Squaw lake mn weather

Making the hard decision to get out of collecting, so huge UFS!! Hoping to get these out to their new homes today, and trying to make a little back for how much I've spent on them. Always wanting to bundle (traveling is best when with a friend)! Lots of sales/trades proof, and will take photos!!

2023.05.30 18:56 stella_is_my_cat Making the hard decision to get out of collecting, so huge UFS!! Hoping to get these out to their new homes today, and trying to make a little back for how much I've spent on them. Always wanting to bundle (traveling is best when with a friend)! Lots of sales/trades proof, and will take photos!!

Making the hard decision to get out of collecting, so huge UFS!! Hoping to get these out to their new homes today, and trying to make a little back for how much I've spent on them. Always wanting to bundle (traveling is best when with a friend)! Lots of sales/trades proof, and will take photos!! submitted by stella_is_my_cat to squishmallows [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 18:55 stella_is_my_cat Making the hard decision to get out of collecting, so huge UFS!! Hoping to get these out to their new homes today, and trying to make a little back for how much I've spent on them. Always wanting to bundle (traveling is best when with a friend)! Lots of sales/trades proof, and will take photos!!

Making the hard decision to get out of collecting, so huge UFS!! Hoping to get these out to their new homes today, and trying to make a little back for how much I've spent on them. Always wanting to bundle (traveling is best when with a friend)! Lots of sales/trades proof, and will take photos!! submitted by stella_is_my_cat to Squishmallowsforsale [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 18:55 stella_is_my_cat Making the hard decision to get out of collecting, so huge UFS!! Hoping to get these out to their new homes today, and trying to make a little back for how much I've spent on them. Always wanting to bundle (traveling is best when with a friend)! Lots of sales/trades proof, and will take photos!!

Making the hard decision to get out of collecting, so huge UFS!! Hoping to get these out to their new homes today, and trying to make a little back for how much I've spent on them. Always wanting to bundle (traveling is best when with a friend)! Lots of sales/trades proof, and will take photos!! submitted by stella_is_my_cat to BSTsquishmallow [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 18:26 RamandAu Match Thread: U20 World Cup USA vs New Zealand [1:30 PM ET, 10:30 PT FS2, Universo]

Location: Malvinas Argentinas Stadium, Mendoza
Time: 1:30 PM EST, 10:30 AM PST
Weather: 58F, 57% Humidity, 0% chance of precipitation
US U20s
HC: Mikey Varas
Formation: 5-3-2
Starting XI
# Pos. Name Club Team Event
1 GK Gaga Slonina Chelsea
13 RB Jonathan Gomez Real Sociedad
5 CB Brandon Craig Philadelphia Union
17 CB Justin Che FC Dallas
4 CB Josh Wynder Louisville City
3 LB Caleb Wiley Atlanta United
6 MF Daniel Edelman (c) New York Red Bulls
8 MF Jack McGlynn Philadelphia Union
16 MF Owen Wolff Austin FC
10 FW Diego Luna Real Salt Lake
9 FW Cade Cowell San Jose Earthquakes
# Pos. Name Club Team Event
12 GK Antonio Carrera FC Dallas
21 GK Alex Borto Fulham
18 MF Obed Vargas Seattle Sounders
19 ST Darren Yapi Colorado Rapids
14 DF Markus Ferkranus LA Galaxy
15 MF Niko Tsakiris San Jose Earthquakes
7 RW Quinn Sullivan Philadelphia Union
20 MF Rokas Pukstas Hajduk Split
2 RB Michael Halliday Orlando City
11 FW Kevin Paredes VFL Wolfsburg
New Zealand U20s
HC: Darren Bazeley
Formation: 4-3-3
Starting XI
# Pos. Name Club Team Event
1 GK Kees Sims Ljungskile SK
4 RB Isaac Hughes Wellington Phoenix
5 CB Finn Surman Wellington Phoenix
14 CB Finn Linder Whitecaps FC 2
20 LB Lukas Kelly-Heald Wellington Phoenix
6 MF Fin Conchie Wellington Phoenix
10 MF Jay Herdman Whitecaps 2
16 MF Dan McKay Wellington Phoenix
18 FW Ben Wallace Wellington Phoenix
11 FW Norman Garbett Potenza
9 FW Oliver Colloty Unattached
# Pos. Name Club Team Event
2 LB Jackson Jarvie Eastern Suburbs
3 RB Adam Supyk Eastern Suburbs
7 FW Noah Karunaratne Wellington Phoenix
12 DF Everton O'Leary Birkenhead United
13 GK Henry Gray Unattached
8 MF Jackson Manuel Western Springs
17 FW Oliver Fay Ljungskile SK
19 FW Kian Donkers NEC
15 CB Aaryan Raj Eastern Suburbs
21 GK Alby Kelly-Heald Wellington Phoenix
US Tournament Stats

Player Goal Assist Cards
Diego Luna 1 1
Jonathan Gomez 1
Cade Cowell 2
Caleb Wiley 1
Niko Tsakiris 1
Owen Wolff 1
Quinn Sullivan 1
Josh Wynder Yellow (1)
Jack McGlynn Yellow (1)
Scoring Summary

Time Player Assist Score
Match Events
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2023.05.30 18:23 Dracoono New Co-Headlining tour announced!!

