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Instant Regret (in'-stint rē-gret') n. a subreddit dedicated to deliberate actions that unexpectedly lead to undesirable consequences and horrible results; things which may cause someone to say, "oh man, did I just screw the pooch!"

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2023.05.31 02:48 testy_tulip Would you ask again?

Kind of a silly question but I’m a little unsure what to do-
A friend of mine does hair and makeup. I have a big event coming up in about 6 weeks and I would love for her to do my makeup and hair.
I sent her a message about 3 days ago via Facebook (her booking site asks that you message her regarding makeup) and I’ve gotten no response. I’ve seen that she’s active, but I’m not sure what to do from here.
I really need to get it booked and don’t know whether to reach out again, give it more time, or move on.
I’m not normally an anxious person but it’s an important event and I’m worried if I put it off too long I will have to find someone at the eleventh hour.
Am I being overzealous if I reach out again say, tomorrow?
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2023.05.31 02:48 Rachelk426 Am I in for a horror story?

We are purchasing a house with $16k left on the loan. There was a lien on the solar loan and the sellers are willing to put $8k to finish it and we match the rest. The solar company will sell us a warranty for $199 for 25 years. The warranty does not cover animal or weather damage. It does however cover degradation and other issues (don't know what they are). We would have to pay service fees for any repairs but they tend to be around $1-2k depending how extensive. We figure we can cover the holes of the warranty with homeowners insurance.
Is this a good idea? Should we worry about the roof or anything else? Idk what to even ask.
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2023.05.31 02:48 Copenhaguer Hello! I’m a Manchester United fan and a newbie stock investor. I’m curious as to how the sale will potentially affect stock prices if SJR vs Qatar vs Glazer stay….does anyone have any opinions or ideas?

I have some spare change that I’ll like to invest and man utd seems an interesting take.
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2023.05.31 02:48 fuc_redit Thoughts on Glicko Matchmaking?

I have been playing about 10 games a day since the patch came out (i know... i know...) and I've noticed a weird trend where 2 out of 3 games are absolute stomps one way or another and 1 out of 3 games are slog fests where teams take turns throwing on opposing high grounds.
I've also noticed that most of my games have one teammate/enemy who is clearly out of their element and is subsequently exploited/flamed/tipped etc. The team that has this incorrectly ranked player almost always ends up losing in horrible fashion.
And of course there are the games with griefers that are over before they begin, but this is nothing new.
How does matchmaking feel to you guys? I honestly can't say if I prefer it to the old system -- but it definitely feels weird.
ancient 4-5 bracket for reference
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2023.05.31 02:48 PUNisher1175 Shift Start changed

As the title says, My shift for this Friday was changed from 8 AM-4:30 pm to 5 AM-11 AM. 8 AM is when my availability for Fridays starts, does this mean that I have to call my department and ask them what happened? I thought that managers could not schedule you outside your availability without asking you first? (I have also been off for 7 days due to a trip). Any helpful info on this? This is really frustrating to see.
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2023.05.31 02:47 Club96shhh Understanding Wash sale and vesting

I have a situation that seems fairly common. Or at least I think so.
I am sitting on sizable amount of company stock which I'd like to cash out for a home purchase. However, I am on a monthly vesting schedule for my RSUs, which is a small fraction compared to what I am planning to sell.
I understand that I run into wash sale rules if I sell while I am still vesting monthly.
My question is, does the vest (effectively a purchase) negate any losses on the large chunk of stock that I could otherwise claim if there wasn't a vest? Or does that wash sale only apply to the same number of shares between selling and vesting and losses can be claimed on the rest of the shares?
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2023.05.31 02:47 NeitherColt Cutscene changes?

Warning, spoilers for the game.
I'm at a point in the game where I know who betrayed me (as if we didn't know). So, after failing to steal Makoto's sister's treasure and Akechi killing us and the director off I notice the cutscenes are somewhat odd, as in where I reached my friend's trust (the confidant levels) Now I want to know if there are different cutscenes for Joker's death announcement, etc? As in. I Romanced Makoto and in the cutscene, she drops in shock. Does she not do that if I did not romance her? I also got to the point Where I duel Akechi because he wants to test out his skills against me and that's about it. I heard that if I go further for his trust I could unlock the true ending, which I feel like I might need to redo the whole list of trust, and.. I don't feel like doing it.
Ps. I do not know what happens after that. I have not played further in the game. I just want to know if this timeline cutscenes would have been different if their trust in me was deeper. OH. Also, did I really need to have Akechi's trust? I feel like I wasted my time with him.
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2023.05.31 02:47 baker-booty-8- Endings

