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A place to discuss all secrets in God of War, discovered and undiscovered! Cory Barlog, director of GoW, has said that there are secrets we have not yet discovered. Let's see if we can discover what else is hidden and solve these mysteries once and for all!

2012.03.23 17:42 AegeanSea God of War

God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. Or posting anything related to GOW really.

2011.04.06 23:30 Gaming Circlejerk - Home of CD Projekt Red

Do you guys remember The Witcher 3?

2023.05.30 20:45 SumoTeddy96 Who do I build and who do I leave behind

Who do I build and who do I leave behind
I started playing when the fairy tail crossover started. I was only playing to collect those units but now I'm kinda hooked. The issue is I've looked for tier lists and guides of the sort and can't figure out who I've got or if anyone's good. So I'm hoping this subreddit can help my foolish self get better.
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2023.05.30 20:44 Party-Relief-4132 Eptopic or miscarriage

Hi, So glad I came across this group with so much information from everyones different experiences. This is my first post so bare with me as it may be a little long.
So to start my cycle has always been bang on 30 days but the last 2 months it was 27 days. Last period was 1st may. 9 days before my due period i started having this dark brown discharge (21st of the 5th) which lasted around 3 days. On the 23rd my boobs got really sore and i was getting twinges in my lower abdomen (got this with my last 2 pregnancies )so done a pregnancy test on the 24th which came back positive. It was serious shock as we have our family and are making plans to travel in the coming months and years in a canpervan we are converting atm. We seriously debated abortion but after 2 agonising days decided we couldn't fo through with it. Just as we started to come to terms with it on Saturday 27th i was holding my 4 month old neice and she pushed her we foot down on the right side of my lower abdomen and there was a very sharp pain. When i went to the toilet again i was bleeding. Bright red blood. Its weird because all that day i felt funny and was actually ready online searching about eptopic pregnancy. I knew something was different this time in my gut. Anyway i started to get little light headed and panicky so my husband took me up to the A&E. Got bloods done to confirm pregnancy and an internal scan which obviously didnt show anything as im not far enough on. They couldn't find my right ovary but could see there was no active blood flow which i couldnt really understand as the bleeding lasted into the next day for roughly 24 hours in total, bright red but no clots. They rang the next day with bloods and said they were 100 Hcg (if thats right ive been in such a daze since finding out we were having another baby🙈) so called me back up again yesterday for more bloods and done another scan which again showed nothing and couldnt find my right ovary. Those came back last night (29th) after a very agonising wait and i was told the Dr thinks it seems like and early miscarriage but wants to confirm with more bloods tomorrow (31st). I was in a world of my own so didnt ask what the levels were this time. Im assuming they stayed the same or dropped/increased just slightly. Im really nervous about tomorrow as i just want and answer as to whats going on. Im due to go on holiday to Ibiza next Saturday with my cousin and sister and we have been really excited about it as the last holiday we planned got cancelled due to covid kicking off. Ive literally saved every spare penny i had to get on this holiday and with the way things are going with the cost of living i doubt very much i will be able to afford another anytime soon. I could deal with being pregnant on holiday and not drinking but after all this now happening i honestly dont think i could go and enjoy myself without drinking. If it turns out eptopic then its either gona be surgery or that injection from what ive been reading. I cant drink with the injection and i doubt i can fly after surgery. God forgive me but im kinda praying for a miscarriage. Just so i can go and try and have a good time and forget all this happened. I feel for anyone who has had to go through this or anything similar as the waiting is just brutal. I just want it to all be over with tbh. Just for context i have had pain in the right side a little in my chest and tonight a pain shot through my jaw. Most of the pain isnt overly bad so i dont know if its just my anxiety causing it. Ive also has bad lower back pain and pain in my right arm and shooting down my right leg where i suspect if its eptopic thats the side its on. All the symptoms of being pregnant are fading. Sore boobs and achy legs and the twinges i got with the other 2 pregnancies.
Has anyone ever experience these kinds of things with a miscarriage? I know people do loose the pregnancy symptoms some times but does anyone get the pain one sided? The short period off bleeding? The nurse told me that can happen with a miscarriage but i honestly think she was trying not to worry me.
Thank you for taking the time to read ❤
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2023.05.30 20:44 Empty-Bowler-8715 The Right’s War on Brands Is Stupid and Terrifying: The anti-LGBTQ attacks of Bud Light and Target are no mere boycotts—the aim is to intimidate companies into submission.

