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A subreddit dedicated to all the mains of the League of Legends champion named Kled!

2023.05.30 10:23 Amsalpotkeh Look at how they butchered my boy...

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2023.05.29 21:31 Amsalpotkeh Look at how they butchered my boy...

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2023.05.29 02:02 LongjumpingCoyote595 Crit Kled Idea

Could a crit-Kled build be viable? Precision to work with W and make the fourth hit even stronger, Alacrity to increase attack speed as game goes on so you can get the full four autos off faster, and Sudden Impact for when you use your E to stick on them even better. Could this actually work? Edit: Another addition, Cut down to melt tanks faster instead of Coup de Grace, and just build executioner for bonus money
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2023.05.28 07:31 twerthe How to deal with Olaf?

I've been playing loads of top lane recently, and it seems that no matter what I pick, Olaf always wins. I've tried different counterpicks, Kled, Teemo and Jax, but no matter what I do, no matter what I build, no matter how I play, it seems that Olaf just throws axe at me heals his entire health bar multiple times over and wins. Am I missing something with these champions or is Olaf just very very strong right now? For context, I am very very very very low ELO, currently sitting in Iron.
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2023.05.26 22:12 KingPoopoopeepee Lillia top with ROA

Hi, I am a Kled otp who's recently been playing Lillia top, and although I have played her a bit in top (and jungle) before, I felt like the champ was too squishy to make plays with Liandry's so I dropped her for a while, but after being turbo stuck with my main I decided to give Lillia another try, with RoA this time, and I've gotten pretty decent results, finally getting to masters for the first time in my life.
Can anyone explain to me why no one builds RoA on Lillia? I feel like the damage Liandry's gives is overkill, and RoA gives a nice 600 HP that lets you stay on fights for longer since you don't get oneshot as much.
My usual build is Ionian boots - RoA - Demonic Embrace - Cosmic Drive - Frozen Heart/Abyssal Mask
And to be fair, this could just be a lucky streak since I only played 9 games and maybe the results would have been the same with Liandry's, but I still find it weird that RoA has such a low pickrate on this champ, and I would personally recommend trying it.
(my opgg if you are curious https://www.op.gg/summoners/euw/amognus%20sussiere)
Finally I'd appreciate secondary rune recommendations, cuz I'm kind of trying out everything but nothing feels too amazing.
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2023.05.24 05:42 xObiJuanKenobix Should characters in specific classes get scalings based on the items they are meant to build?

What I mean by this is for instance, Zed getting lower AD scaling and then getting Lethality scaling on his abilities. I know we have a few instances of this already in the game, Pyke has lethality scaling, some ADCs like Sivir and even Viego has crit scaling on their abilities, but should this be pushed more to force champions into building the items they're meant to?
Whenever I see discussions on "build diversity", I see a lot of people talk about 2 different types of build diversity. The first is,
- Building different items IN YOUR CLASS SUBSET. Meaning I may go Eclipse one game then Duskblade the next game. I might go Umbral one game and then Prowlers another. They're different items, but they're all in the assassin item class.
The second is,
- Building different items FROM DIFFERENT CLASS SUBSETS. Meaning I go from an AD build to a full AP build. Or from an AP build to a full tank build.
What this does a lot of times is cause unhealthy interactions with items and then causes those items to get nerfed because other classes are abusing those items. Goredrinker for instance getting the Spite passive removed because assassin's kept going a bruiser item. Also we have other examples of for instance ADCs building lethality items because they don't really have a good synergy with their class items, like MF going Eclipse or Varus going Duskblade. Adding things like crit scaling on their abilities would help give them better synergy with those items designed for their classes.
Would the game be better or worse with this? In my opinion, this would help get rid of a lot of the build problems where classes start abusing other classes items then causing said items to get nerfed or changed because other classes would benefit more from an item outside of their class than their own classes items. Kled for instance benefits much more from Eclipse than any of the actual bruiser items, despite being an HP based champion whose designed to go HP and AD items, he still would rather go a lethality build because it's the best he's got.
What do you all think? Should this be implemented more? Or should it be implemented in a different way than I explained?
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2023.05.22 15:01 phoenixofsnow What are your thoughts on Gwen matchups?