I’m getting ready to take a couple legs of the RPR in July. I’ve been taking practice tests on EV360. The biggest issue I’m having is with my endings. When I practice, I do my best to LISTEN for the ending and force myself into the habit it getting it down. For whatever reason during the test I’m failing due to errors…. and I’ve already passed my exit speeds in school! I’m not sure if I’m getting a little nervous knowing I’ve finally made it to take the RPR or what but I know I cannot go into the test with these stupid errors. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this in practice? I’ve worked sooooo hard on my mindset and I’m trying not to get discouraged but I feel like fear is knocking at my mental door. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 02:47 Dead-in-1999 Choice between Galaxy S8 & new Pixel Tablet

For all the more experienced users out there, I need a new tablet for work, and I have to choose between these two:
  1. Samsung Galaxy S8
  2. Google upcoming 2023 Pixel Tablet
Which one will be more LIKELY, and more SIMPLER to get official LineageOS support?? I have never installed LineageOS before, I would like a tablet with long security support, so I want the option to install LineageOS.
I don't care if the Samsung S pen does not work with LineageOS.
From my reading, it seems that there are more steps involved with a Samsung tablet? For example more software needed for my build environment?
If in the end, I picked Galaxy S8 and it don't get official LineageOS support, I think it will be harder to build my own...
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2023.05.31 02:47 ConfidenceLonely1326 Just curious

I’m 23f talking to a 42m. He is engaged, but yet wants to hook up with me. Strictly discreet… what do I do? What interest does he have in me?
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2023.05.31 02:47 strawberrymacchiato Print shop for art / Druckerei?

I am an artist looking for a good quality/ professional print shop in Düsseldorf capable of printing A6 to A3 format prints on thicker pape card stock paper with vibrant colors ( postcards, posters, etc.). I am an illustrator and I would like to print my art. Does anyone have any experience printing in the area? Thank you!
Ich bin Künstlerin und suche eine professionelle Druckerei in Düsseldorf, die Drucke im Format A6 bis A3 auf dickerem Papier mit leuchtenden Farben druckt (Postkarten, Poster, etc.). Ich bin Illustrator und würde gerne meine Kunst drucken. Hat jemand Erfahrung mit Druckereien in dieser Gegend? Ich danke Ihnen! (übersetzt mit deepl)
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2023.05.31 02:47 Beneficial-Wonder-78 How to maintain a socially taxing career with SAD?

I (19F) really want to be a doctor, and I know I have the brains and critical thinking for it; I go to a college known to be great for premed students and I’ve been doing well academically. However, I am just so socially anxious that I don’t know how I will be able to internally handle taking care of patients and gaining clinical experience if I’m so afraid of looking confused, asking dumb questions, maintaining the perfect eye contact:looking away ratio, dealing with the looming silence when taking blood pressure, adjusting to a new work/volunteer environment where everyone seems to already know each other, among a plethora of other things.
As you all know, SAD manifests itself differently from person to person, and I have learned to mask my SAD outwardly and I am able to make a lot of surface level connections with others. Internally, however, I’m DYING INSIDE whenever I have social interactions and I get very drained and disoriented from being forced to put up this hyper-social front.
So, I’m not sure if it’s good for my mental health to continue this journey. It sucks because I genuinely know that it’s only my SAD holding me back. But for anyone who has a socially taxing career, does it get better? Is it worth it to continue in that career in your case?
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2023.05.31 02:47 rad0vich I had improvement in my eczema until I went into the sun.

My doctor gave me a tube of Triamcinolon to treat a flare up on my hands. I have only had this and one other flare up that I can remember. The prescription was helping until I spent time in the sun yesterday and it so much worse. It doesn’t seem like my skin is sun burnt, but the spots that were already there are so much more red and painful now.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a flare up possibly caused by sun exposure? It is too painful for me to use the triamcinolon so I’ve just been using fragrance free lotion.
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2023.05.31 02:47 zeelobo56 Alt wait timer...

I am super stoked they introduced this feature. I think it's rad and should Def keep people from being assholes. That said, I have two alts, oneim olaying with a buddy on and one totally across the map. Hahaha, I've got my alt loading in right now at a 7 minutes wait timer, had some issues switching back and forth. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN THIS B RESETS? Cause I am far as hell from my buddy and he is back in thirty mins or so. Gonna just start running for now so I don't have to fuck with making it 30 mins or whenever.
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2023.05.31 02:46 NavySEAL_Gingerbeard What is wrong with the bots of this game

I've literally just gotten a new character and have gone onto the easiest multi verse, the ai does so much damage and keeps on defeating me.
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2023.05.31 02:46 SteveDurin Advice on a potential relationship and overcoming the mental anxiety of dating someone younger than you.

