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2023.05.24 12:13 Giga_Drill488 Video of LVNDMARK and DISTRUCT (Gigachad and Incel)

Hi guys. I speak Russian and made a video about the importance of lifestyle and how it affects PVP in Tarkov. I made subtitles in English for you! I'll be glad if you appreciate it :)
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2023.05.21 10:58 rClipsBot STREAM FIXED HOPEFULLY !GFUEL !NordVPN LVNDMARK_TV On Socials

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2023.05.21 01:40 retronax Lvndmark posted a raid where he encountered a lighting bug... Now if you showed this picture to somebody who has never seen the game, which side would they think is the side with the lighting bug ? I think that's kinda sad

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2023.05.20 21:32 normaldolphin Sour blue chug rug + juice Cannon!

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2023.05.20 13:08 SnooSketches2261 Seeking Info on "0 to Hero, no stash all bosses kill" Challenge in EFT

Hey, Escapers!
I'm on a quest to gather information about the "0 to Hero" challenge from Dr. Loopo in Escape from Tarkov, and I could use your help! This challenge involves defeating all the bosses in Tarkov without using a stash, starting from scratch with just a simple non-modified pistol.
I know that a few years ago, LVNDMARK successfully completed this challenge when there were only five bosses in the game. But I'm curious to learn about other players who have attempted or are currently undertaking this incredible feat.
One notable streamer currently taking on the "0 to Hero" challenge is KKersanovTV. They have decided to embark on this challenging journey starting Monday, May 22, 2023. You can catch the action at their Twitch channel:
Now, I'm looking for more information on other players who have attempted the "0 to Hero no stash bosses killing" challenge. If you know of any streamers or players who have taken on this challenge, especially recent attempts or ongoing runs, I would love to hear about them. Share their experiences, strategies, and any insights they can offer.
Let's use this post as a gathering place to share information, and stories, and inspire each other in pursuing this challenging endeavor. If you have any details or know someone who has attempted the "0 to Hero" challenge, including KKersanovTV, please comment below.

Thanks everyone.
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2023.05.16 03:59 normaldolphin Got my newest haul !! Cant wait for divine peach!!!

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2023.05.15 04:39 Opposite_Wheel_1077 Current State of Tarkov

Reflecting upon the last six months, it's undeniable that the game has experienced a myriad of challenges. This isn't the typical lamenting of an avid gamer, but rather a candid reflection on my three-and-a-half-year journey with this game.
Yes, the desync issues have amplified, and the presence of cheaters has become more prominent. The player pool, once teeming with diverse profiles, seems to have shrunk. There are balancing issues that need to be addressed, gunfights lack the thrill they once had, and AI fights aren't as smooth. Even player movements and other minor bugs appear more prominent than before.
Unfortunately, I struggle to pinpoint areas of noticeable improvement over the last six months. The new content introduced in this wipe cycle was minimal. The Streets map, while a welcome addition, was plagued with playability issues, dampening the excitement. Lightkeeper feels more like a distant dream than a reachable goal for most players, given its limited function and location. The shift in player behavior towards looting and avoiding PvP altogether is rather disheartening.
There was a time when the adrenaline rush of rushing to hotspots like Dorms Marked, Ultra Med, Kiba, Shoreline 301 for loot and engaging in epic battles was the game's driving force. However, these days, players seem to prefer a more passive approach, focusing on looting filing cabinets and duffle bags, avoiding confrontations. The thrill of battle has lost its appeal when the rewardsoften worth less than what one can earn on the flea market with items found in duffle bags and tool boxes.
We may attribute these changes to the developers' evolving vision for the game. But the constant changes in mechanics, such as the recoil system and the fluctuating difficulty of missions, indicate a lack of a clear roadmap. Over the last couple of years, it seems as though cheaters, rather than the developers, have been steering the course of the game.
Tarkov was a unique gem in the PvP landscape for the freedom and exhilarating fights it offered, aspects that seem to have faded. I recall the days when watching Lvndmark take a Thicc items case to labs kept you on edge of your chair. Now, you can't even carry three identical rigs in your backpack (LBT).
To bring back the glory days of Tarkov, a few tweaks could be beneficial - significantly increasing the loot in high-tier rooms (Example - Ultra should have a 25% chance of spawning a LEDX), reintroducing cases to marked rooms, and permitting cases to be brought into raids. The FIR system, though it has its merits, currently disincentivizes player combat. It's high time to stop allowing RMT and cheaters to dictate the direction of the game.
Thoughts? Are you happy with the current state of Tarkov?
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2023.05.12 11:34 ericecty Thoughts on the Tarkov Dying conversations and State of the Game.