My top 5 most aggravating are:
Riven. High mobility and good disruption means its very hard to land a good Q on her or even auto attack consistently. Not to mention her incredibly high kill pressure is bad for a hyperscaler who is weak in the early. Rengar and Yone are another picks that do something similar.
Jax. This one has a little bit of couterplay but generally both short and extended trades against him are terrible. You won't really win unless you can bait the E or he uses it poorly.
Nasus. Who can debuff a champion like Gwen better than he does? W obliterated your attack speed and movement speed, meaning you cannot stack Q, refresh E, or reposition which is so important on Gwen. Additionally he shreds your armor by a massive amount and gains a lot of MR and health which is very potent before Gwen has many items. Even at full build Gwen will still lose because of wither. This still isn't mentioning that he gets so much free lifesteal, making trades feel pointless at times. Nasus is definitely more of a champ you HAVE to just counterpick or have help to kill him the entire game.
Wukong. This may be more of me not knowing boundaries, but his level 6 all in power feels incredibly ridiculous. Gwen's level 6 is generally when you will be looking to find a kill since your ult provides so much extra damage, but the few times I've faced this champ top (i generally see him in jg) i always forget how incredibly potent the level 6 is. Generally though, this is still a winning matchup for 70% of the match, as long as you keep your distance early.
Some honorable mentions are
Malphite. lots of ways to avoid and debuff gwen but outside of the early Q spam from him, this is not incredibly frustrating as much as it is mildly annoying.
Singed. Annoying again in similar ways to malphite but if he proxies you are completely free to sit under your turret and scale. I wouldn't pick Gwen into singed however, unless it was a good answer to the rest of the enemy team.
Trundle/Warwick/VolibeaOlaf/Mordekaiser. These all function relatively the same. They are incredible statsticks that want to bait you into fighting them. Incredibly oppressive, but only if you fall for it. Otherwise you completely outscale and obliterate these picks.
Kayle! This one might be weird. But Kayle's level 1 all in is better than Gwen. But this is only the small part. The biggest thing is that Kayle does not need to snowball to win the game. She only needs to hit certain level/item thresholds, and doing this as a ranged champion with large movement speed buffing, invulnerability, and a slow, is not very difficult when considering the weaknesses of the oppositon. Gwen R changes DID make her significally stronger against ranged matchups, but Kayle is the upper echelon of "ranged" champions. These buffs meant very little against her. And you COULD argue that ghost should help, and that it does. However, Kayle can simply run ghost to match, as flash is not that necessary on her, especially with her buffed ultimate. By the time Gwen hits cosmic drive and can actually MAYBE catch up to kayle, kayle has also probably hit a few items and has essentially won lane effortlessly, just by matching your tempo. And kayle will never lose to a gwen past level 11
My #1 Most hated matchup is Sett. He is a statstick, has good extended and short trades, insane burst that has the limitations of a dps, good sustain, good cc, good aoe.... the list goes on. However, overloaded champs are nothing new (and yes, I do think even if his kit looks simple, the actual functions and properties of his kit are overloaded), but what irks me the most is I can nail the W spacing on most champions, but with sett it feels impossible. Unless I have E up it feels impossible to dodge his W, and even then his Q does more than enough damage. I overall permaban either Riven or Sett. Other picks like fiora or darius may be more frustrating to others but Sett and Riven have given me hell on earth playing this champion.
Anywho, on other matchups that are generally easier:
Sion. This is pretty self explanatory.
Ornn. Definitely some powerful damage in the early, but once you have riftmaker this matchup is just free kills.
Illaoi. I've heard people don't like this matchup but I find it just as easy as sion if not less satisfying because theres less health to cut through. There's absolutely no way her e should ever hit you.
Mundo. oblivion orb will drown him for the entire game. even ignite will suffice(but i like to fight a LOT). He also only has 25% of his passive against you, and his w requires him to come into range of you and tank whatever you throw out.
Shen/Kled/Urgot. These feel similar to me. These are picks that have intense kill pressure early but without their crucial spell you 100-0 them. As long as you dont waste spells just cuz, you will win these
Tahm Kench. Cheese pick, but unlike warwick and etc this is only dangerous if you are close to his turret.
Gangplank. i mean... it is incredibly easy for you to avoid barrel damage with e and w. additionally, with a slow and ignite he will HAVE to cleanse one or the other, and just having one of them applied is enough to kill, so you can just spread them out. He's also completely immobile so you can land everything very easily.
that's all i really have to comment on. k'sante has potent damage but still completely loses if you arent pushed under his turret. garen is easy, darius is... darius. camille is skill matchup, yorick is fine if you dodge e. etc. I was just bored and wanted to talk. if you read all this, thanks for that
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2023.05.20 00:38 Soulmario Kled item guide for patch 13.10 - Soulmario :]

I don't normally post my videos here, but just thought after such a big patch and seeing a lot of build discussion I would make a video talking about what I think are the current best items/builds for Kled and what's been working for me.
It's fun to talk about and theorycraft new things to try whenever there are big changes like this, so wondering what you guys think about the current items :]
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2023.05.19 01:26 Stirnekar Runner I