The Right’s War on Brands Is Stupid and Terrifying: The anti-LGBTQ attacks of Bud Light and Target are no mere boycotts—the aim is to intimidate companies into submission. submitted by Empty-Bowler-8715 to u/Empty-Bowler-8715 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 20:44 the_coolest_cr US Visa Website is FUCKING CRAP

Huh! What a crappy website the US Government is maintaining! God dammit its 21st century and the world is talking about MERN Stack, AI, etc and these US Visa Guys are still stuck in the mid 20th century.
I stay in India, and throughout India they ahve only 5 embassies. The shortage of slots has been happening since late 2021, and these guys should have figured something out. At least if the Indian Government had been in there place, they would have certainly figured something out. I can suggest some solution: Create 28 embassies in total (each in 28 of states in India). The whole issue of slots are resolved here. But these chutiya US Visa officers don't want the Indians to be there.
Yesterday, I was looking out for slots and I could only figure out the OFC slots are available but not VI ones (neither in any of the 5 embassies and nor in any of the Months: June July august). I would have clicked 4 times, and then they just BANNED me for 24 hours. Maadharchod log hai ye.
Although they would have opposing views for other countries like China but when it comes to booking Visa slots, Beijing has 1 day of waiting only for student visa while in India its totally opposite case. Its like they are totally of RACIST Mindset.
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2023.05.30 20:43 illadelphFlyer Starting my own business, but I have some questions

Please bear with me here. I'm completely ignorant in regards to anything and everything business related. Apologies in advance.
I want to start my own business, but I have some questions regarding LLC's and S Corps.
I'm going to start my own company and was going to go the LLC route, but someone had mentioned to me about starting an S-Corp and having the S-Corp own the LLC.
What are the pro's and con's of having the S-Corp own the LLC vs me just owning the LLC?
I know that for insurance reasons, the policy I need to carry needs to not only insure the customers building, but essentially the entire block God forbid there was a fire and it spread to the other buildings. Are there any other precautions I need to take regarding protecting myself and the customer or will the standard insurance policy suffice?
Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
I can only imagine the amount of facepalm in this post. I'm really REALLY sorry lol. If you made it this far, just know I greatly appreciate your time and any help you can provide.
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2023.05.30 20:43 Bonsai-eater4582 the entity shall not be silenced👹

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2023.05.30 20:43 cssmythe3 [Amiga PC][1985-1990]Strategic interplanetary war in the solar system with comes limited to speed of light

Platform(s): Commodore 64 or Amiga
Genre: Strategic Fleet Combat throughout the solar system.
Estimated year of release: 80s / early 90s
Graphics/art style: Very simple bitmap graphics, your fleets were represented by tiny icons I think? It was like looking at a digital board game - no fancy lasers, explosions, etc. You never saw the actual ships flying around.
Notable characters: None
Notable gameplay mechanics: Communication from your HQ to your ships was limited to the speed of light. So if I'm sending commands to my fleet in Jupiter orbit from earth, it took 45 minutes for them to RECEIVE the commands, and 45 more minutes for them to acknowledge receipt of the command.
This was bonkers because you could command a ship to attack a target, but that target my have left or been destroyed by the time the command arrived. Heck, the ship you send the command to might have been destroyed for 30 minutes already by the time your command gets to where they were.
It was strictly limited to our solar system, no inter-stellar flight.
I don't recall you ever being 'on the command deck' of a flagship, personally participating in a battle - it was just the game board view - with a text box on the right side of scrolling announcements.
There was definitely a 'time accelerator' button you could press so you didn't have to spend hours of real time waiting for all of the slow communication.
There must have been some kind of warp speed or space folding, because your ships could move from planet to planet to planet in the course of a game.
There was primitive AI for the captains of the ships you controlled, they'd react to thing on their own to changing conditions in absence of active orders.
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2023.05.30 20:43 MarxistJupiter "Early War Polish Lancer Regiment" material

