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2023.05.30 18:49 odif8 Looking for positive affirms and empathy.

Hormones are kicking my butt tgis pregnancy.
I'm all up in my feelings today. I work in a very male dominated profession. I'm the only woman in my department at the moment. I try so hard to be one of the guys. I want to be respected for the work I do and not be seen as just the token female or the weak link. I'v been in my profession for 13+ years. I feel like I'm always pushed to the side or ignored. Never promoted. Not taken seriously. I get given office duty jobs and paper pusher jobs.. All the things the guys dont want to do. I dont normally mind cause im paid the same regardless if I'm in the field or at a desk....Then I got pregnant and broke my leg.
Now im sitting in an office on light duty watching the guys leave to do a week long training session together. All the fun training and team building exercises. Even my bosses are gone this whole week at it. I feel like I'm never going to promote at this rate... I'm just coasting along. Even if I do promote it will be a joke of a promotion and treated as if I only got it because I'm female and they have to show fairness to female applicants.
My S/O works in the same profession, even he treats me like I would only be promoted before him cause I'm female. He doesnt outright say it, but he implies that I should use it to my advantage cause I'm more likely to get it then he will and he does more work. This makes me angry because I'v been in this field twice as long as him. Plus now I have the added weirdness from all the guys now that everyone at work found out I'm pregnant. Since I broke my leg on the job, I was taken to the ER by coworkers and had to explain why I couldnt get an XRay done on my leg in front of them. So now they are all treating me like I'm made of glass. I cant even get out of my chair with out my bosses getting upset at me.
My partner has been carrying alot lately because we just bought a house together. We have two weeks to finish moving and our daughter is now out of school for the summer. He works 12 hour night shifts while im sitting at a desk on light duty on day shift. So hes not sleeping at home. Because of my leg I cant help with packing and hauling things over to the new house much. I'm trying not to be a burden and complain. I feel like I'v lost all my dignity lately. Thought maybe if I vented I would feel better and get over my pity party.
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2023.05.30 18:47 ahansaha Distributed locks in spring JPA

Hello beautiful people! I am a noob software developer at a small startup trying to build backend systems.
Recently I encountered an issue regarding the creation of users in our system. Before I narrate the problem, here is some useful (or useless) info :
1) We have a database which doesn't have any primary/foreign key constraints. The database isn't aware of any duplicates and doesn't try to check any data integrity in any of the tables.
2) All key creations, constraints and checks are being handled at the application layer for the sole purpose of scaling the database well. We use spring JPA to map entities to tables and are using a MySql DB.
3) The backend is completely based on microservices, and right now we just have a single instance per service (I know we should have multiple). We are completely stateless with all rest api implementations only.
Problem statement : So the problem is that even after having just a single instance of the service which is responsible for creating users, sometimes the client layer bombards the backend with the user creation api calls for the same user for some unknown reason. Hence I want to solve this issue such that the backend doesn't break in this case. What I so far understand is that since each api call uses a separate thread from the thread pool, the threads are not aware of this thereby creating a insert query via jpa at the same exact time, which may result in the user getting created twice even if an idempotent check is written in the api. This issue occurs rarely and searching around on google I couldn't find a straightforward solution. I also need to handle it in such a way that later on when multiple instances of this service is added the case is still handled. So far I have seen that redis maybe a good solution ro handle this solution, but is there any other easier way to do this?
People who haved faced this issue, how did you solve it? Kindly guide this noob with explanations that are easy to understand as to how one is supposed to go about solving this. (Will appreciate links and documentations)
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2023.05.30 18:47 Meme-Guy MLB in Charlotte MEGATHREAD

Brief Summary Just wanted to create a thread for the current status of the MLB possibly coming to Charlotte. At the moment the current MLB commissioner Robert Manfred has mentioned Charlotte on a short list amongst Nashville, Portland, Montreal, and possibly Salt Lake City. Our metro has about 2.7 million people and currently has 3 professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, and most recently MLS. The recent attendance success of Charlotte FC (second highest attendance average at 39k per game behind Atlanta) has proven this city can support multiple professional sports.
Situation in the MLB
The MLB needs to fix the current situation of finding new stadiums for the Oakland A's and Tampa Bay Rays. Most recently Oakland A's have announced they are relocating the Vegas for a stadium slated to be completed by 2027, if not sooner. Some argue that this is a door opener for Charlotte, but the likeliness is very thin.

Charlotte Incentives Charlotte is the third largest media market to not have a major league team especially since there is none between Atlanta and Washington. The Athletic also posted this tweet highlighting division realignments including Nashville and Charlotte as expansion targets. However, many argue that adding two new teams to the South/South-East is unlikely.
Various articles writing about the expansion (a lot vary on credibility and scope):

Videos (mostly local news productions):
Charlotte Disincentives
The recent knights ballpark that was built in the city is on contract for 49 years and wasn't built with expansion in mind. There was several lawsuits filed trying to keep the knights from moving uptown headed by Jerry Reese that ultimately failed. He was mainly angered by the the fact it wasn't meant to be expanded as he wanted to eventually bring an MLB team to Charlotte (source). Nashville has this same issue, but they have a larger push for it to come there.

Current Pushes
There have not been any noticeable pushes by the city council or billionaires to bring MLB to Charlotte. There is one grassroots movement started by Rick Curti for a baseball team called the Charlotte Bats, link to his site here. However, I personally don't think "Bats" is a good name nor does the green/black color scheme fit with the rest of the professional sports color codes. I personally thing the Charlotte "Crowns" or "Kings" would fit better for the Queen City. Other than this, there isn't much public drive for a MLB team to come.

