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2023.05.31 02:42 MildSuccotash The North Wind & The West Wind by Alexandria Warwick

I don't see a gush post for either of these books and that is an ERROR. An error, I tell you!
Ok let's go. We'll start with book #1. Technically they can be read in standalones but I suggest reading in order for best effect.
The North Wind:
At its heart, this is a book about two porcupines falling in love. They are wounded, sharp people who lash out at each other before they come together. Upon my second reading, the heroine was not incredibly likable to me in the beginning. She's got MAJOR big sister syndrome even though she's a twin. As a big sister, I wanted to shake her. Someone also probably needs to shake me. She’s got healing to do, though!
There is incredible unresolved sexual tension that DOESN’T START AT LIKE FIVE PERCENT. This is important to me. It develops fluidly and naturally and it’s one of the best slow burns I’ve read in a while. Also there’s a mildly smutty library scene that does not... reach it's resolution and like…….. it’s one of those scenes where nothing actually happens but I still think about it a lot????? That’s all I’ll say.
This is also a "forced marriage for the safety of the town/her sister" where the North Wind doesn’t actually pick her and then later say like “I picked you because I saw you and just knew” or like "you were so beautiful" or something like that. I like those too (looking at you, Horde Kings series) but I loved the tension of this version. This book also had one of the best 80% conflicts I have ever read and I loved it and I want other books to take notes. If you hate 80% conflicts, I think you'll get on board with this one.
Plot wise there's an underlying mystery to be solved and I had so many questions throughout. My one big gripe with the book is that I felt it was a little vague in the wrap-up and I had to do some thinking afterwards to figure out the answers to certain questions I had. Otherwise, no big issues for me!
The West Wind:
Ok, if the first book was about porcupines, this book is about turtles. You’ve got two soft babies just straight up hiding.
The West Wind - who does not come out of book one as the most liked character - hides behind his shame and his smirks and his smiles. To me he's a bit of a trickster and Loki-like god. He does not think he deserves goodness and softness but Brielle sees him.
Brielle knows she is soft but thinks it is a bad thing because it has stretched to the point of hiding within herself, meeting everyone’s needs but her own, and avoiding confrontation at all costs. (I personally, do not, absolutely do not, nope I do not, know what this is like.) I loved them both.
I was not at all prepared for how fucking TENDER this book was. Like god. I can’t cry because SSRIs baby but I almost did like four times. I literally grabbed my chest at least 20 times.
Also, if you like books with quests and traveling, this book is for you. The plot in the first book was more fleshed out, but this book had such a lovely balance of character development and plot that I could forgive it. I might have even liked this book BETTER than book one, even though The Winter King is a more classically Me type of MMC (brooding, dark, etc.). The characterization in this one is just so! fucking! good!

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2023.05.31 02:42 anon-electric eForm 1 oopsie?

eForm 1 oopsie?
Do you think ATF will kick this back? the eforms system wasn't very clear about what it was asking for and I didn't see it until I already submitted 4 of them.
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2023.05.31 02:42 Used-fridge You may think it’s halo but it’s Gmod.

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2023.05.31 02:41 Trollolololita Elective/"social" embryo freezing before PhD

Hi all. I'm 36 and my partner and I just started the process of freezing embryos out-of-pocket because I just got accepted to a PhD program. I'll be 40-41 years old when I finish and we want the option of a pregnancy at that time.
We've received plenty of advice discouraging us from doing this -- "it's really expensive," "just try to do it naturally," "plenty of women have children in their 40s," etc. -- but everything I read makes me think it's the safe thing to do and my partner is on board. We know it's expensive, we have the money, and we're in the process of grieving all the fun stuff we could've bought instead. We know it would be more convenient to conceive now and that perhaps we could in the future, but we also know there are many people who go through a lot of difficulty conceiving and we want to plan for that possibility.
I'm hoping to find people here with similar experiences or advice based on their own experiences. The concept is unfamiliar to our families, friends, and local healthcare providers, so I'm interested in the opinions of you all because you've informed yourselves so deeply on the issue.
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2023.05.31 02:41 jeremyz71 First time ever stick welding 7018 @ 115 amps. Go ahead Roast me!

