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2023.05.31 02:10 13Betterlucknexttime How to land the first internship + general advice?

Hi, I'll be starting my first year as a civil engineering student so ive been watching a lot of videos to get an idea of how to plan ahead. Im planning to switch out of civil and into mechanical, as that is my passion. One piece of advice ive seen online is to do an internship every summer break. I was wondering how i'd do this after my first year as from what ive seen hard skills like cad software arent brought up until second year. One tip ive seen is to join design clubs which my university does offer (very excited to join these) but are there any other things i should keep in mind? I also feel like id be really unprepared for an internship and maybe thats just nervousness but could yall let me know how your first internships went? Like what kind of work did you complete and what skills were you using? thanks!
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2023.05.31 02:09 Ok-Bug-4875 How can I get a position working at Sephora

I have been a makeup and skin care lover for a long time now and I’m always shopping at Sephora because it really is my favorite place I love learning about makeup and following current trends but every time I’ve applied as a beauty advisor I always get turned down I think it’s due to not having any experience to show or anything on my resume that showcases I know anything about makeup to those of you that are Sephora employees how did you get the job without any relevant experience
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2023.05.31 02:09 nosesinroses Puppy regressed so hard after puppy class.

Several weeks ago, I made a post here regarding my puppy being over-stimulated the entirety of our first puppy class, which looks like him looking rapidly around at his triggers (people, dogs), wagging his tail the entire time and panting heavily, to the point of trembling. Advice ranged from pulling him from the classes altogether or asking for modifications like a visual barrier which wasn’t available. The classes were in a very small room which really didn’t help. After speaking with the trainer, they suggested we move to advanced classes as my puppy was still responding well in his high arousal state and the location was a lot bigger. We gave this a try and while he definitely was still over-stimulated, he did do really well and I saw progress over the weeks. We had a class outdoors and he was by far one of the best behaved. I was proud.
Until last night.
For whatever reason, last night, he couldn’t handle it. He went back to the same intense arousal as the first class in the small room, but worse. He was trembling so bad. I was going to pull him out after 30min, but then we moved onto a “leave it” game which didn’t involve proximity to other dogs and he knocked it out of the park. I should have pulled him out then though, because the next activity involved a “meet and greet” where we walked towards another owner and dog, with dogs on opposite ends so they couldn’t actually meet. My puppy couldn’t handle this and to my dismay he started jumping at the owners and lunging at the dogs. Other owners criticized us and I walked out early in tears.
I had a very bad feeling about the repercussions, and I was right. Today has been horrible.
He is getting intense zoomies indoors as soon as the crate door opens which NEVER happens. He was finally starting to settle on his own and now he just wanders and pants non-stop again. We have a routine as we walk down the stairs in our apartment where he checks in with me on each flight, and I might as well have not have existed to him today. I knew before we even walked outside what I was in for…
He was extremely hyper alert and over aroused. We live above a shopping plaza so he has been exposed to people, dogs, heavy traffic, all the bells and whistles since day one. I have worked on properly exposing him to these things so he doesn’t get over aroused. But today, he was the worst behaved that he has ever been. The moment he saw a person or dog, no matter how far, he hyper fixated and either stopped dead in his tracks while ignoring my commands or pulled towards them. He pulled hard towards every single person who passed us which was extremely embarrassing. He had almost no unprompted engagement with me even though I have worked so hard on this every single day. Normally he looks at me every minute or so. He has NEVER been this bad. All it took was one stupid puppy class.
We obviously won’t be going to the final class next week, and he will be getting conditioned to a halti to hopefully stop him from pulling towards people. I was so proud of him because he didn’t need one…
I think a big reason why it’s so bad is because we don’t have a yard for him to run around in (I do take him on long line walks all the time, but haven’t much for the past week because of car issues). Another big reason is probably because I have no friends that live near me, so he doesn’t get to play with other dogs or learn how to greet new people properly. I’m not only an introvert, but kind of anti-social in general… it is extremely difficult for me to try to make new connections. That’s why I got a dog, to be my best friend. But I have tried countless times to connect with others for this dog so he can get the outlets he needs. None of these times have worked out. I have gone way above and beyond what 90% of dog owners do for this dog (not just meeting strangers for dog dates, but multiple rounds of puppy classes, private training, many books and hundreds of hours spent researching)…. and it’s still not enough.
I really like this dog. I am bonded to him. I know he is bonded to me.
But if we can’t even go for a walk in our neighbourhood without him being overstimulated the moment we walk out the door. Or find a quiet trail without off leash dogs running around. I just don’t know if this is sustainable for either of us.
This is the closest I have felt to wanting to throw in the towel. And now more than ever, it’s not even about me, but about this dog and what’s best for him. I don’t know how much longer I should hold out before I tell the rescue that he needs to go to a home with either a yard or another dog, or ideally both.
I am just so, so exhausted. And I feel so, so bad for my dog. I hate this.
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2023.05.31 02:09 chubbyfeetstinkyprin My school is forcing me to pay a fee that wasn’t my fault and now they dropped me from my classes