Does anyone know what material the polish lancers sold by Warlord are made of? If they're not plastic, does anyone know of a good plastic kit for cavalry in that era?
I'm not picky about nation or uniform, since I expect to do conversion work anyway, but for that reason I want to avoid metals that would be a pain to modify.
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2023.05.30 20:43 RedditHatesHonesty Drops of God on AppleTV+ - always fails

Is anyone else having this problem with Drops of God or other AppleTV+ content.
I have always had some issues with AppleTV on StreamFab - failing on specific episodes or logging out, but Drops of God fails every time on every episode, whether clicking to download now or add to queue. One Episode or multiple.
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2023.05.30 20:43 Tar-Atanamir Fëanor Reclaims Silmarils?

So we know that the Silmarils are holy jewels and would burn those of “evil flesh”. At the end of the War of Wrath, Maedhros and Maglor demand the remaining two Silmarils from Eonwë, saying that they have the right to them. Eonwë answers that because of the evil they have done, their right to the Silmarils has been made null. So let’s say, hypothetically, that when Fëanor lands on the shores of Beleriand and does battle. Instead of being killed, he lives and is able to reclaim the Silmarils. Would he be burned by them? As the creator of the jewels, he undoubtedly has the right to them, but certainly all the evil he’s done beforehand would make that right void (leading the rebellion, the first kinslaying and abandoning Fingolfin by burning the ships). What do y’all think?
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2023.05.30 20:42 ShiningMoonBear 22/EU/XBOX/PC looking for friends :)

Hey everybody hope y'all doing good Honestly I'm lacking friends to play a nice variety of games with, I would love to connect with new people and create cool friendships.
I used to have friends to game with but over the years it slowly faded away and I miss it, the simple fun and banter it doesn't matter the game we play I would like to experience that again
Some games we could play together Xbox: Minecraft (java/bedrock) Borderlands 3 Far cry 5/6 co-op RDR2 Sea of thieves ARK Dying light 1 Stardew valley
I also have gamepass and would be open to try any game
PC: Total War Series Minecraft: wanted to try a cool modpack Sons of The Forest
This is very unlikely but anyone interested or knows how to play Zelda Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time I've seen this on YouTube and would love to try this with someone
Also I got 3 parrots they are very cute 2 small budgies and a large chunky amazon named Iroh
I really do enjoy listening to music, some people I listen to are: K.A.A.N, nightmares on wax, Klaus Layer
I used to somewhat exercise but that's really the bare minimum now kinda sad, but eating food is just too much fun
420 friendly
That's all for now, have a great day everyone :)
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2023.05.30 20:42 psychothumbs Just let people sell weed

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2023.05.30 20:42 KosherPope Kind, patient, loyal friend looking to rebuild his inner circle

Hey everyone,
I just stumbled across this subreddit. Im a 27 year old man, in a relationship and work full time. In recent months, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of shedding my closest friends from high school after learning of some hateful things that were said. It has resulted in a lot of internal scorn and loneliness, but I won’t focus on the details now, I’m looking to rebuild.
about myself, I have lots of hobbies, I do stand up comedy, play chess and video games, watch sports, ride my bike, walk my dog and drink and smoke weed socially. i don’t judge my friends whatsoever, as long as you’re a good friend, we will get along.
im seeking people who will reciprocate my kindness and consistency, and not just disappear or change entirely. existence is a crazy experience. having friends you can rely on to be there to talk, or laugh about shit with makes everything just a bit more manageable. mutual interests are always nice of course. if you want to talk, laugh, have a warm friend to game or share memes to, hit me up.
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2023.05.30 20:42 psychothumbs Just let people sell weed