First time ever stick welding 7018 @ 115 amps. Go ahead Roast me!
First time ever stick welding or touching a welder. Liuna laborers apprenticeship program. I was using shielded 7018 stick at 115 amps. Let me know what you guys think.
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2023.05.31 02:41 Sure-Tackle-5280 Do you think it's actually possible to learn arabic by yourself?

I'm a foreigner in Morocco and I've heard a few natives telling me MSA is very hard. Reading through posts and comments, I'm still thinking about starting with MSA because of the relative abundance of resources. Do you think that it's really possible to learn it using books (Mastering Arabic of Wightwick & Gaafar), YouTube channels for pronounciation, etc without having to pay for something like a tutor ? If you did, please tell me about your journey.
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2023.05.31 02:41 Fun_Government_2487 Survivor 50 wish 🌈

I wish survivor 50 (or earlier!) would have a season where the twist is there are NO idols or advantages and they travel somewhere completely different and actually interesting. I am rewatching all the seasons and it has gotten way out of hand. Imagine the scramble - by the way we actually aren't going to Fiji hardy Har Har. And even though you think you are so cool for having 11 years of university in political science... no idiols, no advantages, and no rinse and repeat challenges 👀 omg the scramble 👏 Pearl Islands has never been beat! Somewhere interesting with a theme and themed challenges please!
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2023.05.31 02:41 TaranMatharu From Theory Updated - A game of Tarot between an accused witch and a Beothuk deity in Newfoundland during John Cabot's lost expedition of 1498.

From Theory Updated - A game of Tarot between an accused witch and a Beothuk deity in Newfoundland during John Cabot's lost expedition of 1498.
FROM is a game between an accused witch and a Beothuk demon, recreating an event during the Age of Exploration by John Cabot's lost expedition of 1498. The event ended before 1506 (Tabitha's tower’s earliest date). Other than the Vinland Vikings, Cabot is the only European to reach mainland America before then.
Cabot's ships arriving / Tabitha's dream's dates
The Origin Event:
Cabot’s ship (The Matthew) is marooned in Newfoundland (where Cabot had visited before, and was supposed to return to in 1498). The explorers shelter in the Vinland Viking ruins remaining there (The Church lodge and Stone Circle). They land in Boyd’s Cove (where most archaeological artefacts of the Beothuk have been found).
They encounter the now tragically extinct native Beothuk people (who painted themselves in red ochres, as with the red stick figures in the cave paintings). The explorers wear Tudor clothing with ruffs, like Ellis’s mysterious painting.
Cabot or one of his men bond with a woman who was smuggled aboard and they have a son (Mirrored by Fatima's pregnancy). As things get worse, Cabot’s wife is accused of being a Witch at the explorer’s camp.
The Witch
Historically, it is undeniable that native Newfoundland Beothuk people suffered numerous atrocities at the hands of future settlers, and in similar fashion, the explorers may have attacked the Beothuk.
Starvation begins and Winter approaches, just as Fromland does in Season 2, with the food shortage and as with the trees changing in Fromland.
The witch is imprisoned in a cave (the cave with the talismans) while crows circle above. Cabot keeps her son from her.
The Witch's prison, where Boyd found the talismans / An adult and child
Explorers that speak of mutiny have their tongues cut out (that, or blasphemy, another possible reason for tongue removal). The tongues are cooked in a stew (the cauldron with the tongues, Sarah cutting Toby’s tongue, Kevin’s tongue being bitten off), as the explorers turn to cannibalism. They might also be cooked worms, eaten due to starvation.
The cauldrons
Later, the explorers finish repairing their ships, and sail away, leaving Cabot’s wife trapped alone in the cave, the explorers too superstitious to bring or kill her. They leave her the game of Tarot (the only card game to exist in 1500, an exclusively Italian game at the time, brought by Cabot). In despair, she calls out to any Gods who will listen. She is answered by the deities of the Beothuk.
The Mythos:
The long extinct Beothuk religion is only known from a fragment of text. The key aspects are worship of the Moon, the Sun, fear of a devilish Man in Black, a Spirit World and a Sea Monster, trees have souls, and birds carry the souls of the dead. Only a few hundred Beothuk words are known. The word for tree in Beothuk is “Annoouee” and some native american languages insert a K to pluralise words. “Annkoouee” means “the trees”.
The Witch makes a deal or bet with the Beothuk demon/devil, the Man in Black for the return of her son. Cabot and the other explorers become the first of Fromland’s victims. The Man in Black has a “Sea Monster” which the showrunners represent as a native Newfoundland Lion’s Mane Jellyfish which happens to be RED. (the location where the Viking ruins were found was called Jellyfish Cove).