To give some backstory. I 20 F started attending this community college last fall and I can say my first time spending it. I was at the lowest point of my life but I hid it from friends and family through lying about how everything was going. I only attended the college so I can be away from family. Before coming there I went to a bit of a well known university that I didn’t want to go to. My GPA went from a 4.0 to a 0.73 because my mental health was so bad I barely showed up to my classes. I withdrew from it before going to this community college. I was still going through it but I decided to lie about my well being and was involved with so much drama that I was dragged into. I was fine with that and kept my mouth shut about everything bc I told myself I wanted to heal and get better. Since I don’t have the money to pay for therapy, I just sucked it up instead and finally came to terms with it during winter break. Now it’s spring and I can say it has gotten better and more manageable. I made more friends and started back working out. My mental health slowly changed for the better. I worked hard to make decent grades and get my GPA back to a 4.0. Now this is where I need some advice. So after spring semester, I decided to take summer classes so I can graduate in the fall. Half way through my summer classes I received a letter stating I have to pay a $2k fee. When I saw this it was as if the world stopped and the progress for a healthy mental took 10 steps back. I didn’t have that kind of money and nor does my family. I was confused and if it one thing I hate in this world it to be confused. I was confused because I received a student refund during that semester. So I stopped and took a deep breath before calling the business office of my school to see what was going on? The woman on the phone told me a third party paid for that semester. Now let me say as a broke freshman when I saw I had $3k+ in my refunds I was happy bc I could help out my family with food and supplies but also have money for myself. These people put me down as a Veteran Student and did not tell me until the summer. I asked the woman “Well, so why do I have to pay for something that wasn’t my fault,” she had the audacity to say “Well, you should’ve been more responsible and known I had too much,” now I’m in a frantic state because I have gone through trauma in my life where I got blamed for stuff that wasn’t my fault and still got punished for it. She told me I would still have to pay it back. I asked her “Okay then show me the where I put that I was student veteran,” she only showed me the student bill. She told me I would be dropped from my classes and my dorm room would be revoked if I didn’t pay it. I told her “How do you expect me to pay for something that wasn’t my fault.” She said “Your summer refund is enough to pay the fee,” I was pissed when she said that. I have a family to look after and I even asked her how much would I be for my refund this summer and did not tell me. I hung up trying not to have a whole mental breakdown. I was fuming but also panicking because all I wanted to do is go back into the girl I was back in 2022. I decided to write to the dean and received an email back saying I agreed to use my summer refunds to pay for the fee but she inform me on messaging another dean instead. She told me the dean of the business office lifted my upholds enough so I can register for my fall classes again but now I’m upset bc I don’t know if those classes are even available anymore. And I tried registering again but my PIN number did not work. I emailed him about the situation and explaining to him that it is not fair for ME to pay for a mistake that was caused by another. I told him it feels like I’m getting blamed for something I didn’t do. I didn’t hear back from within a week before I got an email saying my dorm room will be vacant because I wasn’t registered. I emailed him again and was irritated since I just finished my first set of three summer classes and made it out with all A’s. His email made it seem as if he didn’t even read the first one and disregard my situation so he gave me the email to his assistant which was the same woman who told me it was my responsibility to keep up with their work. I wrote her a lengthy message expression how unprofessional and unreasonable the situation was. And the only thing she sent me was an attachment to a Deferred Fees Agreement. Now I will put in that I only have until June 28,2023 to get my refund but that’s the same date I have until my room is revoked. Now I don’t know what to do since I’m just a broke college student that can’t get a job. Please give me some advice on what to do.
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2023.05.31 02:09 Honeydippedki Giant chip that went unoticed. I’m going to cry