The Port of No Return was a space station; and, it was one with a reputation. In a far off, tucked away corner of region twelve, the Port of No Return had made itself the region’s local hub of lowlifes and those who didn’t want to be found. In a way, the Port was neutral ground. Grudges were left at the door. At least, they were supposed to be. As with all rowdy places packed to the brim with those who viewed laws as “optional”, there were still quite a few scraps, though bounty hunters fulfilling the role of “peacekeepers” tended to dissuade these brawls from turning lethal.
Jer’ell moved from where he was standing in the entryway to the cockpit, over to the seat beside Saint. He plopped down into it, sinking into the comfortable padding of the seat. Despite still being slightly dazed from the nightmare, he quickly flipped a number of switches and keyed a handful of inputs needed to take direct control of functions that had been switched to autonomous during the jump.
“Sending the docking request,” Jer’ell called over to his droid co-pilot. He vaguely noted S8-NT’s nod in his peripheral vision. Jer’ell pressed a few buttons on the short range transmitter, directing it towards the docking bay transponder. He keyed in the docking request. “Now we wait.”
“Indeed,” Was the droid’s monotone reply.
A moment later, a feminine voice, covered slightly by static, came through into the cockpit. “Rishi’s Wolf, you are cleared for landing. Head to Cresh Six.” There was then a small chime as the broadcast ended. Jer’ell glanced over to Saint.
“Cresh. That puts us right where we need to be. Bring us in.”
The droid nodded once more, before pushing the controls forward to accelerate the ship, heading towards the docking bay.
》❖ ◈ ❖
Before disembarking from the Wolf, Jer’ell had changed out of the lighter, somewhat sweaty, clothing he had worn to sleep, and into his more standard workwear. He donned his typical overcoat, pulled on his belt and blaster, and tied on his black cloth headkerchief.
He stood near the enclosed turbolift at the end of the hangar bay. Saint had already departed while he was getting changed. The plan had been to split up, with Saint shopping around for some potential jobs and bartering for supplies, while Jer’ell ran his own errands and met with some acquaintances.
Jer’ell turned back to look at the YV-929 light freighter. Rishi’s Wolf was a beauty. At least to his eyes. Where others might see an old corellian ship with a myriad of hobbled together repairs and aftermarket upgrades, Jer’ell saw freedom. He smiled to himself as the doors of the turbolift whooshed open. A simple ding, drawing further attention to its arrival. Turning around, he stepped inside.
After a short turbolift ride, and a slightly longer walk, Jer’ell emerged from out of the docking area and into one of the main levels of the Port of No Return. A variety of odors and aromas battled for superiority as they reached his nostrils, his eyes were assaulted by a variety of neon holo-signs that dotted the dingy, open interior. He had heard the wide open segments of this level colloquially described as “thoroughfares”, but Jer’ell wasn’t sure if that was the official terminology.
In a way, the various levels made the Port more like a small city, rather than your typical wildspace station. The large open corridors where six people could easily stand shoulder to shoulder, connected a variety of storefronts and cantinas (there were a lot of cantinas) together. There were also small branching hallways that broke off of the larger corridor, forming some equivalent to alleyways.
Jer’ell found himself ducking down one of these “alleyways”. For a newcomer, the Port could be something of a maze, with dreadfully little signage outside of the bright advertisement for the more… tourist trap storefronts. There was an occasional tag on the dark walls of the alleys or thoroughfare that gave some direction, but those could be quite hit or miss.
Fortunately, Jer’ell knew where he was going. He rounded a corner, before heading a short distance further. Eventually he reached a small building, with its durasteel shudder raised, he stepped inside. To call it a building might be a touch generous. It was a garage. Warm, albeit dim, light illuminated the room, revealing a number of speeder, starship and droid parts scattered on various shelves, work benches, and even on the floor where they had been pushed into a corner. This far into the twisting halls of the Port, it wasn’t particularly meant to be presentable. It was more of a place that Masra Kled, the utai proprietor of Masra’s Mechanics, went when she didn’t want to be bothered by the riff raff that loitered around the thoroughfare near her actual shop, but didn’t mind the company that knew where to find her. Jer’ell had been introduced to the reptilian utai during his first trip to the Port of No Return.