Red Jellyfish / Beothuk game-pieces / Cave painting pattern.
The Game
This deal/bet between the Witch and the Beothuk gods involves a game using the Tarot cards, but one with invented rules. The Witch, the boy and the explorers are all sucked into Fromland to play. Every member of Fromily is assigned a Tarot card to represent.
Meagan's card game / Jade flashing a pack of cards for no reason / a person trapped in a card / the cards laid out and the people they represent
More card game hints
The Players:
The game still requires four players, so the son is divided in two, creating a Moon version (Boy in White, two dogs on the moon Tarot card) and a Sun version.
Here the suitcases and curtains lay out the mother and her twin boys and their respective colour-coding (moon = blue, sun = yellow, witch = pink).
The twin smaller wheels, the split son, and the mother the large wheel. The flapping cloth, the tentacled representation of the Man in Black’s monster. The sculpture is an obvious clue.
Above here, we see the four players, (clue highlighted by a book called Crumbs in the same scene): the cables the tentacular demon and his monster, the scarf is the mother (with the witch stick figure and the pink coding) and the headphones the black and white sides of the boy (the sun and the moon)
The “witch” is kept apart from her son(s), (“I want to see my son!” Mr Tien, hearing voices in episode 1), and has some ulterior goal within the game to reunite her sons, as does the MiB.
The two sides, with the yellow light (sun - trapped underground?) and unlit light (moon - above, free to roam?). A white vessel remains on the table, despite blocking the shot. That is a vessel to represent the mothewitch.
The Rules:
The witch and the devil appear to take turns picking people (who are about to die: drunk driver, (Jade, Donna), or by suicide (Khatri), or from disease (Tilly)) from the real world.
Black tendrils picking cars off the road drawing
This game is played on a game-board (see chequered shirts and floors everywhere, chess board references, and the squares on the cave painting).
Both Witch and Devil appear to be influencing Fromily in one direction or another. The Devil with his worms on Sarah and Boyd (see Boyd dousing his torch the same way it is pointed down on the devil’s tarot card, and the chained man represented by Martin on the same card), and the Witch with her visions on Tabitha and Jade. Boyd is being spoken to by the Man in Black in the form of Khatri, who encourages him to protect Sara, and seems pretty smug when he thinks Boyd is about to succumb to the worms (and wears a black cardigan for the first time).
While Jade sees the symbol as scary, the Witch is actually giving him clues in his quest to understand Fromland. It’s also possible that the “sun” side was keeping Martin captive (see the sun-symbol as the winch), and the Boy in White is bad and sent Boyd there to free him.
The rules of the game seem to be related to the gathering of lost items from their past that are anchoring them to this place (see Kristi’s rock, the anchors on the talismans, the wall in the church and Martin’s tattoo).
Tabitha’s is the suitcase/dress, Jim’s is the bracelet, Victor’s is the dummy (his mother might have been a travelling entertainer, doing ventriloquism and playing violin). The Monsters have their own “anchors” (see the junk in the cave, the music box) and are attempting to steal anchors that are associated with current Fromily.
Throughout the series, we see people and items with blue, yellow and less often, pink/red. Ethan and Boyd, in particular, are almost always in yellow when they’re on walkabout. This seems to suggest that it is how Fromily react to each situation that aligns them with a colour, and in certain scenes everyone wears blue in particular. It seems if Fromily act as the explorers did, (nobody standing up for Sarah, who is the “witch” in this scene),
When fighting over food (see the scene at the diner) or turn on each other, there is often blue. When they act heroically, they tend to wear yellow. It is rare to see a resident that is not wearing one of these three colours - occasionally one will wear black.
In order to escape Fromland and end the game, Fromily must gather their tethered items and also reunite the boy in white with his sun counterpart (as demonstrated on the moon and sun converging on the exit sign).
The Way Out - reuniting the Sun and the Moon (the Square and the Circle)
The Monsters:
Everyone who arrives in Fromland must suffer as the Beothuk did. The crows are turned into Monsters to punish new arrivals, which is why they have a second-eyelid (as seen in the Kevin death scene) and seem interested in human items and their own reflection. They fly around as crows during the day, watching Fromily and learning their names.
Victor’s Timeline
Victor experiences a gap of 40ish years – (1978-2018). This gap is very confusing, as we have other dates that are quite close to one another and don’t seem to pause that long. We’ve been led to believe by Victor that someone betrayed them to the monsters, and told them all their hiding places. There are two suspects – Victor’s mother, who knew the exact night for Victor to hide somewhere new, or Christopher, who stopped smiling and was seeing the symbol.
Given the pre-existing mythology of a mother doing a deal to save her son, can we assume that Victor’s mother made her own deal - just like Sarah was trying to make for her brother? I have a feeling Victor’s mother, Victor and Christopher were kept alive by the sympathetic witch (just look at the stars). Victor seems to have seen her in person before too based on his drawings.
The witch revealed their situation and Victor’s mother went to the Devil and agreed to betray everyone if he would just let her son live a full life (just like Sarah is “making a deal”). The Boy in White kept Victor alive, as agreed, until he could fend for himself. Christopher survived thanks to the Witch and went to live in the Lighthouse - he’s the Radio Voice.
Finally, Victor’s mother’s deal has expired. The game began again, in 2018…and it’s going to end in 2022, one way or another.
The Cards:
I have many more of these, but Reddit only allows 20 images.
The Fool – Boyd (follows dog, always carries things in bundles, even when the bag has handles)
The Magician – Ethan (wizard's staff)
The High Priestess – Tabitha (hands Khatri a copy of the bible, has visions)
The Empress – Unknown.
The Emperor – Nathan (two goats)
The Heirophant – Father Khatri (religious figure, always wears open grey cardigans, seen between grey pillars/stones, church has three crosses stacked like the tarot symbol)
The Lovers – Ellis and Fatima (Garden of Eden)
The Chariot – Bakta (Coach Driver)
Strength – Jade (Cat shirt, carries radio cables bent into shape of infinity symbol, perseverance)
The Hermit – Victor (lived alone, carries a torch in key scenes)
The Wheel of Fortune – Elgin (Elgin is a famous watchmaker, and seems to predict the future? He also talks about owls, which are related to seeing the future).
Justice – Kenny (Deciding on Sara going in the box)
The Hanged Man – Jim (seen around rope, halfway up trees, and seen hanging upside-down)
Death – Bing-Qian Liu (Always wears black, king, bishop and knight are chess pieces, he says “(k)night scary”.)
Temperance – Tilly (Pouring/holding two cups and wearing triangles, several scenes)
The Devil – The demon (closest match, Boyd douses torch pointed down, showing he is posessed)
The Tower – the radio voice in the lighthouse (closest match)
The Star – the witch (closest match)
The Moon – Boy in White (note the two dogs on the moon card)
The Sun – sun-child (boy in white)
Judgment – Sara (must be judged for her crimes)
The World – Martin (circle cut into arm?) Unknown.
Knight of Swords – Randall (impulsive, headstrong)
Queen of Swords – Donna (Stern, holds a shotgun pointed upwards)
Five of Cups – Mrs Liu (cross around neck)
Two of Cups – Kristi (Caduceus symbol, heart stone, holds two cups)
Two of Wands – Kenny (holds mini-globe)
Six of Cups - Juli (wears Hearts in episode 7 promo, holds Kevin’s flowers)
Three of Pentacles – Dale (triangle necklace, poor work ethic, apathy, no motivation)