I’m a nerd. My idea of a good time is staying home, reading a book or playing a game, and enjoying the solitude. I am your stereotypical introvert who frankly wouldn’t leave my house if I didn’t have to. I have lived this way most of my life and have been mostly happy, with one tiny problem. I want someone to share my boring life with.
I have been in very few relationships and none of them really lasted, my lack of desire to go out or ambition to do anything with my life kills them pretty quickly. I gave up on finding someone a long time ago, and now I’m a happy 36 introvert who only leaves to work.
I play a very popular MMO, Final Fantasy 14. Since mid last year I’ve been playing it nearly everyday with someone I met on there. We make each other laugh, we enjoy each others company, we’ve grown very close but barely talked about our lives outside of the game, and when we do we avoided details and only whined about work and stuff. We discovered we were only two hours apart, and met up in person over the weekend.
And then I learned she was only 22. No idea why I never asked her age, we got along so well that I just assumed she was close to mine. She often talked to me about things like ninja turtles and transformers, the stuff I grew up with. It was awkward, but I figured we’d just hang out and talk about the game and stuff, didn’t want to be rude, I still considered her a friend.
Within the hour it didn’t matter anymore, we were actually out walking around town just laughing and joking with each other, went to an arcade, played laser tag, played mini golf. And then she just says she really likes me and asks if I want to go out on a more formal date. Being the nerd that I am, I got tongue tied and stuttered and eventually told her I wouldn’t be comfortable with that since she’s so much younger than me, and that she’s amazing and can easily find someone better than me etc etc.
She was disappointed but she seemed to accept it and we went our separate ways. Ended up playing the game together again that night and the next day and then she told me to let her know if I change my mind and that she still really likes me.
The first person I really get along with and who actually expresses interest in me happens to be 14 years younger than me. Even if the age gap didn’t bother me, when I was 22 I didn’t know what I wanted yet, I was hopeless and lost, but that doesn’t mean she is. I know that. But I also feel like I can’t trust that she does, I envision her waking up one day wondering what a mistake she made. And if I think like that, can I even see her as an equal?
I don’t judge others age gaps, I’ve always told myself age doesn’t matter, but apparently it matters to me when it involves me. I don’t know. I’ve never cared before. I’ve all but talked myself out of any potential relationship, but damn a part of me feels like this will be my only chance to not be alone. I do like her. I’m the immature one who is simply judging her based on her age. I know this. Why can’t I move past it. Why am I being an idiot.
I know I simply need to discuss things with her. But I need to clear my head first, go into it with an open mind. Even if she’s mature enough for this to work, am I? I don’t feel like it right now.
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2023.05.31 02:46 JRoko_07 Is their a lizard suitable for me?

I live in the uk where temperatures average at 10 degrees Celsius in the winter. I have always wanted some sort of lizard and my mum has finally said i can get one. The problem is, i am not allowed to use any electrics and mum isnt fond of the idea of live food and with the temperature getting so low i do not know if its even possible to get a lizard that meets the requirements.
If anyone does have any suggestions please let me know. However i will state that i am not allowed any water based amphibians and am not at all interested in tortoises. I realise that i may be coming across as picky and i apologise but please note that i am looking for a lizard that can be held and has the capability of being tame and a good pet. I have lost hope at this point, please help.
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2023.05.31 02:46 richoka ‘Guns & Moses’ Is The Secret To Israel’s Victories On The Battlefield

“As Sh’mu’el was presenting the burnt offering, the P’lishtim advanced to attack Isra’el. But this time, Adonai thundered violently over the P’lishtim, throwing them into such confusion that they were struck down before Israel.”-1 Samuel 7:10
So the Israelites are praying and sacrificing to the Lord…
And just when Samuel offered up a young lamb…
The Philistines attacked…
That should have been the end of the Israelites…
Except it wasn’t.
We’re told the Lord “thundered” down from heaven and threw the Philistines into a panic.
What does this “thundering” mean exactly?
Scripturally speaking, whenever we read of a “thundering in the heavens” or the Lord “thundering”, it always precedes God’s judgement in some way.
In other words, “thunder” is symbolic of the Lord’s anger.
But what exactly happened here at Mitzpah when the Philistines attacked?
Was it actually the scary noise of real thunder that sent the Philistines into a panic?
Or something more supernatural in nature?
We do have instances in the Scripture where the Lord psychologically “panics” the enemy…
And this will have nothing to do with any physical phenomenon.
It’s just that the Lord in some mysterious way instills this overwhelming fear into Israel’s enemies that causes them to flee in terror.
Or it could be a combination of both…
Which is what I suspect is happening here.
Now I’m getting 3 takeaways from today’s lesson.
FIRST, notice how the Lord easily gave Israel the victory simply because they were in prayer and worship to Him.
As a result, the Israelites were able to chase down the panicked Philistine soldiers and strike ’em all down when just a few years earlier, at the exact same battlefield, the Israelites were slaughtered by the Philistines and lost their precious Ark of the Covenant.
The tables had been turned simply because Israelites decided to gather together for prayer and repentance.
There’s a huge lesson there folks!
Don’t overlook it.
SECOND, when reading this account about how the Lord threw the Philistines into a panic…
I couldn’t help thinking there were many times in my life when I suffered anxiety and panic attacks…
But then I asked myself, as a believer, is this supposed to happen?
I mean shouldn’t I be experiencing the peace that surpasses all understanding?
After praying about the matter, I realized sometimes the reason we suffer from worry or anxiety may be due to disobedience to Him in someway.
In other words, the panic we feel is a sign from the Lord that we have strayed off the path and need to get back on it.
If that’s the case, then we need to reexamine ourselves and get right with Him again.
FINALLY, the third takeaway I’m getting from today’s post is just how important the psychological and spiritual components are to warfare.
In fact, I’d say it’s even more important than physical weapons.
The Philistine warriors were trained soldiers with the most sophisticated weaponry of their time in their possession…
Yet after just one divinely sent panic attack sent by the Lord, they were thrown into a tailspin and defeated by a bunch of Hebrews in prayer.
There’s another huge lesson there homies.
So tell me, which takeaway resonates the most with you?
Or if you got another takeaway, I’d love to hear it.
Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” -Ephesians 6:11-12
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2023.05.31 02:46 jmrm6192 Have you guys experience similar?