Against the far wall was perhaps the cleanest object in the room. A jukebox that was currently blaring out some upbeat spacer tunes. Jer’ell paused at the entrance to briefly listen. To his ears it sounded like a tune he might hear somewhere like Nar Shadda. With the slight static tones of the jukebox, Jer’ell couldn’t fully make out the words or language of the lyrics, but it sounded like the singer might have been a twi’lek. Regardless, he found that he liked the upbeat and energetic rhythm of the music.
The industrious mechanic was currently resting on one knee, humming along with the music while leveraging a hydrospanner to secure a large panel to the chassis of a thrown together speeder bike. Jer’ell knew that Masra typically worked on smaller or personal projects at this garage, while leaving the larger and more intensive repair work for a maintenance bay which was larger and closer to the thoroughfare. Masra did good work and Jer’ell thought it was a shame that she had set up shop here in the Port where she’d continue to be overshadowed by Solanis Scrapyard and Repairs.
The metal plate creaked and strained as it rotated downward, falling out of place. Masra swore in a language Jer’ell didn’t recognize, before muttering about clamps and “that spineless son of a hutt”. Jer’ell crossed the room, helping raise the metal panel back to its proper position.
“I got it,” Jer’ell said as he gently righted it.
“Hm?” Masra glanced up, her large eyes narrowing at his unexpected appearance before widening with delight. “Ah! Jer’ell! Good to see you! Let me just finish up real quick and I’ll pour you a drink.”
After about a minute, the metal panel was securely fastened to the speeder and Jer’ell had been seated at a small table with two metal chairs pulled up to it. Masra came out from a side room with two glasses with a light yellow liquid inside of them, signs of frost were visible on the sides of the glass not near Masra’s fingers. She set the drinks on the table, before sitting across from Jer’ell. She tapped her fingers against the surface of the table before taking a swig of her own drink.
“So what brings you to my humble hideaway, Stirnekar?” She asked, leaning back in her seat.
Jer’ell leaned forward a bit, bringing his glass to his lips. He took a small sip before answering. The drink was one Jer’ell recognized as a chilled corellian. It was a popular cocktail. “Followed up on that tip you gave us. Figured you would want to hear about it.”
“Indeed I do.” The utai leaned forward, placing her hands on the table. Intently listening to whatever Jer’ell had to say. The music had shifted slightly, slowing down. There was a male singer now with a deeper voice who was rapidly singing.
“Found the derelict where you said it’d be,” Jer’ell began. A few days ago Masra sent S8-NT and Jer’ell a tip about a derelict adrift in the Vaedas system. Having finished up a few objects, they stopped by on their way back to the Port. “Seems like some looters had gotten there first. Grabbed everything that would shine if held up to a light.”
“That’s too bad.” Masra nodded solemnly.
“They didn’t get everything of value though. Mostly kept to surface level components. Saint and I went digging around. Pulled out panels, disassembled some stuff. There was some good components that had been left behind.”
“Glad you found something.” Masra’s eyes glinted with delight. Jer’ell nodded in agreement. He then shifted in his seat, leaning back slightly to stretch.
“The way I see it, you gave us the tip.” He finished adjusting. “So you get the first look.”
“Well, let's see them.”
》❖ ◈ ❖
The bartering had gone well and Jer'ell left Masra with a lightened bag and a moderately increased credit account. While the Port of No Return was technically an area of neutral ground, walking around carrying a lockbox of credits tended to make someone a target. For that reason, Jer’ell had opted to simply arrange a credit transfer. Masra was happy to oblige and both parted ways quite pleased. The utai had chosen to purchase a number of the choice parts as well as some lower quality scraps she might be able to get some use out of. In addition to credits, Jer’ell also received a promise she'd direct similar tips to the Wolf in the future. Despite the exchange, Jer'ell still had a number of scavenged parts that needed to be sold.
Which brought him to his next stop. Jer’ell made his way back to the main thoroughfare, heading down it for a short while before arriving in front of a different storefront. This one was larger than the storefronts on either side of it. Gebb’s Manufactory was one of the largest businesses in this part of the Port of No Return. It was run by Gebb, the besalisk proprietor, and employed a number of the washed up scoundrels and renegades who turned up at the Port. Gebb provided them a chance for an honest living, or at least as honest of a living as one can expect at the Port.