Unresolved questions:
Why a ballerina? Presumably, the Devil has cards already under his control via worms, and uses them to possess people.
Why the USA? Cabot came to claim new land for England and Heny VII - perhaps a loose understanding of what this land would become assigned it as the USA. Alternatively, the “game” could have evolved later in a yet to be revealed way, one that answers why the 1950s clothing and town too.
Why 1950s themes? We can presume perhaps that the Deities that rule Fromland periodically update the town and the monsters appearances based on an unknown quantity that is yet to be revealed.
Why the Civil War soldiers? The Witch is revealing to Jade that Jim is the Hanged Man, using a flashback from a previous cycle.
What’s with the spiders? It is a natural phenomenon where spiders climb into the trees to escape floods, covering them in webs. This is a foreshadowing of an upcoming flood.
It seems that much of the above could be explained by ANOTHER town in another part of Fromland, simultaneously occurring in the 1950s. Perhaps in this place, the roles are reversed, Fromily are the monsters and the Monsters the townsfolk (like the mirrored Sun-boy and Moon-boy). You can get there by travelling deep underground, until you're upsidedown (kind of like the From opening credits). This is where the Ballerina resides, as well as most of the "anchor" items.
Side Note:
The expeditions of the Corte-Real brothers that disappeared in 1501 and 1502 respectively may also be involved, and precipitated the food shortage and violence. If they are, they would have arrived in Newfoundland together - this is represented by the two cars coming at the same time (this happened in both Victor's time, and the Matthews' time), and the two additional ships in the cave painting. Sara’s voices blame the people in the two cars for everyone dying - a hint at the origin story of the brothers’ two ships. This aligns with Beothuk mythology that states the first explorers to arrive in Newfoundland were good, and the second set bad.
THANKS FOR READING! I am probably very wrong, but that's my best attempt at stitching together all the clues in the show. No worries if you disagree, it's just for fun.
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2023.05.31 02:40 Ashamed_Falcon4339 [Unknown][Unknown] Pixel Team Deathmatch