TLDR Conclusion
MLB in Charlotte is a possibility but not likely to happen anytime soon.
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2023.05.30 18:47 leoribas_21 Seeking Advice on Jobs, Housing, and Living in Copenhagen as International Students

We are a Portuguese couple, i'm 23 years old and my girlfriend is 21. We are excited to be moving to Copenhagen to pursue our studies and work. I have been accepted into the Masters Program in Innovative Communications Technologies and Entrepreneurship (ICTE) at Aalborg University, Copenhagen Campus, while my girlfriend will be studying at Roskilde University (Msc). We have good English proficiency, having successfully completed the IELTS exam. However, we only have basic knowledge of Danish (greetings), but we plan to take Danish classes upon our arrival.
Here's some information about our background:
Job Opportunities:
Living Expenses and Student Allowance:
P.S. We want to mention that our plan is to establish ourselves in Denmark for the long term and even start a family after we complete our studies. We have carefully considered the pros and cons compared to our home country of Portugal, and we are genuinely drawn to the Danish culture and way of life. Any advice or guidance on making a smooth transition and building a future in Denmark would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for any advice, insights, or recommendations you can provide. We are thrilled about our upcoming move to Copenhagen and look forward to being a part of the Danish community.
Best regards,
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2023.05.30 18:46 95_zero How do I solve this problem in Chrome?

Hi guys. I've been this problem for a while and genuinely I don't know how to solve.
Could someone help me with this, please? <3
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2023.05.30 18:46 restlesslegsyndrm My 33F boyfriend 32M has been uninstalling and reinstalling Tinder.

My boyfriend has been hiding Tinder for months
We have been together for five years with 10 months of last year being a breakup for us. He ended things because he felt like he needed space and wanted to see what else was out there. Three months after the breakup, he asked for my permission to slowly start dating again (which I told him he didn't need but he said he did out of respect). We stayed friends during our breakup as we dated other people. After several months he said he can't feel a connection with anyone else because he keeps thinking of me and what we had. We got back together. About a month after getting back together, he opened his phone and tinder was his recently opened app. I was hurt he still had it and left politely without mentioning it. He figured it out as it was pretty obvious. He came over the next day to apologize and started he deleted his tinder.
Earlier this year he asked me to move in with him. I was so happy as he's generally scared of commitment. This was a big step for both of us since we've never lived with an SO before. He got hurt and had to have surgery the week before we moved in so he was in the hospital until 2 weeks after I moved in.
Things are going great. We communicate about issues that are bothering us(except this which I just discovered and haven't brought up yet), share responsibilities, take care of each other when we're sick, etc. But yesterday I had to work from home and his computer wasn't logged in. He custom built two gaming computers which I'm almost never on. I asked him on the phone to login so I could work and he said he's going to come home and make a guest account for me. I thought this was bizarre since he was far away. He said he just wanted some privacy, but it was so secretive and unlike him that it raised a concern in my head. Last night, I couldn't sleep so I did a quick search. Apparently he has been uninstalling and reinstalling Tinder until the day after he came home from the hospital (two weeks after I had already moved in). His subscription is cancelled. He also has a second Instagram and a second Snapchat (which I didn't see, just saw there was separate login info for it, so it could very well be old/not actively using it anymore). I lay in bed processing this for hours. After sleeping on it, I can understand a second IG and Snapchat perhaps.. if he was talking to girls when we weren't together, he might not want to have shared his personal social media that's linked to his grandparents, friends, etc. But the Tinder thing makes me sad. I don't know if I can trust him.. maybe he didn't think it was bad because we weren't ""officially"" living together until he came home from the hospital. Maybe he was curious to just see what pictures /profiles were on tinder.. idk, but he was receiving DMs and matching until the end of March. But I don't know if I should just let this go since he hasn't been on Tinder since April 1st and has cancelled his membership. I don't see my therapist until Friday which I'm okay with waiting, but it feels deceptive to hold onto this without discussing it as I feel that's how resentment builds. I'm so lost.
TL;DR my boyfriend was acting sketch then I found out he has two IGs and SCs. He also used tinder for months after he told me he deleted it, but hasn't touched it since April 1st.
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2023.05.30 18:44 readytostart1234 Do they want only people under 25 because no one over that age will accept this shitty pay? Reported it for age discrimination

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2023.05.30 18:43 xBiohazardx_7312 Can I actually play Dead space remake?

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2023.05.30 18:42 stepmom0_0 DH gave BM my key to our house

DH have been together for 3 years, married 6 months ago, and my SKs are SD6 and SS8. Throwaway because my other username is linked across platforms, and I just want a safe space to vent. .
BM and DH are pretty good co-parents. While we don't see eye to eye all of the time, we all generally present a united and conflict-free front when it comes to the kiddos. DH is a great partner, but is a conflict-avoidant people pleaser, especially when it comes to BM, and is the only negative aspect to our relationship.
So here's the lastest. We had the kids for the long Memorial Day weekend. The pool at our apartment complex opened and we took the kids there each of the three days. BM also has a pool at our apartment complex, but apparently it wasn't opened yet when she tried to take them after she picked them up from us yesterday. Rather than let the kids ever experience real-life disappointment (this is a whole other issue I can elaborate upon), she decided to show up to our place with the kids in their bathing suits asking for access to our apartment complex's pool. The pool can only be accessed and egressed with an electronic key; this key is also the key to our front door. Withouth thinking DH gives BM my key and just says, "give it back next time we see you." Well she dropped the kiddos off this morning without returning my key.
I am so annoyed and angry. Am I crazy to consider this a huge violation of my privacy and my space? It's not that I don't trust BM and think she'd ever do anything sinister. It's just the principle of the matter. Plus, it's going to establish another precedent where BM and the SKs think that they can come over and grab my key whenever they want to go swimming if the pool isn't open at BMs. They divorced because they were married super young, grew up and apart, and realized they'd both be happier as co-parents. Now DH and I have started building a life together, but that "life together" is constantly being inconvenienced and impeded by DH's lack of boundary setting with BM.
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2023.05.30 18:37 Serious_Plankton5420 Squirtle^.^Squad is recruiting members! -Semi-Casual • New Players Welcome - All Platforms