New Co-Headlining tour announced!!
Presale code is SOCALLEDLIFE
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2023.05.30 18:06 Few_Couple4393 Sunburn Tour Pre-Sale Code?

Sunburn Tour Pre-Sale Code?
someone please put a good sis on i need to snatch vip tickets 💗
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2023.05.30 18:04 artem43858 First Time Paddle Boarding: my experience and story.

First Time Paddle Boarding: my experience and story.
So last Saturday, on May 28th, my girlfriend I and another couple went out to my girlfriends family cabin go enjoy sometime out on watercraft. Her family has 2 SUP's a jimmy styks strider 12' (the one I am using) and a bic sports 11'.
As far myself, I am a 21 year old male, 135lb athletic. Very little watercraft experience. I managed to pickup paddleboarding pretty quickly in terms of balance and basic paddling.
The weather at the beginning of my journey (pictured) was fair with waves only farther in lake. After paddling near shore for about 30 minutes i decided to (foolishly) head out to the center of the lake. And just for background information the place I live in (southern Manitoba, Canada) is fairly windy. And the wind did indeed pickup, with gusts of 40km per hour (as per weather network) my sup became uncontrollable to me and as seen in my map began to blow me east.
Seeing as my current trajectory would take me to the other the lake I corrected course in hopes of landing near the walking trails on the western Bank of the cabin area, and paddle my way back along the shore.
Most of my travel on the water had me sitting kayak style to avoid becoming a sail. Regardless in about 30-40 mins I arrived at the intended shore only to be disappointed by the fact that the waves picked up even more making my attempts at paddling back impossible.
I had to walk back paddle and oar in hand for about an hour, barefoot. My very concerned girlfriend had called the coastguard which ended up looking for me briefly until we let them know I was okay 👍🏻.
Lots of lessons learned.
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2023.05.30 17:53 DOMISMONEY Don’t State at the Sun Tour

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2023.05.30 17:43 Worldly_Mood9382 What are the best trekking destinations in the india?

What are the best trekking destinations in the india?


"Trail Seekers Unite: Discover the Best Trekking Destinations with Universal Adventure 🌄👣"

Are you ready to unleash your adventurous spirit and explore the breathtaking wonders of India? 🎒✨ Brace yourself for a whirlwind of exhilarating experiences and jaw-dropping landscapes as we uncover the best trekking destinations in this incredible country, where every step is a testament to nature's resplendence. Whether you seek adrenaline-pumping adventure trips, unforgettable best outdoor family vacations, or thrilling escapades for seasoned explorers, India has it all! 🏞️🌿
🗻 The Mighty Himalayas: The Crown Jewel of Adventure 🏔️🌟 Ascending towards the heavens, the majestic Himalayas beckon, offering an awe-inspiring playground for intrepid souls. Picture yourself trekking through the ethereal valleys of Himachal Pradesh, where the snow-capped peaks stand guard like stoic sentinels. The spellbinding trails of Manali-Leh, Roopkund, and Triund will ignite your spirit of adventure trips, leaving you breathless amidst nature's splendor. 🏔️❄️
🌿 Verdant Vistas of Uttarakhand: A Tapestry of Nature's Finest 🌲��️ Welcome to the nature lover's paradise, Uttarakhand, where serenity embraces thrill in a blissful union. From the iconic Valley of Flowers, where vibrant blooms paint the landscape like an artist's palette, to the legendary trek to Gaumukh-Tapovan, where the sacred Ganges River originates, this region is a dream come true for adventure travel for seniors and adventure enthusiasts seeking solace in nature's embrace. 🌸🌼
🌄 The Mesmerizing Trails of Ladakh: A Land of High-Altitude Wonders 🏜️🏞️ In the remote reaches of northern India lies Ladakh, a region straight out of a surreal painting. Brace yourself for the ultimate best adventure trips as you traverse the challenging terrains of Stok Kangri, Markha Valley, and the frozen wonderland of Chadar Trek. Amidst the rugged mountains, azure lakes, and centuries-old monasteries, an expedition to Ladakh will leave an indelible mark on your heart. ❄️🏔️
🌴 Tropical Trekking in the Western Ghats: Nature's Verdant Haven 🍃🌴 Escape to the lush embrace of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site blessed with pristine rainforests, gushing waterfalls, and diverse flora and fauna. Explore the stunning trails of Kerala's Munnar, Karnataka's Coorg, and Maharashtra's Rajmachi, where every step immerses you in a world of unparalleled beauty. These family-friendly treks offer an ideal blend of adventure list and rejuvenation for nature-loving explorers. 🍀🌿
🏞️ Unraveling Mysteries in the Northeast: Hidden Gems Await 🚣🗺️ Prepare to be captivated by the untouched beauty of India's Northeast, where mystical lands await the intrepid traveler. The trek to Meghalaya's Double Decker Living Root Bridges is a surreal journey through misty forests and hidden villages, while the Dzükou Valley in Nagaland reveals a breathtaking canvas of rolling meadows and blooming flowers. 🌿🌈
🗻🌊 The Coastal Charms of Goa and Kerala: Nature's Coastal Symphony 🏝️🌅 Who says trekking is limited to mountains? Venture along the pristine coastlines of Goa and Kerala, where sun-kissed beaches, tranquil backwaters