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2023.05.30 20:41 CIAHerpes My father always kept the shed locked. Today, I found out why (part 2)

https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/13u9t3m/my_father_always_kept_the_shed_locked_today_i/Part 1:
The darkness around us was oppressive, cloying and total. Anywhere we weren’t pointing our flashlights would turn into a solid wall of black, impenetrable shadows. But we could hear something. As we walked further down the hallway, we heard soft footsteps and giggling.
Sometimes, it sounded like it came from directly behind us. At other times, it would come from the rooms all around us, the endless rooms that split off the hallway on both sides. We found some strange things in those rooms as we walked slowly, the gun raised in my hand and the bowie knife raised in my brother’s.
There were corpses in some of the rooms. Many had partially mummified in the dry, chilly air down here. Others were clearly fresher. One woman was hanging from the rafters with a note pinned to her chest. I looked back at Gil when we reached this part of the hall. We had stayed out of the rooms since the incident with the little boy, but some deep innate curiosity needed to know what was on this note. Gil nodded at me, and we walked forward side by side, scanning every corner of the room and looking behind smashed-out fish tanks and torn sofas covered in black mold for any signs that we weren’t alone in here. Once we were both satisfied, we returned to the young woman hanging in the center of the room.
She had somehow climbed up to the ceiling, opened a panel and found a sturdy enough beam or rafter to tie the rope to. Yet there was no ladder or anything remotely tall enough to reach the ceiling nearby. It was somewhat of a mystery. I explained this to Gil, who looked somewhat confused- and alarmed. He clearly hadn’t realized it until I pointed it out to him.
I turned back to the woman’s corpse, picking off the note, which had been stuck into the front of her blouse with a huge wooden splinter. Gil kept a look-out while I read, shining his light back and forth in a circle across the room, holding his ridiculously huge knife in the other hand like some sort of medieval swordsman. I saw with increasing horror that the note appeared to have been written in the woman’s own blood. Looking at her body, I saw a deep slash on her left arm, one that had clotted days ago. I looked back down at the desperate message this dying woman had left for us.
“To anyone who finds this,
“My name is Michaela Mansfield. I came in here by accident through the sewers underneath the town of Caplin. My two friends and I went exploring and got separated after a girl in our group twisted her ankle. I went forward alone to find help while my other friend stayed behind with the injured girl. After perhaps a day of being lost, my flashlight started to die, and I thought I was going to die with it. And then I saw fluorescent lights up ahead. They were flickering and looked like they might sputter out at any moment, but it was the only hope I had. I followed the lights and found myself in this hallway. When I tried to turn around and go back, the entrance to the sewers had disappeared. It was just a hallway that seemed to extend forever, the one that has haunted me for weeks now.
“Please, if you find this note, tell my parents what happened to me. Take my golden locket and return it to my mother and father as proof. I hope you have better luck getting out of here than I did.
“Goodbye, and may God forgive me for what I’m about to do.
I looked up at Gil, with one eyebrow raised. I saw he had been reading the note over my shoulder rather than keeping a look-out. I sighed, deciding not to say anything.
“We can’t take the locket,” I said. Gil shook his head.
“We have to take the locket,” he said.
“They’re going to think we had something to do with this girl’s death if we just show up randomly with a piece of her jewelry. Actually, I think I remember when this girl and her friends went missing. It was on the news. Her parents were pleading for anyone with information to come forward. I think the cops were acting on the suspicion that it was murder or kidnapping or something. But they probably just went exploring without telling anyone and never came back.”
“We’ll wipe it down and send it anonymously through the mail with a note explaining what happened,” he said. I sighed, giving up. He was right. It was the right thing to do. But I’m sure many innocent men have gone to prison over trying to do the right thing. I pointed to the note.
“This doesn’t help us at all,” I said. He shrugged.
“Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn’t. It doesn’t really help us formulate a plan, but it does give us information. For example, now we know that this place probably connects to a lot more places than the shed. We might be able to get out through dozens or hundreds of exits. If it connects to a random sewer over in Caplin, then it could connect to places all over the county.”