•If you are looking for a semi-casual co-op clan filled with both chaos and order look no further! The Squirtle.Squad is here!
•New and Veteran guardians welcome.
•Our goal is to create a space where all feel welcome. We hope everyone is able to make new connections and have a great time!
•We regular Gambit, Seasonal events, Strikes/Nightfall and Casual PvE. We are planning for Raids in the future; we are a fresh clan and currently building our squad before considering.
The Code [1] Treat fellow guardians with respect; toxicity is not tolerated [2 ] Right to bear arms [3 ] Help those around you [4] Remember to have fun together [5] Be active and participate with fellow members (we have lives so we are flexible! Playing the game should not be a chore) must be 18+ just to avoid conflict
Please visit this link to apply to our clan today!]
DISCORD IS NOT REQUIRED. It is just primarily used since we are cross-platform
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2023.05.30 18:36 TingsInMaSocks Can my landlord arrange viewing while I still live here? (Relevant tenancy info included)

If I've missed this question being answered previously please link me to the post, I had a look through the FAQ and searched but didn't find the answer.
I live in England, I have given notice that I am moving out at the end of the month.
So my estate agent want to arrange viewings of my property over the next month with one on the 1st of June. Now I know this is quite common but I'm a very anxious person and struggle even with flat inspections so I would rather not deal with a month of this.
I read my tenancy agreement and couldn't see anything that said I had to allow viewings. I rang them and asked them to direct me to the part that allows it which is;
To permit the Landlord's agent and all other persons authorised by the Landlord with or without workmen and others and with all necessary equipment at all reasonable times with at least 24 hours notice or in case of an emergency to enter upon the demised premises or the building and to examine the condition of the same and fixtures and fittings or for the purpose of repairing or decorating the demised or any adjoining or neighbouring premises or to maintain repair or replace the fixtures and fittings.
Do I have to allow them to view it? If so what rights if any do I have about how often they can ask to view it? What may happen if I refuse?
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2023.05.30 18:33 jdion84 How do I get proper support?

I hadn’t logged into call of duty in years and I noticed my Xbox was linked to an activision account that I lost email access to because my phone number has changed since then. I can still log into the old activision account but I can’t do anything on it without confirming a code via email.
All I wanted to do was unlink the old account from my Xbox so I can link my new one to it. This is proving to be like climbing Mount Everest. I have sent repeated support tickets from my new and old accounts and I keep getting the same automated non responses.
I’m not sure why this is so difficult for activision. I originally asked to change my email to a new email address on my old account and realizing that it was going nowhere I just made a new account. However this might have been a mistake because now I can’t even delete the new account.
There’s no way to unlink it through the Xbox or Microsoft account it seems. Even though I can login to the old account through the website it won’t let me unlink it without an email code, like I said. I’m even logged in on the Xbox still.
Are there any employees who lurk this sub that can help me out? Because I’m about to just buy battlefield instead.
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2023.05.30 18:32 PoroSn4x 'The Immortality Support' - new Tech for Party Immortality explained

'The Immortality Support' - new Tech for Party Immortality explained
Hello everyone! This is a follow-up post to the video I posted earlier today, where I showcased a new way to become immortal in a party (and we did some lvl 28 ubers for the memes). In this post I will explain how it works exactly, and go over some of our troubles during the past leagues with this support.

What is Vampiric Link?

Introduced in 3.16, Vampiric Link is a vastly underused link skill that causes the leech of the user to apply to the linked targets. It gives the user overleech and applies the recovery from the leech to the linked targets instead. It also sets the linked target's 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech' to the user's instead. But the most important part here, is the FLAT bonus Vampiric Link provides to the user to their 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech'. To clarify, the base recovery per second from life leech is 20% of your maximum life. Using a lvl 20 Vampiric Link without any buff effect will boost this to 25.8%, before any other multipliers apply (the multipliers being 'increased maximum total life recovery per second from leech' and Vaal Pact).

Vampiric Link with Strength of Blood

Previous immortal builds were using the keystone 'Strength of Blood', provided by Lethal Pride Timeless Jewels, in order to get 100% less damage taken. If you can somehow leech 200% of your maximum life per second, you would be literally immortal: 100% less damage taken FROM ALL SOURCES.
Previously it was possible to reach this 200% of life leeched per second by scaling both 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech' and 'increased life recovery rate', but that got patched and with that, solo immortal builds got killed. It is no longer possible to reach 200% of life leeched per second using just the sources of 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech', the maximum possible is ~114% (details on this number below).
However, with the fact that Vampiric Link adds a flat amount of leech cap to the base 20%, it is now possible to reach the 200% of life leeched per second again. Our fully juiced level 32 Anomalous Vampiric Link with with 92% quality and a ton of buff effect adds a flat amount of 14.48% flat to our leech cap, which is basically 75% more leech. With this, it is possible to reach the infamous 200% of life leeched per second again!
The only difference with using Vampiric Link, however, is that the leech applies to the linked targets instead of to the users. The person that is leeching can not use SoB to become immortal, however all of the linked targets can. This means that we can have one person that stacks all of the sources of 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech', somehow leeches 200% of their life per second, links 1-5 other players in the party and those players will leech 200% of their maximum life per second. If those players then have SoB allocated, they will have 100% less damage taken, allowing them to go full glass cannon Zhp builds.