Is Escape from Tarkov Dying??
This was originally a comment I was writing out on the most recent Tigz video in which he reacts to Lvndmark giving his thoughts on some game mechanic issues and general problems with the gameplay loop. It got me thinking about the divide between the Devs and streamers as well as top players, outlook on the game, and I started writing a ton so I figured I'd drop it here to see some of the communities thoughts on the whole Tarkov is Dying convo. Not saying I'm right or anyone is wrong, but I see a huge divide in each 'sub community' in Tarkov, whether it's the best players, the average players or BSG themselves, I feel like everyone has a different idea of what the game is and what it is supposed to be in the future. Anyone else noticing this? or am I crazy?
All the big "PvP" Tarkov Streamers have great points, but they are also contributing to the problem of the game dying as well, by constantly talking about problems they are frustrated with, that don't seem to line up with the direction the devs have for the game overall, IMO. I don't believe this game was ever intended to be a PvP focused game, it's survival first, so I feel Nikita and the team were going for a Greed = Punishment kinda thing with weight and looting stuff, which definitely needs some tweaking still for sure lol. I know things have changed over the years and the concepts have shifted a bit, but the main gameplay loop isn't taking out PMCs and stuffing full rigs inside bags, stuffed inside more bags with 4 broken down guns and parts, lol. The gameplay loop is getting in the area, accomplishing the quests on the map, getting any loot possible along the way and not letting anyone take you out in the process of getting to the extract. Yes, it's a PvPvE looter shooter, but it's a Survival, extraction shooter RPG as well, and it seems a lot of the best players are just too far separated from that idea after so many years of just squashing ppl and doing the same quests a million times, when most of us haven't even gotten half way through the questlines.
The problems are coming from both sides here, BSG and the Streamers equally scare off the average players as the wipe goes on, happens every wipe. But, I definitely agree with a lot of these thoughts and BSG can do some head scratching things, that contradict themselves.
Not even trying to say anyone is wrong here, I just see a massive clash of opinions on development concepts, an overwhelming amount of in game issues, a bunch of streamers that have played for so long they can't help but see glaring issues through the style of play they have, which is not comparable to the average player whatsoever. (which happens to most "Live Service" games) The lack of fun thing Tigz and others mention is very visible right now more than ever, but I feel that is still a lot of bleed over from the whole cheating situation a few months back.
I feel one of the Biggest problems is the lack of foresight to the future of the game as well, these guys know way more than us, but the game has a big growth spurt coming and we can't see the full vision, until we actually play the new gameplay loop ourselves when it changes. This is a major part of the issues as well, the many concept changes constantly clashing with already implemented mechanics, which hopefully will flesh themselves out as the game changes more. We can see a lot of this info through past Dev logs, and the new Roadmap, but until they implement things properly it is gonna feel like we are stuck between 2 different half done game loops in one game. Just seems the PvP focused guys want a totally different game than the devs do and it seems to be confusing and scaring off most average players, which is definitely circumstantial but sucks to see happen to a great game and community of players. Hopefully Arena can also help solve some of the PvP focused players issues by giving them a playground to go crazy in, while leaving the true Tarkov experience for the ppl that want it.
Think people need to preach playing the game the way you want to play a bit more, and enjoying it for what it is and give feedback while the game develops and hopefully we can see a good shift by middle of next wipe. Because this Wipe was great early on, until it turned in to a massive mess and a cheating wasteland a few months in. When you look at the bigger picture there is so many contributing factors, but it doesn't help a games life span if the biggest players and content creators are this frustrated. Gonna be tough for BSG to please them, while trying to cater to the average player base. Just think both sides of the coin have to make more compromises if they want this game to thrive. For the sake of Tarkov let's hope it works out well. I have faith it will for sure.
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2023.05.10 03:59 No_Map_4911 1v 5 ACE

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2023.05.09 05:34 crone_00 I'm a "Casual" and just got Kappa