I put $5000 down in a 2022 challenger 2 weeks ago and today I just walked out to my car and noticed a HUGE chip in the paint on my bumper. I have no clue how I did not notice this. I just saw it bc of the way the sun was reflecting on my car walking out of the gas station. To make it worst, it looks as if the previous owner or CarMax painted it in with red stuff?? Like wtf? How tf do they get away with this bs. I’m so pissed and idk what to do? I called and they tel me to call the service dept.
Such a nice car and that chip makes it looks so tacky….and then it was cheaply covered l.
What are my options? I have maxcare. Will they cover this?
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2023.05.31 02:09 According_Expert_771 Anguish while meditating

I was researching this for a while, and I haven't found people with the same problem as me. I have seen that some people get anxious while meditating, but what happens to me isn't exactly that. Sometimes, when my body falls asleep and I notice it, or if I have been a long time without moving, I start freaking out. I get this sense of panic and dread that feels physically painful. Almost as if someone was sitting on top of me. I am very new to meditation, but I have tried it in multiple occasions, and this always happens when I fall deeply into the meditation. Has someone experienced this? How did you get over it?
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2023.05.31 02:09 r3dzs Why is it always a fight to ask for help?

Just as my title says, every single time I ask for help with dishes, or honestly asking him to do anything, he will say yes; then do it half-assed, where I have to come and finish the job, or he won't even do it at all. Don't get me started on just basic stuff, like cleaning his own plate is "annoying" to him (he admitted this in our couples counseling) because he feels he shouldnt have to do it because he's tired from work, but I work too!
When ever I point out that I work and I'm tired too, he always uses the point how he works one hour more than me and it frustrates me to no end because he acts like that means I have no right to be tired either.
We always come to an "agreememt" where he never follows through. The first agreement was he does dishes when I cook, but to get around that he got his mom to do it! I had to insist he do it or he pays her (he picked paying her smh). Then we agreed he would rise off the dishes after dinner, he did for two days then just stopped. Then I asked him to just rinse off HIS own dishes, and that stopped soon after.
When I brought up how I feel like to him in our counseling session, he got super defensive and started pointing out what I DONT do. Granted, he's right, I don't mow the lawn or do laundry as often as he does, but I try to cook him a meal every day, I try to keep our house tidy and make the dog happy and healthy and I do yard work too!
He won't even bother trying to learn how to cook and it's always on me to plan and set up our dates.
I want to stop picking up after him, but his mom comes by once a week to help me pick up and do the dishes and I'm to prideful to let my house get messy based on proving a point and potentially making myself look bad to someone I have an amazing relationship with.
I also don't want to stop planning and set up dates because I know he'll never bother planning one.
I can't leave right away since I need to form a plan and get my finances in order. I'm just tired of the weaponized incompetence and I just wanted to vent and maybe gets some tool on how to ignore it until I leave
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2023.05.31 02:08 toomuchkaeti One of *those* walks

Oops this got long. I think I just needed to type it all out and share with people who get it.
Back story: Our older dog (2M, a wacky mix of Aussie, ACD, BC, APBT, russell terrier and a hint of Yorkie) is reactive to unknown people and dogs. It started as frustration-based leash and barrier reactivity with dogs only, then morphed into something more intense and fear based. In adolescence we started to see worsening territorial aggression.
We’ve done all the things, and made a lot of mistakes along the way (CC and LAT where our early trainers coached us to do it “as long as he was taking treats.” Turns out he can be taking treats long past the point where learning is possible, and all that got him was a conflicted relationship with food because we were shoving it in his face during high stress moments…).
As people in this know, the learning curve is high with your first reactive dog. But we dug in, took the Amy Cook classes, read all the books, practiced pattern games, found a great VB and better trainers, prioritized fulfilling his needs and tried to reduce rehearsal (almost impossible where we live in a large city, but we do a lot of sniffspots to minimize neighborhood walks). Even with all the things, he seemed to be getting worse.
But we’ve finally been seeing glimmers of progress after a few incredibly difficult months of escalating behavior and unsuccessful meds trials. We’ve had walks where there are no reactions to surprise triggers (!), and may have found a good combo of meds for him. I’m trying to hold on to those wins, but then walks like today’s happen.
It felt like everything that could go wrong, did. We stick to alleys to avoid people, and choose quiet times of day, head always on a swivel. But while he was focused on hunting some alley vermin, a guy in a hat surprised us coming around a corner (a combo of all his worst triggers). We started to u-turn and run the other way and a person walking their tiny puppy was coming the other direction down the alley, so we were effectively boxed in and all I could do was hold him back and try to mitigate the reaction. The guy walked past us sneering and muttered something about controlling my dog. (My dog that was wearing a big “reactive — needs space” flag on his leash…)
He was completely shut down after our walk in a way I haven’t seen in a long time. It made me so sad, and even though I try to shake it off, I also feel the shame of the neighbors’ glares (or their fear, which feels even worse). You can’t exactly stop and have a measured conversation about how your dog is just having a hard time and feels big feelings, but is actually the bestest good boy, while you’re holding him back as he lunges and snarls at a person.
I hate feeling this way. I just want him to have some ease in his daily life, and want the same for us. Now I’m trying to decompress with my favorite coping mechanism: browsing Zillow for unaffordable houses with yards.
If you made it this far, thanks for listening/reading. Give your Big Feelings pups some scritches from me. xx
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2023.05.31 02:08 Ralph1905 Help for 6yr old son