The Manufactory was an interesting place. Gebb had lived through a Separatist occupation during the clone wars and, like a number of clone wars survivors, had developed a prejudice against droids. However, the besilisk's prejudice ran deeper than most. He refused to use droids or large scale automated equipment to manufacture his goods or perform menial tasks. He claimed that he believed every organic ought to have the right to work, not be replaced by machinery. This gave Gebb’s Manufactory a reputation both positive and negative. One of the more positive aspects was that parts could be viewed as "handcrafted" rather than simply being straight off the assembly line (though that isn’t quite true). Additionally, Gebb became known as someone who would hire anyone, for better or for worse.
Still, even without the use of more automated equipment like many industrial complexes across the galaxy, Gebb had a head for business and worked wonders as foreman. Gebb’s Manufactory had seen a good deal of success in the Port as a one stop shop for ship, speeder, and droid parts. However, Gebb’s unwillingness to use droid’s all but ensured that Gebb would never be able to expand outside of the Port of No Return.
Musings about business aside, Jer’ell entered the factory, making his way into a well cleaned lobby. The lobby was simple, but comfortable enough for any customers waiting around during particularly busy business hours. A number of padded chairs filled the space, with a handful of screens mounted upon the walls playing broadcasts of either the local news or sports of Region 12. It was something Jer’ell would have expected from some corporate office in the coreward worlds rather than a factory in a station packed full of nobodies, thugs, and smugglers.
At the end of the lobby, behind a desk set in front of large blast doors, sat the receptionist. The receptionist was a pantoran woman, with quite elegant features and pastel pink hair was done up in a bun. He floundered for a moment, trying to remember her name. He failed to. Regardless, he made his approach.
The light blue skinned receptionist sat up a bit straighter as she noticed him. It seemed to be a slow day, so she must not have expected customers. She beamed, her eyes bright as she greeted him merrily: “Hello Mr. Stirnekar.”
“Good fortune,” Jer’ell mentally kicked himself again for not remembering her name. Especially since she seemed to remember his. “I’m here to see Mr. Gebb, if he’s in.”
“He is!” she replied, pressing a few buttons on the desk’s terminal in front of her. “The factory is about to go on break.”
Jer’ell nodded. He had tried to time things so that he would arrive during the break, so he was glad to find that he had been successful in that particular endeavor.
“Very good. May I go in?” he continued, jerking his head towards the blast doors.
“Oh! Yes, of course.” The receptionist quickly keyed an input on her desk, the blast doors slid open with their signature whoosh. Jer’ell began to step forward.
“Wait!” the receptionist cried, a bit loudly, her hand reaching towards him. Her fingers brushed his arm, lingering there. Jer’ell stopped and waited. The receptionist didn’t say anything. He turned to look at her. She was staring at him, almost as if dazed.
“Yes?” he inquired.
“Ohsorrysorry,” she muttered quickly, snapping back to attention. She withdrew her hand quickly, flushing. “I just wanted to say, have good fortune.”
“Thank you,” Jer’ell said politely. The receptionist quickly turned away, and he took that at his clearance to proceed. He continued forward, heading properly into the factory. The factory itself was quite large and a sharp contrast to the lobby. It had the shared characteristics of dim lighting and grime that the rest of the Port of No Return had. Various tables and conveyor lines had been arranged around the large, long interior of the factory. A number of workers from a myriad of species moved back and forth between workstations, putting away equipment and generally tidying up. Jer’ell picked out a sullustan, some zabraks, and maybe even a trandoshan amongst the crowd of workers.
At the end of the factory there was an office, raised off the ground to overlook the rest of the area. A door led out of it, onto a railed metal balcony. Standing atop the balcony was Gebb. The large and burly, four-armed besalisk had his upper two arms crossed, with the lower two arms holding onto the railing as he leaned over the side.
The factory workers finished putting everything away, before scurrying back to positions near their assigned workspace. Gebb cleared his throat. The workers seemed to almost lean forward. Jer’ell could feel the anticipation in the room.