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Multiplayer Team deathmatch and may have had a zombie survival game mode
Estimated year of release:
Graphics/art style: Pixel
Notable characters: You had to pick a certain class. I think there was a miner and a guy with a jetpack.
Notable gameplay mechanics: you could dig into the terrain and possibly build. The map was destructible. First Person.
Other details:
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2023.05.31 02:40 ArmandoAlvarezWF What's the consensus on how the Egyptian pyramids were built? Was there any technique that was particularly difficult to figure out? And what's the history of pyramid conspiracy theories?

I met someone who said there's no way human beings could have made the pyramids and referenced a certain celebrity's tweet that went along the lines of "I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens." I think I handled my ground in refuting this, but of course, not much you can do to convince a conspiracy theorist.
I'm curious about where the idea that humans couldn't have built the pyramids came from. I know some of it is tied up with racism so that people thought Egyptians couldn't have possibly built the pyramids, but people from Atlantis or something could have.
I was into archaeology as a kid in the '90s and I do remember books saying things like, "We still don't know how this aspect of pyramid building happened." These were mainstream books, not conspiracy theorists: they weren't saying, "Therefore, aliens built the pyramids," just that there was debate at that time about certain parts of pyramid building. I think I remember different theories about how they built the ramps. I don't think that caused the conspiracy theories, but I imagine it was fuel for it, in the way that moon landing theorists say, "There's no way the flag would move like that."
I've heard about the pyramids being built in an astoundingly precise way. I don't know how much of that is accurate (i.e. the builders did a very good job, especially considering the technology of the time) and how much of that is just the same sort of mystical conspiracy thinking (i.e., "The pyramids are so perfectly aligned with the cardinal directions that only alien machines could have done it.")
When did the conspiracy theories start developing?
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2023.05.31 02:40 ienjoyswirlys Kivik loveseat with chaise attachment question

I currently have the Kivik loveseat and I'm looking to add the chaise to it

The question I'm looking for the answer to is difficult to find definitive - the Ikea website defines the chaise as having the ability to attach to the sofa and/or be freestanding

The arms are real space-eaters and ideally, I'm looking to attach the chaise to the right side of the sofa (left if you're facing) and completely remove the arm on the chaise side - leaving only the arm on the loveseat side

In theory, I think this could work. If the chaise can be freestanding, I'd imagine it would be armless and have no holes within the chaise to have anything exposed and also has its own support legs.. but I cannot for the life of me find any use cases where this has been done and or definitive answers as to whether it can be done or not.

Any help here is truly appreciated and thank you in advance!
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2023.05.31 02:40 Skaterboi589 What gun do you think is underrated?

I wanted to see what guns people think are underrated, now you could choose a gun from each class or you could choose one primary and one secondary or you could do one primary or one secondary it doesn’t matter, I’m gonna be doing one primary and one secondary though. I think the UMP45 and CZ75.
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2023.05.31 02:40 soofunny Anyone else find themselves questioning if they are experiencing distress from perceived racism?