Help for 6yr old son
We are waiting on official diagnosis but it feels like things are moving slowly and I’m scared. My some keeps losing more and more weight. I’m reaching out here for suggestions for symptom management. He is suffering with persistent, daily diarrhea and vomiting (screen shot attached). He can tolerate rice and peanut butter on white bread but he has no energy. He’s lost interest even in candy he used to like. He says no to everything I offer him. He is taking zofran and cyproheptadine. I can’t tell if they are working. They have tested him for parasites and bacteria and all is negative. To be clear he is under medical supervision, but I need help in the meantime. 1) how long did it take to get a diagnosis - we still do t have a colonoscopy/endoscopy scheduled until next week. 2) other suggestions to help him increase caloric intake and settle his poor stomach?!
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2023.05.31 02:07 psych0fish I replaced the handle bars on my C4, AMA

Jokes aside, I was able to replace my handlebar (they call it a cockpit) with the part cowboy sent me as a warranty claim. I learned a lot about how the bike was designed and constructed. I’m convinced whatever engineers designed it did not consider serviceability or repairs. Very challenging and wishing there were bike shops that worked on these things.
I made an attempt to refill the brake fluid since I had to disconnect the break lines to replace the handle bar. I tried my darndest to use a bleed kit but it’s just beyond my skill level. Thankfully after calling several bike shops I found one willing to bleed my breaks.
Rest in piece anyone trying to get a cowboy repaired in the US because damn what a shit show. I didn’t even mention how they screwed up the parts they were going to send me and never sent the grips and sent me 2 left brake levers. Whatever orders system they use is non functional.
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2023.05.31 02:07 AutismAccount Please be careful who you trust online

This is related to the current controversy on this sub, but it's not directly a response to it. This isn't talking about anyone here. It's just a general warning. I've seen a few people express doubts that anyone would lie about autism or that people who lie about autism could be doing it for any reason worse than wanting attention. That makes me very worried for them. As someone else commented, some people lie about having autism because of disgusting and cruel sexual reasons, and I wanted people to understand how serious that can be.
(Trigger warning for non-contact child sexual abuse) To make a long story short, when I was a young teenager, I was in an online support forum for people who had experienced trauma. An adult woman around a decade older than me befriended me through forum posts and then private messages. She claimed to have a similar trauma history to me. Once she learned about my autism, she also claimed to be autistic, and she claimed every trait and symptom I have even if they didn't fit anything else she'd told me. She used both her alleged trauma and autism to manipulate me. Any time I noticed red flags in her, she either blamed it on my autism making me read things incorrectly or on her alleged autism making her communicate differently. She also blamed inappropriate sexual things on her alleged sexual abuse history. She spent years sending me sexually inappropriate messages, ignoring or guilt tripping me about any boundaries I set, and implying I was either abusive or socially stupid every time we argued. Eventually, I told my therapist what was happening, and the situation escalated to emails being forwarded to child protective services and the police. The woman had openly posted about having disability, rape, and "age play" kinks, but she claimed her messages to me were because we were friends and because I was "mature enough" for it to be okay. In reality, she was grooming me. She didn't have autism. She didn't have the sexual abuse history she said she did. She was claiming these things to manipulate me and because talking about them with me was part of her kink.
I know people here know in theory that people lie online. Please be careful in practice. It's vulnerable to be a minor online, but it's also vulnerable to have autism and to be a survivor of abuse. Some people can and do take advantage of those things to hurt others, including by lying about their own identity and experiences to get vulnerable people to let their guards down. It's okay to not want to accuse anyone of faking, but please don't trust anyone with sensitive information or ignore behavior that makes you uncomfortable just because they claim to be autistic. I don't want anyone else to go through what I did.
Again, this isn't aimed at anyone here, it's just something to keep in mind in general. It applies to real life situations and people too, but it's even more important online, when someone might not even be the age or gender they claim they are. I still get fooled sometimes, so I run everything by my therapist and partner now so that they can help me identify red flags that people are lying or want to harm me.
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2023.05.31 02:07 mindiimok Childhood SA Evidence on Adult Exam?