“True,” I said, “but what if it connects to some alien world? Or to a black hole? What if it connects to some point in the void between galaxies and we get sucked out to our deaths?” He simply shrugged again, seeming apathetic to these possibilities.
“Well, in that case,” he said smugly, a half-smile forming on his lips, “our deaths would probably be a lot quicker than they would at the hands of these creatures down here.” Then he started laughing. It sounded eerie in this dark, forlorn place, where everything smelled like yeast and the floors were all wet substrates growing strange jungles of alien molds. He reached forward and took the golden locket off of the woman’s neck, placing it carefully in his pocket. We started walking out of the room together.
“Also,” I said, “the note seems to imply that the entrances are temporary. She couldn’t find her way back out after she got in here. What if they’re all like that? What if they’re like… I don’t know, lobster traps, or Venus fly traps, or something? They draw people in here, and then once they’re inside…” I stopped speaking as soon as I realized I heard someone following us.
I heard running footsteps. A high-pitched giggling started, then was cut off. We both stood there in the darkness, our flashlights pointing forward. Then the voice of that demonic little girl started up, high-pitched and somewhat inhuman-sounding. Her words all had a strange hoarseness to them, an uncanny valley sound as if she were only imitating human emotions and human speech.
“Adam’s ‘It’, but he won’t play,” she said sulkily, her voice bouncing off the walls, the rapid beat of the footsteps approaching nearer and nearer. “He says his throat hurts. So I guess I’m ‘It’! You better run!”
“God dammit,” Gil said, swinging his giant knife around from side to side as if he were going to bat a mosquito with it. His light flashed and wavered as he tried to keep a watch on all sides. But I knew she was coming from behind us. I could feel it. I kept my light shining down there, the gun raised, trying to emanate a calm I didn’t feel. Then I saw a flash of blue, zigzagging crazily past a chair leg and the snapped remains of a folding table, tiny legs pumping at a superhuman speed. She looked like little more than an approaching blur.
“Listen to me very carefully,” I said, trying to keep my gun pointed on her. “We need to cut off her head.”
“What?!” Gil said. “Why?”
“Last time, bullets didn’t work on…” I began, but then she was on us, no more than a few feet away, jumping over the discarded junk that intermittently appeared on the sides of the hallway. And then I felt myself knocked over by a tremendous force that took the air right out of my lungs.
I still had my hands crossed in front of me, one holding the gun and the other the flashlight. The skeletal face of the creature was mere inches away from my own, biting and gnashing madly. I could see small muscles in the back of her mouth working furiously. She was pushing down on my arms with all of her strength, which was far more than such a small body seemed to suggest.
The gun was pressed closely to the front of her chest. I was about to pull the trigger when I felt the weight start to lift off of me. I saw Gil behind her, wrapping his arm around her neck and pulling her back. She still gnashed and bit in a mad frenzy, small droplets of blood and saliva dripping off her mouth and into my face. She kicked her body back and forth like an enraged snake, freeing her neck from Gil’s grasp. He went to grab her, and her skeletal face opened up wide, the jaw hanging halfway down her neck.
With the speed of a cat snatching a mouse, she leapt forward, snapping her jaw around some of the fingers on Gil’s left hand. I saw his index and middle finger disappear into her mouth, and he began to scream in agony.
I was scrambling back to my feet by this point. I ran at the girl, using all of my body weight to push her. She went tumbling on the floor, her mouth flying open as she landed hard on the wood. Two mutilated fingers flew out, rolling across the floor and disappearing into a dome of black mold. I was sweating heavily now, drops of perspiration rolling down my forehead and stinging my eyes. I tried to wipe them away, thinking of what to do. My mind screamed at me to shoot, to empty my entire magazine into this little monster, but I knew in my heart that it would just be wasting bullets. Deep down, I knew what I had told Gil earlier was true- we had to cut off her head. Just like in the old myths of vampires or demons, I had a deep instinctual feeling that fire or decapitation would be the only way to deal with her, and as for fire, we had no flamethrowers.
“Gil!” I said. “Get ready!” He was holding his spurting hand tightly against his chest, still grasping the bowie knife in his right. His face was alarmingly pale and white, and I wondered if he might not just pass out right here and doom both of us. But he hadn’t dropped the knife, even while fighting the writhing monster, even while getting his fingers bitten off. He is stronger than he looks, I reassured myself.