I'm a Chinese American (born in USA) and have been finding a hard time dealing with all the negative press about China and CCP. I feel like everyone is growing to despise Asians and specifically Chinese + Chinese Americans. I have a hard time thinking about whether my relationships have been going well or not and whether thats related to my race and upbringing. I have had friends who are Asian-American and I can't help but feel like they didn't like me because I was Chinese. It bothers me that people see that side of me more than my American side. I don't even know if that is valid or not in the first place but over these past few years, its been more normalized to talk about my race and China more often than not in conversations. For the first time ever in my life, I realized what Chinese meant when I worked at a Taiwanese restaurant. I was berated alot by one of the chefs who didn't like me because I was chinese. My manager stepped in alot during those days to defend me (he was also TW) and for a while, I didn't understand why. I kept insisting him that I should go apologize to the chef when in reality, I didn't even know what the problem was to begin with. My manager just kept saying "nah its good don't worry about it". My manager understandably, didn't ever let me know until one of my shift leaders took his position. I think about that alot. For months, I thought my mandarin was just bad and maybe that pissed him off but then I realized wait, there are other co-workers who speak literally 0 mandarin and I see him talking to them like a regular person. I think this experience was a start of me not being able to hold the weight of my identity.
Maybe I'm just not used to it? I try to think about how other ethnic groups in America have had to deal with hate and stereotypes too.
I have a hard time dealing with this from day to day. Even while trying to enjoy hobbies I get constantly reminded of the political climate. I play Lost Ark and the hate for chinese people goes crazy in that game. I'm constantly just praying that when I get a chinese guy in my raid that he doesn't act toxic. I don't know if anyone else watches League but the chinese teams get antagonized from pretty much every other region. For some reason, rap has started to feel more racist lately with lyrics still being derived from the COVID era. I try to tell myself I'm just seeing all this with a selective eye at the moment but its only a matter of time til I start thinking about all of this again.
I've been struggling to find the right job for my career at the moment. What started this post I guess was me shamelessly reading through all the comment threads of this video and it just hurts to see people lumping Chinese Americans with Chinese people. Especially reading other Asian Americans voicing their desire to not be associated with Chinese Americans hurts so damn much. Sometimes, I wish I didn't have to get into politics to berate China and its gov in hopes of developing a genuine friendship with a person. These days it literally feels like I'm desperately going around like, "hey did i mention? fuck the CCP and unsanitary food service, taiwan hk #1" just so the person can see me as an ally.
I've talked to a therapist and called many hotlines about this stuff but I can never find true solace to just be myself and do my own shit. With most my friends being Taiwanese or other Asian, I have a hard time talking to them about this stuff.
I just wanna be a proud Amerian and Chinese person. I don't wanna pick between the two. It's like I'm going through my parents divorce again and deluding myself with hate-driven information. The amount of cognitive dissonance going on rn is so mentally inhibiting
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2023.05.31 02:40 LilMissPocketRocket Am I still in your mind?

You used to tell me I was on your mind constantly. Do you still think of me? Do I still occupy your mind? After we hang up the phone last night, did you go to sleep with my face on your mind and my name whispered on your lips? Did you think of how I kiss you the night before and if the softly whispered "I love you" meant anything at all?
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2023.05.31 02:39 Background_Angle2412 Posting here as r/nintendoswitch told me I was not able to ask in their subreddit. Need starter gaming advice for aspie son just looking to get into gaming.

Hi Reddit. My son (6) has been wanting a Nintendo Switch for a while. He is on the autism spectrum, diagnosed Asperger's (apologies if I misname things, as it is still new for us as we learn). I'm looking to find the best "starter pack" for him in terms of games and accessories.
I'm going to get the Switch Lite to start, as it seems easiest to hold for a child, especially one with slight motor delays (i.e. buttons on shirts are hard).
As for games, it seems the downloadable versions should be best? I'm fine buying a larger storage card - 512, etc? How many games can I get on that size?
What advice do you all have and what are the best options for games for beginners that may need a bit more time to explore and learn? I was thinking Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Mario Kart 8. Any others? Is a Zelda or Pokemon ok for beginners?
Is it ok to get digital versions of all? (I read the pinned detail, so am leaning towards digital downloads)
What else for the "ultimate starter pack" for a beginner to start learning? (i.e. case, etc).
Thanks for your advice. He is super excited to start exploring, so want to try and get him up for success with the right games, etc, as he get discouraged easily, but is very intrigued with gaming.
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2023.05.31 02:39 slash_1123 This is so perfect, I bet you think it's staged.. [OC]