Here are some additional tips for planning a trekking trip in India:
· Choose a trek that is appropriate for your fitness level. If you are not in good shape, start with a shorter and easier trek.
· Do your research. Read about the trek you are interested in and make sure you are prepared for the challenges involved.
· Hire a guide. If you are not experienced in trekking, it is a good idea to hire a guide.
· Pack the right gear. Make sure you have the necessary gear for the trek, including a backpack, hiking boots, a sleeping bag, a tent, and a stove.
· Be prepared for the weather. Check the weather forecast for the area you will be trekking in and pack accordingly.
· Respect the environment. Leave no trace and pack out all of your trash.
Trekking is a great way to see the world and experience
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2023.05.30 17:39 Yoku_1987 White Mountains

White Mountains
I was in New Hampshire hiking through the White Mountains. This group has been a excellent support to plan the hikes, I wouldn’t have taken micro spikes if not for you guys !!
Day 1 - Presidential Traverse (Southbound) This was the hardest day with winds over 40mph , poor visibility till Washington and more snow and ice than expected . Visibility did get better once after we reached the lake of the clouds and walking through Mt. Monroe and ridges through Pierce, Franklin. Lots of Blowdowns from Naumann to Jackson.
Day 2 - Moosilauke and Mount Jim loop Weather just turned wonderful and 360 view at the summit
Day 3 - Goose Eye mountain and Col Carol loop Some magical view and Moose footprints
Day 4 - Pemi loop (anti-clockwise) My favorite day but hardest considering the distance and vert. Mt. LaFayette was stunning and the weather was just perfect to hike. Little snow and ice and wind did not make it so cold.
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2023.05.30 17:30 ogreatgames Advance Wars Dual Strike: Interesting Turn-Based Battles - Nintendo DS Game

![video](8rn9e596cy291 " Take control of commanding officers and defeat the opponent's army with calculated strategic moves. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/advance-wars-dual-strike to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#nintendo #ds #battle --
Advance Wars Dual Strike for Nintendo DS. Take control of commanding officers who are on a mission of defeating the opponent army. Play a smart and wonderful turn-based gameplay system. Choose between two difficulty options in Campaign mode - Normal or Hard. In addition to this, the game is set in grid-based maps with environmental factors, such as fog and other weather conditions. Strike the enemies with massive firepower and aim to win each mission. --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.05.30 17:29 Gunnertop Chevelle Tour!

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2023.05.30 17:18 papo96 Jordana & Dev Lemons announce “Freak Show Tour”

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2023.05.30 17:16 NickelTheWise WILDLIFE CH. 1-2 pt. 3