I (32 F, 5'8", 260, ADHD, BPD, PTSD, located in US) recently went through a severe traumatic event. While processing that event it opened up memories of a very old event I had lived with as memories but never actually thought about.
I was SA'd as a 4 or 5 year old (95-96) by a group of teenage boys. I am in therapy and currently working through this memory recovery and processing. What I want to know is, how likely is it my getting a pelvic exam NOW would show any evidence of childhood vaginal penetration? Some info I've read says you have to specifically ask an OB to find this but that it's possible, other info says there's not really any data about it.
My concern if I do pursue this is they won't be able to tell the difference between internal scarring I've had from childbirth (3 children delivered vaginally, one required stitches, one didn't tear and one did tear but did not need stitches though did develop a cyst and infection).
Is it too late? My memory before anything physical is cut off by memories of looking out the window where I was. My therapist says that's my brain dissociating during what it knew was a trauma. I have several boxes checked on the symptom list of childhood rape survivors including constant UTIs starting from around 4-5 years old, inability to climax, pain during intercourse (PFT relaxing techniques helped), feelings of guilt and shame when it comes to sex, extreme touch aversion, dissociating often, self harm, seeking painful stimuli (in the bedroom/BDSM, by watching shocking gore/deaths,) insomnia, having explosive episodes, those are just a few symptoms.
Oh and like I said I'm in therapy and currently take 300 mg effexor xr, 2 mg guanfacine, and trazodone or allergy medicine for sleeping (also for allergies). I drink socially or at dinner, 3-4 drinks per week, and sometimes use a delta 8 cartridge vape (thc∆8) 2-3 times a month. I am overweight but am losing weight, and have lost 50 lbs since October.
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2023.05.31 02:05 vleetman1 The small things

I’ve had a tough week. A tough month, a tough year, for as long as I can remember. Hard drug addiction, a multitude of mental illnesses, as well as being on the autistic spectrum. I started hearing voices a couple of days ago. Lately, though, I’ve been contemplating the reason I push forward. The truth is sometimes I don’t know the answer. Sometimes, the bad parts of me tell me to not keep going.
Sometimes, though, I’m reminded of why I keep going. It’s the small things. The stranger that asks you how your day went. The cute girl that smiles at you when you walk by. The pets that treat you like you’re everything. The stories of recovery after a hardship. The friend that compliments you. The achievement and sense of well-being that comes when you reach a goal. The partner you meet that warms your soul. The laughs that you have with your buddies. The feeling you get when you know you did the right thing. The hope that the next day will be better. The Small Things, that turn out to not be so small.
You woke up today. Many do not get the opportunity to say the same. I know it gets hard. I know the struggles and challenges you face make it seem like it’s not worth it. However, do your best to make small changes. And slowly, you will eventually be where you want to be. Try to appreciate the small things, and enjoy the happiness when you do find it. Thank you for listening to my rant. My only goal is that it helps someone, even just one person. It gets better
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2023.05.31 02:05 shoegal23 Cat Has High Liver Enzymes (ALT 2,000+) - How long before liver failure?