A sense of calm and clarity overcame me then, and I saw what I needed to do. The demonic girl was getting up, growling and spitting and laughing. I ran over and stomped on her back, putting my full weight on her body to drive her back down. Then I took the pistol and shot her through the back of the kneecaps, one bullet for each.
She wailed as dark red blood poured out of her small legs, turning her head almost all the way back to try and bite me. Her hands were changing, the small fingers lengthening and darkening into sharp, black claws, and I knew our time was running out.
“Now!” I yelled, and Gil ran forward, using his right hand to swing the bowie knife. I watched it fall in a descending arc, as if in slow motion, watched it approach the spitting skeletal face that looked at us with black eyes and unfathomable hatred. It went clean through, and was so sharp that for a split second, the head stayed there, the face blank, looking like it was still attached to the body. Then it tumbled forward, dark blood spurting out of the neck and staining the white and gold molds underneath with its crimson hue.
Gil fell back against the wall, breathing fast. He dropped the bowie knife on the floor. I saw his flashlight, still on, had rolled against an ancient wheelchair that was probably new back in the 1960s. I stopped and grabbed it, shoving it in my pants belt so it would give me more light to work with. Gil still had his hand clasped to his chest. Slowly, I put my hands forward and grasped his injured hand by the wrist. He inhaled deeply, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes.
“We’re going to need to wrap it in something,” I said. He nodded. I took off my shirt and started ripping long slices from the bottom, then wrapping them around his hand tightly in an attempt to slow the bleeding. When I got to the fingers, he flinched and seemed to waver on his feet. I reached a hand out in case he was about to fall over, but he managed to steady himself. “All done,” I told him as I put my shirt back on, which was missing the bottom third portion now and looked rather absurd, almost as if I was wearing a woman’s crop top.
“It feels like my hand’s on fire,” Gil said in a hoarse whisper. “We’re going to need water, too.” I was feeling the start of dehydration pangs myself.
“That girl, Michaela, her note said she was stuck in here for weeks. That must mean there’s water. Assuming her counting was correct, seeing as there’s no sun or sky to go by. If there was no water, she would have died after a few days, especially being on the move,” I said. I was hoping that we would find food as well, but it wasn’t really life or death. I knew that we could potentially go weeks without food and still live, even though it would feel extremely unpleasant and weaken us physically. I sighed, shining my flashlight at Gil.
“Ready to keep going?” I asked, and then the lights started turning back on. Most of them were still either out or flickering on and off rapidly, but enough of them were lit to see down the hall.
“Oh, thank God,” Gil said. “At least now we’re not walking through this junkyard in the fucking dark.” Up ahead, I saw something new as well. It looked like the hallway forked off. I pointed at it, and Gil’s eyes widened. “Finally, after walking for endless miles, this place does something!” As we neared it, I saw there was even a sign. One pointed left, reading, “To Veriden”. The other pointed right, reading, “To Rusty Township”.
“Hmm…” I said, “I’ve never heard of either of those places. They’re definitely not in the county.” Gil’s dark brown eyes looked past me, into the room behind us, and they widened. I reached for the pistol, turning quickly, but I found nothing but a mostly empty, half-lit room. Against the corner was a vending machine and a soda machine.
“Oh thank God!” I said, running forward, reaching in my pocket for some money. Then I remembered I had left my wallet at home. After all, I thought we were just going into the shed. Gil strode right past me.
“Don’t be an idiot,” he said, taking the butt of his bowie knife and smashing the glass of the vending machine. “You don’t need money. Who’s going to call the cops, the walking undead and demons here?” He pulled out brands I had never heard of: Overholser’s Beef Jerky, chocolate bars with caramel and peanuts called Eisenhearts, Took’s salt-water taffy and Riza’s fruit snacks. The other vending machine was no less alien, as I smashed it with the butt of the gun and found Springy’s Lemon-Lime Soda, Kanna-brand cola and Saint Kristoff’s Ginger Ale, among others. Not one of the brands was recognizable from our world.
We tore into the food with ravenous hunger, chugging bottle after bottle of soda. It all tasted similar enough to what we expected, though some of it was rather strange. The ginger ale, for example, had small silver shavings on the bottom of each bottle, their trademark gimmick, and Gil swallowed them and nearly ended up choking. I smacked his back hard, laughing.
“I don’t think you’re supposed to drink those,” I said sarcastically. We were filling up our pockets when the drumming started from down the hall. It was so sudden and loud in the otherwise perfect silence that I jumped nearly a foot, spinning around and taking out the gun. It was becoming second-nature to me by this point, and so much adrenaline was constantly pounding through my body that I was as jumpy as a cat.