I consider myself an average dude, who happens to like other men. Been gay isn't something that defines me, nor (while I am open) does it show in my behavior.
I'm having a hard time meeting people of similar mentality (friendship, relationship, etc.). It's kinda hard been a gay dude whose ideals don't align with the alphabet soup community. Do you guys have similar experiences?
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2023.05.31 02:46 Very_Capable Stuck on American megatrends screen 😡

I've purchased a new mother board (Gigabyte B450M DS3H WIFI) and a new CPU (AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core) but in my journey to make things work i've also bought Athlon 3000g to try and "update the bios" but to no avail. the main issue is when the motherboard (and either cpu) is put into the computer it turns on as usual; but gets stuck at the 'American Megatrends' Screen. The issue is that once I am on this screen: i have no option to open the bios and any attempt to open it before the screen shows up does not work. From what I've seen the screen should have text and a "open bios" option somewhere under the American Megatrends logo, mine does not. I have tried reseating BOTH CPUs, starting with no sticks of ram (which doesn't work), one stick of ram, TWO sticks of ram, moving around how things are plugged in, triple checking how they are plugged in, to no success. If anyone can help, please do.
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2023.05.31 02:46 Dinkle_D Godrick's place in the family tree

Why is he so weak does anyone got a family tree of these demigods? It says he is a distant relative, like ok but who is this guys mama? Dude looks like marikas grandpa, how can he be like her great great grandchild? I don't understand it whatsoever, it would have been way cooler and made more sense if godrick was just as power hungry but some narsistic teenage pompass ass instead. It never sat right with me.
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2023.05.31 02:46 RightAboutTriangles Parent in cognitive decline, and questions about "ability to make medical decisions"

I'll try to keep this as short as I can while providing what I think/hope is the relevant information. I will happily provide more details if needed.
My mother (75f) was diagnosed with sever depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and cognitive decline ~3 years ago. After a rough time of finding the right medication, she has been pretty stable for the past 2 years... so well, in fact, that 3 months ago she decided to stop taking said medication. She did not inform any doctors, friends, or family of this. Things went south quickly.
In the past two months, she has been in and out of the Ehospital four times that I'm aware of. I say this because I had personally taken her 3 times, but found documentation of a fourth ER visit I was unaware of.
The first visit she was suicidal with intent and a plan (via overdose of her prescription meds), the current stay was because of an attempt using her prescription meds. These resulted in "voluntary psychiatric holds."
Each time she has been admitted she has been deemed capable of making her own medical decisions. She was released 'Against Medical Advice' (AMA) twice before and is signaling intent to do so again now.
During this current stay she, has been evaluated by Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists. The Physical and Occasional assessments recommend 24/7 care, but the Speech assessment has still deemed her capable of making her own medical decisions, leaving her at risk of discharging herself AMA at any time.
Her cognitive state has deteriorated to the point that she does not consistently remember the prior three hospital stays at all, and when she does remember them, she is very imprecise about any details. Her memory of how she came to be in the hospital this time is - for lack of a better phrase - completely detached from reality, moreover, her verbal recollection of these fictional events have remained stable over the past 5 days, even as other aspects of cognition have improved.
She is not currently amenable to granting me or any other family member power of attorney. I am in the process of an involuntary hold, but the risk of her discharging herself AMA remains a constant and immanent threat.
I guess my questions are twofold:
1- Can a person who does not recall key facts about their recent medical history, up to and including having stable delusions about thier current stay, be legally and medically competent to make informed decisions about their current care?
2- Do I as her son have and legal ability to demand a second opinion on the matter, and/or legal options to step in and prevent from releasing herself AMA?
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