“Great work everyone! I know things have been tough,” Gebb started, his voice booming across the factory, “especially with that rush order yesterday.”
A few of the workers nodded and murmured some vague noises of agreement.
“But!” Gedd continued, “I am proud to announce that we are officially ahead of schedule!”
There were a few cheers, some clapping. Jer’ell saw some workers embrace. Gedd preened, waiting for there to be silence.
“So far ahead of schedule, that we’ll be taking the rest of the day off!” There was a stunned silence at that. Then some more cheering, before Gedd carried on. “Enjoy the rest of the day. Same time, same place next shift. Don’t forget to clock out!”
The workers began to disperse, gathering their things from lockers in an adjacent room. Gedd inspected the area from the balcony before looking Jer’ell’s way. He waved one of his four hands, before calling out: “Don’t think I don’t see you there, Jer’ell Stirnekar!”
It was quieter than the earlier shouting, but definitely still loud enough that the whole factory probably heard him. Jer’ell did a mock salute, while Gebb hurried down the metal stairs, before crossing the factory to meet him.
“It’s been a bit, hasn’t it, Gebb?” Jer’ell asked.
“It has! You ditch that bucket of bolts yet?” Gebb nodded, indicating the lack of Saint’s presence.
“Not yet,” Jer’ell said, somewhat indignant. S8-NT was a friend. No matter how justifiable Gebb’s prejudice might have been, Jer’ell was still nettled by his words. “I wanted to talk.” “Of course, of course!” Geld nodded, ushering Jer’ell towards his office.
Gedd’s office was quite neat. Everything had a place and was in that place. A number of pieces of art and old posters from big sporting or racing events hung on the walls. There were some small trophies that Jer’ell faintly recalled being from a relative setup in some shelves. Jer’ell took a seat at Gedd’s large desk.
Gedd plopped into his chair, his lower arms slapping against his thighs. He placed the elbows of his upper arms on top of the desk, clapping his hands in front of him. He began: “So. What can I do for you, lad?”
Jer’ell turned his head, gazing out the window, overlooking the now empty factory. He was curious, so he asked: “You really that far ahead?”
“Hm?” Gedd hummed, before shaking his head, “Nah. That rush order was a biggun. Hurt morale a fair bit. Productivity has been down because of it. I think the rest will do them well.”
“I see.” Jer’ell nodded.
“But that’s not why you came. So, you going to spill, or am I gonna have to wring it out of ya?”
“Making the rounds. Looking for some work. Wanted to see if you had anything that needed to be shipped out or picked up.”
Gebb nodded, raising a hand to stroke his wattle. “Let me check. One moment.”
He opened a drawer, before retrieving a datapad that was almost certainly too small for his hands. He quickly tapped away at it, before sighing and shaking his head.
“Nothing?” Jer’ell asked.
“Nope. All of the recent orders are picking up here. Sorry kid.”
Jer’ell grimaced slightly at that. Not particularly bothered by the lack of work, and more so by being called “kid”. He had seen too much, lived through too much… He sighed slightly, forcing himself to calm down.
“You could always do a few shifts at the factory if you need some quick credits,” Gebb offered politely, but Jer’ell was already shaking his head.
“It’s alright Gebb,” He paused, “I appreciate it though. There was another thing.”
“Oh?” The besalisk leaned in.
Jer’ell placed the sack with the remaining salvage on the desk.
》❖ ◈ ❖
The bartering had gone about as well as Jer’ell had expected. While Gedd could be a generous and gracious friend, he was still a businessman. He drove a hard bargain and seemed to enjoy the verbal jousting of bartering. Gedd delighted in engaging in the nitty gritty of the deals, which often left Jer’ell mentally exhausted (though his lack of sleep probably didn’t help).
Still, Jer’ell was satisfied with the outcome. Gedd was interested in buying everything. Even broken or nonfunctional parts could be melted down or disassembled for spare parts. After about two hours of back and forth, Jer’ell had left the Manufactory with a bit more pocket change than he had entered.
He pulled out his cylindrical comlink, before contacting S8-NT.
“Hey Saint, I’ve finished up with Mesra and Gebb. How are things on your end?”
“I expected you to take another thirty minutes with Gebb,” Came the droid's reply from the communication device. “I have finished up my share of the errands.”
“Good, good.” Jer’ell considered for a moment. “We’ll rendezvous at the Salted Mynock.”
“Affirmative,” Saint replied.
Jer’ell tucked his comlink away before turning down the thoroughfare, heading deeper into the Port of No Return.
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2023.05.17 20:56 Thedrp8 Any chance Kled could build Shiv?

