WRC+.
Do you just want to see the rally results and most important bits? The WRC Youtube channel has weekly update videos from each rally along with providing previews for the upcoming events.
Like reading and seeing coverage of various rallies and adjacent events. including North America? has you covered .
Want a historical archive of rally results? eWRC deserves your small donation as its one of the most extensive rally archives online.
Is there a rally scene in United States? Yes. ARA and NASA are two of the more well known resources of where to find events and coverage.
There you go. I saved you the 10 minutes it took research this information. Enjoy rally, and stop posting the same question over and over and over again.
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2023.05.31 01:24 cosmogyric_baby Trying to make a suture on a practice pad by watching YouTube videos.. unlike them, my wound doesn't stay together for me to make the next loop. What am I doing wrong?

Trying to make a suture on a practice pad by watching YouTube videos.. unlike them, my wound doesn't stay together for me to make the next loop. What am I doing wrong? submitted by cosmogyric_baby to medicalschool [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:24 Opalcham Saved this gal from the pool

Saved this gal from the pool
She's on my hand as i type this 🥹 Found her 2 days ago in my pool and brought her to my room where i have 4728473847 plants and flowers but lost her for 1 day until i found her today again on the wall and wanted to check if she was ok. I put some water with sugar on my hand and she started drinking it 🥺 but i would love to feed her properly so she can recover well before i set her free ❤️ does anyone know what else i can give her or how to take care of her?
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2023.05.31 01:24 faster-than-car Feel like an outcast

I live in Gyeonggi but didn't get an alert. All those people in Seoul talk about the alert. But I'm silent. I feel like I cannot participate in a small talk anymore. I watch talking heads on muted tv now...
I guess that's my life now.
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2023.05.31 01:24 Puddlejumper_ Citrus MC [SMP] [VANILLA] {JAVA 1.19.4} {DISCORD} {EU/UK}

Server Discord: Discord
Server Map: MAP
Version: 1.9.x - 1.19.4
Looking for a thrilling and immersive multiplayer survival experience? Look no further than Citrus MC! Unlike other semi-vanilla SMP servers that bombard you with pay-to-win ranks, intrusive leaderboards, and an overload of plugins that detract from the pure vanilla experience, we prioritize your gameplay enjoyment.
At Citrus MC, we've cultivated a community-focused vanilla server that fosters lasting friendships and lets you explore a brand-new world with other mature players. Our commitment to providing an authentic experience means we stay up-to-date with the latest versions of the game, ensuring compatibility with every new release from Mojang. And thanks to VIAVERSION, players on older versions can still join in on the fun!
Our server boasts a fresh map started just 4 months ago, allowing you to embark on an exciting journey alongside others right from the beginning. To enhance your experience, we've carefully selected a range of basic quality-of-life plugins such as RTP, SETHOME, TPA, and even Discord chat integration. These additions are designed to improve your gameplay without compromising the pure nature of the vanilla experience.
In addition, we feature a diamond-based economy that seamlessly integrates with the vanilla theme of our server. Trade and thrive in a player-driven economy, where the value of your hard-earned diamonds shines through.
Join us at Citrus MC with over 100+ members on the discord and see what adventures await!
NEVER Pay To Win
Grief protection for all players
Discord community
Responsive staff members online 24/7
24/7 operation 20TPS/Lag free
Below is a link to our discord server, read the rules and react to automatically receive your member role.
Make new friends and enjoy a true Minecraft experience, here at Citrus MC, All of the features of Minecraft, are fully included, with no catch.
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2023.05.31 01:24 Traveling-Star Not even a little upset about it

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2023.05.31 01:24 Trojan713 Diamond Sports Group fails to pay Padres, loses broadcast rights

Diamond Sports Group fails to pay Padres, loses broadcast rights
Today's game is the last one on Bally Sports San Diego. Blackout free streaming on starting tomorrow?
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2023.05.31 01:24 CappyCamel Hot Trend (Trigger warnings: Violence and politics)

When my eyes were made of the fog of youth and
Days and nights the same, sprinting pell mell down the
Growing months as my mother told me again
‘Ice and cold are best for preservation, so chill baby,
And watch out for the hot ones. They’re always crazy.’
Give her a bright tune and run off ignorant as before
To play another game of Fireworks or Gunfire in June.

This just in!Th-though we are confused by
What just happened another time,
Well it’s too much alike you see and
Our hearts are with them, though still blooded.

I feel like the first time I woke up it was a hot summer.
Maples whispered to me secrets dyed in red telling me
That we’re not quick enough to admit we’re wrong and
Also a tree can say goodbye for ten years but most of
Humanity dies thinking we’ll survive. They’ve been heated,
They’ve been steaming up for too long and our glaciers
Are gone - along with our restraint and at this rate the kids
Will play to the staccato of ARs during Christmas.

Couldn’t believe it when we reenacted
1812 with our own bodies stacked together
Desperate to punish someone for all the burns
Blistered across our lives
Such flaming words are incendiary for a reason
Because our souls are all too flammable.

Candles gather across the nation. White to white
Other colors matter not, for banishing spells
Pure white is the best and most innocent. Offer
Up all the children to the pyre so they may remain
Good until they die. But only by our hands, only when
They’ve been alive just long enough to understand pain.
Otherwise it is not a fitting sacrifice to our Most High Fear.

Ice come back and cool this chaos before,
Like the forest, we must regrow from ashes
Or, more likely, slag the ground too hard
For any kinder to turn into kindling.
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