Reaching 200% leech cap

In order to reach 200% of our life leeched per second, we can invest in a couple of stats:
  • 'increased maximum total life recovery per second from leech', a multiplier to our leech cap
  • Link buff effect (which got buffed this league on the passive tree, huge!)
  • Vampiric Link level, each level increases the flat amount that the buff adds to our base leech cap
  • Vampiric Link Quality, using Anomalous Vampiric Link this provides 'increased link buff effect'. Fun fact: this alternate quality was bugged before and did not give any effect. We reported it and GGG patched it the next league. Thanks GGG!
Let's go over these sources and see how we reached the 200% leech cap with our Champion Support (POB above). To start off, we will grab the following sources of 'increased maximum total life recovery per second from leech':
  • 90% on the tree (Hematophagy + 2 small nodes in front, Vitality Void, Taste for Blood and 25% leech Mastery
  • 20% on Elevated Crusader Influenced Gloves
  • 35% on a Crusader Influenced Simplex Amulet with Life and Mana Catalysts
  • 48% on Replica Soul Strike (using a bow with '20% increased bonuses gained from equipped quiver')
This brings us to a total of 193% 'increased maximum total life recovery per second from leech', that's a lot!
*A quick side note on the usage of Replica Soul Strike: for those who do not understand leech it basically reduces your leech packet duration to 1 second from 5 seconds, since it gives '80% reduced maximum recovery per life leech'. We counter this by allocating the Slayer node 'Brutal Fervour' using Forbidden Flame + Flesh, giving us a total of '4% increased maximum recovery per life leech' (not 20% because we have '20% increased bonuses gained from equipped quiver'). Another way to counter this leech duration would be by using 'Divergent Life Leech Support', however we tested that and it seems that this alternate quality is bugged and does not apply at all. We submitted a bug report in order to get it fixed.
We also grab two link clusters on the passive tree, namely 'Empowered Bond' and 'Inspiring Bond'. 'Empowered Bond' gives Vampiric Link +2 levels and the small passives give us 15% link buff effect. 'Inspiring Bond' gives us 20% link buff effect if we have linked recently (in the past 4 seconds).
Using this bow

Immortal Support Bow
we get a lvl 32 Anomalous Vampiric Link with 92% quality (using a 20/20 gem, lvl 3 Empower, lvl 4 Enhance and +2 levels from the passive tree).

So in total we have 81% increased link buff effect, which gives us 8*1.81=+14.48% flat to our leech base cap of 20%. This 34.48 base is then multiplied by our 'increased maximum recovery bla bla' (this is getting annoying to write lol) for a total of 34.48*2.93=101.03% leech cap, which is then doubled by Vaal Pact to 202.06%!
Because these calculations were becoming very annoying to do each time we made a small change to our builds, we created a simple calculator to do it for us :)

Having consistent leech

Now that it is possible to reach the 200% leech cap, we need to find a way to make the support leech as well. If the support leeches 200% of their life per second, Vampiric Link will then cause the linked targets to leech 200% of their life instead.
It is very hard to leech 200% of your life per second, especially when we want to be able to leech when there are no monsters around (this is needed when your carry and aurabot are glass cannons). We came up with a couple of options:
- Self-hitting with the flask mod 'Damage taken leeched as life during flask effect'.
- Devouring Totem with consistent corpse generation (e.g. Corpsewalkers).
- Herald of Thunder Autobomber using 'Vessel of Vinktar' and 'The Writhing Jar' (and 'The Traitor' Keystone if not pathfinder).
In the end we ended up using the last two methods, as we encountered issues with recovering the self-inflicted damage (more on recovery in the next section). By combining the last two methods, we have incredible uptime on our leech. This is important because if we are not leeching for a single second, our carry and aurabot would die to any damage taken.
We scale the leeched life using multiple sources of 'increased total recovery per second from life leech', with the bulk of this stat coming from a catalysed, max rolled 'Wurm's Molt'.

Becoming Tanky

One of the main hurdles we had to overcome was making this 'Immortal Support' as tanky as we could, because it would be the 'weakest link' in our defences. Because we are using both 'Vaal Pact' and Vampiric Link, we do not have access to life regeneration or life leech. This makes it really hard to get decent recovery without having to invest too much. Luckily, this league introduced a way to become 'immune' to small hits using just two jewels, 'Bloodnotch' and 'Immutable Force'. If you don't understand how these work by now, I heavily recommend checking them out because together they form a very strong defence layer. This combo becomes even stronger if you also include the Champion node 'First to Strike, Last to Fall' with the Stun Mastery 'Gain Adrenaline when stunned'.
We started using this combo on the third day of Crucible start, and have been very tanky ever since. Because we have an aurabot as well, our main defences would be (with non-optimal gear):
  • 4.6k Life
  • 89% Elemental Resistances
  • 75% Chaos Resistance
  • 200k Armour
  • Fortify
  • Taunt
  • 85% suppression
Together with 'Vaal Arctic Armour', this was enough to tank Uber Maven Memory Games.

Abusing Immortality on Carry and Aurabot

We could now build a DPS carry and an Aurabot as absolute glass cannons. This means that after equipping a Lethal Pride and allocating the 'Strength of Blood' nodes, these builds would not have to invest into ANY defence. This resulted in some crazy builds, pushing our total burst damage to somewhere between 3 and 5 billion dps using Stormbind.
For the carry we decided on using a power charge stacking Occultist, mostly because A) our carry really likes playing Occultist and B) it allows for some crazy AoE scaling which is really good for Stormbind. The carry uses righteous fire (which deals no damage because 100% less damage taken), reverses 50% of their life for 'Pain Attunement' and uses 'The Annihilating Light' without capping their resists.
Being Zhp allows the aurabot to not invest into any defences. This means that our aurabot was using 'Eldritch Battery' to easily support one of their auras with 'Divine Blessing' without investing in 'Reduced mana cost'. The aurabot also picks up as much 'increased aura effect' as possible, and uses three 'Voices' setups with small reservation clusters. Also most of the auras are supported with 'Generosity', because the aurabot has no use for defences. This causes most of our defensive auras to reach 190%+ aura effect.
2-man party play:
Technically it is possible to play this support without an aurabot, however you would need to change a lot of stuff and have better gear for the Immortality support. The passive tree for the support is quite tight, and so is the gearing. However, I do think it is possible to do with more investment.