"I said to call them now, yeah! Fennel's really hur- I said stop her! WAIT!" "Hey, we've got our own here to look after, screw this shit, this job is fuckin' hexed, man!" "Back to the van, anyone who can make it!" "Get downstairs, fast!" One of the few leaders among the mob soldiers and scum present had tried to maintain order, but their boss had not stopped trying to get free and reach Kari's body. She'd almost made it, but they caught up and managed to hold her back. "BOSS! Boss, Fez is almost here, we can still tie her up and get outta here, just wait a little while!" Her snarling growl rose to higher pitch as she tried to tug free, spittle flicking from her muzzle in a mad rage, clutching at the socket she used to see out of. The stinging, horrible stinging had lit her entire skull up with a fury-painted hunger to reach Kari's prone body. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! If she's still alive... haaa, god... if she's alive somehow, we pig stick her until she's coughin' up chunks of her FUCKIN' heart, then we saw off the head... aaah, and get the fuck out of here! FUCK the reward, she... aaagh god.. let me go, I can DO THIS! S-sstop..." The remaining men tried to calm her down and help somehow, blood running freely from the heavy scratches and gouges inflicted. Kari's still body seemed to still be breathing a little and Fennel pulled her buck knife out, still breathless with anger as she stepped close on shaky legs. "Pity... guess I gotta unzip you a bit, wake you up so you can watch this... just take ONE of your eyes real slow and make sure you stay awake, THEN we... then we put out the other one, slice off your limbs and just... haaa.. just let the steets chew on your for a while." A clatter drew their attentions away from the prone woman, a corner of the unfinished lobby looking darker than it should. "Whoever's there, fuck off or die- in fact, no, just shoot this fucker." Said the leader goon, and the others pulled their pistols and fired into the corner until they needed reloading. In this moment, they caught sight of a pair of white eyes look out at them from the inky shadows, and then, a deep rattling voice with a single word as a being of pure midnight stepped closer, holding its arms up. "Burn." All at one, flames of alabaster like blank shapes in reality leapt up all over the place, shocking the assembled criminals and raising the heat to oven intensity. "Oh no! NO!" and more shots were taken, to no avail as they trailed off widely, the entity speaking in a terrible volume. "BEHOLD, ITHOTU, RUIN OF ALEXANDRIA, SON OF THE SCOURGE OF EDEN. ALL WILL BE CONSUMED AND GODS WORK SHALL BE ASHES!" it roared and released a blood-shattering howl, floating forward as the colorless flames leapt up higher. "RUN! grab the boss and run, hurry!" "NO! I have to kill her not... she.." Fennel's remaining vision swam suddenly and she tipped forward, almost falling facedown into the white blaze wreathing the unconscious assassin. From nowhere, Fez had appeared and had caught her body to hold her back, pointing to their rear to indicate an escape route. He managed to pick her up and fireman-carry her bloody body out, all while she tried to wake up, climb off the man she loved, and leap knife-first onto the snow leopard so that shadowed demon could drag them both down to Hell. They were out into the two escape trucks and the wolf's car, all which promptly took off towards the north to find the safehouse. The black being wreathed in flames stepped closer, peeking out of the window hole for a moment before turning and absorbing all the fire into its body with a long exhale of effort and collapse of its own onto hand and knees. Shape and coloration returned to its form; hooded jacket and denim pants with weathered shoes. "Good grief, that was close...", it said as it pulled the hood it wore back to reveal the mask-like pattern and bright yellow eyes of Tom Blackberry. Before anything else, he hurried over to Kari's body and looked over it with his mage sight, his grimace looking worse as he marked trouble spots. "What the hell are you made of, Tracy?" he thought aloud, checking problem areas thoroughly before even thinking of moving her. It was when he saw below her rib cage that he saw it, the seperation and wicked angle it held. "Oh no... oh shit.. Uhh... I gotta get you out of here and fast." he muttered and crouched low to get his arms under her. She wasn't heavy, but it was still a body and Tom grunted with effort before getting her up into his arms without too much jostling, marching out to a featureless parking area with nothing but trees and the fencing surrounding that. The raccoon knew that the police or worse would be here any minute, any second. Tom carefully laid her back down and climbed inside his mind to enact a strong and complex magic. "Dammit, only one thing for it... sorry, Tracy, you can kill me later for this." he said as he suffused magic to his fingertip, a sparkling blue energy gathering there, cupping her head with the other. He exhaled and closed his eyes, concentrating on the visual in his head, the memory of spotting her earlier, where she'd possibly looked and, most importantly, came from. Dream-fasting was not a dangerous magic, but required focus, and Tom often lacked this when times were dire. He inhaled sharply and touched her temple, closing his eyes to see more than anyone could.
A tidal wave of memories seized his body all at once and tumbled him violently thru a riptide of dizzying emotions. There were houses, stairwells, people, adults, groups of other children, physical trauma, firework emotions exploding wild across Tom's mind as it struggled to reach the surface. He felt elation, thrills, bitter regrets, passionate excitement from many kinds of first times, sadness at many things, outward and inwards. The positivity brought his own mind clarity enough to further his dive to memories more recent, but he found himself off the weightless crash of water and was now standing in a warehouse, looking around and smelling. A distant lit panel seemed to hold something he was thinking about needing, and he moved to hurry, only to encounter a slick surface and fall onto his back. He got up fast, blinking on his mage sight, only to gasp and take in the whole room. Blood, dead people, knives, guns, bullets and casings, all of them heaped into a humanoid shape sitting with in an easy repose, the head veiled in shadows or stains, impossible to tell. Tom ran for it as fast as he could, looking ahead now to see an old house his mind refused to recognize no matter how he tried. They were in there, he had to save them, he knew it. The massive corpse golem began reaching for him, emitting a low hollow scream that was growing louder. Tom was much shorter now, but he reached the Door, stumbling into the hallway that led to his main garden. A giant hand tore thru the unseen ceiling and groped madly for him. He cried out and crawled out of the way, running towards his own room as the howling sound grew so loud, it began to hurt.. the door wouldn't open! He slammed into it again and again, still in the form of a little raccoon boy, tears filling his eyes as the hand barreled towards him, and then CLICK! it opened, and he dove inside to land face first onto cold earth and grass, amidst tall trees now. He turned and saw the hand of the slain and the half-built apartment complex, and two people in the distance, one looking right at him--