This is so perfect, I bet you think it's staged.. [OC]
Siblings Mashka and Bowtie
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2023.05.31 02:39 NameRevolutionary151 Fight after Fight- I can't really take it anymore

Hi guys,
I live in America but we are an Indian family. Almost every day, there are fights. Mostly between my parents, but also between my sister and my parents, and me and my parents. I mostly put my airpods in and crank up the music, but these fights leave me insanely disturbed. My parents are normally nice people, but they, especially my mom, turn very ugly during these fights. Between my parents, its every little disagreement. After those fights, they project to me their disapproval of the other parent, and I hate it. Those fights are all verbal, no physical contact. That is the same between my parents and I when we fight. However, between my parents and my sister, the fights are different. My sister doesn't hesitate to hit my parents, where I on the other hand did it less than 5 times throughout my life, and at that, very reduced force. I would just give a warning.
As of the time of writing this, there is a fighting match (both physical and verbal) between my sister and my parents. My sister and mom had a fight earlier today about my sister not contributing to much around the house (which I can attest to, but it isn't worth what she has to face right now). It turned physical of course, with my mom smacking my sister on the back a few times, which I understand. Those are warnings. But my sister then smacked her in the stomach (supposedly, as heard from my mom). Then my sister stormed upstairs. I convinced my mom to leave her for a bit, but then she had to make things worse by storming upstairs and sitting right next to my sister on her bed. Despite my sister's repeated attempts at telling her to leave (I also asked her to do the same, but she ignored me). It then turned into another physical fight, which my dad joined after hearing that my sister hit my mom in the stomach (I understand my dad also giving a few warning shots). They are still fighting and I just want to run away.
My dad is a very reasonable person. When me and my dad argue, it is normally polite verbal arguments. We then leave each other to cool down for a bit, and then we are all good. My mom though is a completely different story. She thinks she is perfect and whatever she does is right. I tried to tell her to deescalate the argument, talk in a small tone, leave her alone when she wants to be alone, she'll warm up in a bit. BUT SHE JUST WON'T LISTEN LIKE DAMN! Whenever I suggest that she isn't perfect and to improve this or that, she starts crying and saying things like "oh you don't need me? I'll go to India and you manage here". That's not what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to help you improve. She doesn't understand how teenagers think or something.
They think this doesn't affect me, but it does a lot. I feel like I can be open with my dad about most things, such as a girlfriend. If I get one, I feel like I could tell him. We joke about it a lot, and I think that he would even be happy if I got one (I am crushing on someone, and I might ask them out soon). My mom, however, I'm conflicted on. She could either see me as a failure, or be happy for me. If I do get a girlfriend, I don't want my girlfriend to see my chaotic and dysfunctional family life.
I am very distant right now because of this. I go upstairs and close the door to my room whenever I can, and I put my airpods in and crank the music up (60-80 dB). When I can't, like today, I wear my airpods and sit at the dining room table. My parents don't understand why I do this, and I can't exactly say it's because of them. I mean my dad might hear me out, but my mom would probably get a heart attack at hearing that she isn't perfect and die. I rarely talk to my mom or sister, and I only tell my dad everything. My dad, in my mind, is the sane one, while my mother is kind of insane.
My mom also doesn't respect my privacy. She's always asking for my phone password, which she had for two years before I changed it. I know she read through my messages before. I am a good kid that does nothing wrong, and she saw that with her own eyes. My dad, who pays for the phones, the plans, and everything else, trusts me. He tells me that if I do anything wrong, I'm ruining my own life, and that's it. That keeps me away from bad things. My mom tries to sneak peeks at my phones while I use it. She sits next to me, pretending to use her phone, but when I look at her she's clearly staring at my phone. Every time she sees a text, she interrogates me.
This isn't even the half of it, but I don't want to make my post too long
Basically, if you don't wanna read the whole thing, my family fight almost every day, I try to help but get ignored, my mom is pretty insane while my dad is sane, I feel like I can't be open with them, and I'm distant because of all this. My mom always tries to look at my phone
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2023.05.31 02:39 Ruth-Willi Scorpio Horoscope Today May 31, 2023

Scorpio Horoscope Today May 31, 2023 (
A beautiful and pleasant day full of humor and laughter, so you have many opportunities to regain your confidence in yourself. You will have an effective role today in whatever field you enter, and everyone will attest to that. Believe in yourself, your abilities and your ideas.