- Immortal Support (Champion):
- Zhp Stormbind Carry (Occultist, still on a 4link):
- Zhp Aurabot (Ascendant):
- Zhp Markbot (Deadeye):

(Accidental?) stealth nerfs at Crucible League Launch

Originally we had slightly different plans for our league start. Instead of using a Champion, we wanted to use a Pathfinder since the new life flask node would solve our recovery issues. However, we were under the assumption that the buff that Vampiric Link provides would stack PER PLAYER LINKED. This would mean that 1 link would give a flat bonus of ~+14% to our base leech cap, but 2 links would give us 28%. In the previous leagues, this was how Vampiric Link worked. However, as soon as we hit act 5 on league start we wanted to confirm if it was still the case since GGG did some changes to the link skills on the passive tree. And to our disappointment we discovered that it no longer stacked.
You see, because the buff was stacking per link we did not have to use Replica Soul Rtrike, which in turn meant that we did not have to allocate the Slayer node in order to increase our leech duration. But because GGG changed the way link skills work (without putting it in the patch notes, if they even knew Vampiric Link buff stacked in the first place), we had to change our plans to a Champion instead using the Forbidden Jewels.

3.19: Lake of Kalandra Changes

We originally created this comp in Lake of Kalandra League, where we decided to do this in a private league with ~10 people playing. We wanted to do a 6-man party, so that meant we first had to farm 5 Lethal Prides PainChamp. In Kalandra league, the buff of Vampiric Link still stacked so we had a very easy time hitting the 200% leech cap. We were also playing as a Trickster instead of a Champion, using 'Coruscating Elixir' in order to utilize ES instead of Life solving our recovery issues. We also used mirrored jewellery with 'increased curse effect on you' and used self-curse Temp Chains in order to increase both our link duration and (potentially) leech duration.
However, back then we did not have the link QOL that we have now (link two targets as once) and keeping up 5 links in a 6 man party was very hectic and stressful, especially in a bossing scenario. It was, however, a ton of fun to pull that off in a private league!

Solo Immortality

We did some more theorycrafting in order to find out if this tech can be used for a solo build. WARNING: The following tech is extremely scuffed, we do not recommend doing this.
The main issue with doing this for a solo build is that fact that you still need to use Vampiric Link in order to reach 200% leech cap. This means that you are going to have to link to your minions. However, if your minions die you will also die.
We discovered that it is possible to link to your minions with Vampiric Link, fill a leech packet with enough leech to last for 5+ seconds (longer with temporal chains, slayer, divergent life leech support which is still bugged and doesnt work) and then weapon swap back. Weapon swapping desummons the minions, but does not cause you to die. You then have immortality for the full duration of the leech, and once it expires you have to weapon swap (preferably to a 'summons spectral spirits' essence weapon), link, leech and weapon swap back. Very scuffed, and it requires further testing for sure!


This was quite the journey, over the past 6 months me and 2 of my close friends spent countless hours coming up and testing these builds! I'm glad to finally make this post and reveal our tech to the rest of the player-base, hopefully you all get to play this before GGG patches it :)
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.30 18:30 BlocksUnited Building Wealth Using Alternative Investments

Building Wealth Using Alternative Investments
This is article 3/10 in Part I of our series, How To Build Wealth and Grow Your Wealth Through Staking. We’ll discuss alternative investments and how they can make valuable additions to your portfolio. We hope you learn something and enjoy!

Key Takeaways

  1. Commodities, like precious metals, oil, timber and wheat
  2. Futures contracts
  3. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  4. Stocks in exploration and production companies
  5. Infrastructure assets
  6. Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)
  7. Cryptocurrencies
  8. Collectibles
  9. Private equity
  10. Private credit
  11. Hedge funds
  12. Venture capital
For links to resources in the article and to see the FAQs, please read this article on our blog.