Tom's eyes slowly stopped shining sky-blue and slowly eased back to yellow. He had fallen asleep sitting up, and felt the dried tears at his cheeks. He turned to look at the unconscious snow leopard. "Sky and stars... just who are you, Kari?" he said, the memories fresh as yesterday in his mind. It would wear off within a day, but he had bigger things to worry about. A quick frisking of her person found the car keys and, even better, her phone. The raccoon hesitated for a moment before turning it on and sighed in relief. No lock, plenty of power, and a 5G connection of all things. He pocketed these things, and lifted Kari up now, his mind and senses still shaking off the somatic connection of the magic. He closed one eye and concentrated on two things: his own appearance, and the direction he'd seen, only backwards. The car was quickly located and the feline woman was carefully laid across the seats. After some tight securing over her body with the seatbelts, he climbed in, adjusted the seat, and started the Harper up, trying to calmly set things up with the phone. He cleared his throat and licked at dry lips before hitting the Tekster icon. "Ok, Tekster, go home." No response, so Tom waited and tried again. "Tekster, home." he said emphatically. Still no reaction, and the panic was prickling at the back of his throat now. "Tekster, navigate home! Tekster, respond." Silence, the kind that crushes the will to live, but he calmed down and looked closer. It was the right icon, the mic was showing a wavelength. "Tekster." The wavelength wiggled mutely and Tom furrowed his brow. "Hold on, I didn't... oh WAIT a second!" he barked, going to the small top menu. It was set on silent, and he changed it to full volume while setting his own impatient growl even higher. "You are certifiable, you know that?" the raccoon shouted at the knocked-out assassin in the back seat, "You're CERTIFIABLE! TEKSTER, TAKE ME HOME, FOR FUCKS SAKE." [Okay, finding directions for.. Nome.. Alaska, Twin Lakes. Would you like me to--] The angered yelling and hollering was muted by the windows, but still fairly audible to the indifferent would outside of car as it pulled off down the access road and towards the marked destination. It was almost an hour later that he'd managed the six mile trip into the forest and up the special path, somehow managing to find her house, park the car, and begin to carefully extract her. Her breath wasn't coming as fast now, and Tom laid a palm gently to her chest. The pulse was faint, far apart, and lessening. Fear chased adrenaline thru his body, and the limp woman now seemed nearly weightless in his grasp "We gotta get you upstairs, get these wounds looked at!" he said aloud, not caring if she woke now, "Stay with me, Kari, you're almost home safe!" And, with one firm push against the opened door, they were inside and he was heading upstairs one foot at a time, nearly cratering the floor with each heavy efforted step.
Time seemed to creep by in her mind, an anaesthetic tiptoe of seconds into minutes into hours, and incremental moments beyond. She had been dreaming off and on about things; flying, swimming, feeling like she was stoned, or when the time she got lost when the house was being negotiated on... fleeting visuals of her parents. It was a strange world she was occupying, pieces of everything she'd known, all while her body felt stiff and itchy as she moved. It was sometime around remembering her school that she became aware of the effervescent sound of an electric guitar playing somewhere. She went peeked into Gulliman's classroom, only to find it wasn't there anymore, replaced instead by long, comforting fields of tall grass, its color that relaxing darker shade of green. She walked out into it, feeling as though strands of her were being snagged on the vegetation and drifting out of her, pleasantly pulling away who she was to replace it with the snow leopard as she currently felt. Her clothes and pelt peeled away, leaving a skinless nightmare of a living visual of the bodily systems to come up next to the source of the shapeless music. Tom turned at looked her up and down, grinning a little as he kept playing "Hm, nice gastrocnemiusi, good tone." he said. "Well, of course they are, I don't do lunges for nothing." she replied, looking at her own hands for a bit, and the curious motion of the muscles and bones and ligaments. Each pulse of her heart was tangible all over her body. "Am I dead?" Kari asked after a moment. Tom shook his head, switching to block chords. "No, you are asleep, but when you wake up, it'll all come back to you." Kari sat down, looking over the grass peacefully for a minute or so, but she suddenly got back and started looking around. "Wait a minute, I got knocked out! I fell-- the fight! I have to wake up." "And you will, right after you promise me something." She silently looked him over for a moment. "Promise what? I have to go, they're... I THINK THEY'RE IN MY HOUSE!" she shouted, checking her body for a weapon. "Oh shit, I-- KARI JUST PROMISE YOU WO-Ohhhh!" She had already vanished, and the dream began to fade all at once. Tom rubbed his face with a tired sigh, feeling himself melting back into reality beyond. "She's gonna be mad." he said plainly, leaving the place behind for now.
Her eyes snapped open and she felt like three people were sitting on her. Sight rapidly adjusted to the semi-darkness of the room, only lit from the banker's lamp on her desk, and she looked around to only see the raccoon, waving placidly at her and sitting in her chair. "What's happening? How did I get here, why can I barely move, was it a stun gun or something? I hit the ground and blacked out, what happened to- mnnhh?!" Tom had pressed a finger to her lips with a soft shushing sound in an attempt to ease her nerves, but she locked eyes on his and let out a guttural growl. "I will bite it OFF." "Okay! Right, sorry, that was to calm you down, just a bit to recollect, is it working?" "Nooo!" she fired back incredulously, still trying to move. Kari paused suddenly and checked under her sheet to notice only the barest details her body could offer, and her temper redlined again. "OHHH, you are DEAD MEAT, asshole! C'mere, get... I swear, you'll- nggh!" the assassin tried again and again to move more than her hands and head, but it was like her limbs and torso weighed a ton each; she could barely flex her fingers to make a fist, though she dearly wished to use one and then some. "Look, you, I'm gonna work up the strength to get