Species: Cat Age: 12 Sex/Neuter status: Female, spayed Breed: Short-haired domestic (calico) Body weight: 4.3 kg/9.5 lbs History: In early April my cat vomited, dry-heaved twice, took a few steps and passed out for about 30 seconds. We took her straight to the emergency vet who said it appeared to be a vagal response. My cat has always had a history of periodic vomiting, which her primary vet wasn't too concerned about, but the ER doc recommended seeing an internist to make sure nothing serious was going on. Her first appointment with the internist they did a sonogram, a GI panel and bloodwork. Sonogram and GI panel looked fine, but her liver enzymes were high (I believe ALT were around 750+). We further tested for hyperthyroidism, which was negative. Vet recommended a biopsy, but given that she was otherwise normal and healthy, I asked about less invasive options and the vet agreed we could trial antibiotics and then steroids if those didn't work. A 2-week trial of Veraflox increased her numbers into the 800s. We stopped the antibiotic and then trialed 5mg of prednisolone for 2 weeks. A recheck today showed her levels through the roof — I don't know exact numbers but they were in the 2000s. The vet said we need to reconsider biopsy to see what's going on, which I agreed. We are tapering the prednisolone and then will have the biopsy in about a month. Clinical signs: None. First week on the prednisolone she did seem a little more tired than usual but now seems like her normal self. Has been eating, drinking, and using the litterbox fine.
Duration: We've been aware of the high liver enzymes for approximately 2 months. Your general location: USA My vet told me there's nothing we can do until she's tapered off the prednisolone and has the biopsy. My concern is that my husband and I are leaving soon for a 2-week international vacation. While she is otherwise acting fine and my hope is that weaning her off the steroid will bring her enzymes back down, I'm concerned her condition could worsen while we're gone. I am going to call the vet tomorrow and ask, but I'd like to get second opinions. How long can a cat with 2,000+ ALT enzymes live before liver failure? How quickly could she go downhill and would there be anything we could do to avoid liver failure? Should I reconsider this trip?
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2023.05.31 02:05 MeatBGG Pomegranade - Fermented Licorice Flavoured Sauce

Pomegranade - Fermented Licorice Flavoured Sauce
Oh, boy, this one was close. Very nearly a disaster. But I figure it's good to post missteps as well as outright successes, if only to help prevent others from making similar mistakes. So, I bring to you the story of hubris and triumph, pulling success from the jaws of abject failure.
1 Pomegranate, juice and seeds (~ 340g) Red Habanero peppers (~ 110g) Star Anise (5g 1-2g) Cinnamon (1 tsp) Whole Cloves (3) Apple Cider Vinegar Brown Sugar
Process (my / wrong way): Start by driving your son to his college classes because the city buses are unreliable and left him standing at the bus stop for more than a half hour, and if you don't drive him he won't make the class. On the way home stop by the nearby grocery store and see that they have habanero peppers at half price, so pick some up, along with a nice sized pomegranate.
(most of the above is optional, but you need the peppers and pomegranate...)
Find and sanitize a 500 ml mason jar. Chop the peppers and add them to the jar.
Add the pomegranate seeds and juice to the jar.
Add 5 g of Star Anise and your brine of choice (3% is what I use). Weight and air lock your jar and leave set for about 2 months.
About a week before bottling roughly blend the ingredients with a stick blender. Get hit in the face with an overwhelming licorice cloud and realize, whoops, I done did something wrong. Taste the sauce and get overwhelmed by the licorice flavour immediately. It does subside quickly to be replaced with heat, but damn, that licorice is just too much.
You ever have a double-salted Dutch licorice candy? If you have this will immediately remind you of that.
Just. Too. Much. Licorice.
Oh, well, let's see if we can fix this. Add some apple cider vinegar, because it's gonna need it for consistency anyway toward the end. Hop on the Internet and see what magic ingredient is available to counteract star anise.
Now it's time to be dismayed, because soon you realize that nothing outright balances star anise. Your only real choice is to dilute it. Until you come across a suggestion to add complimentary spices, like others found in Chinese Five Spice, which is usually star anise, cinnamon, fennel seeds, cloves and Sichuan peppercorns. Intriguing...
With this information in hand, in addition to diluting further with apple cider vinegar later you decide to add some ground cinnamon (about a teaspoon) and three whole cloves. Contemplate adding fennel seeds, until you realize that they too have a licorice flavour and stop yourself just before it's too late. Leave out the Sichuan peppercorns because, well, I dunno really.
Let sit for a week and hope. And hope. And hope. And hope some more.
At the end of the week try the sauce again. Be amazed that the licorice flavour is, well, not so much muted as integrated with other flavours. While it is still the dominate flavour it's no longer overwhelming.
Add more apple cider vinegar and sugar for consistency and taste. Eventually be happy with a nice sauce that is licorice forward, moderately hot, and a touch fruity.
Wipe your brow, not realizing how much you were sweating over this and, as exhaustion sets in, declare victory. Pasteurize and bottle.
Process (the right way):
Not being a fool, you realize that 5g of star anise is just way too much for such a small batch of sauce, so cut it down drastically. Like, 1g. 2g if you're adventurous. You can add more at the end if you want, but you can't take any out. Chop the peppers and add them and the pomegranate goodness to a jar, along with cloves and cinnamon. Weight, airlock, wait, blend, taste, adjust, puree, adjust with apple cider vinegar and brown sugar, pasteurize and bottle.
Use AI to help you make a label.
Use this wherever you would use Chinese 5 Spice Powder, but want a little kick of heat.
Yield: 3 x 150ml woozy bottle, plus 1 60ml bottle.