The drumming grew louder and fast. It reminded me of the drums some ancient Aztecs must have used when cutting out the hearts of prisoners of war. It had a deep, primal beat to it that would be useful for stirring people up during acts of savagery and violence. It was coming from the direction labeled “Rusty Township”. I could barely hear myself think over the intensity of the drum beats. I tried to motion to Gil that I would go first since I had the gun but that he should stay right behind me, but he looked like he was just smiling and nodding and likely hadn’t understood a bit of what I was trying to communicate. Sighing, I started forward down the corridor.
I peaked my head around the next corner, where a doorway opened up into a huge gymnasium. The ceiling towered over me. I saw dirty, disheveled people standing in a semi-circle around a metal coffin that was stood up on one end against the back wall. Blood was pouring out the bottom, following a river of clotted gore that stretched across the gymnasium and curved off to the right corner. The people surrounding the metal coffin were laughing, clapping their hands and cheering, stomping their feet in time with the beats. I saw scurvy blossoms and festering sores across their faces and exposed skin. And, for the first time since we had gotten lost down here, there were windows around the edge of this massive chamber, windows showing the outside world. I ran over, looking out.
I saw a city on fire, the buildings burning and sending up thick, black plumes of smoke. It reminded me of what Berlin at the end of World War II must have looked like. Fronts of houses had collapsed inwards, the streets were cracked and filled with debris and I saw bodies hanging from lampposts up and down the street. Many of them were so old that the ropes were starting to fray. Some of the bodies had started to mummify, with thin, papery skin clinging tightly to desiccated muscles and hanging jaws.
Around the corners of houses and alleyways, I caught glimpses of strange shapes: crouching half-animal, half-human beings who carried sledgehammers and long knives, robed figures who seemed to float over the devastated and cracked ground, and children with red skin who I saw crawling up walls on all fours like geckos.
The drums stopped as suddenly as they had started. My ears were still ringing. I turned back to the semi-circle of sickly, dirty people. They had stopped their clapping and dancing and cheering, and now just stood like statues, staring at Gil and me with flat, dead eyes.
“You shouldn’t stare into the Township,” a thin woman with filthy black hair said. A strange accent crept into her words, one that I had never heard before. “Strange things live in there, and they come out when the drums stop.” She stepped forward, whispering. “We keep them away by giving a sacrifice every time the drumbeats come. The blood satisfies the ones in the city and the others in the halls. We will all have our turn in the coffin, sure enough.”
Another member of their group stepped forward and opened up the metal coffin. I saw long, thin spikes sliding out of a body, and then a pale form fell out, landing on the dirty floor with a wet smacking sound. The smell of coppery blood in the air was now overwhelming. Gil and I both gasped in unison as we saw this form on the floor was a person, a young woman in fact, almost totally drained of blood. Dozens of puncture marks were sliced into her face, neck, stomach, legs and arms. An expression of pain and horror was frozen onto her dead face, her wide, staring eyes looking up at the ceiling.
“You killed her!” Gil said, aghast, still clutching his mutilated hand close to his body in an unconscious gesture of his anxiety and fear. “Why? Why would you put someone from your own group in an iron maiden?”
“Iron maiden?” the woman with the black hair in front responded. “Aye, that’s as good a name for it as any. We call her the steel mistress in my world, in my time, and the steel mistress sees a lot of use…” She gestured out the window, her face emotionless. “You see my world, after all. It is a place that always reeks of death, and more often than not, reeks of fire too.”
“What part of the United States is this?” Gil asked, gesturing out the window. The woman frowned.
“I do not know these ‘United States’,” she said, shrugging.
“What country are you from?” he asked.
“Why, Victoriat, of course. But Victoriat only has three states. Rusty Township was the capitol, until ‘twas attacked by the Black Hand Allegiance soldiers. We’re all refugees from Rusty here,” she said sadly.
“This isn’t getting us anywhere,” I said to Gil under my breath. He nodded, sighing.
“Can you tell us how to get back to the stone steps? Big, circular stone steps that go around and around?” Gil asked the woman in one last attempt to get a sensical answer out of her. She nodded her grimy face.