Types of Alternative Investments

If you are looking to build wealth, alternative investments might be something to consider. They can provide diversification and potentially higher returns than traditional investments, like stocks, bonds, or real estate.
It’s important to note that alternative investments come with a higher level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.
Some examples of alternative investments include:
1. Commodities like gold, oil, timber, and wheat can act as a hedge against inflation and add diversification to a portfolio.
These types of investments are often volatile, but can also provide a good return over the long term.
There are several ways to invest in commodities, including:
  • Futures Contracts can be bought or sold for commodities such as crude oil, gold, and agricultural products. These contracts allow investors to speculate on the future price of the commodity at a future date.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) provide investors with exposure to a basket of commodities and can be bought and sold like stocks.
  • Mutual funds that invest in commodities or companies involved in the commodity industry.
  • Some investors choose to hold physical commodities such as gold bullion or silver coins.
  • Investing in stocks of companies involved in commodity production and exploration, like mining or oil companies.
2. Infrastructure assets like roads, bridges, and airports can provide a stable source of income and can be a good hedge against inflation.
These investments can be made through infrastructure funds, municipal bonds, or by directly investing in infrastructure projects.
3. A Master Limited Partnership (MLP) is a type of business structure. They are usually formed by companies in the energy sector to raise capital for expansion and growth.
MLPs are structured as partnerships, rather than taxed at the corporate level. They avoid double taxation and pay out a significant portion of their income to shareholders as dividends.
As a result, MLPs are attractive to income-focused investors.
4. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum use cryptography for security. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and operate on a blockchain.
Public blockchains are transaction databases that function as distributed ledgers. Transaction records are kept by decentralized miners and validators, instead of on a centralized corporate server.
These blockchains operate independently of governments and central banks.
We run validator nodes that create and verify blocks for Polygon, Cosmos Hub, and Kava.
There are risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency. The lack of oversight and regulation can make crypto investors more susceptible to fraud and hacking.
Plus, cryptocurrency values can fluctuate rapidly, so it can be difficult to value and predict the performance of these investments.
5. Collectibles, like art, rare coins, stamps, and vintage wines are alternative investments. They can be illiquid, however. That means that in the event of a financial emergency, it may be difficult to sell the collectible quickly or at a fair price.
Alternative investments, like collectibles, may require a high level of expertise to make money.
For example, investing in fine art requires knowledge of the art market, the value of different artists, and knowing how to value its condition.
Similarly, investing in rare coins, stamps, or vintage wines requires knowledge of those markets. You must know the rarity, condition, and historical significance.
6. Private equity investments are ownership stakes in a private company or a portfolio of private companies.
These investments are usually only made available to institutional investors or high-net-worth individuals. These investments are not publicly traded on stock exchanges.
Private equity firms typically aim to generate returns through a combination of operational improvements and financial engineering.
Examples are leveraged buyouts, growth capital investments, and turnaround investments. They are considered to be high-risk, high-return opportunities that are not suitable for all investors.
7. Private credit investments allow high-net-worth individuals to lend money to private institutions. These loans offer higher yields than many publicly traded bonds, but can be difficult to sell if you need money fast.
8. Hedge funds use a variety of investment strategies, like long/short, leverage, and derivatives to generate returns.
Hedge funds can be a good option for investors who are willing to accept higher levels of risk in exchange for potentially higher returns.
They are generally only available for accredited investors, having $1 million or more liquid net worth.
9. Venture Capital invests in early-stage startups and can be a high-risk, high-reward option for investors. VC investments typically require a significant amount of capital and a long-term time horizon.
Well-known VC companies are Andreessen Horowitz, Pantera Capital, and Sequoia Capital.
Alternative investment management fees, performance fees, and transaction fees may be high. These fees reduce your returns and should be considered.
Another important factor to consider is the level of expertise required. Venture capital, private equity, private credit, and hedge funds require a high level of knowledge. They are less suitable for the average investor, but alternative investments like real estate and commodities can be more accessible to the average investor. These investments are often easier to understand.
Diversification is key. Investing in a variety of alternative investments can help spread out the risk and increase the chances of achieving your investment goals.
In addition, be aware of the tax implications of alternative investments.
Consult with a tax professional or financial advisor to understand how they may affect you.
Alternative investments include commodities, infrastructure assets, MLPs, cryptocurrencies, collectibles, private equity, hedge funds, and venture capital. They can generate higher returns than traditional investments, but it’s important to understand the level of expertise required, potential risks, tax implications, liquidity, and fee structure.
Be on the lookout for the next article in the How To Build Wealth Series: Alternative Investment: Affiliate Marketing.

The information contained in this article and the resources available for download through our website is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, financial advice. We are not attorneys, accountants or financial advisors, nor are we holding ourselves out to be. The information contained in this article is not a substitute for financial advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation. We have done our best to ensure that the information provided in this article and the resources available on our website are accurate and provide valuable information. Regardless of anything to the contrary, nothing available on or through this email should be understood as a recommendation that you should not consult with a financial professional to address your particular information. Blocks United expressly recommends that you seek advice from a professional. Neither Blocks United nor any of its employees or owners shall be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions in this article, our website, or for any damage you may suffer as a result of failing to seek competent financial advice from a professional who is familiar with your situation.
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2023.05.30 18:28 Finmeister99 Plans to build electricity link between Scotland and NI

Plans to build electricity link between Scotland and NI
Plans have been announced to build a new electricity link between Scotland and Northern Ireland. The company behind the scheme, Transmission Investment, has applied for an electricity transmission licence. That is one of the first regulatory hurdles the project must pass. An existing 500 megawatt interconnector between Scotland and Northern Ireland has been operated by Mutual Energy since 2001. Transmisson Investment said its project, known as LirlC, aims to provide up to 700MW of further capacity between the Irish Single Electricity Market and the Great Britain wholesale electricity market. If that was delivered it would represent over 40% of the winter peak demand in Northern Ireland. LirIC project director Keith Morrison said: "The application for a transmission licence is an early milestone in a long process but it's significant in that it moves us one stage closer towards delivering this very exciting project." The plans comprise two convertor stations, one in Northern Ireland and another in Scotland, and a cable length of around 130km (80 miles) linking the two, depending on the final route. The company said potential routes and locations were being studied in detail. It said the scheme represents a potential investment of about £700m. Interconnecters are seen as an important part of efforts to decarbonise electricity as they increase the capacity to match supply and demand from intermittent power sources like wind. Martin Doherty of the Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy at Queen's University Belfast said it was "vitally important that Northern Ireland strengthens its interconnectivity with our partners both in Great Britain and Ireland". There are also long-delayed plans to build an interconnecter between NI and the Republic. Planning approval was first granted for the southern section in the Republic of Ireland in 2016. The northern section was given the go-ahead by the then-infrastructure minister in Northern Ireland Nichola Mallon in 2020, after previous consent in the absence of a minister was quashed. In a subsequent court challenge, a High Court judge refused to overturn planning permission, despite identifying a legal flaw in the decision-making process. Local campaigners continue to lobby against the project.
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2023.05.30 18:27 Alone_watching how to start your own practice while still working for another practice?

i am planning (not now but someday) to start my own practice. during that transition of building clients, i would like to still work with my current practice.
my psychology today account is linked w the current practice and all clients i got from there to straight to the current practice im at.
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2023.05.30 18:23 getmeoutofstaffing Client wants a proposal for a recruiting function that I know they won’t be interested in - what should I do?