Suitably named, since it almost blew up in my face (figuratively...)
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2023.05.31 02:03 Far_Cartographer5103 My younger F co-worker gaslighted me after I refused her advances

Well, this is a throwaway account because I don't want to be branded a you know what for no reason. Name changed for obvious reason. I'll refer to myself as J (26 M) and her as L (17 F). EDIT: While all this is happening, I should add that I am suffering from Major Depressive Disorder from years of bullying from elementary school up until my senior year in college...
So basically I was looking for a part-time job and started at this restaurant. She started a few days after me but I had to train her on the job. We became really good friends and I honestly thought of her as my little sister in a way, as my real little sister had basically cut ties with me and she has her own life. Anyway, fast forward and my girlfriend decides to dump me for no reason. So, in an attempt to kill myself, I drove my sports car really fast but a cop stopped me and took me to a kind of suicide watch place, where they bring people that attempt to harm themselves or have an active disorder. Anyways, I just basically had to call work saying that I was unable to come in and that's about it, so no one knew where I was, not even my housemates or my family, as they took away everything else and only allowed phone calls from their public line at certain times. The evening of the day I made that phone call, L somehow found me and brought our mutual good friend ( 19 M), we shall call him D. Both of them appeared at the foot of my bed when I woke up from a nap, and honestly, I thought that was the nicest thing someone had done for me in a long time. Anyways, after I got out a few days later and went back to work, I started to notice L had changed. She would get really flirty and constantly send me very, errr, you know..., photos that I obviously ignore and dodge by changing the subject like "hey your necklace looks good" or "did you know our other friend's car broke down" or some shit. Anyways, this went on for months, there was one time she even told another co-worker that me and her had this special corner and honestly, I was goddamn worried, because one, I am a full grown adult and two, she was like my little sister to me. But honestly, it only escalated from there. I had to actively dodge situations where it would just be me and her alone as she would start to do things like lay her chest on my hands or start playfully tickling me. I still dodged any romantic or sexual connection as I felt that we were like brother and sister. Suddenly one day, instead of being flirty or going back to the normal big bro/lil sis relationship we had before, she suddenly got really cold. Like, extremely I HATE YOU I WANNA SEE YOUR GUTS SPLAYED OUT ON THE FLOOR kind of hate. She backstabbed me to our boss saying that I was bossing people around while being lazy (I was promoted to a part-time management position). She would purposefully ignore me when I am making the schedule but answer anyone else, even the lazier manager. One time she left her jacket at work, so I took a picture of it and sent it to her and said "yo, your jacket here". She proceeds to ignore me and when I asked her did you take your jacket? She said our other friend told her about it, which was me to our other friend as I told him for some reason she was ignoring me. Anyways, many trips to the therapist and counsellor later, one of them told me to just tell her "I like you" and see, so I can either lecture her or if she doesn't like me anyway, she'll just leave, and honestly, I felt that I had to lose this relationship at that point, as she was getting really crazy. Anyways, I did tell her but instead of getting turned down normally or telling me she accepts, she proceeded to clock out immediately and never talk to me. She also told me all the flirtation she did of her sending photos was to everyone on her list, but she would purposefully send me angry faces or thumbs down when I ignore her, errr, photos... She unfriended me on the social media she used a lot, but for some reason kept me on the one I used a lot. She started posting stories to her public saying "I am so sorry, I fked up" with some sad song. Then she started posting how she wasn't happy with her hobbies anymore, and basically indirectly telling me like she's sorry, but since it's public and she said so herself, I sent it to "everyone", I kinda felt like I should ignore it but my dumbass thought I could rekindle our bro/sis relationship. So I tried to talk to her, with a peace offering, a really tasty drink that all of us liked. Anyways, she proceeded to tell me to stay the fk away from her. and so I respected her decision and did. But then, she unfollowed me but since I had not unfollowed her yet at that point, she posted a story about how she was stupid or some shit. Anyways. after I unfollowed her, our other friend told me that she stopped being active on the social media that I still use to this day. I don't know how to feel right now. I have quit my job as I don't want people to spread rumors about me, especially since I would've never done anything. But now that I am unemployed and school's out for the summer (I am still a college student...), I feel so dead everyday inside, like I am stuck and don't know what to do. Anyways, I am wondering what anyone else would do if they were in my position?