“Aye, in the center of the Undergraves,” she said, pointing past the iron maiden and the dead body on the ground. I realized that there was a sign up on the ceiling in front of the next corridor, one pointing left and saying, “To Rusty Township center” and one pointing right and saying, “To the Undergraves”. The sign was so covered in dust and specks of black mold that it was no wonder I hadn’t seen it.
“Do you have any maps of this place?” I asked the dirty woman and her friends. They all shook their heads.
“There are no maps of the Undergraves, but the stairs be at the center. You just take a right here and follow the path straight. Ignore all forks to the right or left, just keep following it straight…” We were walking away fast now, trying to leave these lunatics behind. “But you’d be mad to go there now after the drums just stopped!” Her voice was fading rapidly as Gil and I ran forward.
“Those people were fucking nuts,” Gil said. “Killing each other just because they think the blood keeps away demons.”
“Brother,” I said through heavy breaths, “if you and I lived down here for a few months, we would be just as crazy as those people.”
As we jogged into the Undergraves, I realized the walls were turning into something organic and pulsating, like being in some huge intestine. Massive forks to the left and right appeared every few hundred feet. From them, dark shapes appeared, stepping forward. They moved shakily, blurring as they stepped to the right or left randomly, their mouths opened wide and seeming to be filled with blackness. Their eyes looked like pure black sockets, and the rest of their body was no more than a shaky silhouette of shadows. When the first few stepped forward, I didn’t know what to do.
I gingerly raised the gun, deciding better safe than sorry. They were coming at me fast, jerking randomly, their skin seeming to writhe and shiver as I stared at it. As they got within ten feet of me, a deep burning heat started to fill my body, as if I were standing in front of an oven. I started shooting, one bullet for each of their center mass, and they dissipated into smoke. I watched the black stuff curl back into the red, pulsating room they had just come out of. The sense of heat dissipated instantly, but my skin still felt warm and strange.
We were running through the Undergraves now. Miles of slick gore covering the floors, strange tissues growing across the rooms and tumor-like sacs covering the fluorescent lights, which even here flickered endlessly across the ceiling.
In many of the rooms, I saw people strung upside down from the ceiling, their ribs sliced open. Strange, hunched figures sliced the meat into strips, preparing it and drying it. One of them looked at me with its pig-like face, its bovine legs walking across the sticky floor, slowly and uncertainly at first, and then running for me. I was running low on ammunition by this point. Gil came from behind and disemboweled the creature as it raised its butcher’s knife. It had been so focused on me that it hadn’t noticed him jogging up with his blood-stained bowie knife in one hand.
“I can’t run much longer,” Gil said, panting. I nodded wearily. Neither could I. “My hand is still on fire, too. I really should have gotten medical attention, like, twelve hours ago…”
Part of me wondered if the stairs were even here, or if we had been lied to, sent into the worst part of this strange hall to become sacrifices to these abominations. We had, after all, put our lives in the hands of a band of lunatics.
But at this point, we had nowhere else to go but forwards.
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2023.05.30 20:41 TheGodlessPotato Social interactions for me can go only one of two ways:

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2023.05.30 20:41 vk211 What is the best way to avoid being in an echo chamber and better understand provincial/national politics in Canada?

It seems like most of my subreddits and people I regularly interact with are more left leaning. As a result, my perspective has been shaped by what I consume, and I am unable to understand why a huge majority voted for UCP. I thought the NDP would win.
However, there is a reason why UCP won and I want to better understand why.
How can the average Canadian that cannot spend hours reading different news sources everyday be better informed about provincial and national politics/parties?
Thank you
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2023.05.30 20:40 mspote 19 months sober today :)

I've been having lots of thoughts lately of "how nice a few drinks would be" and this subreddit has helped me tremendously in getting through those moments so thank you. I appreciate you all. <3
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2023.05.30 20:40 StinkyFatHobbit Any critical advice for my fantasy map (hand drawn)?

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2023.05.30 20:40 PokerPlayer42069 Choy Sun Doa Slot Machine:

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2023.05.30 20:40 anonymous1447 Noted radical feminist Catherine Mackinnon gives her analysis of the TERF wars

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