Usually tank is the move on Kled, but could an hit build potentially add shiv?
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2023.05.17 12:14 1nc000 "Goredrinker is already reasonably powerful, but it’s still lagging behind Sunderer". isn't this just a straight-up lie?

..seeing as all of its intended users have completely dropped the item in favor of other mythics except jarvan, lee, and to a lesser extent red kayn and xin zhao, id say that riot's statement on goredrinker is a flat-out exaggeration

champions who you'd expect to build goredrinker dont anymore. riven, fiora and aatrox who are big fans of the active have dropped it for other mythics. other users like illaoi, irelia olaf, renekton, kled and sett have other interesting and popular mythic choices

i understand that riot is afraid of buffing the item just in case it ends up becoming a balancing nightmare again, but saying that its "reasonably powerful" is a blatant overstatement

league of items
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2023.05.16 21:15 kesucolegend Toughts on new patch

A few time ago i started playing "assassin" crit kled and its being the most fun and useful build i ever did for him that you can actually one shot everyone after 4th item if you're ahead. Im not actually an og kled player to say this but the bruiser and tanks builds kinda sucks, the itens arent very synergizing and dont give enough ad and ah, the most important stats, they are fine to go but its actually hard to carry especialy if your team is behind because you got a pretty small damage compared to other champs, even with damage items full build kled dont pass over 500 ad (without conq procs of course). So thats why its so good to go full ad kled and the crit build is one of bests techs for him, and people were making eclipse for so long that i think they didnt realise how important this item is, gives a lot of ad and ah (which is already better than all other mythics), gives us letality, great for snowball, and armor pen for passive mythic maximizing our damage, and this is already amazing but dont stop here, the item passive gives us one of best shields, which procs on aa, it is perfect for survivability and remount, gives ms, another great stats since one big problem for kled is reach champs for his AA an q range, and still gives us %hp dmg, i mean, there are certaly more op bruiser items but i think, in a balanced way, that eclipse is the best item that kled could ask. But now you cant build this tech since navori will be mythic. The only build that allows kled to oneshot if you're ahead will be huge nerfed. There's no item to substitue eclipse, without lacking survivability, damage, mobility, every item you try will show you how dont having this stats hurts kled.
And i know that eclipse mythic is gonna be better, but its not that much, only more small stats and the mythic passive with more ad (armor pen stills gets better value). I feel like navori should stay legendary because only a few champs that go crit modifier prefer this over IE, and these will have to choose between traditional mythic or navori, like us, and you can only build one of them anyway.
What do you think about this and what you will build for max dmg in this new patch?
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2023.05.16 09:58 Psychological-List20 Who still uses goredrinker? Prowler's Claw goodbye???

I only recently played like the past two weeks or so since season 12 last year, and I see that Eclipse is the way to go, but for old time sake i started building goredrinker again along with ravenous hydra, black cleaver, and then death's dance. Anyone else still rocking goredrinker? I really like the increased survivability with goredrinker, like Garen and Darius ult should delete me, for example, but goredrinker keeps me up. What do you guys think?
Also, what do you guys think of prowler's claw? I only recently discovered how cool it is in closing distance. But in 13.10, they're demoting it to just legendary and removing the active? What do you guys think of Prowler's Claw for Kled?
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2023.05.08 22:02 DianaBotz New kled main

just picked up kled in my silvegold games got a 54% wr right now build ravenous hydra- eclipse -black cleaver- into deaths dance or maw. Any tips are helpful SKARLLLLLLLLLLL
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2023.05.08 13:30 Dead_Hard I can't play against Illaoi. Her damage is ridiculous.

I am Sett main with 300k mastery with around 56-57% winrate currently in Silver 1. The only champion that deals me so much trouble is this bullshit Illaoi. I swear to God every time I see her in lobby urge to dodge becomes almost unresistable. No matter what I do, what I build, she always beats me in the end. Kled, Vayne, Quinn, Renekton, Jax, GP - all of that is manageable and winnable, but Illaoi is just absolutely unplayable with close to zero outplay potential. Even if I dodge 90% of her E's, this 10% still hit and I either take the damage = 1/3 of my HP dissapears, or run away from E range = no XP and gold from minions + potential damage from 2 more tentacle hits I am forced to dodge. Funny part is that the she has no cooldown on her her E, so the moment you leave her "realm" her E already off cooldown. If I don't play aggressively and stay behind minions she just free farm and poke me with Q every time I try to lasthit a minion. Rushing Steelcaps so I can negate some damage and have a little easier time playing bullet hell on champion with no mobility looks like a good idea until she builds Cleaver + Sunderer. Also she can still beat you even an item behind. All she wants is to build Cleaver + Sunderer or Frozen Gauntlet, Steelcaps and split push into your nexus while you cant stop her. After all that rant no big brain needed to understand - I permaban this champion. Despite all of that, I still have a very strong feeling that I am doing something wrong or missing some point in her kit. So I am asking for an assistance, advice how to play, what to build or maybe the monent when shes vulnerable - any advice is welcomed.
Almost forgot to mention that if I am second to pick against her I go Morde and don't have any problem. I also play Shen a lot and Illaoi is almost never a problem.
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2023.05.08 12:48 CoolFennec How to self improve as new player? (I feel that I am doing no damage)