back up and vivisectify you, so before that happens, you'd better start explaining, it will make an exquisite epitaph, I'm sure." The bloodlust coming off her was nearly suffocating and Tom cleared his throat a bit to bide time on where to start. Finally, he exhaled and tried to sum up. "Without getting too into it, I can use magic." he said in plain tones. Kari sneered, laying her head back down. "Great, I've been immobilized by a hippie." "No no, I mean it, here-", and Tom snapped his fingers to produce a single ball of flame as big as a cherry and in the flickering shape of a teardrop. Kari's eyes widened, then began to scan his arm. "Alright, I seen this bit before, where's the fuel line and the mechanism." "Kari, it's the real deal, I could make one much bigger, but this room of yours is... well, it's a mess!" He wasn't wrong. She strained again and again, trying to sit up, but Tom talked her down. "Easy there, you're gonna have to stay in bed for another nite or so." "Anoth-- what? When was that battle, how long has it been." "About a day and a half. I've been healing your body after it was rather grievously brutalized in that fight." Her head started to swim at all the details and updates, but one fact poked out in her mind. "...how did you learn my real name." she demanded, rather than asked. Tom held up his left hand, the aura of dark blue magic covering it in backlit neon indigo. "Do you remember when you passed out from the impact?" "I'm starting to, yeah. I went down rough and must've rang my bell pretty hard to get taken out of the fight." Tom got up to move around the room. "Well, in addition to probing gently into your memories to find your keys and home, I was awash in many other memories, and that was the name people called you." The more she heard, the less it made sense. She tried to give the right questions a press, experiencing her own brain whirlwind. "We'll leave the trust issue for later, when I can make sure of it physically, but why not just shake me awake, it's not hard." Tom closed his eyes, opening them again to reveal the yellow shafts of light from his mage-sight, getting an honest gasp of surprise from her. "Sorry, I'll just-" Blink. "-turn those off. I have special sight that allows me to see many things, including thru flesh." "But not clothes?" she asked, her ear flicking angrily. "... well, I can, okay? I'd never think of abusing that side of the power." "Heaven forbid." she grunted, losing a bit of the anger, but still irritated and deeply confused, "So, why the eyes?" "You looked like someone ran you over with a bus and there was this big tear in your clothes anyways, I saw the body armor." Her mind went back to the question. "And this has to do with you not wanting to jostle me to wake me up HOW?" she asked in mild sarcasm. "I was getting to that," he replied, lacing his fingers and leaning elbows on his knees with another exhale, "See... in order to apply my healing magic, I've had to learn baseline understanding of some bodily systems- cardiovascular, muscle, skeletal, basic shit." Kari was watching him with more attention now, still unbelieving about magic really existing. "Go on." she said, since he was seeming hesitant. "Well, 4th lumbar had pretty much nearly separated in the impact, along with hairline fracturing along the 6th and 7th. Kari, you couldn't move or feel anything I'd have done to wake you up because *you couldn't move or feel anything,* at least below your neck." The air went very still for the moment, the snow leopard staring at the fan above slowly rotating. Part of her training had involved electroshock doses to make the most of a partially paralyzed situation, but that sensation was different from when she'd fallen. She'd felt encased, latent motion in her muscles instantly become zero, a wide-awake bodily slumber. It sank in slowly at first, then pushed in hard all the way. She had been paralyzed, from the neck down, almost a brain in a jar. She would've been taken by those gangers by now, buried under horrible experiences before facing execution by the Bear himself. She felt a touch of hyperventilation coming on, but managed to calm her pulse and breathing. "So, that is what you are trying to fix in me, with your healing magic?" she asked finally. Tom nodded, looking up from staring at the floor for a while. "I mean, it's practically all done, and it was careful, gradual, continous work, almost six hours of it total, with two and half being near-continuous." He didn't mean to yawn here, but he did. "Luckily, your skull was fine, just had a contusion from where you thwacked it. See, neuro damage is wh-" "I'm sorry to cut you off, but you said your name was Hugo when we first met, that can't have been your real name." Tom's ears wiggled a little in confusion, then shrugged with a smile. "Well, I could say the same for you, Tracy. No, my name's Tom, Tom Blackberry, but my middle name IS Hugo." "Tom, there's a wastepaper basket by my desk," she began, scooching up into a sitting position slowly, miraculously to the biomancers eyes, "Take the bag out of it, put in the one below it, and bring it here quickly.. I'm going to be sick." He darted over to follow these instructions fast, and was back in record time with the lined bucket. "Here, think you can hold this yourself?" he inquired encouragingly. Kari knit her brow for a moment and began to lift her arms, both feeling like they were weighed down with 50 lbs. of unmixed concrete. They slowly raised, zombie-like, and accepted the container just in time as her breathing hitched and she vomited raggedly into it, pausing a moment before heaving again and laying back limply, handing it back to him slowly. "Okay... okay, I think that's got it, I don't feel sick anymore." She went on to ask for a water bottle on her desk to gargle and rinse her mouth out before deflating completely. "That's all I've got, sorry." "Hey, no no, you've made remarkable time in recuperating. I can keep healing you a little more tonite, once I get this removed." and he carefully held up the basket. "Downstairs, kitchen, under the counter by the fridge," the snow leopard instructed, "And bring up a can of Purple Burpler with you, my stomach is doing flip-flops." "Sure thing, be right back." These instructions were followed too, and he brought two sodas instead, backing into the room. "Here, hope you don't mind-- ooh." Kari was completely passed out, snoring lightly with her head turned at an odd angle. The raccoon grinned a little and went to get her situated, then took a seat in the office chair to keep a vigil on her, just in case. It was almost 4 by the time he finally fell asleep, and when this happened, Kari's eye flashed open and she nimbly, silently got out of the bed and tiptoed carefully to a second backpack she had hidden. "I hope he isn't mad about this." she wished quietly, pulling a roll of Kong Tape and glancing at him over her shoulder, "But if he's seen my memories, then he knows I can't take chances."