TL;DR: 17 F Coworker was hitting on me (26 M) for months, and after a period of dodging her, she started being very malicious. Told her I like her just to see what the result would be and ended up her doing some weird shit on social media that is basically indirectly telling me she wants to me to talk to her, while telling me to stay the fk away. She started spreading rumors so I had to quit the job too.
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2023.05.31 02:03 emeraldgreen9 Needing help with a major detail of my book's plot


I'm writing my first book. It's about the self acceptance journey of a young woman who was born with an integumentary condition that was activated in her after major trauma, the main symptom being a chalk-like complexion (color). It's paired with another trait and I developed a symbolism for her looks, but that's not what I'll talk about - I just wanted to give context behind this part of her design. There is an obstacle: in her country, there's an urban legend involving a female figure who looks almost exactly like her and she's afraid to be seen as evil to the point of doing her best to keep an innocent appearance. And now I'll go to the part that's being difficult for me to elaborate. Here we go...

The legend was inspired by a real girl who had the same condition and was murdered some decades prior to the time in the story. Two guys were responsible for the crime and, being from rich families, they (obviously) didn't want to be arrested, so one of them (criminal n.2) did some classic interferences like removing professionals from the case and altering proof, while the other one (criminal n.2) after a fisherman talked to him about the "colorless girl by the riverside who looked directly at him", decided to create the legend to divert people's focus (even to the point of making a film to further solidify the new public opinion), since the case became mildly popular at the small city she lived in. But despite her having isolational tendencies, there were a couple people who knew her so I have some questions for myself and others:

How did he manage to discredit the people who knew her?
Did he recommend criminal n. 1 to make people involved in analyzing the body be fired or get a job at another city/another state and make incompetent professionals be in charge of it (and other investigation processes)?
I'm also accepting suggestions. Give me your best ideas :)
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2023.05.31 02:02 This_0neGirl Free Oracle Card Readings! ♡

Hey guys! I'm back to give out some free oracle readings. I'll pull anywhere from one to three card, depending on the question. Just comment down below and if I'm drawn to you, you'll get a reading. Only thing I ask in return is to leave a review after the reading. I like to know how I did or what I can improve on.
As usual, the only things I will not read for are mediumship, health and legal matters. Everything else is fair game. Can't wait to hear from you!
Review Post:
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2023.05.31 02:02 lostmynine My job is constantly being threatened… by a loon with a god complex

One of my bosses likes to go on power trips and will start just harassing me non stop… I wont even be working but he will call and text me like he’s an overly jealous and possessive boyfriend and will make me answer to him on my personal time, to where I’m literally just a bundle of nerves because of the great stress he brings me.
Everyone says: “just ignore him fuck him you’re not even working at moment so don’t even worry about that shit”
Well… if I did that, I wouldn’t have a job so I just deal with it to keep the peace but I know it’s wrong and abusive and there must also be something inside myself that’s also wrong for continuing to deal with it (because I do come from a background of abusive relationships etc) and in a way I just enable the abuse to continue because in my mind…
it’s better than confrontation or having to deal with any further ramifications or consequences for the sake of my actual job because I have no pull of authority and no one to help me or back me up.
He’s always just belittling, bullying me and backing me into a hostile corner because he’s mad and unhappy with his own life I guess so he loves to try to make mine just as miserable…
Usually, when he gets going on a good power trip I just let him verbally abuse me and let him tell me how stupid I am and tell me how much my performance sucks… and he’ll sit there and say “if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t even have a job right now” which is not true, sure he could get me fired I’m sure but he acts as if my whole life depends on his existence…
So today I finally snapped and I told him: “Well you know… it’s funny you always say you could get me fired if you wanted too and are constantly threatening my job but you must’ve forgot that I also have some dirt on you, that you could be sitting in jail for right now….but you’re not so there is that…so go ahead and threaten my job again”
I never heard him so quite…but it still makes me mad that I have to be petty back just for the sake of keeping my job.
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2023.05.31 02:02 VariationSeveral1446 shahgholi vs griffith

What ended up happening at enigma? How badly did shahgholi get his fat ass handed to him? Can’t find any results posted
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2023.05.31 02:02 PhysicsSaysNo Help! What kind of lettuce did my wife get given for free, and how do we best plant it?

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2023.05.31 02:02 theblindgator Upholstery ideas?

After 11 years, the car’s finally falling apart. Anyone have experience in getting their upholstery redone? What are some popular options? Also, how long did it take your interior to start needing maintenance? Thanks!
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