Im what I would think is the "average" adult gamer. I have a full time job Mon-Fri, have a young dog thats always needing taken care of, I play and help coach sports for a local college, and I take a LOT of breaks from the game.
Ive been playing tarkov since winter 2018, but only really started playing a LOT of it in 2020 when I built a new PC that could handle it. I didnt even think I would get CLOSE to Kappa this wipe (last 3 or 4 wipes ive gotten max traders then played something else) I even took over a month and a half off of tarkov to play games with friends! But with the addition of Dailys and weeklys I found myself at level 50 WAY easier than I thought I would. Decided then to actually go for Kappa. I was behind on quests, had none of the kappa items, and could only play maybe 15 hours during all the weekdays. Weekends were where I REALLY grinded. (despite taking two weekends off for sports) Thankfully, with both the change of Keys no longer Barter only on flea, AND the spawns of both Gingy's keychain and Willerz wallet on scavs, I got all the items and all the quests done WAY faster than I thought it would take.
Too all the new people that just see a constant stream of "Kappa is unobtainable for the casual gamer" just know, while it is difficult, it definately is obtainable! I had a total of 708 raids and just 394 raids survived. The game wiped 131 days ago. It is almost dead even 3 raids survived, per day, that I got to achieve Kappa. Of course some days Id have 10+ survives on a day off, and other days id have 0 progress made. It all depends on how you play the game and your goals to achieve! So to all the Timmies and LVNDMARK's, Rats and Chads, Bush Wookies and W-keyers, Here is to a happy wipe, and may all your raids have the quest item you need!
Of these 708 total raids, less than 20 were with me queued with another person--much of which were giving kits to streamers.
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2023.05.08 19:04 hybrid_MD Which flavor mixtures do you guys recommend, out of the ones I have ?

I’ve also never tried gfuel with milk, as I don’t know which flavors I have (if any) would be good with it, thanks !
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2023.05.07 19:24 Elranzer LVNDMARK Juice Cannon review: More than the sum of its parts

LVNDMARK's Juice Canon is a reskin; it was previously released as Flavor Fusion. This flavor is a 50/50 mix of two existing GFUEL vanities, Sour Cherry and Blue Ice (Blue Raspberry).
I tried both Sour Cherry and Blue Ice separately, and both weren't that great in my opinion. So I skipped Flavor Fusion back in the day.
I gave Juice Cannon a shot because why not, and I also I like to support LVNDMARK (and not just because he's so handsome).
Surprisingly, the mix of Sour Cherry and Blue Ice is better than the flavors separately. Similar to how I enjoy ketchup but dislike tomatoes on their own. The Fusion is really there. It's sweet, sour and refreshing.
I still have a tub of Blue Ice collecting dust. If I could find some Sour Cherry, I'd mix them together.
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2023.05.06 03:54 Daedgrog Any good combos with these flavors?

Looking for good flavor combos😈😈
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2023.05.06 03:26 LearningKR unlocked the 5.56x45mm M856A1. is it a good ammo to use?

i just finished "the cult part 1" and unlocked the 5.56x45mm M856A1.
i remember when i asked this question several wipes ago, i was told its not worth using.
but did the meta change? (I havent played for about 3 wipes due to shit pc).
is this ammo good to use? the reason why i ask is bceause i see on highligh reels of lvndmark using this ammo very often. and he keeps commenting, whenever he kills someone tahts also using the ammo, "EVeryone is using the M856A1. its like the go to now".
so im curious if its worth it for me to stock pile this ammo off peacekeeper?
if its worth using, what changed this wipe that made everyone go to use ammo?
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2023.05.04 15:14 Ok_Stuff8820 Ive been digging for like 5 minutes and theres no scoop 🫥

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2023.05.02 03:24 LF_friends_PST How do I get these drops?

How do I get these drops?
This streamer hasn't touched the game. Streams don't show drops when I enter them and nothing shows in progress in my inventory, so what are the other "participating streamers?" Are these going to be given out some other way?

Also, are we supposed to receive doubles of things like the boxes and voice packs? I only have one of each. But for these below, I have none at all.
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2023.05.01 23:05 BigBurgs17 Bogo Arrived. Thought’s on my choices?

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2023.05.01 22:37 Senor_savagee BOGO part 2 came in

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2023.05.01 17:48 steadyz_ How do you quickly move items from your bag to another persons rig ?

This is my first wipe (LVL 14) and I know that ctrl click helps to quickly loot without dragging but I’ve seen lvndmark put his loot into a dead PMCs rig and then place that rig into his bag for space. So I’m just wondering how do you quickly move your stuff onto another persons rig without having to drag and drop?
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2023.04.30 22:48 ShamrockJesus Is there any other streamer we can watch for Tony's Armory?

LVNDMARK seems to be listed as the only streamer for that drop but he seems to only be playing tarkov
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2023.04.28 17:29 kingbobo_ Twitch Drops Question

For the Thirsty Pirate and Tony's Armory Twitch drops, can we ONLY watch AquaFPS (Thirsty Pirate) and LVNDMARK (Tony's Armory) to get those specific drops? Or are there other people we can watch?
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2023.04.17 21:13 TheGreganator LVNDMARK X GFUEL - Juice Cannon (sour cherry and blue raspberry)

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