Sorry for the long post, but there’s a lot of context. TL;DR at the bottom.
So, with the recent layoffs and recruitment environment, I’ve dabbled with the idea of doing some freelance recruitment while I search for a new role (since I figure it’s going to take a while). A buddy of mine works for a small law firm that just so happened to be struggling to fill two roles - mostly because they have no idea how to recruit and because they don’t have the time. So my buddy talked to the owner (it’s a less than 10 person office) and proposed hiring me as a consultant to help them, and he ate it up.
Obviously, when you work in in-house recruiting you work for companies that are large and/or in active growth mode. So my frame of reference is that every company should have a proper set of recruitment tools to facilitate hiring, which is what I went into the conversation thinking. Additionally, before my meeting with the owner, my buddy told me “oh yeah, we’ve got LinkedIn and Indeed” which made me think they at least had some recruitment tools and were doing the basics of proper recruiting. I basically started the meeting by asking “What are you looking to get out of from me? Do you just want me to fill the roles you have open, or are you looking to build out a recruitment process to making future hiring easier?” Taken aback - not really knowing what that meant - the owner got interested and said “well, I think I’d prefer the later”. However, after continuing the conversation, it became abundantly clear to me that they don’t do anywhere near enough hiring to justify getting an ATS, sourcing tools, etc. When he said they had LinkedIn and Indeed, he was simply referring to postings they had on the sites - they do absolutely no proactive sourcing, they have no career page, their website hasn’t been updated since the mid-2000’s (they’re actually updating it now). Frankly, I feel dumb for not realizing this from the start - I guess this is what happens when you spend your entire professional career around people who speak the same language as you. We basically left off with the owner requesting I email a proposal to him with pricing so he can review it, and then we’d go from there.
So with that context, here’s my issue. I’m thinking of essentially making two “proposals” for two separate “products”. One will basically just be a fee agreement for filling the current roles they’re struggling with, while the other will explain what a “proper” recruitment function looks like, the tools that are required for that, the processes and best practices that make it function correctly, etc. Provided my rate is acceptable, I imagine he’ll be interested in the first option, however, I can pretty much guarantee that he’s not going to find value in spending thousands of dollars on an ATS with career page integration, sourcing tools, score cards, assessments, etc. They just don’t anticipate enough growth to justify it all - I’d be surprised if it were less than 18 months before they looked to make another hire after all this. The owner is likely under the impression this is something he can just have in his back pocket and pull out the next time he has a single hire to make, but doesn’t realize there’s tons of costs that go into it.
So my question is: What angle do I come at this second proposal with? How do I put something together that looks like I put effort into it, while also caveating that they probably don’t need all this? I basically don’t want to look like I don’t understand my client. If I could do it over, knowing what I know now, I never would’ve even proposed it as an option.
TL;DR: I didn’t understand my client prior to the initial meeting. Suggested a product that was wildly overkill for the size of the organization, but peaked the interest of the owner. Now I need to send them a proposal for an entire recruitment function, when really all they need is to fill two roles now, and don’t have a lot of (if any) hiring planned for the future. I messed up…help!
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2023.05.30 18:20 LukeNarwhal Welcome, Narwhals 🦄💖

Whether you're at the start of your weight loss adventure, in the midst of it, or looking back on a journey well-travelled, your stories and insights can make a real difference. This is the place to share the ups and downs, the triumphs and trials, the knowledge gained and the hurdles overcome. Your personal experiences, the milestones you've achieved, the struggles you've faced, and the tips you've picked up along the way are all valuable and welcomed here 💖
What types of content should you consider posting here? 🦄
  1. 💭 Vent: We understand that the journey towards weight loss can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. If you're going through a tough time or are feeling frustrated, don't hesitate to vent your feelings here. Your struggles are valid, and we are here to listen and provide comfort.
  2. 🎉 Share Positive Steps: Did you make a healthy choice today? Maybe you chose a salad over a burger, walked instead of taking the car, or successfully resisted a junk food craving. Share these positive steps with us! No matter how small the step may seem, it's a victory worth celebrating.
  3. 🙏 Ask for Encouragement: Feeling down or unmotivated? Need a little push to get moving or keep going? Don't hesitate to ask for encouragement. Our community is here to support you and offer the motivation you need to keep going.
  4. 📸 Share Progress Pics: If you're comfortable doing so, we'd love to see your progress pics! These can serve as a great source of inspiration for others and a tangible reminder of how far you've come. You might be surprised at the outpouring of positivity and support you receive.
  5. 🍲 Share Recipes: Have you found a delicious low-calorie recipe or created one yourself? Feel free to share it! We all need a little food inspiration from time to time. Make sure to include nutritional information if possible.
  6. 🏋️‍♀️ Workout Ideas: If you have a favorite workout routine or exercise, let us know about it! Whether it's a gym routine, a home workout, or even a fun outdoor activity, your recommendations could help others diversify their fitness regimens.
  7. 🏅 Personal Milestones: Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Did you reach a new low weight? Did you fit into an old pair of jeans? Hit a personal record in the gym? Share these moments with us, they're well worth celebrating!
  8. Advice Requests: Not sure how to overcome a weight loss plateau? Need help navigating food choices at a social gathering? Struggling to stay motivated? Post your questions and let the community provide their insights and experiences.
  9. 💡 Motivational Quotes/ Stories: If you have a quote, a story, a book, or even a video that motivates you and keeps you going, share it with us. It might just be the motivation someone else needs.
  10. Product/Service Reviews: If you've tried a new diet program, a fitness gadget, or any other product/service related to weight loss and you have an opinion about it, share your experience. It can help others make informed decisions, just no affiliate links please.
Please follow our Subreddit rules and remember, positivity is crucial in this community. Let's continue to build a supportive and positive space where we can all work towards our weight loss goals together.
For more weight loss inspiration, join the Narwhal community at 🦄 Always work with a professional. Believe in yourself, you got this ❤ If you find my content valuable, you can show your support by visiting 🌸
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2023.05.30 18:19 math-bw What are some good publicly available real-time data sources?