end of chapter 2.
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2023.05.30 17:09 degrassifan2000 YOU GUYS IT'S HAPPENING😭

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2023.05.30 16:58 Grundlemiah Lund is creaming his jeans for this one.

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2023.05.30 16:45 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Cargill Mechanic Albert Lea
Cargill Mechanic I Albert Lea
Cargill General Mechanic Albert Lea
Cargill Mechanic I Austin
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Carlton
UnitedHealth Group Inpatient Facility Medical Coder Delano
UnitedHealth Group Inpatient Facility Medical Coder Eden Prairie
UnitedHealth Group Inpatient Facility Medical Coder Elk River
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Kasota
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Lake Crystal
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Le Sueur
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Rockville
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Roscoe
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Saginaw
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Sargeant
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Zumbrota
Breitbach Construction Groundhand Albany
Breitbach Construction Water & Sewer Bottom Man Albany
Medical Resource Group, Inc. Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant - Alexandria Alexandria
Medical Resource Group, Inc. NP Alexandria
Medical Resource Group, Inc. Nurse Practitioner (NP) Alexandria
True Friends Kitchen Manager Annandale
U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC Customer Service Representative Anoka
U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC CRC Specialist Anoka
Rise Incorporated Direct Support Person Anoka
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mn. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 16:33 Narwhals4Lyf 8 Days in Bay Area / NoCal