I started playing League with no prior experience with MOBA titles (and little to none in RTS), so as you can imagine I have a lot to learn/improve. I picked up ADC role and after long time of getting stomped all the time, I am getting stomped a bit less frequently :)
As mentioned I am still new to the title (just hit 30 lvl), but it feels that I am doing a lot wrong on a fundamental level, yet sadly I cannot point what.What I wanted to do is to split my mistakes to tackle them one at the time. When I die out of position I know what I did wrong, but when I deal no damage, I cannot point what I am doing wrong. It is so bad that my support sometimes outdamage me. Moreover, when I play against a more competent opponent or play the very champion myself it feels like stereotypical "The Boss When Fight Him vs. When You Unlock Him As a Playable Character".
Because of steep learning curve I use runes/item builds from the Internet, but somehow still I am doing poorly with them. Example: game was so long that almost everybody had 6 items, yet as Jinx with full Exodia build I couldn't even scratch enemy Kled.
I read that once the map is more open I should go mid-lane, becase ADCs are the squishiest champions, but once I do that I get spam pinged by my midlaners (of course it is not ranked, are pubs different in that aspect?).
I tried looking up help on YouTube, but almost all videos are about "THAT ONE MISTAKE EVERY ADC MAKES, WHICH STOPS YOU FROM HITTING CHALLENGER EASILY!!!", if you know any resources, which are for beginners (but not "Your objective is to destroy enemy Nexus" level) feel free to share :) (thanks in advance).
To summarise:
Sorry for it being so chaotic, thanks for help in advance (my terrible stats for wizards who can read useful information from them -> op.gg stats)
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2023.05.04 09:26 LULALIVRECADEIA Everyone is getting new items and new builds, but nobody talks about riot killing lethality sion.

The Lethality build for Sion is the most famous and popular off-meta build in the game. In the past season this build had a win rate of around 46%, and even then, approximately 20% of Sion games were played with this build. However, due to a recent nerf to his passive, the build's win rate has dropped to 42%. Additionally, in the next patch, the dash from Prowler's Claw will be removed and replaced with damage that Sion cannot even use since he lacks invisibility or a dash ability.
Lethality build for Sion is significantly different from the tank version and can feel like playing an entirely different champion. Playing against Lethality Sion build may be frustrating, but the reason why some players may consider the Lethality Sion build toxic is not necessarily because the champion itself is toxic, but rather because it can counter certain champions. It's all a matter of perspective. If you were to ask an Irelia, Jax, Aatrox, or Kled player about the build, they would likely tell you that it's very weak. However, if you were to ask the same question to a Teemo, Jayce, or Gangplank player, they may say that it's the most overpowered and toxic thing in the game , there are many other champions in the game that can also be annoying to play against, such as Teemo, however, this alone is not a valid reason to delete the champion from the game.
One argument against the Lethality Sion build is that players who use it tend to die frequently. However, this is not surprising since even at its peak, the build only had a 46% win rate. Any champion at that level of weakness is bound to struggle and die frequently, especially a toplaner who is often isolated. The Lethality Sion build is not the problem, but rather a symptom of Riot's lack of balance. While some players may argue that the build should not be in the game, the reality is that it is already widespread within the Sion community and is one of the most popular builds. Therefore, Riot's decision to change the build is controversial and has left many players feeling disappointed and ignored.
If you go to the DirtySionMains subreddit, you will see that I am not the only one dissatisfied with the changes.
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2023.05.03 18:48 Aggli 13.10 Kled build idea

Youmuu's as your Mythic. Up to 38 lethality and a bunch of move speed.
Skip boots. Youmuu's is enough.
Ravenous Hydra for obvious reasons.
Situational stuff after that. Death's Dance for armor, Maw of Malmortius for MR. Edge of Night for more reliable engage. Mortal Reminder or Black Cleaver for % armor pen. Maybe even Prowler's Claw.
Runes: Conquerer, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Last Stand, Sudden Impact and Eyeball Collection.
Thoughts on this?
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2023.05.01 09:54 chiproller How might I have better itemized vs a Mundo in top paired with a duo Warwick camping top?

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2023.04.28 12:37 Filipino-Asker Getting targetted and stunned first when I try to dive with W. Help!

My teammates can't peel for me, all they know is focus on one thing is to not die while I need to go in without getting targetted first.
Also I tried building cut down for Kled and he melted in less than 3 seconds so he build a maw and I can no longer melt him. Any other builds I could try? I tried doing more dps by building pure AP with no health+ but I don't think it helps because the ADC keeps hitting me if I try to dive with W after stunning the jungler, support, and mid lane.

All I'm asking is what to do in this situation, but all I got is a downvote. I guess I'll be playing Ranked again and dive as Au-sol without making any progress.
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2023.04.24 23:12 Ambitious_Book9803 too hard to play?

I can't seem to make it work. they either run away and i can't finish them or i get too close and they just jump on me and kill me.
should i build crystal scepter or something? The damage isn't even that high unless you're insanely fed i guess. I couldn't hurt kled and was useless in group fights. Jinx did 65k and just owned my whole team.... guess jinx is my new perma ban. seems to be happening a lot.
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2023.04.20 10:19 Inflated_HIpp0 My new and improved kled mid build, now with goredrinker (pls help I can't get over gordrinker and I refuse to build eclipse!!!)

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