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Love

The partner’s actions irritate you, so you think about separating from him and looking for another person who understands him more

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Professional Life

Useful interventions New ideas to put on the meeting table for discussion next week.

Scorpio Horoscope Today – Health

You are making a big mistake if you give up exercising citing lack of time
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2023.05.31 02:39 smashketchum_ If you are starting fires this week despite the ban...

Fuck you.
That's basically it. These bans are in place for a reason, as the wildfire situation is still very dangerous. If you're still starting fires, that tells me you're a selfish, terrible person. Try thinking of someone other than yourself.
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2023.05.31 02:39 FewWait6544 Is this an appropriate way to tell a paraent her child is not eating?

So I work at a daycare and I wanted some parents opinions on how I handled the situation
“Hey mrs. _ before you leave is it okay if I ask you something?”
Her: yes
Me: “ so I just wanted to tell you that during lunch and breakfast _ has a hard time eating, she will eat a couple or so spoonfuls but she barley eats, and I just wanted to ask you if she’s that way at home or if those eating habits or some thing that just goes on here”?
Her: tells me she’s the same way at home and asks me if she rlly doesn’t eat
Me: “yes like usually at breakfast she really won’t eat her cereal at all but she will drink her milk and she’ll eat a little more at lunch but I don’t think it’s nearly enough as what she should be eating, and I’ll even try to sit with her and spoon feed her. I will say she was better today she ate all of her vegetables and most of her pasta”
Her: tells me how little she eats at home and such
Me: okay thank you for letting me know I really just wanted to touch base with you and see if she’s just a picky eater or if she just doesn’t eat here, but I’ll keep working with her eating here.
The girl is 3 btw
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2023.05.31 02:39 reallygottapeebad New private sub for women only!

If you've ever went to any of the make a new friend or meet people subs hoping to just make some acquaintances to casually talk to and were inundated with men who send nsfw things, don't respect boundaries, and who pretend to be women to chat with you, we have a solution for that!
With a little help I've started a private sub that is by invitation only and is women only!
We do have a procedure to verify that everyone is a woman and it does not involve showing your face or giving up your anonymity. We took a lot of time to come up with it and I think it's going to be almost fool proof (I don't want to ever say anything is 100% but I think it's pretty close and we're not likely to have guys get in.)
If you're interested please let me know and we can get you in!
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2023.05.31 02:39 Cultural-Water4851 everything would be fine if i could just be a man

just being a man would fix everything
tw: depression, eating disorders and suicide
depression. anxiety. eating disorders that are just considered “girly” that make me hate myself even more. never wanting to be alive. trying to kill myself just to end up back where i started, just some little girl in my house full of problems that are all in my fucked up little brain. family issues. relationship issues. the trauma of my body morphing into some ungodly creation (no disrespect to women but why tf did it happen to me i didn’t fucking sign up for it) when i was just a kid. not knowing why i was so upset back then so i repressed it completely and now i’m dealing with it and finally starting to unpack but i can’t even talk about it outside of therapy. i’ve been on and off of 3 antidepressants in the past 5 months. you know what would really help? testosterone. or just fucking puberty blockers. but noooo. nobody ever told me WHY i started wanting to die just because i was growing up. and nobody told me there was a way to fix it. i had to figure that out on my own. all alone. i’m so fucking alone. i have a loving family and an awesome gf and supportive friends but none of them know. they all see me as a girl. who knows if they’d still be there if i came out.
who knows where i’d be if i was born a male or just fucking figured this out sooner. probably some place a whole lot happier. but i’ll never know. because putting me in the right body and letting me live MY life, not some pathetic little girls life, is just wayyy to hard for everyone, isn’t it. isn’t it? is that too much for everyone? too bad. if i wasn’t so insecure i’d go beat the shit out of every person who’s made me feel worse about myself. but no, i can’t, of course i can’t, this little girl with a weak little girl body and no confidence. respected by nobody. and if they really knew me, loved by nobody. not for who i really am. but who even cares what they think. I! JUST!! WANT TO LIVE MY FUCKING LIFE!!!!! IS THAT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK
i don’t need all these antidepressants, i don’t need to go back to a mental hospital, i just need someone to hold me and tell me i’m a big strong man and i can let myself cry and it’s ok not to be strong. i just want to be able to open up to somebody who will still love me that way. the real me
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