This is a cross-post from dataengineering via recommendation from the comments there.
I am trying to curate and crowdsource a list of real-time datasets and sources into an "Awesome List" in a GitHub repo - It is something I found difficult when building hobby projects or trying to learn about streaming data.
If you have any recommendations please share a link in the comments or open a PR in the repo :).
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2023.05.30 18:16 Zeljari Advice on boundaries for a seemingly inappropriate friendship (23M 24F)

My boyfriend (23m) and I (24f) have been dating long distance for over a year, and this month has been a really challenging one.
The current issue revolves around him and this woman he recently "befriended". He claims nothing is wrong but in my eyes it's inappropriate and I asked him if he would set some sort of boundary, which he refused. I'm not the type of person that thinks female friendships are impossible, and I don't want to police what he does, but my trust is broken and I don't know how to resolve this.
Basically we took a break -- with the intention of getting back together so we were still exclusive, things were rough and we/he needed some space. (Background info, during that time he broke my trust by going on a vacation with other friends that we were supposed to take together and he canceled because he didn't want to go, but that's a different topic.) Over the weeks he briefly added an ex and around three other random "egirls" (hate to use that term but that should paint the picture). One of those girls, I'll call her M, has become a problem.
M, according to our other mutual friends, is definitely flirty, overly-friendly, and cause for concern. She apparently has a fiance, but can spend 8-16 hours a day with my boyfriend multiple days in a row. Yes. Most of that time would be with his other friends as well, but there was still private calls, messages, and games.
When my boyfriend and I were working on getting back to our normal routine after our time apart where we had decided to commit ourselves to bettering our relationship, I brought up M because the amount of time they had spent together while we were apart made me anxious. He told me I had nothing to worry about but I asked if I could see their DMs to fully quiet my anxieties which he reluctantly agreed to. I expected to see nothing but platonic chat about video games, but what I saw did the opposite.
Him and M would message all day, from morning until he fell asleep, meanwhile I was begging for even an occasional one-word response from him. They made tons of "jokes" with sexual/flirty undertones such as: her calling him daddy, her asking him to moan for her and and him doing it, him making a joke about how good she'll suck when she mentioned getting a new vacuum, her asking to see his nipples and him saying she did yesterday (allegedly because the game character was shirtless), etc you get the picture. He also bought her a gift in the game they play. They even said "Love you, love you too" when they had to stop hanging out once, but like everything else it was explained away with "she said that to everyone, it was just a joke, it didn't mean anything, she's just one of the guys". That doesn't change the fact that I'm extremely uncomfortable with it and it doesn't seem normal.
In addition, they exchanged snaps which he never did with anyone else, and she sent him a link to her "cosplay" twitter which isn't even cosplay it's just thirst traps, her in sheer revealing dresses. While him and I were in the middle of a call in the middle of the night she would message him seeking comfort and he would give it to her, saying "oh dear silly what's wrong are you sure you're okay? :( get some rest" and exchanging cuddling gifs. That's admittedly not treating her like "just one of the guys," that's the comfort that I was asking for at the exact same time and was unable to get while he focused his attention elsewhere. Imo you can't be flirty with her and say it's a joke that's okay because she's basically a guy, and also give her that intimate comfort and kindness because she's not just a guy. Either way I'm getting shafted.
This kind of thing has never happened with anyone else over the course of our relationship, and what I saw was only from two days as he refused to show anything more. Given our situation I requested a clear boundary to be set -- not even for contact to fully be stopped, because I would never want him to miss out on hanging with his other friends just because she was around. But he said "she already knows we are dating, I don't need to say anything" and to prove that he sent a picture of her messaging him at 3 am saying: "when are you gonna stop dating, I'm bored".
We had an argument over him refusing to set any sort of boundary, I wanted him to step back from private contact with her and he said "it's already limited," and then literally as we spoke he proceeded to play games and voice chat with just her for hours after already spending the whole day doing the same with her and friends. He says it's nothing and honestly I believe that he genuinely doesn't see what is wrong with it, but I still feel extremely disrespected, uncomfortable, and insecure as that amount of time together especially given the context seems excessive and already crossed the line in my eyes.
If he was ever uncomfortable with someone I was around, I made sure he knew that he was my priority no questions asked. He makes me feel like I'm crazy, unreasonable, and controlling for having this problem. I don't know what to do, I really don't want to break up but this is already making things hard and I feel alone in this.
I'm looking for advice on if it's even possible to overcome, and if so how I can help him understand where I am coming from, build trust, and feel loved and be happy again. I don't want to ever question or worry about a situation like this and am struggling with it happening in the first place and not being taken seriously. I don't want to worry that whenever I'm not around, or even when I am, things will be happening behind the curtain. At the same time I believe he wants us to work and isn't doing anything wrong in his eyes, so I am not sure how why it's so challenging to come to a resolution here. If you read this far, thanks.
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2023.05.30 18:14 HinArk67 "Grinders" Needs a Strong player

"Grinders" Needs 1 Strong player to replace a Top member. If you have a strong Previous Region and Current Region We'd love to have you join us.
We are not Intense, We Do Not Stress players, We help out all members and give advice on building ur Fleet, Campaign Strategies and So on. If ur interested please follow the link below
Discord Required as Game Chat is not good.
We look forward to chatting with. Dont wait as this spot will go quickly.
My Ign is "Conrail Logistics"
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2023.05.30 18:10 AutoModerator Imperium Agency Cheap

The course includes:

• Foundations
• Self Transcendence
• Organic Attraction Mastery
• 7-Figure Imperium Agency Funnels
• Paid Attraction Mastery
• 7-Figure Sales Strategies
• Building Your Team
• Service Delivery
• Replays
• NorthFlow Coaching Program

You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name PliatsikG).

100+ Vouches from clients
1000+ Members on our Discord Server
20+ TB of rare and known courses
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