Thought I would do a trip report for once! I traveled to NoCal area from May 7th to May 15th. I live in America (Pittsburgh) and have not been to the West Coast other than when I was a preteen, so I decided it was time to go explore. I am 26F for context.
May 6th - Flew into JFK, my flight was delayed on the tarmac in Pit, and I only had a 1.5 hour layover. I managed to make my second flight as the doors were closing. PHEWF. Landed in SF around 12:30. I had left my apartment at 2:30 AM EST so I already had been traveling for 12 hours at that point LOL. I then picked up my rental car, drove another 4 hours towards Yosemite. Stopped along the way and did some hikes and site seeing. Got to my airbnb, got dinner and just had a campfire that night. My airbnb was in the Sierra National Forest. It was just beautiful there!
Day 2 : Spent time exploring local hikes in the area. I was near Oakhurst/North Forks. Went to Bass Lake. Went back to my airbnb (which was a cute AF airstream camper) and grilled for dinner and read a book. Very relaxing day.
Day 2 : Went to San Joaquin recreation area and did a hike there. Saw so many wildflowers... like 20 different types. And so many cows. Very little people on the trails, it was beautiful! The river was raging.
Day 3: Yosemite day! It was about a 1 hour drive to the gate, then another hour drive to the Valley. Left around 6am, was at the Valley by 9 AM (stopping and taking my time getting there once again LOL). Got some coffee at the cafe, and then set off for hiking. I did the lower Yosemite Falls trail and the upper Yosemite falls trail. Was a super steep hike, there was still snow on the trail! Yosemite was just gorgeous. I seemingly got lucky as well, because the park was closed the week before, and the weather was calling for it to be 30 degrees, but it was 50. The park was not crowded AT ALL when I was there.
Day 4 : Another travel day! Hit up a few wineries on my drive back towards SF and got to Pacifica around 5ish? Got dinner at the beach taco bell (had to, it is so iconic) and watched the sunset (glad I did, it was the only sunset that wasn't foggy!!!)
Day 5: Decided to roadtrip down to Big Sur and stop along the way! Stopped in Half Moon Bay, did some walking and shopping, stopped along the coast multiple times to site see, hung out near Bixby Bridge for a bit, turned around and met up with an old friend in Santa Cruz and had dinner on the beach and watched the sunset with her!
Day 6 : Tried to go see the Golden Gate Bridge at Bakers Beach but it was foggy af, so I just walked on the beach and people watched for like 45 mins, then took off towards Muir Woods. I stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge view as it was not foggy across the bridge, and got to see it! Then I drove up to Muir Woods to see the redwoods! Hiked around for a bit, but my knee was bothering me a bit that day, so I didn't do any long hikes. More just sketched and took pictures on my polaroid.
Day 7: Time to go into SF Proper. I parked at a BART Station, took the BART in, got brunch at a super cute place near the BART stop, and used MUNI for the rest of the day. I went to DeYoung Museum after, which was amazing. Loved both of their special exhibits. There was a public concert going on, so I hung out there for a bit and watched. Then I went to the Japanese Tea Gardens. Very cute in there. Lots of blooming flowers and plants. After, walked through Golden Gate park to Haigh-Ashbury and did some windowshopping at vintage stores, and came across a local artist market. Went and saw the Painted ladies. Took a bus to dinner, and headed out after that as it was 7pm and I wanted to get back to my car before dark!
Day 8: Travel day! My flight wasn't until noon, so I hung out on the beach in the morning and watched the surfers. Traveled home, no delayed flights. Got in around 1/2am to Pittsburgh.
Overall, it was a great trip! I was very impressed by California, it was just beautiful. I never felt unsafe, as many people warned me that SF was "gross, unsafe, dirty". I didn't share those sentiments at all. It is upsetting to see poverty and income discrepancy, for sure, but I did not have any negative experiences regarding that. It was cold, but I was expecting the weather. I honestly overpacked warm cloths, as Yosemite was calling for 30ish weather, but it ended up being 50!
Very happy I chose this area as my first Cali experience!
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2023.05.30 16:22 GhostOfCalville New Tour Dates

New Tour Dates
They won’t be playing furnace or burn it down anymore. This is a fun lineup if you ask me. 100% there. TDG has a fan presale going on now but tickets are on sale this Friday 6/2.
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2023.05.30 16:04 katarokkar Chevelle to tour with Three Days Grace and Loathe this fall

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2023.05.30 15:44 Bombadeir We’re going on tour! I will be touring the nation doing town halls and giving speeches all over. Catch me if you can!

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2023.05.30 15:15 ZRR28 Does lake minnewanka and 2 Jack lake get insanely busy on weekends when it’s nice weather?

Does it get to lake Louise level busy with jam packed bumper to bumper traffic? I met a nice girl recently who’s new to Alberta and hasn’t seen the mountains yet, wouldn’t mind taking her to either of these lakes to show her the sites but also wanna avoid it if it gets insanely busy. Thanks in advance!
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